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Welcome back and final thirty minutes of the show yep that's right final thirty minutes as will give way to done months and that array on the column the clubs and opener for the 2078. Team. Basketball season it's a host the western Carolina. Catamounts tonight but. Richmond first of all. You know we had a can handle out here right now we can have a theory intimate dinner at a Papa Johns beats to a Crown Royal at least need to camp fires are exactly. Yet. It this is in the same spot I was you a couple of years ago price and our literally it's ideas we have a state vehicle I understand right now so at that race at. We are pretty cold weather comes at a remote ports ever year. At palmetto liquor parties job bureau went that the three river were given its club since. Florida State tickets away years thirty minutes who got Papa John pizza. Price will. It agent Richmond come check him out let's go the plan might still walk the talk some college football Jim welcome in our current. You don't get very very. Take her to get other thirty minutes earlier I get my favorite thing on the face of this are real royal. 088. Decades that's an expert good seal it for a good deal. If he did but it took him to play out starting tomorrow. You'd like clips have been well which wanted at the plate but people are clips that would reduce toward those that are directly compete out Butler told people what. Yeah I. I know a lot more right now you know according to Alex set up the eclipse it in in Georgia jailed in New Orleans. That's a lot of main means it I wanna see how Georgia handles the road trip the Auburn this week before I've you that. Hopes and yet here's Bill Clinton not Rolen anybody from this point for him these are not at outside at the citadel game you know. They're going to be they're gonna have to win gates whether to one point four point or seven point. Snail I'm also see some battery clubs at its core of why oh why why should we expect better one week at best standard shut down our third all the time. You know what the last time I checked the point is to win the game that win it by X amount of points you know what I mean. Actress caddie sneaking suspicion and they got pretty yet accurate this comic collection it's not as good as it in the last couple years. They won't have to keep it out of a low scoring clubs and doesn't wanna get too many 38 the 31 games leaving port. No I agree we know Rick and Richard. Much more RJ sports department store much born 38 points to a quality team. Yet the one thing I'd be collection. Whit what he eats them is. To be able to play that I vote. Yes sir our great way to go to the sit appreciate that you look calls. Darkness you don't favor administration no way you have a good weekend as we can. How do it thank him appreciated all stars before you wanna remember that we didn't expect that much out of this Constantin this hour anyway. I mean open fans need to understand that they have. Greatly outpace what we all thought. They were capable of this year. Kelly Ryan has played way better than we thought he was going to. All that bad defense that lost so many players have played way better than we thought they were going to suit everybody needs to temper their expectations for what is what. Can't it will happen for the remainder of this season because they have played. More or less out of their minds all season long except for a few hiccups. The peso may well set their diesel but that's not it is that's not our fans are the gratification of it we are number one you know it means go back and look at the water boy when they got all excited about winning. In that movie I had clips of paper losses at this point in the years that this is great tie. Yeah happening have to do loss yes but my point me to find yourself at the top for the college football playoff hole in week number nine. After going back to back national championship games I mean this is great beat this year and joy it. I had a sneaky suspicion clips it can win the national team last year. I don't know but bill that same way this year even though there's that number four I agree and it's interesting that what do national championship. Does to their perception of the previous season if you go back and look. There are struggles clubs and yes did not roll over everybody except one game against Ohio State 31 to zero don't forget about that. Regular season finale. OK good point it at it and it all right it's. A no I did not expect that last year either set but. Okay two games though out of fifteen. Clubs it was not rolling over everybody it took some great games from to Shawn Watson in the torture scene. From this aspect killing Bryant is doing yeoman work right now. But I think it's into a shoot out. I think there's a lot of confidence in knowing that Shawn Watson can make plays when your team needed to scoring. And Kelly Bryant hasn't been able to showcase that as of yet peacekeeping Clemson in the game right but he has been able to showcase that. When the back against the wall to be able to score. He can do what's apps are people up that awards this past Saturday. Evening complete or as fifteen yards on the field but about 00. The leader at this team it's not about what you think it's in it's about the reaction in the locker in this team knows. Kelly it is their quarterback help. He does this skills that it's on watts it gets what. Kelly it's gotten a lot more yardage to the middle it's on Everett did why because that's what he brings to the table which compare these two quarterbacks the last season shot Watson last year Kelly right this year. It's comparing apples and oranges because. Outside of in the starting quarterback clubs bats where this layered. And you meanie. Fanatics. What I call fanatics that the fans that crossed that line. They get caught up NN. Not remembering that you know life is about cycles in some days you just don't have it and Sunday you do and that's the reality of it. Just as normal lives that we go through in your work someday you're performing better than you do it another day. But nobody wants the allow. That to happen on. The plane court or. The field it's you'd have to be performing catcher Max performance each and every time. Or Europe bomb and that's just not the reality apply them to meet the majority of the people. There's it's an old habit plea sport before you have it lists and even. High school level you realize you were forming your level every right. Richmond bureau on the effort. It's assistant coach on three different it's eight teams always hurt coaches that speak sake. Week after he gain what defines this what you do when you bring your B game without a doubt in what we also. Have gotten caught up in this society and maybe it was having years and years ago as well but. Give credit to somebody just simply play better than us or at the other team right to give them credit for. They had their a game that particular day and just play simply better. Sometimes it's not about the x.s and the o.s its the Jimmy's in the Joe's in these guys make better. Play or else the only reason they want what it does other tapes. Right. Is so funny. Yeah I realized then that the other team they knew they run your schemes to. They want your films do yeah they got athletes to. That's right. So yeah again you know socially at his brought out everybody beat ever grow it up the term armchair. That's a quarter armchair quarterback and all that's right. But it was will or to hear it you're doing it for your (%expletive) dallas' go push your opinion in via the in. Here's the your perfect absolutely no doubt about it all right here's the deal. Let's go ahead in Katz's final break at the show is we have to give weight to clips and basketball here at 630 dog but since first call of the season. As seen you play by play for clubs of basketball as the director of broadcasting now handling all three. Major sports ever club seeking here in temporary get into it. At 630 here on ESPN upstate. Welcome back in final segment. Term how at a liquor party shot figure out what the key rate wanna think our promotions staff it's always Richmond they do a fantastic job you can still get by here spit in the will. Fill out a yes to make rail royal bag with a but to little goodies and right and as one of our servicemen will lecture. That it's delivered overseas we still have some Papa John's pizza in here a few minutes I'll be pulling out the winner. Of those duke Clemson Florida State tickets and they will let you know. Richard ethnic witness at the most articulate conversation during the break it may have ever written. Discussed on straight start what you get names like George Washington valley forge yet in things like that in the break conversation when it's easily we're trying to make fun yourself you're giving me meter all it reports. Bird take it to another level that was absolutely index level is again tomorrow is veterans day before we get out of here we cannot continue. Without thanking everybody that served our country much less the families that it. Suffered the ultimate sacrifice in the loss of a family member. You we're so fortunate we come on here cut out with diesel and Paul sports in this and that it. I and so Lou I mean this so seriously in so loss and to be able to. Do this but we wouldn't be able to do it if those people haven't served this country. I realize 242 years well said yes sir it's amazing sacrifices that they dine and not only obviously. Individuals sacrificing. The ultimate sacrifice their lives for this country but just via. Other individuals that are sacrificing. As the years of their lives that they. Yet to their country and to protect our freedom our right to basketball seizing it started hot. True or false yes certain. Sean Miller in the Ayers that a wildcats had never made it to the final four which John Miller's head coach is this year. They can buy themselves plane that first weekend in April players and a wildcats because I've maintained its heels John Miller gets. A team to the final four he adds the big question mark. Hate you over his head even though I think he's won that by date best coaches in college basketball you're asking me this with such a big at districts. On the whole question yet. Is he England beat the coach and don't know there's too many unknown questions. But if you're asking me would know FBI investigation during thing. I think Sean Miller makes it to the final fall all right Porter whose plane out it Missouri this year for Quan so mark. The last two and number one overall drug addicts in the NBA draft hit not seen the NCAA. Tournament. Yeah bit sevenths LSU last year he played and I eat when they they're no post season so most people are assuming unless something goes wrong the Porter will be the number one draft pick next year. Do we sequence so Barton in the Missouri Tigers in this year's NCAA tournament yes. You do he's just too talented and is supporting staff is actually. Very good as well now. Not a lot of depth but so they don't have any injuries. He will be able to take into the NCAA tournament he's not gonna go farther in internment. Yet but that would be like it said yeah we did back to back time so are number one draft pick is not seen the NC there at the tournament. Who's gonna cut down the nets were seen a lot of love shown that people right now we see a lot of love Shia agenda Michigan State on is that. I mean it's kind of the cast of usual suspects might as maybe North Carolina we don't quite fill them. What we felt obviously they are the defending national team event. Is it good at the I love basketball is about passport got maybe five night and unfortunately that was a cruel joke on us. Are on me but. I just don't know what to expect with this amount you'd factor coming in and out of the game as quickly as it's coming right now. I still wanna look at somebody like Notre Dame has some upper class leadership and go. Watch out for Mike Brey and tires to make a run I'm not talking national TV chip material I think it's so subjective with this year. In the game a college basketball the one in Dunston. To really taking a long hard look at how it's gonna play now. The most talented team is still going to be Arizona. Calls they do have some leadership. It's not just all won the freshman coming in. Both duking Kentucky probably be starting or freshman. So that hole. Lot of it is because it yes it's question mark I know Mort look at Dave and let them number one with the with competence. The ballots there for them to be there. How do you keep for freshman outside of really break not rape you. Up Calipari to Kentucky who's ever historically really. For press been happy unless they were the path for the fab five and they were able to do that I think it team that. I would say this sneaky team is Villanova Jay Wright consistently. Puts out a quality program. He's. He's definitely the world dress code when the best dressed coach in India. Nation now. With Rick Pitino exit out. Louis I would also let. I think Jay Wright had the ability to make it strong rise to win the big east. And in my white tees so. You know pretty factories that he's the Villanova. Currencies it's. All right couple other team. That are a little bit off the radar than at maker whisper really nice runs it's not all of the rays are one as. Watch out for northwesterly Chris Collins this year he's got that program consistently batter out there in Chicago yea grew up the Chicago Cubs and everything else. And Chris Collins if he does enough out there with that northwestern program. Dealing with all the academic Casey's that you have to deal with Ravi university. Ayers and the deep basketball coach if he continues his role. He's on west and unfortunately he's going to be handicapped this year but they're there and they're not playing in their home arena there renovations going on to that only watch out. For northwestern to fielder the their run that they had last year but. Easy. Candidate for taking over Purdue does the house of what he's been able to do and he also has that it. With the pedigree in the similarities of dealing with northwestern is your first job with with the academics aren't a state that ain't. I think duke will stay within that she says he coaching tree. In right now he looks like he may be the best viable candidate I'm sorry it's the kid is not a guy that went out Oklahoma got fired years ago when it I don't know that was Missouri. Right yeah people K yet able to hit me yet so you forget about look at how ski. You have Arsenault Arquette and they had again I maintain it you win at northwestern which who had into the NC target 47 years you can continue to win it deep right the other factor I say pay attention to because it -- South Carolina basketball fans I'm not talking gamecocks. Talk of palmetto state basketball fans to shake their head a little bit. Watch out for Wichita State in this year's well he has got it rolling out. There Gregg Marshall definitely does is going to be interesting in a new conference. And he got to have some pressure though because. The Mick Cronin as Cincinnati it's not gonna be a cakewalk. So watch out for Cincinnati in that conference as well so. As much as were given a lot of credit to. Gregg Marshall and Wichita State is going to be different in a news conference and will injuries impact with Landry should Matt coming back with a stress injury will see it if that's going to be lingering issue or not. Well the reality of it is is they he will be a step the that you comforts but Wichita State is built to the player rough break basketball you will. Oh aid they will not be pushed around even in there and you never turning yet their words and their leadership so. They're going to be a team will always to make. All right next week here on the show you're going to be co hosting every day price people are in the early elected paper Obama. For the US curly Olympic curling trials are to eat chips when it. This will be the teams that go whoever the I tried to males. It's Korea for the Olympics in coming up. And it did say South Korea next year so you'll be with this which includes stops its local water real. Quit we're gonna have fun night shortly expires it's going to be a real quick thirty minutes on the air at a constant basket off. In there were gonna sit down and reports of interviews with. George Rogers and sterling Sharpe repair it oh in other gamecocks and tigers to bring back you'd play back the following week why. It's clips and hero and a week I made scene that were two weeks away from things if I had just don't understand now. I'm going by so fast yet he would either way where it's it's older guys on for ally in line. By don't forget you have won that football game deny it is. I'd look at Washington's planes stains that are heavily guy we key scene yet they united way. Out here in the dark and so that's should be worked check in now again I I think eclipse in they beat Florida State mart's not going to be as easy as some of the constant means. I think it should be South Carolina tickets easier that you know what Vegas is willing it with the gators but. Sweetheart for Brady Ackerman even he used sideline reporter Francis on on the Gator football teams that. I expect that these guys this week because the defense even bother to quit last week at misery they never showed that again what it says. I think that's there for South Carolina and that eighteen as well but that that you have to be excited that you guys I gotta watch that while the basket. All. Voter yes and I am a realist I understand this is still football season it is this how you yes exactly. But I am excited next Tuesday. With the champion's classic that rules will start to see some. Separation even though it's very early I get that but do Michigan State in Kansas Kentucky will get to see some. Showcase gains and we'll see what those freshmen looked like it both duke game. Made for TV match ups no doubt about it don't forget we'll have a pictures this story up later on. From the South Carolina Gamecocks playing the Wofford terriers in the first game in the DJ Richardson. Indoor arena in Spartanburg OB tip in off in about thirty minutes swells to check out our FaceBook page or Twitter page. ESPN dot state dot com as well of course we before we get out of here that you Porter everybody were real royalty. Take such great care service here are promotions department as well they've been out here ever buys a little bit chilly this point in the evening says. They've done a fantastic job in less it will Greg McCain you know beyond for college football today tomorrow. College football today. Tomorrow. At 10:30 in the morning from right outside Littlejohn Coliseum. Leading into that 330 kick off the tigers in the seminoles don't forget the about the apartment tomorrow. That citadel of affirmative old school Al matter rivalry game. While experts on the road at BMI but in the meantime grants. Thinks it's been fine if our will do it again Monday at 4 PM for more polite straight start to have a blast the.