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I welcome back get our number two on this Wednesday addition we are live at smoke all the water. We're gonna get the gas line for the first time today at the agents became best friends with there'd be plays diesel and Don months and have we do well done. Ryan church and congratulations to you being nominated as that not a lot of brought after the year think that they won it last year. Just like once that they need to go back to back. Wolf thank you very much let me ask you this. We tried we noticed that you were in jail for muscular dystrophy guys and are raising money for empty the other day. We made a donation we putted out they are part listeners do it we met our goal of 800 dollars. We actually have mixed right now exceeded my goal not or I was they had put at 2000 dollar bounty on my head. Which the other day I was 800 dollars short but I Alex seeded Michael what does because they are epic seeded Michael. Doesn't mean it's somebody still wants to donate we would. We would certainly get picked data that the the folks here in the upstate are trying to raise a little over 35000 dollars and I think number one a hundred. 147. I tell you what will go back and find that we begin with the late in that diesel work on that will get that back out there for our listeners. As well done because I know that's something that's very dear to you and your family's art. Yeah we have a daughter with that would muscular dystrophy so actually it's it is it charged particles so Billups. So are we receive every day. Well let's end you know first of eight. Congratulations. And you get a little time to catch your breath this week since you don't have basketball. Until 3 PM on Saturday yet see hampered by. Let's take a look back it's Saturday night. What do completely dominating performance by the Clemson Tigers into the meat it started about 45 minutes before kick off. Yeah where they are they on the bill there's a segment of the clips in team come and now some might be guys decide become over a wall that a little bit. This is about six feet in front of meet Don. And collapsing to hit hard their head and look bad and the rest sweat right beyond that there into the filled. In that's what I realized. These nights at the common routine for this program. Broke personable because I don't think it could become Ricci. Because it's a goal for me it's it's a goal what is needed goal over in the ACC championship subtle obligates it has become routine that they know. That it's a business trip but they're they're they better get one thing and one thing only done. Now answer they were able to do that secondly. And you heard other sixty from a aren't I watched it. You know there's also the realization that both seen locker rooms were pretty opposite side by side both teams came out. We're gonna come out of that same tunnel anyhow. And so. You know our ops and endorse several Miami and Miami content you were actually aren't the clinching it since they came out on the field so. You know I'm not sure how much to buy into it for you got a closer than Iowa. I didn't sort exceed addict or that happened. That happened back in 2015 day they got into the Indy pre pre game. In Miami. And all the remember what happened there that could be nothing like Washington. But it was it was a thorough thorough domination Serbia Miami art Saturday nine Charlotte. It then again today you know that mediate gets to meet with the app football team for the first time since that announcement of Alabama. Eight clubs in part three this time in his semifinal in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. An absolutely. Loose I mean this is what you want out of this program because you don't have that list its stated goals as you said adding guess what. They are still goals left to be achieved here in this 2017. Season. Yeah the last goal for this team is when the closer. So La hopefully you know bigger and bigger and do that that means that they did to Atlanta. So they don't want they don't want that's obviously be the last one in in their Norman's measurable but you know obviously they draw. They draw Alabama and so we get the trifecta. From that standpoint I think that every constant bit spotty record in page you talking back. Through this summer and probably even national pundits they're all they can reuse templates and Alabama again. Or gay clubs and Alabama get nervous for sure how many people to cited about it not thrilled with that. But let's bureaucrats bring it on let's get. The advocates again those lasting gains have been absolutely delivered as we continue with Don months and the voice of the Clemson Tigers so. You know a lot of different things going on right now as we get prepared you know the kids are working out now all we have awards night college football war night this week. So you know. I guess coach what he's out about the stats out about. Is it is situation now with this Clemson football team that yeah you've got this this statement grad assistants but. The players themselves just police this program on a day to day basis. You know despite the day radio row after. Media day was going to be over today there in the indoor facility. Out trots clearance Perl he's got. Three more deepest of linemen in Joseph with them and clearly this panel leading up a little bit of a warmup routine they do deer. It now in the indoor facility before they go back in and start with the weight steps so and all that. It's cute glad. So I think you're right I think got a lot of this is because it's the culture of the program. And so those that are leaders owe them the upper classmen on this August up all seem they take the younger kids that are there waiting children this is the way we do things. Your Clemson and it just get kind of gets passed down from. From one of the next in the period coach you love that you just absolutely love that which you got guys on the team. Net what are the respected her teammates. And you have the export the within the team that they can go about CR this what we're gonna do today and I am expecting everybody to be either. Absolutely as we continue with the voice of the Clemson Tigers Don Martin W Donald months and on Twitter you can also go look on our ESP in upstate Eekhout Don we just reach waited. That week with the link for in the for raising money Ayers well let's switch gears real quickly you're also the voice of Clemson basketball. Nice start of the season seven him once but I was really impressed with what they were able to get done it at Ohio State in the ACC big and talent. They fall down and boy did they in that game on Iran. It in doubt winning going away in now. It's a team that it looks like start to see the pieces fit in you know he had at Pittsburgh else that I have five guys that know about. Nice start to see the other pieces start at that and as well. BA get out you know right to make that win at Ohio State even more impressive bothers you or 47 point turnaround on the down. Thirteen in the first half and actually down double digits early on in the second half. And end up winning it by fourteen bit act that game or else it went on the road to Wisconsin. And beat Wisconsin by 25. And then they were a whole. Down by twenty to Michigan the other night and came back and what that all. So they're off to a pretty good sort of the big dance so that that where and how Ohio State are reluctant. Better and better but you got sick care business now on Saturday against chipper would make it went down then build the lobby damn great obviously. At all to look. Sunrise, Florida Pitt take part in the Orange Bowl classic. And they'll get they dropped Florida in the year second game in that tournament. On Saturday the sixteenth or December so that'll be a good measuring stick for them as well bogus orders were pretty good. Early on in this they had a big opposite they've ever had a little bit of a pick up Q the last couple games but are they reported he's pretty good. And let's eleven to three ACC wins that beat Andy CC two gallons. And you know it's you look now meaning meaning wake far start buying their B you know after a rough start. Anyway this is going to be eight. ACC basketball scene got. It's going to be a bunt went in you may see a lot of like twelve at four you are fourteen and four hailed the very. 500 records in teams that are 500 in this league you're going to be bigger bearing good. There's no doubt having. If you didn't look at it out there appeared in the Atlantic Coast Conference U. When you've got to go to got to go every day we meet once you believe what you go to somebody reported that it though. It would be like a lost before this sort of approximately rather open given that they're back out. They do it again. Yeah that you better come ready to play each and every month. In the Atlantic Coast Conference but it is not a lot of fun to watch that we've been. That market he got a saying what are partly it's what he might seem in the ACC network starts. They've got to go to or any competency. Oh yeah so quality in me. You are in retrospect yeah it Europe that it there was one in twelve we believe that being brutally knocked back it's given seventy. So yeah that was that there weren't weren't really paying. There he got one in order inside that wouldn't it. That that is their right the actual won't be a problem latency in verdict on some of the election. All right let me ask you this before we let again if there's any way that we can work maybe I don't know little net jets light for UN diesel. Knew we'd maybe get jolly blacking go down on the 23 in Mobile, Alabama is at stake yells mountaineers yells alma mater. Get that face that what the Toledo rockets were back to back gains in bowl games. Yeah I saw not ordered the day yeah athletic department there that hate acts but out of sync Waltz through the first 500 students. They were spotted you load for the they are we good without. What you read that it's the date so. It will travel pretty well they'll look that ought to pay pretty well I think that. And hopefully make it that your visit bode well that's what they're both. I've got a little bit of deadly business about it it you're all deported through blood level superior mobile without certainly. Figure out a way to get both elements it bought. Sorry he's not just lost the leverage on the bus and that I know that Dennis Blair says it is so. Why. Or or what people and I have had some great you have to limit her you don't have to live with me. Whether sorry yeah lower order. And I have gotten aren't I tell our listeners what's ahead with that likely get a little bit of a break till Saturday but of course we'll have lots of updates with coaches' shows and things like that leading up. Us all congregating dale in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. Yeah it's been a lot of fun that's what the rest of the month or record some folks in. I'd probably go to that it is geared up for the Sugar Bowl their vote will hopefully that said that throughout. I don't signal that. Every officially yet but we actually show up without but it sort of open or a lot of that. Lower 40s45000. Balmer will be in the building that aren't our state of the more Alabama stayed in the future for them. I don't opposite that it won't see any less expensive. Or but it it'll be just not a building. What what else. But then yeah that is what selected subsidy if we get a national championship game in Atlanta. That it would be great but put simply didn't torture for me off the side. So you've got what it does for the local oval. About their running back in the target but he did say it all the edited this image. Georgia and in your marriage in once and it sort of waited for all the marbles in it wanted to. That that it will be very. I think that would be one of the most difficult pickets in sport history and that's with seventy some thousand seats in the news new Mercedes. Bin stadium in Atlanta. Listen die and I will check in with you you DD being here hearing the upcoming holiday still hesitate as we re tweeted your ride to week just because she made it over here goal doesn't mean that we continued. Contribute. The muscular dystrophy McKee you've been so good does that's why we wanted to do something. In return the four he. Well that's greatly appreciated the mug and how old certainly appreciate everybody's support. All right gobble up the hearsay statement man. All right is done votes in the voice of the Clemson Tigers OK here's the deal we have a segment of open furtherance 537. We're gonna give away eight hopefully I'll activities premium beverages that is the best sodas you'll ever tried in the you'll be in elm. Before congress this what an extra cool Christmas present but we have suburban Clarence let's get the last three schools. All of list when it comes to under achieving football programs. Here a little bit weird get a get into. The curious case of Lee until the public is Jason whitlock he's absolutely after the ball family about Vietnam The Today Show yesterday lying through their teeth but. What a finish up this topic diesel. We got into earlier and some schools should have a better football program historically. Leggett said I had eight you don't my list. Six album schools to these situations. Number one was Texas City and AM we scratch that went off the list you buy and that Wendy's. William. And number five on the list was in the state never sick scratched off the list is Maryland. Number seven is the combination of Arkansas and South Carolina the fact that neither one of those. They've taken that SEC push from 1992. And panic gotten to the next level haven't from short three year runs but it. Not overall. All right I'm gonna go back number two on my list when it comes to most under report underperforming. Football programs and how to keep that it in the last forty to fifty year year. Number these UCLA. National titles have one good run a couple of good runs to a Rose Bowl. But you go look across the city its southern now. Eight UCLA has everything to offer the southern cal as in did some it's actually in a nicer part of Los Angeles. Southern cal actually really close to. A not so nice part of Los Angeles. They play in the Rose Bowl they got the beautiful UCLA girls yet. You go compare them to their cross city brother in the its new competition. Between southern cal and UCLA that's why app buying UCLA. The second most historically underperforming programs. Number three on my list. Is Oklahoma State. It purity. It's two schools state Grady go recruit a lot of Oklahoma you've had some great players but to also add somebody called T. Boone Pickens. He writes checks left and right you ought to see the facilities out there in Stillwater. Yet minus Cotton Bowl bid and Sugar Bowl bid they've never really played themselves into. Much of a much of a history a bit okay. But again we eat the the you have a donor that it literally writing sixty million dollar check in any given moment moment. I would expect more from Oklahoma State cowboys historically. Number four on my list is Arizona State. Because if you can't win out there and AMP. I'm not sure you can win. Unbelievable location. Good recruiting weighted its shores California it's not too far away he can even there's good sports out there in the Phoenix area as well. Just the EU could weather the facilities are good. I don't understand why airs at a state hasn't made a run really really nice seasons it's Jake Plummer was the quarterback beer at Ayers and his state. All right so. Five back heading into state six mile and seven net SEC yet combo from 1992. It in the final one is a group of four schools diesel. How can they are not the 1 better eastern. Top eastern football power and state each year northeast football power do you agree with that you always viewed. How he would BC senior he's hit are Rutgers won those four schools. Not have some kind of history. EC. Has had a little here there. The scene is you know small Catholic school but still they add the Doug Flutie here. But do you realise how many good football players are up in the northeast the one of those four schools as a bit on some cut alone or run. Unbelievable. And that's right it does is you know brand support there yet it would begin your your 100% correct a lot of that culture out there it. Not support college football the culture of their support. Supports professional sports and that's it at Boston College is an afterthought. The first time I went up there to cover eclipse at Boston College game we were out was some people. Really what's all this origin tale it's clubs and they're playing Boston College the board of Boston College has a home game. Yes all right so I get that same thing without Rutgers you know a year and a suburb of New York City right there. Course the Pittsburgh Steelers are always gonna dominate that tale. So I guess the one that you know he's had a little bit of success here in the air that's here he cheated the Donovan McNabb here. Sometimes before that but you would just state that they are hated there would have been the involvement. Of one other school not me and state net northeastern quarter over the course of so. Again ready dale mile listed agree or disagree number one. Texas a and M number two UCLA number three Oklahoma State for years that a state by NC state. Six Maryland seven to set SEC combo of Arkansas South Carolina that came into the league in 92. And it finally is the eastern school. Not being in state. Now there's a whole lot of other things out there. As well somebody map at that tweet it to be Georgia Tech. I acted agree with that to a certain extent the thing is is it Georgia Tech sort of a misnomer. Yeah there's nowhere to really go high somebody if you will with a major you know there's new. Communications major they're at Georgia Tech and then again the stated Georges the university's. That's over and it's. They will always run that state when it comes to football speaking mean. Guy get that Georgia patience credit. Right ale yep you heard Don Knotts and talking about haven't eclipse and means may be in the in the superdome on New Year's night open for twenty to 25000. Net the that's probably pretty clear because. He had the one the eighth Tuscaloosa is a little bit closer beat. Alabama offensive work its corporate tickets for years when it comes to New Orleans you know it means a lot of over probably gonna get that direction. But Georgia you're talking about what 93000 means there in the Rose Bowl. I saw that you may seize the eighties if he'd beat the thousand Georgia opinions make it their way out to the Rose Bowl. That would be pretty cool that would be pretty cool to see that much red black. Out the year in California no doubt about it so who they're buying in their height at Arafat now hurt dragon I heard Greg in. In that Josh of the guys talking about it earlier today he's I don't know if you've seen on Twitter the media that's out there are some dates driving area on the yellow Hummer. At least it's a Hummer. He's driving it around it lane. Of course first of all comers or are people that much money I don't know what to do with the but this guy took it to the next level he is hooked up about a sixty its television to the back in his armor in he has the SEC championship game on live. If he is just drive in that are only and a in that explain you know that is a huge oil demand of ever atoms exactly how you troll if you need info on how to do it follow that guy's lead or come up with something better. How would you trolls on by what it these patrol. How how would you do because the bush qualities we don't say anything. Our member of a buddy of mine god rest his soul Joba essar from Knoxville Tennessee. Unfortunately passed away about 1618. Months news he and his wife for great friends history tonight's what we lived in knots though. Out the year number seven at this run through Tennessee football. Of Alabama and we of course we were living dale here we'd move Alabama wins again in I don't hit Jolo. At all nothing new tech Smith FaceBook then nothing. About Tuesday. I hit it pains me and I get attacked Amy and you're gonna say anything of it be about sad about out of a Saturday's game. That text it to a back and I said no because this has become so commonplace up out of the villains are pre. I can not bring heat the text that I got back from oh about four minutes later. US that don't you ever say you feel sorry for me blah blah blah the most fun was make it hits it there it's do you want it for about 48 is 72 hours before he had to reach out that the this he what was coming his direction. Holes in the way I would Shia controlled Georgia southern fans this year by. By doing a dual Halloween costume of Suzanne Somers a pack of Tyson chicken. And just have a sign on their backs sayings so somebody had not a town or are there they were winless on the season under Tyson's summer so I controlled about way. Just off the top of my head. Just thought that up the year. Are a take you weigh in the you will we come back here's the deal what's what's our number diesel you are the most decent sports talk producer in the world and of course they can follow. Diesel on Twitter your own risk it diesel on radio. What color. Are we gonna have. He beat the magic fingers to be when we come back to beat the blasted in our hates twelve pack of knowledge. Tell you lies since word since they're winning a six pack off the topic guy aggregate. And then a chance to win another six pack what would you color number six are right tell you what will we cut here during the break. You need to be color number six it take for fourteen ESP ESPN 844477. 3776. When we come back it is our hates beverages to quell packet knowledge contest picture this. You have sitting in. Carton ready to ship. You're playing for eight another six in it will be delivered to you before Christmas and I promise you. You're gonna get in touch with us and seek thinking. Fear you much this is the best stuff but failed at about five years ago out in California and avenue ordering it is a Christmas present. Ever since and you can go find them on line. At hates beverages dot net we will also have some pictures of that that group to mark price and our meet with them. Up in Philadelphia they're taken us out the launch but it is our twelfth packet knowledge contest when we come back. Caller number six it's the opportunity to play. In the end will top more football mark als or. The voice of the whopper tears about 620. All right welcome back can't Wear light smoke all the water. Color number six is not diesel the one thing you didn't do we're having gotten into I don't know the name. Or haven't test I thought you were gonna let me do that this time. I'm sorry dad we have done we have trends Dorsey. From Alomar on North Carolina listeners Spartanburg signal there in the mountains of north Carolinas right on. And that's awesome all right happy holiday sticky for elicited. Elicited any rate do you first of all your. Now how far are you willing to take it that's the question. Hurt them Mary mercker bureau darker. All right good tigers are right say here's bill course we're gonna give you six more questions this is paints that urges for people that don't know real quickly. This is a company out of Philadelphia. It to grant listen they poured forty years ago they sit they sell the best root beer diet root beer part should be year. Vanilla cream soda arch cream soda black cherry soda. In that great so if you're getting giddy too well packed with some areas that sodas and there. And I promise you it's gonna make you and your family Mary happy for the upcoming holiday seven. Here we go to rant. Question number one and art twelve pack of acknowledged contest. How many did greens are there any circle. 360. Oh. Can you name the last undefeated in CAA basketball team here. You guard. And it adds Indian in 1976. Are right. They'll listen closely think I think in the air here. Why fictional compared to her was also known by the name lowered. Grace. Yeah and I. I'm drawn a blank on the I want. Part Zain. That's aren't Stearns that's a hard now since it might get the grace that bears that was the heat are. Named these the last NFL fray it's nice to win back to back super doubles. The nearing legislature. Correct all right Rick student numbers are used in by Mary because. You're an award. Your last question for awaits Major League Baseball rain to ice the favorite place for five years before being sold. There's that New York Yankees. People corner. Congratulations. Dressed list in the year Gatorade get a heck of a little Christmas president for the family. Paints beverages hates beverages dot net. Pure cane sugar a promise. Get out by. You probably are closer the only place you can get this off the rack. Close do you is dale dale Asheville, North Carolina and guess what we're gonna change set up but you're gonna have this ship. Directly to your front door if he does that hang out with diesel provides information. And they keep for listening it may Christmas the European. Record bureau. Right diesel get that information back there to the analysts it. I just gonna say it they're very few things in life a cutie beat that back there at diesel thank you very much or very few things and this guy on. Heavy for me to it is part at the yearly deal would deal with thus it is a Christmas tradition. For me to order hates averages and again it is a small faintly company. They do it fantastic I would highly recommend if you look at these something differently comes to your family. You know. The just go to hates leverages dot net they're great people out there illicit it is being tested if you don't like I promise you. I mean I may just buy the remainder that bots off WP yet touch with the paints beverages dot net the labors again. Root beer I root beer birch beer but milk cream soda orange cream soda. Black cheery in their new great they've been an expert with years sporadic come out with a great soda. They did about six months ago in it is absolutely next level accurate treatment integrate. Players know who Tom. Been no competition. Between me integrate it hates averages. Great. Absolutely fantastic I appreciate that comment on they're gonna take us out a lot to mark. But there viewers that deal. Everybody knows that he places that yet to goers that apparently we're gonna have to go check it out ourselves is Jeanne as an. It's the cheese steak places across the street from each other in Philadelphia. Stuck in the penny Salvatore earlier today we're gonna get straight from the airport. To go up and meet them Angola abilities that means we're taking Utica get a tee state. Where the locals though the cheese steaks and I hope it might be. So neatly. But we will figure that out but we will be eaten good you can be drinking good with paints averages again if you'd like to make in order takes ever it is dot net. All right when we come back we'll open up the phone lines again will give you some coaching updates. At Morse is plane is landed in Fayetteville that's official. Earlier today Tennessee was turned down again but they're going back to the well for a second time. Will let you know what that information is as well 844 GS PE SPN is straight up with starts were lied smoke on the water here dale in Hungary. Welcome again it is. It gonna be official here in a little bit the private jet is dale on the ground in May. Ville Arkansas. With a new head coach at Arkansas Razorbacks football program it stat Morse. Just three years or vision for being in the op that's a coordinator clubs and he's got back into took over eight listen. Arkansas' got him there he gave her tears you know a couple of majors go ahead and look at the overall records yet he keeps one game over 500. You're talking about may be one of the most by a wretched football programs. In. Out here and he's rebuilt that he's got him to seven and five in three seasons going to a bowl game diesel. It also like Josh referred to referred to. Last night that are yesterday last night on Twitter yet stay on the show they're kind of get him for a bag tips and a Coke. 3.3 million dollars bail. How many ways to Hewitt I dissect it's been 3.3 million dollars and are like I'm much year but less get that eight per year. But when you just bought out Brett bill about 815 Meehan and then of course you were paying him I mean if fell. 3.3 million dollars is actually a pretty good it the hill in today's day and aids. For the Arkansas Razorbacks when it comes to it yet Morse I think that's a good hire and I think it's a good deal for the University of Arkansas. I guess they're getting their money's worth on this. Yeah Adam Morrison's fourteen and 22 in three seasons it SAU but he did he went into it and its first year he approved if five and seven lives here in the it's evident by any bowl bit bowl berth which is their first it's a went to the Hawaii Bowl. Back in 2002. Well so that Morse the other team yet does or Arkansas it's the EU listen Brett Vilma. Some people love them some people hate him but it probably Arkansas mean I hate him for this back. You want it this Baier Steve high school coaches in the state of Texas. At mores at all he did last year's recruiting class from massive U. Nothing but Texas kids. He can go over a year that the image that Brett Vilma did in the lone start state. In a couple of recruiting visits Ian for Arkansas that ever be successful in football. They got to recruit the state of Texas well. Our Tennessee. What's going on there because it's only Betty beard three weeks diesel since Tennessee fired Butch Jones. That's said. Three weights. We haven't seen it immediately it's been a year. Oh god yes I mean you know once all that we covet. We scenic. An athletic director get fired in another would be higher Tennessee in the last three weeks since John Perry. Is the one that out they'll fly overs the one that said. But it appears that former his decided. Eight Rio SEC defensive coordinators it's where he's gonna make his pick. Nick from. And that's Alabama last year he Pruitt Georgia's bill Tucker. Auburn's Kevin Steele. Mail depending on who you believe right now there's a lot of that because on Twitter is these gains. Are in the states. Alabama. It apparently target dale. Because the balls were not gonna let him coach in the upcoming college football playoffs that that's why he earned ale. Well apparently they're going back in two Jeremy Pruitt in talking to him again. So maybe they will relive it in let me and puts the play offs but if this if if that's true. It even had people like Wes Rucker with 24 sevenths sports but they're not spill report this. It that's true. Buckeye. How many times it once school guitar they haven't won eighteen cycle when it comes to this but. You act out of the three of those tortures belt suckers done well apparently he's maybe you're interviewing for some that Yeltsin's well. I'm sorry I give Auburn was good this year in the deep pits was really good the key its ears. But no let me rephrase that. Sure it is eco ahead art Evans that was your head coach. What added our Kevin Steele the former clubs in the pits of coordinator. It's your head to see how well that works out for Matty Spitzer built over. In the AP meaning in the other guys on the football committee if you will kids are railed Evans still with the up good coaches. And make that work. Because I know this much about Kevin Steele when it comes to a head coach yet what is the most this cancerous. Coaching experiences. In his first at Petit job of his career which was it Baylor it got so bad diesel. It was so bad. His offensive coordinator Kevin gill right attacked him all of the sidelines of a football game. Yes the offensive coordinator so mad at the had hoped that he went after all the side lights. That head coach what's evans' deal. Yeah he got run out at clubs and news that Orange Bowl 72 points West Virginia put up whatever was 74. He got run out at clubs and now he's resurfaced he did a good job is odd defense of coordinator Auburn. I hear that sit there in the league for me Phillip fullmer anybody in the that is the main base would buy. Evansville is your net income to the volunteers screw that. Go get the job that he Barton who let him grow win two. You would be met much better off you'll be much better off on the recruiting too well. Haven't still. Don't think this Tennessee don't do it for Tennessee paid to do it for me as an Alabama fan. Does that tell you what I feel that it. That that fourteen game winning streak against Tennessee walker and eighteen before yelled get upset it decide to get rid of Kevin Steele again. I know he's at Tennessee grad. This looks like it maybe I committee up there for a little while. That does nothing for me let he or grow into the job diesel that is that now if you can get Jeremy Pruitt. Great because look right now. It seems like the saving coaching tree is what's going on now all three of these coordinators that are midget. For this Tennessee job all have eyes that nick Stephens coaching tree. But we see what Kirby Smart is done in year number two at Georgia sits and leaving Alabama. Maybe that's the route Tennessee goes with Jamie prove it but it sales like you may have to let him at least agree. To coach Alabama in the college football playoffs. You know we've gone from the likes of you first about Jon Gruden what wait what how much of that time in our life with whom do you like to have back right now. When it comes to the rumors but head coaches we know. That it did in the mix when it comes at Tennessee include Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy. Pretty coach Jeff Brohm it C state coach Jeff Jeff date dorm former LSU head coach less miles. Illegally that would Evanston ill possibly the defense of coordinator from Auburn on. I just don't see how that would really really works out. When it comes to. It is to Tennessee getting better in getting their foot back in the hole when it comes to the states who. Again that gonna be adjusting to see how this turns out in to see how just. This upheaval in the SEC this year. I mean these outlets beyond who's to blame for this movement when it comes to the Southeastern Conference in the number of coaches they're changing over right now. Tell me. Tell it's nick Satan. It seat for one or two things we don't think that we can compete with Nick Saban and what he's put together Alabama right male or. It looked like his coaching tree that branches are pretty hot maybe we need to go get one of those prospect. Well what needs to happen in the SEC west is. You need to have a little bit of patience among your athletic directors and you're stabs. It's stuff like that because Nick Saban is not going to be around that much longer I mean arguably. How much longer do you think Nick Saban really has in coaching maybe five years. Maybe five years maybe five so. You know if you have constant turmoil you're setting yourselves back. Said to have basically what happened in the SEC east happen in the west in five years time we gonna have a whole bunch of new coaches. They don't really know what they're doing there's not a whole lot of consistency in any program in nobody's gonna step up to be able to fill that void. Left by Alabama when Nick Saban leaves that's what's gonna happen in the west if every single program keeps trying to do this. 02 years he hadn't beat Alabama. We're not all that good in the west are I was glad change have been trying to hire somebody else who doesn't know what they're doing. Yep so again you know right now. In direct directly or indirectly. Nick Saban is affecting coaching decisions when it comes to the Southeastern Conference will see how long. That we'll bring that that thumbprint remains on the Lee moving board all right when we come back. We will have a quick segment I at about Lee antelope ball in low bar ball apparently got on The Today Show and lied through their teeth yesterday morning. We'll take you out Jason whitlock is cut about this information. When we come back on straight up was start to 844 GS PE SPN.