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Iowa commit stated is it Wednesday. Edition of straight up with sturtze weird lie here smoke on the water and dale own green born. We're gonna take you up till 7 PM tonight nothing to get our way when it comes to achieve its classic or college football game because. So mark college basketball it's firmly in our way Richmond as we have. 830 minute show. From Puerto fourth are a lot of prep a lot of press and so you know what the possibly it was even cool to date as. You know we have to do probe over to mark. It's outweighed failed diesels that he wasn't like constantly out that headset. Acorda. So he knows that there's not one in the home now others must work for me to do down along the hard that silence because diesel. What you got a little fun later on which includes. Watch out they don't feel angry old players that he a little gathering of that are come at pretty. And that would give those guys congratulations. Indians cheers Eddie record third quarter all tied for better come up states to. You are up losses the huge advocate of winners have parties to. They you be doing that tonight it is Hewitt I may find our way over and uh oh I don't. C a little bit of modern English over the radio room while the. Thing is standards as as we all have drink tickets as we walk him in this day and Jack and I answer for our party later tonight. But because they know if they had open bar for Monterey GOP who we drink and drive they would have anything left. For the rest of the night itself. And as set it up via secure about two tickets get a shot supply. Is seek it tees you want right nobody's good nobody's gonna get hammered and less you know you start hitting up. Some of the non drinkers in the house. In which case afterwards yet we're gonna go have a good time over the radio room with a modern English. Yet to we you might hear a bumper tutor. Ers one of them just make you a word go aren't yet exactly at least that. Kinda made me and it ever excited for this is it for 37 we're gonna talk with former South Carolina quarterback. Connor Shaw catch up with him. Awesome game cup football as well as the he's got a yet can't come enough they will tell you about that is well. 505 will do some pick comes in was in this week scheduling games is just garbage. Ahead do that I had to look at that point spreads to decide if there are typical gas find a probably a game right even the ones that look like had a little intrigue we're like a sixteen point point spreads IV outwit literally. Chose our fight gains more or less looking for is close to even point spreads it's possible they are not the premier teams in college football because. They are not that video of a bomb powder puff weekend before rivalry weekend. In of course the AC CTV chip game two weeks from now which Richmond we can let our listeners know. As of about an hour ago that is an officially a sellout in Charlotte. That ACC team to Charlotte's got to be vary excited about that and I am curious to see how I should say I was curious to see. What was going to be. The an initial. Flood of ticket purchases and terms. Our Clemson fans wanna wait and see what happens against South Carolina before they pull the trigger on tickets as we know they lose to South Carolina. The ACC championship game while it will mean it and it beats him it yeah exactly it's not a play in game. And does that take some steamed out of the excitement. For the Clemson faithful well but doesn't look that way well like it but that's way you've got to win Saturday 1220 vs the citadel. In this course that big road trip next Saturday night the opening Columbia I even got fraternity brother mine it via the day. They're coming. For Thanksgiving and to some family at eight been. It he and his he and his Brothers decided that they would like because the clips of South Carolina game next Saturday night and it check it out and see you know see what it's all about yeah be in a Baylor grad known that. I say here's the can I find it for tickets are looking forward to maybe pay you to the east for advocates. These things art face that you appeared at Saturday night net wait. No way so. So anyway today is new even they year interest it right now and kind of checking things out which is listened South Carolina. I will talk with mark Els or the voice of the Wofford terriers on Friday on real royal Friday trying to set up but in the process set up an interview right now with the voice of the citadel bulldogs. Michael lag and that will happy dream brain should mountaineers and a and a lot of different things but I'm excited diesel Bob 37 today it will be this a few types. We're gonna have our first twelve acknowledged contest by hates averages now here's the deal hates is based out of Philadelphia. Did you guys that some time on the with the president last night and its outlook Horry. In each that. The birth birthplace of root beer was Philadelphia. The late seventeen hundreds. It's on an every day in the name was doctor hires now diesel doesn't remember hires root beer do you remember you're not phased out right when Els a child in. You know older than me goes out there to see ya got mad at these elected state today when I'll let them open for the left hook. When it came to it is so handy it may edit their orders well. So eighty late date yet ace be it from Philadelphia kind of liked that they see themselves as Philadelphia's beverage. Where they give you six. Premium sodas in the pots already. We six quests. This week all based on Philadelphia thinks that dates. Each one eat it right you get and other bottles to put in the delivery and they're gonna ship it straight in your house at one to get some information. It's one contestant. Diesel take care of everything about 37 but trust me this via. Heck of a Christmas yet. From straight up with starts to to a listener out there's I had a great that you gave me and it was excellent. Yup and I tried wanna be I've tried one of the root Beers around town need to makes little Jaeger may be delicious. So what that I also but listen they also do they've got root beer great Soto arch streets of Manila. Cream soda guy you root beer birch beer in black two years of seven different flavors. That are available unique and find out everything you need to new saints beverage. Dot net so. Anyway. Richmond. Which way you like a basketball last night clubs and number two in the college football playoff hole. First but did not like I haven't even though I was gonna watch it because that the the deep Michigan State game to be was theory appealing it was totally the opposite of Kansas Kentucky Tuesday a ragged. Would fight any freshmen now they're the strike there's ten teams which saw last night which you did not which are getting it April. But for that early of the season contest between duke in Michigan State I was totally enthralled number one gives a good basketball game. Number two. Got to give them credit he's gotten bigger this year has grace and Allen I mean thicker yeah he will. In you know a well coached gain here but. I know a lot of football fans were upset having to force feed that the on the here to wait for seven minutes of the act college football player Koppel be released it. I was stunned novels say I'd never ever thought owls that it's eclipsing them number and last night I had him. Activate the case for four. But they are number two male you know they win now again you'd. You win your it that's what it comes to LT because if you win at South Carolina that's another big notch in the belt. You win it in Charlotte gets a potentially undefeated Miami team. But it that does it I get the fact it might be cancer upset I get the fact it was cuts and fans are upset going. A man NASA are that we did have that quality loss the through into the minutes ago president to discuss these rate higher. Whether you like that are not a thought that we look at that it pretty decent job last night of exploited. This is more about what you've done verses what you haven't done in clips and actually at this point. Did not realize it has more wins vs. Six or hide six winner or teams in college football. It any other school right male yes road win residents. Well against winning. Teams and that's I think one of the things that people are not. I did a fine quite enough they're just looking at it. But win or a loss and not factored into the fact that it is a road win it is so hard to win on the road. And the committee is giving Clemson a lot of credit and other schools can have the same type of credit it's just that. As you mentioned Kirby Coca mentioned. Necklace and has the most wins of the top 25 teams so that weighs heavily with them and I. We're all nigh eve also though. If we're sitting back and thinking. That. The performance that Clemson and Alabama has had for the past two or three years does not factor into the committee's. Decision as far as where their rank in Alabama and Clemson I'm sorry I think there's a little bit of an edge that. Goes to Booth school now is maintaining that with state the end that other night in down. Just listen we're all humans age you can sit here and argue for a Ohio State in this and that other at the omni people they'll remember 31 did not than you know last year it shouldn't factor in the this year completely different years. Yeah you're right technically it gets what the human side of it goes. We don't get a little lightning stick like they do in men in black where you forget everything. And I remember. It was a physical be idiots that there is a cubic competitive this that is risky. For the first time I felt like we heard backlash last night dory Yoko a lot of are upset but it. Remember there are no as the Oklahoma. City that has her little bit is the way it is well and my point is also. Are there is the committee displayed with this right now. That it only matters December 3 outer right so it. Who cares that Eric are they is creating some fodder some excitement some banter that can happen right now and I think there's some. Aspect of that is well liked college football has it better in the NFL right now because what they're doing. There to change this thing out week that we get that interest in the habit you're dead right. It don't matter till December 3 or fourth you know when the final one comes out. 88 in its. Yeah Torre's old bill today it will all work that would sport out every single year what do we expect anything different this year that's my point is well is that. The committee does their job and I love the fact that they do you break it down week about week in try to basically reset each week. But they are still looking at the full body of work not just going off of one week the body of work I put down all the picture is telling you I did not have clothes and number two I'd be worst violence and number four edited. Attitude and I thought it. It they came up number five last night it was go beat Miami for. In house that they were my neighbor wait to freak you wait for him to freak out if that happened. It is bitten. Because I was going to what does it matter Uga get your tickets at Miami Heat take care of south careless at. Overreaction to highlight what we're talking about the faux outrage when it comes to GQ magazine. That's all right Alec app pretty mean mean man of the year yet. Like I have read to you make wise for speculators a lot of late night surely. A Canada now. So it yet though outraged about but yet get all upset about it magazine that you haven't read three decades the Mac yes and to your point about outrage. I think there was more outrage. Based on and win the announcement of the top 25 in between the two games calls. I was getting text messages as well from buddies saying okay get this nonsense off Mike TVs that hit the football IRA. So when we come back here's the deal we've got some news in the notes will open the phone lines up at 437. We will talk with Connor Shaw former Carolina. Quarterback former Cleveland Browns. But see also with the Chicago Bears zero guy and I he rule will talk football with them and tell you about is he he has Elena. In the Christmas holidays you can give future kids some instruction but. That lights are open. 844 years as VE SPN straight up was start to Richmond waiver giving them a follow on Twitter rich state sports mean Sturges sports. The world's missed the exit sport's top producer diesel on re at. In an ESP and upstate all the ways plus FaceBook to get in touch with us on the line. Welcome back in Richmond waiver or Sturgis we are live at smoke goma water. In last night grow quickly a couple other news and notes the college football playoff hope they have a one clumps into Miami three. Oklahoma's four Wisconsin five. In Auburn number six two. EVE she's there like us that I had Clemson coveted number four this does have a little bill. Of the old school UPI pay a people's Leo back in the day when somebody from a U loses to smooth but it. Yeah again it's. Lou we got plenty of time people can give us their thoughts on this and all mongo was on the real hard last night one of our listeners. On Twitter me you know and he said let's yeah yeah here like he thought Miami should be at a club some because mug party guys me and all the speculation. Next Saturday night knowing yet there's a lot to be said for that. All right delta wants to talk college football development while command. Great great. These political. Wood would a company that is fit but not team go to graduate student and my outlook for what awaited weren't. Abby yes atlas in Auburn. Think about not only did they at number six they get Alabama. At home next Saturday in the and they turnaround we get a no other. Opportunity. And it's. Eight it Georgia it and said listen I mean that the atomic data points right they're foreign may be different you know. We beat I'd have a hard time hold them well and that's one of the things that clips and got some push for. Was set win over Auburn and how bad they they beat Georgia this past week yet. It's time it's entitled global analyst. Well we put a duplicate key tomorrow is keep bringing new people all. Can render you nautical wanna do this regardless of ability doesn't you know it didn't quarterbacks in the opposite but it happened that we use. And it you don't look at a quarterback. Capote treated and that's. The duke won again apparel in well and I didn't do not as to have additional a willow comprise. Well not a war should not do it in Britain and Massey. The owners don't know details about equities the formula would play it was entry. Indeed you do group that he couldn't just deep well not that it will look and you know not only don't critically. Away DeVon that's a great point thank you very much let's. It's just human side of committed and meat daily can now tag clouds and number I did see that Danny Yates clubs. Yes he was far steak only ever be here one night. I give clinching great flock is that it is up like Florida like quarterback now he's out working with the Caspian at least. Regards prearranged and do it every one I get it Darden Oca. I loved art he spoke on a guy I'm happy people atomic emission beat number one. I'm hoping your guy make every case what we should even though. We don't have the wins that match it up right nailed the human side out because it's hard not to put him number one what they done so. You sit here change is staying. I would never mess in the honest truth with the with the old computer mad at ways of handling things I'd just would've gotten all four teams from doing that vs Avant. All this playoff committee. But what it's done this week in week out Mickey check out it tees the night you wait the basketball even though was number one vs number right. In it any changes a little bit every week it that's what college football has on the NFL sports interest is concern. In my humble guy agree with you and I think one of the beautiful things about the committee is that. What do you what the criticism. The statistical. Data points that you're talking about with just looking at all of these. Statistics you know the margin of victories street this schedule collier range in all of these different polls and these computer. Numbers. There were generated at least now we know there's an eyeball test factor into this and that's why I think you're giving like in Alabama ranked number one the calls the human eyeball test. We even watched some of the games. In even though it might not be this quote unquote. Powerhouse the moment that their plane. It just looks different when Alabama's playing somebody I'm sorry to say that it just the reality of it and then. Clemson had that same type of factor early on in the season now they. I think they've lost a little bit of that injury to play a part of it in when you look at situation at Alabama. Even injuries they still. Are getting through a road game market Mississippi State in coming out. With a win they get to on the road at Auburn I mean watch out there as easy cheap and you definitely agree it is you facilities being out there whom await yet that will. So watch out when it comes to that aspect congratulations. To South Carolina. Tight and I hate hurts he was named one of the eight finalists these. For the MacKey award. Which is to the top tight in the country in the courts that. He's really start to come on right Ailes well. Eight number's 18 finalists for that be a matchup problem that's for sure. Yet clips it's gonna they're work cut out also would you heard farming it's night's winner over Elon last night 7667. They appropriate to a new on the year Richmond did Michigan State enjoyed it. Was gonna watch it regardless of it he did not threaten knows what to Mac football last item soared after a while the trigger on it. That was great game they'll give me particularly by Kansas Kentucky not it's pleasing to. Well it just wasn't as polished right accuse it. It isn't appropriate to see the youngsters integrated the Skype youngsters to Nielsen guy you know who grace now a little bit of upperclassmen is well. I was good for college basketball last night it shows it. It's the appreciate watching John parade editor Mike Breen Notre Dame with all of its upperclassmen. And actually run an offense. Listen that's it from Kentucky they're supremely. Talented if they will eventually alt buy in teleport system. But it's still a little bit one on one because of the talent you know hopefully I love. He hit me back to you hoosiers when you got to pass the ball seventh and I asked or allowed to take its job. The though let it nutty buddy daddy duty in the group. But there gonna say I do in the fact I felt like all that with him though right that that's obscene I felt like this in its statement the right air or in the fact that Ron. Or are there offices sets last night this early in the season. Yeah it will Michigan State can hold onto the ball they would actually would have won that game. When you have that many turnovers like they did and in Kentucky to get out rebounded. Against Kansas that was very I know that's going to be very difficult for John Calipari and that's something that. Bill immediately work line but you saw grace and Allen its leadership take over as a senior. All of those youngsters under his wanes and it was tough to see Barbara Bagley the third go out with eye injury and only play ten minutes and he was a factor in the game early on was once he left. That's win. Michigan State went on to beat Ryan and of course grace and Allen leads them. Back in in the second half with his three point shooting and if duke can continue to shoot the ball the way they. Did last nine they're gonna be a tough team to contend with and I think there could be. The team to. To really challenge for the national title. All right let's see Nelson watts talks about the college football playoff rankings Nelson welcome and carry out. Man. You know. Where's local waters kind of hard to be that rich got a big old smile every year because we're talking a little bit of basketball. Which is his favorite sport. It melts and it just fills sacrilegious with the college football playoff. Polls just come and had again yesterday. That occurred. Questions to request an anomaly did I'll Muster and yeah after. Yeah. Alabama want or use ordered easily them follow it. And these bank that. That will bear to 8828. What else. All right Nelson appreciate that phone call thinks forget him with this band if they lose to all over course would be about how much. It is a road game I had the last night you saw a lot of the news the committee approved the deal winning on the road means a lot to. And Yeltsin got a look at see what's going on around him that he by Leo I was all relative yes you could tumble out the number of fight he could tumble down the number of force. You know make it a little better they're gonna get a couple linebackers back which probably means Christian Millar who it's their best linebackers they lost in the opener against Florida State. That happened since the east Angel opened because I gotta give Mick FitzGerald the offensive coordinator credit. Mississippi State they did a really good job Saturday night it's our bill and take animated of that hole in the middle. If you will and I went with that lack of depth at linebackers. Out there it's varsity team playoff nope never wanna see it. I will put grudgingly give you six at the top to get a bye. But this much everybody wants more football minus the two coaches that played in the championship game Tyler let's begin at. On college football Tyler welcome. Hey guys doing. Good guess that's what you can and on a particular scenario com. That could you know happen by the though he himself. They called and beat Miami made these kind of game. I think opposite airlock. Auburn run the table beat gamma peach Georgia. I think they are locked. The other one off Alabama sitting out there without title game on Iran remains. An idiot at a in Oklahoma team rent the cable and it was not even run the table. At the quote unquote good way to the Big Ten title game against a state. Could you lead out between Alabama Ohio State ma. What parts evolved Wisconsin makes it through undefeated they're number three. In my opinion because. People aren't given them enough respect on how difficult it is to swim team after game after game so it if they win now. Then. This at that I've got with Scott's that in there in the end you've really got to get dale McDowell into the numbers between. Oklahoma who has won loss and Alabama has one loss in the U guys at the look and see. Who's got more powerful winds that's probably Oklahoma based off that road win state. But that again. Yeah. That could be Ohio State city with three loss that it could be so they both Wisconsin there's a lot of these factors if Wisconsin's undefeated in that scenario. I think therein could be in. Tyler in that it comes stale to a contest of sex is lost or by an hour winds between Alabama and I've state. I acted. All right proceed phone call are right let's get a break when we come back Cotter saw former gained cut quarterback also with the Cleveland Browns Chicago Bears. Will talk with him. Also tell you about his camp on December 30. All right welcome back into the casts light week for the first time that I'm sorry Connor we're a couple of minutes late but we're joined by Conor show off former South Carolina quarterback is well as the act Cleveland Browns the Chicago mayor's. It now football team of instructors well we'll tell you about that here a minute the cutter welcome in. Are preparing and to grab her yeah. Well listen you know we Shearson mutual friends with Taj boy no but let me ask you real quickly. What kind of smiles on your face it has that the glory years if you will South Carolina football. We're right there when you were under center with Steve Spurrier here make two. Yet things got a little squarely at male will bus you see it in year number two I guess what gains cuts. Have eighteenth steam at a South Carolina those clips it in the right all right next week. It 83 in and night time contest. That's better than I even expected in year number two will must. Yeah I think a lot of people think the same way and they've they've really put their stuff to listen to our compete late in the season and that's really all you can ask Orrin. Look like her when I have a good one on 730 next weekend. And we're here with Connor Shaw former quarterback for the South Carolina Gamecocks and honored to Richmond we've here co host and today in. Just looking ahead at that game how old. How tough was it from a quarterback perspective of being on campus and all the attention and specially. New during your heyday how tough was that too. You know ignore the noise of the buildup of her game and just be the focus on the game plan that coach Berry were trying to put in place. We have a model of the robbery but you also talked well been given weeks you have family in town here you know there's other obligations that come up during that week and assist. Really important to hone in and focus on on attacking and up and down. Occurs Spurrier did a great when we were there and I'm sure we'll let sentiment thing and but I never got excited. And he's you know he's looking back on the years a decade to secure our courts and robbery youth you have seen. I mean you've ranked matchups in this could very well be you know when you know except our that the senate swift. What it offered this weekend and I'm sure onslaught and a bit more attempt. Took willing to. A fun game to what's next Saturday. As we continue O'Connor show off for regain cut quarterback former NFL quarterback so give me an idea you know. It your AM gut you're going through a warmup so of course yet south Carolina's home. Which was more difficult the kind of doubt they owning com dale from playing clips that are big rivalry gain. At all in college football or maybe that first timer tee that you walked out on the field as it NFL quarterback go at. Oh my god I'm actually here I mean totally different reasons to be a little to have the now live as you just said but. EO completely different situations with something yet to learn to do this thing. Yeah it was completely different situation but found that always struggle sometimes as an athlete to. Pick reenergize refocus what you need to do. Before kickoff and and that further south. Always went away after that person that but I Yorker the pregame jitters and find a way to. I did you retain going to where you can focus on the game plan. My biggest thing was looking not try not make the game bigger than it was and I was going out we're gonna XQ what we need to do no matter who we're playing. And that that's hard to do with a robbery came back. I seem to work for us and it was always fun playing Clemson could you. Know while playing him certain guys. Today they'll take close relationships with the players. Knew the guys they're playing so you know the dollar on the opposite Oakland. When I was content to kick off it turns. A different story but it was always oppose a plan. And were continuing with Connor Shaw former dean caught quarterback in Connor McCann of the NFL and what we're seeing you know it seems like there's just a carousel of quarterbacks with Tyrod Taylor being benched we heard earlier today and you know from your perspective. You've been there you. Started a game with Cleveland Browns and and you had this unfortunate situation with Chicago Bears releasing new name calling you back and what's that like just from a quarterback perspective. Tried to have some stability but it seems like. The knee jerk reaction is so fast to pull the trigger switch quarterbacks how does that affect you mentally. Knowing that seems like just the trend nowadays is positioning. You know whether it be from the top down management ownership and coaching stats it. They do have a quick trigger and I think you know. The league plan allowing young quarterbacks and and there's going to be some growing pains and there's a lot of injuries happen this year what quarterbacks. And gotten some guys took a step in and play and that's what knowledge that were backed up as. Compared to prepare like you're not starting to weaken them. You're seeing a lot of guys now that you know haven't put a whole lot football let's. Yeah I think when you know veteran quarterback in named starter. You have to let them at least. Go through this system a little bit before you make a change and another different circumstances that second sentimentality but. It frustrate me now knows structuring of the quarterback there always be looking over the shoulder and back here this is not and we all understand that went. I don't marxists. He would speak at Cleveland I think they've had a revolving. Quarterback. You know kind of playing music shared with the quarterback and that's right that's a first pregnancy but. You know. It it's kind of part of the game not yes. I don't let me ask you how do we fix this because that's one thing that they'll note that the NFL's paying attention to look at some of these scores we've seen this year twelve denying and things of that nature. You gotta gotta keep people entertained humidity and it's a business but it's a sport as well could it be as simple as maybe keeping eight. Passing academy opened from the leak that younger quarterbacks ago it would work out with even if they're on the practice squad or. In the offseason because. I'm with you throw well let's go see which you can do as a rookie you don't perform for three games in year out on your boss how you splits to get the better. So yeah happen there's a lot different answers that you come up with for that put you know I I do think that there's been herb called incompetent. That's dollars in product that was because is that from the players and I've been around that some sort developmental league. Nazi and we're the guys that may grow apart squatter. Not get a whole lot of restaurant he's been these pistons some of the players NFL Europe Japan develop. And makes for a tough long year but. Not just wish there were something for for players that develop and not because if you think about it. After the season you know you get 34 months down time opinion and you're off off season program and then after appreciate your. No you go for you go home or whatever for a month and a half and then just kind of hit the ground running so if you look around and any other professional. Sport and I don't know if is that kind of structure behind it and it it tough for guests and you know plugging them play their cattle I don't know that definitive answer on that I think. You know and so has don't it can and obviously. These young players have young coordinators that are becoming head coaches there's a lot of change and you're seeing teams playing on Thursday nine Sunday night Monday night. So we'll see where this kind of goes. And speaking of player development as were continues with Connor shawl. Connor we know you've got a camp coming up for ages six to sixteen hearing Greeneville on December the thirtieth and you know you and I talked about previously on the podcasts that you're a guest on line and talking about you know your journey in sports in. You're having. What we like to say if you're why would major why and it seems like no these football camps that your do inning giving back. Seems to be a big part of your Y and so can you explain that. Absolutely grandma we we can talk about my wild on your podcasts I really enjoyed that. He could talking again rich but you know given you know but community and including integrated into communities and you've not been there done that much better with a coach. That's up and I really enjoyed it do. And I understand prefer not believe that there's a huge platform. And then there's mainly. I directed towards towards use the kid that now grow up dreaming about playing football and if you direct that to a good cause. And I think that's the purpose of swine you have that platform another attractive and reason why. Everybody's doing what they're doing and I and I kind of use football as that platform to do that. We'll listen Connor we appreciate you taking some time with this if you knew anything will get together and promote this cave again it's just 25 dollars so be the crops that are. On and let's see December 30 that's the episode before the you know New Year's Eve from one at 5 PM if people want more information they can go online to ever asked them dot com. That's EP EU RE TT as soon. Dot com dates were taken some time. Absolutely Libya on climate can't sort of get. A cool holiday gift and I'll hear the kids out there. Time. Richie and they're not yet there's Connor Shaw former South Carolina game cut that emit in Cleveland Browns Chicago Bears it. I'm delegates so like she give them call even if it's a yes Houston Texans right now give him a call. This is straight up was starts will be right back. Diesel that that it even makes its math wise right they're sure that. That story every week are. South Africa and got us that yeah I saw video I think I saw on Tosh point oh last night not so I don't know how all this video is. But it's it's a Penn State fan wearing you know white Penn State Jersey. Punching out the back window of his SUV. And retrieving. A twelve pack of natural lights which means he locked his keys and his beer in the car. And decided to cost himself a hundred bucks. Popping out his window and punching out his window whatever yeah whatever cost to replace a window to retrieve. May be an eight dollar twelve pack of beer it's this face and have fans all around him cheered and went wild. Illinois did it wasn't there are what was it bottles or convenience because that does McKee model desserts when you're talking now right so I can almost respect it a little bit more that. It's an anti bottle it's a whole lot colder than an antique it is easy it was easier retreat back in the that the bears got that right against what would be at about slept at this week. Byrd into the book that you eat you're retreat in natural light or show well. Fritz Gerber Goebel the show bells that it's important beer. Soon whether or sophisticated denied a right that was like a bucket. Did it right there black label. Now the best part about black label with your river which John Bassett the Carling. The bats for accompanied black label. He had a hot. The outer Carling Bassett played professional that is. It was also early an actress when she was a teenager yet. Couldn't stomach the beer with two guns though he also in the team that may mean it's back in the day with these servers so. That all these. Yeah I got more to Libya that your idea at the yes it is it says irate today here's the deal we come back two was it. For what just give way at you what does it. The states on its way. So why don't we just like diesel Ain T it's the haven't like in states that they can pick they can't. They keep it by different state games we've played this week it. Basketball which by the way. State beats my aboard a hundred points that's the bottom here they're division two or not. That there are hundreds of division as it ended the ethical altogether the national Christian. College athletic misses the says the agency immediately they lost to a bad at state program. I've more than a hundred points the other basket if there's a division a new and had to be division eight. Two that about it. UCLA players were talking yesterday indefinitely suspended. They did get up there and apologized today and they did they president trot for way he did them now says. It's suspended indefinitely you receive it usually means last nine minutes it's not a number we'd love says. The people that the HBO twelve gains vs the people the HC BO two games. Really key rates too much note is they don't let them Matta games that they're going to be out. I said. It's somewhere in the neighborhood fight he said till January. I think we've maintained its simple the. A young until they lose a game and all that got some bad what do you make. I adding they're gonna slip this in come probably mid December. That there reinstated. And they're hoping that. Story line guys now and that's why they do the suspended indefinitely if they don't. Eight it's our decision bull will figured out. We we police everything internally we don't need to hear that cheater chatter from everybody else outside and build the comeback in probably the report. Right well at least it did the right the innate thing semis with the bat form again not trying to get. That man appeared Democrat that mayor fear vote Republican or somewhere in the middle. The president that hurt president this country stepped up for those three freshman. Which UCLA pulled in favor and they need to say they Q because. He helped them now. Drive they they had no clue. How much they were helped out all right when we come back to wizard the former app state football player with the LA express the Sumner. V8 diesel where you know pick some football games I will see you at about fifteen men since our our right straight starts like smoke on the water.