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Open phone lines this segment. Jumping and 84 forward GS the ESPN I'm Richmond Weaver filling in for stirs. With co host ditty over here and the man behind everything holding all of this together diesel back there. And you can make sure to follow ESP in upstate at ESPN upstate on Twitter. And sturgeon price are actually in Philadelphia getting ready for the big. Annual army navy football game in Daly have you ever attended that's my bucket list and on my dear yeah I would love to go to that I'd be amazed at. Very jealous of them today yet we diss on our talk about that earlier and this is like a year diesels had to. Stay back he's an adolescent who has it's not getting up there Aaron are those are those days the production snags the producer on the show. Well I don't call me the most decent producer for not a match I always villain in has always taken. The the humans work so to speak and it's part of negate a new and this has happened what I signed on every now and again I'll get to go do something cool to most of the time I'll be stuck here. Quote it's still get a paycheck deficit that's what matters that's all that matters you have JOB did you enjoy media and you know. I think it was going to be some other opportunities for you that and you gonna come across the other side you get to go and join us. We get to play radio for Olympic miss something about the that was fun and I commend them a permit from an unconventional. Yeah pathway that. And I started to sports podcast on the rich take on sports and interviewing people. Sports personalities in heaven and shared their journey in Dallas Fort Smith in their lives been impacted their lives and lo and behold it's led to have been connected with sturgeon and mental and jump in on here co hosting. Two days a week on Monday and Wednesday and obviously jump in here today since sturgeon price or out of town and I'm having a blast indeed yet tapping you enough for. For coming in as well in helping write this ship so to speak and Moore said it further off course well that's whatever Bermuda that tried to house our Twitter feud look at our guy yelled right yet professor at a well I do know a team that better. Right their ship pretty quickly and at the Atlanta Falcons yet and that starts tonight with the New Orleans Saints coming into town. At nine in theory. Falcons are seven and five in their right on that bubble of being able to make it into wild card. But you know the falcons her fallen right into that trap of a team that loses loses a Super Bowl they don't make it back even now to the playoffs usually is amazing as that is that a hangover because you what you. You have to play the extra football you're playing for extra weeks you know as as for as Belichick set up to the simple last year forty spied. On 2017 so you haven't actually done a plane and you have less time of an off season and it just ends up happening is you're not as happy coming out of it especially the way it happened to the falcons last year so well you know it's it's tragic almost for them to come out and be such a good football team and so close to winning it all and then now be scrapings. To try to get that wildcard but. This divisions been crazy this year and it's completely flipped to what I thought it would be. Yes and now I'd I don't think anybody would expected that the saints would. Viet sitting at nine and three right now and with a box of last place. Exactly because this is going to be the breakout year with her here and status was this is he finally you know you. I've gotten everything in the past behind him he's in his groove and it's just not happening aria and then lo and behold. Guess what quarterback is the discontinue mean he took all that bottle him in Sean Payton Drew Brees is on page and just continue to amaze me. The production and that they have and now obviously. With the running game and they've got with Mark Ingram now he's questionable tonight at with a toe injuries so we'll see what happens there is expected to play. But with. You know Alan Comerica coming on ice dancing and attacked amazing yet. It's funny to watch it's you could you see them they trade branding cook's got their best receiver gets traded to the patriots for some picks and then. You bring in AP in the first couple weeks or tumultuous it doesn't work you get rid of AP that's got beat up they got blown out by the patriots early in the season. They're probably better than the patriots right now. So you see that happen to cable it impeded work out they're not a running team according to Sean Payton and I Annie gets rid of them and next thing you know there a dominant running team. And they're the best team may be in the NFC but they are I think they are idea will think they're better than Philly overall. I'd I would have to say that for whatever reason I've got this behind said the vikings are actually in Virginia. I really think so case genome is coming on after more than Newt just you know obviously a unknown quarterback that's playing really yeah well their defense has sat out which is huge for them I just. It's so hard to have that faith that you're gonna keep seeing the dialing Kane's case keep them play at this level we have and seen it happen. So like you like are right he's there now bush and how long is this gonna laughs yeah got to come crashing down earliest expect cry yeah but maybe not well I'll see this weekend because Minnesota is up at Carolina right up here and true. That's going to be a B game for the Panthers and well they have to keep on the winning track it they really do him this season historically they've actually the Panthers have not been playing well at home and actually played better. On the road. What's going on with Cam Newton. I it's I feel like he's in his own head. I think that. A lot of it has to do with his frustrations with may be front office may be even Rivera for all we know and then obviously as media issues. He feels like he's missed portrayed obviously says that all the time that you know it has taken out of context it's treated differently against. Officiated differently so I think a lot of the frustration he's not letting it go and I think he's in his own head maybe warring about the hits that are gonna get called if he runs. Maybe warring about his team not being good enough because they get rid of his best receiver. I think there's something else going on front office wiser and if he's not very may be happy. And that's what we're seeing on the field because you know Cam Newton when you seem smiling dancing having a good time and he's happy as the best there. That's right but he's not happy obviously because he's playing. Back and forth some games it looks great maybe he's happy that day that you talked about inconsistent yet you're talking about the punishment handed down yeah I did NFL and Roger Goodell. Cam Newton's play is very all over the map in terms of consistency he'll hold seamer Lee's been Jekyll and Hyde and I mean. I almost feel like they were the year they went to the Super Bowl let the games they won they want them but there were these really bad games a couple weeks and there are. This really blowing everybody out and they came out score sixty points almost like OK so they're great and then made struggling as a not great team to get by. So they've had this Jacqueline I think I feel like throughout this whole regimes Arab. And I don't know what it is to get them to be more consistent. Obviously health which they haven't had that's the last two seasons you're losing guys left the right that doesn't help you but I don't know what it is. Maybe it was a problem with some of the personnel sometimes clubhouse guys there's a lot of word I heard. That there was too much of a buddy buddy with Calvin and that's why they got rid of them. So it could be just something going on their but if that was his best friends again today have set him off exactly how why should I play you guys Awami to have the people want. And then obviously losing that the weapon with Greg Olson yes that has absolutely time. Offense goes he's just a matchup nightmare GAAP from that perspective now the interesting question is going to be. Is coming off that IR when he's actually going to be on the field and even when he gets on the field is going to be a 100% yet has agreed that rust could definitely heard it yet and I'm just not assured that. You know he's heavy he's actually going to be able to contribute and initially the emphasis is a tough stretch run that they've got coming up and it obviously starts with the vikings it's that's Columbia. A big game. On Sunday you've almost got to believe in them because I mean they went to the Super Bowl in Camden won MVP with Ted Ginn junior as his primary target of the and so it's like you don't necessarily need these weapons they just something they don't figure out how to make him happy again there's no doubt he is a special player Basel we've known that from day one and it even early on at Auburn you solve that. And he had some inconsistent. Yeah games there may not remember the Iron Bowl and where they're getting basically shut out yet against Alabama and he's. What may be a 130 passing yards in the first half and in the second half yet he's on fire. And he did a three or four times that happen in the Carolina game South Carolina had the lead in Auburn that your and it was all Cam Newton in the second half. And he blew a mop and even in the SEC championship in the first half Carolina was hanging on he throws that bomb at halftime. And all of a sudden it was all Auburn down the stretch and then did it against Georgia they're losing to Georgia came back in one. So it's him he has that ability to get snapped back into it. So seeing as it's a season we're looking at not just one football game as a bad happening to snap back in you'd think he can snap back and they have the record to be in this staying there were tied for first place until they lost the saints that's other right there are so they aren't as they can get him. Back on that smiling happy dabbing Cam Newton yeah page. They have a chance to easily it's make the Super Bowl again even. Because they have the talent there to do it is maybe not in the receiver corps but again Ted Ginn junior was Jermaine Dye when you're consumable yes speaking it is it's an energy means Ted Ginn and brought an end conscious of what it was though those are your dad like how. How was that team so good they took the fifth of the. And you talked about. How Cam Newton is somewhat treated differently from. A perspective of wreaths held a rift his games and they call and I know a couple of years ago that was a brilliant issue. And I think that's what's happening with gronkowski. Probably is that we're running into a situation. Where I looked at it in reminds me. In the NBA with Shaquille O'Neal and that he's so big it was such a matchup nightmare. That if you view. Remember. Shaquille O'Neal in his heyday he was fouled. Almost every single. Time and there were a few times he got frustrated and but now I think from people around if there are people around it that's right and I think that's what was happening withdrawn to the idea that. He's just got in caught up in the moment. You know he's getting held multiple times he got her mom died at play he idea that if I absolutely audiences didn't get more soon. Our earlier in this game he was getting held to exact pushed around and the rest turn him. Blind in Islam a. Skews further action obviously with gronkowski but that's how what works and we look at Camden people think that he's the only one against it look at Ben Roethlisberger two guys that takes the same amount of hits because the size and when you get outside and try to move. They're gonna assume your running back the to let more things go in when you're that big it doesn't necessarily look as bad as it is. When it happens and that's why I think we're talking earlier with the juju Smith fit is that he stood over him he he bowed out. In it may be hit look worse than it really was so obviously you think it's worse and I think that's the problem we see with Cam Newton it doesn't look as bad. Because he's so big and so powerful and we see him run people over like it's nothing so we see him take a hit that another quarterback would get that. Penalty for yet this doesn't happen and that's adding that goes for multiple people Ben Roethlisberger takes. A lot of dirty hits that optical. Yeah I think is no matter how big you are brain injury is if I asked if you know you always can squish that that gourd up there man it's over and it would bend the windshield was more her problem than them delayed hits and football but. The yeah it's a little different as far as brain injury. But it is true that there is definitely a differences as far as how refs call certain situations with players that. In it does come down to their size. I do know that pressure and style of quarterback and we've seen a smaller running quarterbacks also not get the calls and and I think it's the lead just struggles still I mean it's been a while now since Mike Vick kind of change the NFL. In started having guys that were more mobile running guy you had the flu he's the little guys that kind of filled in here and there over the years but not that main. Think now we see a lot and I think the league the officials still. She rumbled to figure out how to officiate fact yeah when do we turn him into a runner winning is the quarterback when do we protect them when do we not. And they need to figure that out before these guys get truly hurt because the guys smaller than him. If it to Shawn Watson size guy goes out there he can be really tragic to see him get hit like that not play. I know him and that he. We we have learned one thing for sure. That to you have long term success in the NFL as a quarterback you have to be able to stay in the pocket absolutely Aaron. Our right to we're gonna head out to break and when we come back at 620 you or me talking with Bob Ritchie head coach of men's basketball affirming university. I'm Richard Weaver filling in first surge here on ESPN upstate straight it was dirge. Richard and we turf filly and here on straight it must surge with co host here today didian you can follow him. At DD DI TT I that are right theory and you can follow me Richard Weaver at rich tea exports and diesel. Behind the scenes here force as well you can follow him on Twitter at diesel on radio. And we're going to be connecting with the fuhrman's head basketball coach Bob Ritchie as they're getting ready to. Take on South Carolina State this Saturday at 4 PM at Timmons arena and sitting at six and three. Furman is picked to. Win the Southern Conference and had two of their losses this year or two duke and Butler knows or back to backs who is doing great. Opportunity for coach Ritchie to get some experience with. He is. Team in terms. Going up and against the big boys and our understanding what it takes to compete at that type of level and it can only help. For their next it ventured into the Southern Conference in Reyes start. Here in December as they're going to be traveling to the EMI and speaking of Southern Conference teams we know Wofford had an unbelievable win. Last night tell beating Georgia Tech on a basically a last second three point Virginia. Fletcher McGhee hits. Mean just had to be a 22. Footer being drained and nothing but the bottom of the net with less less than two seconds. To go and that's a huge win for offered in the new Richardson indoor arena against an ACC opponent. Yes simply big especially having to beat the power five you know especially if you're not. The major division one kind of schools is also deceive us and we've seen this for years here with Furman and Wofford and you know even USC upstate plays for the what was there are they a sun conference a couple of years ago loses Jacksonville State. Air north for I think Gloucester so it is just great to see. The smaller schools we have in our area succeed beyond national television and then pull off some victories against big time programs in and see them beat the big dogs in our area. And not have to be just that capacity that we see in college where you are collecting a million dollar check to get. Just crushed seeing about their competing is awesome especially with you know offered in permanent. That's right and a lot of people they don't understand there's actually at this level on this mid major. It's actually very good basketball capsules of the I mean people should take advantage of going over to Timmons arena and don't watch any game at Furman and you know up to Spartanburg at Wofford and even. At Winthrop you know for me to be with pat Kelsey the program he's got going on there and you know I mean he's one of those coaches that. He's been being looked at a media he almost went to Massachusetts nanny actually accepted the job and then came back keep you know decided to. Not take the job and so you're seeing a lot of bad Andy and from the football side Furman had an unbelievable sees death. And way above expectations with a first year head coach clay Hendrix and then obviously. With the Wofford program. In terms of the other getting ready to take on North Dakota State to in Fargo this Saturday and their playoffs and I'm just glad for them that it's endorse yes absolutely it's local. But never go out there and I never thought about my brother used to live in South Dakota again and he played football at Dakota west swollen up there and we went. There for his graduation. And just some of the pictures that he showed me. And just how well it just when it looked at bone chilling cold that I couldn't even comprehend but I did. I'm a cold when it's dipping into the forties here yeah I would now run outs. At a depth on the weak side board new Englander nowadays because I spent too much time in the southeast of men in Florida for five years before coming back appears sob super cold all the time drops. B and I don't remember being insane when I went to New Hampshire and we have incredible snow and freezing cold and that's nowhere in the year. What like North Dakota and Montana all antsy which blows my mind. I'm like I don't wanna go I don't know holding up I watched the show Fargo and I shiver that just accept it and that's a whole another love pets the movie was so that I can never make myself skated to show the show is really get the first season's phenomenal things he's pretty good as it always ultimately you know why they shouldn't even come close to Steve Buscemi is. No but Billy Bob is killer he's a great okay and the first season given him and Colin Hanks and a couple of people. The shot you should watch. There's Mir I'm FX one right now they're certainly different shows that there's so much in a note. In so I sought to finish the publisher. It's awesome hazardous as I started to never say never I just finally went on a marble binge and finally come on all of them saw saw Jessica Jones Luke cage iron fist in defenders Nazi animals under he's got through iron fist and hinders our loved iron fist actually thought great now yeah. They've been through as we got testimony yes we gotta we gotta testimony here and Sturges behalf yet they were going off the race itself doesn't have. I will make sure you can jump in here on line net strait of mr. John Richmond Weaver filling in forced surge and net co hosting with me today is. Sturgeon price are up in Philadelphia. Getting ready for the army navy football game and remember they will be broadcasting live from radio row tomorrow at the Philadelphia. Are actually it's technically called the Pennsylvania. Conventions that are not Philadelphia convention center but it's in Philadelphia and I know. They're excited about that in of all things I think they're going to a lakers 76ers game one tonight so ago but they're just rub it all in but no he's all. No philosopher. Yet you know I I had to sit and watch the conversation when sturtze told price that he got. Lakers 76ers take its price never said thank you he never said all that sounds funny 'cause. You know we should've gone to a Villanova game instead of we city I beat Villanova has played somebody Villanova temple or some really bad that night in the cholesterol and is it which go to that instead of like. Thirty just bought you live BA ticket to go see lakers needed him and say thanks. Well cops that I have to agree with the concept as a basketball I prices of basketball again as well that the fullest and on a deadly the fleeced again you're going to see the process that night. You're gonna see. And be the greatest twittering it NBA player in the history of twittering NBA players whatever they want to see it is all sounds at all and his muzzle and little hardball TI thought Lavar had it taken matters Everyman I thought about a process he meant they were gonna has many courtside making those ugly shoes. I'm that may happen to medals of mine happened. There hasn't apparently got to back wars against hill Feely made a big trade today. So things have changed up there. Are there about to make the trade market focus air that breaking news the other gonna try to send eligible for the Brooklyn. With who was the other one next Oscars for Trevor Booker. Trevor Booker Clemson guy so that's a huge move that was detailed by. A blow to bomb so you know that's unrelated illness yeah it's accurate if it's just a matter of time hours officially announce that he's got his hands on it. It is obviously loads of bombs are never fake news but yeah I a has ever been one I don't think so did not exactly also he ruins the draft. It's a perfect but he gets he does a while watching logistics he could ten minutes before they announce that. Yeah and that's the other side just the whole social media to title of your relationship with technology for my standards mean I love aspect of what it can do but as it is changed significantly. Obviously how we get our news. And just the aspect of gone are the days early for me sitting and watching news yet. It's all Twitter or just real quick hits it's you know it's the 32 type hits it it's. Omnia in the morning I guess sports center on but I am I'm really on Twitter yeah your body looking to see what's going on its. If they embellish more they have an interview see that's what you can't get on Twitter you can't get the expert coming on getting his. Expert opinion that a little inside little bit of knowledge that. You know interceptors able it just sniff out you know you don't get that. On and on Twitter at. Much you don't but you get so much more contents. Faster oh absolutely and Grassley outpace is everything else yeah and that's what I like about it and I'm not trying to say I'm minister is the and I have. So many things going on but it. It does help that you can quick glance. Get a grasp of the headlines but the only thing though is that. From a national news perspective. And fortunately. I just get the headlines and I don't really read into all of the details so when people start talking about certain topics. I'm a guy that just nosed. Just a little bit but I can't get into real in depth conversation. That I don't know all the details and that's. That hurts me with Twitter yeah yeah where I did if I sat behind my computer and exotic don't lanes and in a Red Hat or actually went to a new cycle source you know the rumba. Some other type of medium actually might work out. Well two d.s on that we tried to get Bob Ritchie. Doing we'll try again and he's trying to get ready for. To be you know a game they give South Carolina State and there's also. The recruiting time right now mean these guys are also you know out on the road recruiting and they're not sit around waiting for a phone calls and no they're not and he's if you know this is his first year as head coach and this is he this is the opportunity he's been waiting on so I know he's busy with dad and will be able to catch up with the coach Ritchie. At another time and again just remember that firm is plain South Carolina State at Timmons arena at 4 PM this Saturday. And also this Saturday we note the Heisman Trophy award is going to be presented the issue is given to him today light exercise. You know I I know he's getting you know. He's golden he's got the walk walker Poe Walter camp in order to get that out correctly Walter camp award. So why even the campus a spectacle. Actually go into new York and go into this. You know fake presentation and where they had to tell a story about each player. Or leaflet just announce it at the front or just doing our guests will show you all the packages that we've produced for this TV event. But we already know is gonna win it here's a period beggar mayfield gave her speech now we're all the matches you're not gonna stick through the first 48 minutes out of turn and I'm not old and a 840 to worry fifty miles or less and now that there's any of fans who will I know I probably I don't think I've watched it since Cam Newton won here. The fans that will launch at our Oklahoma fans volume month of Louisville fans then in Stanford fans and I would imagine. Out of those Louisville fans in Stanford fans only half of watch because they NATO and their candidate has no chance of winning in. This actually might be the biggest. Lopsided victory for a Heisman in history now OJ has. OJ Simpson has largest victory. And of all people number two mutually Smith. From Ohio state of the endorsed here apps well yes I eras ever think this year is really bad guy here was terrible and that's. And that's why earlier I talked about that the Heisman. DD it's a joke it is. It is absolute joke it's not representing. The best player in college football is it's a popularity contest and it's always going to. The player. That is a skill position on the offensive side yeah that's it and it. And then you can even dial it down even further. Quarterback wrote about it yes nobody else it's not even that wide receivers not an advantage defense of players not gonna get because even Charles Woodson and when he did win it as a primary defense of player remember he is playing offense as well so it's not like he was a true. One sided player and we should put the caveat on it now that it's only power five. Of course is statistically wise and McKenzie Milton there at least in by T yeah with his staff he had UCF this year and saint missed a lot of fourth quarter had a complete game. A race because of the hurricane and had the same numbers as all vetoed that that's very valid and I would even contend with. It in honor of the army navy game and on Saturday. I was two years ago with keen in Reynolds there for navy. Didn't get invited you'd actually left off the list the it's just it's a success doesn't. May finally cut it down a three but now I live why not let like five guys SB officials so that way at least there's something to talk about like. I don't know it is just that seems such a joke that it it is that popularity contest in the Heisman trust thing. That they always bring up in the highs and integrity clause that they bring up for certain guys that it doesn't work to benefit other guys that have the integrity like say last year with the Shawn Watson. You know we were talking about all we can't give the diamonds all the trust the integrity we can't give them Janus 'cause the question marks the integrity. Pulled him why doesn't did Shawn get an extra bump because of integrity because of it you know how commit only hinders it doesn't help. And I we opened the voting that way too many people and I don't play and people they don't they don't care of those voters don't care about those the only worse voting process in sports as the baseball for him. Yes exactly only a source I'm sorry that you keep it up you're telling me that. There are some players that are you and are not unanimous first time now anybody who didn't put Greg Maddux on the first ballot is does not as ever about ever again. There's just that should be where we drew the line right now here now Greg Maddux if you did not have him as a first ballot hall of Famer you lose your vote we're moving forward. And agree with you more fit and agree with you more. All right we're gonna be coming back is finishing up. This third hour on Richmond we are filling in first surged here on ESPN upstate straight it was dirge. We're here straight it was third time Richmond we're filling in first surge in coaster with me today is duty and you can follow him. And it DD nets' DI TT guy 33. And also follow him. DJ in on classic rock wanna wind absolutely BN. Usually every Sunday three to seven. That your guaranteed spot. I think I'm filling in a little bit coming up I don't know exactly it's quite so you feel and and he knows that billionaire and yes years your adult and a ball a Jack of all trades. That's as diesel knows this business you have to Wear every you know it's going a little Dutch boy just put your finger in the dam yup. Everywhere you go. He need me out of there. And started a mile block next week. And speaking of hats again you Skechers U patriots had the where's that nice and perhaps absolutely did you become a patriots fan born and it tells boarding Groton Connecticut so I was my dad and my family is basically split 5050 in baseball between yankees Red Sox. But most of them are patriots fans Cusworth Britain from New England but we also cheer for the giants might Negroponte AFL NFL days. So is AF LC was the patriots as NFL team with the giants so. Those two symbols and heard him as much that are made ought to imagine an but I definitely pull for the giants when they're not player patriots. Answers together as giants. And what a much gas they are right now and for me I think. They barked the wrong tree and I say that. I mean a family. And that's demanding spam button. I'd. Don't think the estimated a big day I should say underestimated the power. Of the remaining family. I'd be inching him and if you remember. The main family is not. In a situation where they do in December and that they don't want to now. They'll for something like him to not be drafted by the San Diego got exactly the sort of a game I would we had an on this station sadat's his Brandt the day after. I wiry feeling bad for this guy like with all the shop or delegate Dave forced them so he would not go to San Diego he had to play in New York. Sally getting that he's not this like you know necessarily. Maybe he's done some classy things but he's. Doesn't seem like the good guys and enrollments trying to make him out when he got benched it was dumb it was a bad coaching decision because it lost the guy's job. But like the whole sympathetic thing that they did for a week was kind of thing in a this is the NFL I mean yeah he's played to what was fourteen years her. It's a while yeah that's true. It's this is just part of what happens as an NFL quarterback do you get to a point where you're going. To be bench because your play as sub par. Thing is it wasn't really even that bad of a coaching decision I mean his is play's been going downhill. For years. Outside of basically locking into two Super Bowl wins he's never been. Oh did that great and I've never understood why people look at him. As an elite quarterback there's people that say ends first ballot hall of Famer what the problem with the elite thing is that people don't take into account into account that it's fluid. Sure the only thing is it's doc sure Tom Brady a couple of years ago was not an elite quarterback it was a twenty allow it to a lot more bodies they are elite quarterback most of his career but they're years she was not very elite they were the last year Peyton Manning's career he was far formally. So it doesn't Staley he was a lead Eli for maybe a year to he's played at an elite level those two playoff runs. But I mocking a fault him as far as. Being bad in this year just this he had been now around him he has nothing around and his receivers do not get open you can look at a lot of tape of seeing these guys running. Fully covered is known to throw the ball to in his office supply can't walk there are no office of debt is so all on the right hands so this was all on the coach all right and then he benches the guy that all of the club fans love and that was the dumbest thing you could've done because. He won two Super Bowl against the dreaded hated New England Patriots you can't bench that I am New York your fan base and they are on your. And he benched him for geno Smith yet the guy got if you are in a situation like that and you've got a dish on Watson backing you up who's. Who's you know who's proven that he's been there ready to learn let's just say for example the giants had to Shawn Watson as a backup. Mandy you know you might get means there was still certainly be a lot of backlash. But it would not have happened the way it did especially to Gina. Awful awful awful with the jets there is asleep and so that's what you wanna do now his essays or whoever that. Guy his best he's with the jets is Anita broken Johnson couldn't play half a Anna Fitzpatrick a restaurant and class. That was his best year. It's a joke and here's my you wanna hear my fans theory of what I hope happens going forward please I'm hoping that the pitchers when the civil Tom gets six rides off into the sunset everybody has that question is a Belichick Brady Belichick wants pepper because he's neo. Signs Eli Manning wins two Super Bowls to make up for the two we lost if the fact that I'm rides off in the sunset with a guy there you go yet he let's go to New England it's just a you shot really do planet Hollywood there's no way you've got a great. I mean you're you're setting a quarterback up for success and in New York Eli was set up for failure yeah well. In certain to your point oh diesel I know there's lot of speculation that. Eli Manning it will go to you could go to Jacksonville because of Tom Coughlin. I don't think he's the good enough quarterback at the end of his career that'd make a big difference. I will continue this discussion that we're going to be finishing up here on straight up with surged I'm Richmond we are filling in as sturgeon price or in Philadelphia. Back right after this. Richmond we are here filling in for stirred Jon and ESPN at State Street it was sturgeon AMOCO those tiered deity. And also diesel helping out in the background here and should he say backgrounds diesels euros in the foreground and you're so did. While my ego is everywhere so I all encompassing it's always well we know when you get to work. I think it was by the smell of a I. Well one of the things said Tim we're finally seeing it is Tennessee. Did in their man Jerry Pruitt. Defense of coordinator from Alabama. And we're seeing a model starting to follow through debt. They're picking coordinators via out of Alabama yes and I'm convinced that that's starting that's gonna happen with Clemson as well from now. You can even see from an aspect of Arkansas all pulling Chad Morris from SMU. And one of the things that was talked about is the connection. With Clemson and the success of the Clinton program. And how I'm not sure if you saw this tweet. That to Arkansas football program. Put out about the hiring of Chad Morris. And it's showcasing. Just the level of where Davos Sweeney is right now and how he's becoming a star figure in the world of college football on a on the coaching level. Into the point where. Arkansas football team put out a quote and it's a quote from Davos Sweeney. And it's a picture of Davos Sweeney and it says high praise from Davos Sweeney talking about Chad Morris. He did a phenomenal job in his four years or Clemson and it has been exciting to see what he has done it as in years. I believe he will be a great Pitt and Arkansas and I'm excited to see what he will do with that program. So this is Arkansas basically. Promoting. Debt look at who we hired it's somebody who. Davos Sweeney says is really good at so so we must be on to something and. Yes and that that's because the success I mean that's what comes with winning and and doing well and continuing to do so it's not you know the flash in the pan success but you saw. Or give had that the long run at the top Scott frost get the high marquee job to go do you see have to drop in to Nebraska to go coach where he won a national championship. Chip Kelly get the NFL. You see USC before that. Obviously Pete Carroll jumps the NFL Kiffin gets the job saarc gets the job all these other guys so when you get to that level of success and you win a national championship. You go to two straight in her back in the playoff again. Now you're that guy. And not only drama guy we talked about it earlier now you have to think he's gonna try to ask for even more money from Clinton next year not for himself. But to make sure the guys blow him now. Don't we thief because those guys are paid great and he wants to keep them around but did it eventually it's not going to be gassing used to go to clubs that are getting these jobs. It's going to be guys who are at clumps and right now that's certainly will be offered these jobs and were already offered apparently. But turned it down because I mean doubles and a great job to make sure his staff was happy well. And I think that from those coaches. On Davos staff right now they know the culture they know the foundation and and they are a cohesive unit right now and so for them to leave. It's gonna have to be the right situation. And what a great position area Daria they're racing really get to pick. You know the right opportunity and they can be patient and don't have to jump to guide just so they can check that box and git you head coaching experience. And I even contend now that there's been a lot of talk that. But Jeff Scott or Tony Elliott then they're gonna have to go to veto and as CS level gives him experience the head coaching level it. Before they get their break them into. You know a if a power five conference. Or group of five gas school. I don't think that's true. I think there will be able to go just directly to from a coordinator position we're seeing it now yes but he we Kirby Smart he's just entered. Jeremy Pruitt he's jumped into your seen these guys be able to make these jobs into these big time program. And you can jump to the FCS and Hernan FC as if he's he's at a group of five and get the same sort of power five experience with game you're going to play. Because some of those schools are going to get scheduled unfortunately the ones that are good to make UCF struggles to get those big teams to play them because they don't want have to play home and home against the team. That has that much talent but. If you're gonna see those teams do it he sighed and high apple did not have a job. As a head coach ever and he got that job you have just like frosted before enacted via jump off point and schools like that. Could pop up all round that could help these assistants and not have to go to FCS first inclined Yuri claim group of five and you're right there on the cusp. In some of those teams we might see more expansion coming so you know you never know what's gonna happen with expanded playoff expanded. Conference's big twelve still only has ten teams. So they might try to jump up and pick some of these teams up maybe one of these guys takes a job at a group of five that group of five get an invite to the power five. Now you didn't even have to work up to the power five your job became. That's right and that's very valid point 'cause what I do see happening. Is that these group of five some rules. They're actually the losers in all of this he had thoughts because they're getting coach and you know. Well as a patriots fan. One of the biggest reasons a success because everything's been so consistent with the patriots exactly you might have some turnover in. You know certain positions but it's always been Belichick it's his group of guys its you know with Tom Brady. And that's not what's happening at some of these group of five schools is that they can't hold onto these talented coaches this. Add things to look at as I mean you look look what FA you did they came out of nowhere. And won one conference USA this year and legs give him and now he's. And he invade they almost doubled their average attendance this year from 1010181000. Fans per game and that's all because a Lane Kiffin yeah and Lane Kiffin. He's going to be outdoor the first opera and he has a lot of group of five schools are coached by. You know by alumni former players this is a master beat you so you might be able hold bomb tool for another year or two. But eventually they're gonna get post away and then that's from the schools can't than they were grass they fall back into relative anonymity. They're just like you have to give love to white Danny white has done UCF because to be able to get a guy of that caliber to replace the guy who jumped to the better job is huge. And again at ten million dollar buyout for Michael so he's at least there for four years dried he's if. Creating a great culture and foundation and nick and we want to thank everybody for listening to Dave this is Richard Weaver was straight up with surge on ESPN upstate make sure to remember Ted sturgeon price in Philadelphia live from radio row in Philadelphia.