The Rob Brown Show

The Rob Brown Show

M-F 12-3 PM

The Rob Brown Show airs weekdays from 12-3 PM on ESPN Upstate. Rob Brown is the newest addition to ESPN UPSTATE’s leading line-up of local talk shows! Rob has been in the radio business for over 14 years and his happy to now call the Upstate his home! The Rob Brown Show isn't your normal sports talk show. It's not yelling about stats or forcing contrived arguments for the sake of confrontation. 

The Rob Brown Show is your three hour daily escape from the mundane, and an adventure into the human side of sports.  When Rob comes on the air, he isn't there to talk at you. Here's there to talk to you about the things that make sports fun and interesting.  Rob will still tackle the controversial, and has no shortage of opinions about any and all sports topics that matter to Upstate South Carolina.  But at the end of the day, The Rob Brown Show is a gathering place, a spot for sports fans of all walks of life to come together, laugh, joke and talk about sports the way that actual human beings want to do.

When Rob isn’t on the air, he also plays music in an 80's cover band for fun.

The Rob Brown Show, weekdays Noon to 3pm on ESPN UPSTATE!