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All right don't forget tomorrow's. ESPN upstate will be live from Philadelphia last surge in price are going to be broadcasting from radio road. In Philadelphia and preparation for the army navy game. I'm Richmond Weaver filling in and just been joined by. The co host today you might indeed he. Also known just assembly on same data I you're gonna call on the co host with the most I got that's right you're going but I'll take it might not. We'll welcome must be only the patriots hats on and so we know where your loyalties lie there and already made it we've already had a patriots credit today subject what I you don't have to leave articles for you against we have already identified them as one of the great T yeah it's and what comes the that would a great team is a love hate relationship a mover and a fan bases yeah there you either love home. Or you hate them exactly and now when you hated team in sports you are also bias in the conversation by the way that's like legitimate truth it's going to be out. People like belatedly hate the patriots dummy that I'm being biased and they're not it's just the worst in I think it actually and I don't even the via. More horses here yet on there's always judge yes stuff you know I know what crime did was disgusting but then I hear he should be suspended the whole season old. I think as many as slowdown on the holes he had an idea I think they should deciding they should tell his Jersey out there and a symbolic gesture and had a standing on the sidelines crying OK I think that's what they suggest. Emerson College. Just like to do with baker made it to right the yes suspended for two full days to plan and view is. Does immortalized. To your point diesel that it looked like it was almost a few girls the year ago that in fairness the Lincoln Riley it was a complete series. The two boys I agrees that what they sort of that was the plan all along I was raised serious stuff he did the right thing by saying hey this is an indefinite suspension yet. Then it's up to him means nothing exotic however I want I want it to be I can make is a a or I can make it is as short as I wanted to be. That's right we can't win Goodell for that one that we cannot and and I do think that that is something that. Roger Goodell needs to really look at us in terms is it time for him to step away now from being able to hand down punishment and just. Have some type of outside committee next able to do that so there can be some more you'd uniform. No punishment that you were talking about the tribunal and he's a tribunal method yet we need something that is just more consistency for. Drawn to be suspended for one game. And it's the same for. A guy who picks up a flag and throws it yet in the air he suspended for one game I just don't see that there. We're in the same realm of each in the Crabtree. Can. To leave saying and obviously we've seen this week with the Steelers and the bang goals and here's the the problem is that they've kind of made this. The generic suspension. Yes it's you get one game and moving on and you know we get mad at certain rulings within certain people decide to not be mad and other rulings when it's convenient you know like resentment you have to hatred for a team you're also bias it was can be a palace was not good enough. A Dallas fine you know it is bid battle long. We saw. Most of the bounty gate. Turned over. All of the suspensions he did other than the coaches were turned over he never even punished to the dolphins for bowling gate it was the biggest story in the world for three weeks. No punishment ever handed down from the NFL the dolphins suspended people. NFL didn't do anything and we have to deflate gate saga there we have. At the easy Hugh Elliot socket and now we're trying to say oh well we have to justify which one is a good ruling which ones of badly they've all been back. They have all this bad yeah okay and you can't pick and choose the Internet and as just as a parent yeah I'm a pair of the three teenagers. And growing up as a kid I get from that side and as a pair. The one thing that you have to maintain is being consistent except on some type of punishment. And that's where we're amiss right now is that I have years going after Brady and Greg Hardy was back in Italy. But you know sort of bit the smoke in that there is no consistency. Willis keep it consistent with another phone call we've got Adam on the line here wanting to talk NFL. Adam Michael welcome to straight it was dirge. Thank you god. Well this show and I just wanted to ask you get if you are talking about it but. Did you choose registered. Hit did you think that was clean good I thought on the Steelers spent so little biased but in the electric clean football played in me that popping. Unnecessary but what gronkowski did was. Much worse in my in my opinion I just I don't understand the the way they'd lean out divvy up the punishment in the NFL. Well Adam I can tell you as a cowboys fan and obviously I'm not a case Steelers fan. But that was one of the cleanest. Football plays. That I'd seen. And he blocked. Perfect to perfection and what he did wrong though was the taunting standing over him. And in my opinion that's what drew the penalty. Not the actual hit and if you see if you watch the replay there's a delay before receive flags thrown up and it's based off of you you stand in of. A perfect and I think that also made it look bad enough for the lead to suspend because now with that taunt with that almost you know. Gladiator type finish to it it made the hit seem worse. Because you acted like Dan afterwards in the lead to very hard to win cracking down on head injuries because of their own problems in the past. So any close nick of contact between two helmets they're gonna come down on hard which is not necessarily right but that's what they've been doing. That thank you gotta countless fans are saying about the way it did well under the clean block. But I guess that the way it is and a you've beat up a lot when they suspended six games and if you it was apartheid as bright idiot you kicked off a whole year it doesn't really seem. That it really came on par putt thank you guys very much Austin also ship. Persian about it although I'm waiting yeah they know to do is they need to convene. AA panel a do 08 tribunal whatever they wanna do they need to start going through. Every suspension every suspend able offense that they've had over the past. 510 years. And start sort of categorizing and ranking them. All right if it's an on the field issue here's here's what we're gonna do if it's an off the field issues here's what we're gonna do see you had a codify a list of rules. For how you're going to. For how you wanna handle certain. Types of of penalties on the field for taunting for this for that one ever. And then you can easily look at it and say all right what this guy did falls into this cat falls and this. Category. And which subcategory. Do we. Believe that it falls into the into the accident salt into the egregious side of whatever the rule might be if we're talking about head injuries and accidental targeting. Or an egregious intentional targeting both it's black or white it's accidental or it's it's it's intentional so here's what we're gonna do if it's accidental. And here's what we're gonna do if it's intentional. It's it's it's not that there. The ultimatum by the concept to come up with and it's habitual. Exactly yeah that's the other side attitude and that's where I I think that there's a lot of outrage with gronkowski hit it now. I do think it should have been. A longer suspension in just one game a do you think that's a little bit of a joke that it just one game. But so to your point diesel to be able to get to that point though I think they're gonna have to be in its all about the players. Union the association. And their collective bargaining agreement that they have with the NFL so when it comes up for renewal. It's going to be interesting to see if they're really gonna fight for that and have you subtype of this tribunal committee. Made up of ex football players like because dozen of the guys that were really understand. What it's like out on the field and can be able to identify. What's really a football play vs a non football. And I know players are gonna look out for the rights of how can we get back on the field how can we keep getting paid for play in this game but they also have to consider. Then over the past 56. Years of all these different. Penalties and all these different. Suspensions we've seen in the inconsistency that we've seen in them that is what's it say it's exacerbating the fans. That that it consistency is worse is really it is certainly a part I'm not saying it's a majority shareholder of of why a lot of fans are are becoming turned off and disenfranchised with the game but it certainly part of it. And who they blame. Roger Goodell. He's public enemy number one in a bomb Roger Goodell well it probably does it matter based on. How much money he's making and he didn't really care and get a bit more now doesn't it left you would think that. I want it removes responsibility from Leo hey let committees make that let this tribunal that didn't take that on shore obviously to figure head over here and his. Team count my money invest it in rather than have to take the negativity that comes along certainly this inconsistency. Venture talking about now. The as a patriots fan yet. I need to know just another I guess so would try to edit your opinion of the grown up yet. As discussed it that's something that shouldn't be in the game and it should never happen and I get being upset and frustrated I get that in such a high emotional and physical game. When you're getting you know kind of pushed around when you're not thinking that you're getting the right cause you get emotionally do stupid things it's not it's inexcusable what he did. But it's one of those things like us have liked to quantify these different punishments and act like. Any of them are going to be right or wrong and then say that wall you know some of these people that have been dealing with today have people that I saw come down like cherishing how he took care of to placate. So it's like your obviously choosing once and the other based on your loyalties here. And yet maybe it should have been more games but because of the way it's been done in the past. That's kinda where it is as just what they've kind of set up and did pull players and the collective bargaining agreement all of does that we've been talking about they need to find a way. To take gay Dell off the judge jury and executioner standpoint because him having all of that power means literally and what we found out of the into the placate. Literally Roger Goodell can just do anything he wants it and we can complain we can cry we can go on Twitter to tell other fans at their dumb for not agreeing or agree with them but it doesn't matter. He gets to make his own decision and that's why is he can Elliott hasn't blank. That stretch and at this point. He has the power yeah it was the power that was given to him by by the players of players association. You know sue they have to look in the mirror and understand that. It was part of the agreement that they agreed upon and that they want to change that when this thing comes back up for renewal of the really gonna have to fight for that. No wonder how much of a power struggle it's going to be yes I. I'm suspecting that Roger Goodell wants to hold onto that power lines he likes Vienna sausage at and you saw last time when he came up I mean it was a lock out and we thought there was not going to be a season or at least a shortened season. And I think the players freaked out about it. And I think they got nervous cave state caved real fast by Edward obviously Robert craft use the emotional angle coming in while his wife was dying and trying to get this thing worked out. And it just boom falls into place and they got nothing. They got nothing they wanted to and that and that a whole scheme of things and the players are consistently. Letting the owners take advantage of them and it's unfortunate that tried to Alan that's out. I'm excited for our guest at 535 that's George Wrighster the third. Org and tight end who played seven years in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and you'll be able to. Really share some of his inside of what it's like. Being in the NFL being on that side. And especially you know with. What he also lose the is viewing your that inconsistencies. In the punishment that's being handed down from Roger Goodell. And then it will also jump right back into one of the topics were going get to it because I'm telling you. The college football coach out there he's got this scheduling thing all figured out too human when it's all laid out you'll understand. Why he continues to do this and wool. Look at that we get back from the break I'm Richmond Weaver. Filling in for sturgeon and co hosting with me today is did you hear on ESPN upstate. Continuing here with straight up on straight it was stirs and get that correct I'm Richard Weaver filling in and co hosting would mean today is ditty and you can follow. Mike then did he had. DD 33 yeah you can follow me Richmond Weaver at rich take exports and as I mentioned earlier if you really want to be entertained you can follow diesel. At diesel on radio again Pryce and sturgeon are in Philadelphia didn't ready for the army navy game jazz. Did you question why why the 33 PAB Scottie Pippen fan is that what the story came from well. My first favorite baseball players a little kid was and Sprague from the blue jays. I don't know why has shortstop has probably Lionel I've played shortstop and when we went to Tampa to visit some family went to their spring training and talked to him and stuff and 33 and and Varitek or 33 which helped Larry legend was 33. So there's some good 33 so that I wore 33 applicable to inherit again the race car driver he can't really get. They go about. Now he's back I'm back out this guy. This is a guy and I don't add up the phone lines a light up on this please don't Holler about this topic but what Harry Gant was one of the best cheaters. In NASCAR he used it he used to put gasoline in the roll cage of his race car. So I get an extra gallon or two. And that way when everybody else is run and I guess he still has some. Not merely a little reserve changes. In in his role bought. In what's the quote you're not she THE HI and that they're NASCAR brought that is a NASCAR quote for sure. All right so we're jumping and it down to the college football scheduling issue it is a hot topic duty in reference to. Looking at. When it was debating Alabama vs Ohio State or Wisconsin or whatever the team's war it was all this discussion about. Are they playing a tough schedule then. Nick Saban and Alabama is getting beat up with the strength of schedule and Wisconsin was getting media when their string to schedule. But even more so with Alabama mobile calls. They were playing in. Several of the FCS teams you know like north Texas or you know at buy you more of a Mercer you know those teams that they have historically played in the past. But you know what. Look what happens. Alabama's again and they do it and and it's all the calls Nick Saban he has figured it out with the scheduling and nobody's calling him out on us now. I don't know they've actually even understand. What he's doing. As he's playing. The power five non conference games he has yet but he did this last does this past year he played Florida State and we know they were obviously. In a different situation with the injury and how they fell apart but each year he is plain to me. Power five nonconference game. And a team that's at least supposed to be good yes I'm at that point in time Republican through the list here mean talk and at issue southern now Wisconsin and West Virginia Virginia Tech Michigan and Virginia Tech. So he's playing in the team's. But here's the caveat here it now that you've picked utterly on. Nick Sabin. Does not play on home and home situation where it's always Andy neutral site yup. And that's brilliant. Jeff and frustrating. Yeah if you're you're not an Alabama fan I can understand that but I think it's absolutely brilliant that. Look at the games here this past year Florida State in Atlanta and they went 24 assessment. Southern cal last year in Dallas they blow now 52 to six. Then in 2015 Wisconsin in Dallas they win 35 to seventeen. West Virginia in 2014. In Atlanta beat them 33 between theory. Then back to Atlanta again in 2013 against Virginia Tech 35 to ten. This in Dallas against Michigan in 201241. To fourteen. The only cabbie I was actually in 2011. In 2002 and he did do a home and home. Against Penn State. They want to go to those and pest it was a very good note to try to put the and 2009 Virginia Tech in Atlanta 34 to twenty injury 2008. Against Clemson in Atlanta 34 to ten. And then in 2007. Against Florida State and that was actually in Jacksonville. That was the game he did lose just his first season in Alabama. And that was I think the only one that the neutral site was closer to the other school that's right yeah. Because Atlanta's closer to Alabama intent Dallas is closer to Alabama than the other schools that play in all those games. He's got it figured out yet. And if that's the whole thing at this playoff too because if you say this. If Clemson had lost say to offer to ended up being you know fairly good and in the SEC championship and then had a loss of Syracuse. Came out and wins the ACC. They're on a conference game was on the road. Why would Alabama get in a bubble they would. Is it ran power is called for an hour and that's why they can do this that's why save and the only guy in America who can pull this off. Because the brand power Alabama means these TV networks or happily give you that. Neutral site football game to start the season if you get another top ten team and you never have to go on the road to an odd not a conference top ten team. And we know Alabama fans trap and they travel yet they trap everything is on that brand power only works for select few team at any given time and Alabama fault let's say. Nick Saban leaves Alabama's sort of slums because they hire the next guy and maybe he's not that good then get disseminate wins for a couple years. And that brand powers gone for a for Alabama. I mean only worse for Alabama right now because they've been in King's College football for the last ten years. You know the let me ask you this question. Let's say Alabama does not play Mercer this year they played. At least a decent seven when power five team. Are we even having the conversation Alabama Ohio State it was say let's say Alabama plays Virginia. Or walk. Or somebody of that ilk somebody who's gonna go on win seven games may be eight be pretty decent historically not a bad program. And they go out there and handle it's not even a conversation. Note and from it curry still the Auburn as 1% yet but curry coconut we'll tell you that it wasn't even close. Even with him plane Mercer that Alabama was head and shoulders above which I still don't understand that because. If you're one you'd really bad two games that were tough to yeah if they put a good team in Mississippi State and held on. And they played a very good team and Auburn and lost. Other than that and they're scheduled really was nothing. And it's it's wasn't even close and I don't understand why it was never USC and not Ohio State in the conversation they're two losses yes the Narnia muscles viola points. But their two losses are against number fourteen and eighteen in this ranking. Yeah both ranked teams both top twenty teams won top fifteen team. Notre Dame team that we touted as one of the best teams in the country for a few weeks until I don't know robbery for a while number three. And but we discredit USC completely they beat Stanford twice the ideas. You know anyone teams fly again. In the and it went Washington who is no contest bias is let's West Coast bias so it doesn't make sense I mean if you're gonna give bam and that in and I've talked to others already on Greg show earlier that. Why have the covers image again why we forced the big twelve have a cup championship game now. If it's not gonna really way completely. At the end of the year so Alabama can get in and these kinds of things you have to look at the whole Reza may have the whole country. And I think USC got kind of housed more than anybody this year. So I had. Go ahead do it diesel now well as I say it's West Coast bias and it's. Southern cal is just now getting back behind us and Ohio State's been solid for the last. 1520 years. USC is just now getting back there and they've always been they've only been back for two or three years we've how many years in a row. I was unstoppable. If they were they were last decades Miami. A US are the trojans back are the tri is this going to be the year the trojans are back and it would always fall just a little bit short and loses. Two or three games a year maybe four games a year. But now. They're sort of rounding that hump to where USC is going to be back. But for them to get that benefit of the doubt that we just talked about Alabama getting its gonna take another. Two or three or four years of USC. Getting getting says nine wins given the ten wins every gonna take that. In his says humans and human bias that goes into all of these polls and I know people wanna say that. 8 people in the coaches poll they don't matter anymore it's all about the college football rankings when they first come out at the end of October. While that's true. Those two polls have a bias element yes into. The humans that are actually sang going to be on these committees and just a court of public opinion like I still struggle with Howell. A national champion. For the next year is not rein in the number one. And just be ranked number one until you lose and that's the inherent fault with the college football. Polling system is that they're going all these hypothetical. Situations. And they try to tell us you can't go on hypotheticals you've got to go on the history. And they're just being hypocritical in terms of they're doing a hypothetical models Viagra oh Alabama's got all these returners coming back and only starters Clemson they just lost the Shawn Watson there's no way they should be ranked number one. And that has a bias goes can you imagine. If Alabama and would've been ranked number 22 going into the season. Hello. Yet when we in the world will also but we'll be able to make that yeah maybe not maybe make that climb. Would you have been in the same situation like Wisconsin exactly caused Wisconsin and they were they're in. In my opinion and if they started number one in the season they are all proud and lost the one game they lost one game yet and it wouldn't be an Alabama. And we had the whole conversation leading into the championship weekend that if it was Alabama vs Georgia and they are both undefeated and one of them lost they should get him with one loss but then. Wisconsin just immediately discredit of distrust is gone and it's all and that's what I find the most frustrating as a baseball guy I'm a baseball first kind of sports fan. And everybody wants to put more technology on my game. We need more cameras we need more technology to fix baseball that we took the technology out of college football polling. And it's all human element now of course is going to be wrong in some people's opinions every single time it's a human element now yet humans are around our. I both speaking of human that I'm excited to talk to you were coming back with George Wrighster. Unafraid she go right here on straight it was stir John Richmond Weaver filling in with co host dating. All right I'm Richmond we are feeling end up for his surge here on straight it was sturgeon when my co host for today we've got data you can follow him on Twitter. At DD 33 and you can follow me Richmond Weaver. At reached exports by the when it's DI TT because I'm not a rap mogul who yes is correct them I ask you major. Do that yes but at DI TT thirty theory. Now we're going to be jumping right into some more college football and we had some great discussions there and even NFL enough. Suspensions targeting it and what better way to do dad to do with our guest in managed George Wrighster in the third. Former tight end at Oregon Ducks and also played for the Jacksonville Jaguars for six seasons in the NFL. And George and Livan out in Los Angeles hosting the unafraid show and now that. Chris Paul from the basketball side the CP three is moved out of Los Angeles are you now the most famous. Number three out there at GW theory. Hopefully hope all political and you know what it's about that you are Garrett Earl they're they're hopefully it. On the back to their security now yes I would be I would order the worst people to request from the in a girl that you bet and they did I. And they did I'd Europe the year and then after I finally retired belt that they allow people people do that ballot bowl that. I can imagine we'll also speaking of being upset with the NFL that's one of our discussion points we just see there's some then that is seeing so inconsistent. We have NFL punishments and you've seen some of the targeting hits and you've lived in NFL you've been out there so. How why is it's so frustrating that the NFL's can so inconsistent these days. Well it. They're old old concert itself could not they are in another you're just speaking about the belt occurred. The college in the Arctic and they get thrown out of the game that was too. I believe it would probably go OK because part of the problem with the trail and it is an indication of the unique. Is that fact there. You is that quarterback or a longer held cal. He used to be a day where like a quarterback rolled a bad ball you would go equal is eaten that we were gonna get her keel. And we're going to be that would give it he would stop doing. And nowadays that quarterback they try to baited him he's always built and they built to keep it so. That's why did they took out there. But a lot of times what don't get it connected to is wins. Defender coming in trying to make a legal hit there are two things that happen. Number one is so wide receiver duck down after bird. If that the player has already blocks. And then you'll have some help with the helmet contact. And that's not the Kroger or he already Ambien be good at an op at the player now. You know that is at best duplicate of that think they're good people on our. Yes and there going to George. They and other opinions there. It happened this outcome either Condit hit with the correct. Are part of their body leading with their shoulder and all that and they're some in the vehicle it cot that just from that violent nature at any. You know. It at the violent games sometimes you're when you get it which just came has been the guy just just couldn't get outs. Yes and we're continuing here with George Wrighster the third and you can follow George. At George Wrighster on Twitter and also check out his show unafraid show dot com. So George you've seen the videos of the hits that word just talking about but the one that seems so egregious is Rob Gronkowski. So. Yes share as an NFL player what that would be like your on the field and you see that. OK daddy is there a satellite if you were sitting on your cap. And you have the body they come up behind you and hit you with a baseball bat. I mean it's just it that. I mean like that that was that lives here and willful attempt to injure the man open graph. Soul when you have a guy who misses the strike. And heat like Mike Smith where he had an incidental take on that you can credit him for one game the band Rob Gronkowski. Clearly elated that folks can get ahead of him in the in the moment so that will be here there are reports this so both the goals. And that it can't carry that same suspension. I understand that player safety pair amount I mean I sit on the court order player help. Prosperity and I'm only handle oh concussion helped them bring help all of these state however. However. We cannot ignore the nature of the game that there is some iron to. Any you don't want people in Italy. Trying to injure people but at the same time just to get somebody get hit hard they that we didn't it Kennedy or at least. Yes and word continue here with George Wrighster the third you can follow him on Twitter at George Wrighster and make sure you check out. The unafraid show you can find that at unafraid chew dot com. From your perspective in George. Oh what day is the NFL have to do from a player's association to be able to have some consistency with the punishment that's been handed down. When in this next collective bargaining agreement is a program. They're gonna have to fight for the power back that they GP to the patient. And in that there'd be could be an independent board and that bad hand out punishments. No matter what it. Because they're in a so called a itself a great deal more. EA and the public perception by lack. The number one when it got into this. To cage's legal batter out the bad idea Jerry Jones cried until the other it is not a good idea. For us to try to spin layered them. And make it legal ruling when there are targeted orbit that were one down a buddy waters. And while we'll be where they're about the is that they're actually that as well about the late gate and how he got cop Brady who want to leave it there you have it. I think he'll Elliott solely all the legal matter Arnold export. If you're glistening and though they that they are here. It just like couple a bit like like that players should not be going to lead over. Yeah and so spending them when they aren't the only target and I know bit. In the public perception it probably feel icky like if you think if somebody is that they're getting to go out there and play golf ball however. If you were not in jail or facing legal chargers. Or at your job you get to go to work. Same thing just like everybody else they get to go to work you're not NGOs get to go to war. So it is so the idea that the arbitrarily trying to. Active or legal in creepy and funny trip to Spain people cool when they have been charged were content despite what you think happened. It would look foolish people. When you look at all these rulings though like going back. I'd probably take a dollar back to bounty gate UCL blanket turned over you see bully gave Miami made this huge issue nobody ever gets punished other than the guys obviously suspended by the dolphins themselves. And then obviously deflate gave this Greg Hardy and you see guys like Martinez Bryant. And Josh Gordon missing years if not multiple years for just smoking pot. Is this something that we should just be ready for just an inconsistent rolling we should just know that we're not gonna like with the next rolling his until we get to this next. Collective bargain agree because this is what the last collective bargaining agreement kind of did making it Roger Goodell the judge jury and executioner. You should never be okay and just. But ideally when they're on the wrong ball and had like Ike because it would have written that people tried to. They try to. Beat you down and down here to. Can't ink Petrie to accept the the ignorant that they are trying to if you. Like that aren't that they're trying to give you go where where I love that kind of expected and been acting a bit right and I am a big east art that they. And well finally some good at this hole you can not accept. Like injustice like you cannot accept. Wouldn't eat dingle ball yep continue to make noise about it. Otherwise when the collective bargaining agreement can't come out there like you do in you quit complaining about it a bit battered you know bill out. Now Villa beach you can bet that they're there Veronica you like it. I'm so on that same things over and look at the juju Smith vs Rob Gronkowski say if juju was just. Say slapped with a 101000 dollar fine not suspended is the one game suspension for drug that acceptable. 100%. 100 reckon that would crack of credit for longer I'd argued. Didn't wanna see you expect it at all at all pearl which could repeat it you have to consider cool yeah as well. It was positive effect delete important final. He led all college in park crowd do you track at this company you know like why can't ignore bad. The art. Whatever you wanna call it got it identities at the net. And call audit these guys are let me go. And we're wrapping up here was George Wrighster the third and you can follow him on Twitter and George Wrighster and also make sure you check out. The under great chip and operate showed dot com. And George one of the things that you have created some headlines is. You mentioned that the playoff committee has set college football back at least teen years. Explain yeah. -- when the Contra committee put Alabama in the playoffs this year on the heels. Cody Ohio State game and let your base go route up. Big big cut college all an adult only. People are and you guys should be tired of seeing these good speed power of schedule. Of these are at peace. And the committee basically there are right it doesn't matter that you dead down that Alabama only played eight copper gained. And then in there aren't comfort they played ordered that he wouldn't they Colorado State. I mean all game that they get properly Lugar court can't blink ordered their order being bail. But you can't blame them per deadly breed non competitive game. It will you. An app card cobalt greens. A lot of these PE and expect the SEC and ACC teams would only play eight conference games. They scheduled the re cupcake game. And epic pretty amid the reconstitute the old cooler air stadium or not competitive game out late at act or it didn't really wanna go to little. Don't wanna watch on television. Now if the committee left Alabama how excited they are schedule. Yes what. Teams will be. Course. Schedule at least cooled power five they're like OK even even if we were still couldn't get them because we eat get back in the play. We just have to schedule rhetoric and I don't. For 1 am absolutely sick of the week you were there poor college college game day or should they are good. In a power park opposite that every single week it would ship the economy met an inner conference games. Debt argued that are good for college football at Cooper and it ran like a guy should be revoking. Your he got it. Because this is part cripple a little needed there they're stealing your money. Do we with a cup. Now governor and now I'm out pot with a copper that it. There need to be some ballots and skeptical Byrd you have eight CNET. Eight proper. Which amounts to rule. Well or boxes on average per C. But their pac twelve big twelve big can't play nine conference games which gives them four I have ever locker Berkeley. And it wouldn't be a big legal if the SEC and ACC play. Great nonconference game but they typically don't they'll play one at that. And so it went stipulate the rankings and picnic table because. The conversation is always what I'm losses they have won a lot of law yet what they've played less competitive game. So that sort of thing they'd make it your daily and the can't football player can be screwed up. Because at BP continued skeptical they're gunners there aren't very you know what it. They will we will schedule it ordered what competitive aren't proper it will country better or get out. And we will hear product. You what what we Rihanna or more ago and they're trying to figure copper. And it worked irritated because the cover they are going to be well they are. Is that a quote dictate play and eight pac twelve FCC games or so or more ACC big twelve games like the older group a couple of us. And I do agree that we do need some balance on the conference games and we are up against a break Georgia but I want to thank you for your time today in his great connecting with you again insurance and incite an NFL and what's the next thing that you're working on George. All bad though that break continually to coral catchy. And look at all the law a freak show back. If you catch he. All the rest up on the Courter Cree it create FaceBook feed at or riker right Brooke that you are I HER. Intestine George thank you. It back. I don't forget tomorrow ESPN upstate will be live from Philadelphia sturgeon price are in Philadelphia for that army navy game. On Saturday and all of their coverage begins at 4 PM tomorrow right here on ESPN upstate. I'm Richmond Weaver filling in that with cohost DD over here and we're back with more straight it was sturgeon. Dating now finally. We see Tennessee as made him a bit and that I don't rush it's amazing they have a coach that Jeremy Pruitt defensive coordinator from Alabama. My biggest issue is all of this is. Could all of this been eliminated. A week and a half ago but images go after Jerry for a from the very beginning yeah. Or other people there's so many options we see somebody teams hire coaches that are really good hires since Tennessee started looking. And none of them went there and and they didn't go after T Martin which is weird to me. It's just a bunch of weird things going on the Shia thing in any kind of look at that to me it's funny that prudence of being the guy. When Xian who had a loose connection to things that happen at Penn State's. But I guess his loose connection to things that habit of Florida State's doesn't matter. There's a lot of people already still come are convinced that Seamus was guilty yes proof was there. For that year so how come now it's okay that he was connected to something questionable. But they aren't completely over the top for Shia I think Hershey on those yet because it is a completely different situation re start talking about overzealous station and you know. That's a whole another level verses still in some crab legs there was like yet although I'm talking about the other thing that Mattel pledged to register at yes so and again that's a very valid point as Soderbergh in the same exactly is Kyoto station is she gonna had to just as much to do with everything affair as Perot would have had that happened down in Florida State or not that's college yet wish oh yeah and it's alleged obviously went with Jamison with whatever happened at Evans you so you know these people flipped out over a newspaper headline that. Numerous people came out and prove wasn't the case afterwards you know and it's funny that they have zero outrage about Jeremy Pruitt it was really about who won as well. I think it's interesting that I think we're gonna see this model continue I'm trying to steal Siemens assistance death and you know they're looking that. Georgia model where takedown defense of coordinator Kirby Smart he has success in Tennessee's open for the same situation as many interesting game. Next yeah next fall and Alabama and Tennessee actually play each other yet in the Clemson faithful they're gonna have to get. Ready for this to exempting your most are seen some of this coaching. That's gonna occur with the Sweeney staff as well as just a matter of time specially for some of the younger guys with. Just sky and Tony Elliott I do think that they're going to be in the mix in their necks a couple years or some head coaching opportunities all that's your big reason might dabble consistently continues to ask for more money for his assistance. So you have venables turning things down you have these guys stick around. Because you're getting paid just as much and you're gonna win championships India as a coordinator if I'm venables on stand next to merit. Richmond Weaver filling in here on straight it was dirge we're back right after this.