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Thursday, September 13th

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All right before we head did meet drop on the gas lines special teams can be a killer possibly college bubbles eight putt wait recovers they tied the game at seven. Also the Chicago Cubs had taken 832 lead on the Washington Nationals in the sixth inning but let's head up the Charlotte. It's our good buddy Ed neat drop of the ESPN what are their best play by play guys accord seeking give him make follow on Twitter. And it needs to ESPN that eighty in IS AT and east before we get started with some book all what's it been learning like Vietnam. I'll do the hardest and most rewarding and best job out there it was. Has it challenger who mandated talks that's often the somebody who are into peanut now it's almost walking and figure out the world figure out or surrounding. That here's. There's really no better feeling to make you really results often. Absolutely and again you're going to be on the college Georgia southern. Eight clubs and on Saturday and it's now at noon kick up on ESPN UB UN Ahmad Brooks and let me ask you 48 hours now less than 48 hours before kickoff. Not knowing exactly what Al's gonna take place with the weather situation. Do you prepare like a normal gamer do you have a back up plan just in case the smooth a little bit quicker with this storm that we're expecting. No you have to prepare like it's the normal game but I mean for us. There are ministers scenarios we either player. Or we don't and if you don't prepare like you can play piano playing that you pay for it so. You prepare like you're gonna have a game and you don't have again you are the game and you go all the early but. Which you really. Change much I got to Clemson earlier today just came back from double Sweeney's. Rushed the constant practice so. That the normal week for us the exchange the next 48 hours. The exchange but we control what they'll we can control. What do you think about clubs and in the attitude because it's you know all week long babbitt's been talent us. They are prepared for Georgia southern but they're also preparing for hurricane dean had a lot of those players payers across the state. May be affected by it he said we got to show up the play when they tell us to a native told him Saturday news. I do think that the challenge that you'd think the mine as much as some of the players what. Lot of people in the state are going to be elsewhere and rightly so I'll get something much bigger than football. Going out of the market impact a lot of lives so. Now they leak out of but look at it from her that they'll promote view but now he is the witnesses just we'll ballgame and we got an impending natural disaster. A one who likes we've not seen in long time maybe ever. So I do think he needle a little the context I'm not ready to. I'll punch in the superior team here outlines. And it's really not quote so. It on some shows up Luke a B minus or C plus upper can they still would adopt probably. Yet the unfortunate thing when you look at the schedule. It could've been a big weekend for the Atlantic Coast Conference because you know to mean one of the sneaky good matchup of the weekend we're not gonna see now. It's West Virginia in its statement course you know yet that it in the national TP in Central Florida now canceled at North Carolina. And sorry Alex Alex got to say that be an epidemic out so I let you do about it. But it needs you know it was there or some opportunities for the ACC need to redeem a little bit at themselves. Of what some people thought the first two weeks haven't been all that process. Well now I can look at it from the other side and maybe they got lucky then that. You don't have to play last junior or UCL out because if you ask me. Yet those opportunities exist for North Carolina North Carolina State I think the what are those games. That this is a league right now that is going to be cherry black ones and they'll. For clubs in the channel is going to be. How do you continue to get better way and you know that it's accurate picture best out to people what garnish got to. Russia to play their BB minus game every week to rest of the year. And on the table. And windows windows games comfortably you see he just isn't very good this year and ethnic. They'll be early season has been an Intel between who we thought would be better. I have not gotten better at Boston College might be the second best in the ACC and built what you happens that I wake. No doubt now one of the guys I think you're gonna have fun colleague on Saturday when it comes to the Georgia southern Eagles and that's I worked. Now for people that don't know he is a legitimate dual threat quarterback he leads Georgia southern in writing. Nearly 250 yards four cuts failed he also completed eleven of sixteen passes per 183 yards. Two touchdowns no interceptions that. Here is a guy they grew up here locally in the state of South Carolina. Any makes good decisions in quite frankly he's talented people don't realize Clemson wanted him to be a deep that the player on this ballclub. Shot who works from Newberry South Carolina about ninety miles or so from watching acute grew up going to Death Valley. He's familiar with the noise in the atmosphere in the acute sticks. If you should at Davos when he told them we want he has an athlete South Carolina also came in at the eleventh hour pull them. You play wide receiver or defensive back. He wanted to play quarterback that's the reason he went to Georgia southern. He's their best athlete he's their best player. But he's going to have all of its hands on every offensive play the quarterback it's an option offense to the little different they wanted out of this bowl. Lot of that shot gun owners don't read elements in it. Bourses again Mexico an epic what's going to be important. For amnesty medic calmed down a little bit you know this is all comic for him this is the champ. Got to be like hey you guys did want is for back. We showed you a little stop the so. I think superb you can be able to have been. I'm curious to see what comes out you know early on Saturday but. Now they eat eat a good player and he's the division one how did not an FBS quarterback. But certainly. Person to power five quarterback but these exotic place a lot of reports. As we continue with that each drop play by play for ESP and just give them Apollo at a neat ESPN says. So we here. In openers. So many times in what they're now calling body bag teams are mismatch it's whatever you want to. You don't get out there handle your business to get the players off the bill. Is that not maybe even a little bit more impaired super clubs and this week. Yeah you got another match up with they option team I'd Georgia Tech next week. Lastly you wanna do you see this thing go past appetite in half starters on what could be a rough day a weather in the upstate of South Carolina. Epic collapse or as the key you've got a chance to have that whether. I was looking to put torture has little while ago and now they're the champs we maybe got little people. You know for the game and maybe the weather holds off. But if the forecast that we all expect which is rain and wind it now less than ideal cool conditions. Yeah a lot. T Higgins and it's ET get out there you don't want Wilkins Lawrence. You know. Playing the usual lot of snaps you want to get those guys out there get to the second or third stringers and so I would expect once in a really stepped on the gas early try to put this game away by the second quarter by halftime. And that up to the bench the second and a I really think the condition the second are back. Makes this more imperative this week about two weeks. So it East Europe proud graduate of the morehouse school of broadcasting it here keep your art to do out an era are you will be. It's more house up North Carolina that's my policy skis treatment that. I think your game with Florida State this weekend one of the more fascinating game it's early game for Florida State it's on the road clips and loss that they are last year. It that one thing we know about the keys after he gained. They can put points on the board that may be a problem for Florida State. But they also have. Quarterback to Eric dungy years probably. The best quarterback in the conference outside of club since South Carolina really I mean yeah. Accidentally let these picture. But are likely would probably get a better ceiling is broke. Tony Dungy as college quarterback who could run for 200 yard like heatedly opener can ask for 200. Like he did in the second game each I give you a little bit of everything Eagles linebacker. Play quarterback. Tell this solely in the expect to that he's yet to complete the seat if you can stay healthy oh boy stupid it's. Well the neck and shoulders especially. I think Syracuse of the chip to surprise some people this week at least the result the to be honest I think they don't beat Florida State Florida State right now. Is to train wreck they almost lost to Sanford. Did not look good week one against Virginia Tech camp but the octagon archer chief executives looted they surely it's more states. I just think right now Florida State adjusting to a new system the offense would slow. It's Willie Taggart first European to get a they'll give up a little bit of slack. Output to meet you could get. I think he got a chance to get them that I think all game. Syracuse with some momentum PO papers in his third season. I think Eric de Jesus starts Saturday and I think Syracuse went Beckett. I'm right there with you are right before we close up because it needs again that play about play with the SBA and you covered college football so they eBay closely. We've been talking about you know after week one is always over reactions after week to do things become a little bit more clear. Either disappointment Weis or. Positive that he surprise. What's been one thing that's caught your attention in college football after two weeks. I think one is that the know are still no Alabama. Form is still what dollar program despite all that they lost on defense. Two is the real deal this is team that I would expect to be back in the college football playoff. What should is going to be right there at the end passing that test in College Station got a couple of breaks sure. That game this year urgent you look at the rest of the schedule. I'd be hard pressed to find any shake up and they are Ohio State has looked quickly Q. The first couple weeks so I expect them. The beat TCU on Saturday epic the Buckeyes this like some chaos in the coaching ranks leading up she's in stable well positioned. Probably the biggest disappointment I would say is Michigan I would think you are well this or do it and here. Thought we would would be further along and are still haven't quarterback issues on the offense is still stuck in neutral. Beat Clinton and good three years now offensively. They can't seem to figure out I didn't think we'd be saying that this far in our look at. Let's. I know you guys are somewhat insight there and odd Saturday maybe have a rain jacket just behind yanked a split. Yet they were carving out some time with this it's two days before you called the game a neat so fun to watch do you. Grow into being a father you know it blows my mind every morning now in my seventeen year old daughter that's her car out of the driveway trust me. It goes by so they're eBay bats I hope you have a great bill. And if they turn out better on Saturday and we hope for right now. Sergio put it. Right to dealing a neat drop in again UT head out on T Twitter and a follow him. And it needs ESPN that eight in high as eight give one it's the best play by play guys. On the roster. Yes be able come back or close up shop remember 630. We will head over to the campus of whopper college to get stadium. It's Byrnes thought all they take on the Spartanburg vikings. On Thursday night remember kick off at 7 PM we give way at 630. You know the wind's not really blow in the sun's out in Winston-Salem but it's still a heart ever mess at Boston College weight bars tied at seven the beginning of the second quarter. Wait pars admitted the ball past the fifty yard line but their freshman true freshman quarterback just was picked off. And it. Now beats he's got the ball back at midfield into the third quarter in Charlotte the 49ers have a 21 to eighteen lead. On Old Dominion your only other game tonight dealing with at BS competition. It's a FaceBook like kick off at 8 PM. Tennessee tech the Eagles who into on the year they are at Utah State when anymore. Also there's a baseball game being played this afternoon that directly affects our Atlanta Braves. The Chicago Cubs at the look in look at and it not be so well. Up at the Washington Nationals the cubs now 83 to two lead in the at top of the seventh in just hit one to the warning track they're now going to the bottom of the CeBIT that Washington. That would drop the that would drop the nationals. Eight and a half games behind the National League east leading Atlanta Braves who were set and amp up on Philadelphia. Eight right now on the Washington Nationals and make it to cut updated. On everything that we got going on in of course hears it till we get way here in about seven minutes for burns verses. Burned vs part Merck football in this is the beginning of regent place at this is when it really steps up. For our local up football programs but. You can douse the where the eye at this hurricane is that it just off the codes. Right. A little bit east of Wilmington, North Carolina you can see the eye wall. Wind gusts all the way NT colts we're Wilson, North Carolina. In to the Riley here he is well so. It is starting to do. A little bit it David we told you there are rated 60000. People in the state of North Carolina without power and that's gonna grow and that's why EPC. This week in some people hang around in the bucket trucks and everything else they are here to get us back up and Roland it's quickly as possible and diesel. Lesson I mean your smoke on the water enough to realize that. It is a baby eerie happening happy hour here you'd agree Eagles best happy hour Monday to Saturday purported seven. You know when you're here as much as I am start to recognize regulars and people there are a lot of relocated people here in the bar area in joy they gorgeous Thursday afternoon in dale tale agreeable so. See some might like that they look a little bit lost and confused over the weekend. Remember. Remembered they're probably not here bother to what's new here. To get out of the wave of the storm all right again. The Braves seven and a half games up on the Phillies eight on the Washington Nationals the cubs could lead. I get a little bit more breathing room in the Milwaukee Brewers just one game behind. In the National League central out west the Rockies won a half games up on the Dodgers the Diamondbacks. Now three and a half back Boston. They've artery clinched their spot in the playoffs they're ten games up. On the New York Yankees in the central the Indians. Bob and five over their last in gates. They're fourteen and a half up on the went win. My point being when he hit that big believing he can boost in the things. Wonder where the hunger is an all in that's got to work. Really really hard with this in partly out in the American League west that Houston Astros. Have 83 game lead on the Oakland Athletics and here is your playoffs adds up today. When it comes to the American League you have Boston taking on the winner. Of the Yankees. Vs the Oakland ace any wild card game you'd also have Cleveland and he stood. Are right when you look at the matchups adds up to date the grace magic number is now in gains in gates at sit. But. Still with the best. Record in the National League are the Chicago Cubs. The Braves right behind them in the Colorado Rockies lead they're division. Adds up that day your two wild card team to be that the teams from the central the Milwaukee Brewers in the St. Louis Cardinals right now. Two games behind the cardinals are the LA Dodgers so again that Major League Baseball on its final stretch of this season. Outside that like I said. You know. Just kind of got to be prepared here over the next 48 hours diesel you know that the forecast is turned. A whole lot better for us here in the upstate. As compared to just 36 hours ago but that's the crazy being about mother nature. When it comes to this stuff you just don't really know that's why they have all these extended forecast and all this and that's why they it it changes. But the most important thing that we have learned today is is once the storm is through. Need to pay attention to the Waffle House and that you know what I mean because that's gonna determine how it's a certain extent how much damage was done. Things you learned here. On straight up was stirred to our right how's that but feeling today can you give us an update which is you know again you did yemen's work yesterday. Try and view trying to find a comfort zone and it he will back the years that the bill and any better to date diesel that he cannot come up in the hallway tomorrow. Maybe Tiki in the foot not punched out. You can't do that any day by the way. But I know I'm still on the injured reserve and I'm I'll be back soon. All right well. Out to give a shout out hopefully we will be done with everything that we need to be done in our preparations around the house four. What maybe. Maybe apple put arraigned somewhere in the air. But. Jerry Massie is that what our company what 45 years diesel. I mean an amazing run. That he is work with evil. A really really interesting Maine you know and I mean in dad knows all it Turkey its teeth in it now that radio signals and all that kind of stuff but. I mean unbelievable. To celebrate somebody's career of forty by year's NC job and that's what will be new and around that are comfortable aren't you know what. We don't get those opportunities may launch a yet we opted to celebrate 45 years in new retired. From that job you hook it throughout wanna take a moment and get gate mess some credit it's been fun working with them immoral gonna miss them as well the. Yeah we are Jerry's been a stalwart he's been the longest tenure person in the building for a while since I've been here. And we're all gonna miss. Or autonomous Jerry's delightful disposition. Yet our rights and here's the deal tomorrow will be back in studio you had me. We will have eight check in with your point for the Spartanburg herald journal working out a couple of other things you have people. It's kind of hard to get it definitive answer when people don't know exactly what the next 24 hours arguing to that date but. We will do that in the meantime we're getting ready to give way. He burns it Spartanburg football again. Boston college's just take it 814 to seven lead on a touchdown pass at the BB&T field. It Winston-Salem. AM with two outs in the bottom of the seventh the Chicago Cubs continue to lead the Washington national again the break with the seven and a half game lead. In the National League east but that means trying to keep your eye on the weather channel our local news outlets as well as our sister station. Debbie Allard the there on top of everything when it comes to storm coverage. And everything else but in the meantime we'll see in studio at 4 PM to mark for another edition of straight up with start. I am breaking them get that here the job.