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Wednesday, September 12th

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Rule a command upstate. It is he wins eighty hump day edition of Sereno was surgeon yes we're in this studio today because. Hurricane preparations trying to get everything ready and all and just ran out of time today diesel would chewing get in here. In gitmo we have to get diamond in added time to get on the smoke on the water and get set up so my apologies you know who. We're all dealing with some craziness right now and we do have some my new information I'm sure. That somebody else have now heard this but clumps and his new deer tick off on Saturday burned 330 in the afternoon until noon. And this was a bad decision made by Clemson officials. Emergency management personnel. The ACC office in Georgia southern officials say Lou again. That game has been moved up to noon on Saturday there will be no TV coverage it was supposed to be on television at least. Right now but they are having game and that new slot. They are so again right now Clemson and Georgia southern it looks like they will play at noon on Saturday. Trying to get in front of this storm and it looks like Sunday morning now. No looting no word whatsoever from South Carolina as of this point but we can let you know that they are other games that they've been backed into here in the upstate. Permanent Colgate. They were supposed to play Saturday up at Furman. Up at Paladin stadium that gene has now being canceled. My buddy said did the perm athletic director said they would look to try to find a gain on their off date October 6. In which to get one end. Presbyterian College was supposed to be having their home opener on Saturday vs Stetson. But the last ten minutes diesel they have announced that they will play that game in delay in Florida instead. And remember it's not necessarily. A doubts the weather conditions that we will experience here a lot of it is about sending. Emergency personnel. Down to the other side of the state where they're really needed more than they are here. Yes having interest the I glad Clemson. Is going to get this game yet but you know right now there's only one game that is scheduled to take place this weekend in the state of South Carolina North Carolina and Virginia and that right now Wisconsin Georgia southern we do not know about South Carolina. You're at state mountaineers went ahead and postponed their game with southern miss earlier today says. High interest staying it like I said. It was. I get mixed emotions about it by go down they enjoy the day but here's the thing yeah my needs to be paying attention. Consisted did attracted this hurricane is changing couple hours by a couple hours fortunately. We've seen it drop off a few about ten miles an hour when it comes to power but they're saying tonight. Did that all re strengthen is it's going to be kind of an I wall. Transformations. So here's that they just pay attention weather's still local radio local television. But pay attention be prepared. We guy who well what. We were up early today he had diesel getting those restraints finished off on this addition project which is. We don't know where that water coming from neo living in the middle of the hill like we do and our neighborhood. Is gonna come somewhere so we got up this morning got that done yet got home last night. Could delay help but laugh about it Sunday night we had a pretty ugly storm comes there are neighborhood if we felt a pretty good pal. About midnight 1 o'clock got up from the roof last night realize we already have a hole in Sharif about the size of my wrist so that's kitten pats and taking care of the things you don't wanna find out three or four days before a it's a draw her cape. Makes landfall here in the state of South Carolina so we'll keep you up to date. With what's going on out you know. If any kind of decision comes down on the South Carolina. Marshall game that's at 730 kick off right now. We have a game going on that we can give you updates on. In college football and it might be one of the best nickname gains of all time diesel that Campbell fighting camels. In the coastal Carolina's Sean took clears that camels in chanticleers. That is probably one of the better nickname matchups I've heard a long long time. Today Alice while similar are they game earlier today on ESPN plus it was just eerie feeling it was maybe. Maybe 500 people in the stands. And you know you feel for the players because they're being forced into an awkward situation where they just played four days ago. And they're being forced to play get animals Campbell had an awfully good if they played last Saturday and I. Were to know coming into this game because the one on one so they both played two games and I would he do you know I realized trying to get it and if people know that's no different than what they NFL does with their Sunday Thursday turnaround from time to time. One difference. Those guys are adults and they're getting paid massive paychecks in which do. And then on to go to class on Monday. They need to go straight to rehab centers they get to that they have dedicated training staff to topple a toll do. Is rehab these guys but the college players eligible class. Yesterday and Monday in. He's got other responsibilities and take care of him. As your North Carolina right figured I'd get that shot in the air force and reached patsy and got out all right to we also know when it comes to movement all high school football games in the state of South Carolina their game be played are gonna be played tomorrow not so. Again we will give way at 630 tomorrow for burns football. Is again we carried them here on ESPN upstate all high school football games. Are now being played on a Thursday night in debt includes I mean this is so weird week you got coastal Carolina gamble. Four minutes left in the third quarter and always creek North Carolina coast those up 3821. You every 4 PM can't cop in Charlotte remark with the Old Dominion. In the Charlotte 49ers did he got up 530 kick off. In Winston-Salem. With Boston College Wake Forest. And that's a sneaky good game both those teams. Are to know and right now. DC comes down is a four and a half point favorite in that ball game again that kick up mid that kick off moved up due to hurricane Florence as well. One other game in college football tomorrow night Tennessee tech Utah State Friday night yet Georgia stayed at Memphis before action kicks off. At noon. On Saturday so here's what we got going on on the show today did the at top of the 5 PM hour. We will be joined by Dini read the voice of the Georgia southern Eagles and get caught up on that two and a team is Georgia southern is already knocked off South Carolina State they beat UMass 34 to thirteen. This past weekend. In states where it 537. Will talk with our good friend Matt or shell of the Orlando sentinel they are national college football writer. About some of the things going on in two week number three in college football in then. Six when he watch out will get a check in with our bird with our buddy. JCE server of the big spurt is again maybe we'll have some information on South Carolina. And Marshall and what they attended it intend to do but he says dad still I came back cows get some work done last night diesel and I got a moment. You know a couple of trips of our favorite place on the face of the earth that this video you. Wal-Mart not one but two trips to Wal-Mart last night. But I was just thinking and in the car. Wow how South Carolina season has changed. Yeah with the I thought process of even some of my friends space opera one outcome against Georgia. You know now it's how do what do we do with these next three ball games we discussed it yesterday. So we'll take your opinions again in the first hour. It's opened bones when we come back about South Carolina and has it changed. You know I had a for an amount last night really count I wanna know why they didn't put in a backup quarterback BJ can Bentley. On Saturday even if it was to Kiri on joiner just to see what had to happen I'm wondering if that was politics I'm like no this is where you have to touch roster college football coaching staff. That they are doing the right thing and number two. This is when your team needs you the most sue. Again interesting situation the other thing is is going to come to a head diesel next Friday. The Maryland deer prints will announce the results from an investigation. That led to the death of Jordan make near. Again next Friday the university. A mailing regents will meet in Daewoo. They wore I do later on that afternoon to meet with the media. In they will deliver what they're findings are now what is fascinating about that this is simply the fact it. Maryland. Is really being quiet about this. Much better way and he knowing this and what Ohio State did with Urban Meyer. You know the whether the president liked it you whether some people like it or not the timing on it. Their president the university a mailer Wallace slowly come about owned up. Did it was that they were gonna be responsible intercourse. It also comes out today. Jordan make Mears payers are starting the process. To sue the University of Maryland when it comes to the death of their. Nineteen year old son but again we will know next Friday. The 21 of September the outcome of those events and I got the feeling that DJ Durkin will be gone. He he he will not be back at the university of mail when its head coach I think that they can temper that with the fact that. Mac Canada two in those interim head coach including a big season opening win against the Texas Longhorns but I just don't see. How when all's said and done that tragic death and everything out how they're gonna let. The DJ Durkin comeback as the head coach are right set of again daily read the voice at Georgia southern top of the 5 PM hour met her shell from the Orlando sentinel at five. 37 JC server from the big spurt dot com. At 620. Will keep you updated online the fighting Campbell's in the Sean took clears also we have 83451. Pitch in San Francisco when it comes to the way and embraced. When we come back we will tell you how many games the Braves are now up in the eastern division and why Starr urged Watson never. Ever to lead the West Coast when it comes to the rest of the regular season here in 2018. Braves Major League Baseball college football in a whole lot more. You can get him what this is open phones the entire first hour an 84 boards ESP ESP ND can also hit us up. On that helped aired tech trying to text 71307. Start your message with the ESPN. So the today's special number brought do you buy. Sesame Street is twelve diesel why is twelve so important when it comes to the south right now. Trying to get a twelfth football game man appear wrap arrived in state. You know have into postpone or cancel their game with southern miss or in the back they. Our Atlanta Braves saw their magic number last night shrink to twelve. They got a a second consecutive board one win on the road. At San Francisco. Which is now the first series when it AT&T park in San Francisco since 2011. And they're going for the sweep are the braids at 345. This afternoon on FaceBook lied by the way that's how you can watch sagging. But bolted he was absolutely neck sublease said he knew in the bullpen. That for whatever reason the Christmas is that Chris. Miss of that northern California air just had his breaking ball a slider just really really working. And he gets a Ford one win last night this Bolton they would. In listened with the Phillies losing both games of their doubleheader again that's dale 2812 gain magic number. Pretty Atlanta Braves. And they also now own a six and a half game lead. In just do the math. Seventeen games left in the regular season a six and a half game lead. You're talking about the Philadelphia Phillies who were nailed to remain in their last ten games having lost born a road. The nationals can't make up any ground they've actually won born erode their eight games back. In here's what's gonna happen the Braves are gonna win the National League east. The Washington Nationals who started the sell off their team earlier this year. They're going to be the team that ends up finishing in second place in the National League east the Phillies are gonna tank here coming down the stretch. In they're gonna end up in third place but. Again it was a great game by the by the brazen listened Y eight answer sit sad heartbreaking loss to the Red Sox just last week since then. The brazen rattled off five wins in six games. In they'd done it with some amazing pitching and here's the deal they have played so well in taking three or four games. Arizona now back to back gains AT&T park in San Francisco. The brazen approved a fourteen games over 500. Usually say can finish the rest of the season on the road and especially on the West Coast road trip you know and I mean they're playing some of their best baseball. Of the year. Did they admitted their score more watching now and they said it's fine. So. You know again see in the ad nationals lose two games of a double header yesterday. Six and a half game lead yet they're filling print T pretty perky right now. To say the least are the Braves now in this series finale here. Just getting underway in about Sanchez he gets the starting nod today. Board the Atlanta Braves Sanchez is six and five on the year but just say three point 09 ERA. And of course his last start he finished with eight strikeouts so again the braids. They're gonna face a south hall a dear Colin who's posted eighteen point by ER a since nine starts since the all star break. But again you are you know you're coming home. On a winning road trip but as far as I'm concerned you can just stay out west and continue to play. Your football out baseball out there now. Speaking of the Boston Red Sox who made that comeback kid is now official they have won the National League east. This tease me the American League eastern division. They now own a nine game lead. They're in the playoffs for the third consecutive years the Red Sox up nine games on the Yankees. Also the Indians fifteen and a half games up Houston has a three game lead on the Oakland eighties in here's your deal. You're red car you're wild card teams in the American League are the New York Yankees in the Oakland Athletics in nothing is gonna change that's going to be your two genes so well. The bracelet that six and a half game lead the cubs now they get a win. They're two games up on the Milwaukee Brewers. Three and a half up on the cardinals out west the Rockies want to have games up on the LA Dodgers. Two and a half on the Diamondbacks so here's the deal when it comes to the wild card. In the National League it looks like it will still be the NL central with the Milwaukee Brewers. In the Saint Louis cardinals the LA Dodgers have three games behind. The St. Louis Cardinals of course in the wild card Corsican make that kind about. Ground up here in the next fifteen games been excited for the Braves right now these are and you're not the biggest Major League Baseball and out there but it. This is a day this is the epitome of a surprise Ron. You know and I mean ID your first that your first national championship the U celebrated. When you're at state. We are ranked number wonder was that kind of a surprise run to its correct me if I'm wrong yell literally went. Three years in a row winning a national title correct. Yeah that's true in the year one really I think we're the underdog in every well a Sega that we had home field advantage through the playoffs. So we would have had to have been one of the highest hiring seeds. But in the past we hadn't we never made it into the playoffs we admitted to the playoffs a few times. But they've been a few years since he made it into play. All right so obviously that person almost the most fun run correct that included the winner over Michigan and everything else people ask me. It you know that was a third national title and we would Kurdish okay. In that might be a little bit different answer people ask me is an Alabama guy what's been the most find national title in this run for Alabama having won five of the last nine essay non album. Bill what do you mean us or someone in 9293. We are more that we went into that season I think rate 1819. In the country. Ending go on in just absolutely silly and Gina to read and Miami in the eyes Sugar Bowl that was the most fun national championship why. Is it what they expected. Yeah we've kind of been I expected to win these last Winston. Dabhol was the most fun that's why I go back and look at this outside the first run. Did the Braves went on in that you know what the Tom Glavine John Smoltz sat here. This may be my favorite brave season why because of the unknown. In it is it is you don't know when you get to the seventh inning with they'd bored one lead if you're gonna win the game. The bullpen leaves a little bit to be desired closing games out but. You never thought they should be in this position back on opening day. I for one never thought the brace who would be six and a half games up in the National League east the other thing is. I simply. Never yell just makes it fun to look forward to what is that coming up why because the Braves are going to have some money to go spend. In the offseason so again this comes down to my favorite braves. Bring season so far are right to. Ski be an update when it comes to the football game going on him bully streak Campbell jumped up. I've coastal Carolina 21 to ten. Coastal Carolina's comeback they Europe 45 to 21 I think eight that they were technically 34 point favorites in this ball game. This will be one of the wilder covers if coastal Carolina continues to score points like this. In the fourth quarter. So again coastal up 45 to 21. Still weigh in to C needs on anything when it comes. To South Carolina. And Marshal on Saturday night in course. Let's see. One last thing yes again you they were gonna celebrate the national championship it was the thirty year T. Anniversary celebration for fuhrman's national championship team. With this game what Colgate this weekend. That game is now being canceled. On the campus of Furman University let's go to the phone lines delta wants to get in on some college football Delmon while command out of your having a good day. I'm glad you don't go out. Busy busy to say the least. He'll first block out brutal blood ready. There's running on Russia out of one point parties taking. On don't be too loose because this on here. So please law certainly a blatant and we are in and knocked out I'm adequate but they don't well first cut the local. And hopefully you'll all of Asia Britain couldn't leak dental problems and umps didn't literally speaking again media whatever this. You can post though. Don't local ponies out and out. In any all star game that they can get on it onto. And don't. The tea penalty reason that Cooper on QB. It didn't want to political opponents while you still aren't looking to capsule. Don't forget it's in net attributable to actually understand what a little bit and Garnett got a quick legal. You don't own work oh actually do pretty light in Indian that it can put that we empty but it completely computer world creating. Oakland Fremont would close are being brave when he saw. Art art appreciation that we work tomorrow greedy. People but when we're doing here today in these little tight but to wait for it a lot. Create an example they are taking my ball. They keep Gelman first of all let me give you lay up date South Carolina vs Marshall at 730 on Saturday night is now canceled. Got mixed emotions about clumps and playing a game at noon on Saturday I'll say. All right but South Carolina Marshall that was a mails here in the last couple of minutes a game on Saturday night in Columbia Williams price is now been Neitzel no surprise there. All right when it comes to do it I give the MBP two. I am a huge threat of Freddie Freeman fan I mean there's a guy did is stuck it out with a brazen. I still got to give it to Ronald Acuna why he didn't even begin the year on the Braves roster. Now he is got 25 home runs he's probably out. One of the heavy favorites per I'd National League rookie of the year and they are people now making the case it. He should be in consideration for the MVP of the National League the other reason that I say give it to Ronald Acuna. Is once he got to team up and down his groove that's when the Braves started to take off. So Freddie Freeman listen he is he cornerstone there at the at first base of this braves organization but. I guess maybe I'm a little bit of Johnny would be done for me lately kind of guy Ronald continue once he kind of got in there any down his rhythm in he got hot. The brazen gum on a streak. Eight and that's why it's far resided dared concern I would give it took communion but you put a big ashtrays on the fact that you wouldn't be here six and a half games up in doing any of this. If it weren't for Freddie Freeman so. That would be my answer on that when Delmon appreciate the phone call you can get him with us is well. Give us your thoughts on the Atlanta Braves again six and a half games up. But we don't have to worry about what's gonna happen with South Carolina Marshall is at the right move as well also. Pearson dale. You just. Give us a call 844 GS PE SP and don't forget the voice of the Georgia southern Eagles did any read at the top of the 5 PM hour Matt shelf. National college football writer for the Orlando sentinel 537. Then our buddy JC sharper with the big spurt dot com at 620 is where I live in studio give us a call 844 GS BE SPN. All right well come back tee and lay this need South Carolina cancels they're ball game 730 Saturday night against Marshall this is what rates he entered the South Carolina athletic director. Had to say quote there's no question. This is the right thing to do in the decision was supported by president STBs coach muschamp our board members and myself. So Lou you know here's the deal we're gonna see something that we never really Singapore. Which is a mad scramble. Person teams to try to book a twelfth game. You know budget concerns diesel all eligibility bowl eligibility Iowa State made the announcement earlier today you know they lost their opener due to weather. With South Dakota State. They have book incarnate word. You know they had a football team incarnate word don't play seven man football over there now that the six man football in the state of Texas but. You by the way do you know incarnate word think about it for or per second incarnate word do you know their mascot is. I'm the prayer shawls cardinals. You incarnate word or it's our right yeah the whole Catholic cardinals saying you have that kind of take our rights and get back to 1000 saint. Iowa State is now scheduled a game on December Ers with incarnate word they will play that game and lasts. Iowa State finds himself in the big twelve TP chip game that day. All right now. That seems like an awfully big paying for Iowa State however other petitioning the NCAA for the improve the ability to count that towards bowl eligibility. Well they I guess incarnate word is actually. CS school yet today your and even up to. Kind of that no man's land where liberty is right now you know it means so liberty is at the liberties MBS independent right same thing with incarnate word yet that's when liberty had to actually book what to gains against the same team this year yeah. And but brand New Mexico State twice next and the next Thursday was in a position where they had to build on schedule as well right after being booted out of the sun belt so you know what South Carolina Kennedy's you know does that me is something they on the road we're at state is South Carolina can make up a game who knows despite. All of it's been thrown out there. That apparently both app state and Clemson have the same open date. If Clemson does decide to end up canceling this game. I've seen out there on Twitter is as a suggestion. Well let's just talk about it real quick right now the only game schedule and on Saturday in the state of South Carolina North Carolina and Virginia. Is clumps in Georgia southern at noon. That's just kind of looks wrong went right everybody else and I guess I'd. Again it did the news is not about the weather that's happening on the ground. At whatever stadium where you're playing it's that it's the games on the eastern side some of these state. That are going to be affected the most of that whether it's about sending emergency personnel and I'd. You know I just had to put this out there to a fan online annual. How would you feel. If you heard on the news that a family of four drowned in their home because emergency personnel crews were not and were understaffed. And couldn't get somebody else and help women knowing that you led 25. To 75 officers watching ticket lines or your football game instead. Yet in your talking about it clumps in this weekend very hosting it deep by students in twenty staff members from coastal Carolina that have gotten out of the way the stent a big chunk of it has to do with that some of the teams getting back out. Of the area between southern miss still has to fly back down to Hattiesburg. Marshall star has to fly back up to West Virginia. You say why can't they just stick around in town for a couple days is probably do they got to give them back to go to classes and stuff like that tried try to find a hotel room here in upstate right also that as well where we want to reduce that. I don't I got mixed emotions about it all right and Koch CAA in the end Littlejohn Coliseum and let. The teams to sleep there out what I don't. Know if it's a good look or paid they moved it up they're getting this in and now I don't really know I have had time to make that decision at distinctive looks kind of strange. The only game in those three states is being played clubs and I mean. You know. Again I. I I get the virgin personal Virginia Tech got to give them credit they went out and apologized last night for that week that they put out about you go Hokies are waterproof and in all that kind of stuff. I DDC would now east Carolina has already done with their football team they play next week it's South Florida. They've our fallen into the state of Florida why because they don't know what's gonna happen Monday Tuesday. With the storms and they said let's get a map there in I'll make the argument. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday. East Carolina did not want to cancel that game with Virginia Tech especially. Coming up 841 to nineteen win over North Carolina. On Saturday want to prove that was no fluke. You know even they don't go win the game and went toe to toe with Virginia Tech that's one of those things seem to go okay. We're getting better under Scotty and Hillary proved that a NT was a flu and right exactly so. Yes there is no reason to take the moral high ground when it comes to dealing with mother nature you have. On a piece all the tweet the other night that Brett Friedlander are for in the ACC insider columnist put out. Amy in a really appreciate Sturges sports offering up for Kiernan nine. To come daily and stay at their house guess what he just texted me about twenty minutes ago will be there no. They manage the army to get out the way come see us something Kiri because nobody knows what's going on with this thing right now because it's gonna sit. It in again the National Weather Service is saint potentially to Chad it's big cataclysmic events here. Did image to the coastline. Because and it just kind of sit mayor in just churning and churning in tearing up. Those. You know the dunes. Indian inland flooding because they are saying over the course of a couple of days to sings committee roughly 800 in fifty miles. In quite frankly you could almost run that in a marathon or what that. To stop and think about that for moment that's how slowly. This thing could potentially move so again. Clemson vs Georgia southern that game has been moved up to noon. On Saturday. In you can hear the Eagles college football today. On our sister station. Classic excuse me 933 the planet rocks at 7 AM. All right when we come back. We are talking about Iowa State they are gotten their game with incarnate word scheduled. For December 1 but. Do you remember what I was state pulled up why steer 38 to 31. Did almost set the college football world on its ears. Guess what that's when the biggest story lines as we head into week number three you can get him with us and then. Well talk with the boys. Of the Georgia southern Eagles Dini read at the top of the 5 PM hour. I'd welcome back TN top of the pipe PM hour we will talk with a voice of the Georgia southern Eagles do any greed that game with the tigers on Saturday in Death Valley has been moved up to eight noon kick up but we are meant gene. Mentioning before he went out to break 38 of 31 last year. Iowa State win ended Norman Oklahoma and pulled one of the upsets in the year in college football. Now they get eighteen it's to do it again. Now oak club does that mean like they want some are bands when they traveled means this weekend but remember they're your rat doing it without their running back. Who is now out for the year in stop and think about this here's a guy that rush for over a thousand yards in his Oklahoma career. Never fumbled the football. Says a huge loss for Oklahoma. They are better than Iowa State but it. Games can be one of those difficult places to go and I just don't seat. How I was State's gonna get this done their quarterback Kyle Kim he's dealing with the ankle injury he's questionable for the game PPG ago. Iowa State. Has no chance whatsoever the other being went out look out there the middle of the country. He go I'd. Trust in Jim via he's going to be he's gonna take some shots for me this fall on the show you remember he's the one that data loss the quarterback the starting quarterback position and Nebraska. A redshirt freshman he lost the true freshman Adrian Martinez. And then announced thirty hours later I'm gone I've yeah would I quit my classes. No longer rolled it Nebraska and and I can be part of this football game. What now Adrian Martinez gets hurt at the end of the third quarter Saturday. In Nebraska is opener against Colorado Jim you would be playing right now. So. It's a huge still. It Nebraska get Adrian Martinez. There rating good this week EA he racked up 304 yards and three touchdowns last week. But after he was hurt. Nebraska fell apart in of course they lost Scott prods debuts. So. There's a Nebraska team right they're diesel maybe you guys set state don't complain Nebraska because remember they lost their opener. Two mother nature in week number one and so Martinez is day to day but you will see what they do I listen. This choice they're your counterpart the other ones had an end to Nebraska this weekend. If they have to the cornhuskers. Star a walk on quarterback. Destroy have a chance to beat Nebraska in Lincoln this weekend I think they didn't. I think they absolutely do Troy is a really good football team and in eight. They had a chance I think to really prove it. In week one when they play when they hosted Boise State and they they got trounced. In week number one Detroit is a really good football team they're expected to. So advisory eastern division of the the some out of the naysayers really down between Troy and upstate. So Nebraska fans got to be a little scared a short right now and you know I would love. Nobody's gonna do it because you just don't do that at this point but I would love. Today to have a sit down interview with a guy who transferred out of Nebraska discussing it when it's a starting job say. Through. This this giving you discuss it in your shot right here every year time is this what a big New York Times he'd be starting for Nebraska right now you transfer because you wouldn't start for Nebraska. He transferred organ state who has now admitted where I was signing up for a money game against a team like Ohio State why we don't wanna get beat seven need to. Seven need to set a 77 at 31 and all. Seed transferred from a program. Did not want a cease looking to rebuild itself back in his glory days to a program that admits that we don't wanna go play the big board's. So maybe they deserve each other at this point diesel I don't know. Another thing down going to be paying attention to on Saturday and of course wet there may be affected in Auburn Alabama before all is said and done. But. That's going to be a pretty good game between LSU and Auburn. On Saturday they are on the plane set set furry 330 kick up do you remember what happened two years ago when they played this game there. It was who ever whichever head coach loses a game is is likely to be fired. And it turned out that it was like smiles and LSU that lost them less miles of course was replaced. In you know we were thinking the same thing for Gus smells are live Auburn loss didn't look at what Auburn's come on distance then. So again kind of interesting there. That is going to be a big game for coach George Ryan in your talking about an LSU team and granted they played nobody last week but 131 and not them but they've got one of the better wins that we've seen on a neutral site. With that win over the Miami Hurricanes in game number one. Auburn got H when he won fifteen neutral site game oh win over Washington said. That's a pretty interstate ball club there a ball game there on the planes because. Does Alabama have anything to worry about Saturday night when they go to Ole miss. I would like to think not but this much we know from Ole miss. They put up 76 points last week against southern Illinois after 47 the week before. So they're averaging about sixty points a game but. I think the quality of competition will go up this week no doubt about it so. So interesting things going on and we number three. Some things our really looking forward to diesel but you know what hurricane Florence is really started to impact that I thought one of the most underwriting gains of the weekend. What's West Virginia NC state. No longer gonna take place now. No doubt about it so. Couple other things to watch and wait number three a college football. Interesting take you know you are a group of five guy why because you're at state mountaineers sets the area. In which they operate in college football. Do you pull for Boise State this weekend when they fly to Stillwater Oklahoma to take on the the mullet himself. Oklahoma State absolutely I do content because every time a Boise State wins a game like that eight mates. It brings attention to that level football that hey we're here we're not. Man it makes it it makes the conversation. More and sustained from my from a group of five perspective. Because it be admitted it makes it harder and harder hard to deny that some of sometimes these teams deserve a spot in the playoffs. It makes it harder and harder tonight that there should be right at least an eighteen playoff. So again that's going to be a pretty big game out there that is set for 330 kickoff on ESPN. And you know listen I think Boise State sky a more than a punters chance when it comes to that kind of gained this much we know they have been able to put points on the board but so can. Oklahoma State as well and then. Possibly there's nobody in college football that needs a bigger bounce back this week did it is with the University of Florida. I mean Dan Mullen everybody was looking forward to his return you know you had so many good years there's often some coordinator. What does he pursued you know proceed to go out there and do lose to Kentucky First time in 31 games 31 game losing streak. For Kentucky now wiped away. But Colorado State you know they go to take on now Florida this weekend in the swamp and that's a Colorado State team that start off I went to that they didn't get a home win. Against Arkansas this past weekend. It will see how that went plays out blitzes. The gators confidence is shaken to say the least right now. The state of Florida's confidence minus UCF. Has to be shaken right now I mean think about where Miami. The University of Florida in Florida State art. You would all they may be one album would be day on any given time you would never think with that recruiting territory down their diesel. They all three of those power football teams are struggling. At this point. So again it's you're seeing days when it comes to college football speaking dom. It is a million kickoff in Death Valley between Clemson and Georgia southern on Saturday. AM when we come back it's going to be we're gonna catch up would be any Reid he is the voice of the Georgia southern Eagles remember they come in two and they beat South Carolina State their opener. And then they have a nice 34 to thirteen home win. Against the U mass last week and they come down with the kid from Newberry South Carolina is their quarterback a sophomore Shea words we will talk more with teeny read the boy he sub the deep Georgia southern Eagles when we come back is straight up was stirred were lied in studio on this Wednesday.