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It's Thursday need December 7 and welcome to straight it was dirge I'm Richmond Weaver filling in for sturgeon. But he joining me here later in studio is Mike India AD also known. Simply as DD and an envoy Dennis Maximus I com Dennis Maximus and now have not heard that that that's what my own creations. A kind it's here now and I dubbed him now. You just have this or I or prices seated you have or writers and Betty. I like that. Mcedwards I'm I'm just gonna go assemble all the little ditty fair enough all right indeed what is real does anyone know what his real name as I think it's a mystery well I thought it was Mike. It may be not. I'll never let the truth getaway if that story as starters if we are first urges them of the day is not even widget is not even here in honor just surge we gotta keep it up that's for sure. And net as you heard the man behind the scene over here that's diesel our producer extraordinaire and also known as the most decent sports talk radio producer the world's most decent sports are there since I knew I didn't know about my business card you do all of that actually. Hard to be the most decent. I guess you didn't call anybody can be decent but to be the most decent that's a whole other level rise and as surge would say that's next level. I'm now number ten oval and all all you know dollar everytime they say one of these they did say he is going to mean something but if I was able to maintain it the Sturges zones on the show. Now obviously Sturgis not hear him or price or actually traveling to Philadelphia today and I know they've already landed there there and who knows what they're going to be. Doing the rest of the day and they're going to be broadcasting alive tomorrow from radio row at the convention center in Philadelphia. In preparation for the big army navy annual football game on Saturday. And of course when we mention military especially today December the seventh. These are you have to stop and recognize what to say yes. Over 2000 soldiers lost their lives at Pearl Harbor almost 17100. Additional casualties. I looked up that number awhile ago. Striking. It's amazing now and as president Roosevelt stated the date that will live in symphony infamy many say that correctly. And you know this is a day that we should. All remember it's easy to forget it's been so long and obviously we focus on 9/11. But this is really America's first 9/11 if you think about it too from that perspective so. Let's take a moment it doesn't matter Jean your political affiliation and socioeconomic backgrounds whatever your differences are in this is just today that we should recognize and remember that. And unfortunately diesel I'm I don't think many Americans really do that I think is kind of gloss over this day just because of the time perspective. But we're gonna make it a special day here in new we're gonna tried to. Filled issues a stern says he's at a town as I mentioned in their whole lot to talk about especially. You know now that we've had a few days to really digest final college football rankings and now we know where Clemson. Is headed to what their task at hand is a nets. Trying to your region unprecedented third consecutive national championship game. And to get there they've got to beat Alabama in this so called rubber match and we also have seen the coaching carousel continues in college football Tennessee's finally. Made a move in hiring that dared knicks head coach Jerry Pruitt defense of coordinator from Alabama. The three Heisman finalists were announced earlier in the week as they head says the New York City nest can be baker mayfield the Mark Jackson and Bryce love. As a Heisman Trophy will be awarded on Saturday night. And then there's obviously the NFL is heating up with the playoffs and there's a huge matchup tonight and alana. For a pivotal pivotal NFC south game between New Orleans Saints. And the falcons and that's at 825. And also on the gas line in the second hour at 535. We have George Wrighster in the third. Former tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars and organ Dutch. And now he's the host of the unafraid show album Los Angeles and we'll talk to him about. The college football playoffs as well as try to get some inside. What's really going on line with the NFL targeting heads and NFL suspensions but I'll tell you one thing diesel right now. With the NFL suspensions the common theme. The inconsistency. It's no rhyme or reason based on line. The situation affront to get up a flag. Is the same type of penalty as I targeting hint or. Rob Gronkowski is ridiculous. Hit on a defenseless player laying on the ground makes no sense and I think it's time that Roger Goodell. And that crew they step away from trying to. In minister any type of. Penalties like that I think is certainly time to standardize the rules for football top to bottom that way you know you'd teach. The kids all the way from pop Warner all the way up through through middle school high school college ball and into the pros. One set of rules. That's sit there an easy one set of rules for football just consistency across the board. The makes it too simple I know I'm I'm I'm aware of that but you know what I demanded. Well it's getting so much harder to be consistent like that with one set a simple rules because it gained so much faster. And that's the difficulty in the NFL these guys are moving so fast. It's hard to. Had a play that looks like your regular football play now it's been viewed as a targeting hit but there's no reaction times for these guys. To stop. Therefore I version I guess the problem. That is the problem with the targeting calls because there's many times where there is no intent to target correct it you know and sometimes it's. Quarterbacks slides or the guy catches and turns and listed just exactly the right time. In football because everything is so fast past is it's almost impossible so you eat you know. And that is one thing that even though it's frustrating when it happens to your team in college football. If I'm if the play is by the letter of the rule targeting. Doesn't matter the intent. You're gone that's right you know whether they guy lifted it just the wrong time or the right time or whatever you wanna call it. It's if it's targeting its targeting its targeting and you're gone. You know I is that it's unfortunate when that happens dear team. I'd be curious to know them the the record for the most number of targeting injections. For one team in one game. I've ever seen more than one. Maybe. And maybe have seemed to yeah god it's a great question I'd. One. Edit I don't think I've ever seen too many men and team how many how many you get the same season on a team. Maybe three tops so this season in the other side of that question would be is it is the penalty really. Making any type a significant change. No but I think it's necessary. I mean just because it doesn't happen all the time doesn't mean you ought to do. Strip it from the rule books just for the sake of stripping it from the rule books I mean I think the penalty. Does have a use it does have a deterrence. A deterrent effect in some way shape or form. And maybe. May be the whole point is not to necessarily police what happens in the game as much as it is to start forcing coaches. To teach fundamentals and start teaching players to tackle what those fundamentals and not you know you're clearly seeing that in the game right now. How was it fifteen years ago we used in you know people used to by the ESPN biggest hits. This. Dvds he came out every single year and these guys were not tackling properly neighbors out there trying to. Blow each other up and you don't see that as much credit you still see at some times. But you're never gonna completely removed after the game deterrent and I do remember to your point inability should they used to promote lending rate as high money off of that. Videos dvds whenever he was pleased to protect audobin Aaliyah are providing those were given knows when I was in middle school you go to the day that the that the you can go in and buy books in does mostly middle school elementary school you can go by Clifford the big red dog another copy of yes you know that's what you would give middle school when she got up and and that's did you get elementary school once we got up and it. Middle school I do remember seeing an option if you wanted to get that NFL biggest hits of 1994. She could get it. Times have changed now though not necessarily our best for scholastic improvement but you know what that you know we get what you again. Well this is still another topic who will dive into the senate George Wrighster got some great opinions regarding that hasn't played in the NFL he knows what it's like so. Manges to give his opinions. And then in the third hour at six when he we're gonna visit with Bob Ritchie head men's basketball coach for Furman University as. The paladins are getting ready to host South Carolina State this Saturday at Timmons arena at. 4 PM and coach Ritchie is in his first season as head coach and he's got the Paladin sitting at six and three right now and only four more games before they start conference play in the southern conference on December 30. On the road against BMI and diesel to those losses were to Butler. And then do that it's say it is not exactly who's the bad taint that's right he says and good season right now considering this is just his first year now idea. Has a lot of solid returning players and they were picked to win the Southern Conference so there's a little bit of pressure from that standpoint. And I do you know that also in January. I think there's going to be a game that he circling on the calendar even more so now and that's. Win the paladins have to travel up to Spartanburg against Wofford in if you saw that game last night Wofford. Fletcher McGhee hitting a three pointer with less than two seconds to go to beat Georgia Tech huge win for the Wofford terriers. And Mike young and his team got their first signature win in the near Richardson. Indoor arena and so that's gonna be a game that I knew. Portrait she's going to be canceling. Significantly now CNET Wofford might have a lot of momentum. Now before we continues to make sure you follow ESPN upstate on Twitter at ESPN upstate and you can follow me Richmond Weaver. At rich take sports. And if you really want to be entertained then followed diesel. At diesel on the radio and now of course later in the show we'll open up the phone lines and you can jump in by calling 844. GSP. Yes he can. Now. A lot of people don't know my story necessarily. And so. I do wanna be able to dive into some of that and really look at where things are going with that college football playoff rank jeans and you know it is every everybody had a time to now. Sit back and think about it in others as you know diesel. We always have. Overreaction. Monday or overreaction. Sunday whatever it is depending on the college football season or the NFL and is no different with this and I I think. Now we've got to be able to take a step back and really of value wait. Are these the four best teams and I think we're heeding the gears that we are looking that the four best teams. And in fact I'm gonna tell you wide ideas when we come back. ESPN upstate. Continuing here with the straight that was stirred John Richmond we are filling in for the stirred jazz sturgeon price are. In Philadelphia getting ready for the big annual football game between army and navy and we've got the phone lines open now again. 844 GSP EST in it and we've actually got Delmon on the line and installed college football. Delmon how are you doing today my friend. I don't really good and that. Do and fantastic. Sitting here we. The one day. That's dust on national nightmare is no tennis just local local. Includes some pretty good person so. It is bowl. I sort of a Ellen did you send in your resonates for the job domain and at this point they've exhausted all possible obvious candidates. And one on Delmon. It's 80. Or do you go I mean I'll take opera hundreds a year I don't care. More than I make an hour just you know any where what do you want it. That was an unbelievable win for them huge shot by Fletcher media and I'm telling and that's one of those signature wins and just another reason why you concede that. Build an arena like that. You build it they will come able to get in an ACC team into your arena but calls of the facilities and has been one of the things with college basketball that. Most of these bigger programs they don't want to travel to these. Mid major programs. Would that have poor facilities so when you have a facility like that you're gonna attracted. Now the downside to that is that your mid major program you start beat these teams they don't wanna play as I was a huge win for offered. You're not and I actually could not original. Well on how well we let it sit there and I want still can't eat just one morneau former it don't know how well I just hesitate to follow. Things don't they do Dell and appreciate that and here's the bottom line with college basketball right now. Guys. It's December so early it is so early. Guys don't even had teams don't even have this transition is last week admitting other rotations real assets so that. It's it's a work in progress farewell matching shots Sox yet and wait till they get to conference play a lot of times they're seeing these teams for the first time he's out of conference games and it's. It's not a team that they're really familiar with that they don't have a whole lot of time to prepare for a team like that. It's totally different once it's January earth ended December right teams start plane conference so. This is not rec league basketball or you just guard play somebody with zero. Information and zero preparation whatsoever they are looking at schemes are looking at tendencies. They don't have as much time to do that with these at a conference games they don't typically play. That's right and a lot of times these teams as you're seeing with these one and dines. The turnover is so great with these player discount they don't even have just tape on him to watch and understand their tendencies that's all you can do is is is is scout coaching tendencies that's right and so I don't put any. I shouldn't say any. I don't put a whole lot of weight on what's happening in December right now. Now Tenet to help build momentum going into the conference of course it can but. It's not the end all be all and it's like Kansas will be there it doesn't matter and you know what. Florida will be there. Now it's going to be interesting to see Clemson is going to be plain and Florida in Orange Bowl classic on December the sixteenth so. I know from a Clemson in perspective they're hoping that these struggles that Florida is go on there right now. There's another game last night that. It'll actually continue that negative slide for the Clemson faithful for sure well what. So let me ask you as a as a former coach. If your team really struggles through. That first couple of weeks of about a conference play before you get and how much does that affect you once you get into conference. Accuse it is that strong enough. In knowing what we just talked about saying hey guys calm down it's it's just out of conference it's not that many games. But can match shatter your confidence as a team if you start off really rough in those first couple games. Oh there's always a negative impact that can happen from losing precious pure and simple it doesn't matter if it's one game or a you know consecutive. Four game losing streak and you're gonna have some type of negative impact it just depends on how you react to that and that's the problem and that's where. If you can have that's where you really do need some type of. Older. Storm insurer players that has been through that type of grind in understand. That but it's all right to we we can rebound from this and take the next step to improve and move forward and that's what's happening with a lot of these teams. They're so young they just haven't experienced some of these type of losses. How often we talk about that in terms of for example New England Patriots considering we are the official flagship station of the patriots in the southeast. You know that's a team that is that is. As quote unquote a senior late and as you can get a minute there's so much there's so much longstanding depth. On that team there's so much experience on the team and they've all been around with that team for a long time. Yeah in all honesty if you really look at their roster right. It's only a handful of guys that are there right senior type guys on target the Tom Brady the goat. You know it's those type of guys often but it Belichick he has a revolving door people come in and out and they don't miss a beat. But as the cause they have the core group of guys that you're describing. That aren't as senior tight leaders. And when you have Tom Brady sorry yeah yeah yeah. I guess what Tom Brady doesn't lose back to back very often no he does it and neither Israel knows that yeah that's right and that's. That's what makes the patriots. One of those teams that either love him. Or you hate them right and that's that's the problem with so many of these great teams is that you can begin to hate the AM. Now I'm so going back to. College football in the range jeans and all that you know with my situation you know I love doing the radio show. Everybody knows that has listen I'm also I've got to another job that. Is quote unquote bills right right and it's just recently I was actually in Las Vegas at a conference and having dinner in. There's red wine that was ordered and one of my buddies are known for 25 years he's the wine connoisseur Oregon. And so we're having some in. And it just wasn't it just didn't taste right Jimmy. And he's oh well I tell you why because as a rookie mistake about waiter would you name a heatedly debris. You on the that wind to read especially vintage and and I. All right so that it breathed as I just let let the fans do it for Sanyo has ordered a half hour before you wanna drink yes it is. And the guy. I tell you now and you I think I'm okay I'm not that big of a wine snobs and how better could again after it's been open for a half hour well I'll let it sit for a little bit. And sure enough. It was better. Not necessarily great but it was at least better right. And that's when nothing's happening right now we have the college football rankings did the playoff committee did it right. And now that we sat back let it breathe a little bit everybody's got to digest it. They get it right diesel they did is the fourth best team they did I'm sorry Ohio State fans. This is the reality of it you had your chance. Don't lose dialed by 31 LL get blown out Alabama is is the better team and I'm sorry I know a lot of fans that didn't want Alabama in there. It was in the calls. They thought Ohio State was that much better they just did not want Alabama. In that game because. It's all about they know how good Alabama is and they know they're one of the top four teams to see you can't tell me. That Clemson. Oklahoma Georgia Alabama are not the four best teams in the country in Alabama and symbol. They still had to go out there they start to run through the SEC west outside of Auburn in the title game. Ours he's mean that last game of the season. They still had to go out there and beat Ole miss they still ought to go beat Texas NM based on how to Gobi. Arkansas and LSU and Mississippi State yen they got a couple of cupcakes and Mercer and Fresno. But Colorado State's no slouch as. Florida State were no slot is when they played them granted quarterback got knocked out that's certainly changed the complexity that game but that's not exactly Alabama's fault. And it's hard to hold that against them. Twelve weeks down the road. And say oh you guys didn't have to place until guess Weathers injuries all over the field and every single game that everybody or play. You know there's a guy they got injured two weeks ago that by the time it. Your team plays them still not quite right he was only out there operating at 75% is not like you went out there and you. Sally your play and every team. At their absolute best as argue every single week doesn't happen scale of football a try injuries happen it's a collision sport exactly. Exactly so it's not in any anybody who tries to say that is severely discounted. Alabama. Alabama's accomplishments over this past year. They certainly had a phenomenal season and your dog out there and and smoke and people outside the Texas say NM and the LSU games. I I think they won that we're god LSU they won by fourteen points Texas say NM they've won by it. Nine points eight points I mean they were not out there and tight games. We get a week out. And they put up 56 points below a look at 56 against Mercer they put up 66 against Ole miss they put up fifteen audience bandy. As a good football team. That is a really good football team that deserved to get in the playoff. And of course I know Alabama gets the benefit of the doubt I'm sorry they did that just the reality they've earned it they have and that's. That's going to happen and again. That's what happens when your a great team people love or hate you it's no different then. The the bulls the lakers the Celtics the patriots the Yankees it's all of those usual suspects of the great teams. And that's what's so frustrating to a lot of fans that they get tired of seeing these dominant teams. In especially. Sasha. I get this I don't think it's awesome and you know what it is people are exhausted with the constant greatness. At some point. At some point that underdog team and everybody loves their bodies really into. They become Darth Vader what can you do Alabama became Darth Vader Bobby and so good for so long they did. All right we'll continuing net here on the phone lines let's jump in with butch talked of wanting to talk college football butch welcome to straight it was dirge. Q our border state the inclusion college ball certain typical well or state quarterback Kurt tell them a different political vision presented. And that's a huge deal with torn open more deliberate more which. I could imagine what they would have could have done. Had been accomplished over its. And had a test how good Alabama is a recruiting year in and year out I mean it is fixed stacked top to bottom what it's there to five stars. We wrote it. They do and that's mostly what they don't do it that's a lot. The people get so frustrated it's just so hard to beat that they are there are. A lot of. People are poems is not been 68 outgrew. The largest. So. How old time. Yes sir and I thank you very much. Accidentally come off a little bit early. That's right well let's thank you for the call it and actually heard roll tide this thing that I die and and sturgeon name and here we're talking about Alabama look at look at the thumbprint the fingerprints release all of this show really and it's already starting out as I make Clemson grad I'm I'll who love my tigers. But I'm realistic. But of course I'm learned Clemson here today and somebody says rolls guides him in like oh here goes our kids started doesn't take long that's for sure. It is going to be a monumental game I just wondered if we can live up to high. I hope so in third straight year that I think there's a hangover effect of having to play three straight years and history tells us to analyze these gains that. When you have a third man consecutive match up it doesn't live to the hype. And that's a difficult situation for this game for the same time if he helped get up for Alabama if you're Clinton and vice Versa if Alabama and you need help Vietnam for Townsend. I mean if it nobody's gonna get blown out of this game. Well that's I. I think him and disagree with a diesel I think there is an opportunity that one team could get blown out when I say blown out. I don't need somebody easily taking control and got us a main hailing a fourteen to seventeen point lead yet it's sort of countrywide I boring game yes maybe win you know by two insurance in a fourteen point and I happen easily that politics is a turn over a band yeah are now down fourteen and it's over. And in this match that's a big win sure they're considering that both both games have been close. Now I do remember the first matchup comes scored a late touchdown you know so it might not actually have been as close as it was. Not from the scoreboard perspective but Reno Clemson was right in the mix the whole game minus. A kick returns for touchdowns and obviously the but that's not gonna stop us from from. China not the via hype train alone of course not all of this is going to this is. The college football committee today they want this to our database set this up on purpose to if you think they know it's regional but that's okay institute best teams in the country are you trying to tell me that the the possibility. But and Alabama Clemson parred three. Did not weigh in at least a little bit in the committee's decision to put Alabama in the fourth fourth place spot. I mean just just a little let me today. There's human polls it's on the L wanna see strange story why do you think Alabama is ranked where they are at times it's the calls of there's a human life. The last time Clemson and Ohio State played it was a blow out mid they don't wanna risk that again. They know what happened last time and they know that people although I do is talk about how it was a blowout that's right and how bad of a game it was. And then you know what that's gonna turn into 151000 fewer viewers. Then then this Alabama Clemson game. Victory what's worse. Then. Having a matchup of two teams that have played before. It's actually. A below well to European or they do not want to blow out at all they want a competitive game in the past. Few games Alabama's BN in the semifinals they belong to teams out there is certainly helps that this is clemson's right right now and so they don't want that. You know that's where we are are it. Have you ever thought that Heisman Trophy. Is a scam and it's not even close to what the award is really meant to be. Well I'll tell you why that's not too far fetched. Next on straight it was stirred John Richmond Weaver filling in here on ESPN upstate. Richmond Weaver filling in first urged today here on straight it was surge in. Diesel is helping keep this train on the tracks as. Sturgeon price sir in Philadelphia today getting ready for the army navy football game on Saturday and again W broadcast teen. The show live from Philadelphia tomorrow from four to 7 PM so don't miss that and these old army navy game is still something that is. On my bucket list and I'm jealous I'm gonna go twice now yes it now how did you not get to go. Well I've always been the stay behind guy somebody's got to stay behind and do this is your foundation your costs is a cornerstone. I'd I'd rather be out there honestly. Well who knows whether your handsome and all but I'd rather be in Baltimore area of Philly right now that your team China ocean could grow beards like you know I don't and so jealous. My no shape November I couldn't do it well I have to start in July the secret is Scotch. We'll start drinking Scotch can't do Scotch. It's not good I'm not I'm not saying it's tasty I understand or grow a beard guy plummeted today is. I don't have chest hair either so I don't median net earlier I just need a beard you're also aerodynamics so yeah you got that story I do like that. Well and another thing that I. But wanna do speak in a buyer aerodynamics is the rocky. Now blow steps. Philadelphia art museum now in August surge he said that it would be doing some different things in one of the things on the list that they were gonna do is. He wanted to go run up those steps the I challenged surged to. If I recall correctly from movie at several banks of steps and say it's up there's a flat and up to flatten up a flat several banks of steps on this in this total. Then a title at 72 step 72 steps and how many landings in between two or three yes I Tulsa I challenged him to run those steps. And take a shot a fireball and every one of the landings. That's a challenge built for Sturgis then it is a challenge because we know he love some fireball and it might actually help him. So how is actually curious. I'd if he actually does it. What would be the over under on the number of steps that still urged revealed runup before he had to stop. At 1212. Or given twelve. You're not giving him much now all he doesn't work now. And that was the odd tale of the least NC 37 using the halfway. I think he gave. Yeah I realized I guess some hope in. In search. And I have seen start to move quickly across flat ground. I never know go uphill in 72 steps. That is no who joke. For and that's that's a lot I don't care who your car. We're talking about the guy who said hold my brownie I had to go talk to the governor. And actually happened where you'll press box or in the press box it climbs in a few years ago I think it was the Clemson North Carolina game and usher and it yet. In Clemson North Carolina game. And if you ever been in the press box or Clemson they're famous now or a few things are famous for their awful hot dogs and their famous for the really good brownies. And is the same spoil the nation's same boiled hot dogs they've been served in the last forty years in the press box. And so tradition so so's a Nikki Haley is is making your way out of the press box just kind of catches a glimpse on our. Adam his side and he says boo. We got to get her on the show before the Clemson, South Carolina game that Europe for a predictions hold my brownie which has a bite taken out of it. And he goes and chases her down and he comes back for his brownie I had done I think in the trash like ten minutes ago only get married or not hold your brownie there brown of. I slowed him around and it did over there well. I'd chose speaking of slowing down and now where things are going just we're getting ready to tried to. Showcase. The best player in college football this Saturday the Heisman Trophy. And can we all now just agreed that. This. Award is a joke. It's not what it's intended to be. It has surpassed any type of relevance in terms of actually awarding it to what the highs mend. Was originally meant to be. And that's a player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence. And integrity. So there's really no definition of what position this was what type of player. That it was in terms it was a skill position offense and defense but we know. It's not necessarily recognizing the best player in college football it's clearly an award that only recognizes the best. Offensive. Skill position player in college football shore and that is yet and it. I can tell you. That the past few years it is becoming even more of a joke because of the presentation and it's so Perot curl. The vote dean is. Even more of a joke with a almost a thousand voters it's all regionally based everybody's got their own agenda. And they're only looking out for. What their agenda is and their player in their region. I would say that. It's several things are all contributing to it not one particular factor that it's that sort of taken the highs and off the rails. You know. We're not a we're not a culture now bats. That values. Someone would that would that amount of integrity. You know what sort of loosen our standards. On what integrity as we've sort of just okay. Well Yang he's got a little mistake but wall won't forgive it. You know I and that's society is a hole. You would hope that something like the Heisman that was that was designed to showcase someone with that kind of values. Would be able to maintain now but at the same time he seemed. You've seen winners of the Heisman. Who've gone on to disgrace the high has been in and keep the trophy yes prime example OJ Simpson he went on in in the worst possible way. He disgraced. The Heisman Trophy getting captives. Yes and you know Reggie Bush who's got in trouble for accepting payments lost is lost hit assess unbelievable why does OJ Simpson still have his Heisman and Reggie Bush does not. Well is a travesty OJ did in blues and I think it was stolen but to your point he knows he's stolen it was his former manager so somebody within the OJ. Umbrella. Still has but to your point but he didn't lose it he knows that for his actions that's right he just he just. Quote unquote miss placed the trophy. He was not stripped of a stroke he lost trophy exactly and and how absurd is that dads and saying. And I know he was not found guilty on line. The criminal charges but on the civil charges he was found guilty that happened today he would have been stripped of it within ten minutes via an even he was found guilty of criminal charges for. The when he had to still backed his memorabilia at gun point and tell me if you can recall before we get a break here in the second. Can you recall. Any other Heisman Trophy winners. Who went on you have some troubles after their college playing career I'm sure there have been some but I. Mean you can look to easily and Johnny men's health sure you know just troubles he's gone down James wins then it is and there's been some speculation of more issues. For with his past so that there's multiple. Situations where we know they've had some trouble. All right open phone lines next segment after this break in you can jump in by calling 844 GS TE STN. I'm Richman Weaver filling in first surged here on ESPN upstate and this is straight up with surge. Good afternoon it's Richmond we are filling in first surged today here on straight it was sturgeon. Easily Guinness work in the magic as usual back on the board last urgent Chrysler and join the sites. And sounds up in Philadelphia in preparation for the annual army navy football game on Saturday. In these ideas listened to the show yesterday and I've got to a few pain points with the one of the topics that Sturgis talking about yesterday with his underperforming. Teams. And he is the list of seven. What he calls college football programs that have historically underperformed. One of the issues of fried is there's really no parameters around. Yeah just there's canisters as shifting sands. Is that it was just out because it could you not say. Every college football program that has never won a national title is under performed. You know why I wouldn't necessarily say that I mean there are plenty of schools that. That do a lot with less and there are schools in the vetting this is the crux of what he was trying to get that. There are schools that have done less with more. If for example at Texas a and M is a school has done less with more there. Better funded in just about every single program out there they've got a ridiculously rabid fan base. Yes. They don't win titles. As valid grenade they get a Heisman Trophy winners and that's fine. But they don't win titles with with all of those resources. So good with that. Could we actually saying. With the exception of this year because they seem to have broken through. Into the top four with the playoffs. But could we now say that holds true for Georgia. I know they won a national title but if you look at over the past five seasons. I would easily sail over the last. 25 years yes yeah I for Georgian yeah I can see that as well I was gonna say for the past five seasons right. You you have to look dad I mean. They've been in the pre season top 45 every year since 1998. And not been in the final. Five over the last eight years. And in the biggest drop off was back in 2013. They were number five to start the season anyway at eight and five this season ouch. They also went six and seven and 2010. And since 1997. They've been in the top ten at some point of the season in every year except for. However. They've only finished in the top ten in just six of those. So. I think when you look at that. Over the last twenty years I can you can certainly say outside this year. You don't series seems to be there they've finally. And who knows how the season would have played out if SI if Eason was that a quarterback. Our heat and all it took was it was a non it was essentially a non contact injury they gotta hurt me apple as a state game he went out of bounds. There wasn't a defender within five yards on just sort of landed on his leg on his plant foot just a little bit funny and it knocked him out of the game and and Jake from comes in and and you know to that point Georgia was not playing very well in big there was a study was three nothing game that's right Steve that early in the second quarter when JDJ to be somewhat out of games and if the offense was anemic. Undertaken recently Jake pronk comes in from guns enemy and he light lights up. And the rest is history Georgia goes on to have an incredible season that's right and once EC gets healthy you could make a switch at that point now I just let it front if frog was mediocre that they would have gone right back Jake in recent days as you would have expected them to him. But when you got the hot hand you can't always the hot hand. And what is Georgia also lucky and the perspective that. Auburn beat Alabama sure. Mean look at the domino effect ever had to go right there way I mean the NN and that's clearly. That add all that happens almost every year and it's it's very rare that things discuss scratch and the teams we all expect to get and they all go out there in the wind. And it's easy and it's clean we we haven't seen that happen yet. Not a playoff era now it's better being clean it's never been easy there's always does not jail so rarely that way in the BCS era as well. And I do you think that. Georgia being able to play Auburn that was actually. Better for them because it was more motivation because they had some and approves or against Auburn in the SEC championship game where obviously. Do you have something to prove against Alabama but it's not the same because they just didn't against Auburn they'd just gotten right shellacked but that's as an opportunity. For paper but I see your point about you know about Georgia be underperforming. Stay in I don't know if you caught this I did I did get on Sturges case about his his parameters shifting. By the team. He would say oh this team hasn't done well the last twenty years while I thought we are talking about historically yes they say will the last fifty years of what it. But what are we talking about here area you really going back to the 1974 season and ignoring that so and so Lotta gray 74 seasons. You know if you say Maryland has underperformed as Maryland that was his number one team that underperform thus like. Maryland's. No one's ever thought of Maryland is a football program. Now they have never I mean they might have come up had a good season or two every now argument always ever considered them a football school they've always been a basketball school. Staff and so sure they have that that mid Atlantic money they have that DC area area. Fan base but. That is a fan base is about as apathetic about college football is as there is zags. I think is right on Ayers on that border. You're really starting to dip into an NFL fan shows in that area rather than a college football Protestant perhaps football a football school. In that area that's been good there's never been anybody go exactly for that long. That's worth rooting for. Four if there was a DC. College football team if there was a if there was a large university in DC. That dog back all the way back in the 1940s was was winning conference championships and getting into the national championship picture shore it will be a college football town but it's not. And then I had that I mean you're close as he goes good programs Penn State yes Virginia Tech Virginia Tech yes that's always cross state. Virginia had a little bit ever run for awhile. George well says that can hear it when you pop up and have one or two good years that's certainly not your dad. Yet to have some sustained. Since dying ten win seasons. For forty years to really have that strong rabid fan base that's right in its. That's still tough to do not prevail generations yes and I don't you mentioned Texas say in him as well is the top vote no. Top of his list but I assure Texas a and M as a place that you can consistently win to be honest with yeah that's a whole another topic for sure. All right especially now. Especially now on the SEC west yes but we're not talking about just the SEC west we're talking about their days. And always a conference call on the south west the southwest conference here and it's completely different now you get Nick Saban to contend with. And speaking of Nick Saban. Scheduling in college football continues to be a highly disputed topic and after this break I'll tell you why. It's not really that complicated and there's one coach who has it all figured out. I'm Richard Weaver fill an interest surge. Here on ESPN upstate this is straight up was dirge.