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All right welcome back in final thirty minutes just CK should go and stirred what are you may we are giving way to the Jimmy V classic at 630 it's one of my favorite nights of the year Donner. Some might they gave one of the best speeches that I've ever heard you got to basketball games manager waited nine on ESPN upstate it's Syracuse vs UConn Indian Zagat. Vs Villanova and that Jimmy V classic but prices that are here yep. Here's for people don't know prices wife and daughter had a tale with them also he is batch in his home with a with bin. Give big crowd is great here. Oh yeah I mean give me an iPad when I'm. Five years or how only 56 SP NBA game we give a six year old I've had mayor stuck to a year hours to no problems there but set these has come and he works for WR each guy in Rock Hill spinning it out we uses smoke on the lot of with the C few weeks ago. Also does some spot podcasting and he could follow him on Twitter sports junkie 94 but it says here and an apologetic Tennessee fan. Set fair the fair yes we have some of those in the building here like. You know no doubt about it when it comes to some of our people in the WRD. Yet what is that I figured out multiply what sets the east Tennessee says stokes in the W or. So I certainly incidents such a coincidence let's everybody it's a Tennessee fan named Seth net but let's and you have been feeding off things from every different direction here since last Sunday when the whole Xian everything went down and I laid in bed. In listened to you Tony Visalia come on in duty in an emergency five hour. Goers aloft this quarter. Beatty did it on FaceBook lie even pair Scopes at the beautiful park was. No way FCC rules could be dictated on what people said you know Tennessee got a bad rap last Saturday when it came down to the Shia and I think. It was it just about what may or may not have taken place and switch Xian a bit instate earlier. This had the move of Jim has won written all over it in I think Tennessee fans had to fight back ago. You can't run a Cleveland Browns NFL team you're 126. In your last. You know war one and 27 in your last 28 games is owner of the braille. Who the hell are you did dictate Greg Xian a defense of coordinator from Ohio State to be Tennessee's next head coach. He's a cancer that's just pretty anomalies and he's a cancer to the hole up the whole university is ridiculous that someone like that could have. That much power rates am to say it's a man's complete understatement we. It's just amazing we go from you know who grew and watch as she got a lot to Brohm watch Gundy watch now Rick Kevin Steele watched about 89 days later it's. Eight unlike you they have neighbors. Yeah groom watch who's that was yells play well that's cherry you know that was never gonna happen I either I. Don't ever found in rumor anyway shape or form and every Tennessee fans just had that in front of their alternate by you know. Led by Tommy Boy when he holed that muffin and he's just hating it is ready to do is pretty new editors. Trails at tight. Let's set I don't know if you caught this part of it this is what went Daylon at the end of the week big dad dad John Curry fired I don't know if I have confirmed it. So when he gets turned dale first of all Yasuda started raising hell when yell turned when dad John Curry turned his attention to Rollins. With Dave Jordan you're talking about a coach that was one game away from being fired probably the last two years what did he do he part late some interest from Tennessee into a two way to a new five year contract with Debbie yell but after Dane Dorn turned him down. John Curry who is he the tie in the Tennessee athletic director disappeared from view nobody knew where he was or what he was up to. Do you know where he was. Is miles ankles gone in and likely he was indeed how he got there. Not so sure how we get out there on a private jet of he uses state booster in the east do you deal with when he was athletic director at Kansas State well he got so freaked out he did not tell anybody where he was. They didn't know where he was they couldn't track way he was. Because he was using a private plane abate for of a Kansas State booster that he used to deal with when they found that out they said. Come all back in Knoxville baby in he was fired the next day that way wasn't so much the coaching search that was gonna end up getting him fired. The fact they he went rogue. Last Thursday night nobody knew where he was in did they end up tracking it to you his travel by a private plane of the school that he used to work for and they went sorry about eight months said on the job your god he may end up being fired with cause which means no settlement. You know for people that watch you know that let reality television aren't just. He should follow when they get sunny this is that he ultimate here it's. Ridiculous a main everybody's getting it through sits in hearing now from fans to head in the boosters and where tunis again who's I don't know a main. Ahmed Ahmed A as much as I'm not a big fan of Kevin Steele or Mel Tucker. I am officially gotten on to the beggars can't be accuser sat things could so I had to take that situation but that did that's nice thing you know male with you get full Merman now folders the one that scares me. Because is you know. Is it's going to be in his football programmer his athletic department is AD I don't that. But that's why I would do this short term I won't try to solve your problem for men in it was actually something that was brought to me. Saturday night. I'd go ahead and just say screw it now hire less miles know when that it's not going to be eighteen year deal you know and I mean. But less guess what you bring him back tee Martin is offensive coordinator he's eventually gonna take over that program now. Twelve years ago the kind of too weighty thing was one of the popular things in college football and we saw how that worked now. But that's that. The reason if he Morton gets the job then I think he's just fill full search assistant coach if you know when I meet. I'm the less miles has enough leverage had Sunday as the exact same number national championships that Phil fullmer has that he could say let me do my job here. I'm all I was on full war less miles and a petite with two with T mark coming ourself that's according I think that would be. That would be great but obviously down. Listen I do love the former obviously Tennessee man and for button. I'm hearing and he was when he said no to the Mike Leach deal which kind of made me grow my little bit me here thing she you don't know what Neil is a main. No UB you work hard in this business to find three or four people that you actually trust and and that's about all I trust they are not that say it is bad people on saint. After ten years a living up they're I have a few people that if they tell me something and I absolutely believe that because. Their tentacles if you will ex new extend long enough. They should be getting some different kind information know this is a Twitter which all the sudden everybody's breaking Chad Morse is headed to Arkansas now white there's some kind of genius. Yan Chan warned there was like the Tennessee I know man I jacket has seen that when as well so. I mean yeah here's the deal we got to figure out somebody they can get up on the stage in Knoxville in win that press conference because right now. It's ten meet these mud to gel won't wins and losses. It's about getting Tennessee fan base back on the same page so they can start to move for god I mean for the last ten years there's been three different factions in that in baseball and report. In different ways exactly and the one in the united fan base was. Christiane Christiane I've got an easier credit in the long run the other themed it's going really well in Knoxville it's taking some of the is you got eight basketball coach says people here in the upstate no and Rick Barnes can flat out coaching guess what he's doing it again this year. As well and it's his best team by far yet they've they've had their moments in his first two years obviously. Guinea they beeper gave him the beast Sally it's east eighteen they they won at Georgia Tech not a great win but it's tough road win that maybe you of one a couple of years ago. The real test of that comes and a couple of weeks in north Tehran comes Colin we'll see what happens there like I were ranked 24 right now you picked eleventh had a fourteen with John Anderson I didn't either a it would specially for Lawrence's because I. And I think you know. What's up I'm not you know I'll argue it was out of caution pessimism some things I'm not jump in on Yemeni out of doing yet but. I do like the way the basketball season has started and a we'll see what happens within this EC play is that league is a whole lot more competitive has been in recent years. Absolutely our right to final thing ago question for you and him will kind of close up with some a little bit Heisman talks. You do war Covert WR HI in Rock Hill you do some podcasts of course people can follow you on Twitter sports junkie 94 but. I don't talk a lot of high school football on this show which is quite frankly if you can't talk about everybody you don't really need to be talking about any album you know in I. Did in my job with Clemson and everything else I just. You gotta pick and choose your battles were right raising a sixteen year old child and I I just can't added to take that much more time to learn everything high school. But south point heard that they weren't the best team in the state of South Carolina by far this year. Mae and boy did they play like in getting what he fourth consecutive state title ever they're rock kill those guys is legit as everybody says. Short answer yes long answer a year and sunny day Barrett and I ain't got to cleanse it commits teriyaki the quarterback and became part of key part of the kicker paying. He's one of the best legs I've ever seen prior school player he's amazing Kendrick is one of those guys who. Makes plays happen and he'll be a wide receiver when he gets to Clinton but he makes so many game changing plays that stallion team quarterback so. But it's what straight parents built there is just it's just a dynasty and it's gonna keep going on and on and on mean they're unbeatable they're not even in the biggest classification mean at some other people were saying. They went by they would. East yet think when it released right before we get out don't forget a week from tonight is. The South Carolina football hall of fame legend speakers series its DN Reeves he former Atlanta falcon. The former Denver Broncos head coach of course you know former South Carolina quarterback. Now for just fifty but she can come here DN speak you can get your dinner it's buff Fay it's got everything included. And guess what you can even come make fun of me if that old guilty to the embassy suites at 5 PM next week I'm hosting this event with Dan Reeves and listen. You know we're it's a 503 C organization we're trying to raise some money for so come on now you can buy a table weakened by a meet and greet her just a ticket to that event which include your dinner and beverages. In less than we really love to have you that's next Tuesday from five to 8 PM. Just go to SC football HOF dot org and you can pick up your tickets and who knows maybe come meet the most exciting member of the Sturges family my wife. Next t.'s stake in the embassy suites will come back close up shot. Are you final few minutes of this Tuesday he addition is we'll give way at 630 to the Jimmy V classic will start play in a little bit of his speech on the way out about 2830 sear tees vs UConn gains Zagat. Vs Villanova tonight but. Again finishing upset he's in here WR HI in rock kill. Seth three people invited to the Heisman Trophy award on Saturday which I will not watch number one because I'm in Philadelphia for the army navy game greatest game in college football number two. I don't give a flip about the Heisman anymore in guy's been that way for awhile now why because it's not the best player in college football. It's the best player most times on the best team. And number two I go back and a look at some of the Janus Winston is she's when he was at Florida State. Or Johnny men's health. When he was at Texas a and M can guess what I'm gonna drug maker may filled. Maybe not with the addiction issues however he couldn't outrun a police officer this summer when he was drunk is on get out. So you know what sustain another person it's winning the Heisman that quite frankly I don't give a flip about. So guess what I don't care about the awarding anymore either. And I realized Tennessee fans and care after twenty years since we still thing you still get a lot. When he says it has been in Knox we still a lot of cross eyed look for every dot Peyton Manning should of won it but it was Charles Woodson but. To your point it's at least Woodson doesn't have the stains on like a Cam Newton hand like it judging as Winston Johnny Mann Zale. I can maker mayfield gonna have to see prices like he's one between when he meets ridiculously flawed so we meet. He's gonna he's gonna win any baker funny Mark Jackson and Chrysler despaired watching top. Yeah and I listen you go back can you look at it even though they lost four games Lamar Jackson numbers wise. Had a better year than he last year at nine and three but. Also I'm gonna say this until the Heisman Trophy people decide to get it right in a new age in Europe. If you don't incorporate what takes place in the college football playoff into the Heisman Trophy award. In the Heisman Trophy is not valid because. Last year had you taken in the post season with two games in the playoffs this John Watson Waltz away well ice on trophy. In you know Lamar Jackson mobile get blown out by LSU. Dion in Orlando so. A decision even an official award for me anymore and listen to Alabama running backs who won it the last seven years so I'm not trying to be. Just say end. You're not taking all the data points in in which to make the decision they are four. You're not really a real award give it to me give me some of the post season most valuable player Davey O'Brien or something along those line. Because IDD it is like that outcry about from a Marchex all eyes even after the Italians like. You guerrillas if we had the separate app I went switched it to Shawn Watson and rightly so main. He pretty he preaches that the two saying I'm going to do the best player out football camp and so while I tape the one that I'd love to see get its price love. He's been phenomenal he's been absolutely almost 2000 yards and that would 19173. Yards rushing seventeen touchdowns and eight point 3.2 yards per Geary and the shame of it is. Now a lot of yoga ST and has a right not kick offs as right. You know and again. You know the union they're going to be in the Alamo Bowl against TC I mean guys are actually really good man John. There that I'm looking forward tees so. Yeah I ears baker mayfield it's hard to argue 4340. Yards passing passing a 71%. Completion percentage. 41 touchdowns vs five interceptions what do hellacious. TD you interceptions ratio. Still managed to rush for four 310 yards and five touchdowns. So the numbers are they are. But let me tell you this if you're an Oklahoma fan you'll lob baker mayfield if you're not in Oklahoma fan chances are you don't like maker mayfield. It is what it is again I that's. The ability to diss some and not think about the repercussions and realize you're probably gonna have to go back and apologize for later on. And guess what I grew out of it I know baker mayfield does as well. But Johnnie Mae and I'll never did did you see the pot belly he was that working on the ad beats other day's odd idea that that was ridiculous but back to baker a quick. Funny I'd I'd keep it competitive fire Casilla he's a walk on ID it. Al lot I'd like watching implied by bike. The stuff what you get it's Kansas. I don't have no place for that. My own book did you see what Kansas did by not shaking you know he kind of won that whole day right there about looking down at the two kids in front of the Kansas players and ship shape they're in exactly people Oklahoma fans. I do that took on the entire fan base last week in if you saw I saw it. In fact kill them with kindness Amylin and apologize for saying I'm sorry to place is not in love sorry we scored so fast you know it's not right not like it is well. But guess why. My daughter saw all that stuff that sixteen years old and that's what infuriated me ED I don't want to if an Oklahoma team wants to defend that be my guess I think a little bit less of you in doing so let me tell you something. I'll talk bout this for several three and I would have rather Lincoln Riley. Not suspended in the just suspended for two flights just hate the worst thing that we can do form take that seat offer they're trust me he's in tears over. I would have been more apt delayed. But in indefinite suspension never got whipped back and looked through a couple of Oklahoma fans it now follow me on Twitter said yet he never said it was just going to be one series. He said it was going to be in death and age hinted. Did it may be just what you went to police escorted cut steel Europe seven enough and gets it team. Since about one more series just to take the high road. Again you really wanted to sell that Demi at listen he was in tears when we pulled that CO author and I think that's enough and I can live without a run on Kevin thing I did not kick like. Yeah his Jersey at IKEA got her stuff in me aides to apply a sonic quality Errol satellite got. There are you know critically. Yep and so again will seek. How all that plays out but it's going to be interesting no doubt I think he'll go baker may fill one price love to Lamar Jackson I think there's a buyer's remorse on last year's it is not Lamar Jackson's fault him. Not at all not at all but that he's listening yet hellacious year almost analysts hailed around and this year thank you very very much our right to a couple of thing a year final prediction where GT ego. When all this is said Doug is I think he needs to be done here by the end of the week. Oh oh boy I need at that that in a fancy house and oodles of money. Well I'll I'll outlook although Kevin Steele I just don't know where things. You wanna not bet any money honey that went way Clemson fans laughed at Tennessee fans don't be upset because when the policies ever happened was Kevin Steele get mad at tiger tail on Brent venables. Common in an hour and that lists and always a pleasure to have medium thinks re enabled accounted do you earned today indeed the via Internet situation you're gonna meet its smoke on the water in you know engineering said let's just hear on the side of Collison today that again about 1015 minutes when we got on the they come meego and everything's cool now. There was no way to relocate back on the about will be day on the air tomorrow. Diesel will be here in the SP in up six studios. We got a whole bunch that they have our guests and topics lined up like be thinking about who're programs that should be better college football who are programs that continue to amaze us when we look at it. Where some places that you would like Agassi college football game that you never attended in a yet diesel it's our twelve pack of knowledge contests with paints beverages to mark. A matter of fact they need to read you the questions rule quickly dasher. And you're looking. And getting a real lucky that Christmas and you know he's gonna get lucky on Thursday price and guys we're going to be in that plan out there in Philadelphia and I know who we had a shot Marie thing where you dropped glove and one of the models that role but I don't know if you do please give video I would hope that you got a lot of they would they're great Brothers but maybe we're being treated by the Salvatore Brothers up in Philadelphia on Thursday on our day office suite did we're gonna go have tea states we're -- ago what I do the rocky steps in the we're gonna end up in the NBA and the lakers in the 76. I'll baby yet it's Jimmy V night. Hear some Jimmy V on the way out have a blessed evening will do it again to Marc four point. One last thing I said it before and I want to say to get kids it can take away. All my physical abilities it cannot touch my mind it cannot touch my heart and he cannot touch my soul. And those three things I'm gonna carry on forever I thank you and god much at all.