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Thursday, September 13th

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I welcome back here we're light smoke on the water we give way at 630. Follows moved up to be 7 PM. Kick off they give stadium against the Spartanburg vikings that GMAC re in the cable in Matt Hogan's. They will take over 630 for the birds creaking ship also kicking off year and a half an hour. Yeah Boston college at Wake Forest it was supposed to be year Thursday night game on ESPN but. They have now moved that up and there's a reason that constant pain to pay attention to that at least by the time they get them for more. These BC set top northern trip this year all right. Number two Wake Forest a lot better football program. Undertake Claussen now and again that should be that watts per running back. From Boston College by the name age eight Dylan I mean he really I thought that he could use tonight thirsty guy it's they kick off and else that he may be in the Heisman race. Because price love is now done after back to back week to week. They did did steam forget the seventeen to three whenever Stanford this past weekend. I mean ever southern cal. But price lovers out this week says between two not great showings in the fact he's not played week number three I think you now see Bryce. Love out of the Heisman running says that balls that Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin yet 280 yards rushing so far this year. But they'll be another running back in the mix and made it very well could be. AT Dylan from Boston College. Be an interesting game to watch that they are Winston-Salem NC kicks off year. In roughly twenty by the thirty minutes but these I got to ask you question every once a while something comes up and I just giggle. And I got to act got to bring you the keys east DC thinks it differently in the Europe the young in. Yeah evil part of the show was sports talks most decent producer but there is a new poll out on Sports Illustrated. SI dot com they're talking to PGA tour pros they eat they hold over six the PGA tour pros. What do you peak is the number of them of over sixty players that responded to that question if they've ever played he railed on the PGA tour. With today. They get more than sixty pro golfers were asked. Had the ever competed in eight or rail while dealing with a hangover. Care to guess what the response was. I would view on the bad about 90% of them said yes. No one that bad it was nearly 50%. Those 46 person it could be how the rest no relied on con. Yet that's like you you know we should acknowledge you have certain returns. Pretty high percent of smoke pot pipers and lied about it you know same thing here. But this is golf dot com yeah probably the better of by the GOLF Magazine that he it's that 46%. It admitted they had competed in eight tour rail while dealing with a hate never. And they got to make comments about it in some of the comments are absolutely awesome. Cause I shot 61. Hung over. Another quote I was eight under 3013. One time that I made a mess of another guy responds. I've made the weekend on the number. That shot sixty on Saturday with a bad thing ever won the tournament so what do you think that I was out doing. You celebrate Friday night he knew he had made the cut. He was gonna get a bigger paycheck. That he thinks the odds Saturday it wins the tournament. But the other one responds I did on a team teams' tour a bit this act Cahill well yeah I guess is that the best response level ball. The entire 2014. Season. Well today the guy admitted I hope he would keep it he competed. Hammered for the entire 2014. Season but yeah we've it's all that take place this year. When he came to the British Open I don't know if you were river but Eddie chaparral. He literally became a golfing legend when he admitted he was never when he shot a five around 67. At this year's. British Open final rounds two. I really wanted to do let's get a whole of it though football players the ones say at the ever competed in a football game. With thing. Because some of those in the NFL teams. They allow their players to go out I don't how many do now on Saturday night split. You know we think guys Stern's whole week include Atlanta Falcons player. Yeah okay busted up for being drunk and with prostitutes and everything else that wonder how many can claim that when it comes to the NFL now. You realize what happens when you hunt were these these here are. Best shot at a pro actually here on our staff I'm convinced of your workout warrior but. Traits tend to block out everything else is just trying to survive you know and I mean you just trying to get through. That the the Indians two that's why you can kind of focus in the boy what you break what you like that point you will. It's hard to get it back mentally when you're on ever yes I have competed. I have probably I don't know if I've ever done radio I'm never not closest would probably be a trip to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl but we will see. Diesel. When it comes to college football. Ole miss head former Ole miss head coach. He breeds at some comments. Wait you remember he priest he EEE had to give his resignation right before the beginning of the 2017. Season you know last year. Is. He was tongue in debt if you will in all this stuff started to break. At SEC media days and Ole miss couldn't do anything about it and fire. And of course Matt Luke completed the years in her head coach goes six and six hits the gobbled the soft today to those start. And they host number one Alabama 7 PM. In Oxford. But he worries admittedly did a good job when he came over from Arkansas State he went 39 and 25 in five seasons at Ole miss. It's actually hard Ole miss if you will into the early 1980s that's immune. Because under he breezes why all this was charged with numerous recruiting violations including giving cash. The recruits helping them look parlance helping family members out in everything else. It'd be so if you remember. Former Ole miss offensive tackle under he buries a layer in the layer in the console now with the Miami Dolphins. Wit so far is that the road that coaching staff under the bus when he admitted to taking money from us from an assistant. The paper has mothers electric bill. At a course that he really broke the bank that night on the draft when he weeded out photo with him with a bomb. Connected to his basin of course we saw its stock drop idiots out with the Miami Dolphins that. Let's continue to think about what he Greece did during his tie its head coach in Oxford Mississippi for the Ole miss rebels. His staff even doctored the EC east scores of a handful recruits. By instructing them to leave answers they felt unsure about like that they keep the build incorrectly later on. That would blew my mind I I remember the payments and everything else that went on but I didn't really realize that but then of course. After all that stuff goes wrong with the whole mess. He threes is caught up in the sex scandals you remember he made phone calls from his university. To escort service. Remember his regularly skis with amiss now. We know what. He now believes the reason he does have a head coaching job just a year later in in in all you know what you literally in the inner the he gave as the reason he has not hit it somewhere else right now just barely a year removed from being fired at Ole miss. He says it's the climate in Amir. I don't know that that tone deaf I don't know if that's ignorance on display I don't know what it is but the climate in America. What does he mean by that the fact maybe we wanna hold some people available. For not cheating lying to their wife for cheating on his cheating on his wife and it's faintly as well as well as everything else. It's the it's the climate mayor could keep the breeze out of college bowl all right they are freaking hit me. This is what we set multiple kinds here over the last few weeks. Sometimes seem most appropriate answer is no comment. How in the world can you one year after the fact it being caught up in one of the biggest accounting scandals blame the climate in this country during the current time per you know having AGCO because nothing is ever someone's phone and someone else's fault him. If you asked me. He did more damage with this contract. With these with these comments it some might look at him go when not if I don't want him to be run in my program. And cash carloads. Changing ACT scores. That's just key on the NCAA for what he did this family in the public embarrassment. I suggest that the reason that you're not being employed it's even now Alabama's to having helped put Jones. They could they couldn't give him out of Knoxville Preston up after going oh and eight in the SEC last year. Where'd he land is a coyotes on the US supports that Alabama. Even Alabama that's where people go right now. Did go hide out in rehabilitate their image we've seen it with Lane Kiffin. We've seen it with Mike Oxley. The old Dudley Mexico coach that we're seeing it would put it. REP mammoth could justify. He breeds actors these comments right now. So again absolutely. Goes in depth when it comes to that I'm sorry you breeze. You know way every once awhile you better step up and in the back. That the only reason that routine. It the NCAA level right now it's back acted wrong by the Ole miss football program it's well as I did wrong about my family is well. You know what I'm will sit here and take it in them not gonna pass the bot that someone else I promise you. The next time his name comes up and they start betting. What. Yeah what they may be getting themselves into with heat for each at bat that he regrets the comment says. Again you can give us your thoughts on that 844 GS PE SPN I got here at this point Ole miss it better off with Matt led. Again guided into a 500 record last year after all. If she's that went dale. This year are ready to an with which. They got living penalties coming from the NCA. In yet Matt Lucas done. One at the more impressive job I would almost say Ole miss is better off but a lot right now just like we debate the case several times. The south Carolina's better off not about football for having world Bosnia in their number one choice in the last coaching search. Tom Herman because when we come back. There are some of the most disappointing teams in college football in out that he went to up armor facing off this weekend. And again you can get it with us is open balances our whatever you want to on college football on Clinton's gains Saturday. Which Georgia southern or her working towards self pity poor reports ESP ESP and that number's 844477. 3776. So we got Thursday afternoon college football we can Latino Old Dominion has just scored right before halftime. With that extra point they can tie the game thirteen to thirteen at Charlotte. He and it's their excuse me is they must have not made it its app right now is thirteen to twelve Charlotte they were Old Dominion. Again halfway through the game also Boston College they are 86 point favorite. At wake bars they will keep that team up here in about ten minutes at least another Thursday night game. Tennessee tech Utah State or Utah State gate Michigan State eight council. But Becky can be seen on Facebook light but. You're at college football season it's not that had positives that at some negative split. At this point. It's definitely outweigh the positives are right that's what we do we overreacting to lose the most disappointing. Do a couple of weeks of the book offseason. Indeed I think it's more than just one team now course will discuss a couple of those teams. But what I mean is Timmy the biggest disappointment college book also part has been the Big Ten east. Yeah all we heard all season all offseason was going to be yeah how the depth does that make any of Ohio State. Michigan State Michigan. Penn State. You know no doubt that state it will be very impressive in blow out wins again Oregon State and Rutgers. But outside at that here's what is going on in the big pennies in pianist who had a Maryland's two and but Penn State. They struggle with great effort with apple like by apple like to state before going on the road and blowing out at this past week. Michigan loses the Notre Dame in Michigan State is gone on the road and lost that airs a new state. There were many people being any people that were forcing me to stomach in squalor of the fact that the big east was going to be. The best division in college football this year no not quotes that best division. After weeks has got the beat the SEC west that. I would make the case that the big east in you know sometimes when you talk about that might. You're definite disappointment you buy or sell it when I'm giving their d.s. I think every year the pundits really want the Big Ten east. To be good and I don't know why maybe they have some advanced analytics and metrics that we don't know about invade their look at it. Fan engagement across the the footprint of division of college football they just they they need some ratings up in the northeast so they got to talk about the Big Ten he's a little bit more. That's all I can think of that is every single year you hear the Big Ten east is back is back it's going to be good this year they're gonna they're gonna put two teams in this year and what is it what always happens. They beat each other up. Now granted you you're gonna see I mean how good can they may have some really really good football teams. But then he knocked themselves out of the playoffs by playing such a murderer's row as your play and 45 really good teams in your division. You're gonna knock each other off. Well I agree with that you know what I think it is it is that it's a very well thought out argument but overrule that. That what I think it was is the Big Ten. Went to the media said helpless out because we've been left out of the college football playoff. But guess what we know first of all week I've got to give Ohio State credit they won the parks college football play all right. But since then. The next year we see Alabama beat miss Michigan State 38 enough then in a semifinal. It in the following year we saw clips and beat Ohio State 31 the not that. So are too recent memory of the Big Ten and when it comes to the college football playoff are shout outs. 38 about the 31 did not so they're trying to get that at a people's minds my thing is that may be something that. Deals with the ice ball that this year. When it comes to college football so to meet they've been a disappointment just like Florida State. Now why did it it's Willie tiger's worst year Florida State. But they opened up the season with back in black. That uniforms everything else on labor date night in they got rolled in the opener by Virginia Tech. That's one thing you owed to us and went take Virginia Tech daisy good at CS program days you're just. Couple years removed from playing clubs that in the ACC championship game that's one thing struggling in the opener with Virginia Tech. I'm just not sure right now how Florida State beans can look at themselves again. And that as a big win that was a really really big win over Stanford last week at me too. That intensive. It's got kind of ugly game on the air when it comes to message boards and that kind of thing and even some of the players it kind of look at the incident. Rob we don't EG we don't want the haters in this and that. In that's even made this he workflow so that you came to the Willie tiger redeem. We thought he was gonna bring peace and harmony. Two that Tallahassee but as happen they haven't played well they look this box don't quite. Honestly it's not Florida State to two games to slow the soft disarmament. But now the players in the ends are a little bit after each other and everything else and it's just not being good is the one thing is. I'm convinced Willie Taggart a hell of a main. Everywhere he's been that he is a left a program better. But you know what this has been a bad start. Further opening of the season I am so glad to hear from Barnett scholars that means between weak number one in the college football world. It weak number one in the NFL. He has survived somehow someway it's our buddy Zach Graham Zach hey do immigrant. I'm good but it got harder when you're gonna bit spent some time talking about every college all the coalition. Florida State ten minutes on them do that town. As you know what they pay you the US back after its 77 nothing shut out over the Savannah state tigers last week I mean. It's amazing look of weird knowing where to meet I think emperor. Yet Obama. Maybe it's hard it take about that they're being honest we'd love to pick on each other. Did you ever think DC eight days neat when it comes to three power teams in the state of Florida Florida State Florida and Miami. Were all three albums have warts right now they really not a bomber contenders for a national title. Now and I'll be honest yes fitness Saturday night Kentucky's just beat Florida. Hardest thing. Five but like seven minutes ago that we just beat you know we're happy on the baseball bat or you know or backward back. I would in my body and I'm like. I don't going on here and we're excited about 70% of nothing ever been in the state. Border states about the lose and ordered just lustig Kentucky for the first time since Nicole. And. Yep literally 31 year winning at 31 game winning streak now gone and you know I. Act I Q how limit because what. There's well over 300 college football. There's no way all three of these teams should have a struggle going on the same time it's real Abby not picking at Miami Florida State or Florida. It's really fascinating times down there right. But I think if you pay in restaurant what can be it. You know with realistic conversation today no Miami bull crap. Baby Lillian but you don't look at these public coaching. Churches have the coaching searches has changed in that you know these coaches our commitment that they're you know they're there are up and they're they're they're looked at and is genuinely. Could guy whereas you know you looking for twenty years ago when you know the hottest coaches in the country where you know Steve Spurrier and I'd like that it you know you're like how many of these guys just crazy and you know they cannot or have a limo liberal urban other guys like. Dabbled Sweeney who you know assistant is it just a great guy you know and and all these other coaches are all about saint. Mold and I think you go and they're due to start pick these guys out because they're like I wanna play to this guy. And not marker spring a little bit of that back in and out you know our state to bring a little bit of that back for a little two bit by now everybody just to connect market. You know everybody picked up dead or Iran effect is back Canada. Scott if you've seen only one they can probably get away with not being that kind of guys Nick Saban because it's hard to argue with the success that he sat. At every stop along the way says Zach real quickly. I know let Galen Ramsey and losing twenty to fifteen with your New York football giants that what fun this past weekend but. Yet where that we go from here because I hate to say it it looks like we overreact to everything after week number one. But the jets may actually have found themselves they quarterback. Well on the police amnesty or you'll be all and you know Arafat aide Stephen a Smith was debate me you know Max you know they thought the giants this shuttle. Little taken out in the center of our not taken and should say on a Mike LaMont and you know they want the real deal are. You know it's just look like on garbage oh look back on track cowgirls this weekend. And that apple are you know it. You know I've gone coming tape Arnold real B ram the real. Leo. I did not realize that either less in NASDAQ idealists and hope your family makes it thirty. The hurricane and I'm not talking about your beloved Miami once everything in the every by state this weekend. Give him with love and I think it has found that you saw this one me minded premium. What are the last summer can get into the Carolinas they lost thirty and it's very though. He did hit it and it. All right well idealists and aggregate their right. We always appreciate you get with this when we come back will continue this conversation diesel unit at the break it think about. Who has been one of the most disappointing teams in college football also. These I'll say the worst game by the power pipe conferences this week did. Kansas at Rutgers. What would you pay or have to be paid to actually go with an apple while. All right welcome back yet we're live at smoke on the water we give way at 630 burns bought by Spartanburg taken on the vikings tonight Chris Miller take it to the vikings scored 7 PM kickoff. On the campus of whopper college at Gibbs stadium diesel broke quickly hurricane large scale on the coast. We are now seeing winds as high as 78 miles an hour at fort Macon in that Carter rate can only. In North Carolina listed. If Waffle House closes or Tim Kaine Tori shows up watch out so bad it's gonna happen. They already are saying to him into or even more than 60000. Customers in North Carolina without power. This just how many customers are without a Waffle House that's when I own that that that that I'm yet unsure yet. But when you see those cherry pickers and in energy trucks elect electrical trots out there they brought like 40000 government. To your take thinking that's gonna help us get power back up really really quickly but. This is just the beginning to do is keep your eyes open and again. Will keep you updated on it it we're out of here at 630 but these I gave me the break it think about it after that Florida State. It out there and out the Big Ten east and maybe Zach throughout the entire state of Florida. But when you think about it again just two weeks into the college football season what's been one of the team or what's been the most disappointing team the. How Texas has to be up there on the list is being very disappointing when you he had smoked. By a Maryland again. With your new head coach that you thought this was going to be that guy. And yes I'm sure is a lot of a lot of people whose think you're thinking man I think we got the wrong guy. Yeah especially when he comes out after a loss in that manner. Inca is you know it starts comparing it what that John Steinbeck novel now listed where all sports but in spur reason our right by. I think John Steinbeck did he write the pearl. The cover at one in his novels but he's not exactly idea there on my list via more of of a Tom Clancy Connick guy you know and I mean and that. So. Again out with you on that winning yeah Maryland will find out next Friday. What the result of their investigation is going to be I mean that it's so you can get Maryland. You don't take shots it hurt you know we're gonna talk about the opposite Yahoo!'s disappointing mayor it's got to be one of the bigger surprises of the season. At two and with that win over Texas in the road win. In the Mac last week are right. All lying. We were all he had asked about who's been the most disappointing one of mine is set these skits and promises says. Ayers and someone amazonian Peru in the best dual threat quarterback in college football. Amen I agree it's hard not to pick Ayers irony here. A lot of us thought the little the dual threat quarterback would be in the race for the Heisman Trophy. Did they killed him after two gains in what I don't get diesel is. Diamonds now he lowers to under Kevin's someone in College Station, Texas but it. You're talking about Kabul it'll take has one putts nailed two interceptions. Only completing 51 point 9% of his passes. That's over 810%. Drop off. From last year but here is why it's more shocking to me. When it comes that a little take his rushing attempts are basically nonexistent. He's put up just 2010 yards on fifteen rushing attempts. He averaged nine point two yards per carry last year. So here's Ayers and now a little into thanks to a home loss to AB YU team that was coming up one of their worst seasons. In decades. So it has been an absolute disasters beginning for Kevin somewhat. There's no way that paddy sugarcoat it he literally had. What people saw last year is one of the best dual threat quarterbacks. In the country ankle OK. It quite frankly. You've done nothing with them in the empire only there's two more teams that the T have to take the big look at these so. So guess what when we come back the smoke on the water will take a look one out on content needs to the value diesels. His diploma from the university of north Carolina's season. The other 18 he was hot to trot coach after year number one in its current location and it's been a rough start for them as well. But speaking of rough starts before we go out the break beat though it's been a rough start for weight bars. They gave up pretty good return to begin the game at Boston College. We told you about 88 Dylan earlier. He is our Eddie Pope one in the instant from 45 yards out. Boston College to lead weight bars seven and out and eleven minutes and ten seconds left in the first quarter think about age eight Dylan. He has hit it compares him to the former University of Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne. Boston college's seven entity since he took over the starting running back last year. Any leads the nation in rushing during that. Ty says. Again 88 Dylan something pretty special go to check out. The Boston College Eagles in the Wake Forest Demon Deacons it's light on ESPN. Also just getting started in the third quarter Charlotte still holds 813 to twelve lead. On Old Dominion so again ate pork board to ESP ESPN top of the 6 PM hour without with the needs drop. Our body does play by play for ESP and he'll be calling clubs in Georgia southern on news on ESP and you but. Who else is disappointing. Who needs a marquee win this weekend. So easily got daytime baseball going on in the major leagues one game affects our Atlanta Braves and is now tied to do that too. Between the Washington Nationals in the Chicago Cubs and you know the Braves can make up half gain on the net yeah. The Chicago Cubs can get out they're losing streak and win that ballgame Old Dominion has gotten off to a hot start India. In the third quarter. They take in an eighteen to thirteen lead. At Charlotte. BC. Still up 7UP and I'll wait bars that eats on yet yes via the diesel. To fourteenth at Pitt who has been the biggest disappointment that people while. Now number one. Even though we have high expectations for North Carolina entering the year because late adores the little bit of an idiot and we don't have any players that were caught up in selling their she's going to be suspended. That even that we thought they'd be a rough year for the Tar Heels is clear to say that. The start of the season it's been worse that we can ever imagine because you win over a year. 'cause it to the east east Carolina GAAP pot last week one year a one week after east Carolina loss to North Carolina AT&T'S. This North Carolina pollen is this an area. How how absolutely and you are right but to me. Talk about all those teams Ayers at a big in the east what not there's Antoine guide one's school we heard they were back they were going to be a contender. In the Big Ten. To be one of the biggest disappointment that two games of the season so far has been birdie. And he kept Brohm heat race the bullet makers level play instantly last year in that culminated by giving any bowl game for the first time and allow. Purdue with really competitive we get some of the stalwart to the big however. At hand out for whatever reason when it looked like yep rob might take the job at the University of Tennessee. Things have gotten array because last year's success for the party bullet makers created optimism in the program. Everybody was thinking they were ready to take another step this season all this happened after two games they lost that moment but the the game. They Austin and at northwestern turnaround loss last week to duke. 21 to seven. But even worse. Eastern Michigan the Mac comes in and knocks off or do you you remember it happened on the last second field goal. Eastern Michigan with a relatively low and 38 against Big Ten team now they won two consecutive gains including that last second win at parity. So it's that potentially. Editing at the top but the big in west thirty. Looks like the bullet makers are gonna struggled just to make a bowl game I'll look at that Big Ten west ago. Its with its with its whiskey and I'm not talking about. The tight drink I'm talking about the University of Wisconsin says. Get yourself at the disappointing teams in college football so far will take your opinions it's another buy out there it's getting ready upper. What is headed here to via state accuracy the weather can however there. They've given me new update. Now it you have winds making its way onshore. It is. Sustained winds of 100 miles an hour. It's still a cat two hurricane so I can't everybody just needs to be paying attention but. There are some teams that. Need to earth can't make a statement this week if you willing college football. We you know who may be this year's DC yet and we don't see any signs of Central Florida going anywhere. But the original. Each yep that's Boise state police state got eight the eighteenth this weekend. With the dog go on the road and they played the Oklahoma State cowboys now Boise State 73. Oklahoma State. They weren't necessarily expected to be eight contender for the big twelve this season but they are got a whatever rate the planet. In the Broncos come and detailed this weekend rate again. And guess why you look at Boise State that original EC yet this that you see yet the 2008 team. That would be eight years to win very group a pipe program. If they go into if they go in the Stillwater the Broncos and get a win over Oklahoma State now. Arizona State think about what they can do this weekend. Yet every right they think maybe our rating may they're statement with that sixteen to thirteen win ever Michigan State last week but. You know it doesn't matter is how much. That win did for the program it they teary over this week the scene Diego state on the road in that can be a tricky game. But it's a really good opportunity for Herm Edwards and Ayers at a state. To prove that the year and hopefully in the first year of higher in which a lot of us were skeptical. Now what. Not that scratching my halo that we better view her that were to come back to back days out at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Nice guys can sell me a itself in the ice in Alaska no doubt about it that I could see him making a big difference. When it comes to college ball out there in the pac twelve. Also. Yet the dreams of bumpy they're going to weigh the University of Washington they have a big game this weekend of course they lost their opener on the road I don't care what anybody says. When you lie all the way across the country to take on Auburn in Atlanta which is a whopping 85 miles. From Atlanta ninety miles Max. That is a road game for the University of Washington but they can begin. If they can begin to win. Winning the pac twelve this weekend they caddie big game against the University of Utah in. We that's the question multiple times. In Washington a board a second loss that they up forty parts laws we don't know but they will not be able to afford a second loss. So this is a big ball game when it comes to establish seen. Who's going to be a contender between Washington you in the app pack. Also it we met at Florida State they're desperate position they have to hit it's the turkeys this weekend. It think about this third. Years ago this weekend we had the original earthquake game you know what we're referring to diesel what we say the original earthquake game I'm thinking maybe subdue an LSU registering on the richter scale. You're exactly right thirty years ago this week it Tommy constantly it leads to drive late in the game. Dale six development in LA she comes back and beats Auburn they're baton route seven to six. In Death Valley beard back route on the campus that alleged he was so loud that the richter scale. Was going off in the geology department and that's why that game is always been referred to as the earthquake game will think about it. Just two years ago. It was a game in which who's gonna fired their head coach and it turned out to be LSU head order on. He's been impressive and so has Ellis he knew two games this season. So it's tigers vs tigers. In this situation I really really wanna go with Auburn because that they they got the better quarterback would care system. But you borrowed. Joseph burrows has been very impressive that he came in. From Ohio State in listen this begins the crying for both those teams when it comes to the SEC west. Alabama has Ole miss and Oxford tomorrow night in we mean it is going to be a grind. In the SEC west. Again seventh ranked Auburn 123 LSU. I think we all expect Auburn to win at home. In this scenario but analysts he made to date making a statement this weekend in that also these those you mentioned. Texas and southern cal. Tom Herman and board gets ranked opponents. When it comes to his first year and a half or not even a year and a half at the university at Texas. What he can take that on Saturday. When he faces southern cal but you're talking about a trojans team that had looked exactly chart this season. Though. Well see it while more making him do it bit me in it anyway I mean any. Gained copies be happy it looks like you got the right in the stick when it comes to will bust in Tom Herman. Granted Tom Herman still young in his career. But. The University of Texas the 88 B gained this weekend I mean think about ten years ago. This would it been for the national championship why we salt. We saw Texas come back and be that great southern cal program under Pete Carroll but again. I think you could put up the picture they play a hell on Twitter and most people would know who was. That now that's how the coaching situation has changed out there in LA. But next we're headed up the headed up I 85 the Charlotte it's a buddy it needs drop he will be calling Clarkson in Georgia southern on Saturday on ESPN you that is at noon kick up. In Death Valley while also find out if his here keys aren't have more than a punters to it again explore this day.