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Monday, October 23rd

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Hi welcome back Ken final hour. Next segment will be joined by Mike but he talked about what's going on on the firming campus but let's talk what's had been on the campus. Other Carolina Panthers yesterday a seventeen to three loss at Chicago. And. Let's put it did you mention it during the break this this is it. Jekyll and Hyde team in the NFL when there on the road watch out they can be back. Notes though are now when their gloomy can be bad weather on the road yesterday. You got that opening possession of the game and it's going just like the Panthers have scripted it because you know the most teams script their first fifteen to twenty plays. Ending march right on into Chicago territory. They college option play from the 24 yard line. With Dave running back one year removed from college football that played in the opposite took some option pitches in what is why what this courtesy in the old days. He drops the free can pitch from Cam Newton and Eddie Jackson. Rookie from Alabama had to get that one out this series yet it's 75. Yards later in the in the incident. And you knew right from the when he returned it. In the way the ball bounce that now I had to pick it up and avoided. At some would be tacklers you can see that was the moment the game changed completely. That in when he missed Christian McCaffery in the third quarter wide open in the edges air mailed it. In entities to get back in the game no wind at a given up all that stuff if you remember. McCaffery he was uncovered cross in the middle and Newton just sailed right over his head. I mean that's a touchdown and that gets you back in the game tended to and anyway even close and the and said after the game just a bad throat yeah he's always had. Questionable accuracy. So I think that's just par for the course for Cam Newton even after you learned to live with those type of the rose he's gonna miss. So what do we do. They're four and three they're actually on the positive side I mean you know Atlantic gets hammered by New England last night they were lucky and they do even get a touchdown and a 23 to seven loss. I have no confidence in this painter's team right now is seen as bipolar team and all of the NFL way yeah for whatever Rick. 51 downs on offense yesterday you freaking serious would Cam Newton. They just need to go play all road games they're three and one on the road. Cinema away but they're still right in the mix they are its way Castro was five. What is going on in the NFL that assembly you do have to beat the bears that you have to beat the Beers with and make sure this he what was the fourth set her 170 yards yet. That's your your defense as is playing very well hold somebody to seventeen points in the NFL. That's a solid defensive. Game. We tell you what's problem problematic for the NFL moving forward. Because again they're letting the workers in that league and that's what the players are they your workers for neo. They are letting them just absolutely taking a sledgehammer to their business model and piles of money and ratings points and everything else but you an Italian let me tell you what's problematic. Problematic for an NFL moving forward in this is a bright byproduct of what's taking place on the field. Arizona zero point yesterday Indianapolis zero point yesterday. Carolina three points yesterday Tennessee twelve Cleveland nine in a battle field goal it's. The New York Giants granted they're one in 67. Points yesterday Denver three and three no points yesterday. Atlanta lucky to get seven points on the board at the end of the game. That to me is what's problematic with the NFL moving forward. These offenses for whatever reason. Whether it's a fact it you know quarterback makes that big of a deal and there's no place to really go get him ready to go takeover when it's your time. But don't lose offenses in that gained these games including the Carolina Panthers with former number one overall pick Cam Newton basically on watchable. It is getting to have to watch and I would love to know this stat I don't know remember. An NFL weekend where there're two teams that were shut out. It's rare that you see in NFL team get shut out this was three teams this weekend three kids murder Indianapolis. In Arizona oh yeah three by the Panthers. A whopping seven by the giants in an all field goal game Tennessee vs Cleveland now. We know that ratings are Diaw and we know that you did that revenue is they own. Which you know what else you continue to do this offensively in the games themselves the fans are gonna find something else to keep himself and entertain with. Because this is what you call bad football a bad product on the field now love defense I think one of them is beautiful games out there. Is a nine to sixty defense of team. But it the NFL level it's about entertainment and there's nothing entertaining about twelve denying. Heard this when it comes off Google's they use I thought you would enjoy that tenacity Cleveland and no doubt that he entertained at NFL level I want my guys to draw a line in the stand at the collegiate I'm trying to be funny yet just mean that's bad the NFL's got more issues moving forward than they realize and forget this on the field. Stop. I'm talking about the protest you better figure out what your going do long term with how to develop some quarterbacks because right now. We get rate cycle out of Ben Roethlisberger Eli meaning the I don't see young guys ready to step in that position and take over the year for every Carson when it's. There's three guys that had done nothing since coming into the league and talent yet on the NFL I don't know if undo an East Coast West Coast academy during the offseason but. I've got to do something to work on quarterback play in that league because it's gonna be the death Italy with these twelve to nine games we know the NFL is all about quarterback you have to have a quarterback to win in the NFL. Now the question is our defense is getting more sophisticated these days. Or they offenses. Are they you reverting. Or are right you're the coach here. When did your team at mail and Eastern Shore fairly Dickinson. When did they perform better. Probably right after working on something whether it's full court press you know things of that nature. I don't think we work on a whole lot of offensive side of things anymore because that Manning hitting it both is the pro level the college level in the high school level is dale into it compared to the past. I'm sorry you don't want you a year 85 scholarships 53 man limit in the NFL. You don't wanna lose players to injury during practice but guess what you better get those offensive guys rated B hit on Saturday and Sunday are they not gonna know what it's like. When they actually get to perform and gain. And I was going to go exactly down that route is this and you're Smart you is this a function of the NFL players' union how they've been able to negotiate. A reduced practice schedule the time that there actually on the field practicing. So. Could they look at actually. Reducing. Or eliminating pre season games so they can actually have more practice. Listen first of all there's no need for four pre season no NFL game you need if you can't get your office installed camp at Spartanburg and we're just gonna take it from the Carolina per Panthers perspective. If you can't get all the guys in one location in the dorm room for what 1516 days. That's when your installation should be go and at first vote your installation should be there were four do you ever get. To training camp at whopper Dino in the MTA's and that kind of thing but that's when you start zooming in on it zeroing in because. I don't think these guys get really used to playing with each other because every of the four pre season games now. Every one now has their media game number two is the most important one for the for the guys that are returning I would say game number three. Because we all know in the final game nobody plays they don't wanna get anybody injured and you're looking at some with Steve not a few key figure out between sixteen days of training camp in one location. And that's all you're doing in two games. And I'm not sure I can help you as a coach to begin with yeah I think there's definitely something to be said. That. Pre season games are in my opinion obsolete. And it turn at least for apple a day if you wanna have to I think they should all be eliminated. College football has been able to do it. Others they have high schools have Jean Marie so I don't necessarily have a good shot to forge amber right to Sunday to. Male USA college football coach off to the side ACC football kicked. Kick off. Do you what you wish you have. A super secret scrimmage like every college basketball coaching that we just heard them U Virginia Tech and this is in the first year Virginia Tech and South Carolina have gotten together for the supercenters scrimmage it was Clemson infirm and when Nico Medved Wazir I don't know of Clemson if there with Furman were Bob Ritchie or not. But they've had that off the secrets. So there's one but my point being. Just don't see enough. During those pre season games in camps were starters are getting plays with a their orders so it almost feels like we're all start never weak number one. In we don't have any expectations to really see anything until week number four. So it's a waste of time it's a waste of people's money I mean. Our family we can't buy season tickets to the Panthers and less we agreed to buy this for pre season games so guess what the paint there's no they have you by an advantage when it comes to that course and it's all about a money make an opportunity for. Each team so it's going to be very difficult for them to walk away from before pre season yet game and by the way coming at a New York that excite you just heard a little bit ago that was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell why did you have a decent Monday night game this weekend. Finally in Philadelphia Washington because the last couple of week she had been able to sell. That Monday night action but with Philadelphia B and five him to 501 AM Washington. Being two games behind I mean you think about it this week in Europe Dallas Cowboys fan. Carson blitz in the Philadelphia Eagles can start to put the check mark on the column for the NFC east if they get this win tonight in move on the six and one this is a big game for Philadelphia were really gonna see where Carson wins is now Josh Norman is out there so how will that impact redskins' secondary threats in the secondary is actually be Jiri good. So this will be a big test for Seattle get a Allison that three and three this year in C that is a byproduct of the up and down nature of not knowing if you're gonna have Ezekiel Elliott this week or not now it sounds like you're gonna have them again this week. I think it's gotten to be tough in that locker room in much in the game planning for those coaches. They they're really having to do to one with Zeke won without it is we don't that. I think in the long term. The Dallas Cowboys would have been much better off this year just having him sit that first six games where you knew he was coming back. Because guess what I know I operate better in life when I can see things in black and white when must what Moscow Angeles is that interesting question because I did think about that then sitting three and three. That would have been six weeks that he would've sat out. Would they would have taken three and three. With the city now I think. Unanimously. Day or is that signed me up if we know we're going to be three in three. Have him now for six games will take it all day long. So interest being so interest deem the NFC will get into that as well as the guy AFC because I know everybody had news buffalo are tracking New England by one game I'm telling you Miami sit bit foreign to buffalo set at four and two. Some interesting stuff going on in the NFL right now with Miami Jay Cutler. We'll see what happens with him peace our builder turned him right remember back there are dropping in there gained they owned and everybody else because that opening week with Tampa Bay they decided to move that back to November. On the bye week so that's the got to start look when you start looking at these NFL standings realize some teams have already taken their bye week. Other teams had a comment up and of course news Tampa Bay in Miami had it forced on my mother nature and we number one that's right and then. The city of Atlanta. They've just got to be just wondered what in the world is happening to their found we laughed and New Orleans the first couple weeks the outlook mail New Orleans has a half game lead on the Carolina Panthers when it comes to that NFC south set. Here's what we're gonna do we're gonna go up. Points highway in the campus of Furman University is our good friend my buddy he's their athletic director. See if we can hear the smile on his face for a 13 to five in three. Up there on campus in basketball Bob Ritchie takes over the basketball program so we'll break it down with our friend might buddy fuhrman's athletic director you can follow him on Twitter buddy 52. I diesels trying to get connected with our good friend Mike a buddy the Furman athletic director he'll let us know here in just a minute and action is a us a lot of cool things going on campus Furman. Their football team you neighboring clay Hendrix back all the way from Colorado who air force academy. Start off I went three don't look mail but it's five and thirty day you're one of those losses was at NC state so that when it's right wiped right out of the committees window. They have an overtime loss with Wofford who. Just drop their first game of the year in the end Ilan it's like five and two they lost the one in this been all win cents on talent yet. Clay Hendrix in the paladins are playing themselves into playoff consideration remembered they have now expanded the playoffs at the FCS level. This I didn't say one double AF CS level from sixteen to 24 and then a buy in their furry teams. You can't tell me that fuhrman's not 124 best at CS programs in the country right now. Kazan is not being people there hammering people Nelson touch stale whenever Mercer but remember that's a Mercer team that went into the plains of Auburn. In didn't exactly get railroaded out of the year by god smiles on in the tigers' best ride in. I'm embarrassed that I hadn't. Not been over to see if Furman football game and he did it do that. I'm bright. Ten minutes away from Furman where I live at the bears and that I haven't well good basketball games though what I do you we will go watch and we will go to basketball game out there that one thing I wanna. I will say it aren't gonna pitch stayed I could pitch must sleeping bag on the sidelining gotten a little nappy and Nassau picture Saturdays crowd vs Mercer and our friend my buddy. Mean they've got to roll enough they are off point set highway north agreeable Mike I hope we do well because you're only gonna have the answer one question about your dreaded yankees. Think they're. Play the Yankees he'd go over what we've been talking about them. No I admit I saw you actually say obnoxious. Really when somebody went after you about the Yankees the red boxes and all that on Twitter and less and I'd tell you proudly do you have one thing that three of us at Neiman compared to relate to. And that's a World Series ring from back in the day with the New York Yankees. Yeah no question that some of the best days in my life but you got to remember I spent the first. Eighteen years in my life in Cleveland Ohio and it broke my heart and knocked out my my my my tribe. The Dodgers are. So I know but lessons let's talk about what's going on it campus at Furman University. I do we have will start with clay Hendrickson the football team oh and three. You are tough overtime loss on the road at Wofford in the NC state game which yeah would the playoff committee gets together that's the game they get white now. But now five consecutive wins in now you know the close is was this past Saturday gets a good Mercer squad the game Robertson trouble or were they on the planes. How big is a grin on your face because I'm sorry. We had some conversations off the year that I don't care to share his care. He's set I want to see progress in year number one not only are you see him progress. I'd challenge seats playoff committee did tell me 24 better teams NF CS football in the Furman Paladins right now. Yes certainly union can make great points and and I am I'm thrilled I I gave clay and exit big saga in the locker room after the game last week in and literally just said thank you at all that was. You know what we're probably a year ahead of schedule in terms of where I hope we would be and you know we you mentioned that start off oh and three you know we talked to a really strong Wofford game by one point. And then Ilan who we didn't know that the time was going to be a really strong team they beat it to the field goal with three seconds ago and now they've gone on in. And had a tremendous season as well also I agree we're we're playing really well right now and it's been exciting but. You know we've got to we've got to murderer's row last year we did it also hampered in western Carolina law and really strong gains as well but I'm thrilled to be talking to you on the radio. In late October and actually talking about playoff as that that's where we should be and we haven't been there in a while. Yeah me you know you are the athletic director Furman in you've kind of set the standard there there and it's awesome to go to a basketball game on Saturdays and when everybody's entail and they are all their congregate and in supporting each other. And that includes your women's soccer team my buddy. Eight days in zero skis B a scoreless draw I think is technically the word that they got that this past weekend. In soccer but what that did his gear and tee them their eight conference title in the history that women's soccer program you got men sat listened. Those teams on campus are really beginning to push each other for for a boom you know how proud they are when it comes to their results. Yep no question we're we're really proud of what we've done this fall and you know every fall we we've been pretty strong across country mandolin scenes are off the charts in terms of competitive success. And then the mandolin and pocketing get after the men were ranked as high as number eight earlier in the season and volleyball as yet to lose a contest in the so kind as well that. You know it's been it's been a great culture everybody's kind of like he said they're feeding off of the energy of each other's expectations have been have been raised in. At the end of the day I'll take some credit score but it student athletes that didn't make it look really good that are really solution. And I am blessed to have a great group of kids that they'll work their tails up and put themselves in the position to have to win every down every time that they feel. Hey we're here with that Furman athletic director Mike buddy and my guess is Richmond Weaver non. I don't know that the basketball guy here was price Atkinson as well so I've got surrounded by basketball greatness yet. So I've got to switch gears a little bit with. Who what you can't take credit for a net hiring coaches and Bob Ritchie did in his first. Chance at a head coaching position so what did you see in coach Ritchie. To promote him from assistant to head coach. Well certainly a track record at a track record of doing everything that you would want to coached to do except. Calling timeouts. And then grab in the drivers are and so you know much like when I did the baseball searches that ended with with Brett darker there they're just gut feeling been involved much like Brad. He had brought so many kids to Furman who are phenomenal young men. Who who make who make all of us proud to be associated with Furman. And by the way there would have a lot of basketball games and so well much like you know I could it said two and a half years ago and I met with Elizabeth Davis. You you can you can be prepared as much Uganda somebody's gotta get your shot and Bob is his earned his shot. His charisma and energy is infectious and and we we can't wait to get started with not only the men's team the coach Carson on the women's side as well it's going to be great winner. And you just held juror packed this night re tea elicited a firmer a marketing program was right on top of it Nat. Yet here's what you wanna see from Bob's just maintain what Nikko kind of set you got Roland and he understands it because he went to school here in the upstate it nor green boy and his been his affirm an assistant for what six years now also. You know that that's a huge aspect there might Mitt I think he gets it but he'll what do we look at deal on the line when it comes to Furman basketball and a reason last year. I don't wanna put you on the spot meant. You guys who knows the teller kind of compared with Wofford right now is Sunni worry about this new indoor cathedral. That Wofford basketball is built for the Southern Conference level. No yeah there's lot to worry there richter Duncan and I we we gotta get this to tourists it's easy night. They did a wonderful job you know major mr. Richardson in that team over there put together beautiful facility in and that's great because you can relate it's gonna raise the expectation level all of us. And you know we recruit against those guys all the time coach young on an amazing coach great guys so they if economic at all better and you know as a conference we wanna get to the build on is it getting you know an at large team on top but are on top of the automatic qualifier until. We're gonna have to step up our game we can't Reston and I am I'm ecstatic that I've got. Coached her leading our young men that served it up for the challenge and and we we can't wait to get after is going to be an exciting there's always it is winter and spring. All right it is we start closing up with our friend Mike buddy. Follow him on Twitter buddy 52 in nets beat you DD IE 52 I take it that you were 52 for the New York Yankees in beaches. I'm just that Smart a guy bit all right so listen you mentioned the soccer everything going well football new year with war with basketball. But also the springs just right around the corner what are some sports that we might wanna keep the IE on when it comes to spring successive Furman because again. I use the word success because everybody seems to be on board with everybody in pushing each other. In I don't have to suck up do you PG don't pay not checked but that's a credit to the athletic director. Well yeah again it isn't it long and their kids keep working hard we're going to be in great shape your ballpark and it's programs I'm expecting great things out of this grain. The baseball coming off a vote tying that the most wins in school history last year got a little bit of a reload on the pitching front that I'm expecting them to be strong. All continue to get better every year but but that you know the individual that spring. Sports. Docket right now that we don't women's golf program and screwed up the number eight in the national polls which is just phenomenal when you look at. The other nine teams that make up that top ten. What we kind of stick out like a sort. If we you know it really makes is proud to be associated with the the Stanford and there's on the states and in our girls are put our our putter or squat up against anybody. Expected. On spring pollen though young ladies as well. Well let's and I knew I help out Brandi Jackson on a couple things and she helps us out now of course the proud heritage of firming golf goes on and lives on with people like Betsy king and Beth Daniel on volume Dottie. Pepper and all those great ones and of course Mike we're glad that we had you here in the upstate as well so we're we're gonna do is listen I did it's an 8 o'clock kickoff with Georgia Tech on Saturday night in Death Valley. But somebody might be able to do the two for two and brag about it on the show next week 330 kick off in. It western Carolina and that's a good western Carolina team coach Hendrix in the Paladin to have their work cut out form but guess what. It's also fun to go up there when you're on a roll like the Pallet of football team is doing. Amen brother it's been it's been a fund of funds also are I think you go out probably continued to to impress people whether I would come out on top are not the it's been active and excitement that I've been looking forward to in which she continued. Will listen I'd take take a moment in the never stop pat yourself on the back Majid teeing gray and added because guess what still better days ahead and I've never seen this kind of excitement. Out there on point set highway and rail firm and you have a lot to be proud up. Well I appreciate it you know I appreciate everything you guys do pretty upstate guys. Right because the real work will do all right we'll see hearsay might gathers might buddy the athletic director for the for mentality is in again tonight here's the deal. Got to get out there for basketball game when the lacrosse team is they're because they set the bar they set the tone for everything in Timmons arena. Now again I hated asking that question about Wofford which you have to do that this is the nicest. 3200 seat arena that you will find in the country and it's not even close. But in if that Furman lacrosse team is daddy Furman basketball game. You've got ago could you going to be entertained they start before tip off and they don't stop till after the gains in. In the guess what the first thing in the basketball team does everything is go over there and shake their hands and kind of congratulate. It again. It is got some funny stuff going on in now that's got the football players showing up in this and that and the other. In its amazing how. One coach over on campus challenging his players actually when he was mad at him. In vessel cross coaching or you're gonna go work your ass off in that arena for the basketball team in one moment like that changed at all. It's amazing just how little bit of energy like that can actually. Significantly help the team especially in those smaller Arenas when you don't. Have a truce sellout in the crowd going crazy you need some type of energy and and if you don't have that. Mean the game just becomes lethargic and it's hard to get up for. Yeah and do you realize that we just went from the world's most decent sport's top producer to the world's most jerk of a sport's top producer in the last seven minutes. I. You get a Twitter right now ESP in upstate latest way now probably shoot it wasn't the says we're allied with sturgeon at Sturgis sport's number two main crush at Furman Paladins a B at buddy 52. Think he diesel thank you hate I will say this but we called it enhance them off the air so borrow if you don't know I might needs to know that idea and I knew in my house called him he at some that brought me on to the thought that he might be handsome I'm pretty sure every member of your household things my body is and how wide is the season Hanson says Iraq had no problems he wrote it probably Casey's hands and I'm sure she does best what I did twenty years and mayor Mike's Mary has two kids that well I feel like we're a pretty good ground here if you know what I mean are found we'll come back with two segments of open phones this year show from the way on it from here on in. I got a lot of get into which you can take over give it your phone calls and 844 GS PE SPN. And all right. NFL Monday Night Football excited for Washington in that Philadelphia but lesson. You look across the NFC north did you really expect it this time of the year to see Minnesota leading that division over Green Bay because again here in Roger's probably done for the year now he's had surgery. I I think he. Like 20% I've heard some feedback I think Depot's same meals at South Carolina even then some in my South Carolina buddies are droll and he's going to be back in uniform that final game in this regular season. It's not happening. They won't give him an option if he wants to play in a bowl game or not. Any thing more is he doesn't have divas same meals best interests at heart which I can almost make the case that. Dallas when he had to open up and make a make a comment it. Maybe Kelly what ready to play last Saturday at Syracuse. She's me last Friday so. I don't know anywhere ego with this when you're the coach on staff like it. What dvd player and he sit on. I've always said that I want. I want the medical guy to come to mean go he's raid ago in not let it be anybody else is bring in the bringing it to the table because there are various. Very standards involved DNA may be too quick they may be this. That the medical staff is the one has to do that hippocratic oath. Yes and you best believe what's coming out of their mouth first is a player or a coach's mouth if you're head coach. It is so hard because it is such a balance in between jobs depended on it yet but there's. There's more to it than just the wins and losses and unfortunately we get too caught up and it's all about the wins and losses it's also about the experience. And it's hard to. If an athlete. Feels that they have the ability to be on the court or be on the field. And give a 100%. You have to almost hate a lot of there. Where with all of their body they understand their body better than anybody else. And I know there's this whole aspect of panel looking into crystal ball and you don't want jeopardize anybody's future but your future is not guaranteed. It in any way so. But I want Tivo to go out if he EO could you heard you heard David carnage earlier say that we he went ahead and took a photo with the senior class thinking that if this was it. I want deep go to go out thinking the best about the University of South Carolina as he came because guess what he becomes one of the biggest recruiters out there for a movement DO bringing South Carolina football back. And I want him to be healthy when he's out there making those comments now. I get South Carolina listened. Does it help when some of our other brother and in the state Phil formally in those guys and a Pope pole for their show sports talk. Has South Carolina closed the gap on Clemson football this year. I don't think he can make that comment to you walk out of Williams price the Saturday after Thanksgiving because most recently. It was 56 to seven in Death Valley we will find out if it's a more competitive football game and in Colombia this Saturday after Thanksgiving. In I expect it will because there's home courted beer and filled me in a gym a lot else. But that. How much. How much tougher that game as fought if you will who will let me know how much south Carolina's close and on Clemson right now I think it's an irrelevant argument. In till they get together on the football field at the end of November. I agree with that and I think I think that's actually going to be a really tough game at a time I really do in I don't know if that's necessarily. An automatic indicator of how close. They are because. Clinton had actually taken it to another level I winning a national champions taught in winding younger one quarterback in the country coming in from Rio large children I'd written this year off with at least two or three losses of the fact that they're sit at six and one right now. Yeah there's some first there's a lot of happiness slammer station with our dinners yesterday. Or last night but. There's a difference right now between Clemson football fan in the upstate and Clemson alumnus. The Clemson football fan is the one Johnny come lately did his jump on the bandwagon in the four years in his talk more crap than you can Neiman began run into him on a daily basis. A really. How much money you get to Oakland none. We concentration into one body to be on his ticket. Yet they're the ones that are out they're buffalo while ring raising the most L last Friday night after clips and loss. So you know their pressure and it means being close to that program knowing that you lost an all timer dish on watts and I felt like they would have maybe two losses at this point. And you got wrecked. They are ahead of schedule right now yes that was a bad losses here keys but guess what you fail now they've even your defense team mentally take a night out because they did. It was obvious that Brett venables was not ready for that profits why kids are probably she went I went back and watch the replay. I've met one out of every three plays console was not fully set foot wise on defense they were still looking around. For something coming into the side minor sunlight. So Brett venables learn to guess what we just got out of there abides in there was known for Tampa so guess what happens you move away from. You shed that loss but yeah I had somebody tell me tweet me. Davos when he does this again and he should be fired. Mike really judge too quick to remember that trip to the national championship game by two years ago and that national title in Tampa last year. And that's did what is affiliation was was clumps and he never went to school later. He was the one that was sane if this. They see it's just about the outcomes of the game with the SP I know when I was getting a bit more here the ones that are out they're talking more grief. More smacked mean anybody else and all of consequence in shorts or about eighteen months old. No I agree and I would have to say going back to the deed goes Daniels saying and is in a coach and just. What I know of coaching and I don't know Will Muschamp now. Karen my wife went to middle school with will catch him but I do not know him I don't know he's probably doesn't preclude his coaching philosophy on exacts. But I can. With a 100% of my gut feeling say. He is not going to put Devo Samuels out on the field if he thinks that he is not 100%. Able to play he might not be 100% healthy but able to play he has not been a force the issue this is not when you injured again. When you were pay when you were you when you've got a little bit of an ankle injury and you start protecting it that's probably when you're really gonna land on it wrong. In below or do the other ones you know so but I come back I wanna get into that with you because Will Muschamp. You know what he is a learned. He has learned it one point out bodies when the biggest foals that ever walked the sideline or at least is a defense of coordinator two years ago all over when he's bleeding from the head from pet. But there's a guy. That I think he's really learned and in South Carolina fans were man when he was hired we guess what right now he's fixing your football program we'll talk about that 844 GS BE SPN. The mud diesel you know that's the greatest conversation we've ever had to earn a break is that in type. Hire three and a half four minutes all revolve derail grassland. And Arabic lands fifteen days ESPN's thirty for thirty nature boy comes out and I am looking forward to that one. Yes stop watch or grassland in middle school. I kind of guy I was never really bad into it I tried to that a lot of friends at the time who are into it and shot just I am I just. Yeah and we don't at WW LZ nagged yeah I I was WWE. Was saying Goldberg book OT. And and those kind of guys now is local burger lovers the spear as is finishing move but you know I just the you know I never got that diamond Dallas page was also. Once a guy once it became as much about the production at that level I'm talking I grew up on Saturday morning and NWA that would come to. The ad memorial auditorium. Every Monday night. It was so regional bank did it you know a beer I saw Magnum T eight million in the entire Greenville memorial auditorium craft. Why because there's like you what do you call when all fifteen wrestlers that night and up in the ring at the same time besides a Donnybrook they Cuban battle Royale battle Royale. Some I got a hold of his black trucks pulled them they own boy I even in the entire crowd out you think he realized. And it I'm talking about hard core Saturday morning grassland where eighteen people in the TV studio with the all time best likening cussing somebody out that you got word the president Nashville. On Wednesday night right there it. One the most fun jobs I've ever had was my first job. Literally out of college if you will out of full sell. Was working in Knoxville for a company called the Tennessee production center team we were into it a little bit of everything we have won the first karaoke cut every. I chart buster karaoke nor were got in on the stuff on the inside. His brother Allan it was just enough of a screw that Norbert had to kind of run the video division just to keep Allen out of trouble. In their biggest client. With smokey mountain wrestling. With today's date carried the tennis racquet Nat what I don't remember this oh god the dedicated to tennis racket he was the manager. Of the people he and smokey mountain wrestling. So we'd have to go out is like some high school gym and airman Tennessee film and on Tuesday night. Come back and edited altogether and on Thursday he'd like the sixteen stations at Jim Cornet by the way oh that's right yes of course others but Jimenez wrestling. So we would have to get you come back in a pretty sit put it together and on Thursday they were like sixteen overnight tape's going out to various. They were playing in this stuff. That's when ransom was ransom before it got big time and it became the that was definitely Iraq slam yet. That was did the studios in Atlanta TBS. All of that let's have fifteen days from now thirty for thirty with Rick player comes out I'm telling you I can't wait one to beat a man. You gotta be the man. Our right to let's the basket balls creeping ever so closer listen EU we saw Jim Larranaga come out earlier today the head coach at the University of Miami and admit that he is coach number three in this ABC in this indeed is. Scandal that's going on which I thought that was beaten yeah he'd yeah sore he eliminated two last week yeah any unloaded on day. What does this do for the game of college basketball this year our message is I don't know are we gonna Gideon and all the sudden we're gonna hear it important to this story comment. And go oh crap there's some universities to get some issues to deal went yeah I think we will win that comes about deaths. Remains to be seen right now and everything's real quiet him it in terms of they were saying that she was gone dropped port two guys out in the past week now we are ten days away from the regular season start. And basketball is going to be in full swing here in the next three weeks and it could be a situation where you don't see anything until after. This a bit easier that C eighteen which is best for them that pig pen dark cloud royal rolling over the entire game of basketball all year all season long. Or to see this knees get out deal with it and start moving forward because I can maintain. Though worst for the game at college basketball with this one and done issue that it's gonna have to deal with with the MBA. Would be to figure out what these issues are as quickly as possible make sure you eliminate them from happening again. No I agree with you a 100% that looks that have treated like a band aid rip off and go. Unfortunately you're dealing with the FBI and you're dealing with the court system who's gonna drag out for a long time we're just really getting into it does go ahead and cancel the basketball are here right now well does play another clip falsely accused Jim back to back football season is Jim Fisher was just up on the diets in at Tallahassee and guess what. He was asked about the back and forth with the FA ending he said he has no regrets about confronting that injury free and because the fame was completely and totally out of line now I want more this is what may end up in the in W day yeah that's right that's certainly athletica. Now I just wonder or exactly what he said beyond what was reported that the there was a few cuss words there and a few other things improbably. Probably a little alcohol involved because Zito I watch people get big enough to wanna take on diesel with a couple of Beers and you know and he's gonna pay on them into the ground. You know I've learned there was a lot of people when they're upset like that week we get hecklers are shows. Either here or down on money 3.3 the planet has most eulogized. They just wanna be heard they wanna know that the person. Who they feel like is the impetus of all their rage is actually hearing what they're saying. So this guy I guarantee you. He goes and about thirty seconds once he comes out of that fog of holy crap and actually talking in general Fisher turned around lunch is this the Austin lousy little thing who blew Ito didn't have anything else to say. But at that point his voice and sort of been heard. And he's actually getting to talk to the guy there who he thinks is the problem. And it it gamers I'm sure that just waited the whole thing. I totally agree is that yeah I can definitely see that did it in. Like oh my goodness I think I'd just got my point across and now I don't know what to do. And discuss going to live Meyer head coach. I'm by injuries tonight in the bar bragging about this when he really I don't about it it's our roster with nothing to back it up absolutely our favorites and you'll be back with this Wednesday smoke on the water I can RE TU will be pro voices today was the voice of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets seemed need to metro probably Don months and as well. It diesel didn't screw him up too much in Britain on Saturday is they were both on the sidelines and avalanche in state in a couple of more which includes C summer back in the fold for Steve Saunders pick them segment but tomorrow price an obvious smoke on the water we got a lot going consummate shirt. They to tune in with his diesel yeah Iraq riding buddy we'll talk to you more for Pia more straight up with stars.