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Thursday, September 13th

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While command upstate it is eight Thursday edition of straight up with Serge I live here smoke on the water diesels MacKey the Caspian states studios and we're gonna run yet till 630 tonight why because it's 630 week of weight it burns the ball. Birds making the trip up to give stadium on the campus of whopper college to take on the Spartanburg vikings. Yeah all high school games here in the state of South Carolina they were moved up to tonight. It and ironically these are I've now seen. Over four mil in New York I think it was for tonight. They went and he sold it because now they're expecting. More than twenty Bob mile an hour winds there are so. There aren't expecting that on Thursday night acts he still thinking about what's gonna take place Saturday at noon in Cologne since that. Here's the here's the deal we're gonna run yet till 630 give way GMAC can now Irene B cable. In our buddy Matt Hogan the sideline reporter. For that burned Spartanburg broadcast but for 37. We're gonna talk with our buddy David hood from tiger net about Saturday he. Also blew out Clemson basketball they get it interesting thirty teams to open up. The ACC basketball season. We're also gonna talk to you about the Atlanta Braves in the Major League Baseball standings may magic numbers. Which college football team it's been the most disappointing and who needs that may TS statement. In week number three also diesel unfortunately in other. You know last week we talked about the to be inspired for us have a name you for covering up that back it. The junior varsity football team's water with spike with a male enhancement drugs and not informing the coaches that the or the ears to the school system our. Anybody else and cost him his job got another story about a high school football coach. Who is no longer working losses teacher's certificate it just makes you wonder what is wrong with some of these people Bettina what. That many people involved in this sport is assistant coaches that kind of thing you're gonna get some crazy stories. Also at 6 PM we'll talk with our buddy and each drop for ESPN he's going to be Collie. The game between the tigers in the Georgia southern Eagles. At noon on Saturday in Death Valley and then of course we have some NFL we get into. How much would you pay to watch her how much should be paid to watch a certain football game this weekend I'll kinda other stuff Ian. Will open up the by the mine too. Here in the next segment the diesel caddie give credit were credited to class all class mail. Co locate a major league football power times was set the company on the firm in the university. This weekend it take on the paladins in it was a game in which apartment was going to be honoring. The national championship team from 1988. But Berman in cocaine got together in the eighteenth of the game. It this is what apartments excuse me this is what. Colgate head coach Dan hunt in the Colgate crusaders did. Said that we immediately gave up our hotel references that rooms are now available for those coming in human. But we still bought the mills we were going to have requested that the hotel serve those bills to the people. Who have been relocated. On us so that means. People at that particular hotel are going to be bad on the Colgate crusaders. That's a classic moved. But Colgate. With you know obviously haven't seen news. Is a good way to have some fans as well you know I hope that over the hotel less than Nolan. You know if that means a little spike in in viewership for Colgate games and that means they sell a couple T shirts or something from the online store. Then I need to get a little bump day get a little bit of that back but you know it's doing the right thing and I and you have to appreciate that. Yet pay. Board a sport even Tennessee and we took a small shot him yesterday go and well they obviously had the tickets to do it but. They are letting evacuees from North Carolina and South Carolina. That's in the Tennessee you kept the ball game on Saturday at no costs nothing which you do is you share your driver's license. At the gate in again what a great way. To get your mind off things while you're relocating. From this hurricane now. Bird they don't Lawrence it is getting closer Billy. The outer banks in North Carolina I had been out there wants diesel I mean you're from and Europe North Carolina native. Grew up in. What that Hickory. North Carolina if you ever made your way out to the outer Bates. Game. All through the year really really neat area Cape Hatteras all that yeah I haven't been a couple years but I've been under through three times. You that we met yesterday I was gonna be curious to see you know that followed. At times it's not even them now why you know and I mean in that. It's way out there across the sailed. Residents on the outer saying some of the roads are already underwater in impassable mean this is just early in the this sport. Saudi. Tweet out from the area in the eastern North Carolina they eat you live any low lying place getting out nail. In accepting to hundred Bob mile an hour winds that's enough I mean why some of the guys on. The weather channel right now trying to stand up in its sixty year sixty mile an hour guys. Wait until this thing gets 9500 mile an hour sustained winds and I even put that issue is how slow. How big this thing is it's gonna era the North Carolina it's South Carolina coastline in that. Again. It is affecting college football all over the place. Georgia and house this morning they were scheduled to play middle Tennessee. Saturday night they have now also moved their kick off on Saturday. Up to news. Some other things when it comes to the schedule. You'll be able to watch some ACC football by thirty PC at way we'll talk more about that it just dissect it. Just kicking off puppet the road in Charlotte where you word this past Saturday diesel. Old Dominion in Charlotte again just ticked off at 4 PM so that league you're only college football. On FaceBook lied tonight. And that is Tennessee tech at Utah State. Though again. The idiocy that sort scheduled today new mayor. The you gray wolves they've already. Played earlier today they beat the University of Virginia Lynchburg 27. To fourteen Dielman even area earlier date gained just that. A little bit ago so. I don't think there's any way to look at it but what a long strained to weakening college while the gains cancel games those and Gaines moved round lead at times. And just what what looked to be really really good weekend with them my match ups. Light West Virginia is he state thought that was going to be a sneaky good match up. Sally light schedule. When it comes to college football but we can also tell you. Clarkson in Georgia southern will be broadcast on ESP and you do mart now with Georgia moved in their game up. They will be broadcast on ESPN news. On Saturday at noon you have one Friday night game and though in that it's Georgia State at that does so. Lot of different things is that floors gets here but these old. Only in the south the right if we're proud bought stale years that mayors say. Share. Did you see out here are some of the terms that you got to come to grips with it yet it watch in the knees this week at its bid. All hurricane arts coverage you have absolutely. No doubt about it since. You're you're learning to her and say you don't know like I unite wall or. Cone of uncertainty. Year. Storm surge you know that's how much water is pushed up on shore that's what's close. Yeah the main road at that outer banks stale. You hear we mention that light plane. You know they've now called in the eastern North Carolina eat you know you'd live and a low lying area that's prone to flooding. Kia out now. Also. Category you know weather category to category one whenever that is imperious words it. The key here over and over and over again when it comes to her team especially one that made your weather in your local region but. Do you know what the Yuma. And some of the other national organ is organizations. Keys to determine. Exactly how bad the hurting India that in it in local areas actor goes through especially. In the south. What they used to determined to. Situations to gage David. Do you know what they use of what it's called I did not know this. How many guests though the use the reckon scale. The wall full house in Dax. Are right literally. Disaster management officials. FEMA uses the Waffle House index off what is that while yet while apple. All right. It's it's been explained. Looking at data on which diners are closed or open with apple or limited in use. Gives a sense of how the surrounding area as a year. So they literally pay attention to waffle houses and waffle houses here in the south. Wind when it comes to engaging game and I just thought you know we're proud of Waffle House you don't love it. How was built like I need to go eat they are honored them that they think you'll literally use that restaurant McCain when it comes to. Disaster management officials to gauge. How much damage was done unbelievable IV I guess they're saying it Europa an awful may need. Things are so bad if you're open on a limited menu that things obviously couldn't be delivered to the restaurant if you're closing guess what. You probably got pop pretty hard so who. I just thought that was fascinating. On a day in which we're now seen her team floors make it sway the toward the coast roughly a hundred miles off. And but again now. Wind its way in that yes David North Carolina. Also it looks like the track is going to mean teen writer rail. That North Carolina South Carolina line I think here's the deal. I it this is spin is uncertain. Of a hurricane track that I have ever seen I've got a brand that was finishing off. Corporate strains at the house. That's what he does after hurricane that he goes and helps in that gets people you'd it's kind of like upper responder. Is he like this is the most bizarre her team that I have ever seen it's we had quite figured out. But is he was saying last night being experience that this. What it is she's is now. How big this storm his ground and it it means. It if it moves that slow is they're expecting you just talking about lone pine periods of rain and potentially win. When it comes to certain areas says that won't be good either but when we come back will open up the bus lines will. You can get it what does about the college football weekend. Ahead again it is now under way. Also how about the Atlanta Braves what do they do what is your lead Weyers their magic number. And a whole lot more our first interviews were lied here smoke on the water. David hooded tiger now at 437. All right welcome back we're live at smoke on the water these I was telling you during the break back into hell only you know person ball big. Greatness as happy hour here. At smoke on the water port at 7 PM. But just looking around the restaurant who's coming in down it's been. Are nice busy line to me can tell there's a lot of relocated people here taken advantage of smoke on the water in game pale green also. Again. Eee PC somebody that looks a little lost the wonders what it is. Just welcome on the pain on in that thing Q and again Colvin about Colgate. Donating all their food from their trip down here to the evacuees staying in that hotel now. There's no score by beat by between. The Charlotte 49ers. It Old Dominion. So football is underway pop thirty. The BC at white horse and before we go to the pen lines here's the deal this. It is a light scheduling college football. I tell you it was the loser in this Wake Forest PC game tonight it is 88 deal in the running back from Boston College. Yet he he was a freshman phenom a lot of people are wondering. That he potentially get himself in the Heisman Trophy what race course. BT has played no bite to start the year with they destroyed UMass and they beating other instate the in Colgate last week's both teams sway bars and BC common in this match up to an oak but wait farce has been better tested remember. They've won the only the only in the opening week in overtime in they'd done it with the true freshman quarterback. As they are returning quarterback is suspended for the first three games so. I don't know what to think about this team today by thirty because. Thursday nights are inherently difficult for the road team but these are winning half the mid eighteen times a round and things of that nature. In what's already not a normal routine does not benefit the whom team that much further. I'm not sure these these these changes like that really benefit either team more than any other. I made easy are putting yourself odds situated both teams are having goes the same odd situation. Yep but once and boom in their beds there on the road that's like everybody's talking about in delta will be the end justice Sackett. Hawaii making a nearly 5000 mile track. From the islands to go play in West Point against army this weekend. You know line it would isolate me gotta put them at the does that mean it's it they're going to be polian it roughly 6 o'clock AM. They're tying when you take that time travel. Are at the nineteenth in des Cahill would they went and came on over here like on Tuesday. But I would maintain Hawaii is one team you don't really look at the travel with because they have to do about six times a year anyway. So what's a couple additional hours an airplane when your aren't used to do when it. 67 times a year to begin with the all right. Let's go to the bug lights nobody wants to cause taught college football double what commit. Have you have a good afternoon. And mean fantastic. The calm before the storm. Yeah street noticed I only can we don't let an article it's going to do Obama wasn't panicking on certain. Well I think there's a couple of things involved with this number one there is no airplane involved in that became an issue for Marshall. They would not be busting in to Columbia. They would be buying it at Georgia southern number one they're going to be on will's number two. They were looking at potentially moving to your team in Poland anyway is now it looks like something in the states Europe. Mike gates. Slap in this now will talk with David hood in the next segment but you know as of this morning. They left the door open a little bit if things change in the next 24 hours that they could still make a move on this game day. Now but it felt like when they in the house it's now going to be kicked up at noon in televised on ESP NU that was a final now that. It's going to be played at noon on Saturday. You're. At least duplicate I can't quite an internal will Broek now a partner early. Twit from Bristol police compound the problem now I don't know. Well day I'm sure that group could well have a neat drop its calling the game. He's based out Charlotte's two he'll be on what does it's it's a clot the reality is this. They think that you want it yesterday they're going to be able to get it in but at Tate this much it's going to be windy. It noon on Saturday how much rain I don't know but this things moved a little bit quicker. In it's we said we saw for. New York tonight high school football. When and canceled this afternoon because they are now expecting wins a higher than 25 miles an hour. Eaten into it. And keep my you know there are still there aren't on that horrible. Let's acting talent with his gain here Delmon in that they keep his we got. Somebody else. Yeah yeah at Georgia southern runs of all they got the two. The ad dual threat quarterback in you notice from overt nuclear Ian. He throws the ball pretty well he's eleven for sixteen on the year for a little less than 200 yards but that. Makes good decisions but. Eclipse is gonna have yeah two units on both lines of scrimmage and everything else the this team. Yeah eclipse its number two in the country you handle your business hope nobody gets hurt. It what could be a wet field because that that could affect you the next week. If you make your way deal to Georgia Tech for that there 330 to accompany Atlanta. Next Saturday Sammy acting which he literally every week talking about it so often in the openers. Get your guys get the blood flow and handle your business get him out as early as possible diesel. I think that is even more the case since story line when it comes to this Saturday his lasting you wanna do. You don't wanna be badly and at the end of the third quarter in all the sudden one of the defense of linemen come up her new with the chop blocks something along those lines. Number two a potentially wet built that had to kill for that as well says. I don't know I've got mixed emotions about it diesel I don't that the salty by the rules though the results of our ESPN Twitter poll. I was really surprised he would eat by 8% of the people of those more than a couple under people responded to sit knows the game should not be play. It quite frankly I was surprised by that because if you follow ESPN upstate on Twitter that means you're sports mania. You know what I mean that means you're probably like a nameplate to gain yet don't let the don't let us know we're back my schedule my entertainment value I was really surprised. It beat by percent responded no the game should be polite. Two you know will take your opinion on this well again David hood from time tiger that put at a story last night suggesting. That they could still make a move on it but it. It just builds like Clinton at noon kick off on it in the in the team yes paean you that kind of finalize things but I into yet everybody's watching. Fast and furiously. Right now so will will talk Major League Baseball on a few minutes but will let you know this when it comes to the Atlanta Braves. Who would've thought that they would have the third highest lead. When it comes to their division. In Major League Baseball on September 13. With that I yesterday's due to one win this week. The same Francisco giants now in San Francisco first time they've done that in seven years. They have now opened up 87 and a half game lead. On the second place Philadelphia Phillies now. Just a half game behind the Phillies the Washington Nationals we said yesterday. Just wait and see Washington would end up finishing in second place in this division. They've actually won by gains in a row same as the Braves and think about it. So that surprising for the nets they've against that they began selling off their team last month. Identical marks for the nationals 37 and 36. A way in oh they will move on to take on Atlanta Atlanta is off tonight. This Chicago Cubs in the Washington Nationals they're playing right now it at Nationals Park. In DC they are in the bottom of the second. With those score you also have two other games going on. In Major League Baseball right now. Ears at a two rails Colorado they're in Denver by that one at the end of the fourth inning. Also the Mets and the Marlins tied at two in the bottom of the six in New York so it will keep you updated because. You with the with the embraced me and off today the Phillies now playing. UT game has another epic game. But not evens suiting up Chicago Cubs may need wins they lost another game last night the brewer to the brewers now. Milwaukee. Just trailing the Chicago Cubs by one game only the revamped back. It's the St. Louis Cardinals also out west. The Colorado Rockies a heavy one and a half game lead on the Dodgers the Diamondbacks three and a half dean's backs that. We're getting it's a long way to October guess what we get a lot closer. In a course the Atlanta Braves who would have thought it. Six and four in their last ten games after that just. Yet you remember last week that terrible loss to Boston who by the way congrats to the Red Sox they picked up there under went. On the season. And they are ready yet failed themselves. Home in the upcoming playoffs so again who would let the market the Atlanta Braves seven and a half games up. It's a head into that to Mars action that magic number. Dale and that hint yet just in time. Accommodation. Either ten Atlanta wins in ten Philadelphia you know law however works out giving it to him. In the grapes are going to be your National League east TPC and who wouldn't docket in an entire year ahead. And that's why maintain when it comes to the Atlanta Braves get used to it. I like that Georgia Bulldogs are they in the SEC east. The east to a because you're gonna see them on top of that division. For some time to come all right will get it at clubs and Georgia southern will find out if there's EDT it's that this game I get smooth. Here in the next 24 hours we don't know her cape floors now making its way toward short. Who will talk with our buddy David hood covers the Clemson Tigers were tiger net dot com. When we come back this smoke on the water here dale tale able. It straight up with third relied on this Thursday afternoon were opposite thirty or burned Spartanburg poke ball. RA welcome Becky and where lie at bats smoke on the water aid diesels by they're trying to connect with David hood from tiger who hopefully will happen here. Just a second ahead of clips and Georgia southern again that is eight noon kickoff and Saturn on Saturday in memorial stadium. In that Clemson in the tigers are 833. Point underdog are paper. The over under on 1847. Both the east teams come into this match up to it though of course Georgia southern. They won their opener at South Carolina State 37 to six before knocking off. Before knocking off. UMass last week thirty port at thirteen they're in states where courts clubs incomes and after that close to eight when he went. Over Texas say in them out in College Station this weekend so pretty limited slate. If you will when it comes to the ACC because we've now had multiple games canceled of course north Carolina Central Florida that is. That game has been canceled not admits in his we yet told UNC state in West Virginia that was gonna be one of the sneaky good gains. Of the weekend no doubt. It's the also canceled in the ACC. This week in is east Carolina Virginia Tech in Virginia. They believe they're gain on Saturday from Charlottesville Virginia. To Nashville they'll take on the Ohio bobcats. They're Nashville's. Vanderbilt stadium. At 430 other action in the ACC and talent yet. Some people are calling it the upset pick of the weekend I don't see how you can say that. When there's only three point spread but see your keys they host Florida State at noon on Saturday course we remember. Clips and trip but there to that dome last year. In their only regular season loss at Florida State. In all honesty bit betrayed racked. We're talking about disappointing teams in college football you'd have. The Pope Florida State. In the mix right there wide at one and one enough hitting in now blocking anybody at this point haven't to have make a compromise kind. Win against same effort and at CS Southern Conference opponent they are in Tallahassee last week in. Actor just get all that he will on Labor Day night by the Virginia Tech Hokies though. I'm California Florida State watch out you know like you had played very well but sometimes that means teams do better on the road. In this situation in guess what we will lot. We will find out if that is the case for Florida State at noon on Saturday at local and take the upset pick. I think Florida State loses this year keys now. I read this story on how this game came about they're calling it the biggest ball game in Toledo rocky history. Now listen Toledo had a good Mac team here. But come into the glass bowl for eight noon kick off on Saturday. Is number two when he won the Miami Hurricanes. Now somehow someway. This thing that schedule in years ago. You know I Kirby who cut he was dealing with you know the Miami hurricane program following off after all the allegations and what not went on. In Toledo kept sending. The Miami people eight message taped him we'd love to do in the now the leader had identified Miami. In which to try to do it diesel wide because they saw Miami was going to be making a trip the Boone North Carolina. And did some Arkansas State last year even though that game never got played. So here's the deal delete edit. They have posted now six power by schools in the last decade the majority of the pin like Iowa State Missouri. But they're calling this the biggest football game in Miami in Toledo history with the EU the hurricanes. Coming in for news and kick off on Saturday. And a well thirty you. I don't want Miami fans get upset when their dad and my allow fans of all big schools get upset when they go on the road. So play some of these smaller teams and they make is because they think it's below that why should we even made him powerful school go play. The smaller school understand it's about budgets OK it's didn't insanely expensive. To pay a smaller school to come in and be a body bag game that's the reason why they're going to play you catechism DNA. If you want if you got a million dollars to throw your school. I'd say hey here's a million bucks to go pay somebody to come any airplane. They'll gladly take it no they'll pay somebody to come into play but they're doing this for budgetary reasons. Ed a lot of these are now is that states taken advantage of it do and it two for one will come twice a year place. If you'll come one stars are right. Also in the ACC. Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech makes it way up the Pittsburgh for a 1230 kicked off hit is a four point dog home. On the road against Georgia Tech who again they faltered in the fourth quarter last week losing at South Florida. Yeltsin had duke Baylor that's at 330 kick up out in Waco Baylor a six point. A favor and I did a by the way up stories library via this statement said he would sure why the weapon called the conductors who we will connect with them. Here during the break these. Ohio at Virginia in Nashville like we said in the western Kentucky. They those Lowell cardinals so when we come back we are got to connect with David hood. From tiger that talk about this constant Georgia southern game by now if there if if this gets worse. If there's any way they can still make a move on it. As straight up with search we are live on the road that smoke on the water here in DO tale grateful on this Thursday this it will come back with David hood. The senior writer for tiger dot com. I welcome back we're live at sonoco lottery go under the gas line it's our buddy David hood this senior writer for tiger net dot com -- yet have a follow on Twitter at David hood in David. Are you ready for a little wind you rate for low rain here later on this weekend here in the up state. Mean I've got my my little swim meet and my foot he's ready and it's water comes up all the the moma arms and I'm ready to go. Well listen he did a EI article earlier today he had the attic ovitz went out on heavily gives the ACC theories radio show. This morning talking about the conclusion of booking this game admitting it till at noon on Saturday. But did it built like it this gets a little worse here overnight they left some room. Some wiggle room for a final decision tomorrow or is this scene taken off on ESP in you at noon on Saturday no matter what. If you know I think that there was somewhere and kind of maybe heading in the launched today than in case dia. You know the track changed or anything like that but you know kind of when she gets. You know about 24 hours or kick off I don't know that you mentioned is going to change I think that. You know the way things stand right now I think he's gonna kick off on ESPN news at noon tomorrow. Yet will talk to by the way we will talk to the needs drop there will be calling that game at 6 PM that night but. Listen before we look ahead this Saturday. Yes how we hear you know you'd take your lovely bride Nikki outage I'll expect Eli here. In the next month or so but what was the trip like that Texas say them because. There were a lot of poker faces here Saturday night in the up state it's acting with command on the threat. You know lies that have been absolutely wonderful trip I. And you know it's one of those things I wish every road trip could be like that on the band's tour. Were great the food was crate the stadium you know this huge cavernous also. I've met so many nice to exit lane and give them on the sidelines before the game. The game itself in on our own Twitter. They are in the last two senators sound I wanna game you know and some on some bank are mad at me imply. How can you stayed added it's it's making my heart beat too fast and this is not fun to watch them on our local a lot of fun to watch and yes could have been better I enjoyed every second round. I. Well what's been the attitude team this week the players met Monday. In that endeavor who of course has his weekly press conference because 82 and a Georgia southern team comes. In their first year head coach has them playing much better football with two wins in a South Carolina product by this name which I worked. Whose brands with Kelly Bryant who happens to be from you Mary it is gone up growing the game going negates that Clarkson. So a little bit better Georgia southern team that we expected just a month ago. Eight I cab Mumford and a good job down there and I think you know when you take that job but you're under southern new. You've got to keep to tradition you gotta keep the school buses run and then Kirk Russell you know start and all those years ago when. You know you realize that in formalize this scene here this program won six national championships and was runnerup and a couple of other national championship games on the SPF level and and wore to the kids that came to console can't you know Brenda Campbell all pretty immense and happily. Venables really wanted to and they wanted to become an employee defense and he decides he wants to play quarterback on the next level and you know kind of watching what they've done in the first two games everything kind of runs through him run on the football pass and it. You know when that kind of spread option attack that they have that. All shot worse and I you know. Per console I think it's been a thing of broad release date Kelly never settle all week they made a ton of mistakes but on the State's quarterback trying to back. Often big line even in line linebackers that everybody screwed up. And they still came around to exit lane and with a win and so announced the opening of correct the mistakes and and get better not a championship team yet that certainly having members of the Nagin there. You know one thing that that Abby we can say the media the coaches want but right now the schedule sets up favorably. For the tigers and I maintain. Georgia southern I hope on Saturday is a great precursor to take it now Paul Johnson the following week give it away and it says. That's the beauty of these two games you kind of get it Dolly and with the same attitude and back to back weeks. Yeah actually asked them about that in the Tuesday press conferences and the elderly symbol shirt. You know it's it's the option even though it's a little different than what Paul Johnston runs Brazil all about I did supply and in. You know play in the gap making sure that your gaps down the he says they don't cut as much as Paul Johnson so hopefully. You know both teams will avoid serious knee injuries on Saturday but right. Get your radical is going to down play Georgia Tech that the next week and actually three out of the first four weeks reforms and kind of an option looks so Lola you know they'll be able to get this out of the way after these first four weeks adoption without all the way up. So I mean. How is the opposite side of the ball bill went about things hadn't really been able to put together these long dry spot. This is a quicker strike up bits and I've seen at a Clarkson in a long long time as evidenced by. I turned my head last week when they were up 73. They answer tell Trevor large him boom one play 67 yards they're back in the hands. Yeah I think it still an office trying to find an identity I don't think they've really sounded a lot last year. And I think they're still struggling a little bit this year Tony Elliott Tom Muller this week Kevin basket in the sense. Yeah I didn't seem like the middle of the field has disappeared. In the close and often these double teams or are low enough the boxer but seven in the box playing one mine safety. And endear him closer to throw the football so Clinton already has I think six plays them forty yards this season which pleased although there appears. They're trying to throw the ball down the field trying to loosen up the defense is a little bit so they can get the running game going and I think it's going to be. Part of their attack this week in its continuing to throw down field. If they can loosen things up and I think it's rarely does telegraphing your gonna get a toaster rewards again. I mean she say this about the opener and a mismatch every year but is it even more impaired it to go ahead and handle your business early on Saturday especially if there's some wind and some rain. And make sure you get your starters off the bill. In a great time to put the backups and now again we say that for every mismatch opener but I would think there's even more of an amnesty to the weather. This weekend. Yeah you know somebody asked them about that of course he would like hey at an I'm expecting a four quarter game Saturday that's what he's supposed to. The say that. As as one of those things where where yeah hope he can get some of these younger guys a lot of these eighteen kids. Get there and get them more experience in either NC just an officer. Org date your Thomas are Darian Kendrick or players like that. Last week in fact I think there were a couple of them that didn't even make the trip. So this week he opened that you gonna take these kids you're beginning and I'm. You know some more game time to get some important games coming up certainly let you know the start of conference play next week George dec. All right before we let you go I don't know if you laid eyes on coach Brad Bernal the basketball team but. Did he have a little sly grin or a look at his I like Keith rate he killed Greensboro because. It was a nail today the ACC basket pot schedule Clinton goes to duke in Syracuse. In the post Virginia. In the first three league games of the year that is a great way to either a nail your presence with authority. Or go wow this is Greensboro mess with the. And it can actually you know literally asking you that anything like that he got to always get that little. Half cricket mounted by it and that is what it is open. You know I got to look at it like you're plugged Egan does are probably early. And and then you're able to kind of you know go through the middle in the latter part of the schedule without from the brutal like this. You know actually over the past couple years been brutal toward the end. Now they just get the brutal early and and I am thinking that you know never intended to consummate Kosovo oil. They're gonna be a whole lot of posts immediately or they may be on the road somewhere and. Yet no data bat all right which you guys are always on the road tiger net it's free. Yeah I'll have some of the best photographers. Writers course. Your wife Nicky she's getting prepared for yells burst out Eli here in the next month the David let it never slows down for you but things are even busier than normal right now. They are you know I've got so much going on will have everything course for the game this weekend we'd gotten all staffed. You know ready to cover everything from the weathered the big name itself enough. You know things get ready for a George Tenet next week we actually you know now all of our credentials today for that Georgia Tech game. Taken by more people down and you know get this team going into conference or in. I'd buddy will listen that everything. Works out well Saturday that you get worse and what they're anticipating and as always appreciate your friendship port to talk to Easton. Noting. All right there's David hood does give them a follow on Twitter. At him David hood of course tiger net dot com they worry for each site. One at the originals out there and listen David. David hood can flat out right no doubt about it it's all right so let's take a look at some other is she's a college football. Which means have been the most disappointing after two weeks you know we overreact every year after one week but. After two weeks you can start to get a little bit better built board while also use some teams need to make a statement this weekend by. You can get your college football thought that with the eyes it is an open our. Mines here. On ESP in upstate we will talk with our body in the eighth drop who'll call the game. On ESPN and Saturday club in Georgia southern plus remember we were out the door 630 at night. It's week of wait a Barnes well while the Spartanburg vikings on the campus of whopper. It gives stadium.