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Rule commit upstate it is a good diesel where in studio on a T stay. Not by choice it's a great Tuesday edition. Hey I kind of sums up how the upstate has been today listen we of course were supposed to be it smoke on the water but we've had charter Internet issues all over the upstate today. About ten minutes ago engineering comes to us and says all clear sir of course just one of us face to face that take his urine. Your local Q yesterday I sell the unit and the mood of the world that does want us. To see each other what you wanna see eight upset group of cells people when they can't put their orders and the yes system downstairs oh you would the this place is about the stopper around here are so it has been uninteresting day and of course that's why we're here in the studio with will be price tag can sit in meek. If we're off at 630 today will give way to the Jimmy V classic tonight yet seared she's in UConn and all big east job match up. Also you have Ginn zag and Villanova that's tonight in the Jimmy V classic but in between. We're gonna talk a lot about the college football coaching updates. Clemson fans can begin to breathe easier. We'll take a look at the Heisman finalists. Maybe take a look back at last night what some people are calling him Monday night disaster I mean. That was that things got way out of hand the balls morality UCLA. In a course we have the entire country banned from the would upcoming. Winter a limit but Olympics so a lot of different things to get into at 435. This afternoon we're gonna talk with yet Outback Bowl president. Jim McVeigh. It is the 31. Out by Outback Bowl in Tampa of course at South Carolina and Michigan. On New Year's Day down in the at Raymond James Stadium also 505 we'll talk with Allstate Sugar Bowl president. President stay in the cone so we will get you up to date. On the Clemson and South Carolina bowl trips Lou. A lot of different things going on today of course you can also give him with this on the ESP in upstate text line that 71307. We just like for you to put ESPN. At the front of the tax that we can get to a quicker but there's a lot of different things going on around the college football world. Most and most recently here in the last hour knees is broken I did it came down to four seconds. Diesel does four seconds make. Is that what the differences in claiming that you broke the news. Because Brittany Murphy who has already broken multiple multiple. Stories when it comes to the coaching carousel. Loss to Bruce Feldman a Sports Illustrated about 42 span. Brutal. I think they get the same tip and guys to swing type quicker and the other. But the attempt was Willie Taggart the organ head coach is gonna take the at Florida State football job so yeah Tennessee remains coached at Tennessee remains coach Lewis have a a little bit of an idea where they may be looking will talk about that when later on but think about this date all right this is now the nineteenth head coaching moving college football so for this year. We still got like seven programs have opened jobs but here's even more weird part about we are we standing college football in 2070. This is gonna be the third school that Willie Taggart has recruited four in the last 365. Days. And it accidentally dropped the wrong name to recruit. What was it from Spartak South Carolina Jerry green back in the day price when he was introduces they had to chip organ in basketball that said. I'm happy to be here in Corvallis now realizing that Corvallis was the home of Morgan State. Although the Pope on there so. But a anyway so that's what we wore. Deal with a surprise that Willie Taggart takes his job I'm an all out I'm not his dream job that's what they say but you know I yeah yeah I feel worse for in this situation right now our players that. He'd just gotten in their coach here in the last eleven months to guess what they're out adored they have to stay in org and they can't transfer. You know that's the bad part about all is that the state Oregon called me and I'd I did it beautiful canvas. EU comes just in Cairo ads coaches are free to move around however they want this players that are tied into where they signed a scholarship damning in its load it's not an ideal situation especially for in the administration players but. You took that chance because you never know when a job is coming open and you know Willie Taggart coached his whole life basically in the state of Florida outside of the union time western Kentucky and you know you know that the roots are they're hiding is a great move for Florida State Tony is a really really good move that they didn't have to even. Move on down the food chain because that's when I thought it could be gotten ruled Dicey. Well it's going to be interesting since that seems official we do have a couple of other news and notes here. Congratulations. To Clemson co offensive coordinator Tony Elliott is he is named today the winner of the girl's award which goes to the nation's top assistant coach. Remember it was just last year that Brent venables one this awards to think about. With the Clemson coaching staff. His had happened in the last two years 2015. Data Sweeney national coach of the year Brett venables in 2016. Nation's top assistant coach Tony Elliott in 2017. Nation's top assistant coach. Give me an idea why clumps and is in the act college football playoff for the third consecutive. Season yet and it's why did you saw Tonioli was in Nixon sat Central Florida and told to bury yen which. Actually a little bit surprised they went outside the same way I thought they were gonna promote one of those assistants inside and an eagle at Josh our people out often to coordinator Missouri. Now you got done Missouri now having to fill both coordinator positions after a turn around mid season under Barea Odom I was a fantastic coaching job up there. Yep sue again guys you mentioned Josh titled the new head coach at Central Florida so Clemson fans can breed. A whole lot easier right now just simply in the fact that that Tony Elliott is the job that he was speculated to be with. Looks like though it is now been field also. Arkansas all the rumors really kind of start to break that may be Chad morsels job is lowered. At that that's that's what's gonna happen yet and it's gonna be Chad more stricker is the big thing about what ten Morse can do for them. Now that dumb Mike Leach there were some issues there with him analogous miles on his out. Ten Morse is is it's it's a matter of time in the big thing about that is he can go number one it's an offensive guy. Which what you need to do you need to put the fun back in it. And plus you get the state of Texas and plight could you get a guy and who knows all his high school coaches and stated Texas. I think what are heard this morning that his two recur or last two recruiting classes and S and you were nothing but only signed nothing but Texas play. In that's you know what Josh is stalinists earlier having grown up in Arkansas. That's way. That's what Arkansas needs to repair work has Brett bill McConnell went to the alliance our state and alienated all those high school coaches about the style of offenses they're playing in this and that the other. He guess what nay yet Chad Morse right did in the year to help solve those wounds Arkansas. Past two in there is no choice to. Have to recruit the state taxes into its success. Also when it comes to the coaching knees didn't steal nothing going on that much in Knoxville I still think you know see less miles get this job before all said and done in Knoxville yet I don't. He he's the one. IA I think gates. I Jim Morse is in play their and Brent venables is in play there are eighteen Morton is in play there. And mentioning being heard the other day was it your fill full hour former why not make the call to clay Helton in a position where there's been some rift between him and Lynn Swann at southern cal. Make him tell you know mom stay in and of amid southern Cal's twice a better job at Tennessee right in his citing close southern cal like a top five job. But ask clay hill and you wanna come back can you bring T Martin with. Yeah and also apparently they've reached out and talk to a university of Washington's Chris Peterson yet again. In that once the one that surprises me because he was at Boise State and Washington he hadn't really have a lot of ties here to the Alley than but it is an interesting name that is that come up yet again so was the only other one when it comes to Clemson staff that you may he had need to pay attention to. Jeff Scott is actually interviewing for the University of South Alabama head coaching position migrates via an ad that's those are the kind of spots and you know like a Tonioli going the Central Florida. These G five jobs and open up that's exactly. You know people like Jan Morrissey know when you got the job and SMU that's what Ted Tonioli and is a matter time we're Tonioli gets a job and and when you win the royals is is to go to your war. You don't have to win it to validate what you can do is a coordinator. It just does nothing but put that signed sealed deliver on it that you're bound a bigger for better things yep and I also don't forget that. When it comes to South Carolina they did 218 to two players on the first team all SEC the coaches Liz Hayden Hearst the tide and sky more linebacker congratulations. For those two gamecocks making the first team all SEC coaches award don't forget wofford's headed up headed out to Fargo, North Dakota for a noon kick off on Saturday in the FC ES quarterfinals and he a tough task at hand Wofford out they are five years ago. They are now playing are the terriers and back to back quarterfinal game so Wofford in North Dakota State that is a noon kick off. Out there in Fargo do you have one basketball game here in the upstate tonight the Furman Paladins are hosting UNC Asheville that's a 730 tip off in Timmons arena. For a basketball at five in three on the year right now Watford will host Georgia Tech they're at the DJ Richardson indoor arena tomorrow night they are in Spartanburg price. Net net. You know Furman days outside of that lost of that bad loss to Winthrop and and they got ruled. You know I saw I think it was just so kind John who does a little bit of a power pole for our cameras website but he had some Wofford down there like near the bottom in his powerful awesome what. This time a year when it comes to programs especially like Southern Conference you can look at a three and four record. And you can think all what a terrible team. But you're one out didn't guarantee games mark mean you're going out there and getting paid eight games like western Carolina look at western Carolina's record being a look at who they played. All right to again don't forget we're getting out of here at 630 tonight will give way to the Jimmy V classic one of the best nights in college basketball year of course Jim Baum bonnet the former NC state head coach not to mention ESPN commentator Syracuse and UConn Gonzaga. And Villanova two pretty good basketball games and none price Leo. Again when we come back will before we get into coaching in college football prices are Olympic expert. Price we had some massive news drop a couple hours ago when it comes to the upcoming Winter Olympics if February we'll get your opinion on that again at 435 we will talk with Outback Bowl president Jim McVeigh 505 Allstate Sugar Bowl president. President Stanley come. As we are actually in studio or not it's smoke on the water on this Tuesday. And will be right back 844 GS PE SPN. All right welcome back in price this Saudi did she winters did sightings systematic. Manipulation. Of anti doping rules. A fourteen person International Olympic Committee ammo. And they announced earlier today it in his AM to Russia from the 2018. Winter Olympics. The panel had been mulling a confidential IOC report. That detailed Russia's official doping program during the 2014. Sochi Sochi Olympics. And then the extensive cover up afterwards so. No Russians at this year's Winter Olympics and this is it because. World war in no Russians under the flag and no Russians under. Uniforms. Anthems or anything like that. That does not mean that there won't be Russians competing they just can't do and at least they won't compete while. What's gonna happen is they won't compete under us and basically it's going to be a Dyson is a designation called Olympic athletes from Russia. They will not march in here they will march in the opening ceremony but it will have no income it's like when you see the I'm telling her what the group what they called the group it's not refugees it's it's a group and they come basically compete independent right country they're allowed to compete but they don't they can't technically represented their nation that's what the Russian athletes. That are allowed to compete will do and you know really this thing comes down to that what's gonna happen is that will be. The IOC won't quote unquote invite. Athletes from Russia to compete that passed stringent testing. You but here's the catch. My premier Putin may say nobody gets going and so that hasn't we have not heard anything from the Kremlin and put yet. So how big of a deal is says speeches and we've never seen anything like this before a game weeks we've heard about how they were prying the caps off a year and bottles and everything every day he had a system. Did they set up in Sochi. Did you know what they were getting clean samples and a dirty see couples and I were doing they were swapping out the clean samples with the dirty just tested samples basically through a mouse hole. Into the room there in Sochi at night and they were asked how they were swapping getting those vials and it was systematic doping. You know. Basically the toppled government and the head of the the sports minister at the time he is still the head of the World Cup organizing committee. He has been banned for life by the IOC. But it is unprecedented in terms of the last time make country has been Bain and I'm not talking boycott. Talking brain and by the IOC. That was back in 1992. When South Africa was was basically now allowed to compete I think it was from 46. To 92 apart because of apartheid policies yet interesting sewed desist devalue the upcoming. Winter Olympic Games only devalues it all I think he's a I think the best thing that the IOC was a group Payer. And when they grew appear they put the hammer down because the run run the Sochi games in Russia were so tainted. I mean across the board. Mean it was a systematic program that was put in place with them hosting the games to make sure that they maximized every single possibility and you know when when some of the results start coming in people like how did this happen. Icing was a great move a move by the IOC to had been a long time coming Emmitt. And but the Anti Doping Agency had long called them. And there was always so much power that they could do you know back in the summer games it was basically. The federation. The big covers each individual sport was gonna handle you know were they gonna let the Russian athletes compete or not compete almost doubled relented. This was not about individual federation of sport this was the IOC's saying no it's a blanket. Decision and I think it was without a doubt. Long time coming well. For most everybody is saying this band was a long time coming because it goes back to 2011. Even before the 2012. London Olympics. And of course just got bigger news is they hosted the last Winter Olympics set up. Big move and I'm with he grow a pair I mean he'd say don't be afraid to cheat but if you get caught deal with the consequences of its cal like NASCAR you know what I mean. Yeah I India again you know how this is gonna affect. Individual sports when we don't know I mean will the Russians now and have the you know the international hockey federation we don't know how this can infect because NHL players aren't allowed to play this time as it is. So how does this affect will Russia have a hockey team there will they have a you know some of that the sliding sports where they were favored to win a lot of medals and will they be allowed to compete but you know the team that teen stuff is really the interesting part is how do you get through like the hockey. How do you allow curling and and honest a robot who won I think a silver medal the last Olympics. Is her team going to be allowed to compete in and she's top five in the world will you know some of those team. The team sports are to meet going to be the most interesting to watch deceit. How that plays out all right let's get a quick call and Delmon before we go back out because we're talking without bowl press. Well president. Here in the next segment Jimmy made dealt unwelcome and. I don't know. Part along with a whole new president candidate not just personal expectation he got to win and Asia. I won't loan is that President Bush is going to put an apartment in Colombia to listen. Seem to Norton saw an initial bid Trimarche at all. Sort of lose it'll be aggressive hundred and it doesn't get it takes that position not very unit that a little presidential if we had risen. Well I don't post Wimbledon. And so we'll know what to see not only handle diplomat militant okay though we'll sit in Saudi can steal so go to go to the park attendance right now. Dylan I think your candidate Tennessee at this point. And in that yeah I mean of course we'd just hit on a lot of that the opening segment they're with Chad more scorned Arkansas and things of that nature that. Anything biggest stumbling about now is what does Tennessee do because. Yeah I can gloom if I'm at Tennessee vol fan which hear me Pruitt the defense of coordinator from Alabama why because you start to see the coaching tree of of nick Sabin I mean with the Kirby Smart getting them in the the college football playoff. The Georgia defense of coordinator whose names on the modern yet when I doesn't move my needle at all doesn't he got to look at him in number one the Tennessee job is not very good. Number two of the brand that's been damaged error has been a ministry has not irreparable but it's Damon's for a while and so why do you think it coordinators are getting calls now it's gotten to that point. It's going to be interesting no doubt about it but. We shall see you have some fun with these bowl games right now deal last year he's the University of South Carolina played in the Birmingham bowl price itself floor yep guess who's going back to the Birmingham bowl this year taking on. Texas Tech. South Florida yes I guess what came out on the Birmingham bulls official T shirts. South Florida university. He eats. Really they just played there last year you don't at UT get the University of South Florida right. On the official Birmingham bowl T shirts when they are making a return appears just twelve months after the fact. That's what happens when you let one guy made the Team shares and nobody checks from sag South Florida university I Mia had no offense I guess they'll be playing in the fun belt before too long ones. Stop our way here's that. Thing it's sad and in its use it well it's kind of sad like last year that we we see this happen all the time. Miss South Florida last year what was what ten into what the play in Birmingham other non into not into in their coal into Birmingham you know it's just. Look it's this you know we talk about all the time just the separation of powers between. It states a South Florida team like that could go compete in yeah. I know that they were Samoa will talk about the Outback Bowl there you missed it state Baines. And you know sometimes is hierarchy of simply playing in a new year because you're playing on New Year's Day. Doesn't always mean it's a better ball now days with so many bowls that are scattered out but you know South Florida and in some he's really good G five teams that stock. Going to play alike guide the of December 23 in Birmingham or in down in Fort Worth it its stakes because I'd like to see. He'll South Florida go open play a bigger buoyed in Texas Tech. It's going to be interesting no doubt about it now the most fascinating thing you know I diesel we were talking yesterday Europe's state mountaineers have a rematch but it's any different bowl game in the state of Alabama. How about this one in the New Mexico in the Albuquerque ball out New Mexico I think it's the deal they end. New Mexico Bowl and we have New Mexico State. In Utah State Aggies getting back in a bowl game and I didn't dig deep you know I have like 3 PM on December so I give sixteenth Morton jailed on your list to watch New Mexico State and Utah State. In that you know Jane I'll probably watch that game well. For this year reason meant invesco state was really put in an awkward position this year than it was there last year in the sun dollars and effectively being shown the door. Saying sorry we don't think there's enough value in you and Idaho to stay in the Sunbelt. Dubai go off to your own thing and Obama all those odds they come back and they get bowl eligible I think that's great and New Mexico State that is if that is a football program now I'm not talking and everything else to basketball program is good their baseball program is get everything else is good. But their football program's been hot garbage. For years was their first bowl game in 57 years as who they faced 57 years ago when their last bowl game our mother Mary mag when you toss statements are talking about having a rematch 57. Years apart but see that that's a bowl that makes sense because both of those teams are within close proximity of that game the fans. Will go I mean I'm I'm honestly surprised that it played a game in Miami just to make it difficult today and does so that literally no fans would show. All right when we come back we're gonna get him the Tampa's C 31. Outback Bowl on New Year's Day at South Carolina and Michigan. We will talk with Outback Bowl president Jim McVeigh when we come back is straight up was stirred wherein stadium not a smoke on the water on this Tuesday edition. I went from IKEA where life here in the studio on this teased in case you're a little confused yes they were Internet is she's all over the upstate earlier today in that course we get I'll clear here intercom. Till about 1015 minutes before we got on the air so that's why we're here in studio while diesels over there connecting with the president the Outback Bowl. From Tampa and yeah price this is one thing first of all this deem that South Carolina fans are familiar with because they do and it. If a few times but. You know the one thing we saw Clearwater Beach last year we saw the inside of the arena where the Tampa Bay Lightning play for the media party. I look across all this in the one place we didn't see was Heber city. Yeah no I evil city outlaw but if you're going to be down near South Carolina fans the New Year's Eve parade is going to be any port city so that is one thing you definitely wanna do yeah let's go to the phone and its president Outback Bowl Jimmy either 31 did this in this year it's South Carolina and Michigan. In dad Jim I hope you're doing well in the it in the weather all warmed our efforts are Carolina fans. Absolutely. It's always beat the reforms Florida. It's probably eighty degrees today and sunny the beaches are beautiful. You guys hear fans the game cock things are going to have a wonderful time of the Tampa Bay Area believe me. Well I think. I'm sure you're hoping with this rematch from like five years ago between the wolverines in the gamecocks until you get delivered one of the seminal moment if you will in college football because we still see the replay of Judy B and clearly he's a collision with that Michigan player. I tell you weren't that was something else I mean I was down the sideline and you could hear that thing and admit it was spade. An unbelievable. Collision. At six foot 6290. Pound guy one. I mean if she and I think they Helmand store on the field it was really one of those moments I think we've had. Five million hits on that people want to see that thing. All right I think it helped you debuted Connie get that number one spot in the draft. And now his career is just I mean really don't have the Japanese National Football League so congratulations to him. Jim as price seconds in here is great to have you on in nine years of their ability to talk to gamecocks fans because. You know as we were down their last last January mark and I for the national championship game. And you just talk about a fantastic. Sports city in Tampa Florida. They beat she is. You know things to do theme parts and you just could not get a better cab beginning of the winter vacation so to speak. This place this is actually four are being considered come into the Outback Bowl it's a vacation combined with supporting him following your routine. Who's a tremendous deserving of great football team playing in Michigan Wolverines Jim Harbaugh. He get to really cut. Competitive coaches who are going to push hard in the players. Always respond in the debate here with these guess the Big Ten comes down and they wanna beat DS EC. He'd just do in the SEC teams they always on knockoff. The big tent Michigan's our states are all those guys so it makes for a great setting. This scene and you're gonna have a ball at Busch Gardens at the beaches. Channel side south power. Voted one our gurus who the aquarium there are literally just thousands of things to do. From many visitors standpoint and the weather's going to be too should be in the mid most seventies for game gates. If people wanna call them they wanna go deep sea fishing this is a great trip. Artwork for the game big game is the deal. Continuing Jim McVeigh Outback Bowl president and CEO. You know as you're here now how great is going to be action attest my one outback ball went terribly was 1998 Kentucky Penn State. The place was sold out it was a fantastic game down before quarter. But Jim you guys this time that Penn State not Michigan State you guys make Michigan over the spartans I know that calls a little bit of angst. May be among the other greens party nation just kind of talk just real quickly about you know the process you guys went through in terms of how you guys select the teams are they're gonna come and play. You know we do exist allocation of teams into the playoffs New Year's six holes and great bowl games all around the country. And we get to that point where you're in communication. With the schools and the conferences. You try to come up with a matchup that feels right. That looks good you know you can drop the wouldn't know exactly know that the rankings you can throw out the window. You know some of the other things of people go by you try to put together match up. That the fans are going to want to see. You try to put together a matchup that resonates with the schools that are coming. What the local market response was going to be an all those factors and you turn all the information over to your borders selection committee you know let them vote. And you know and decide who did like they have in the game at gates he can be Mischka and stayed it could diminish Connecticut beat northwestern at. But it if they all kinds of its settles in Tucson he can't stack them up in the game. So the decision this year was to take Michigan. Match him up against some really good South Carolina football team this exceptionally well coached. But I Will Muschamp you have a terrific coach. Read in the game trucks by the way. So you turn these guys lose and pick the best teams that you can you put them together and that it is what it is. And next year you're gonna have two different teams are gonna get to enjoy this experience. As we add begin finishing up with Jimmy may the president the Outback Bowl I wanted to hit that main one type this that 22 year that yellow bin aligned with Outback Steakhouse and you've got the weather you've got the stadium you've got this city how important has it been to have the same sponsor forever two decades to allow this game to grow. It's very unusual way you'd have a title sponsor that's been around actually twenty. Three years and 23. Year bull longest tenured title sponsor. In the bowl system. It's based in the Tampa Bay Area that there are terrific people. There's huge sports science. So that's a great thing. We will that we loved the name everybody knows the brand is so strong with a gain what the Outback Steakhouse restaurants. It's just a really good partnership. We're proud of that association as we get into. And this will be your 32 game and began to be kidding me this this bowl games seemed like we just started not that long ago here we get the longer shrugged. Title sponsor Rivera 32 years. Economic impact over the years over a billion dollar money force. A charitable organizations. And conferences have been paid over a 140 million dollars so this is really eight Tampa treasure this game. But what makes her so special. Is our Italian with a Big Ten and the Southeastern Conference. That's that that's the show it's the coaches it's the players. It's the programs it's could see him just being insisted cheerleaders. You know south Carolina's got the whole package. And they are being in the World Cup mean. The Florida and they go to the outback also that they know how enjoyable decision that's gonna make it even more fun this time. Jim I can say one thing you guys there's nobody on in terms of other bulls in the country they can put up the pregame antenna halftime food like you guys do their RS I. Nobody especially blooming onions float around everywhere but. You know. It is dense than things to do the teams arrive on the 26 the team and they're the teams also then gonna visit the Tampa general hospital like they usually do. Truly out at pier sixty on the thirtieth he got the New Year's. He could have more a multitude of events for our folks and fans to do down there. This is the perfect schedule for the players in the coaches'. Activities are scheduled in the evening mostly. The coaches get their full day what the players meetings practices of those guys can be focused on the game. But there's a lot really neat things to do whether seaport city in the trade and the 31 as a bush third visit. If it's a beach states. Believe me it will whatever the opinions come down that they'll find plenty to do. And they're going to have a ball never loves Raymond James Stadium beautiful stadium two years style seats. I mean everything is comparable parking the areas is just the perfect. This really is an exceptional bowl trip we call it football impaired its guests. Well no doubt we'll listen we enjoyed Tampa last year and has the gamecocks fans are gonna enjoy heading down everything you need to know about the Outback Bowl is right there on the website at Outback Bowl dot com ticket information event information. Merchandise information and everything else taking gym OP EC massive red and black gay on our Garnet and black down in Tampa. This game tracks and those people very well we're looking forward to seeing everybody and look forward to seeing you guys. All right thank you very much happy guy Merry Christmas to you and happy and he would thank you very. All right Jim Jim may president of the Outback Bowl and again everything I mean you're portal with your Carolina fee and from ticket packages to information to everything. Is right there at Outback Bowl dot com keep beanie simpler then that. All right price when we come back we can take a quick phone call or I wanna get your opinion. Did daddy ball just blow up the son's careers. Will get into that when we come back don't forget we'll talk with the president of the Allstate Sugar Bowl. At 505 stately tone. I welcome again. Preceded the Outback Bowl president Vietnam with this is here at the at top of the hour we'll have Stanley con the president of the Sugar Bowl. Giving Clemson fans we can all already tell you that is a sellout. They own in New Orleans I do not have the tickets available right CD and I either. Holy cow. Do this again here we go if he got thirty bucks on might be able to find you take it. She might mice to praise the prime keyword there I saw people on that he had spoke you give me thirty dollars outlook for tickets for you saw people on FaceBook today just admitting mean. Amid that did not wanna have to drive this trip in New Orleans but don't have any alternatives at this point did the flights are expensive there were a thousand bucks apiece out of Greenville Spartanburg now you and asked 500 bucks more than what they were I think on Saturday when we were look at them as ridiculous opt on the drop from the world. It's not awful I mean it's not great but great attitude a setback could now lead on Lee were to leave on Friday maybe get somewhere down the coast in Alabama ending cruise on over and on Saturday saver hotel tonight about cost like got a mobile or somewhere LA decent route and I am not even a good room and a decent room now was 400 bucks tonight New Orleans a good room can cost you up to 700 bucks and on here's the thing about this game too is that if you're the winner of this game going through Atlanta it that is going to be the expensive ticket obviously it's a national championship. But you throat Georgia somehow gets about Oklahoma. And manifest clubs and or Alabama that ticket is I still say it's gonna be the most expensive ticket in the history of Georgia Atlanta Georgia sport in the fortunate thing is his maybe he peak it held hostage to the high price she'd like to get them and spend three days you can make a day trip out of its urea constantly be exactly I'm excited about the three match kisses. Commit the committee got it right. They're charged were taken at the four best teams they did that not before more most deserving if they were charged with picking the four most deserving we pride will be having a conversation right now. Or if obviously did Ohio State didn't get boat raced out of Iowa City I was it did offer or one if they lose that game last seven or ten points there and were probably having that different conversation. I thought that's weird new unique saving you first volleys yeah everybody you. You know at first how mean does that mean he Christ in football Dell can make them out to be out there in the public that's fine. Nick Saban said last night as you you guys I love this team this year we overcame a lot and I went back for what else some hospital staff did you gotta go politics absolutely is the one thing he hammered home that I thought was a 100% correct had Alabama lost a road game. But 34 points in conference play this year they would not have been in the conversation. On Sunday in the story totally agree I mean in a 100% agree with that it but. You know the fact of the matter is they didn't lose that there was one team that did have a big blowout loss the did make the playoffs. Toledo and guess what they did they got revenge on that when so that kind of white as a slate clean stills only the first time a team that several off from -- to cut down to us is made. Like well you the fun thing is I guess the good they were arguing about two teams in that's what amazed me college football fun for decades she knew and I mean but for people that wanna sit in Angola. The BCS computers back it up yet again sue even if we were in the old day abuse in the BCS computers it would have been the same for. Yes somebody is can be upset the only way did they can fix this thing and let's just move on without any kind of you know curve ball falls is if they pick Central Florida because they were undefeated I say that half in jest because there's no way that would have happened but. You know I don't think it was controversial which awaits. Here's the thing that I'm tired of I really in this is number one way it would get in the missile but later if you want to I don't think there should be copper championships anymore I think they should get rid of those games. Number two duke when they trot out the match rates in Kirby hope cut nearly used to be Jeff Long the first couple years now Corey hope cut. You know. Word for word of we're trying to dissect and pick up on little tiny bits of information the way he says it that things that are said about here's in read into. What those dynamics are that they consider it the end of the day. We're left Oregon about a moving goalposts maybe about what was said last year about what was said or not said this year I think that's where you're dead on and I said yesterday you want to eliminate some of the stress in this quit doing this weekly show beginning at the I know I'm never would have done this whole thing. Just announced the rankings put the teams out there and that's it. Because this stuff is nothing I do. They can still get the PR benefit that they want. Eight and here's the thing treat spare seat is always a good thing. However when you have somebody that gets on TV and you say one thing one year and get some new the next them and that's when you start having all the arguments are right let's go to the phones before the top of the hour dale wants to get in their welcome in. Yeah yeah the two. Ohio home I probably wouldn't talk about accomplished championships. Like accomplished that you that you get a team like Georgia who. Actually Riva she and mom all the that it forced him you know error on our operations and where it is probably aren't. That a lot to do you know. How they've all but that is being done. Urban Meyer or Urban Meyer last year import against that it begun begun to. College football outlet. Emeka when they're competent and yet there they want. A bit at all. So album clearly that they it would ultimately. Alabama clearly he. But they would begin here with the world well. You know the cook convention in as much at all like that same. Because the party in Miami Dolphins had a ball good you know our country. Fault or he wouldn't get an accommodate. But I felt like it. They were there and put their monopoly in that. May encourage phone call dale appreciate that now you know again. You know. What are unity today for your head coach of all these kids you gonna try to do what what's best for them and that's get the men denied that listen there's a lot of angst here in upstate because of my god we're number one and now we got to play Alabama again I get that. But you know what. Heading Ghana Ohio State's way would not have had an issue I have not campaign for Alabama nor will lie because I maintained use diesel in you priced. Emma had a chance to close that thing up and Auburn the week before. In could not get it done so that's why we had to sit back and see what happened. Mean it turned out the way it did and of course here's the thing. It was gonna it was a brand name that got him with Alabama it was a brand name that left the league they got left out in had they made the other decision it would have been the same thing yet. Consistency. Alabama walls one thing that Ohio State was not an Ohio State was so up and down you get at least Alabama credit for being a consistent team this year. The other thing in terms of this you know comparing them and it's not an even comparison right now because. There's some teams that play nonconference games and there are some that play eight of southern kept southern can honestly than the day southern cal should have been the two loss team we were talking about. Didn't inverse Alabama not Ohio State. But they if he wanna have a do over playing nine conference games. They should kick the Notre Dame game out go play a Mercer like Alabama did. Remic cadaver conversation to have southern cal makes it dead on that's what we got into yesterday that's a one theme that committee can do is targets and standard is nation when it comes to number of conference games in the of that nature but. We'll see how it plays out I take what SEC I wanna do price guess who brought it to the table Nick Saban Nick Saban absolutely all right speaking of the Sugar Bowl. Will talk with their president stately con when we come back is again it is a sell out New Orleans but a lot of things to do in the Crescent City.