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Like when it. I welcome back to and its clear light your Crown Royal Friday 153. In easily Papa John's making eight and other delivery to its a year. At Al meadow liquor party shot comes spin the price will have some pizza meet paid to skit in drag dale via the business lines here. The store. In. Yeah. We clips of Florida State tickets it will be given away here. In roughly ninety minutes and yet we talk a little bit about Clemson Florida State what about South Carolina Florida the more because. Yeah against south Carolina's bowl eligible. Payers. I think after this past weekend with that effort in. In Athens there and question in the second best team in the SEC east right now I mean this function junction going on Tennessee. That emit Tammy get lowered just when start by in the Kentucky that he they give up its dale passed. With five seconds left on the clock against Ole miss whom. Unbelievable Seve South Carolina right now they are the second best program in the SEC east and it is now Florida's looking for a new active. You know. What do you say it's very hot and make it fun it Dave Odom and those guys for awhile over the air but guess what. That's appropriate you can look at from being number one this year in game number two. He's this past three games there are three being winning streak in make the case that's a program and it's getting better because it Julio Brady Ackerman say. Those guys got an NFL quarterback in NFL wide receivers do the Missouri Tigers I would have never guess that they've been 45 after they started the season. He's actually. Doing something positive with the Portland at its job unit that was you know that we're talking earlier this year. Eight you know the bad thing is it's Missouri fans are by years and you still see 20000 out there in their stadium. But you know maybe though he is they'll come back next year let's there's been a lot of dysfunction around at university of misery deepens with the administration and the core of the by wants to know go Google that they that. You god forbid you we heard the comment about in inmates run the prison upset everybody you last week I mean the students weren't. Running is administration. At one point with that. With. You know protest and things of this nature right now. They're application. Numbers drop salute drastically they're not getting the normal amount of freshman classes they bring it meant. For the history but they are getting better football but let's get back the South Carolina basketball they have bad coach yet don't know that's what they're delta right now the number one pick in next year's draft and what order play in there this year. But South Carolina Florida and South Carolina handles this I don't think there's any stress involved in Williams Brice a more in the opening kickoff. Mean that you get you know. Get prepared for clubs in Newport at Richmond we thought about five and amp point spread looks way you'd like Vegas notes on that. I watch these two teams there's no question South Carolina as much much better than Florida right now. I think it's an easy win for the game. I think it'd I would live. The expected. A rallying cry rallying point for Florida last week at Missouri that seem like the opportunity that you might have seen a little bit of life for Florida even though they coming off of the hills of fiery. Michael Wayne. A lot of times you see that. In sports that for whatever reason a team can come together because they're trying to prove people wrong and maybe there were some more dysfunction that you. Really realized at that situation but now after that type of performance. On the road again at South Carolina a seat Florida showing up whatsoever. And I think they're just mail it in for the rest of the season. I I think gamecocks win by two touchdowns. At least all right C three SEC teams kicking off at noon hour. You got Louisiana I'm sorry I go always refer to miss Louisiana a lot yet because it's. I really get back in the days of the raging cajun beat southwest Louisiana. When everybody had a history it was northeast Louisiana Louisiana man news directional central down there. But Louisiana Lafayette or in this news also we've mentioned Florida south Carolina's in the kickoff that Arkansas LSU and that new. The battle for the Billy Dale Mayer's new kicked off which meet at 11 AM. In Tiger Stadium now's laugh and all the way back in a requirement here this Provo with that order on an ego waterboarding immediately. Do you realize. How. You may incite speck in the stadium Pernod levity and often that read you always hear. Saturday night batteries but not Saturday morning no you do not given out and I feel lights of the gate because they might need it. Yeah and I think you've got a better chance of people Rolen and for the Barbie and apologized then roll it did it set up but OK you know what I mean date date. This puts it like these nuclear Scottsdale mayor if they will earn their back on it let the people 46 years old battle lightning kick off that's so old. It did yeah. That's but. My point is that so a bottle like a new kick off on new LSU fans don't like a new kick off. So Lou 8330 more oldest rivalry in this south Georgia all over. Gut feeling that Auburn student rated train wreck this thing for Georgia bar. I don't think so if you here's the deal it's got smells on it if he gets beat by Georgia and Alabama in the next few weeks. To go eight and four on the season he beat Guillen quote unquote on the hot seat. This lease or buy it eight and four because here you now have. Jay Jacobs already in sales and his retirement what the hell is Bruce Pearl speaking in not cooperating. With the ease of university when it comes to this investigation. In the end quietly. Hobby cover bill the old riverboat gambler going out publicly yesterday. Won't leave the Auburn athletic job win. You know when hires abatement. So well right I I don't play him already does that rate beat governor last night minutes can be athletic director Albert which by the way bad move in my opinion the dates of the coaches come and and you know are being. Football coaches as well as athletic director like works deleted for awhile. He can't go there find businessmen to run these athletic departments not oh yes look to coaches like Tommy Tuberville. I've just seen it I guess my point being in my gut feeling with the Auburn is. If they don't do it. Gus spells on gone. In guess what I just to see that happening that quickly you know that it so it's an either or if he beats Georgia. It phases job even if he loses to Alabama or it loses to Georgia that beats Alabama. He saves job but it loses to both your saying he's now yeah I had the win they'd let it be known. They hate your Omaha city. Eight wins a measure cuts it because again your lives in Alabama you're losing to Joseph you're losing your main rivals year in year out. In the only year roots years that you really beat Alabama. Was kind of Lucas. Yeah in its present line at ticket 58 yard field goal that Chris Davis returns for. Every day that the one year that you had on that run to the national title game when he lost team that's what's in the Florida State Seminoles. Was still a rookie wins one against Georgia and the ball is in Alabama the KXX that guess what. You go back and you look at that CC doesn't it feel more for a lot of luck would have never made that run to begin with that he got to be in the right place for low. I happen I get it but. That's that this number that's the that season is the Al wire when it comes to Gus bounds on coaching career Auburn. Yet I think it boils down to the fact that. Has he really had a quarterback. But this fall he sent off bits of guy I understand I'm the same that state it comes back to his recruiting. In efficiencies at the quarterback position just what we see have seen at Florida we know that that was a major hole for Florida. And I think you're seeing the same thing for all because they have a running game now injuries have played a part of it. So could be other storyline be that if they win back the schemes that they can play themselves and as the first team loss. Team Auburn's guy a pendulum. In front of them it's an interesting thing that things about it. Absolutely all right. 4 PM Kentucky sit theater built the Mora in the southeastern comfort 7 PM kick offs. Our New Mexico I would text CNN what are you thinking about him Mississippi State. Finally indices at Missouri 730. In the Mississippi State. The last time we were thinking in Mississippi State was ready somebody win in the Davis wade stadium and drove them right between the eyes now we're start that they are right nick spare it FitzGerald inquiry. They're rated take on Alabama. The one concern for the Crimson Tide simply them Manning injuries right now just like. Clips it's really banged up on the defensive side going into this game against Florida State the more Alabama's rate banged up on the defense side. Had no over there had a buddy of mine that's the Mississippi State grad hit me up NC India how cup that are you in Alabama. In my response dome was simply I think this is what in this bill Ford the stretch runs here but guess what you're gonna see. I better Mississippi State button. You know the the one that concerns me. As a Baylor is Auburn game on the going to a couple of weeks because weird stuff that's gone on and getting killed when it gives you arrive. Our game of course I think Alabama will handle Mississippi State is I think we're gonna be on that roller coaster ride with Mississippi State and where we're going down. Instead of going up for Mississippi State to your point they show up for. A period of time and in win the true to gain is upon them they falter and it just. We've seen this history repeat itself with him oh over the past few years of very few teams had beaten. Statement at this point but in Moline one album so is so is. Got smiles on coming up here in that battle but some hit me with this yesterday I think about this. The ninth he and 77. National TP was the notre dame fighting fires with the playing quarterback. That the it was at Joseph month or whatever they tell you that ice bowl in the cotton ball really really cold game. 7879. National team in it in the is that coaching career. Was. That air. You know that would be. Alabama with over with they're brought to Bear Bryant thing we 77 Saturday national TV 7879. Alabama national champion. 1980. Who Mitterrand and beat Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl with a freshman quarter freshman running back yeah that would be. Vince Dooley in the Georgia Bulldogs who makes a run in 1981 to the Orange Bowl gets a 22 to fifteen whenever Nebraska winning national championship that the young any forward. Who are here high for teams in the college football playoff hole right. Too easy to name Georgia. Ban on Notre Dame and clubs pretty pretty wild and it is all those as guilty pizzas water right now about the top four teams in the palatable if so what's the first team that's going to be out of this stuff for. Done. Tells me first about Georgia. All right they've got in trouble tomorrow on the plane you've already made that. Prediction that there are Notre Dame is better than mine. I really did I've got to give bright Alex some credit yeah he took a long look in the mere here in the off season. Met with his players each one of all of 958. 85 on scholarship and then walk ons. In the biggest you know as it greatly help me what I need to improve on that thing he heard over and over again. You need to be rail. You're always doing media are doing this and again there's a lot of that comes in the head coach Saturday but it's players said. We need. We don't know that well you need to theory and he has gone out in teams that this year. In don't look mail Saturday to rally from a forty season with the show on Kaiser who was drafted you know in the NFL draft. To be ranked number three in the country I think Brian Kelly right now is your coach of the year candidate college football. If I'm not a bright Kelly fan but I do give people credit when they go soul searching. Your bad things about them change their habits in the in the new Ford at the bright Kelly deserves a lot of edicts like. Oh god that's like that are common across violence here and mine point has been all along that was all the sudden Brian Kelly just couldn't vote. I don't think gets caught up in everything yeah Greg but obviously there's more he's coaching doesn't exit yeah he does it delegate at the forty very well. It's all with firing what lot cooler in you know mid season and all well I'm gonna go to jail and I'm gonna go to him do it myself and that's that's when you go to human planes yep well. And it's again don't don't like Notre Dame out of each right Kelly and able give credit where credit is the stilted. Then that I think Notre Dame. Finishes say they finished the season just with one loss I think they might be a little nervous as they're watching some other teams with one loss to play in some conference championship games. Giving these other teams another opportunity to make a point to the playoff committee while Notre Dame sitting at home. And add not thy plane out of mind yes all right when we come back guess what we are going to. Two bring you an interview back got together earlier today with the Florida Gator sideline reporter Brady Ackerman lessen his dad played for Frank Howard eclipse and back in the day. The Brady scatter really need insight on things not only did he play for Steve Spurrier with the Florida Gators his son is a freshman lined freshmen. On the Gator football team target Brent. Brady Ackerman. When we return is straight up the starts to Crown Royal Friday firm. How letter liquors party shot here all 153. In Albers bill. Welcome back here and it's a Crown Royal Friday here on straight up was stirred yep you heard that right radiate that it be better in that as we bring on Brady Ackerman the sideline reporter for the University of Florida football network not to mention a former player under Steve Spurrier back in the day and Brady a little ties to clubs and is well with your dad who played under Frank Howard back in the day. It's expect run. Worried about my dad last year in which you see I thought maybe he kidnapped an app I'm good. It made it to. That championship last year and Charlie happy in. The gators completely at that thing on each other I think it will be awfully tough. Out journal. We ask you about this day you're pretty close to this program and yet last week was a pride game and I. I hate to say like this but it didn't know like Florida played with a whole lot of pride at Missouri under interim coach Randy Shannon. What do DC differently this week as they approach his game in Columbia. Template and any pride last week indicated. They checked out regained started electric away from her again on players at receiver quarterback and running backs unity and Corbett ordered. Didn't provide any resistance whatsoever in. Delicate supporting because Asia and it switched up their practice equally or tacky change the way they practice these. We're gonna typical situation an error Kirk and a lot you can do. You start picking up a vacant then Rhodesia. Now. I'm hopefully. What we saw last week the kids on tape or embarrassed by it and understand it at like Mark James. And again a little more effort this legal chew on hard to tell that extra. That opener to always keep go cart town they're focused and that's really part Al. Don't know about the first quarter gain market. And I think that I can understand it in check. Yeah. It's. Eight. Oh well. The outer. Appeal or spirit this week or more motivated to be competitive. Sure and I share an early in doubt the very typical and they're low on numbers there I think now. And now I just don't think they're checked in Italy so it's going to be tough. As we continue Brady Ackerman the sideline reporter for the Florida Gator network you can hear play about play about make Huber in humid. You've been around this program for awhile Ewing Chris don't whirring and you know you all played there. Jim tackle Wayne at times felt like super nice guy but kind of like him in a square peg into a round hole when it comes to Florida. What did geez the Wiki G seemed to think maybe this thing got a little off track when it comes the Florida Gator football. Janet. For the next day and school there are all on on doing her cry shame on my vision. Our chorale and I need to rub some people the wrong way. I think he's very loyal to diagnose Smart different. And was not going to fire him or make changes on the opposite coordinator. And I think the operative not gotten better to an act yours and I think it either this year going Panetta at all. You know meeting between athletic and purchased about the philosophy and direction the optic you know 1 Kirstie championships and eastern division championship. Well I would much chance eked its suppliers and just you know does that Acela quarterbacks started with Welker and you know ended last year with Austin Applebee's but. And it. Lose jobs so quickly I mean what you east we were into this seat or expectations are opening its seat and blocking the new quarterback. Young quarterback and an adult skill set that way and I think a lot of that you. Analog and they're. Built to do you do. It at all. Such a patient in need and the patience to wait around and we keep. Our nation who and then chip apart on our way. It's we continue Brady Ackerman Florida Gator sideline reporter gators three and five on the year coming up to take on the six and three game Cox at new Demorrio Williams Brice stadium and I Brady guesses about week Zaire that it's lining up under center this week. Or the Florida Gators and of course you know week eight which ego with that I know fully paid franks is battled some injuries but. This isn't just kind of get it to the end of the season because you don't really get a chance to get snaps for somebody younger and get experience. Experience option out of our economy. I think in general franks is industry. EP you can read one kind of multiple re back on its secondary eco tech and run he fuels pressure. Onkyo quarterback. I don't know that experience in an apple are aware and I think dire deserves an opportunity if we failed again this week in their locker room and they're. Let her in a rubber Cowell bet it your all time laps. He's a typical situation. That Michigan game and except had a call back from just yet to wonder about that direction according go about it. Talks here in the coming year but it really doesn't get there. And transfer and moral majority in mop up the elderly with their pets quarterback. Believe they would then developed as. Well. Or active or have a project. I'm just in the pocket at saint Thomas its Long Island literature or Jake. Meet. It all budget different skills set and you don't have to guys that are exactly it's. So you're always not so different. Edges. I like them and it's been sure or even allowed the quarterback position has more to go eat. Looking different diet that's started to Tebow laughed and then you guys got on a quarterback he can which is. So brave let me ask you when you see south Carolina at six and three and they're improving of course you know one thing that the gamecocks have as a quarterback would Jacob Bentley Bobby's son a you know Will Muschamp eight he spoke so fondly of the University of Florida in his time he spent there on Tuesday in his press conference and I IC good things now start and a half the world will much can't not so much and what he's doing but may be and what he's not doing he's learned not to do. From previous stops. Yeah now say a class act first while much. Of the situation. I'm picking me surprised how well he did laughter Q&A bit generic indelible image. ER EEX. What I encouraged actually recruiters were. You know Ali do not put a lot. I'll eat there and look and be quite popular or well. During that war image. You have etiquette or what they're really good or are really good quarterback play I mean it's it's we're. Currently. Bill and and I think they're legitimately the second best in the cartel would act were detained last week. That's a good thing I think they appreciating look at gore. There are. I think it's so different and well but you know. Have you looked out speaking to two. Years that element we force in the week. All right as we close up shot with Brady Ackerman sideline reporter for the Florida Gators he played under coach Steve Spurrier at the University of Florida in Brady. You have a freshman sun on the alligator a lot Gator football team. It's decent. At what moment do you have his appear that pinch me moment yes we work when we're at these games but it still. Senior son come out of the tunnel and run out on the field as part of the program you played four. I know you too well that you don't stop and have that dead moment. Yeah it's awesome the first time it happened here I'm excited and chartered. Briefly. You know nearly came to South Carolina play but. First. That Joba is breaking down to stopped calendar. You know it's Florida's in the backyard and every around this area that they're telling agencies to earn an opportunity currently are at. An improbable and now I know in the future equal place Portland Tribune and it's a critical ability all coaches who say coach Mac or at least he's back straight that the prequel the you that would permanent. Well listen you've always a bit of good friend I think it's a really cool bill as well Brady but listen safe travels appeared to the palmetto state for that new tip off the more. In is always just thanks for car and how little time with us. Are. And I bears Brady Ackerman a Florida Gator sideline reporter I've known him for 67 years back when he used to work you revealed station's CSS. Richmond Weaver. It was based out of Atlanta apps are a better Ernie back up there are yes. He did the talking football with Bob noodle in Bork slowly ball yet and ended up at the part of the act Gator network geared. Just that really really cute guy that has the vehicle moment watchers on coming out. We've seen helmet that you did back in your wallet incredible ride. That's I mean the pain that tear jerking moment I I don't know I'll never have that but I maintain you know people that maybe interest in Brett venables is Agca to better try to do it this year. But Jake can get out site with you because I don't think Brett venables leads clubs in his defense coordinator. It's long it's his son's. Wearing tiger on itself I don't think so either especially with that that contract desperate and a wide lead absolutely all right it's opened and for the rest of the show wait for four GS PE SPN it's a Crown Royal Friday here dollars go outlet and liquor party shot cub and stuff the bags for our troops I didn't know if ever veterans data mart think about these guys serving us overseas will come back. 844 GS PE SPN. Welcome back we're live at how. Patterson bill written waiver mark Sturgis it's Grail royal Friday diesel back it ESP and a sixty idiot so take your phone calls at 84 port TSB. ESPN diesel you put up a poll. Earlier in the show its switches had Brady Ackerman on. So apropos to give an update on the quarter. Oh well I wanted to take the temperature of South Carolina fans to see if they felt slighted at all by only being five and a half point favorites. At home vs Florida clearly you know Florida's struggling had a really tough you're South Carolina. Performing better than expected there at home so I asked the question do gamecocks fans feel slighted only being five and a half point favorites at home. Vs Florida as of right now I think the polls been going about an hour and a half 27 votes in 22%. Say. That they have they do feel slighted that the the spread should be higher than that 33%. At third saying. Actually five and a half his mood is right is his right where it needs to be and 45%. Saying. No they do not feel slighted at all that that. It's good to exercise some caution right now. So listen. Still. It's for gamely purpose for entertainment purposes but the object is its one point win. Line. On the field Omar Richmond that's our biggest point. Always yeah which is it W hurt their during the break one of the NFL players talking about Thursday night football should be illegal in the NFL. Of all of the issues going on the NFL level this is one that the players are unanimous about it I am a 100% agreement with them. Thursday night football if you're gonna have is we were discussing during the break it needs to be coming off a bye week you know I mean yes there's still. Much money involved in the NFL. For teams not to have the properly that I get prepared for that gain much less get their bodies ready to go again next week I. Game like football where I mean it is full collision and you'd need to have some ability to recover to. You've seen it already in the NBA making adjustments to the schedule. To try to avoid the players you know rest dean so they're eliminating these back to back road games or eliminating you know. Short travel situations. So. I think he can be dying in the NFL easily they've got Smart enough guys. That can run the numbers and run a schedule that allows the team to have a bye week. We're within their Thursday night game or just to have them give it back I worries basketball IRA. Got Sunday Sunday night you got Monday night oh yet once we get there which each weekend. Well it's FL start doing at that point I'm a couple of game Saturday. So. I just eight. I agree with them win it the game's highest level in aimless by gains we have. Maybe I mean in BA wrestling with 3030 player. Give these guys the proper Matta kind help the deal for the next week why. It's weird that's the whole Lotta money and there's yes we are and I know. We joke your buddy. My study here every ought to say it. But I'm going to be part of that but he daddy crew right here and make this comment that what's wrong with going back to the Sunday games. And at a Monday night game and at the package in the one on Sunday night Hawaii during policy personally. Personally his wife earned football season being gone sixties that we. I don't wanna say they're personal mop lately is not gonna allow me this there on Sunday and watch NFL football. There that day because that's our one day a week did have some neatly tied with each other. However I would not mind. Are like having the opportunities. In the Texas after the NFL game on Sunday night. After they've all at debate on the bed now that's purse yeah I understand and that's where my personal opinion is. Out right matter then. That's right. So basically I'm saying your wrong and outright but that's my personal opinion. In all honesty I can completely understand that. I just like the fact of cabinet. Sunday evening with with nothing. So. Many ways that matter personal opinion that's when the NFL I think it. Well it's a pattern here going on that this box only right if remixes that this is a real. It is here it is it's. That bad for Monday Night Football. It is this week arc here there's boosting the Miami Dolphins. In court she can hear that gains on our sister station classic rock won a one point one or one point one at them. With that Nixon in the crew Jim's Nokia and all. There on Monday night was the beautiful thing for the Panthers is speaking this way they're playing good football they look like they're happy in the locker room. In in unison if you can get this win to get away at day 83. Guess what with the bye week off entities together right healthy get ready for each stretch run it let's and it looks like. And it just keeps going and the other way we had a covers a CEO about him you mean not standing out there it's very questions on Monday it's got people and a couple of colors like what olive it's 88. They're Weis eighty the new people take it or hallway. Slightly less than Thomas Davis in this guys that'll lockers they went after he divorced about this type of our. This is the weeks and about walking up with a better be good we're sinking ship around here. It's Charlotte issuers it yesterday it was only eight years old when I can't be about to begin with sorry. If you've been around that you watched enough television you'd that it did not keep rolling and it say about it though you had come across on some Hallmark Channel your watch it and. Titanic and understand they had these absurd that I tie that captain of the Titanic turn the ship when they told him to. We would they need to know that the ship would have been just fine. Yeah exactly exactly it's amazing that domino effect of just me and it decision you run your do you run your car into a brick wall you know it's gonna sink to it. But now that it's urgency or collapse what do Q all right will come back we'll. Which coaches are not delivering I'm not sure all of these guys are on the hot seat but look at some of these coaches and what they're being paid. Guess what they're not delivering to their main base this year. We'll get into that let's take your phone calls take 44 GS PE SPN remember where that it's 630 will give way to our friend dot months and he's now been named play about play for clubs and basketball. With his duties with football and baseball clubs in western Carolina 7 PM tipoff that little. Welcome back again is we're live at the haven't liquors party shop here off 153. And he but remember we give way to clips of basketball at 630 tonight. But plenty of people by. It's been in this price will grab and some Papa John's pizza remember were giving clubs at Florida State tickets away year. At 630 just head inside and register. And they hate each day the flashlight on it is a lark. It is literally dark it is for the first time here is we do this radiation obit. As we get ready. Richmond there's certain American coaches right now that. First of all if your. Six and three year better at this point of the year your probably on the hot seat at least on your message board for their universities but. Some guys like Brett Vilma four point two million dollars a year that he is making its head coach at the University of Arkansas in. I don't hear what that buyout as I think he's on here at the end of the season now. One the day at thirteen million dollar buyouts a lot of money by ice and taken in Wal-Mart in the news guys. They'll they'll circle the wagons it listed. I don't know if you've noticed Arkansas going to be major building. You know they're adding on to razorbacks they are right and on. Four point two million dollars a year and I did come backing get a win they stand. Delightful little bit and it would help that the winds you know at LSU game this weekend. I don't know how much breath Vilma is or is not on the hot seat arkansas' not getting their money's worth in year number five and over four million dollars per season. I agree 100% that I'm surprised that he was actually still here this year. So now that he's even struggling more when you're in trouble with coastal Carolina. Nothing against coastal Carolina fourteen point yeah the last few minutes to win an I was actually I would have loved this scene coastal Carolina win that game but an SEC team should not be in a situation of that magnitude. Oh with a team like coastal Carolina they're just better at just the reality of it and they're definitely not living up to the expectations as wonder. What real true expectations are for markets all regardless of experts are staying in the mail like I said. When it comes to bread build I've maybe have a little bit of a sneaky suspicion. As we have said once or twice before all he did was maintain with Mary Alvarez bill yes. In maybe snag attic that you that things were placed just to keep it rolling because whiskey now rolling again and they elusive wide receiver. But Paul Crist in year number three they're like what thirty and six the last. Two and three quarters season so Wisconsin. Playing well all right how about the clubs and spacing to barred Florida State Tim both Fisher. Five point seven million dollars per season. In yet you're in the bottom of the Atlantic Division you put all of your eggs obviously of one basket. When it came to the Andrei France law in the and you had a eleven starters returning on defense including getting there when James back. And they look lost they look at at hate it the biggest hit was not losing team it's Winston at quarterback back in the day. The biggest hit was when they won the national championship losing cheer me Pruitt defense of coordinator. Alabama yet and I agree with that statement that it's not. Only just the players it's what happens to your coaching staff. When you come off a national championship and that's one of the things that Davos when he's been able to do is maintain coaching staff. But you also have to look at Florida State offensive line it's in shambles they had some injuries there that recruit offensive line well state of Florida it's the same thing I'd say about Florida Gator football. How do you have skill players in that state that life is in cycles go in there in a down cycle right now and at Florida State. Inning ends clubs and fans just be prepared. This could happen as well aware that there could be it down cycle after coming off of the national championship run and then now obviously sitting at number four in their college football playoff but. I I I'm OK and if all the Florida State band with Jim though Fisher is just. One of those it's great these years are right the one guy and tired but Jim Harbaugh seven million dollars a year he's not yet in this Yates not get it done. With that kind of money on the line in. Yeah they're not win in the Big Ten title again this year Kevin someone fight me in Texas native Butch Jones four point one million Tennessee. What about Jim Moore three and a half billion dollars a year Nebraska. Two point nine million for Mike Riley are to pledge of more UCLA they two point nine Meehan for Mike Riley at Nebraska. Later put door it's a one year did he server two Meehan. But I still like I said right as he can fire everybody that's a reactionary period that we're in right now. And that's why you're going to be probably seawater team coaches maybe. Sticker rail for the next year that you didn't think because why every time position comes open. The hole shrinks a little bit as far as qualified candidates are concerned yes it does. And you actually might see some guys that are questionable get a contract extension. And you'll say wait a second wire they get a contract extension. And it's not to maintain necessarily stability security. That but it's also do you really structure the buyout walls that's the VP right now I outs of this load scared because that's they have bases as coaches by. It's as though TV chip in thirty years or get the hell out of my ale. It's clear and simple way we've become and that's all social media driven by the way parish thirty minutes left here. On Crown Royal Friday.