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Welcome it upstate. It is C Wednesday hot day edition of straight up with sturtze relied it's smoke on the water at least I am accuses the easel about it days will take you look till 7 PM. In a course. Just a couple of needs in notes tomorrow. It will be travel day for price tonight diesel is eat you know week that they office were going to Philadelphia. The the the show Friday on radio grew from the convention center ahead of Saturdays army navy game but don't feel he could force. I aren't set my alarm for tomorrow morning for 48. You know that does to me you know what that does he runs on nine enormously. Yep I'm better off going to bed at 4 AM that flight the Philadelphia Mora takes off at 6 AM and we're gonna go there and have some fun with the Salvatore Brothers. Owners of hates averages were going to be a team to have more night ABC we can go echo what our ball. If he's got enough guts to show up in Philadelphia for the 76ers and lakers game. It's too we're gonna go have some fun the bar so will be the eighty. In courts Richmond Weaver hosting it did eco posting. In diesel in the studio to more in the Friday OP price and I up in Philadelphia. But we got a lot of different things to get into today. If I go fight we're gonna talk. With Don months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers again that clips that meets with the media for the first time since they find out Alabama. Is there and it in the they own in New Orleans on New Year's night in the Sugar Bowl in they were very loose today so who it just seems like another date for the tigers it's the third consecutive year. They found themselves in the college football playoff and it just looks. When they were dealing with the media today just like it's any other gains two. We loose and here's the thing people that there be used as you. Be it on your travel races the prices iron hired. We may be able to share a year in the next couple days it's some might you can check in with that seat they have. You need rooms available but a lot of different things again Don months and 505 about 617. A little earlier for the second segment. In the 6 o'clock hour will have Marc Hauser of the voice of the whopper here yours remember why operatives and it's the Georgia Tech and black out night tonight it QB Richardson indoor arena there in Spartanburg that it's I mean think about that diesel. Wofford College in South Carolina had to open up that new arena at Georgia Tech company and at night North Carolina contaminant open at a Reno next year. In the opening gained a lot of things going on for Wofford basketball. With that plus. This carriers are plane in the quarterfinals. At the FC has playoffs this week in Beatles. Eight big weekend for whopper athletics. Also will a couple other things last night a pit him and Serena fervent basketball improves to six and three on the season. They get in 8372. Win over UNC Asheville Bob Ritchie. In the at Furman Paladins played very well right now it they are off until they hosed. Excuse me yes they have South Carolina State 4 PM. On Saturday also tonight getting Colombia right Morton in the midst gamecocks they host the University of Wyoming that is at 7 PM. First tip Clemson basketball 71 on the year right mail. They're off until Saturday when they have seen for. At 3 PM. Couple other news and notes is weak it started a course for those that are not Roger Goodell fans guess what you maybe need to turn your head a little bit. It's just that and nails here in the last fifteen minutes that Roger Goodell has signed his contract extension. With the NFL. Moving forward to AB my house holding out hopes it. Jerry Jones or maybe the general public he get Roger Goodell out as commissioner of the NFL no it's not gonna happen. But one interesting thing did come out today I guess it's sort of a quick byproduct. Of what we saw Monday night in the yet Pittsburgh Cincinnati. Monday Night Football game. Yeah a lot of people referred to that game it's vital that we had some head shots that took place on Monday night. Will toy yet that's it it was headed the rules committee the competition committee came out today and said this movement you know over this. The offseason. The NFL is going to take a look hitting targeting Paul much like college football anything its head to header really above the shoulder pads. Especially with the depth that so defenseless player that's maybe what they're attic getting back with that YouTube hit. On bunt as part effect the other night. That maybe. Let's and it's the safety of the gains NFL is always sort of protected there are owned by. It becomes a violent game and guess what that's one way they're gonna try to control some of those states. Biggest d.s at the state of South Carolina diesel we thought that it was coming it will get people's opinion on this when we opened up the phone lines when we get back. It's segment number two but will bus Chia mills earlier this morning he is letting Kurt roper ago. As offensive coordinator no surprise there I think they were holding out a little bit oh. Hurt roper was gonna get the rights job that course yesterday that was built in. In. That's not gonna happen says. Curried meeting with the media this morning will bust goes ahead and Ailes is super troopers be replace in just said. More or less to the extent that they need to expect more when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. Now while I don't know which way they'll McClendon it's going to be serving as offensive coordinator. Mayors in the you'd in the Outback Bowl. Jailed in Tampa against Michigan now I'm not sure that's exactly. The route that they end up going full time that will make it interesting dynamic there. Quite frankly if I was gonna stay in house if I'm South Carolina it will busting up probably take a look at Bobby bit. But it's you know in his head coaching days he was a really really creative bag guy not only there it's birds high school with a little bit PC. In Corsica is back. But you know what that is his son there it's the quarterback South Carolina course they're going to be spending more time off the field than they are the filled. But that that might be the route that I take a look but they are some. Ice out there that eagle out take a look at. It will see which direction will bust it goes this is what he had to say earlier today after much deliberation I've decided to go any different direction with the offensive coordinator position. On our football team. We appreciate her contributions to our program it to the university. It which him. All the best says. Bosnia you know he let those speculate on Sunday night because Kurt roper with steel in the dates for that Wright's position by. What's it was built with somebody else had to go ahead. And make the move and rightfully so because. Eight EE. Outside of Tennessee and in the abomination that was the Florida office this year. That's where South Carolina those of the school she finished in front of atlas that it is Betty good defense but you're gonna have to put some more points on the board in you getting at the C. Some more development there which Jacob Bentley quarterbacks that we will see which directions South Carolina in so going in the long writes that he can give us your thoughts on that Kurt roper out. Which way south Carolina's ago. When it comes to filling that position will open up the it's it's opened it's in this hour. Again at 50 fight it's done months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers. It's 670 dished. Marc Hauser is the voice of the tour of the whopper here yours they host Georgia Tech. There in Spartanburg at basketball and they make their way to Fargo bird at CS quarterfinal on Saturday. It is 537. It's our twelve packet knowledge contest when it comes to hates averages yep I'm looking for Kitna there. At Philadelphia beaten this mean oblique. It's a borrowed the owns and runs its beverages in a course here's the deal he start off with the six pack. Of paints premium sodas in the box last six questions for derby when you get right. We add another they will ship it out to be in it will be here before Christmas and I promise you it will make your family. Theory that he pretty happy when it comes to Christmas all right diesel also in this hour. A couple of days ago billions of about friends gotten to a vary good vary week the conversation. He heard your two wins state topics today since it's VDs. We get into it Kurt roper situation here in the first hour but. When it comes to the landscape both college football. Nate and some schools that should have better programs. That have historically under achieved in your opinion. Will start off with that one wolf let it in a little bit Britney and some schools should have better football programs in your opinion. I've got a list of eight. Also have a list that's on that later on consistently amazed at a few other questions. Here on this Wednesday hit him with the city for sport GS PE SP and you can also text us. On the ESP in upstate tech slight net 71307. Just put it. ESPN. At the front. The text is straight it was starts were light from smoke on the water. Were always light on ESP in upstate. All right welcome back and mark Sturges a light that smoke on the water you just heard the commercial for the South Carolina football hall of fame legend speakers Ceres it's gonna be huge statement by 8 PM. Over at the embassy suites numbered eight come by Jack rabbit ticket listen we're gonna have a contest that she can go win. Eight VIP experience here. By going to the ESPN upstate app you can also get a ESP in upstate dot com click on the leaking get registered. And again. You'll get a VIP experience which includes but they ate dinner injury as a private reception with the speaker. Photo and autograph opportunities in early in street. It's well they're only when he at these available so again yes in upstate dot com SE ball. Eight Joseph Webb dot org I'll be hosting a course in Reeves will be speaking in that look at port. Avant some fun this Tuesday from by 8 PM. There at the South Carolina football all of me that this is the embassy suite somber day come on now. In CSR right again here's got to the questions in the first hour you can get your thoughts at on. So which way South Carolina will go when it comes to their offensive coordinator position. Kurt roper was like oh this morning. We your seeing eight interim. In the Clinton and were via bowl game but will see. Which way South Carolina goes however at a park lesson that they would navigate some of these through that through the show today. We had a really cool conversation the other night the instant friends of mine and it caused me it was one of those conversations were. Even though at Pitt nag kind of mentally jotted some stuff dale when I got a kind of sat there and kept up with that Johnny. On a napkin. When we were discussed in this on Saturday diesel but. You know he'll look out they years since clips of the loss the West Virginia do you remember that Orange Bowl. It which puts him with dale meaning it is guy Ron and Al of South Florida the team. In the 24. Forget what the final score was his most of us left the and we were there on the covering the game but well most less than others wanted to block it out mentally. Yet it was just it historically at. Well since that point tying we're talking clips and 72. In here. Mean that's pretty Chicago Bulls pretty good on eighty TPC you know and I mean. That's pretty good football. So clips of it always matters at that label is a program that never quite read it chief what they did in the early eighties. Under eighty sports and that brought up this conversation it isn't historically. Are some of the most underperforming. Programs. In college football let's go to the open on the line first get it in from them because that dealt with I've got a list of eight. And it's really six schools in the two other thoughts bit. You know some schools that they they are what they are they never reach that other level hope you do well today. On the you know longer there are probably going to lose. Tennessee. It is and Michigan's. No none none of the three Euro my last because Tennessee has won a national title. Back in the at BCS here with you mark new quarterback and then of course failed themselves. It's a BCS games now. In the last decade they have fallen off complete. Right he didn't you didn't explain those parameters to urge would not be an evening overall. A program get out to be good yeah totally our gutters you talk about the last ten years. The work that the Vodafone network has outright. Made it puts a black. And I'm the last decade out of pocket historically. To stick come out give you an idea of number six on my list. The university of mayor. All right the there in the Middle Eastern seaboard. Now they've got under armour money behind them to the view that you can he would even believed. Think about the players and clubs and has on that on the team from that area which includes Dorian Dave Neil the linebackers a finalist for the butkus award. So well. That's what I'm talking about we have never seen them yet but to one Orange Bowl and that was under Ralph region back in the day. Said that to me is a program to historically. Underperformed. Because. They're right there and get recruiting area plus they have under armor behind them so that's what I mean. When it comes to something along that said a moment. A woman's life. Polo club Barcelona don't ask don't I don't need to invest globally. Only can you read it and putting grandma and I UK it will probably bogus so I did. It's states on my list at number eight. Hey it again haven't been Davey being bigger than a peach bowl may be a bowl game in Orlando. Back in the day. But that North Carolina you know they may see themselves as a basketball schools two. Of course they have historically underperformed at football as well but its state you know their football school wide diesel there in the year than they switched to basketball. Where they have won a couple of national TV chips but with that 64000. Seat stadium it's some of the facilities in Riley. Yes I believe it's state is a program that his historically underperformed in college football. Okay. I'm trying to figure among your parameters somebody who's. Never won a national title I mean that's that's hard to say I mean you can easily list off programs. That of one national titles years ago and they just kind of stunk it up ever sense. At times you say that option ought to be get I mean I. I'll nod. And the under armour money that's recent so that's so I. I don't know you see have sort of conflicting parameters here you they'd they'd just gone all this money in Maryland but they've historically underperformed I'm not really sure where you don't. What they hit that that's it they historically underperformed LD got money and everything else. The biggest bowl game male it's been too it's in 1974. Went under rain the white they went to a Cotton Bowl. So I love about this item under I don't know urged. This what are your list and I'll give you east Carolina that is a school that that puts everything name got into football. And yet in in this state of North Carolina where everybody tends to focus more on basketball. Then they do football that is a school that is focused primarily on football and outside of a couple of years in the ninety's I mean. He's Carolina's been garbage. 88 yes that some bite it can definitely be on the list all right. I'm gonna start at my number one C of back in the sell you on India at this okay. Right they may have added national TV chip in the fifties or something like that I'm not bring unity in. It could be what is the most is the most historically underperforming programming college football is Texas a and M university. I mean the facilities golf bill. The the tradition. The money we were telling you about the story when it came to the new house built renovation project it took exactly 45 phone calls in about fifteen minutes to race. Forty means dollars for phase one. They also hit does it these days they've gone out and tried to hire that next oddest book about it they did have a nice run under Jackie Cyril. It in the late seventies and eighties that that it did them in trouble. The text save them. I mean it's it's a joint SEC watched Johnny man's Al wins the Heisman Trophy. Is that still their top moment since joining the SEC it beat the Texas native would be about the most underperforming. Football program has everything going for you by went on sale. I get behind John Allen mania they certainly had some. Some recent success they've had some good years that they never quite reached that mountaintop. Yet in they throw money after money after money at the problem and guess what. They've now done it again with the ten year 75 million dollar contract. The Tampa pitcher Kevin wants the U Ike get in on a program that underperformed. Evan welcome at a pre eminent good afternoon. Yet they're doing a great day. But now ma program there and perform man actually the name. You know you got any out of bank that airline. Again I mean war war war in offer an Ngo. Ever. Early about inspecting the art. Earlier I said he's now. Kevin I have a combination at number seven on my list all right. It is a combination of Arkansas. Slash South Carolina. But it's neither one album hit really eased that bush from joining the Southeastern Conference in 1992. We've seen as Sugar Bowl appearance under Bobby Petrino. From Arkansas we saw three year run under South Carolina in which he did win eleven games but it was always in the Citrus Bowl. And not one at that major polls so. I'm with you on that when they Hewitt figured at least Arkansas or South Carolina. Would use that 1992. Entry into the league as he pushed the bigger things. You know it back and then you look at some. Light speed barrier at the barrier there to water and that's coaching at the issue with Florida. Yes eight. Like that came but the basis together. Yeah it got close in the ES burger here but just couldn't. It lesson that's a three year synopsis over about the you know a fifty year here yet they had a couple nice years under Jim Carlin but he the end. Yeah when you measured the yourself against what's gone on across the state clumps and it just doesn't it just hasn't reached a saint and a cold you know what I mean. Yes back religious harbor statement. Right after it let's say the phone. Are right. Let's get or more in before the break Greg wants to get in on underperforming programs Greg right now we've got Texas native scratched off the list its state Maryland. The combination of Arkansas and South Carolina which way you think you when it comes underperforming programs in college football. Almonte I think you're a 100% on burst into bear that got the money they cook Rico got the talent recruiting patients this wanna touch on now what you might send each year. Our kids that that it's not yeah but they broke their money into it but the same target those bought a quarter of pitched on the course beat. America Palo with a little fixes that he has this slogan this year it seems like any time there's a mid major that's Kitna push. The coach just seems to just take the money Enron and I think it's seen that this year with kept ourselves start. It counts there on the former crew is in Iraq McNeal had a great cost to change and just how odd yen. And let Jordan also stopped and they shellac Smart schools get teachers explained that you're saying start yet they had their run that every combat in mid may to get the push. But in just take charge say Tara said about the form divorced group reform and that gigabyte limit marriage status. They and that's have paid Baird thing there in the you know the one thing that the east Carolina wishes they would it done is. Yet we got a low grade he they're in the Ruffin McNeil Lear take about it Lincoln Riley was the hearing Greenville north Carolina at one point now he's the head coach at Oklahoma. I at least Scottie Montgomery got that few wins this year but I tell you what I think Scott he's on a very short lease them come this next season. I absolutely I'm in Lincoln Riley you know argument certain they would generate offense -- abnormal bombing at a later they adjourned just Nadia and have a little running back Eckert super comparable courtyard there from the forty exports there. So you know they they had not been known and then all of a sudden it just gets taken from the start I get the fact that they have over cheaper than they go back into the mediocrity and the same way way. It is certain flair but you're you look at you yet this year would you are Scott frost. Had a great yeah unbelievable yeah. And then the big dog company blew over the Russians into the big fish eat little fish in our start it up but he after the mid major to be under performing but I haven't been bigger argument that. Fertile recruiting big. That I can put in that would do it. All right Greg they get their what this and listen now when we come back we'll have Jimmy up first want to taut game cup book by him. I gotta get out do you break here. This is straight that was starts 84 Ford GS PE SPN this hour were talking about underperforming. Historic college football programs. Welcome back and Wednesday addition we're live at smoke all the water. It begins to really win state topic of some schools that hit. Underperform historically college football but let's get that the place to be weighted to the break recently. They keep up for and what it's about gay couple all of that you have a good afternoon. It. Tell you what me and has sitting here talking diesel in the outbreak just nervous about over sleeping aid for you wakeup call that. Are the so I want to talk about. The previous caller. And it gamecocks and under achieved had totally disagree. And the whole history at a program that never won eleven games. They won three straight even eleven gains they'd be constant hot streak town which the notes that Carolina team and ever done before. And yes we had some turmoil would Garcia in a bonehead. And underperforming. And then Lattimore had the Sunni injury. So we had a lot of stuff mortal plus. When I understand. Clinton was always saying that Spurrier was retiring. We get quality recruits that we are both at the one after. I'm sure that was the Clemson bandit said that earlier and only eight. Actually he was in basic net Margaret. Hey that's what you know what I Jimmie that's off they're out of may have a guy am I collapsing guy and I do agree because mine is set three year run under Spurrier. In a couple of more I mean South Carolina hey it's been for all that spin there right unity it spread water on so really way to say started it at South Carolina has basically over achieved or over achieved in that window firm for about five or six years. Over G more than what the programs typically achieves. The whole economic data. We've had some really talented players. The majority of war dark we have at the here many pop star recruits that lets it act however they got a I don't know. But what doesn't make it fit to me that vote. And it only had one full speed or half its leader and yet pop star recruits to come and saying class epic then he walked into court they collapse of how did he get those dark for crews to commit with the civil reputation at that its troops. You went out there were buried at a new court relates I'll hit it and give it. Jimmy Powell did not they are recruiting the state of Florida where courts it is historically recorded well I thought back to the eighties. Every week. Want to go to Florida State when they got to Miami formally now against Florida wanted to go to constant and they definitely nobody ever heard him. In May be that he was sick that seven the year before anyone acting and those other sports star recruits came and so yeah that was done a tremendous job with the recruits that he bring it and why he's been loaded with talent or whatever it. So all of the hate that I can hang on daughters sirens start cannot start stoppers they let me ask DeWitt what are you asserting Jimmie are you asserting. Dirty recruiting practices is that what you're saying. Well app lets say I have heard that they would get stay in his Spurrier is retired I on the recruits who are both going after you go to Clemson. I know that. Heard from my friends from the bar birdie and are heard from a reputable source Apollo like it lot of different people. Why do you let me ask you this eat steak club since the only school out there on the recovered Terrelle. We say something like that Vickers recruiting is absolutely. Dirty game he helped get what they wanna hear seek deacon at hopefully sign them. Well it's very. Are there are. But at the thread. You know I've never heard that the advent follow football in the early seventies. And when he took over as interim head coach for Bowden. A byte crew in Davos way with it I promise you there and these are great coaches great recruiter but. How does everybody else know that it's you know he had been in the same potential bout before that I never hurting bang about it. Web Jimmie thank you for that phone call but I'll tell you this much you don't know much about college football as you claim if you had never heard that Davos weighty. When he gives us indeed TV interim head coaching position has he was listed as what is the end best recruiters college route bills. Urge neither one of us were in the room you myself or Jimmy none of us were in the room so we don't really known and we were just all speculating about me it's possible. That's yes somebody threw some misinformation out there to try to get a recruit certainly would not ever be the first time it's also possible that they just all of this personality you don't. Yet he'd been on the staff for multiple years that these are people don't realize it you don't commit to a school because they went sixth and seventh. Whether the dumbest thing that hits did they commit to a coach. They yeah Adrian rates is told us on Ayers so many types of one thing. He wishes it would do. When they make their decision on schools is if I get hurt where do I wanna spend four years in my life but that's not what happens. You've signed with the school based on your relationship with the coaching staff. Let's go back and Matt wants to get in map what command. It's third or you don't know man I think. You are. Julia yeah you know I don't want to talk about her this last caller press chime. And you know first off I wanted to thank you compile my jars of salty tears. Are gonna let go it's been awhile since then the beat down over and a Williams bride but. Yeah you know you'd think he would kill it kill this guy that we accrued on the we're doing it on the grand stage. Limit him to break it down to their first order of the one down there right object okay. Here's what you do you got out of Florida you're the inner city use that downloaded kids like Sammy Watkins or CJ Spiller are you know beyond January Democrat do you take your pick these. You don't look. We haven't amazing facility an amazing cultural pinnacle of sin and we're not you know I don't get in trouble you sit there and delegates on the couch and put a mom and dad didn't need that killer. He's great king our own account to put a mom and dad that's why I'm recruit so well this people is in doubt there are great that we sell but culture. Well let me tell you can't go out again dude I don't have a culture so it can't sell that don't have spent what was that it took five or they might get in trouble. I mean isn't gonna about when that law that in the day were a little bit the car before I was trying to imply that it at all about the most most with the money that could change it and those letdown alert the so the culture but went a little while the wind come after that that would pointed out going forward the pop culture and killed misguided at all and yourself. Mat listen Jackie disagree with anything he said thank you for gay men because you know the way the I take it. I take exception to view it which set was nobody knew it Davos Sweeney was. I remember you remember what eclipsing got a race that hate the mention it because they're playing Alabama. Artillery on New Year's night in the Sugar Bowl. You remember this season in which Tommy Bowden was let go in which clips it started off the year number nine. In the goes nailed that landing gets hammered in year number two at nick statement in a course after the Wake Forest lost Tommy Bowden is gone. Data Sweeney's brought in. Yes it Kirk herb street was back in the back I've got great. Picture this is out of shape that game for the great old journal yes it was picked him at Devin Sweeney's brain term warm ups in the back at Benson. Kirk herb street yet nobody knew he beat Dallas when he was welcome back Mike he'll be up next week for sports ESP ESPN dot bots in the voice of the clips and tigers at 505. Right Eddie Becker it right the high and on Twitter thank you purchase making me laugh during the break that was absolutely fantastic we Evans a great conversation. When it comes to under achieving programs or clubs in South Carolina or anything else might what's the talky egg get in next might welcome Anna have you have a great afternoon. Take dirt that haven't aren't great at noon calm like. You point that the built Jack won about equally and about the and that belt. Like. Are quite so. Between England and then I got to call it what you can't. You know there come a bigger in Indiana so I don't care what went to writer you know what whiners. Not not. Stupid they are a little bit. Let's hope you write that an eight that's what's called great rivalry Alice when you bring your passionate about the NFL they're passionate about closing Carolina it's all. It's all relative. Yeah yeah anyway. I didn't being that the bill bit rot and eat at. Stared. God you know it's horrible he for the banging on early two games maybe even three. I'm I don't we're never done a war that horrible. On equity. Document corner for the guys who lap at a wild player injured on the ground. Dirt are what got you would be a lot. Well they do on the ground that horrible. And it bears and it it's got. And you know all the go ahead. Gradkowski hit one game per literally trying to hurt somebody it that was put into concussion protocol. It was a tee shot he came up from behind it and did it. That's insane it's picking up late lack. It though it'd in the stadiums at a protest I'm sorry there's different there's one this respecting official there's another this respecting each player. In the so where did he exhibit three game suspension. Gronkowski who lost his mind but guess what. Make sure the Buffalo Bills continue to do this moving forward when they play New England that has whatever they did. They failed a way to get under his skin and make him react. Guess what he's now mystic gain I am totally with you Steven. There's no way to describe actually like with Belichick didn't said it was a BS knew after the game actually gain. Some respect for Bill Belichick Steve Watson. Art mean eighties he cannot wait to go get on the airplane market but they'll. Am excited as well want to ask. You can watch that show you need eat up all blocked last night. How did not catch it last night I am sorry bad scene probably about seven album throughout the year. Okay well no pain because it is concrete cell and not black night out pretty crap. Ever interview and I'm not at that atlas Bernanke to get there are caught up dirty turnaround now. Nobody knows where are out perhaps things went the corps of cadets up one pretty hard and aptly. Superintendents and he walked pat on the back that help. You really I can't help well this now are out. Cash app and brought up. Would bet yeah. Out. That's what's so much fun about this this rivalry you know and I mean little things like that in that. You guys just can't wait to get back up there I mean did you talk about rednecks go big time Friday night Steve and we got tickets to the army navy gala on Friday night you can juicy sturgeon there. Probably starting a war between the cadets in the bit shipment that. Let me add to its act he'll wait because so this environment up again. A higher degree element I. That's not a hell looks. Fresh. A culprit cut by. Up but fox group on our class. Now in and out aired our our. Uniformed and Orlando are two openers are going to not now not. Scott a couple of not out Yates you solid what's their outlook mobile. All the apps that are part come out on the golf calendar. On. Eat it up. At or how much. I ballots now if why don't pop idol and how are you. At tape yet but we will Stephen anew prices got your contact information so it was definitely a cup. But there on Saturday look important thing is go to let it go too hard on Saturday night diesel what is. We got 650 flight back at them LP on Sunday Easter at prices about reigning Iraqi Dario made many of lights hung over sturgeon I believe in you. I think we keep it on ID it. All right listen this is a bit of first bunt first hour will pick this baca here. After dawn months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers he's gonna join us here in the next segment he's got a little time off this week they did meet with the media. I'll now. It's not even Crown Royal Friday importers in the house beer smoke all the water he arc Crown Royal guy. Knows where to come paying out here for happy hour is it is great eagles' best happy hour Monday through Saturday from four to 7 PM. This is straight that was starts we are light money as being an upstate Don Watson. The voice of the clips and tigers when we come back in bed. Art angst well lack of knowledge contest that's governor. 537. Will tell you which collar right before that break this is straight it was start and we are always slide on ESPN upstate.