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So this week Dan everybody's ticket in line. And do. Be the first to report what coach is going where we saw the athletic director of Florida out there were preparing refuting last night sorry. Chip Kelly to Florida is not a done deal. And hearing did that it's probably going to end up being the deal but it's not a done deal but it. Monday night. There actually yesterday morning after Monday Night Football Jon Gruden just opened up the planes if you will. Yeah it's usually around this time of the year that you start she dale coaching rumors when it's being comes up and he's been pretty good about that in the past but. Yesterday morning on Mike and Mike he told this is what he told them. I have a quote I haven't taught me by all I really have in my life it's the only it is my family of football that's about it. I'm real sensitive to the coaches that are out there coaching so I don't speculate. I just loved football and trying to hang on to the job by app. I'm very fortunate to be with these people out wit that don't know what's gonna happen in the future I just know this I'm gonna continue to give my best efforts of the gained state prepared and I love Monday Night Football. It don't plan on leaving but as you know in life you never say no enough. So they got it never say never. Real estate agents in big orange country in east Tennessee did they are doing lists the what do we get David to first he it's possible right now because he's obviously coveted that it that it Tennessee. Where once did he's a college that the Nike. I would likely that either that they eat it if Jon Gruden becomes head coach of the team in Tennessee. At some point it will be back in the National Football League is the head coach of the Tennessee Titans before. I think he's come and is a member of the Tennessee Volunteers and that's much more realistic thing going to college. Never once did he mention college. He's an NFL guy. He knows that deep down. I think he really enjoys just what he's doing and it's interesting for in this AA adds trying to keep my job we know ESP in you ready to. Lay off some people have app that Monday Night Football jogger Newton's not got a BA oil and again he's got a big salary he does you no way it's guys like our buddy Monday that we had on the showed David Hill there again you pay the price. For all of this and that next line of questioning set yet they got prop bets out there on what Jon Gruden is gonna do. Yeah it's much is. Twenty hours a week with your players don't Greg insist it warmed. Yes I guess it's not get a snack you know like that stuff and that's why. I doubt I'm somewhat doubtful he ever gets back in the game coaching to begin with but it Pete does it. He's gonna wanna do it where he can stick the middle finger at somebody. It that's going to be the NFL level and not at the college level if I humble it welled in my humble opinion agrees with your humble opinion in terms. That. I don't see him team back into coaching. He can do so many other things even if he'd left ESPN is just so many other things you can do at some people I think are defined by. What they do and that's when they have it all wrong to begin with that a lot of times you see that with the athletes it's a transition yes it's weird talk in the last few days it's a transition like that to he has rights. From being an athlete to being a member of society. However. I you also look at like the bill cower we all thought that he would take eight years off is back income but it never touched that he never will. Yeah I think there's probably tipping point what you your heart out of that year out of it do you remember from my personal situation. When I got in the pharmaceutical sales indicate it was all temporary is the party Bacon's muddy. In life happens and as time each month goes on. Your less connected to the inner core at the fraternity of coaches and next thing you know it's two years and it's three years in your ego. More removed from that inner circle that fraternity of coaches in. Then at that point it's it's almost didn't already get back in what eight hits give or take a pay cut that you're like well surrogate that's with the Adidas or Nike was that what do politely did you and Jill. I think he did all right Jim wants to talk about gruden Jim welcome. I would go debate it was always they all day. I was prospered. But Goldman and let them do but. I get out out talking a little bit when I. Let's have that yet I will tell you this but he did anything get him upset so busy out there and Obama with the IU SA Olympic trials. He would even though Kentucky got the last night burst it is still he got back in his room at 12:40 fives at central standard time. Yeah I'm not sure why don't his I think there's probably hit the novice that went off but he sway you know it's really got back of the ring that is wildcats. It is believed to have Baldwin what will it drop out there. You know very well playing group and totally. Not go to college dorm lecture about acute Cuba please go to. Patents are some some you know it it's okay but that'll make you go wait to get that college. Sandwich so it was not the pressures that. He ceased doing game you know when you get to the pro level if you wanna overworked people beat Mike yes you know what I mean there's no rules are right. He's gonna stuff that the notion way. Packages but twenty hours in football players every week. That that's not even a forty hour week job he schools stop that those notes at the when all's said and done. Does that that the all the little dotting the eyes in the rules in the NCAA. Probably what would ever prevent him from get into the collegiate game. Toward our two weeks are welcome but somebody torturer or sports channel. Top Google original title though you know. It where it's decade these lessons fifteen hours a week just given as credit. For hides it well unemployed left or. But it won't grow chart these sort of and so I give actually pay you these. I pretty much. Have a rule with this some people would laugh that evict his Richmond those I covet prepared I have yes she everything else is. For every hour rom on the air out try to put in at least one hour worth the prep work. I'm very good about this spot is that social but. Oak Dresser I told all the time I don't have a real job and I tell people that tell you what brought. Com that a three hour should get their act on this vocal Watters said in. I'll let you host the show about twelve minutes at the get started in the bullet throughout your prep work. I'll take back over. Got a public to get while probably. Slated to illustration done weight you have a good and I. Will they are right when it comes to these these coaching rumors with Tennessee let's get let's get stale to some business here all right. According to one of my good friends who we talked about it earlier because we have to pick his Jon Gruden opened up the can't awards for us to talk to. Talk about. But from what I've been told he adds absolutely no interest in being the nets coach that's. So. That means. Where you go from here at the same person that told told me Jon Gruden. Has no interest it'd be in the next tech coach at Tennessee also tells me. Day he is heard that Jim both Fisher is willing to listen. So we'll see where this gets a tip both Fisher's name for Tennessee or Tennessee. I got the feeling that you evoke fissures started his exit from Florida State a few weeks ago. When he laid it across the ballot that athletic director about. Ali as kind of a Ricky Bobby statement if you will if you ain't first you're last you know what I mean it he started talking about other schools passing Florida State when he came to facilities. For whatever reason they don't deal with that very well they on the air Florida it's it's got stuff on the board. When it comes to a football facility you would think that they would have at one for a long long night. So he's talking about what's going on at Clemson and Alabama and other schools Florida State's been left behind. That's Colby one of the reasons number two maybe it's time to separate you that you know what happened with his wife. He would lead because of his son's health situation that may be something else is going on there and there are already rumors last year yet but I don't hearing it. EU for my buddies said he is hearing an 88 in. He's willing to listen that told you I'm really here in the chatter Jim both Fisher to Texas seen him begin to pick up. That's the one that's weirder. Nadal well that's yet it's very weird because of Texas a and M has a coach right now so that's pretty hard to have to head coaches. Though that he would tell me that they're meant to fire. Devin someone. And is this year. A season that. You would suspect that Texas Stadium would make the move is it that bad it takes seen him. Again I go back don't expect session for. Think about it the one guy RC slocum got them though a couple of cotton balls back in the day after Jacky Sheryl train wreck that program with the NCAA. Anyway did. They almost worship program that RC slocum walked on so think about it Jim both Fisher if he's coveted and he fixes things that he gets in the yet you usually works like that guy Joel hood yet it here's a deal. One thing this. These people how much people want to look at them is it coaching position in this C west. Knowing that say it's still there fortified years at Alabama. That does it mean in the wins year in year out now and Nazis and it's a habit of saying that makes that difficult that makes that task in. That much more difficult it does in. And I understand aspect to it that you want it and coach that is a competitor that's not afraid. Nick Saban and Alabama. In I get that but I think these coaches are realistic but calls. They know what type of environment it's going to be if they don't win immediately right so why subject yourself to that it. In less you're going to be getting paid twelve million dollars a year you know that's not well I guess one of the reasons is that two coaches have a little cut streak through that they believe that they can fix anything now it may not be actually based. But they believe it when you have to believe that art ever gonna hapless saint they save you fuel believe in yourself and any business that's that's what it's not gonna happen so. The tea at a company. No this is not information from the facility my buddy does radio up there somebody else that we talked to because I have other means that he has gotten. Or is heard in the in the midst of some things when it comes to Tennessee because again they're saying some people out there. Gruden has no interest in being the next head coach in Tennessee I will. It happens I will say you beat the guys name and phone number. In all Leo can column but there's other names on the list some meat may have thought up. So I mean may not have thought up when it comes to coaching carousel rumors one of the best times of the year. When it comes to athletic she can get him with that city for four GS PE SP and give us your thoughts as well. Is straight up with starts were light smoke on the water. Our equipment talking coaching rumors at the University of Tennessee diesel Richmond GNU. I've got these so personal here. Richmond you've never met my mom and dad I don't believe I have actually you have all right yes we have we got to live Winston-Salem diesel sir you may agreement daddy bill before you actually attended the Taj Boyd grant dates and that are with this and everything it's a you know who. Where conference's. B. The attendants back there. It's. He let me share text I just got from my brother listen but that's been going out in the inner city Houston for the last decade with prostate cancer. This tech had just received. Twenty minutes ago dad called and said that they were nailed down within the Andersen and its results were perfect today in the used here. Yes we elect Sheldon because they were headed to a bargain with difference to go party. Do you do that 83 years old. A year. You do with that avenues yet that's outstanding news third Rihanna can graduate of the entire families is that it got so excited or MacKenzie Getty's eighth. He failed this thing out ten years ago he's dealt with it me. He said if I'm negative I'm gonna have prostate cancer I'm gonna deal with the best that he went in the inner cities and think it's much because it's inserts a wild into it he can afford to. Yeah 83 to finance that you're cured from that but I've become more proud of the fact that they were edit them part of this message that says there at a doubt that the bar support for its. At 83 years old yup that's my mom and dad that's my mom and dad says if you ever have eating questions about where actually from ally though at this point. You've probably done figured it out now that range too far off of that tree that are its that it badly. And it hiatus. Puts everything into perspective and line when I'm gonna beat these is to drink tickets here later rod have forgery that. Tonight so it. All right we're talking about gruden. And again we eat this is according to a friend of mine. This is not that he Visalia look they are on not to radio news almighty. I say wired is a bit Eden. Do a food situation if you will he has Al but Sarah I had no deals with restaurants are so yeah rumors like has some get some insight now. So tell you Greg for a couple of names ears. Are on this Tennessee coaching list. Let's hear David Cutler. It is totally shot that I still like I save my reaction but I can't write that feels like. Miles spiraling happening over the and you know yeah. Clemson fans. This bills like Tommy west when they went and hired him from Chattanooga when he lets you rate via a book while. To have that bridge to eighty port this bills like the brits back. Two that they'll former yes I says but literally. It. John Kerry athletic director has plans. To visit with David Sutcliffe dale. Maybe he's looking for suggestions you know what went on. When you were here with homer that made this program. So special winning a national title bubble plot to say that their plants to meet with David cut clip and at saint offered the job and just saying meet with the remember they let hired a couple of years ago. But it wouldn't pay him to have bring its full staff over from the all right so how about PJ fleck get it that Minnesota is names apparently on the list. Okay interesting been there Minnesota for one year. Not even a year yet they are give him all of it time to marinate he said yeah when I asked him about Scott frost said most people in that athletic department that he heard from believes that Scott frost is a better candidate. At Florida or Nebraska. Iowa it if I'm Florida I'm hired him immediately. And mole. When I asked him the thoughts on day and he said why. Because why would easily start bill it all the money he's making to come over here because of a little bit more money. I agree and and knowing that again could it be four years or so. Nick statements gone from Alabama now that's a big assumption what does nearly fight mean a year and start built by U. Either I think he walked into it's it's got to be a lot right right. This is. They a lot of cal bills that might leaked to be in play. Emitting from Washington State in Knoxville that would be out of the box thought they are saying according to a couple of coaches that he stopped to. That that could be a. A situation because leaked. It is still psyche. Yeah that Pullman Washington if you keep seeping into the earth from there you pretty close to where he would you know I mean it's exactly that this name I am fully fully on board web. You don't look it just what he did in his first year on the job Jeff Brohm it pretty. Remember he played quarterback at global back in the day yet western Kentucky absolutely rolling. Purdue was the wrecked some Big Ten football. It don't look now. He's got Purdue what foreign fight right nail entities to make a bowl game in year number one. At the Jeff Brohm gets what that eerie it's about having played it in Kentucky coach stepping Kentucky I'm telling you what. That would could be a name on the list that I can buy an OK what about just. Does all the things I am but what about staying in state. Then looking at the west yes I'd if for some reason it just doesn't seem at the I'd love revolved agent Jim I am at a bargain active but I think there's also a little bit of a a crap we got a good save our program by hiring Mitt offices at to really. Let's not look at the best coach idea that why are out of it but it's you know I lived there alone time there's a lot of pride up there. 81 vote. They don't consider that this really part of the state that it's okay if it is 86 hour right yeah it's nearly three hours to Nashville in the roughly three hours from Nashville commitments. Know you'll be out there in the Atlantic and it's really are right at all yet. So maybe I don't think there's a lot of connection between east and west Tennessee today and met Campbell Iowa State. I from what I gather each year term you're just gonna have to pay through the teeth yet about it there guys million dollar AI it's actually more than that because. He's got a apparently maybe it's coordinators have. Yeah a little it's that they not only put the bio on cable I think they got a moment coordinators as welts. Some I can afford to do it but that's the painful part what we're talking about this day and age in college athletics. To fire coach is that because hired me staff can cost you upwards at just thirty million dollars before you ever play the first yet and that's amazing. The price right now and that's what a lot of people don't really understand that's why it's typical. For these guys to. Move to someplace else because it's the Bakke and portion of the contract that nobody's talking about not just their salary it's all this buyout situation so. I think it's obvious Florida State's been a major disappointment this year but what does it say about Jim both this year. His name keeps coming up in the coaching carousel and I hear his name it involves more than any bodies right now because these eight yes well there what you hear is he's willing to listen at Tennessee. They're people we come back that are saying. Texas say that it is firmly in play this is my point what it says. It's a one year aberration Jim both this year it's been a good head football coach. How great he is I don't know to catch lightning in the bottle which team it's Winston leading the seminoles hit that national title is as it in the same ever sets. But the point being. They instantly remembered the recent memory what's been what happened. Athletic directors they're doing their jobs are gonna look it see how program was built in the one thing I maintain which evoked Fisher is. It ate pretty difficult Dicey situation when it came to replacing Bobby now in the legendary head coach in Tallahassee. I thought he handled things it's well is they could possibly be in they'll agree that you also realize. Yet it's wide T none of what they former Florida football player who was or private trainer. It is it's son was sick as well. Helen gym both pitchers handled a lot and he handled it with class and that's one thing and athletic director's gonna take. A long look at yes I agree and what a lot of the times it happens as well you think you know what's going on but you don't know. Note to Helen what's going on with so many of these other coaches just of their personal life of how it affects. Their situation and nobody wants to take into consideration they think these guys just livid back you learn a bubble in. Don't have any of the difficulties of just the general line going on at the same time that they're trying to. Run a program and people are yelling and screaming. So that would they have nine wins and it's still nobody's happy. Bought when you quit trying to make people happy all the time you get this thing figured out that's these bikes have ever been given that like it but let me at least 83 years old now or. Right now set will we come back we'll continue this conversation you can give us a quality for Ford to ESP ESP it. To evoke fishers the possibility there. Like what what do by at one of our listeners it's. Texted me wit. Where that next likely landing spot for John greatness. We'll tell you is that did you make it's he may be dead on as well with all is said and done so I had really thought about eight port four. TSB ESP. Hey let's separate shape on guys get in with this about. What will clean it up a little bit since your right to go party after that eased in grads pompous thirds. I guess my point on this when diesel is what was the name up operates but what their another billion pompous sought out their back up the start to be a pretty good. Every comma sells like puppets are. I don't I don't remember everybody maybe Mamas and the Papa don't you think about. Well there is a pop but we've but the us probably not and operatives I was they can but give pop star to be a bad name pop star yeah. You know like they can knock him out make fun of his aides tell us things that you'll like to do with me. Yeah I don't think you do you much of that fight bloody by text me how this one where we're speculating we got 21 minutes left. Margo also gets it on Twitter you can give me start to sports you rich take sports. ESPN upstate. At diesel on radio says Texas native Texan in him it's a better job for Fisher Tennessee is the dumpster fire well you have the won't be at dumpster fire if you go win there and played up because that would maintain. How much TV you're fighting to go to it's apples and oranges about wits buyers the biggest mess because there's a reason both of the brigade now. The one thing that ivy tech succeed him as ever Tennessee is a that polling gas money as we've mentioned. It be of much for recruiting there a pivotal state of Texas yes they can easily. Take over recruited from that standpoint. All right so why else gets it with me it says I've got the it. Served for way air. Jon Gruden ends up you know what they can be a lot of truth in this first bottle they can necessarily believe it's gonna get back in that in the coaching. Let's that would that Tampa Bay Buccaneers is our cutters probably gone after this year in the mid June. Go back and look at the first part not sit this year it result Jon Gruden. So nine and seven last year for dirt that are I know he's struggling this year three and six. And he's gonna get five probably and that's what we do in this day and age it. Its web site and ridiculous this with they fired at the view Vicki gate greenback. It is written automatically. Mean that. He's going to have been to a Super Bowl that he won the super bow at Tampa Bay but there's a reason he got out of college football you know what I mean so are. At appropriate laws because they weren't as successful at the end of that tape of a coaching careers they were. Would that it took over are we got to collars on hole daddy wants to talk about Papa starts. Dating what it did you have a good afternoon. What are the curtain. Ball. It didn't turn your turn your okay start that Billy what it's taught college football Billy always a good day when you get him broken. Merck. Back. Anyway I am a fan owed by Halloween costume for next year broke. A broad attack got a what would like to women that are Kevin dress day covet painted in blue with me as well. When he says there's not a problem but paparazzi circling up all the spots Merck slowed the Q it looked and I difficulty burden the not a kitten that Java is going to be what he's doing Lori while he walk it or not he's only working. 13 multi year period have multi year you make him very good money there's no scrutiny upon what he's doing it. I don't think he's gonna walk away with a different from that I don't care how much money to the table I don't think you need the money now and obviously you're not all driven by. But winning because they want he would never blow to begin with what this I don't think he wants that that responsibility. Why now why all the sudden now we're number one ticket via it would your names out there it that's free advertising taking advantage of it I get it. But why am with you Billy why now. You don't need the money. You never make a roll call as an analyst let's be on issue. You always get you see these after the fact being give your opinion of what took place which never make the wrong call why go but. It's like bill Howard you see more at the NFL level that you see it at the collegiate level but what they are out of the game they kind of got her. This so bad after all and I just keep saying why email. Related you want to back I think a lot of people make is competitiveness. Developed the safety would have done he would have never been in announcing his long revealer column color accommodating you won't be by the I don't league to get the I hope he does get it to tennis in Seattle but it's gonna happen but I think it would be a to the disaster waiting to happen to be honest plus. I don't think that Tennessee's got and and you know I'm obviously it's not gonna Angie noticed. But it's not me being biased I'm not displaying power we believe the public is Levy some people think they did you go to the. You can't just recruit the state it's just cleaning it goes right here this year. It's hit a lot harder and these kids now don't remember when Tennessee was great amenable to be honest. Only 1998. Acting is the man at the even though with Alabama I get this exceeds its martyred in the SEC west at nineteen years ago. The kids your recruiting to come join your program work even a glimmer in their dads died much less their bomb. Or yeah. It. It's a different era. Whether taking it back I don't know but it paid this much Tennessee lady living off the state of South Carolina. With Albert Haines worked from hearts bill which John Dickerson from Anderson in there is others sprinkled in. Those days are now overweight at the witness with this cut his clubs and has it how much much team that's rebuilding South Carolina. If the product with a totally different commented that the that the it's a very bad. I don't like a very bad job I think it's just it's not Big Easy to use would be tenets that you just put your head out there one pound and you could recruit nationally. Candidate to another you can just seal the Carolinas and in India whatever they wanted of course our guys but at the confidence not gonna suck at all and I'll say that Clinton accomplish and that's not me being in a fan or other being content being dead serious about that. I will play this third and other named chief US politics union jobs I don't hear who are you more I've been listening to you for a long time you know that. Did you sit them a couple of months ago and I've heard you say this well a couple times now. If you're anybody you've got the most they union and simply call them what you say it about they had to make all four phone call for April how much money well. Forty million dollars for phase one of their renovation project. They ate it took four phone calls ten minutes to get the money race. But you can't just you can't did not listen to that you've got some money to halt some Algeria's war. That to me that is great that that played giant waiting to happen out there and I'm not just playing that. Think we lost to Billy thanks for the bug off get him with this Friday package easily cult there in the 6 PM hour guess what. Where Columbia mayor in this XP of our department is right you'll be hearing clumps and basketball verses the Ohio bobcats. No it's not the fighting fright so it is on the basketball court which you know what a pretty good player back in the day by the name dear each Brit what do I university. It's well as a few others but each time yet dimension fighting for it so it's now three times in one week that's a good week in my book. You're pulling an all out right. Yeah the it's got all of this knowledge of there. And I don't know how you pull it off the hard drive an analyst at best thing about the university. Let me rephrase this the thing. Athens Georgia is the only good party detailed in this country that has the name at the incident it because. Athens Georgia's number two compared Athens Ohio go pull up on your Google machine how many times. The universe error high and universities in the top party school in the country. Did not know that it is I'll never for let's see. Couple of billions I remember from back in the day when we run or him that there was that I'll never forget Disney which is that acoustic hookah. It just I. Yeah there's a lot of garbled up stuff in this yes there is I have when we come back we'll close up shop it's open it's and 844 GS PE SPN. Is. Remember just thirty minutes to bark Crown Royal Friday Richmond will be on point set highway. And it Pete but Everett's right halfway up department on the right if you know where the dollar general store is on points that were literally right next to it. Let tickets giveaways and Papa Johns beats it a Crown Royal tasting there on Friday which straight up with sturtze. At Piedmont beverage. There are points that highway will come back we'll close up shop. Said diesel. I woke up while lost control of my day all right it is this kind of got progressively worse that you set your cavity acts and I because. Whether people will put us on each other. Which had to do that Rodgers out or clip it light very very tight at. Oh yeah. Yet they are. But the first time I like a 42 window to try to gain callers on the air during the contest. And give you up to break and get you back for the for the for the live read it just didn't happen. And then the second time. I had the wrong button at the wrong time this simply that's all it was. Is it wrong on that. It's been that kind of day I'll let up phone charger which is a very very ugly thing for me today since then that kind of day you know it means two. So we're sitting here talking during the break and you move we've had a good day you everything change to a guy and he's a pop the scourge that we figured out maybe the worst ending. He is and how did with it comes to the new main name yet here's a deal. Well they get up onstage and matching suit sometime are you know like this window and you know. I don't know. Why cut Wednesday no. But could we be calm about resting bit space. See I don't regret the day and I taught you that term. And RR RIA I'd challenge you. To use that term of less he Brooke not calling her that I'm sick of technology and use that term whether it should be like dad. When did you ears that I'll like hot say it's our deep recession that's that's awesome RB. Resting place all right if you right there do you understand the concept though it's it's even. It's even when you're not saying you look upset yes we're talking I thought it picture right now Kayla Maroney is the one who started you know that right. Yet that photo of Herat in the Olympics were she's got a double figures Hossa and her mouth kind of turned off to decide to stay all that's Britain's. Spotting the so was it Dexter that it. Hillary does our security and it did talking to you boy you're relatively directly to be legal or not argue with easy that. You took the side of the street when it came to the college football playoff 285. Georgia should be right in front Robert despite that forty to seventy loss by Georgia on the plane on Saturday and I buy a little bit easier argument he can't do it just a week after the gain happened I was right you were wrong than ever. They'll bring you that he you're buying any of it you're just play along with me out stuff sorry hey I'm stick it to that. I can see. I can see that on the road USB win did they take care here in the year. I don't know if you do that which one week after one team gamers the other by. Eight it'll Auburn it'll work its way out if Auburn wins out in what's interesting is speaking of that. They initial rain when it first came out. Three weeks ago over was ranked number fourteen. Now we know that for the past three years there's been. A team that has made it to within the top five each of those three years of this initial college football playoffs. Will all or beat that team that. Starts in the teens and it makes it into the playoff what they got to beat Alabama next weekend for you to have it happen are right. Here in case yet had heard that first hour here's how the college football playoff rankings came out last night was one clips into. Miami 3 o'clock before Wisconsin's fight. Auburn six Georgia seven Notre Dame 80 state nine and state and eleven southern cal wells TCU thirteen Oklahoma State. Fourteen Washington State in the don't want mail you see estimate that number fifteen at night and of they have to get into the top twelve to get an automatic New Year's Day the six bit set. That looks a little bit better because they actually have one of the better games heavily this week did. It's that I four rivalry. You see yet the US. About a hundred miles apart you know there Cuba. In or lane does that central Florida's ban on their way up the number fifteen Michigan State in Mississippi State sixteen Michigan State seventy. Eighteen Washington ninety NC state. When he LSU 21 minute that's 22 Stanford 23 northwestern. Michigan's number two what the war in Boise State real exit now. At number twenty by your biggest movers of the week Washington State that it from nineteen to fourteen. Miami news from number seven that number three. Your biggest callers were Virginia Tech from seventeenth. Outside the top twenty by. After that loss to Georgia Tech of course the bulldogs were number one to number seven TCU fell from number six the number twelve. In Iowa Hawkeyes fell from number 22 outside the rankings with their loss on its. Looking at number 21 University of Memphis why would see not what it might nor. Only thing they didn't wind I get it the only thing that I can pick up. Two years as a head coach in college football is he ready for the fishbowl that is Tennessee football lets it. Bit late to get to the left they were rep they were mad they were angry they were burning things in the street it Lane Kiffin took off the southern cal. If they'd the only candidate script this thing beyond the boots from Louisiana Tech where he'd only been a coach for a couple of years but. It's that still lease on east got to be my point the is that is nor bill is done with that it its job or read. Are you ready for Tennessee should they be east. It's that the between Mitt that's intended states and you're eliminating any coordinators. Guy. So I asked me about that doubles that that that's not it echoed that it's not it apply and it got to be somebody it predates me coaching they got to get somebody has a meaning behind him. They can go out there that are suppressed comfort him when it in get that means based reunited they have not been reunited. Really sets the date Ballmer walked away so Bobble by your former was fired at every while look at it. Some mom felt like well where was done wrong so mom felt like it was time. It's it's been. There's been no consistency in that that means base much less athletic departments and yet. I think it has to be somebody on this guy is it that press conference at number one wins that press conference in number two. Yet that's it is he means to all be on the same page it's it's been more or less. If the fourteen years it's been that way is Bobby Petrino pupil right. Yet. The key is I take you away that he what I like with that he said that the Day-Lewis and nothing wrong would be in turn dale. I haven't heard dale on the back in the day in my younger days when I tried out picked up on average in the bar late at night and get the typical of the dates that. I do from their perspective maybe Lastings frankly what it would take. To get him back in the stated that it's the why is it he can win in ash spill at Vanderbilt you can win in Knoxville. I agree 100% and I'll motto. The worst thing people can say is always asking. What's wrong when asked today I wouldn't celebrate with the years of mayor back on June 21 congratulations profits starts but Obama better. Story it up our parting gift of love it. With some good needs it if the Anderson we're gonna go party scenes of a barge just thirty minutes we'll be up at 430. It comes CS at the radio room later on modern English is going to be stopped in the world the belt I didn't hear it.