Dan Mennella
April 04, 2020 - 3:12 pm
US President Trump has reportedly provided a glimpse into when sports fans can tentatively hope their favorite leagues will return to the field after weeks on the sidelines due to the coronavirus crisis.
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John Healy
March 12, 2020 - 4:32 pm
Follow along with RADIO.COM Sports as we track what games, events and other sports-related stuff is being impacted by the deadly coronavirus.
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Patrick Brown
July 19, 2019 - 4:17 pm
Alright, my last blog post was something that I thought was just going to be fun and different, and for the most part people seemed to enjoy it. However, it is time to go back to my bread and butter, hockey. There was some news that I haven't brought up and it could mean some big things for a local...
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Carolina Hurricanes
(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
June 21, 2019 - 1:51 pm
The National Hockey League announced some rule changes for the upcoming season.
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USA TODAY Sports/Getty Images
June 12, 2019 - 2:36 pm
The St. Louis Blues have made 11-year-old Laila Anderson, who is fighting cancer, cry tears of joy once again because she gets to watch her favorite team play in the biggest game the sport of hockey has to offer - Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. The team is sending her to Boston for the biggest...
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The Boston Bruins celebrate a goal during their Game 6 win in St. Louis during the Stanley Cup Final
Getty Images
June 10, 2019 - 2:02 pm
ST. LOUIS -- When future sports analysts try to quantify the difference experience makes, they'll be able to look at the run-up to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. On Sunday we saw the difference between a team and a city that's been on the cusp of a championship before and one that was preparing...
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