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Welcome met up stayed it's a ground Roy till Friday addition of straight up what's third to Wear light and heat by Richmond waiver night. At palmetto liquor party shot right on won it three year old. Three quarters of a mile down from Y eighty by Aybar. You know right across from the main drag here and powders bill it. We're gonna have some fun up until 630 years we will give way for the season opener of the Clemson tiger basketball season that no. Back of those packets is that tops it off about this time of the year's college basketball's now begun Cincinnati it's the UJ. I don't know thirty point win earlier today we've already seen some finals coveted in that some news that will affect this game at 7 o'clock tonight. Two with political absence graduate transpires Richmond. Yes actually David Starr about clue operates a transfer. Sat out last year. It was just announced literally twenty minutes ago that he's going to be suspended for nine games for violation. While he was that operates though what those are I don't know I guess in text messages out right now trying to make it a little bit more information. But it's interesting to see that with the excitement of college basketball these are there is a shroud of uncertainty obviously was something like this there's also the Georgia Tech situation and UCLA with the Angel ball in the arrest and obviously. The big one the FBI investigations. And I suspect there's going to be some more now confidence in the next week or so yet that the ideas that care about train wreck any idea when it comes to the beginning of the. College basketball season so but still this is a sport that desperately needed aid economic court in at least let some of the story lines be about. Results in not bad knees if you will. But again that we're here Korea royal Friday Richmond it's your second wind and there's a lot of fun things that if first of all. It's veterans day I guess we'll go ahead and college at least here on straight starts I get to Mars the actual veterans day. But of course I'll be on the air different states in 933 the planet yes 30 in the morning for college football today ever clumps and outside Littlejohn. But this page. You gotta stop permanently and say thank you hundred in 41 years now. People have been fighting for our country. Saw him just serve go on about their lives others give the ultimate sacrifice when it comes to it. Listen there is she she can talk about the protest this that the other year politics is a very divided issue right now but they should be. No. Division when it comes to veterans day. Those guys served our country. It gave us opportunity to come back here in these Sports Radio pouches or 93 through the planet or go to a football game this weekend. That he. There is no politics when items to better and stay out by that statement grandfather. It's no longer with this he fought in World War I. I'd like if fate debate my father in law to its via any today in a nursing they served in. The Korean war in the Vietnam War my nephews that it served over in Afghanistan and Iraq. I want to anybody out there that is put on the uniform. Even the first responders the elicited the veterans day and I want to take a moment NC thing. Also surged we have to say happy 242. Birthday to the United States Marine Corps yeah. Thank you all Marines. Absolutely says to you all the veterans that your unit that's what it's all about today we're gonna have some fine were good for 37 we're gonna talk with our very Kevin McGuire. For me BC sports dot com. College football I've got in earlier today. Got that would one of my buddies Brady Ackerman his seat Florida's sideline reporter for the Florida Gator sports network. In that will bring you that the illicit. Yeah he played for Florida his son's a freshman at Florida he had some interesting thoughts when it comes to him back away. In some of the things that are going on in been parked airline experience because. What is it what were Collins today. These are paying it out over. A yeah days that he would as they have an idea that's good note note we talked about it yesterday I needed it that's why we don't all of the sports titles but these parties are for batteries whatsoever. But listen but now part yankees absolutely put out fires two here the next segment will open the thing in mind but it didn't come buy stuff what do these krill oil bags and honor for our troops here's the deal at a message in the air. Or one of they'll send them overseas that's snacks and things of that nature but just get. That note first look at the low degree from the USC three point night. And as. They eat burgers or less about a county that we're gonna give away eight here Clemson Florida State tickets today. Spin the price will get you some Papa John's pizza. In most importantly. Tom potter pay from 93 point three the planet rocks she's been up so what 32 hours now. If the rice guys did they're with the eight hours of broadcasting. In it any image still out here. For Grail royal Friday you wanna talk about veterans don't veterans day. Boy she's a warrior that's right and he still had enough energy to view. Have a dispute with AT&T and why buy if you do you attack at their she's got a lot of energy yet because at that when she gets she's scratching out that night so. Looking back real quickly at Thursday night we'll all less and got hit north Carolina's credit they go up to it may get their second win of the season yesterday. Is leery surprise that when I thought that had a kind of mail their legs again and that North Carolina gets the win I was with diesel it was I've ever seen. Eight weirder team if you will when it comes to app state Georgia's other. It was they were going through the motions it was seven at the readers like twelve seconds left in the first half. In. App states got the ball like that 3035 yard line. In the quarter rat lines eight sees it gap in the middle of the line eighty runs straight up the middle for about 45 yards yet steel. With three seconds left on the clock this yet it's never kicked one longer than that the art comes it nails like fifty to the orders the first apps expiry. In boy they came out plate did the mountaineers like a completely different team in the second half in. Who by the way this was a backup kicker. It has been amazing you're gonna hit the broadside of a barn. A and he transferred immediately. It it was when you're gonna have the old guy the one who can't hit and that no sir ever pay he was he was the leading kicker in the state of North Carolina in high school you can have him. If that he can hit good drives out of a bar right now yeah he didn't hit the reds out of a bar if he tried. But Ledee. Usually see some might go deep maybe trying to make the plate this is literally. Taylor William run up the Middle East also than they've made any some points there. In that was that different apps they've scored through the motions there in the first after so watch. Diesels but now these things at the same time. The Malays have app state football five and four in my daughter's economic house bothering him while app state football and east front of focus on the. Games and your dog is just wanted to be baby and Karina here or wrapped up in this wobbling cloth. Health care ever agreements that the gritty like little red I think good late ET in the scene where they wrap him up. Are right. Gay club since it's in Florida State that's at three he kicked off gets what will be on the year. It's thirty outside votes and a couple of local notes on. It's sport don't forget department. It's a hosting the citadel in 2 PM tomorrow they're Paladin stadium. That's an old old old school rivalry here in the states out there a lot of matters much now. It's Wofford is now come into the Southern Conference and a lot of that stern. Wofford and that inform it by apartment walls that are posted to what the seventeenth southern comforts and soccer chant. TP chip this weekend the semifinals begin at 330. Today. That stops the regular season GP EE STV status state. Taking on Mercer fervent in UNC Greensboro walked together after that tonight at the that you jeans and soccer stadium the TP chip will be 1 AM on Sunday suit you wanna go season. Football action. It head on now to form and also fervent senior guard Devin civilly. Was named the Duluth it's an award pre season watch list pollutants that award is presented each year for the nation's top division one mid major. And in prospect if you will the senior from Knoxville. Averaged nearly eighteen point six penalized years that's yep for Bob Ritchie in his first year listening he's got the pretty seasoned player of the year you will in the yes so on that's intimate experiences with Nico Medved starting up it's a victory today. A little bit easier also the game that night if you will. It's right up the road I 26 in Spartanburg gated south Carolina's opening up the UG Richardson indoor arena with Wofford. Had a chance to catch up with both bring Maarten and bite you on this week both of grass what that hello we in this opener. But listen that's it. It's going to be unbelievable I love the fact that. But let them do their video and throws and all that stuff they're in the new indoor Richardson Arenas. We will have coverage I've got somebody that will be here. It will have some pictures that we put up on social media and everything you know once it's underway. At but yes in upstate in on Twitter at ESPN upstate. As well by again where life here at 153. It's palmetto. Liquor party shop we're about a mile three quarters of a while dale. From my feet by me come by NC is in that seeking a that the Crown Royal bird nineteen dollars and 99 cents here today. Pete Pace the rail royal Manila regal apple. In some other things as well. And again that vehicle the stuff those bags that we will pictures delivered overseas to our troops there were some theory theory part. But when we come back we'll have a segment of open phones before Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com joins us. That all college football. As it's a me big week in an elimination week in. It we will see some movement I have usher I assure you next week's college football playoff final. Four. Eight outlook the sexy as it does today. That 844 TSB ES being yet at what does not college football college basketball get started. Whether things are gonna do later on his stick our assistant basketball coach Richmond Weaver. And asked him some true false questions when it comes to some reaches wind. For this year's college basketball season will be back. The palmetto liquors here in. Powders bill. On straight up with search. What about yeah we're alive from Powell met liquors party shop rite I 153. Here powders built just. Three quarters of them while dale from ID by. Was exit 41 year for the 153 exit powders bill might see is take it in into the specials. Take it made it to the Hastings. Mean it's free pizzas in the price will register for the sport at stake some tickets. Again that's at 330 at dolphin Death Valley to mark. If finally stopped these bags part troops we can send him. Overseas especially at a holidays and it probably the worst year the member course yet armed services be away from here namely that. Again. In the next segment college football ever acquired next hour Brady Ackerman the Florida Gator sideline reporter had the gamecocks in the gators at noon kick up. It will lead beat Ahmard Dale Watson airline clubs while element welcome. They got right up on this afternoon. That day out at what sun's out it's not that cold today that we. It's getting worse than years ago dealt with in this exact spot. Price Atkinson and I did an entire segment inside the ESP at a state vehicle with the ego. Yet the evidence so that yeah. Don't know much Cold War with the missiles ball was don't educational courses and so on well written marketed for the school. Well first about clubs and still shorthanded on the bits and maybe more so than originally anticipated. You know markets Edmonton. Marked bills are still out if we heard maybe one of those would come back on hearing that the opposite also. It's a linebacker Kendall Joseph and tackle Dexter Lawrence is they're both. A questionable but they'll and a plane at the that's what she get that motions him there on the field. They're likely to play clubs is paying the more. Here's the deal though that you want an easy win which I don't see that the cards you go out there you give don't Florida State you killed there will by the end of the first quarter that otherwise had figured a battle for four quarters. I don't know what did they get this Carolina Florida game Richmond in the fact that looks like he's soccer batted five and amp point spread. In Vegas and it's not that I don't you know an Emmy is. This looks like B you know and again. Florida's defense there is Brady said earlier date they'd bothered to show up last week much less quit on. Rain BC and in the current peg it said I don't know it's up in my gut. Tells me that Carolina's gonna have to survive a little shot there is talent on the Florida roster velvet. It's some point maybe though main enough to play a little football. On the basketball side about this the board good very good players that already so. One out. Was you know home more than no huddle it's possible rotation it. Is that what happened nine game. Yeah okay be the beginning and dates down and have a great weekend. Oh visas at the beginning really the ACC years the ended December before you'll see and so. You know we caught up with Brad Bernal the other day and yeah yeah he does what he's got his spores kind of a starting five is concerned with his veteran leadership the rest of it's gonna have the kind of fall in place on the run. It need to Wyatt Richmond you're the former basketball coach on staff up top would by Keon at all with. Right Morton this weekend have also talked with Bradford now in all three of them are similar scene you know its work in progress will figure this thing out as we go along. They're kind of wondering aids because they don't have as much time in the yep pre season but they got the new clubs and guys it's been on summer trips. Yet there's more open dale a sparse transferred college basketball than there's ever been before. Is that also some guys don't practice well they come on when the light the you know when the red light with the red light comes on set but. To all three local coaches if you will like you know we will all figure this stuff out together because frank Martin's got a whole different thing he's adjusting to this year. Yeah he's obviously losing. Core group of guys for their magical run last season and I think that's what you're hearing from these other coaches as well. And even at Clemson. Losing drawn Boston game. Can be a situation where now what your true identity and that's why it's a work in progress but you just really don't know and you can't really developed that. Just in practice you have to get into some live action from game action. And find out who your leaders are going to be and I know what I had a coach Purnell on the podcast he talked about that is that. It's time that his players. You can't force leadership on some of these players and say that they need to be you know leadership role. They have to take that and run with it and that's when you're gonna be most successful in the you'll really. Be able to understand what type the team you're gonna happen is that going to be more of that esteem or a physical team based on who your true leaders are on that team. Right if the universe South Carolina basket because they get started tonight up at Wofford 7 PM in the in the years Richardson indoor arena this is what we know for this basketball team it's Chrissie Chris Silva me a sore. Yeah outside of that I don't get that that's all we. Yeah you'll get Wofford they kept it rejects they've got lecture McKee now whopper debt and the senior leadership it's Jeter's and then of course. The sophomore in the they got a hit coveted it's that it thought of the B. In the running for freshman of the year in the Southern Conference a with everything going on out there. That's your it would be surprised to see why offered walk out of they are with the wind the night no disrespect this out countless. Wondered emotional moment it matter though binge which no disrespect it's a glorified high school him over there. Get this news next level facility. With they wouldn't it South Carolina team because listen I think Frank Martin. Back in the day not figure working Felder would be on the bus up by 26 and that changed everything. When it comes to the prospects of this year yet I would imagine you'll probably see shooting percentages than ninth. In the 30%. Not only because its first game action. New arena but it will be some tight rims that prompts. Act act bat sixth straight to the river the back in the day some places with height they're rooms up on purpose other over the largest yes and it absolutely. He had little advantage you can supported and it Saturday back in the day was may desperately there. Currently there grass grow longer there and Saturday stadiums. It's excellent. Turn heat on little bit higher net. Visiting locker room whatever it today. I told their story yeah it. That you Barbara does not like that guy what duke or while actually lie that. Did when it comes the clips at Florida State this weekend at the that it is the defense injuries Europe that it achieved. Again I expect he indulges that I expect. Acts towards the plate because there are only questionable again and instinct kicks. Yeah terminal in that that's Logan Mattis and that's a great off shooter let's get notice of he started eight of the nine games this season second on the tackle second with 69 tackles. Also shares the lead with nine quarterback pressures you know what Dexter lords Indy. I mean if they don't play Hugh Laurie Gotti was its activities enemy rate while on the field in the final ride this past weekend. Skiing it's Florida State at least as little option I agree 100% this is Florida State's. I that the Steelers that it is their season date and obviously you rail clemson's season so what better way for them to. To showcase. The nation that they were still Florida State were having a down year but we are still Florida State in this would be the showcase game. It's I mean few weeks that it's as the pride report stay back a lot of these kids clubs as he. They played against each other high school. Created with each other against each other. That's when guys go yeah that means that it a little bit. Let's force that each other that on Friday night thirty or Korea but oh loss at Boston College but eyes that see that. At 330 DeMar. Give the mystery to me is why south Carolina's five week Ebert. I overeat Florida team they did you know in her head coach with read each unit. Did not show up in Columbia Missouri last week lost 4316. Ain. Yeah looks like they quit. Natalie on the cells that on the on the inner staff that even the university's well. It's a slice it should rule that I agree though. I don't know why not I mean. I am points for reasons yet I don't question Vegas I really don't. If I may betting man I'd that you South Carolina all night long. What it. I'm going to give me forty give me the five app that it's. There. I think it's like he brought him to say under ain't ever. It is the same way with the clumps of Florida State's bread I thought that initial spread coming out of almost 870. Eight team like that L line it's dropped sixty is wells two. Against South Carolina I become that this ain't seven in three. They get the you know one offered next week you've got to watch lists whopper got them there played up reports that we're out of style glorious military law. It. It means all the the help they keep me 18 seasons out here Clemson,. South Carolina in its him Williams Brice yo ain't diesel comedy last night on. What we were watching the second half of the yet state game in different locations in my house. That would get jobs on daily it's done toward state by or right now these that we see yours remembered he was the earth there's four and one in the conference. It's not only it was in. Two years ago eclipse gives him there's number one in the country you know 83730. To win. Let's. Opulence just give us one shot where in the Gator Bowl worse. If we. Sit at the college football playoff. I mean that's black magic Leo I. Mean nor all right diesel. What will do we come back as will vote college football across the country for the second consecutive week we have like seven matchups in the top twenty by. It it only happened once in previous college football's history it will out college football the big gains of the week it with Kevin McGuire from NBC sports. Dot com. This is straight starts now royal Friday right here off 153. Out at a liquor parties door. By insidious. Welcome back and Crown Royal Friday or live from have a at a liquor party store here are awful 153. In powders bill were right you more about what's going on about we're going to Philadelphia to the guests on the gas line for the first time today. I would not only hangs beverages. Next month's. Army navy game. Eight it's our buddy Kevin McGuire from NBC sports dot com of course. Also host the two minute warning podcast that emits does work with at once sports. The come back get a whole lot more. You go to heaven. Lauren are your bad days Grail royal Friday sun's out it's not the chilly. Almost wedding is but is hopefully next month when we get together for lunch is that. Last year at army navy game we got trapped by Donald Trump as we were talking on the and last night this year we're gonna have lunch with them that's the goal I've got that. The lord of the tribal deal we can do Olympic couple pro called. I hear you know people out there but let's got to be licking your chops for this weekend brother. You go budget eleven racing games that you will rail college football. Aimed you know course a lot of people look at it that Miami in Notre Dame gain man that I eclipse fans here locally. Wanna see Notre Dame eliminated because I maintain that Miami. With it they got to come to Charlotte they're bring it to 2000 fans eventually it's a corps and game. Yeah I mean if you're content then you're absolutely quote from my end that you want that have the the advantage of potentially getting one list actually complete this season with a possible winning a plane in the he could you tell women why would you beavers I mean they're often not done that are gave from the conversation what the statement noted they've already has one law but. Because they've been sitting pretty at number three the last couple we put the selection idiot. You know I got the feeling that's probably. A fair ranking for them right now but the fourteen you can knock out your way along the way to a possible return to the playoff the batter then they'll Ballard jumped out early it not been. As a partner at much he can rather than have that when the battle they don't and a final. And we are here with Kevin McGuire contributor on NBC sports and also hosted the podcast note two minute warning. Kevin this is Richmond Weaver co hosting here today in. Stay on the Notre Dame theme there's been talk about that. All Notre Dame has to do is win out and their hand. I contend that that might not be the case that could Notre Dame be nervous if there are seen some one loss teams playing one extra game. For conference championship. With that puts some pressure on Notre Dame thinking that maybe we did make a great decision not join a conference. Yeah you know I feel when we went to the college football while format and bigger. You know at 430 it was concerned if they go undefeated there's a very good kids they're gonna get one that forced our company will argue that bill will go eleven to one. And he spoke a pretty good probably. But you click here but you're saying they're mercenaries employed that should make nudity in there that in you come they'll do. Potentially having a boardwalk packed talks if you watched tin potential one loss he had been in the big 1201. Loss champion probably. Oh all the war possibly an undefeated but if it a teacher in. I think that those are things that you have to be worried about that they won't know which content stopping you know opera there for up to so. Those that think that if you're in addition there ever a doubt but again. If all goes notre Dame's way I feel like eleven new ones probably going to be enough to get a million. Without too much of an issue because that perhaps some good wind solar schedule on the bill and if you think Stanford they they are taking care USC who could be playing for the pack all. The only loss on the schedule that earlier game against Georgia and how they keep have been able hey look toward so I think that there's an argument can be made it. If Notre Dame doesn't a year or other ones that they should probably be in the oil but the entity. As we continue Kevin McGuire give Obama follow on Twitter heaven on CFB. All right so let's look at that you mentioned the Georgia Bulldogs that it's an old school. I think it's actually the oldest rivalry in the south when it comes. The Georgia and Auburn. In you don't look at the planes is a place they can have some crazy stuff happened as Georgette a few years backer ask Alabama. A few years back as well. So between that game between. Say never Notre Dame Miami obviously somebody's losing in TCU Oklahoma. I maintain next week's college football playoff top five it's likely not to remain the same as the first two weeks. I think there's probably people get to that I think at least one of the teams. You're gonna be illegal for sure. I think it's. Dirty might be the most likely that those who lose by Oklahoma are gonna have a except that he's CO. You know I think that we'll be defying an order state but. I feel as though were going to be it for personal changes these next couple weeks so what changed over the course of the next two weeks to have all the weekly basis. But this is the nitty gritty of the season so you've got to make that statement right now. I feel as though you know. Think that helped form it with the top four let couple weeks then again I don't think there's too much of an issue that. Neither the number four spot but. I think you'll we are going to be seeing some change here because they're fairly decent team they're in particular some catastrophic losses are well for the third. Yeah you look at number six TCU number five Oklahoma the sooners are roughly at Scottsdale favorite. And this big twelve that they got to have a Oklahoma win this game now it would be eight but whether it's easy you skeptical on the road and win it but I still maintain. That we lost Iowa State you know they lose fourteen to seven the only points the horned frogs score. Is it kickoff return on the at the beginning of the third quarter so I. I think for big twelve purposes you wanna keep seeing boomer sooner move on. Yeah Oklahoma probably the best chance that the big twelve has yet in because they've gotten my swing on the verdict at the highest state coach Bill Clinton. The Big Ten so I mean that that's kind of murder Purcell O we saw last year Ohio State they didn't gain. Probably on the strength because they want an Oklahoma I pitched it out purple and the other way around this year on civil what was gonna have a chips that play for the big twelve day. Take care keys use the burning up the winning at Oklahoma State's number eighty they're gonna be it will get better prevention to leasing it I would stay in the big twelve championship but. Either way regardless. Where we're at near Oklahoma looks like between the beat the big ball and I think. And here's the big twelve commissioner you probably hope that Oklahoma can carry discomfort in the oil ports against. Given what about staying with Oklahoma and the importance. Of baker mayfield and his Heisman race. We saw last year that losing at the end did not affect Lamar Jackson. It was with that hold true width baker mayfield say they do not you know win this game is that gonna have a big impact on his Heisman chances. The money if he had that bad game you know you look at this even that you know when gain new law against violent they don't put up a pretty good afternoon I don't think you would pinned a law on him at all but I do what you can make the couple turnovers. And that he's not that our head I think right now are even people on Barkley who had a couple rough weeks they've really all back out of the leadership positions so. Yeah I still think it's a pretty wide open feel right you know figure a guy to replace catching because of what he did let's be compared to what everybody else did last week. But we've got all the momentum but you know political. But that is really just a word I think at this point you know go out at a stinker against you built that company JP Baird you know couple weeks ago. You lead a high speed with an incredible performance against NC and all the sudden people are talking about it and I think in case it. In any event at this stinker and violence Leo but we forget about. So you know if you bigamy they'll both that it put forward that yet he even should be okay. Where is your vote liar right now Kevin. So I'll just make it as they were I don't have an official vote yeah or if are tested out today. They give me it would be at the top of my doubt. I mean you go right into Cooper three. People think they are Barkley in the conversation although. I'd be inclined not gotten over that I might get a retreat. I like if you point while those we cannot get washed out the peeking out back a little bit of a big game and I actually. Making inflate that he had to pick for a U Washington. That that they give me a little bit more profit about in real short. All right Kevin tell our listeners what shall be working on again you like everything you do right there on your Twitter account Kevin on CFB. And yep. At what all's going on in your world this week and I'm sure you'll be rock and a couple laptops and televisions all the same time. Yeah we're gonna grid had a couple monitors go a couple of property go and I had pretty. The under the federal observers. And I'm got to pay a lot of attention to somebody earlier games. They'd be going on there you're watching the news kick off be sure to follow me I got Ohio State is in week. I got the Oklahoma State I was speaking among my able moment TV one and two great you know. Until be tougher a lot of the early gains but I'll be around all day poppy poppy buckled into the can get huge PayPal football but. Like Hewitt do the best rated just stay in touch with me it's just all real clear act have been on the FB animal he's there. Provide emailed commentary as solitary went to stop arm right in that other stuff with Deco look like. A right and look forty catching up with you next month up in Philly for army navy and I enjoy the weekend and local decent but. Our program portrait. All right Kevin McGuire grassy Purdue. Wholly totally doubt on college football could give them a follow on Twitter Kevin on CF BI all right we're gonna have a few segments of open phones here. Coming up the next hour playback it interview with Florida sideline reporter Brady Ackerman act together with them earlier. Before they were headed out to the airport you can catch that the flight. A Colombia for that noon kick off in Williams Brice stadium make for Ford GS BES being gated. Yeah I've worked. At catch a blunt agree on this show. Low diesel starts today drops. You know within fifteen minutes of what we get established under something along those lights you know what there's probably logic to Richmond beaches. Yep we're dysfunctional Brothers on the ship with a lot of debate each other. But I know went up that I'm right match when it comes to radio personality. It just happened year. It Hauptmann the liquor party shop in the last ten minutes. The easel check this one now your sister on 9330 the planet HR. Got a blown call here how bad own party shop. From what do the listeners on 933 the plane they might reach out on Twitter social media they wait and Google. The right that number from the business here all you call it paid all their private number. I'll I got it say is I've not worthy I'm not worth that that's hard core right there that's two layers of a slew of material together and fight and an honor I tell you I'm proud of them I have to that serve out war for page here about what do you. The worship the Grail she blocked solid right now and I've this might. I would do in this game allowed type device ever to beat dale that a number of business we were broadcast the pro am that's next. Anybody wants Sturges personal cell called the studio right now be happy to give its highest it's I don't like him that's even better. Cigarette your column in televisa homer that BX. Is he weighs on you and out of shape about that all afternoon yesterday. And last night what we're. Courts it's Richmond here's what had he hit the early start on Crown Royal Friday had so right now I heard one person. So here's the real person says sister urged spends ten minutes gushing on Clinton's facilities. And in knots. Not equally reciprocating with south Carolina's excellent facilities. And a caller you know call it didn't take this is an opportunity to call in and tell Sturges actually that he's a homer but he won't come on the air he wants to talk to me. And make sure that I challenges that Cecil. Now pleasantly tells Sergio no you really till one urgency that has I'll tell him what he said it's because I knew. It would get storage did you know it is Nancy need to be worked up over for the next. Hour and twenty minutes by Gotti was. You'll it's sorry yeah you've heard a lot more level headed in the back in it. It is perfectly good idea of the maturing noise yeah around there and they don't order a this still fall under the adjective countless models that none. Maoni I don't know eight. What what's the harm of him what to say it directly to figure over its over the votes Twitter there that are. Hey right you know we this is bad this is becoming a problem and I've. I've mentioned it multiple times through my showed through this show. If you're not willing to attach your name to something that you're saying through the media through the telephone. Over the Internet whatever it is. You argument holds no weight it down or hold water you know yesterday we had giants players. Who were who were speaking anonymously through the media talking about how toxic the atmosphere. In the giants' locker room as if he can't come out and say it and don't mean why come out and said because what they're gonna get fines for talking bad about their team more. If you if you if you don't have enough sack. To say what it is you really think you feel about your coach either to his base. Or in the media by name and don't say anything at all. What do Ben back it is echoed to the New York Giants alluded to that earlier he called the entire article in the stuff that the New York Giants have dealt with this week. Quote make knees under that premise is that there's not a name attached to its stake means you do and it might go Kwan quoted anonymous source to get clicked you know we call it what industry you know it means a I think there's certain meta commentary but I also believe that there's a tie fighters out there and waited seven right now going. We're their pocket of the media in you know what is your cowboys Meehan and other bats cowboys period. It's this good now that it looks like Ezekiel Elliott out at least this weekend. Because I've maintained that that was get away here on the cowboys' franchise. Is he playing is not put the game plans together its sales like he's done there's no means very little recourse that backs him. Birds the Chiarelli when it comes to appealing this in the second circuit. I agree it does look like he's gonna have to. Now he'll be out six games or at least. For sure this weekend I am not sure what the recourse is for you the other actions like they it you know tried everything it they can't Allison hoping that. There would have been an opportunity for some compromise. But not now which Jerry Jones going after Roger Goodell I think now it is gone to another level and that. That he's going to have to serve the full six game suspension so I could end this go ahead and do it in get it over with get back for the play off yeah listen. There's enough meat on that. I think in the long run of course hindsight is 22 when he raped and they suited to serve this yet the first six games of the season. Knowing that they would peace and stability on the last ten games. I cowboys screwed themselves a little bit fight this thing fight this thing do we do it do we not. I mean it feels like he'll be stuck to a tobacco commercial back in the day you know I'm tired at travelers going back and sports well it's interesting to look at. They finished three and three in that six game. Start of the season so you'd have to question. Yet the joy worse that they have to yeah exactly. Three injury sign me up all day long if that's I know that it is the record going into a six game suspension because. I don't managed just got that playing good football and guess what you just took a key component that way you would have been. Adding him back after a six cowboys averaged an 880 yards per rush yeah that's the game eight for fourteen ESP ESP yet open but until we come back you'll hear from Gator sideline reporter Brady Ackerman here in our number two.