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How are you welcome back get Howard number two. You wait long enough this. Weather will change can you believe it look like we had knows our cal their two hours ago and our front parking lot in now on the science out. The grounds drying up and you've never have any idea that lutherans the way it did this morning earlier today I landscape. This might be intact I just glad now have to go run you mother nature water the grass instead of stellar GO because I always see this day and age always felt guilty is that wasting water in today's day and age for C bureau. You can have some green. And it's a typical I'm so prepared today I had an umbrella I got a range jet is everything and now. Well both thought this out Jackie by that that thirty used me in any maybe 1015 yards to in my. My car in the outside interests of inner come owls completely and totally soaking wet. Go to the AP top 25 guys see if there's any problem here because I don't see it number one is Alabama teams Penn State threes Georgia. Forced TCU five is Wisconsin. Six is Ohio State bears my first issue sevens Clemson beats Miami. Nines Notre Dame ten is Oklahoma ramming at the top twenty driver Oklahoma State at eleven. Washington a twelve Virginia Tech thirteen NC state 1415. Is Washington State. Sixteen is Michigan State seventeen South Florida eighteen GCI. Nineteen is Auburn stay in furnished when he southern cal 21 West Virginia 22 Ella she's 23 Memphis 24 I was state 25. Now nick gets him with us on Twitter gets into me on Twitter a few minutes ago in says sat at Sturgis sports please. Please pray for me you see Dudley crap we're wedding sat wearing Saturday last time we wore LeBron cleats Oklahoma planted a flag. Well obviously is our Ohio State fan up a bowling springs in yeah. You Kia put a cost on ugly and that's what Ohio State is doing this weekend but like you mentioned Richmond it's not for funny daddies like mere nick kits for the eighteen to 21 year old. So mom will maintain this. How much Steve you want the best players available to come join your team why because the best players are gonna make you that much tougher as a basketball team. But it did deciding factor on where you're going to school comes down to uniforms is at a kid that you really want the first place honestly. I don't I don't think it's the you can't pinpoint it on the wind men but if this horrid deal breaker you got me hey listen. I've decided I'm gonna come to mail and Eastern Shore just simply a fact now like your uniforms a little bit better than. Then. Somebody else in the Baltimore Towson state. You'll Jill take him at that level but don't you kind of go walking away saying get really came in the uniforms. Oh you question a lot of decisions would it would come down to. Uniforms. It is important though yes they do it resilient we have Mears to get a check ourselves doubtful we walk out there are only now diesels just happens to be. Three times the size and he pumps himself and promise. We realize we're just getting totally bored and all our balance and that was his ways of saying I'm not even going to this is now that crap 08 the following week and had been with multiple turnovers that cause what should have been a thirty point win and only be nine points nobody saw that deaths. There regain. Editor was thirds you know I'd. I know I constantly get texts from Doughty about how does he feels about uniform changes but. You know what if what effect kid who gets. Flipped because of uniforms ends up being a great that it's okay the number one draft pick in May now if he's not because every. Every kid has there own reasoning as to why they choose a school that they choose could be their dad went there could be either high school coach sent him there. Maybe it's the uniform maybe so I guess so whatever whatever it takes you'll you'll take a kid and it's secular it's. 61 way half dozen other I get it but if I am coming to you because of the uniform that's him tied at least impressed. I'd rather hear because of the debt facilities to camp does she have the major I want that I get it these guess. Told everything they want a year over tell your score as Afro American studies and that's me that's north Carroll College a school there but that that's an outside North Carolina said to. Meaning another school has same pros and did you get a little nervous on Saturday I mean you don't slog in and around with coastal Carolina you know all of one in 600. Started out great you know first quarter we put up fourteen unanswered as of how cool we're just gonna cruised so when it's gonna be no big deal. And they coastal Carolina came back in a big way. You know hats off to them they played a really good football game. So let me ask you this you guys are five into coastal one in six. In Georgia southern this state just fired their head can s.'s morning. Yesterday yes I there's such yesterday Tyson Summers is gone. Believe they're using one of their offensive coordinators who has as the interim head coach. I mean that it would that's a situation similar to Tennessee because it's a fan base it's a fan base it's extremely proud down there in Statesboro. And things have not gone well for the in the season wave worse than things have gone in Knoxville you know we talk about. We talk about Tennessee being what three in three hours three and 43 in the last three and four. They're losing it. About the about the fire their coach. Georgia southern won the conference two years ago. They are O and six and got some folks. Bio winless UMass is windowless sat in the last 56 to seven dead they got his horse violates 4045. Points and it was. Ugly him. So well listen coastal Carolina no doubt handling their business that are businessmen losing it at state and again Georgia southern now without a football coach were quickly out those T. Apparently we have some traffic issues out there and it's probably from the manner rain came down we are hearing. ID five north bale and his back up past exit number 66. In they've shut down highway 29. They said just past Texas road house headed toward dale Teoma highway 29. That's wade Hampton boulevard every right Taylor's areas so apparently we are really seeing it over here bit of it's a massive amounts of water ended up and Collison. Some problems with the roads out there yeah just be careful I don't see a lot of activity with fire trucks and ambulance cops when I was first union I was around three I try and they're some flooded roads around him on his head telling you that was a horror core horror core rain there. Prohibits anybody what is it we tell you in the strategists allow a little bit more room and he you know what's the point and get them if you are home safe and there was no scratches on neutral. I to be patient and just shows you 1000 bowed to say that diesel is that it does it matter if it's. High level division wine or FC yes. It's amazing how life. In football and sports you have these cycles for whatever reason sun times. You come out and play sometimes you've just don't have your a game it doesn't matter what what would your round. Well in a program like Georgia southern they've gone through a lot of coaching changes in the last. Fifteen years or so I'll try you know they had. Got brain a brain fart on his name now we had we had one Joseph Willie Fritz who ended it was only there for about three or four years. He bolted for Tulane and we have the guy who left to go up and coach army what's his name. Mom can just function like to go yard go to army and both of them were extremely successful they were only there for. 334. Years of peace and they try to go back to that well and they polled Tyson Summers ago I don't think it ever held a head coaching job. And you know that's is not a school. With a fan base who is that used to winning that is not a score you don't learn how to be tagged out. I I think that number two. I think they are pull it candidates begins to shrink the rise Georgia southern wants to run the same offense because that's sort of what they've been known for since Kirk Russell at all right that program back. Well guess what. I think that pulley candidate shoring each year by year end they had to kind of force themselves on Tyson Summers hope and that worked out because he was gonna care and try to keep the legacy of that off at simple. Well now at Tyson Summers actually wanted to move away from the triple option. As you know it's there you go to more of a spread more of a passing type game that didn't sit well. With the Georgia southern fans but I did see its weak Twitter poll yesterday. That I can't recall the exact percentages but essentially the question was what do you want what kind of offense do you want our next head coach to run. They innocent they're they are they're already put pressure on to donate next coach is. To run the offense that the fans wanna run. And so I said you know do you wanna run AS spread offense. Do you want. Triple option offense do you wanna run a more additional offense or I don't care I just want to win as a matter of fact I don't care I just wanna win was was by far I hope running away with the pole and it its about time. I broke quickly thinking mongo forget -- with this on Twitter Alyssa will take tweets we'll take phone calls when this kind of stuff is coming up there's a tornado day online at I 85 and here and circle in Spartanburg county so listen if you got any of these updates and stuff. We've got road closures we've got tornadoes and you look I right outside here and it looks like we can go hit the first tee box right right now. But remember what was here earlier is now somewhere else and I think you mongo forget name with us on Twitter telling us there's a tornado touched down at ID five. In here and circle in Spartanburg so one other tweet. First of all DB gets him with decision ET needs to fire boats and painful work. That interim head coach that would be a splash yet would but the only bad part is you get does fullmer back in their for six more games he may decide he what set the full time. And I'm not sure that's the answer for Tennessee football moving forward. Also tiger and his gets in and says a lot of money but like gestured for sport said if Kentucky wins is stunned by the finish of that game we were faring. What is it gonna take for Butch Jones to be fired at Tennessee a loss to Kentucky I think they've lost once to Kentucky in the better part of three decades. That might be the five I need. No one here straw that breaks the camel's back absolutely absolutely are eight I want Obama to say this first of all let's go back to this top ten and we gave you the top 25 in the more combat was some reactions on the other side this is from the AP and it matches the college. The coach's poll as well. When you break it down like this Alabama's one Penn State to TCU guys Georgia's three TCU's four Wisconsin is five. Six is Ohio State seven is clumps in eight it's Miami nine is Notre Dame Tennessee Oklahoma when we come back. Why I will bet you money with both teams haven't won loss Clemson will be featured higher than Ohio State in the upcoming. Upcoming poll that's going to be who will be released for the college football playoff mail. Like I said couple issues is not all pride because. Cut and dried but I think they'd if you salt tomorrow night. The first college football playoff hole coming up I mean they would have Clemson in front of Ohio State it when we come back I'll tell you why. Because that's a pretty simple process but we are live in the studio diesel. Straight up with stern John ESPN. Upstate. I welcome back and listen a lot of things going on back. Top ten comes out today. You know what this is why we can go way the AP in the coaches poll here in the next couple weeks is who had the one that matters the college football playoff. Committee poll out. The one I trust the one I trust you because in this when a high state right number six concentrate number seven. Clemson has wins on the road at global with the defending Heisman Trophy winner. In at Virginia Tech we just need to six and one in number thirteen with 859 to seven win over North Carolina in they have a home win. Over an hour over an Auburn team that ranked. It is now six and two after blowing. Those are three good wins right there that Clemson has already in the year in their front pocket and I also think that Syracuse. Boston college and Wake Forest are all gonna be bowl eligible well that's will will bleed that when for a different day because those are. Something to capture that sub category four and five players we get deeper into it but again I want you to remember both teams are six and one. You know three you just mentioned the other three but three era against ranked teams including one with the Heisman Trophy winner here is the six victims at Ohio State football has slowly this year. Indiana. Army UNLV. Rutgers Maryland in Nebraska. Now that lasts when I go wow they beat Nebraska and they beat the snot Adam 56 to fourteen this is that your daddy's Nebraska they're subsite under. I have to go look all this up and I'm not sure there's a five better than 500 win on Oklahoma's resume right mail. If there is one and its army in the yet army just accepted a bid to the ball out not Armed Forces Bowl threats that your one noon win over a plus 500 team right now. This is because clemson's loss blast if you will their their losses the most recent. Yes you compare losses in Ohio State is better because they lost in Oklahoma about fifteen points vs Clemson still go loss. So your keys but that's only half the argument in my opinion he got a look at what they've done in his they'd beaten as well. It's no no comparison when it comes to Clemson has beaten him where they are and what Ohio State is done now I know this year is different than last year and you're not supposed to have any roll over effect. But let me tell you we'd still be play in right mail and Ohio State still may be looking for their first score in the Fiesta Bowl against Clemson last year. They're obviously not taken into consideration last year in game okay that as a yes season I did it. Back in I was out there I witnessed it. Eight what's he missed that second Phil gold Ohio State rolled up and go ball with the baby land. In a quit playing and in it got to be 31. To nothing before all was said and done. I'm sorry I until they play again. Clausen has a 31 nothing most recent win over Iowa State as well as the one in the Orange Bowl as well as the one in the Gator Bowl. Win now Woody Hayes decide to putts at Clemson player get fired quite frankly. Ohio State want nothing to do palmetto state teams deserve into against South Carolina out South Carolina in bowl games as well yes they do not want anything to do with Clinton right now and I think it's more of just days. Love best for Urban Meyer it is in any thing else had Reza why does it hold. Water but this is why we're getting rid of the coaches poll and this is why we're getting rid of the eight people as of two weeks from now. These things are just window dressing right now it's all we got to go by. But trust me I have faith in the college football player I don't knock at Ohio State they're gonna admit you know what. Chances aren't. Penn State's gonna in their run. They're in happy valley I guess it is on the gas and with the November which is another question will be after this weekend. They both Clemson. And Ohio State win. The committee might be putting Ohio State above Clemson but calls. The big victory that would be a step would be the first week yes that may have may listen to this argument if you knock off Penn State this weekend was a quad Barkley however. I guess sneaky suspicion that the Buckeyes are coming out with a second loss in this game however. I will change be willing to change Monty I'm just say in after the first seven weeks if you look at that resonate they both have one loss it's on the they're Sosa home. Glimpses was on the road on a Friday night the thirteen to ensure that we I go back and outlook view they played and beaten in its new competition. In that's why when that thing goes around the athletic yet. There's a reason they played you know Auburn at a conference in Biederman bit. I sort. And that's why I shut this is just simply Ohio State lost. Before clumps and that's right to enhance trial loved the committee they actually take the time eyeball test all of that is in consideration. For their rankings rather than. Just this echo chamber of the media that. Only looks at school wars in dozens in the well today let's speaker Pelosi you let's take a look real quickly the ad in USA today today does every break. Mine in here's how it breaks stale. Number one is Alabama eight note number two is Penn State seven in at number three is Georgia seven and no in no number force TCU seven inept. I have no issues with that. The only undefeated team not in the top five is Wisconsin their day on a number 77 and a white Zain play anybody this year and they made. They may end up having the lucky schedule of all time. All right in this rewrite they have Clemson six and one at number five Miami at number 66 and we mentioned Wisconsin at seven. Notre Dame and number 86 and 19 is Oklahoma's six and 110 is Ohio State six and one. Behind them at 1112 and thirteen or Washington Central Florida and Oklahoma State. So. That kind of gets you more into the committee stinking up how some things will play out here. In the next week to ten days as they get clumps and sit at number five why they've got three good wins. In not a horrific lost in the numbers just kind of Bayer but the margin for here is no longer than I could see that. I would not be surprised or shocked if that was if that committee came out with a ranking right now. I'd be like that looks like eight community. Immigrants are just as the and my stadium what's talk a playoff expansion I guess stand I've been doing well today. I appreciate it. Just wondering the state anywhere in the near future. Then expanding play out what they are armed and and it appears to play out but I have really been beat yet or oh yeah I want to beat like that play up or expand our. Well I tell you what it would take key catalyst of what could potentially happen this year Notre Dame taking out one of those slots is not a member of the power five conference and possibly. Let's say Georgia and Alabama play in the SEC TP chip game undefeated in its close. That may do enough for the loser to remain in that final four so that means to conferences would be axed out of the college football playoffs and potentially more. That would be year catalyst male stand. Let me also quantify my comment by saying I have been it all four of the college football playoff games the last two years. The ones that want expansion or the college football fans the players and coach the coaches. Do not Clemson north Alabama adding another game left in the tank this past two years now. If you move that first round game up ended December where they were playing three of these in a row. I kid I could go for but I know this much the last two years at Clemson and Alabama. Played another dean it would have been a game of attrition decided by some players that don't start. Or call. I wouldn't like it and well we. How can you do realize that it be quick break it like a fool out. Right. Take away how about we settle for this what about go to a sixteen play off and if you're right number one or two did you have earned the buy into the second round. But my experience my fear is and it's having been here. The last two years is too that would neither one of those teams that walked off the field in that college football team did you gain had one more game left in them now. You change some things up the way it's not back to back to back in about a fourteen date thirteen day period. In Amal onboard with that but. We have to be Smart about how we do this. Well that are pleased. To extend the play now beyond what I doubt I would have to look back directly to us. That's a great question and I tell you what let's say it's of that stand taking for the phone call great phone call. I don't think AG what's the Sturges and that we like to use here on the show he can get the tease you keep posts and toothpaste back in the deep. What C schools that started building their budgets around seven and eight home games for the sixth. And athletic directors don't wanna hear that now would you could do at some point say screw it on the championship games and take is that the mix and just make it. I think what you could do is is maybe about the sixteenth to December schedule rail number one give them a week off over the holidays to you and I mean. And then let them have at the same way on New Year's Day in the and that Monday night like 89 days later. That's the way acted see do and I just don't for the life of me believe you know sometime right before Christmas and New Year's Eve and then. And or New Year's Day and then on the eighth or ninth in you do it's you know standard scheduling if you will. I promise you. They're gonna get up for a number gain but you when you're back there in Richmond in years outside the locker room in your in those hallways in your make an eye contact. He you're getting to judge how someone feels as they're got a towel wrapped around them and they're coming back. There was no more energy left now it could be because that was the final game and it was over but you can definitely tell us laps and off the fifth. A two years ago bay in those worn out when they wore last year Clemson had nothing left in the tank. In just like I said you're gonna have to give them a little bit more time because these are college kids. In very rarely do you see college kids go through a three game stretch like this however. Possible fine now a miniscule about it here coming up with Georgia Tech NC state and then Florida State come across a three week period. That is identical to what I was gonna say is that. Some of these teams are already in that situation right now in terms how they have to get up each and every week. Now it obviously gets exponentially harder as the season progresses and you're at the end of this season and there is somewhat of a mental aspect that hey you know the end is near and Sonya you're given an all right there. I think is gonna come down to. TV. Money. And wool the schools be able to take a game away during the regular season. But make up for it by the money that splits within their conference is now of a national she. Just here's the deal they're not gonna go for less money because there's all these athletic departments are and I find their resource in outside of the state of South Carolina when it comes to taxes and everything else that he used to be back in the day but I'll pay this much tells ever my mom and dad's last night. As we get prepared for some stuff with and what did dad they were up at Syracuse in that prize be my father's final football game. And I just said you know here's. Here's the deal comps and found that it Syracuse who it took a little while for being in the to find out you're gonna get everybody's best shot when you get up on this plateau and guess what they found out it's can't take a week off. But to make Phil goals and guess what comps is still undefeated what the hell has happened a field goal kicking in college football this year. It has to be in an all time worse now realize Eagles out. But still Smits got a scholarship for Wes Clark she cannot go one for three in the thirty yard in between the thirty yard lines. That's why you've got a walk on kicker it's now as data likes to say on a ten day contract moving forward because both of those misses if you remember. See your Jesus running forty yards within to place the ops withers were momentum killer or killers total momentum killer so anyway was speaking of momentum killer I don't think David cottage or the state newspaper would like us. Legally him every night but where do not South Carolina football remember the gamecocks have a chance for bowl eligibility there at home at 4 PM. Against Vanderbilt on Saturday we'll talk with David cottage or there Charleston post and courier when we come back. All right welcome back get on this Monday afternoon you know it's a big time Monday when we get DC. From the PNC David cottage or from the Charleston post and courier followed him on Twitter at DC PNC. And David duke a weekend off me and I mean how ready is jerk. Your your child can't even go trick or two week trading yet so young. But why do I got the feeling the clutter in your household is already up for Halloween after this weekend. Well mark you know that you don't give mania all weekend are doubtful policy didn't go to acknowledgment just covered unit Stuart Kelly comes at that mid morning. A little bit before Halloween team kind of enjoy it with the Stanley. So yeah it was a nice that a parent or relaxing week all even though I'd go to an actual combat. The gates. But hey it was it was still good time get to reintroduce myself to the wire can get ready for the rest. Yeah you got to show by if they move that thing Everett in Nashville united she'd NC price and I they are there's just so much that we can do during football season and so. Listen let's get started with basketball because this is really big in my opinion. The core. South Carolina Virginia Tech. And they'll say exhibition game on what November 4 thinned ten Dollar General admission tickets in this is gonna be called hoops for hurricane relief. In for people don't realize it I was just shared a story with Richmond. You know there was some people that just got there walkways built out over the dunes back down to the beach. Did they paid for it added their pockets is insurance won't cover it and guess what they're all back nailed again. Within four months now those are the guys were really trying to help out because they have a lot of money but. I love the fact that Frank Martin got in touch wood Buzz Williams one of the best guys in college basketball instead let Tamer this seeing out and guess what. Ten Dollar General admission and all that money's gonna go to her team relief. That it is a really good thing marquee would be don't know that senate so they not not not Rappaport about it because I think it can you check in South Carolina have been participating in the a super secret closed scrimmage that we're all not supposed to know outlets or at least you club for the past couple years and feature was going to be. On the from the port so I thought I heard the cheer maybe they were talking about human. Opening the call Turkey elite after returning in this shattered due banners. And when asked Franken battle last week here on the record are like you know I think talk about it now because all of weren't you know these aren't finalized let's. I cannot figure out what's coming usually today egregious come under day logo and open it up to the public soaked south can a lot of pursuit hoped he you know urged tech had a pretty good decent last year. With a strong HTTP. Don't play although that looked at 2 o'clock here Columbia. And all proceeds will be donate hurricane relief so only ten dollar ticket going to be a good time yeah C gamecocks before they take the floor for real November that can't be sure to come all out work. To Majorly cool coaches all right speaking of you can't look forward as we add talk with David carnage are from the child Charleston post and courier follow him simply on Twitter DC. If we could talk about it on an off week 25. Years ago the movie the program was being filled if filmed in Colombia and of course we all remember that. In you've got a couple of great articles about that looking back and I just want to give your props. Appreciated markets some not came up put it out I'm a fan of the movie and. I'd like to watch you before every football league starts usually some of my friends and duct. Maybe if you cold beverages or else. Kenya that. And I remember I mean how look at that gain in 1992. And when they filmed and that it ought to be need to look back sort got a couple of great interviews from. People USC that weren't ball actually got to talk with the Dwyane didn't that you played linebacker Alvin Mack. In the movie that some of the most memorable line are organized the story about this week in the post and courier but also for anybody you might be listening in here yet. Old and a round table discussion. About the movie I'll be moderating it with a few adieu let's see also our eat and he'll. Bobby Fuller and Mark Ellis who has taught. Brother in the orbiter the movie. Billy Knight at Richland county public library here in Columbia it's 630. This should be sure to come old out years and kale for the Yankees in the program. David call we're hearing David conjure a death posting carrier and David this is at Richmond. Now moving towards this week in South Carolina hosting Vanderbilt. It is this a situation where is this a trap game that they're looking forward. Are too too much forward to the next weekend with Georgia which crafts. Richmond you know Q school mushy and the players about that they're gonna say exactly what you'd expect in the sick. No or not it's one game is to see and everything is going to be just about Vanderbilt not looking beyond that being sent. Yes distract game one because you that he's coming off two straight games for the defense just played well and our offense has done just enough to get by. They continue because it's USC football. You could never ever ever count in the game and people all the automatic wind and so. Vanderbilt you know also coming off a buy hourly pay into it played very poorly in the four weeks before that. It's going to be a difficult match your South Carolina are you all of Saturday so he's getting cocky little obviously weak important thing. What you need to do your salary contracts up. But they're just looking at it is one game they need to come out it's important early and travel down this Vanderbilt team because I have a feeling. If you sock them in the mouth early they're gonna laid out. Yeah right there with you and that's a 4 PM kickoff David of course that helps out south Carolina's crowd they'd rather play later in the day here not even at night so this is a big gain in you gotta find the story lines in it for the football player sometime bit. Now you can start patting your resonate with bowl. With bowl committee speeches you can get the number six in the and who knows from that point so that's where I'd take it if I must champ with my message to the gamecocks but yeah here's the deal we also probably wanna see some more that running back position on Saturday because. Yeah good to bears Robinson day a lot nail on the defense inside the field. But the one place that I have had some. The difficulty figuring out South Carolina play calling on the offensive side of the ball and see exactly what's going on with that running backs rotation. Exactly market it's a curious to see on you know argue the facts to you know separate it out between the running backs and I think they wanna play all their. That's fine and I hit compared to per plate it's cool they're going to feature of the strikes. And each day and I just looked at some will be curious. Play calls. What they are trying to do and running game and it isn't making it couldn't be happier light mist and running back TJ turner brought the little lot. It doesn't make it has to meet and have a eighty every year guys not being on. I used that. The heat stroke here he's he's well modular a guy like Tyson Williams chocolate on them that land and we're taxable but a lot of good people speak so. It's almost like culturally curious stay obviously work is can easily in England concede because it was gas. But it didn't work on the most important play of the game and that's just get paging tiger missed the hole that was a lot of open and he ran it right Tupelo country so well. Three out of this week it's not going to be at least he can recruit out of Al challenge probably cannot return for the rest of the season with that fractured a leg. And that you he's gonna have trying to figure out so Asia returner kite Tom Williams two very different factual and indifference out. And then you have a third guy and months and then that's the road played a lot. But now he's gonna rear lot on this week Compaq it will Muster at pearl who want to keep debt balance between not on the past. It cannot find a way to do it effectively. Tight final question for you David will much champ started eluding a little bit last night about the return a diva seen you'll do you see that for the finale against Clemson or is that after working through some issues with ball practice that we will CD both Samuel. Back on the field. May first when mark and this is just my opinion column make pick Kurtz just meet talk and I'll see him returning accordion to be here. I think there's just too much except for him and he he does that give medical occurred and got a future to think about now. I'm not saying he definitely was gonna go to the NFL but the picture that you did have his picture taken with the fingers and don't plan. So it's. It's likely that he was probably don't think about jump on and couldn't eat there's just too much risk to take for him try to combat assure you received I don't know I'm all right on that. Look for me personally I don't feel good about. You add that in that there's this one scares me a little bit I know my Carolina buys me and we can get him back for Clemson that could change everything but I'm with do you get future to worry about. Things of that nature David it's always a privilege to get you on tell our listeners wrote quake. What you guys it EI in my opinion the best sports group. In these paper in the state of South Carolina are up go up to because that starts would Jeanne sap a cop that she grace trainer. Andrew Miller and a whole lot of others at the Charleston post and courier. Just check it out composting carrier dot com sports to get every bit of the newspaper unit he continues check out me on these CPAC like that sent. Stay tuned for one thing in this week in order to have a lot of fun aspects about the making of the film the program 25 years later. We will ID B favor pop me a text to remind me we will make sure we get that out here on the ad twit certainly and as well David always a pleasure hope you have a great week here. Tim in the midlands. No problem architecture and I did a good manager Charleston post and courier when we come back it will. Will real quick segment opened phones open at the top of the hour our final guest on this Monday. My buddy the firm and athletic director 620 base football is zagged getting hot in Bob Ritchie about to make his debut in basketball. So my phone went off a little bit ago when we were important from one of our Twitter followers there was a tornado day I'm on the ground going yeah right starts the sun's out no offense that we can tell you yes there's been a tornado in Spartanburg county around I 85 and what parents circle. IE lived in the state Alabama long enough to see snapped trees and no. What's a tornado and what's not no sense to do that did that bigotry sets tornadic activity so. Let's just hope everybody else got out of there let's just hope there's tree damage and not me omen. Like damage when I see photos like that if this continues to blow me away I've never experienced a tornado I'm very fortunate from that standpoint. That's amazing what wind can do like that the first two years in Tuscaloosa when we get them that the police would just drive up and on the street with their sirens on and talking through their PA system in the from the car you know it was time to take covered. Is in my junior year we got before tornado sirens up in different parts of the county when those things went off you pay. I never guy you member Tuscaloosa coming out wiped out a few years or did. We never had one of those that we had to dated turned out it wasn't tornadic activity is what was called straight line winds. The I was sitting in there with some friends and I lived in a one bedroom apartment had like nine individual window panes in the front window in the first one broke. In the in the second one for is that pressure with the state. We didn't know what was common in all three of us ran back through the low hallway which also was our kitchen you know that connects the two rooms together in the 1960. Architecture that were once. In grabbed the top of the bed the in pulled it over on a speeches you know they say go grab a victory of his couldn't fit my bathtub that we tried what turned out it what a tornado is what they called straight line winds broke out all nine. Of those window panes before all said and done indices were just like. Yeah we're sick and angry yet it is. I don't mess without power that's why always come back that commercial from back in the day when we're kids don't mess with mother nature at the gives a martyr. Truer words have never been spoken and that is right Adam I'm still a net that word from you tornadic. Activity like that yeah I mean at Taylor follows fells thanks Terry you talked about wall clouds yet. You actually get into some serious won't. Like not nervous field he is a meteorologist. Is yet did you for a country so I finally on the I didn't I don't purposes you two. My point being when you saw all either win roughly every semester that you were in college at some place in the Tuscaloosa county are within the county next to Europe bug you had tornadoes. Justin you started to be able to look for what it is just to give yourself a little me and it all paid off I mean. You need to pay attention because Tuscaloosa almost got wiped off the map three years ago and earn some people would say did about a billion dollars in is in improvements because everything that was built was built back twice is nice is what got knocked down unanimously but you have no time. To be prepared so you obviously well you understand. The signs a little bit better and most people yeah it's it you can feel. If you each can literally feel it in if there's a little bit of green in the air and and is that sailed stupid what do you mean gorilla that green in the area. Just CP solid enough. You become experienced to it and what it does is that pressure starts to change you can fill your neck and stay the heck. You know that truer words have never been spoken what you're used to it you know when it's coming you know the signs are in the best thing they ever do in Tuscaloosa. Was put up this tornadic sirens because what says went off that may go get undercover in they saved a bunch alive so a couple of years ago. He remembered Carson Palmer. Are not Carson Palmer Carson tinker or walk on. Snapper on Alabama football they featured hit his girlfriend which ripped down his arms and remembered as they were like two miles away dead yes literally ripped out of his an artist's name you may remember that story to just goes to show you I mean that's why you know they they were out there let these kids help out in the community instead of worrying about football because. Pick a lot of a needed to get that added their system after Karstens after gore and his girlfriend's funeral. Then take that body up may do over two miles that's what those things can do will come back NFL and they might buddy at 620.