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So course you know the case that lead to low ball to other UCLA players every time they get caught shoplifting and spent a day and a half minutes Chinese GL course the bar called the dummy that he is wants to try to get a fight with. That president ever who did what what I would know what he fixed the that it that's what pretty much slope or ball. In it leaks Lee Angela war because they go on the that they ship. These state boarded. Diesel in it turns out they lie through the air T that they now we call. First of all. Don't go away mad just go away that comes to look far Bob bracket keys this Alonso but it's actually feel sorry for him in his rookie year. With the LA lakers disease dead says causing it she's warm. To say the least but Lee Angela it's a lie here. The youngest one I don't know what to do with yet but I know this much or too filling their pro prospects in the NBA but. Here are low bar in Leigh Angela get all the you get on the set at The Today Show yesterday morning. Ain't a Lee Angela starts talking about how he was just going along with the other players when it comes to shoplift the aimed at. Eat out it was that your idea if he was just going along with the you know it that's how it happened will Jason whitlock. All of the herd on FS one just crack in the guilt that the year earlier today. Again this is what he had to load at this date. Yesterday. Whitney is still in the stuff that tied it quote we left that we just get away. Yeah how it's thing I didn't realize until I got back in my hotel. I'd like that was stupid that bad then. It was too late. It turned up the next morning the police can. He sits we all went out one night with the the balls with the ability but on store if people just started taking stuff. It be just not the QB with them at that so that it. So here they are on national television. Birds any of that story that they were just going along with the other two guys or less though those two kids under the bus. Q we agree with that at this point it's your time. Go to our. So Jason whitlock on FS one with a hurt this morning absolutely blows it out because somebody close to the case calls it's that. This is not true. I know. From a highly reliable source that what started this entire process. Was Lee antelope balls credit card was decline. That's what triggered the shop lifting was lead to low ball tried it by some in on its credit card it it was declines. It's so this whole thing at other people just started taking things that knocked out of fell in behind them. That's bogus his credit card was that decline it that's what triggered the stop shop lifting. He goes on to say. It the that the rate hits only one at their shop lifted from all three of the stores that they visited. Name that the three players which when he that he was the one. Add items from all three stores. And guess as the ball me. Yet Lee Angela ball so well whitlock goes on to say. It says this insinuation that these other two hits Capote committee Riley Ann Taylor and hill that they were the ringleaders. Lee Angela ball all the today show with this dead sitting right there. Just backed the bus over those two it's basically Boleyn did it said he was falling behind that is that even remotely accurate. His credit card was decline in he was the only one. This shot live from all three east the worse. So here's a brilliantly. You can now that trust. At me trust them before but if you go on The Today Show it lied about it through other people under the bus. You don't go away mad just go away. Just blow away it here's the problem. Lavar miles. They're collected this any big deal. This no big deal. Here's your sign at the thought process to vote a Communist country. Where you are innocent and know where you're guilty until proven innocent. It shot clip any Pearson is contrary it bears his teammate in mayors is stole. Forget the fact that you bears his family. Eight year to see your LB this is no big deal is that add. That's the first reason it by the NA NBA general manager that I. Won't allow Lee Angela or this youngest went anywhere nearby T. The kids I have now got the route that he gets lit it up fantasy world in which stared that is created. If there will indeed go on national TV you lie about it again I'm done with this brilliantly. Don't go away mad just go away your right this much we know what diesel. I I I sit here Hubert the wellbeing of jury right male all right. These facts that we then. Is Lee Angela ball at the. Yes he has. Does it look like out get your we're not in court but does it look like he's a liar as well. You know. Are those two things bright they year. Are those two things you don't want your locker room not only college but also it professional you wanna talk about what his war fight started out. Evade any. Candidate in a locker room did anything else. That. You can't trust this family in the trust these people. Really need to be done went. First first of all you said hey you can't trust him anymore when did you ever. Second of all great he said that your dog Wear them. Not back out I remember hearing stirred Sam done what this guy. At least hang on hang on let me finish. At least five or six times in the past I'm done with this guy I can't talk about his guiding what I've seen every pundit on ESPN's say. We're done we just got. Guess what we talked about him anyway. If we're done with them we wouldn't have brought the story up today you would about a story last time of time before that or the time before that the fact is the guys entertaining. Again it that he is a train wreck of a human being I guess it. That he is is creating this. False narrative in this false. Sense of self. Among himself and his kids but guess what he's entertaining sort of keep talking about. Appreciate PGA. It's why even though we know we should we eat dried by the accident scene with the heat the salute him that you look at it. You know you shouldn't sometimes you know go at me you know which what that done that. But I guess my part is when he comes to you I'm done with the active. Hate my boys are this my boys are you talking about his sons and how talented they are at the keys created a whole mess of the situation. When it comes to their basketball playing futures. Guess what I'm not done that done with when it comes to all of our ball and is immediately. Is calling out the fact it when you go on national TV and you lie about it you should be brought it should be brought it digit which your Suggs at the it went over to China it stole from not one not two but three different stores including Louisville on. Eighty turnaround lie about it eat try to blame it on the other two guys. I guess I guess of that but we every type one of these situations come up. I guess got to take the shot out about me you know price what's to go to the Lester abort site is C loyal to play in a really wish that it. Had that thought process because the Lester up in Philadelphia. Is like what it the old this basketball loan is that basketball facilities in this country. But no we we got tickets that the lakers 76ers the Florida and I just open for some appraisal of our balls they're. Loved loved to watch him make it idiot of himself in Philadelphia no doubt about it but the unfortunate part is. He's now written checks at the suns past La so fortunately in the NBA hopefully he can get better hang on and not have his dad. Ruin his career as well. All right we're gonna come back with the voice of the Wofford terriers Marc Hauser. They host Georgia Tech open basket off a bit there on the road in the SE as playoffs on Saturday. At North Dakota State. When. I welcome back yeah where lied here smoke all the water diesel. That they're trying to connect with the voice of the whopper there yours that's bark out there. This is a pretty big week go and audit Wofford athletics of course we were supposed to do this at about twenty minutes we made this up because he had some duties with that play colleague. He. Hopefully. He'll answers but here in just dissect it because it is eight big night over the year he Richardson indoor arena first of all it is it's a blackout night. In which they're wanting you to where your whopper here year because it's illicit. When it ACC team but like. South Carolina in the opener and SEC team comes and plays and it. Arena the Southern Conference school it's a big deal in Georgia Tech's born three on the year remember they got off northwestern. You know Chris Collins in the Northwestern Wildcats last week in the ACC big in challenged it and turned around and back it up with a loss. Graham a one. One win greatly teams at Georgia Tech comes in this 7 PM tip off. Born three. But couple other things that are going on over there the first few hundred feet deep ANC it in the Q Richardson indoor arena tonight. Are getting get eight free Bobble head of coach head football coach Mike years in Dallas to. Yeah really cold nationally at the plan over there in the Dewey Richardson indoor arena tonight and then of course they'll be back on the court. Will the whopper here yours this weekend. Weighs in Saturday they'll host Johnson and wells university there. At the Q Richardson indoor arena most college basketball teams have next week off the majority of the week off for eons just like Clemson does they don't play per week from Saturday till the following Saturday. So they're in the Orange Bowl classic against Florida South Carolina placed at night. They host while Wyoming tonight they host postal on Saturday. In the they have ten days off before going through clips and for a 7 PM the pop. On Tuesday night December 90. It's. Department last night went 8372. Over UNC Asheville they have South Carolina State 4 PM on Saturday. In the month streak next week it and again now whopper. We told you tonight whose team Georgia Tech in the know there's Johnson and wells but the whopper football team loss of make their way up for eight noon kick off. That's noon eastern time I guess it's 11 AM mountain bargain North Dakota where they're going to be taking on the number two seed North Dakota State. This is a rematch of five years ago when Wofford made their way out there. He and of course backed back years that it's here yours it did in the ads he has playoffs a yes Marc probably had something come up when it comes is broadcasting duties diesel mean. If he gets in with this in it will give him with him but of course the other bikinis here. In the status out airline today is it Kurt roper it's no longer the offensive coordinator for the South Carolina gained Cox. He and eight diesel mark just texted me called mail he was tied up percent so let go and call him back. In one at Marc Hauser but. Gave Kurt roper who's in the opposite to coordinator South Carolina the last two years. The idea will musty earlier today. I want it though he's going to be dressed in black from head to is he calls the game tonight over there at the is the voice of the whopper there ears it's Marc Hauser that we do abide. Her charity. May have fantastic atlas loved it caught up and you're very busy. With Georgia Tech company in detail about the bar Friday where Billy for army navy. I wanted to get you because this a big week for Wofford number one. Like tonight it ACC team coveted two the Jerry Richardson indoor arena it's a Ford three yellow Jack Epstein. A little bit bipolar mart they got company at northwestern team last week that the artery of it was to Grambling. This past week hit it is a blackout night they're whopper big things ahead tonight. Yeah it's always special when and hasty beat gene comes spears school in Europe mid major. I'm you know whopper displayed three times and Georgie check to get the one visit from the yellow jacket so there's a lot of excitement around it. Architecturally interesting plot a whopper big rebound the ball very well that static and it's been like Amber's. He is the first team all eight PC type post player. Whopper is going to have to do a very good job on the immigrant job on the collapsed. You're used to the terrier since stable little more depth in the post than they had last timeout the name like coastal Carolina. Because Chevy Lumina news suppression of the 690 minutes that game with a minor injury he's back. That's going to help but jedi tonight had been talk at every coach I've talked to sit. Who else we talk about rebounding it's we can hold our own unfortunately the chance. Yet the one thing opportunity to do it's also was score a little bit of course lecture McKee and those guys they're ready. Yeah what did he figured out about whopper basketball it's important for course you know that opener. It was a huge night with South Carolina come and in the building but yet the reality is so con teams is mark at least for me from the outside looking in and it's a little bit hard to judge until we get in the life. I think you're absolutely right I think the league's going to be pretty good this year firm gets ninety ash filled by night nick. And actual speak to win the big shout outs we saw Stanford lose by one point album road campus last night Memphis. Did an old fashioned to rehab get a free throw at the buzzer to win that one. I think the league's going to be up but yeah I'd like your point you would all these non conference game playing power 65 teams playing. You know the major programs it's really hard to get a true feel for where things are. Plot I think the early returns target the league is going to be up this year and I think urban. Could be detained eat. Yeah I think you can make the case for any of about five teams right now market yet before we switch to your other DDC's. What. How well that you've seen now that your eight games into the season. Yet that Jay Richardson indoor rain they'd been on the building. Are you on the board for awhile now ready to fruition it's here it's open. What kind of well do you see Wofford basketball getting just eight teams in this season. Well there's more but around town I think they're more people who want to come after eight games not just TV arena but it's. They made it fun nicked it does appear next job with the atmosphere. So I think that's going to provide a spark in the community gets barred from including all. Don't you won't know for a couple looks eager how much Mike Young in its debt to cash and in terms of for Intel recruits. But I can tell you anecdotally talking to the coaches they've told me it's different speakers they're. They're getting kicked around campus in terms of caliber play that they weren't getting the work. Which says something because this program that's been pretty successful in the so I'm over the past decade. But I think the coaches are expecting an uptick in terms of the talent they can bring it and obviously you do that you're gonna win more games. No doubt about it now again as we continue with the voice of the whopper there yours mark als or that's at 7 PM tip off. There in the that you go one of the classics this week because. It's not just about the basketball with whopper ace quarterfinal match up for the air yours but one of the toughest road trips and FC yes. Headed out the market to take on number two BC North Dakota State. A rematch of five years ago when a quarterfinal game. Yeah so we're looking forward to it first of it's the Fargo dome it is. An incredible place to be a part of a football game. The crowd noise let you know we except Carolina a couple of weeks ago when I think intact probably add. A legitimate 60000 people were williams' right now out loud when marker was trying to step the football. But it's nothing like that partner don't she each. Indoors got a low slung groups that may have some kind of metal that I think was probably engineer. Took out sound waves up. And when you know they get eighteen got an 800 sheets they still call every week and what they are all well and when the visiting team is calling out the signals. Can't hear it saying. It's like jet engine level in terms he gets bullets in terms of love how loud it gets me are so. Chipped fantastically. Its key game this gated north Dakota's only on this. How to connect your search I'm going to get off the books Saturday morning. Q echoed that don't get rate called the game up get our butts the team. And this ATP crew had to tradition. Were they do a statewide interview with the visiting radio announcer actually get solved that by Jews Danny they speak Kiki I've been on or different. North Dakota radio stations stayed Mike's here has been around several stations. They're calling Lee and they're asking me personal questions. On statewide radio like you know whats the difference between one pull back in the other. I tell people in the so Condit don't ask you. At this South Carolina. That data that is. So let's India we were sitting there up at Charlotte this past Saturday we expected that firm that whopper gain to be close it was fourteen to ten anti. But listen operatives managed to keep or more separation. That was a nice second half. In getting out to a two when he ate it and whenever apartment. In the reality as marquis got a good you know got to go at the bargain you got to shorten up the game. In he would turn it over he hit North Dakota State ET PT on Saturday. Right and if you go back to the swap each well game that is exactly what happens I'll Wofford lost fourteen to seven that was scored halftime that was the final score. And the carriers tend to huge fumbled that ball game one of them I'll never forget the second half. Walker was driving in your thinking all right here's your chance to get the tying score I think it was either late third early fourth quarter mark. End up on a successful playing they got about fifteen yards up quarterback stretched app to get a little bit or. Enmity. They poked the ball loose and they recovered and. You know easy those little things can't happen against the team like North Dakota State they're cute bit too talented. They're two well coach but each body. This team compared to the 2012 she kept quiet confidence about it that. I haven't seen out of whopper team in quite some time and that that's not take away from the change we had a year but. There's just something a little bit different about this club because they ones already close games this year. They just have this this thought process should exclusive report quarterly and should. You go into it it just the alt coach. I'll coach does is coach Ayers continues to do is when this is back to back years in the SES quarterfinals you know I believe. The farthest wofford's debate is the semifinals. And you know it's really it your goal and advocates say big state school if he will win the FCS level. Yet nearly 20000 incited and yet here's this little private school from whopper from Spartanburg, South Carolina. It runs their version of the office and he just continued to get it done it this is why I say in this day and age of the coaching carousel. It's better to have an identity I exited is that money. Yeah and the identity as we have might scare her head coach and we're going to run the triple option. Every now that will throw the ball when you're not expecting it to ten we're gonna stop the run defense and that's been the I don't. That's been the identity since I got here and you're playing key to football. And it works so I mean hey you know you bring up the fact that so it's back to the quarterfinals. This is the first time in mid. Piecing together on this program east twenty inch six most most programs and take. Absolutely listen I know you got other duties coming up have a great cult that night would Georgia Tech that's going to be a lot of fun with judge pastors group. It is safe travels the entire whopper here you're traveling party. Don't mess up anything on the interview when you get off bodies. I'll do my best but she implicate he and bring that to make sure we keep our chattering. I take it away I willow bit worried about it at the end in Philly for army navy I can UTU you're going to be colder than I AM on Saturday sit just remember that one. Well you enjoy the army and it became the extra mile. I that you appreciated their support algae you can catch him in the whopper scarier is broadcast tonight that's at 7 PM at Bob. With Georgia Tech making their way inside that ye Richardson. Indoor arena all right so here's what we're gonna. 844. GS PE SP NTD that you wanna get into whether it's Kurt roper who's gonna replace them. At South Carolina. Also. I've remarked topic earlier named one of the more under achieving college football programs out there but also when we come back. With this making bill any better when I'm gonna reach you if you're a season ticket holder will pay you about that. 84 boards yes he yes billion. Are you look back again I hate listening to heat its people and Southern California and your thoughts and prayers here a lot of firefighters that are headed in that area because. Diesel did you see I consider re tweeted news a little bit earlier but you know lot of things going on back here at smoke on the water. When you're at doing the show by yourself some ice video. Drive into work this morning and now it looked like. I did see that it was it was an entire mountainside apparently on the 405. How did that was just entirely engulfed in flames as you know not to make it joke out of the situation but I know Levi saw and it can skywalker. And his body wouldn't sans legs laying on the hillside because that was that bad. I know what I thought it looked more like was. Uh oh god. Yeah when they come to the clouds in the maybe in the seat that big guys make shipments got fire all the way around it now. They induct him on the ground but listened football becomes kind of irrelevant when people are dealing. With those catty she's out there in Southern California with the wild fires that keep them. In your thoughts and prayers let's because of the thug life Jim Watson talk about army navy Jim welcome and hope you're having a good afternoon. Just toward the flight there that lets you. But. I'll wait for it whether they be serial order dubious though we got up at that featured what we go to. 3 o'clock more listen to what he called they'd be armed security beat it lacked army Beijing. Alphabetical order it make you be safe room back there and it I can get that it's having that splits. That's what's fun about this you know what I. CEP actually you know watch television broadcast which we won't be able to do because we're in the press box. He has seen it all those units from around the world. You know beyond video and say Yoko navy beat army or vice Versa and yet you realize the impact did this team has in you know some might hit you up on Twitter at the they were trying to be funny. About. I'm sorry this is the coolest guy I've been the national team collegiate games the last two years semifinals. The last two years. A Super Bowl a couple of years ago airline in timber none of it. Done still sent him payers who what I witnessed last year Baltimore for army navy and stale if you haven't been I don't the keeping quite. Grass you know what I mean. Yes sir our great review purposes you there will follow it that gave it. Yet I don't I don't particularly vilified delegate elected reapply them if they know. Poet what a bottled water and you'll don't know if you'll be a good bit that I learn a part of the bridge street Miller is a little. First person that throws a water bottle probably. Will be dealt with. With in this state I that it won't be with security will be dealt with the right did he and it may be you. Being dragged out unconscious they you're not gonna let somebody solely this thing up you know again last year that you. Price obviously he's going to be pullen for needy in the what. I shouldn't be just as navy route split. The joke congress' two week holiday and always would love to catch up with him on Saturday eats it a West Point grad and that's what's fun. Yet Clausen in Carolina means about these three weeks after the game. They can get together for Christmas the army navy needs to get together that night and during. That you've got to grow an accurate read that. They although lawyers felt well what football games so we've. Based local Alderman there would be a bit but if the United States district here at school but repeated incidents. That's right. All right dog could have been two numbers trees should be no way to etc. a good bet. Certainly will do in. Certainly appreciated Jim. This is a reminder wrote quickly we will be in route that Billy divorce that diesel in the AD in Richmond Weaver. Will be hosting the show in studio Friday we're gonna be on radio rope. I will be honest he'll be a combination of life. It's a recorded segments like his some of park guests that we have we will have to be there well before war clot the record of but these say this a couple that we may be yet that we actually you know I wanna I bye week it back all right. How do you fill light at first do you know how much money it costs to buy season tickets for NFL team diesel more than a week more. Morning you that I probably make it a year combined. Can you start factoring in ES cells in. Yet tickets and everything else. It's a lot of money. You know in the New York Giants are having a ridiculously bad years a matter of fact they just fired their ownership. Are just fired their coach and GM. That's anyway I get this gates wants to get in on some college football before we get a break gates welcome into the you have to get day. I don't believe me just tell you how. They were fantastic they forget then. I'm a little. Our ability airplay Alfred Gelman what are the bowl game and really entry you know this year. I will there's one that really really intrigues me in its Cotton Bowl match up between Ohio State and southern cal unit why. Because it's city temporary it's in the Cotton Bowl it's not the Rose Bowl that to gain we've seen a lot to gain that also. But you might see in Phoenix so the employees that would in Dallas and a little different air Torre. That would not really interests me at the yourself battle will gains like. Michigan State vs Washington State either Michigan statesman for the yet. Washington State snowed drop that so I think that's a pretty good matchup. It looked in real quick I like the peach bowl match up to be honest with you yet another number seven Auburn even though they're coming off a loss. We don't find out what Central Florida indecency laws there gain in. I guess maybe the Alamo Bowl kind of has me entry number thirteen stay perverts at number fifteen TCU. Get into the pre Christmas balls quite honestly gates. I gotta go look at him to see who Welles played in all the top of mind. Well acceptable lose weight in the Indian idol gives you bracket the war I'll look at. You orders stand straight walk. That in the Fiesta Bowl and you know again going to be yeah it's here's the deal will his state be affected by the loss of their offensive coordinator. That is taken the head coaching job at Mississippi State you know who. Washington Jake brownie engaged and they got that Mahan on the so that's a pretty interesting match up as well but you know will see out Joseph Moore head. Are ready leaving that program will affect Penn State because. That seems to be what may be the hang up Yates with Tennessee they apparently offered their job to Alabama defense of coordinator Jeremy Pruitt earlier that day. With the restrictions you heat coach in the upcoming playoffs and he earned him dale said Al apparently Tennessee and recruiter beaten again. In that maybe that will take it. Yeah that's the blame put the Florida public board that you. But however I don't bring it without Scott frost. That's it that's it I mean do they show up then. Are they bad are the hate it we can do this without Scott tried this is what you gonna find out if there's some senior leadership. Its site that program absolutely. Yet that's the one thing that sucks about bowl game semi. No that's idea that he was injured last year bit. Lassie there with team target is still walk ons Independence Bowl all right it's in Shreveport Louisiana had dated a girl in college from street port. I don't have that much interest to go back. But also if not on the team I'm gonna go play that final game. It they'll have that experience with my teammates that's just me. Yeah I main Internet rumor their job frozen and out played there. Yeah at all. Yet says and that's why it was some of these other bowl games up might have an issue buy tickets. If the starting quarterback are starting safeties or get to decide to opt out. It not play eighty Bork but my question of real quickly the US is this a byproduct of the college football playoff. I've heard several people and lastly sir a number one itself but Florida we need to eight change you know we need a change. You know. I don't know I don't know what being commutes. Well I tell you what watch out if it's may have led Georgia in the title game app that will see some changes coming quicker that it needs. Admitted its clips and in Oklahoma. Cracked his last night so the USC CT to play for national title spell that word out there with a city board says that may be the catalyst for change coming out. Or power or third. Eight make Yates I appreciate it and and eight. Did it with the guys tomorrow remember that to travel day for us will come back we'll finish up shop here. At smoke all the water you can it'd be the final tolerate for four TSB ESPN. Welcome back yet final segment diesel you're telling me during the break if you wanted it chance to respond to my question there at the end of the previous segment was. Derwin James Earl last year Christian McCaffery first game for them sitting out their bowl games that eight byproduct. Of the college football player. Yeah I wanted to get an abacus that I don't think there's any way you can definitively say that I mean. It even under the BCS system guess what if you weren't in if you are not in that chain be ancient game. You are gonna win a championship I don't care if you played it one of the other major bowl games and you went out there and you played well and you decimated the other team. If they're not settling an award you the national championship so it's not like. It's not like playing an egg game because suddenly when you award. Or win you a championship or anything like that mean if you weren't in then you weren't in just just as it is now is. This this thing is of players sitting out before a city other bowl games is 100%. Based on protecting their potential brand. Going into the NFL com bonds. I can agree and disagree with that I I can agree it is we disagreed he wrong. Well at the street that that's your votes thesis will you tell people wrong all the time it's my turn. Age you tell me I'm wrong when went but what where. A in housing a beverage wherever with a weak and we may be due and it here's the deal I agree with you they're protecting their brand they're protecting their slot in the upcoming draft. Also is a GM would go while that might be as Smart they've made. He walked away on his teammates in one final game at grey and it's an exhibition game that's all a bowl game is it's an exhibition game like he said if your asses the ia college football playoff you're not winning ATP chip. But I just the bit that's a moment when you're fifty years old that your gonna regret missing and final game with your teammates and Iowa. That's me like I don't have means that dollars on the line to make that decision set I really don't know what I'm talking about. But I do know this much my friends that I grew up with. If they were my teammates and I walked out on that final game in my career to protect myself for the draft. Later on down the line I will be giving shoppers that one that's just it might for an. You're discussing the difference between loyalty and business right in the NFL is not on the loyalty games in the business game suffered GI am. Let's just say it GM late last year. I had is ion. On. Donna blanking on as they have McCaffery. As Stanford. And they really want that guy loud wow we really think that guy is going to be a guy who's gonna fill our role who's gonna who's gonna solve our problems whose gonna help us win. 234 more games next year and that guy goes out gets hurt in his bowl game you can be loyal to him you're gonna say all right who's up next. Who who besides Christian McCaffery we think can get this done for us because now we need him we need him when he back on now. That's that's all they care about they don't care if the guy was loyalty is to his college into his buddies they don't care about that. Right away and while I don't disagree with that that's something I would make sure that he answered when asset dale and I interviewed him is. The view what he was doing but again the part of me it would be. The hurtful they on the road that you maybe don't realize is when you come back the he had this year later on down the line to celebrate you know whatever your teammates like yes pat member of that year. He Whitney show up for the bowl game wars trust me. That's gonna happen it will have a you can wipe it off the go ahead anyway I'll I'll make it bigger check to the alumni fund I don't. Whatever so who. Haiti way he had no perfect wait way to handle that. Lesson that Devin sweetie just commented on to add Morse is hiring at the University of Arkansas. He had yet more skits I brace. For sweetie sick quote he did a phenomenal job and his four years clips and it's been exciting. To see what he has done it SAB. I believe he will be great fitted Arkansas and I'm excited to see. What he will do with that program now one of the dumbest things I've seen in a long long time. Was that people speculating that Ted Morris was gonna come after Brett venables is deep it's a coordinator. Brett venables cannot make any boards at defensive coordinator they need to make it it clubs and there would be a buyout. You wanna talk about a move that would even be lateral at this point. Though that would be eight dale move for Brett venables Brett will be at be that deep it's a coordinator. At Clemson University until somebody comes an opportunity head coaching position I have no doubts about it. You he'd even the kid itself beyond that book all stoop for whatever reason decided to put that one out yesterday and gain some traction last night. Ain't you know what that's the thing. People did not go do their homework and look at what the contract state clumps it's not eclipse is cut and tied him with the buyout. When they blocked his salary up that much in. Arkansas and affordable day. In I get the fact that Britt in the in attack that lipstick clips and together but that's not enough to get him up and now. Go opiate defense of coordinator at a place where he had hurt his need. Come up in the head coaching job asserts no Brett venables defense that coordinator clips until somebody offers them. I head coaching job here in the future are right diesel you're controlled Omar Richmond solve the con daddy will be up there in studio with yell. Riches got guest book in everything else I have nothing zilch. Do with the march show price tonight will be en route. Hopefully will be upn affiliates in 41 we're supposed to lay and we're gonna have a travel they were DOT states in the rocky steps in. Paints beverages that bars the lakers game tomorrow night they'd Friday we will be on radio row with the Philadelphia can sit and convention center. Ahead of Saturday's army navy gain so make sure you check this out the guest list is going to be absolutely. Next level but have some fun with the guys that bar people above their loses again this be Richmond's first time in charge on the give him some help these or you're the best start collars are listeners are the best they can vary but to have a great data mart will do it on Friday. Reports straight that was starts with stars.