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Wednesday, September 12th

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Were number two we're live here in the studio today and of course. We now know Clemson and Georgia southern they're going to be taking off at noon on Saturday so we bring end the boy he says the Georgia southern Eagles did any read in Daly had no this trip got moved up a little bit. What's been the feeling from the great beyond they are no it was a group decision about this game being played at noon on Saturday. The one thing I will tell you having been to crack would allow a couple of days at all stadium. And slipping down there and pump in trying to simulate memorial stadium Saturday. They play tiger rag about 575. I think by the time it torque but to make sure that Alley they're probably going to be the finger. Off our equipment. People look at look reported a couple years ever since they knew was on the schedule I think our ten days will. Really look important chance of playing. Of course they even make sure that everybody in taking care of hurricane in the mid ball that the most important thing but I rolling it bought out on an animal that they did roster adjustments. It would make sure. The path of the storm and if you could play the game how did you get it done most efficient way possible moving up a couple of our that they can let her body concerned that way or other. And that they travel hopefully get back. For the formed the business world can do it. As we continue to dean he read the voice of the Georgia southern Eagles he can give him a follow on Twitter at GS Eagles boy he Cindy any. It will be a guy under center eight true dual threat eight quarterback in Shea work to admitted this week he spent a lot of time going to Sadie gains at Death Valley because he's from Newberry South Carolina AC sophomore. And he is led Georgia southern to lead to a no record with wins over South Carolina State. In an impressive 3413. Went over you Massa home last week. And shot really really great Katie edited. Or a year ago after registering in 2006 the Eagles looked somewhat or comparable this year granted it. There are often that you pat Warren. During the time they were open even lowly ranked. At a press conference on Monday. Saying that mean the temple coach speak you know I agree every game the same as one out of well thirteen opera many that you end up playing Butler and brought up seventy mile per SE but Clinton. This isn't just another game and my arm earlier this week aren't you gonna happen to me and probably more than the number it is. But I am going to be able to get local beat out yet how to get bigger that up. It now he immediately ordered this company to add. A really really rough couple of months he lost his grandmother at the beginning of July it and his other grandmother there and went out. It is burnt down or fire right around five weeks ago local law and lost all. Illegally tried to rally behind him and make sure they get that I'll take care of you hate to see that or anybody especially someone like in the party been so much already but I know it's going to be an early show. Roughly eighty some bowel block and bought what we hopefully they'll be an apple now isn't it or something and do. So let me ask you this age you know he's thrown the ball sixteen times through two games too shy words. Eleven of sixteen. And I'm per 183 yards two touchdowns no interceptions are we seeing Georgia southern. Football and get back to what their roots are which is being more option based. Type of attack in just take your chances in the throwing in the passing game where you can. Here's how the last three years I bought 116. When tiger and some were hired an head coach he couldn't get. And that he wanted so we ended up getting cute guy of course red faced with David in ramp collapsed. Acting not try to warm and opted game. But packing game was okay in the running game never really got like look and force because you have a guy like that. Or yet we now whip these ever fiscal 49ers who had never felt like everything was right. But the point that deeper into orbit tech got down like cook. He tried doing that with a gun team or so well under Willie break. Think never collect a lot of people thought that while we were running the opt a year ago and they will all sort southern rocky they were really really bad at. Now that you got. Bubble look boomer experience and Bob that's a lot of variation at this. Under coach Brittany at the at Franklin and you can be done as well more than thirty years. I think you're seeing how much more comfortable if he is running this particular system they also look where the line coach in four years but now. Appeal Lotta healthy if nick and a couple of god that happens during camp but now. But they go 89 people aren't they loved her new position coach Ron and you're starting to see what he often can you all the very proud of them. Especially in the second happily taking it all that you Matt Cain it was it was night and beat Georgia southern beat Georgia southern. And now at the idea of well that you do this weekend and week out and maybe get back a bowl game this year which would easily can really. No doubt about it's we continue a teeny read the voice of the Georgia southern Eagles win at the Georgia southern sports network in. You're talking about getting back to that identity in each waited out the other day I thought this was impressive. Of the twenty dry aged at least six at least twelve of them have been six plays in seven album a bit more than sixty yards and I mean having grown up here in the upstate I remember the old battles between Parma and in Georgia southern back in the day with the lights and Tracie ham and all. But that's what they would do they would control the good they will control the ball control the clock. In you turn your head boom one I was headed toward the end zone. One other thing that obvious that this cold up there are many many conversations and he has bought it. I'm a possession great. You score that you have a book all 3034. Minutes a game like equaled that last year only scored twenty points a game. And useless because the 26 minute that you're dependant on the old utility to intently. So far toward southern is that a football better than 34 minute game what they're doing now because they're converting dry. They've been able to support those seven drives or the other that a ball on the yard or more they'll all the nation are out. So where they get on the field and actually benefited Bullock and feel of this but eagle when they had to go a little bit. And go along the way they finish drives that you would like to hope let them up a lot more success down the line. More on now Jennie reed voice George southern football god Danny in the first year. Entering the some doubt Georgia southern took the league by storm came out they won the title in your number one and it is a certainly gone on a bit of a slump over the last couple years under Tyson Summers. What's the feeling around eagle nation today is there a sort of an isn't a cautious optimism or they all sort of jumped headlong back into it. And this is going to be our league again what's the pulse of the fan base right now. Chad once Burton won the right guy at the right on. Took over midway through lap the even though it seems a law or three days you can see the immediate. Wait an improvement third down percentage improvement. Are downbeat and improved ball security was better you can feel that it was getting close very quickly even though the winds or light a oh when I'm going it was. I'll Alabama game a year ago that was senior day endorsed southern only had eight seniors like those cute and converts. No idea that you were aware that he could do about it it does seem early date set alone and they never looked at all the Jack war broke that day. The next week going to Louisiana Lafayette when he's acting on the road nearly 400 RR. So there will. There was a thought that it was going to get better into the offbeat and I would coached one of the big ol' hot guy. The very next week even had an entire all. To get hit that again and looking upon this while the Iraq process. Wanted to make sure you gotta like I'll be good. Outlook bottle hired a lot of time. Secret but held it towards someone slapped or six extremely successful years at New Mexico they were hot and a rocket pod though. Top twenty odd and also I think they let the nation in rushing in 2006. Seeing. Somebody that that the back Spurrier offense somebody that bad experience on the rent. Filling in the cracks without like Beckham all hit the true blew it what he completely embodies every day. Chatted able to oversee all of this. And be immediate goal or toward southern. Battery and there's still a pretty young teen at a typical Latin school history last year starting to see that this play might just be the new way. As we continue to Danny read the voice of the Georgia southern Eagles so listen I mean not is still line from the water boy here but there's real reason to hold anything back on Saturday because it is an off week for Georgia southern the following week and then it's two home games so. There's really no reason not become take your shots here and clip sinner worry about what may be common day on the next week. Auto play element in the paper Carl whether this game so played it pretty thirty year to be involved back in new in that BP got ready for the opportunity they go out there. How difficult it is going to be a go to clubs and and all that Alley Currie and you know the tigers. And all every college football player also won a national championship two years ago. But these are opportunities. That you may get it once or twice a year. A lot of people look at it as my paycheck he helped finance strap like apartment. Getting that they're seeing it go somewhere they wouldn't ordinarily go on her team that had in mind. Actually yeah. Over the last. Nine months or so one from a team that didn't believe they can win to a team that now knows it can't win. It probably going to be the best in the Georgia southern played this year. Yeah. You've you've met with a number in the country would for all American on the back line. Companies see that it Kelly brought a quarterback and even our lord do really look like. The next coming after only two games beat guy who has won a chance to show people that they can play the big boy an error back. And they played well be instances consistently. Occupant moving up the F the F. Beating Florida in 2013 with the final game remember the FCL. Should be Nancy they endorse Clinton won fourteen Jordan 2015. Bitten into the game where you go horrible day and a half 88 and the other day. Or someone looking at those chips show people exactly what they can do. They go directly to wait a candidate at once on that day where there aren't. On all cylinders it's not totally out of the realm of possibility but again there's a lot of things. But he giggles like the Eagles a third. One of those scenes Danny that would be defensively and of course Georgia southern gets sather gate with 837 to six whenever South Carolina State didn't 34 to thirteen last week over UMass so we talked about dot pence of identity in shot I words but. Hey that defense is playing good football right now as well. Berrian and when you have someone like Scott longest running at you the code of the as a coordinator at eighty year ago that they would be now court and it hurt or attacked and once in order played at. The following week Sloan has never want to see fans solely. Even coach want her go or no he's got to prolong our base open or different October nearly techniques during their last chance that they were actually both near Rome. 02 grew louder over. It's easier to look odd ones for your real. Six but they still overlap in the might see walked air but I do believe that switching to reform really is sort of southern her to know a lot better. They have not on 88 report defense and 2001. When Paul Johnson was your second last year to let the eagle but they'd like ought to look pretty bluntly there there's. They're gonna crack the deal there at least back steal they don't play. Like they're uncertain in the last few years the reason why so many big plays or allow. It because they weren't necessarily certain they were always state they were just thinking too much and by the time they're real life I need to be here they turn around. They just gave up a sixty yard play elegant and do the rest of the year I don't know Bristol ten. Being at least to play but the early were current public Scott long beat Penn in the group that it bought in. A guy. It has got them playing downhill. Matching numbers making sure that guy don't get over the top of them. Keeping everything in front a longer eat it up into game. 26 dark and even now off pathogen GMAC flatly. And they're already shown more I think it did we even though wouldn't they all order they're ready to show that they can back up. We'll listen now we want to you and bald eagle fans to be safe on the way my good buddy price Atkinson told me to tell you hello last night and listen thanks for carving out some tying it looks like this thing's gonna kick up at noon on Saturday. I still say maybe mother nature might have a little bit to say in this but it looks like an eye on Saturday for this kicked. Well you're talking about a team that plays her name you go back in 1989. Year old Asia more than write it up at like that again. All right we'll listen and again safe travels up here to upstate if you need anything police don't hesitate to ask. All right daily read voice of the Georgia southern Eagles Lou again and they hit yet here since day if you got Colin when it is any Chirac you know who that is right. He is I literally messaging me right now about. DT clones and actually place. On Saturday and just say in what is there to gain by this and again that is one of the played a play man for for was raised must come down and call him. And as I've seen and he's in the guy in the actually before actually yes he's got the disarming smile I've got the call on Saturday. Aegis he's questioning whether it should be played. And you know what what's there to gain by so I was never you were really nice and last time he came down on companies has listened to us right now are not ideas. I appreciate it because that's what we will do it is says he's got the call on Friday we will find out here either tomorrow. Or Friday we'll find out about thirty seconds when he text you if he's listened to show his attitude and that again says he's just trying to get some my information as well why beaches these guys you know he loads in Charlotte. They have about you Euro one year old child he's gonna have to get up and leave his wife and child become day on here but again it doesn't look like it's gonna hit til Sunday. The thing is is is she is a huge question of uncertainty right now I don't like dealing with it I mean I was out working in the yard last night. You know the great part about doing an addition to the house of renovations of the house we have extra boards around. In diesel you've been ever so many times our house we live in the middle bay hill. Our neighborhood our street is literally. In them you know on a hill. So I got some of those boards out last night. In no EEU after he lived in the house for twelve years she got to know where the water runs on your property. And I got this things out just today Burke some water adjusting case here. Over the next couple of days why I'd rather be safe than sorry all right we got time for quick phone call 844 GS PE SPN it's our buddy Matt herself that college football writer for the Orlando sentinel. And 537. I have pretty shady day any greed catching up with this in the previous segment we'll have given to Orlando to toe with our body members show the Orlando sentinel. In the next segment why because they don't have to make the trip up to go cover. The defending national team in Central Florida at North Carolina. What does this do for North Carolina diesel which is we love to make fun of the tar hills. We love to talk about how they devalue the bad a year diploma. From the University of North Carolina public school system. But what it does is it. 18% from being Owen three for another week Indian U see what they've got coming up there's a distinct possibility. It North Carolina maybe a 14015. Before they see a win this year. And in no it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys that it. You know today it looked like after the first week he almost had to give the door a little bit of credit and the fact that they hung around and they fall attic now. Without what fourteen players that were set now. In that. Yeah they held their and they lose Tony Tony what all that goodwill was taken away this past weekend. In that blow out at Greenville, North Carolina so what we now have is a smaller ACC schedule. For this weekend. As we mentioned number 18 Central Florida at North Carolina canceled. As we mentioned east Carolina at number thirteen Virginia Tech canceled. Number fourteen West Virginia at NC state canceled. That's a bad pain for the ACC that is struggled to start the season a little bit. The fact the three opportunities against ranked teams are you I gains and with three great teams. In Central Florida ranked West Virginia rate but even Virginia Tech. Who is right in the ACC they are not going to be played this weekend so here's what you have left over remember tomorrow at 530 Boston college and wake bars will kick off. An hour and a half to two hours early. Just trying do I get prepared for hurricane bars again 8530 kick off in you'll be able to see. That gain on ESPN. Now as of noon on Saturday Georgia southern at number two clips and also at noon on Saturday. Florida State at Sierra keys. In I'm telling you right now I would not be the least bit surprised after the way we've seen Florida State play to open up the season. CC or cheese outscored them in Getty win. On Saturday also at noon on Saturday this is so weird the 21 ranked Miami Hurricanes. Headed out to the glass bowl to take on the Toledo rockets at 1230 we talked a west term he will be on the call. Georgia Tech. Pittsburgh. Up Heinz Field also at 330 DeMarre in ACC player skis me on Saturday. Do you albeit Baylor and that's a Baylor team under Matt role that is gotten off to a two and a half to an early start. And there are actually a six and a half point Faber. On David cut clip in the Duke Blue Devils also football or 30 PM on Saturday it's Ohio and Virginia but this game is not being played. In in the in Charlottesville they admitted this game. To the campus base and they're built to be played at Vanderbilt stadium know it mission. Like you said eight weird deal earlier today for coastal Carolina. In Dag campaign Campbell plane in front of what you said was maybe 500 people diesel. There will be the same effect. For that gained between the bobcats in the cavaliers in Nashville the only other game in the ACC. It is western Kentucky the Hilltop person Owens do on the year they're traveling to global to take on the cardinals who got a win their first win. This past weekend over Indiana State so with three games mean can't sold include Symbian moved up to noon. It is a different looking weak here in the ACC. Dim what we thought Sulu. When we come back we're gonna talk would mat or shell from the Orlando sentinel. He is they're national college football writer about wheat number three the games we have left some other things that he has figured out third two weeks will also talk. At 620 with our buddy JC sharper. Of the big spurt dot com again now we don't have to worry about south Carolina's gain. With with Marshall at 730 Saturday night it has been canceled so. The gagging console now look ahead number one they're gonna try to find a twelfth game later on in the season to squeeze in. Number two they can now concentrate on the task at hand which is a big task something we didn't necessarily realize. Just a few weeks ago but these next two weeks at Vanderbilt act Kentucky. May be a huge determining factor. On how the gamecocks season turns out in the minds of both the media and up fans in the players themselves. Know who doubt about it so again a big two weeks atop 4 PM tip off our tick up on the 22 of September. For the gamecocks in Nashville against Vanderbilt but again our buddy Matt or shell from the Orlando sentinel he compile him on Twitter. At OS Matt personnel will catch up with him when we come back is straight up with start toward lied and stadium. On this Wednesday. All right well Meghann is we got back of the gas line for the second time today it's our buddy Matt or shall he is a national college football writer for the Orlando sentinel he can follow him on Twitter OS Matt Michel also the podcast. Grid iron 360 by ID you can get on iTunes in with your android phone and Matt you know it's easily. You guys stuck out there on that peninsula in the middle though Lucian that are worried about hurricanes but unfortunately it's us in the Carolinas this time around. And you're gonna be headed up the Chapel Hill to cover the death defending national champion Central Florida nights against North Carolina but. That's not gonna happen now but thanks for taking some time. Yeah no problem my obviously with everything going on football kind of becomes secondary was there as you know brace for. You don't gain rout of the harms way of a a hurricane Florence so yeah we were spoke to be up there and obviously everything got canceled then and we just hope government can be okay up there and were open that you know we we get through this another storm season. Yet no can be kids I remember ride now. A couple of nights India winner parking area back in the day when a storm would just literally crossover that peninsula from the gulf and today Atlantic in. Where you'll get some of that this week but let's stop and talk about the state college football. In the in the sunshine state. Artists state not living up day any of their expectations we thought maybe they would have under first year head coach Willie Taggart Dan Mullen does not ingratiate himself to the Florida and based. In blowing that 31 guy game winning streak against Kentucky this past week in Miami fell flat on their basic gets LSU. Is it simply UCF are they really the best team in the state of Florida at this point. Yeah at this point when you look up you know look at the polls I mean it's hard to argue. You know they use yes it is in the best team right now and that that being said. I think you look at Florida and you look at Florida State and and you know I think Miami's a lot obviously a lot closer I think then LSU game just says more about you know that Miami was that. They're ready you know to go but it opened the season against Dallas you let. Florida Florida State I think there are two programs that. We knew there was going to be some groin pain so we knew that those two programs obviously got you coaches this year yelled again long was gonna try to revive the offense that Florida bring back those glory days from when he was there. As an offensive coordinator under Urban Meyer I'm Willie Taggart you know re energized in the Florida State and it would both those programs really needed you know kind of a rebuild this isn't just that's a simple walk in and it got away and I think we saw that just this past weekend that. You know all of the gators looked bad very bad physically they were mentioning manhandled up front. You know port 300 yards rushing and sleep they've frank you know multiples to be that quarterback whisper about francs as you know did not play you know hardly upped that kind of potential and you know so I think it's giving it to at least see what happens with them you know over the next couple weeks and and for Florida State I think really honestly. You mean we saw the fact that they're offensive line is really bad. And Willie Taggart got a lot of work ahead of the meet after rebuilt offensive line is they've been Ford they're gonna get big challenge this weekend at Syracuse. So you know what everybody had their reactions to college book by after week number one that's what they're doing in the NFL this week after the opening weekend blood. Is there any dean did this caught your attention are a lot I'll give you want. The only person I've felt like he got bill liking college football right now. Dick can now hold a little Tate magic quarterback is Kevin someone he's been able to prove that met oh when he started air zona I did not see that Heisman Trophy candidate. Struggling Mikey didn't like he's done the first two weeks of the season. No I didn't expect that at all now to you I thought going in that. You know he kind of fit. What Kevin somewhat so someone based on in a solid happened Wednesday and yet Johnny Mandela you know you put up big numbers he solitaire that's probably did the case keyed up guys like that you know back in those days when the Houston so there Archie in east you expect to see more clearly states are still extra sovereignty isn't ingratiate himself to the Dartmouth. Is trying to do I think he struck a little bit I think maybe they're they're having car trouble maybe merging the two getting into the work together. So that's really kind of held them back I would say that. Arizona's defense is a true that's not helping them at all because when they find themselves down early then you have the kind of change up that team play and you know you can't use of the things you wanted to do you may be running him out of the pocket that's it out of the pocket more maybe uses more dedicated blood he can't do that because you find yourself down like to retreat touched out. Then you have to start throwing the ball that's sort of what happened that he's the game. They were down big yet to start for the ball a lot he put up big numbers but still didn't look so good movie that off that listen they've never been Owens the Reid sent I think it's 1916 I itself beyond I'm not saying give us some of the on the hot seat but they're definitely a program but it sure the fan bases at the. The acting the Texas a and M fans are love in this too because they made the right call looks like with Jenna Fischer's we continue. With our buddy Matt shale immerse shell literally one of the best dressed college football reporters India a country you can follow him on Twitter OS mad or show also. Check out his podcast grid iron 365. But Matt. What. What has been more shocking do you or. Which one did these are T story lines and I've seen number one the SEC west is better than we even thought it was gonna possibly be this year. Or the Big Ten east is not is good is what people had thought would Michigan State taking a lot snail. Michigan taking a loss which one of those two becomes a bigger surprise at this point. Market it was the Big Ten east Bihac was yeah I mean I think we all knew that. The SEC west was that it is a good division Unita Alabama Auburn we dock Ellis you might be back there. You know you look at George Gilmore had at Mississippi State we thought he was going to be a strong seasons. Yet Jim both Fisher taxes then them so there's so much talent there you know on the you know that to see what. From big east was just just a terrible almost going into the season but you're seeing the fact that. As you mentioned Michigan struggled so badly against Notre Dame looking almost like they were grasp a little bit you know you talk about Michigan State game Dow loss that you know Arizona State last weekend Penn State struggled let congress stop. A putting up a lot of points but. Their defense has had some issues. You know it it's it's not saying east that we saw I think the only team and I are the says before that's really stood out as a hostage ethical updated as details are as you know above everyone else right now I think they're gap only you know the team competed in right now and that's that's amazing to think about considering. Where the full house they program once a month ago you know what they're talking about it hill Urban Meyer being suspended and all the offseason stuff and it's not mine hasn't been there for the first wasn't your game now and our offense looks almost. Better than it did last year you know do we have to looks like he's better than GQ Barrett so. This not mean we believe me that you know that allows it is the best team and that. That kind of the division that I'm I'm really kind of warning where's that where they going after the dispute is who's the next into the number teaching them the good the bad state is the going to be Michigan as an initiative it's somewhat guys step up. Yeah and yeah I'm right there with you on so so let me ask you this Matt I I've made the case on the show here multiple times now. I don't think urban Meyer's coaching in Columbus next year. I think he's angry and it. The university the Ohio State University did not cover his back and his ego and they'll like he did anything wrong but. My question is with this topic is rolling the way it is for the Buckeyes is that movie easier to make for the eyes state fans as well. Yeah I think he could get a ticket depends on how they finished the season you know I think again. You look at their they're included plates were talking about Oregon State rockers really bad program this week it'd take a lot. Put up sixty yard TCU. I mean then all of a sudden you start being OK well maybe this. This isn't so bad I mean look at ride gates is a great coach in either the guy that names but that's just for a lot of jobs the update at all of this past offseason I think it's a weather for the fact that Ohio State do a little bit more money out of the game a little bit more control I think you might have gone somewhere else to take it head coaching job but you know if I murder Meyer. I'm not sure do you mean I understand your anger there's anything could. At school kind of let you get out but at some point do you walk away from your career because where else you're gonna go. I mean a less than Notre Dame job opens up you know in the which it could you know by Kelly these that was his dream job so to speak I'm just not sure Notre Dame with everything that happened over the last year. Is there will be no link to make that move. Or do you just step aside the tar and in you know spent time with his family I mean again. I'm not sure that succeed if it does happen though I think you would have to give very serious hard look at why date young coach. The offenses. As it was working really well right now as they go on and win the Big Ten. And and they get the playoff let's say they somehow with the title or at least we get to sum up then I think you also to. Think right it would be dead. That would be the year going into it and it'll move all the programs but I'm just not sold just yet to urban is ready to walk what a lot to see what happens over the next couple weeks. All right listen I appreciate you get men with us hit yet yesterday just say we're preparing for the chaos here and make keeps changing but now you have the weekend also to speak I know PC Presbyterian College right now on the road debris located their home opener to delay in Florida to take on stats and so. What are you going to be paid attention to this weekend what are you going to be wide. Watching in week number three a college football. Well I'm not I'm gonna be home I'm gonna be actually watching some some more games and national games is I'll look at network now house state you know TCU game and I wanna see how like this that outfit kind of response that. LSU Auburn as a huge game you know that really try to determine maybe the number two team in the in the west as we talked about. Too strong defense going at each other I also think Texas USC did because again these are too young he's a program the young coaches if Texas loses this game. You know how far is that the bad baseball for the long awards I mean the other one into you and you start to wonder whether or not they feel like permanent the right guy so. There's still some break Agassi's story lines going forward and I think you know. All the facts that are going to be right there with everybody Islam I'm kind of look at for the Washington game this week. All right Matt appreciate is always will checked in with he will keep the lead and people not only to your Twitter account and OS Matt herself. But also that killer podcast grid 360 prop. We've got basic book and make sure you guys in particular region that. All right we will do it takes but there's Matt Rachelle just won the good Geist out there in the business and here's the deal. We'll open up the plan 9620. Will talk with our buddy JC Shermer club. The big spurred dot com again. No game this weekend South Carolina his cancel their 730 kick off with Marshall so. What we come back diesel that Tennessee fans there that Tennessee administration. Just did something really cool but. What does it say about how many people were gonna attend that game in Knoxville at noon on Saturday anyways. So diesel coastal Carolina film themselves stay on 21 to ten. In their football game. Earlier today it was a team ten to 2 PM kick up against Campbell. Up invoice creek North Carolina. They were 3434. Point Faber coastal came backing covered in a 5821. Win. But here is what's even better are right. It is that I start chanting SBC as desired outcome and is ozone conference OK you know I just cash and who we featured in our weak number one deep dive segment by Dixie by because he is the voice of the coastal Carolina shot to clear it's actually featured him last week I guess. Now headed into their opening game against South Carolina. He did not get the call that game for the shots today. The kids he's a millions Maine and I want to thank him. He's been activated with the National Guard with hurricane Florence coming so he was not able to call dishonor clears the 821. Wind today. These thank you Joseph cash in for your service. That means he's probably somewhere out there on the coastline shovel and bag sand if you move and move equipment around getting things prepared and then again that's that's why. Football games don't get played on Saturday because it has not only National Guard members but all police and everyone around that it's their job go out and prepare for this and be there when things hit the fan instead of standing in a ticket line making sure that I you're hearing nuclear bad policy. Yep so again I'm right there with you there are few people that not so happy about. Clemson now being the only game in the state of South Carolina North Carolina or Virginia being played this weekend. With their new and kick out by. University of Tennessee is made he really cool offer for anybody that may be locating up to eastern Tennessee to get out the path of warrants. Each year from North Carolina or South Carolina diesel date we'll let you attend Saturdays and noon kickoff with you tapped. At no charge whatsoever. That is a really good that is a really cool about Tennessee but guess what that leads you to believe. There are only expecting about 80000 people 100000 seat stadium so. They've got extra tickets available number two what's one of those bad looks is in the stadium with a new coach in in order set. A great news about Tennessee but you could only make that offer if you had enough tickets that you felt comparable to do that. That's true if you're driving through Manhattan of the Knoxville Tennessee game and it's a bit it's a sight to see and telling the new stadium is. If you walk up to a from the right angle that you are cubs who have from the Riverside. It's an erector set against a rust bucket but if you hook up the cameras are suddenly can't decide it's all beautiful brick facade yet. Yeah and again and one of the better things in college football in all honesty is when the balls run to the T you know how they do that you know I remind you that battle lines saying that that's not that special. It's not I mean yeah it's just the way you did. It to me it's not the team running through it it's what debate and does is it making the T afford them to run through you know and I mean so. Again. I was animals say Tennessee fans it's not that cool okay so I'd like I said I'm more impressed with the Tennessee marching band. In how they kind of create that he is high end. Assure access thousands cannot as far as fast he can what do you mean it's not that cool way way you mean they stood in two perpendicular lines they were able to walk twenty feet apart. When somebody tells into it in the goods keep on standing there assists one tackle. You know as cool is. Is the Florida State entrance cool is running a buffalo cross your that's cool that's cool. Cool is not right that Spain was tennis they start with stars with the Tate. And he put Virginia Tech in running out to in her same name between their brain today. That's one tie it's actually been intimidated it's cool that they can coordinate. Wasn't 6570000. People I don't know how many. That stadium holds its cool that they can coordinate that many people to all do it. But is it you know in the grand scheme of the coolest it's certainly enough there. Because I have said that's a one time I don't I wouldn't say got intimidated us to sit there watch in my camera with a long wins shake his house waiting for them. To run out on the field you know. Beauties in the eye of the beholder no doubt about it but. I'm right there with TD coolest sir the theme there where my eyes got big. Is that position myself but the champs sports bowl god that had to be 78 years ago now when Clemson played Colorado. In beat him I'll never forget that was at December 27 Jane having to get up from my mom and dad's house. Teresa and I. To go dried to a lay in bed together stay in an airport hotel on Christmas night to catch a 6 AM flight to Orlando out on the 26 but. If you were mentioning I position myself for watching ralphie the buffalo he runs and diagonally. Across the build from one pinned to the other. Consider these four guys from Colorado. If they are more or less they can be hang on for dear life but. Is you start seeing that seeing ralphie get about midfield coming action. You go wait sector. Is he Bibi is just another piece of meat right now is some dinner you noted meted. Daddy you can feel it radios he gets about 25 to twenty you know you can always count it off like he scored a touchdown. But he's you get further on dale you can literally filled the grill and start new. Two bailouts a little bit to move a little bit because that is each several thousand pound. Buffalo coming. A right that TR eight does say here's the deal will we come back I will continue this route got a few other things to get into his wealth. When it comes to. Two college football not to mention the Braves stern action will give you an update on them as well and then. The chair umpires in professional tennis diesel you always say any publicity is good publicity in tennis has fallen off but. Chair umpires are really upset about what Serena pulled in the finals of the US open on Saturday we'll get your opinion on that is well it's a pork board GS PE SPN.