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I'd welcome back in our number two. Me and real quickly before we go back of the gas line. We are out at 630 is when the best nights of the year it is the Jimmy V classics and just be prepared for that switchover at 630 but we add the Outback Bowl president on earlier Jimmy may now we go dale to New Orleans the Crescent City. We get on the Allstate Sugar Bowl president stately con. Who just happens to have one of the most popular destinations. Come New Year's night about 845. Welcome him with the Stanley. Would appreciate very much going to be going home ownership out. Well listen you know this is club since first trip they on the air to New Orleans and about sixty years for the Sugar Bowl. People I've no idea what to expect down here we know it's a sell out people are looking for ways to get the on this is all I will tell them when you get to the Crescent City were lack she get re to have some fun and see a great football game between Alabama and Clemson. Oh yeah I tell you that the people dead in New Orleans or excited about Clinton coming down. We've got actually the Clinton alumni club well in the war on. And they had the pleasure of hosting on. Shaun bought these past couple years he's won the Manning award and in the air all fired up about all all the engine folks coming down. Chi Orleans. And we understand that they party party and they'll work once and a great. Great weather wounds are you didn't store great food great drink greater clarity. For the young and old so we'll packed them up and bring them on there. Stanley is price jackets and here's great to have you on in and talk about the Sugar Bowl mark and are just fired up can't wait to get down here I'm not sure by more fired up book about the game war. Honestly the the Allstate pay in NASA's can Beagle and on down in the French Quarter on the thirtieth and 31 including I was told Dick Clark's new years rocking need the central time zone Joseph. All the fireworks down there I don't even know exactly what not to be excited about other semi good things for us to do with you guys. Yeah I mean it's going to be wild on the French Quarter didn't want to are already out the red this year will be there in the quarter along the Mississippi River. Our great backdrop for all the festivities. While we start all but usually for example with the parade that afternoon to those brought down the traders preached along the river. Are independent and best area. A law and then culminating that night in and then in that area with very they are more slowly. Good positions over the the Mississippi River everybody in the quarter long Jackson square as a kid or you thought. A ball law all the far works in our techniques did that we goat if they're going to all of that. It's going to be a great and you know it's gonna culminate in the beginning on January war. So Tibetans here's going to be fantastic didn't believe he has in mind camaraderie among the Clinton and help out fans it's going to be great. As we continue with Allstate Sugar Bowl president Stanley con you know I've had a lot of people ask me Stanley well shall bring the kids on this trip and I'm actually a good person a answer that because we actually my wife and child and I cruised at a New Orleans. In late June in early July in stayed in spent a little time and you know he may be that wanna get the youngsters on Bourbon Street did you get into that Jackson square in the brewery area and say the plea you were mentioned along the Mississippi River not to mention the Garden District Darren Thomas themes that families can enjoy in New Orleans without happened to you. Just go up and dale Bourbon Street. Departure actually correct. Do we pride ourselves on loan you know family entertainment no matter how are younger aloe. Are you put the kids it's just a great experience they get decision on the river along the river we have a large aquarium. You know what fantastic suit. Children's Museum. And a little bit older we have you're a young adults silly teenage starts or really. Right ten years old or so 2000. Fantastic World War II he's saying that's that is its missile and equality. Are there any to do IMAX theaters things of that nature all all of downtown. All French Quarter. So there's absolutely no reason to feel that you can't bring your kids along expect every year we are taught to kids love. Become very active parents and grandparents and and and enjoyed that all the festivities leading up to the game. And we're continuous Stanley con now Allstate Sugar Bowl president checked him out align Allstate Sugar Bowl dot org on Twitter at Sugar Bowl. In OLA. And Standley. This game being played on New Year's Day you know Latin the past your house football playoff semis. You have been on New Year's Eve visit changed much at all for you guys have in the game now move forward one day with NFL. You know I rooted to the way the schedule has shifted. Well. And you may not be aware. The Sugar Bowl rose low world or contract vols and so we're we're contracted to play our game. Every year. Jamie Farr award nods in the forward here on January warned. And we're preceded by the Rose Bowl in the yet pond on our New Year's night showed this really does not. Impact our itinerary one bit. And didn't feel lucky greatly what people can come down. In short these New Year's holiday. Enjoy New Year's seated in no greater game you've been in the war and then on. Wake up and head gear you're. Eggs hidden for a used to blond shouldn't at all on restaurants that we have in the mosey on down at all walking boot camp. Trivia Mercedes-Benz superdome. And and watched one fantastic artist who moved ahead with Janelle brown. So Stanley cannot go ahead and putt in the thousands request he. I have to admit. We were that we can solve our community spread all over the Montreal in the caucus championships. This past week you know including the agency's. Are happy being able the at least the Internet look at all. About twelve it to me and the the BA championship was already under way in and luckily outlet stream and while out up here about 30000. Lead I got yet got our. I saw the actual look. Awarding of Clinton and and then Alabama to the to be sure to vote. But by the time I landed him on my cell phone activated yet had eighteen checks in about another button. Email haul off and quit the ticket if it's hot ticket in. But and worked additional sold out at you go to our web site that you are just mentioned there are. Links to where. From what I understand tickets can be bad. But there it is a tight ticket. And as you'd expect when they're you hit. Clinton the now panel together to the most consistent. Powers in college football would pass through years. Let me give our listeners before you close up with the stay in the an idea what it takes to be the president the Sugar Bowl because this is the 84 annual Sugar Bowl classic and of course you know Tuesday helped design to bring tourism to not only the New Orleans area but the Louisiana and in general. They are 110 individuals that comprise the membership of the Sugar Bowl committee any full time staff of ten employees. It worked you're wrong round to make all this stuff happen and it's not just about that gained on New Year's night. Right all of it was founded in 1930 baht and the purpose was to promote amateur athletics. And then he should ignore the economy back in those days there wasn't much going along between the Christmas in the and New Year's. And our charter members began an organization that had a raised 30000 dollars to do sir. And it just showed you now how college football at the ball. Everything here that it's constant change you gotta stay on top of every billion in change along with that. And that's our goal is to remain a top tier bowl. There were spots you excellence which is exactly what below us when he tried to product. At can you in the Nixon saying it Alabama we all recognize that the note no humans perpich. But we struck used this quote perfection as you possibly can which means yeah you always kept it probably doesn't think that we provide. All of our guests who come down. But still bought entertainment. Cuisine. And everything is so compact it's it's one of the greatest venues Syria's got into law. Without without such well of course in these. Or what college athletic who can't here and wanted the Mercedes-Benz superdome book we work year round. Competently. Putting everything together we have also a number of well. Other other institutions archer. All locally. To help the the local local community and on our state parks where athletic association that's sponsoring golf yet change change. Here in the state of Louisiana so it it is definitely a a year round effort. And that it culminates genuinely want to achieve it. All right again you can check him out on line www. Allstate Sugar Bowl dot org on Twitter at Sugar Bowl in OLA. The sixtieth president Sugar Bowl history bill the committee since 1998. Stanley con. Staley one quick one for me is I want a bay even jumble high intra creole wall were down there. To get it authentically right from the heart of the Crescent City gimme a 88 dining recommendation from yourself. On the bench for a pre George I brown police well. Well. There's so many men are and that's creole restaurant at. I guess the war and it becomes your mom's the one closest mall is still we've got about a block away call our god can't be said. It did it probably won't salute that ball in the KG who don't look for. In the war was good there's so many great restaurants. Always knew he warned it would go all the Pataki cuisine and then more on the river barge in and protect the country and we're we're especially looking towards cynical to vote. They haven't been down since 1950. It's gonna hardly has been that long. Well I was talking to Ben rhetoric over its last night also that those union and appeared to your will be our national football foundation on oh they induction ceremonies and I. And or those got excited but come in the war position as we are gonna get hopes so we'll look reported every Arkansas trauma treatment there on. And if you really look at what do. Melissa we certainly look forward to beating on their broadcasts the Stanley we hope we won't do anything that in players is you because you know what. I've never gonna have any fun in New Orleans not gonna do it not gonna do it but let's. I enjoyed tell coach board up there starts at Helen denied as he goes into the hall of fame and listened to keep for carving out some time with this week look forward to make and are waiting on the New Orleans and enjoying everything. Stewart brought dungy wouldn't. All right thanks very much to Stanley Cohen. Our rate. Again I'm just did I cannot tell you how excited I am about this trip because I have been I haven't been in the Sugar Bowl in two decades and literally since 1993. So that's. 24 years you twin almost 25 years ago of my three trips down their mind consisted of spring mark strips SEC got rescue right tournament and I was down there for a Thanksgiving one year as well. And that's the only football taste I got when I was down there was pretty Cole was southern in Grambling green rant line to buy you class yeah that was also sue and it's. Price you're asking about restaurant recommendations how many do you want if you had down make sure you stop and Johnny's po boys. Who had that restaurant has been opened for over fifty years. And if you're gonna get a po boy Dole's sellout don't get it don't get it chicken homeway that's that's actually waste and listen in the law I think they cause that freely because I think it's called us a shrimp boat. It's fried shrimp must drive Trevor there'd there'd been another one where they put literally everything here is it. Eight go get the NE AG can do it cafe Dumont and others are good but here's the deal just expect to maybe go into the bathroom because after he media played have been nay be in the a's it looks like he may be in Macon outlook Pablo Escobar for the last hour. Well I you got your own issues and how much as you speak your own. I have to tell you walk outside suburban street with a face full white powder you'll fit right it was some of the people down there are raising case. I say right now I'm not a big hopefully god is all that mayonnaise is I can do without vets say that's not a that's not a true globally we're where you get po boys that do not add I had lobster po boy you DC you know and I had a it's all right Sandra get off that is not a poll to look at DC poll lawyer Dominic did he won in New Orleans don't get me wrong hockey gods guns. Like I know them at del taco today that the Fiesta Bowl that's only thing on meat and we get down there I'm not have a number am I haven't hot and you go years listen. It was so we're going to be do it Teresa allowed us to. What we did not wish you venture often ate some cajun and isn't about it open for 67. Years sandwich shop has been 67 you that we who alligator sausage ball boy tells me it has so many restaurants within walking distance of where we're staying in this Wyndham. Resort and just looking forward to it I give him a couple of really good microbreweries. For price there's one that does a small batch Beers locally as well some other customers and aisles like DeDe. That guy crisis saying. All know what had my name got Rick written all over was a couple loose 24 hour joints that are like hole in the wall like -- laundromat light beatle Paul doesn't mess once did exactly you can get a Africa's entry there it's got like four times amana alcohol than as anywhere else it's all right opened fire and mine's 844 GS PE SPN. Well that was a gap fascinating fascinating conversation here during the break in the stadium by the way prices GNU take off weird. First of all this sitting right where you rate come live filling Greg on the fan mines diesel what did you do get when the Tooth Fairy came do you back and today you're younger than me. That may be a dollar dollar fifty tops I got a corn price would you be able backing your dad yeah it was a lot of money each day we did I was in. When he. You were getting twenty's. Like two dimes. At a I didn't say multiple times happened warrants well the thing is his bid and that prices sons in here with this lost his second TX. Five putts twenty feet are killing an awful data showing that two golf he has to say sitting there they're being well what his headphones on when he's not telling you is the first two then lost he swallowed it so we didn't have that well but the tip they're still came to fairy. It found that to last night delivered all right says thieves is also here in studio with this he's gonna finish out the final thirty minutes and I will talk. Some of the mess going on in Knoxville because he's an unabashed Tennessee guy by fills up first want to talk about New Orleans feel welcome in. America not just don't carry all couple like new loan. Although harbored great rhetoric recoup her true. The record guerrillas rap producer it's got a really good food. Remark coup put it together and their football are the all most of the yen. Colored don't look the is the oldest. Established poker America. While yes you actually hear him say he's a bar on Burma street and had to be a little more specific here. We've been different. If there were older little. All of that my mother Asia home look he. Shares are almost too good here and you hear people walk people walker. How will not appear politically incorrect with no regard sir should you know I want and her own Lola. And it Seminole builders and lenders brutal wall over or. Actually tagged Niedermayer a cool place. I've filled you know who one of the things I'd recommend Clemson fans do we need is to do the I hop on hop hop hop off tour around New Orleans in you'll actually have that more pointed out to use your right is sea longest continuous. Establishment. In the United States. He area that it blew up confidence level terms. I am not playing around product when you buy him a broken arms and Greg but a huge yet I am but there are a donut down marker not. Pull apart from a lack of a better term is it by airplane door. You know. You know if you have to Georgia content robbery is kind of sorry you know there are great. He him and I am not good. You are being hit it would be you're really great championship game of it will be again and vote I am what really adored. And whoever Warner would be a lot of animosity. Thanks for the phone call Phil that was fantastic now the best thing that happened. Between the Clemson Georgia rivalries they quit playing every year because it was starting to build up some of that animosity during the eighties with. You know Herschel and all that kind of stuff Miami that was drag me you know I hate to say it like this. But for a little while Georgia was as big if not bigger of a rival the clubs and even South Carolina news now that's exactly right all right let's go back defend Greg what's talk about the Sugar Bowl Greg welcome and. Hey how ya doing a day are cringe when you start talking about two very it. And I figured five dollars with the amount of those six victimize your mouth I just heard that somebody else did them a mild ball. That as a South Carolina employment Al Gore in Louisiana. Of course our border Lake Charles on the web so we're where the age of thirty blue real cajun community is split. But you don't give a couple reporters out there not source places the child at things that struck you got a child rude and BO UDI in. Which is or fraud boot them balls and if you bounce somewhere distraught pistol lit it's. That's what you wanna give Chara. Greg let me also ask you you know this last time of course we were always dim around the convention senator but. And what in my previous stops to the Sugar Bowl less and it's not all around Burma street get out to around two lane there's some great bars called Audubon tavern. Eighteen to some stuff like that in that gets you away from all of the New Year's Eve stuff. Going into that street. Eight veg out yours say you know a lot of times investors going to be farm and some. Metal building joint all of the side of the road that don't look like much maybe had the meat market attached to it and that's where you'll find the best. Well listened we appreciate you listening and we appreciate you getting in and analysts in Lake Charles, Louisiana is a common make me state. How about Poland that when now from nowhere. You guys have a very nice to us graduates for getting in you know I don't propose must first from my second trip to New Orleans were when his opinion would have told him we went for Thanksgiving one year my mom and I we can get the cargo anywhere really didn't matter my dad my sister up front prayed those two are listing right now because they really be furious with me that. You know they're always I don't wanna be away from home on Thanksgiving how wanna do this in what we're gonna create room and in the French Quarter and it was fantastic but. I was still so many Kentucky at the time solace I because we are there at Thanksgiving Ellis went over and trained Udoh a couple days with the the club team but I'll never forget my mom calling me. Oh probably do about early October. And so while slime from Lexington to go down there a flew back but she called me in its in that was when the drinking age went back from eighteen to 21 at the time. And she called me and she said I've got an unusual request as my Mollison OK what do I needed it she said. Did you find the pink caddy for your sister for for our trip to Thanksgiving to New Orleans a set only coming months she said. Yeah I need you to find if he had. It would not necessarily that so she could drink so we can go to the places to have fallen. Hey listen there it is worth a trip to preservation jazz held a good check all that stuff out New Orleans I'll tell you before we get to admiral quick my first trip to a Sugar Bowl. There was ten of us in a room with two double beds. I had the only two tickets today Alabama Miami game now let's take in the guy the goddess the renew me and my buddy from Tuscaloosa. So we get in there. I knew I would get won the T slaughter for slots in the bad patch is the bottom of the closet. I had to play do you Dallas out it was absolutely outstanding they make fun of that choice when we first got there I didn't have people tripping over me is that heroic and at 4 o'clock in the morning out there and street. Adam from Spartanburg wants to get in a last night Spiegel Steelers game welcome in Adam apria and good afternoon. You to have a great great afternoon about the guys show huge steeler fan man. It did you read I haven't got a chance to listen to you today bit. Did you really think they had to Jews block was that 38 in May not know they outlaw the block but that's a really old fashioned football player not didn't think it was that dirty but not DARPA. About gronkowski what he'd it was look worse than what you Jesus but I didn't write up about them that. It was it was a football play now here's the thing give him twenty years ago nobody makes a big deal about GG's play because. You know unfortunately in this day and age where we're supposed to be becoming more safety conscious at least from the shoulders up that's what made that particular play look bad you know and I mean. Or twenty years ago it Clinton. Yeah I watched bits and pieces of the Beagle Steelers game last night is now set up a new laptop the nets two hours of your life that you always. This morning and when I'm watching on ESPN talking about. Potentially that game last night set football back because of the amount of violence and it and you know what here's the deal this is a growing millions gain that's what appeals to people. They wanna see that hit suit you take it times have your cake you need to. I agree and the other thing I'd want to point out as are our approach on the Ghana. And they and Jon Gruden just. They added to it in its English comic done it doesn't. Like football he should not be calling and it felt gains on Monday night and it. It's just his comments were just wait one sided in. It was a it was the hardest hitting game I've seen. In years in the NFL. I appreciate the call I have dances great call I'll say this rule quit I. Number one I didn't think Judy Smith it was 31 say it looked okay to me it was like in the context that 2017. We should do exactly but the fact that he'd Labonte has Bertha now a guy who's taken cheap shots and everybody around this league. I had zero empathy the one thing zero away from that game last night high school coaches g.'s coaches across the world across the country. Go get film of Ryan cheesy years tackle in show your kids this is not how you make a tackle in the game of football. Did I I'm just fortunate this is spinal contusion. In not going to be worse and I am. I was stake in this doesn't look good his when he immediately reached ailment started grabbing toward that back in toward the legs may and that scared me all right let's go back and opens Daniel wants to talk about the Sugar Bowl debut welcome him. Are you. Your outlook from Michael's whereabouts of both see government Sugar Bowl beat you up a lot of valid or not. I hear a lot of crimson pre ordered a cup record glee club better this year but you don't. Com basically the last two years he beat BP about all understand though not. Selling them and they don't want to hear not who Joseph. In the past two years clips I'll rather beat Alabama in the 08 issue and about it our current. Well not all. In the last two years straight and the tennis in whole well you ready for their first round upon. Implement appropriate given that here today to deal travel. You hurt and angry go to Nick's candy the Eric I need to occur quite. Failure even saved them all ball to right here. All about it thank you can be completely different story out and game. I agree with the rapid clip so much a lot better thing. But obviously these games when you get the amount of talent is going to be on the field is welcomed their attention and I happen to your site and Amare. Or anybody it's just go. Can be a short time be. I think. You perceive the phone call today and there is some truth to that now listen I is very valid point well hold on. I've on the Baylor guy here on the saving guy he Africa hold on. We've had testimony Graham yeah that's the money we've had some clunkers and similar. What we've had some clunkers in that Sugar Bowl and he's had a month to prepay airport. Now I do agree you wanna give you wanted prepare for club or club so what's opponent to have less time to prepare for. Because that benefited Clemson as well going faster. In that team PJ dean really worn down Alabama both years so I think there is some truth to here's the deal. Is much credit is we wanna give to Nick Saban his horse coaching kitchen sit there and turn around and get back on a credit Matt in the courts and coaching staff. With Gavin Sweeney and Brett venables and Tony Elliott as well. Yeah you can in here earlier coming from but it it still doesn't change the fact that. Did when you give. Nick Saban that laundry prepare prepare there's really in my book and in maybe you were different but your Alabama guy. But in my book there's nobody better because when it comes to preparation attention to di tale. All those things Nick Saban in marble is the best in college football and I do agree to an extent that. That's gonna be a little bit different factor this time. In that intimate look and here's the thing about Clemson staff they're gonna get the same amount of time to prepare for Alabama. As Alabama's gonna get for Clemson. I do think though that that is C a it's a point to look out for the B this being a semi final instead of a final this time. That is certainly going to be different I like. I think it would be beneficial. For it let's play devil's advocate here if AM wins. It would be Major League beneficial for Alabama to see George in the next game in Atlanta vs Oklahoma who can raise that pace up because was one consistent theme we've toward this coaches. In that second half of that cheaply to gain the boys got tired yet in a here's the other thing I'll say real quick about Clemson you know I think Clemson is a different team this year nap some people are gonna have their opinions are they better are they worse than last year. I think they're just different than last year and I think it's gonna cost preparation to be a lot differ for Alabama especially defensively. All what Clemson does on office this year instead of the big play. No did Shawn Watson led you know train amend Wayne Gama was his big that thing is anything but. This is a different this is a different MO that Clemson is offensively this year it's not all around the passing game and as Shawn Watson. In and out of pocket I mean it it is completely different and so. I actually think that the way Clemson is structured offensively this year actually placed Alabama's top paper air into their hands a little bit. All right let's get out there bright will continue 844 GS PE SP and when we come back three Heisman finalists will take a look at their numbers and see if we agree straight up with star urging for four GS PE SPN. Hi welcome back again. Get Brady got the phone lines bit it is looking like the University of Arkansas won't mean Chad mores is their next head coach we can also let you know Willie Taggart dill if Florida State is the official. In he will be a nail still 11 AM tomorrow who all right let's go back to the phone lines jet what's the talk Sugar Bowl Jack welcome in. Hey thank you thank you outlook into your talk early there this wonder Anna Chapman a couple things if I'm way out space or not there's that your opinion on that. So. The they talk about preparing a thirty must thirty states prepare for Clemson and Alabama and Saban had vanished. I would agree with that I think there's some validity to that NASCAR coming out aren't so neglected laws. And I think there's some but but I would also say that. Last year remarks at thirty days to prepare. And Clinton did OK there and against big game Bob and Oklahoma they had thirty days were here in the dedicated players since then and there's definitely history that they've been able order. Coach and a pretty good with a month to prepare as well. Jack oh yeah that's category that's kind of a point no of this view. And Clemson split with Alabama and taken to from Oklahoma in the last four years they've taken a couple from a Ohio State I mean he talked in this news is that haven't Sweeney is that program ready to take on so. Listen I'm as it's Koreans in him wide is it gets after spending five and a half years of my dad's money in Alabama. But I'll say that what we're witnessing here in this last four years five years in the upstate is a pretty historic run as well. I'd eaten that's but I do have another take on it this. Playing Alabama and the Sammy verses the final and I think this is where it really comes in is that. Banning Clemson are gonna hit each other artists can be for fourth quarter. There aren't if you saw that game last year you you are there you you heard you saw it take a month to recover from Alabama had a week at Albert. I think Auburn lost that game last week at as much because that would ban the week before. You know they hadn't even thought of that there's a lot of truth in it in that's the thing. The Oklahoma Georgia game is a battle of different wills Oklahoma lights to go fast. I don't wanna call them saw that play softer brand of football also one of those two teams may not come out come out as banged up but you know to. The thing is is Dana Woodson from albums Lou we are you where you rate of fine IE Jack I'm going to be honest with you I've said this it's we left the stadium. January night last year ID want nothing to do what part three this time and quite frankly I don't want anything to do with that now guess what goals sit back and enjoy this. Animated they don't enjoy this year. Right thank you Jackie Richey to get new and Kevin's next Kevin welcome and have to have a good afternoon. Great afternoon. Not trying to today at an outright that Alabama had the extra week off course and has been a preparation we get ready Miami. I don't liners you can't an effort and you can't believe the senator wanted to sit around cool week. He was cracks in his standing opposite they were in the follow or. So happily. Is going to be to the advantage of Alabama to have that extra week an extra time to use it again. I'm not ready to Rose Bowl. In outsource is running again. On the got some of the great quarterbacks you don't even need a nanny or you just say this guy back. I mean that they are. Loaded at run back. Do you think is too much Oklahoma and. You know day Kevin I think in the great front side and that's one of the fascinating match ups to be price because. If Oklahoma gets rolling with baker mayfield who is going to be your Heisman Trophy winner come Saturday. If they get rolling. Can Georgia play catch up with a freshman quarterback with that style that's the question to beat Georgia cannot let Oklahoma. Get out to attend a nother a fourteen to three tight believe it's it's not net DNA with that running game any true freshman quarterback in Jake from to come play catch up. Say I'd the contrast in style strength for strength with Oklahoma's offense and Georgia's defense. That's it. That almost is just as good as sexy as Alabama Clemson a lot of like Matt I'm fascinated by the match up especially. With with what Oklahoma could started to Georgia because. Last time I checked it and look how states not in mid Ohio State had a pretty doggone good defensive line now they've had holes after that. But last time I checked Oklahoma shredded that would pretty good now Georgia shoulder in their front seven. What can baker may feel duped ultimately to me at all Oklahoma wants to win the game comes down to their defense. Do they have any accurate exact now they have played better on deep they have one of the reasons and I'm gonna go against everything that tells you in the world that you need to pick Georgia in this game. The reason I'm gonna pick Oklahoma it's I'm totally going against every train grain possible and picking Oklahoma. And honestly it's just a gut doing it. But Oklahoma is going to have to play with a defense that can get off the field on third down. Because of the fourteen they're the one that does not have a championship level defense clubs and Alabama Georgia they do. I'll say this about the call when he called and said about you know a good thing that Alabama didn't like. Three weeks four weeks what's the difference ultimately at the end of the day you've had a long lay off. I think it benefits the team its played more recently because that long layoff. Lot of times you see a completely different team oftentimes just because sometimes are sluggish they had played so long. So in my book three weeks four weeks it really doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of difference. The fact that Clemson did play in played well. Again didn't hammy but I heard exactly yet listen this much we know will we see Clemson and Alabama. Get together on New Year's night New Orleans it will be the healthiest both of these football teams have been. In some to an injury situation right now all the fourteen there's no question that Clemson right now is in the best helpful. Absolutely all right we'll go out to break will take your phone policy for Ford GSP its prices final segment we're gonna cut him and been loose for daddy Sunday night so as these from Debbie are each guy he can will tell you where you can follow him on Twitter he's gonna finish his final thirty minutes this is straight up with starch. Hi welcome MacKey and final few minutes till the top of hours we are going to be leaving Thursday morning for Philadelphia are price and I were off on Thursday's Richmond and diesel and duty will be here in studio for best game of the year best game of the year Friday will be on radio road there in Philadelphia we're going to be there all day and Albany if it means it's important I I'm with you on this when I would not have thought it. This time last year but you know we're gonna hear from Steve or West Point grad probably every day this week. Talking a little smack price yeah after it. So I think it and then get called. In. Up on earth is a game I well. It up. So for apple while. You out last night out a lot and eat out and call it looks at. Art. All welcomed go out and the other. All it is bad out. What site challenge a chapter two mile race on or Clinton and better patient opted out on. Al a lot better Lorie go to college. Age and it keeps it. Installation on helped guide had to act on. Our country to it was questions cutlery on that. Yup and I'll. In Alsace girl I'll say Steve wrote quake some and I know a lot about is my wife was the staff liaison to the Clemson student veterans on campus at Clemson for awhile. A great organization that you ought not support these guys are at. It. I. Worked on expect. Oh aren't. Quakers and well on the net. Up or eight straight out all can handle this happened last capped a lot about all. They'll I. Know it all go all the art exhibit. OK. And keep hitting a helmet at eight. And more. And so I thought. I'd. But again what all ER eighty. Sat out apps are. All. Like. But you know I capped gains there's no gold and got a mean it ought to eat rye. And that's just cannot compete with. I think Steve emit that it's actually a really interesting topic in question especially like he mentioned her when James he's gonna sit out Florida State's bowl game and it's. There are obviously different reasons. Mom. The big thing is is that and it's at the academy's. View get some practice time it's a little bit different especially like Napster's if you come from the threats prep school. I don't know at the end of the day if I would if I would make that move because you're still gonna get your fifteen practices. Because typically a lot of times. You do what you split practices with the young guys at least at navy I watch these guys do they had to differ practice times were Durham bull crap. They had the younger ones and then they had the the veterans of the year the first steamers and so everybody was getting multiple reps in so. I don't know especially in the spring to win they can come together officially and do work. There's just so many kids that are out and you've just got an abnormally large number players on academy football teams. I don't know of the dean portion I do know that coaches they try and play a lot more bodies but they try to buy one when the date you know they're not throwing in the towel on the army's likable McDowell. Played San Diego State and a navy is not gonna throw in the towel and their bowl game Burke Virginia they're going to play to win. And the other thing is is add that last trip with a team outside. That's when they get to go have some fun you know they're not restricted by he has some of the things on campus and things of that nature Ramey. I can see both sides of the appalachians little thing point is its cars to when gene sitting out for supply if I had the opportunity to sit out a bowl game called the walk ons Independence Bowl I'd be infuriated as a scholarship player. That ball he was named walk ons but not just skid. Did you work that well for Chris McCaffery I don't like those guys putting themselves in their future ahead of that team. That feels like you're turning your back on your team that's my opinion in my opinion only again I don't have a pro career coming up but guess what if you're afraid your gonna get hurt in that game chances are you're afraid your gonna get hurt and something else and that's win. Yeah actually do you get hurt price. See about 4:15 Thursday morning here in our common OK it's. Easy. A state the airport a lot later match our. All right we'll see you I have found wood pin on daddy's son Knight Nat thank you for everything set thieves will come back with this year for the final thirty minutes.