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Welcome back give final hour final hours of the week. Yes. No Clemson football this weekend don't have to be up early and out the door diesel. A leg so I guess it was actually the right weekend for my sister a lot of book her wedding so. Again. I bet I bet there's people like me all over the upstate all over the midlands. Lower part of the state they have weddings this weekend because it you're Smart bride. You with load. It went Clemson and Carolina are not playing guess what they're back with all this weekend so I bet there's a site. A massive Amanda catering jobs billion dollar cross of palmetto state this week and George's office we get into it yeah so after all the wives and all the girlfriends is. Got together and then you know we need a day yourselves. During the ball it's not fair that the men get all the days saying you did this other way they called up the NCAA and they said hey we need this. This why we should be have a fall for Greenville this weekend vs last. You go to mean because they had. They are scheduled at Clemson Syracuse game on a Friday night a long time ago so they knew about that that apparently apparently put a really big hurt on attendants on Friday night dale on the air Saturday was just all the but again I would go look at. With Tom light schedule in this kind of stuff if Clemson and Carolina both have an off week together. That's the weekend I'm put fall for Greenville which is get a young you'll have to worry about this fans be in detail. Yeah a bad thing is really you know you can't plan for weather and things like that you know because they schedule these things out pres probably no win next year's violent weekend. A win next years is going to be and as soon as this year's fall for Greenville is over they ensure they take a week or two off. That was great. Now against our planet for next year. Anyway eight fewer are huge college football fan in you just can't stand it diesel we've got a random 6 PM kick off that just took placing college football. Mean really 6 PM on a Friday night that's how are you being so excited and not been able to hide it well. It's Old Dominion and of course Newton who into FC FCS. The note FB SL OS with only opera's USA they're willing to give up that time sought to and for the monarch there has to western Kentucky that starts right now on the CBS network 7 PM. I'm telling you this in a battle contest here Marshall 51 on the season at middle Tennessee three and four you catch that game on ESPN two also at 930. Air force two and four on the season at Nevada one in six. And a new interest in that minus the air force stuff CBS sports network 1015 may be the best game of the night. Colorado State five into that New Mexico three and three that games on ESPN two also at eight. 08 tonight couldn't make it 810 diesel have to make it 808. Yet the New York Yankees at the Houston Astros is gain number six the Yankees a lead three to two. Course they can close that game now close that series out move on minced meat the Dodgers beginning Tuesday night with Luis said Marino on the on the ball for the New York Yankees and Houston has Justin Verlander and of course he's three you know in the playoffs. So I've might go out on a limb and say you're gonna see a gain seven. Between the Houston Astros in the New York Yankees our listeners out there. You guys something to say headed this college football weekend most is beyond us each year our right now. But his we rule way it's open phone lines no guest and I will let you make the ad calls the way you want to but diesel apparently. Is we were talking in the last couple of days because I know you're up on it. Area I know what you're watching last night you're watching NBA basketball words you because you are ready for this 82 game regular season schedule like nobody else here in the building. Yeah the NBA is. But really I mean not being a big big in BA fan until we get into the back after the C should. I'm sorry I'm one trick pony. It's so hard for me to focus turned the focus from college football or college basketball. Until about January night because the last two years. We've been covering that championship game on January 8 ninth tenth in that area. In your travel and as much as we are I mean it's tough for me who Crusoe story for you starred sprint. He is sometimes I can be a one trick pony but I'd even noticed. How rough of that opening of this NBA season is since then we mentioned earlier. He saw Gordon he would go to a five minutes in his first game with the Boston Celtics. In dad probably gonna be out for the year already had his surgery done in his get right to start rehab that I just don't see how you can get him back out there this year in their course Jeremy UN. Maybe got the greatest player but a lot of people remember the whole Lin sanity thing from back in the day. That might have been the most emotional moment. When he came to an injury because he looked up at some of his teammates and said I'm done I'm done talking about. He now feels is careers over and then we seen a Milwaukee Bucks. Starter these loss for two to three months will mail. About ten minutes ago it comes out. Chris Paul you know who made the move from the LA clippers to the Houston Rockets to join. Up with James Harden and all those guys don't come another mega team in the NBA. They're now saying that he may be out this along is a month as he is dealing with some knee issues. I just don't roll call eight opening three days have been NBA season. Did is seen. This much this many injuries she you and I mean and going to be interest steam because the NBA scratch and for some attention right now and of course you know Kevin love's they're complaining with the cavs about being frustrated to move about with his move to senator and all but. Again a united the main thing I wanted to see is how these guys handle some business I don't begrudge anybody making a ton of money. You know why. Because this is great I hope you I hope I get the still the opportunity in my life but. He of one of the story lines was also to simply Alonso balls three points and four. Four rebounds in his first game and I'd just can be completely shut mailman I'm sorry. I look at Alonso ball on the court last night against Patrick Beverley. Did this five years in the league. It it looked like a freshman in college against say the a third year MBA player. And that's what's gonna happen to these kids I'm sorry they're gonna get beat up this year especially one's own ball. But is he not only is a rookie he is also having to deal with writing check yo cashing the checks in his father's written. So going to be interesting no doubt about it big Chris Paul's knee problem could sideline him up for a month with the Houston Rockets so. Just be aware that of course yeah a stud James Harden and all that stuff to work with but you didn't pay all that money. To bring Chris Paul and from the LA clippers what they Europe they're doing right now apparently. Are the Houston Rockets is trying to secure a free agent point guard on that list is Jameer Nelson he was a veteran that was just way by Denver. Also the I'm. Rockets have reached out Richard Jefferson CJ Watson. And trade bar. So while. Anyway. He be a little bit of in BA information to hear. All right diesel I'm sorry not Sina. Named Ali a billion Taylor's right thank you billion Taylor's welcome him offer and I appear and good afternoon. There's a third was 102 birdies. I don't know I mean it's Friday and I got the weekend off and I feel like I'm kind of Venus fly trap on WK RP in Cincinnati just trying to bring it down before we get out of here for the weekend. It's never appropriate to watch any basketball won't go out to the Super Bowl you can count start. What's at some college basketball I guess pastor or maybe source maybe sometime in late February reps for March Madness and can you can't start watching the NBA now until maybe the last week or two. Before the regular season in Tony you know everybody is looking proceeding there I mean I get sick and what are taking game here they have a record nearly watch a lot of that right now. And the it's hard for me I first about them stirred so Goji the first person ever to work six days a week but that six day a week is all wrapped around my job with Clemson football all right. I've even though I don't wanna watch it Sunday night I'll sit me owning kind of get prepared with what went on in the NFL that date to get back on the air on Monday. But hey you know what do you like totally died in the basketball at this time of the season it just doesn't feel right now. I can start making the move into college basketball say after the army navy game in December. For some of those made for TV match ups it shall see between nonconference opponents but. I can't say I just kind of wait for college basketball to get into conference play in the and go from there. That it can't watch until the united past or certain time my eye to what team basketball court orders to March Madness but. I watched a little bit of both of those a couple of games at different weapons they start literally stirred its all that you start run around November. It's what it's about 04 candidates other than normally. Yeah aide college basketball is in to listen I if you're a hardcore MBA pan out there's two years just put the fingers in the air for a moment you're not we're gonna like what I said. My most enjoyable NBA season ever was when they started. Her on yes and December 20 fit the couple years ago that are December 26. And drop it is 66 games. Actually made them play a tighter schedule in I'm sorry if you got arrested over sixty what sixteen season vs 82 that you probably aren't as good enough shape as you need to be at the professional level I'm sorry that's my story and I'm sticking to it. You create this 2000262. Games remaining anyway it was when I called it a moderate I think it was only earlier I agree with some of what you say that I deeply into the since should be a discussion about some of the playing. I feel them. It's the traditional right to live on here's my problem would it go and I'm how many people are regular disrespect the black guy I believe would be to go out there really look at the chain slumping. They've you got a good portion of the people in the military or who were in the military saying that. Then you've got to stop. And to me I don't care what you can call all of whatever you wanna call displayed drive first play on whatever you wanna call on. It doesn't matter because they've got to a depth of domestic support ball and when you start losing ratings. It's off by unwilling good when you're you know when you still. You dirt until source code drop a little bit or. Tickets bill does not that good when blood was a source talk about old component ability of adult and they put in every year. Then you've got to listen and and it's not a boy did the ratings are down and that's what they and it only ceremony. And I think all these owner should listen and they had the players are Smart they'll listen to other. There doesn't that a man can have a play in another format but they don't need to be dornin deer in the national medical. On Billy right now would you do whether a year for the protestor you're not EON I I am a person that believes that for every action somebody should be allowed to have a reaction I believe their action is taken elder in the National Anthem. But don't expect everybody like me don't like it now sharing my personal story real quick again. I've made into a family where my father was career air force he fought in Korea he fought in Vietnam. When he retired from the air force he went to work for air traffic control and serving our country in that manner. In you know what he's offended by it now love my father in law invests historian I'm sticking to it but I had never seen a group of people willing to take a sledge Hamer. Today your business model the way the NFL players are. That was the best business model in all of professional sports in let me tell you what's gonna happen if they Anheuser-Busch pulls a B and of the B and a half dollars in advertising one of these 3132. Clubs is not gonna be able to make payroll. In all hell's gonna break loose in these guys are gonna be the victim because they keep get there money but they will not accept any responsibility. For hurting their business in the way they have the last though who. This is Colin that half a season that we're almost into. Most salary as a drug dropped dramatically in just like gonna hurt Tom Brady your courier roster an early guy out there and nobody that it strike or are you noted that. I only. I hit hard core I am not clear on and they need to start thinking about that like it so much and how would you open. My father in law was an article four years ago out of that a lot he retired out of the airport distorted my music especially about a month ago. And people were stranded by anyone than he was in Korea annual premium sound bite. And you know you did it he's got hurt anybody you've got to take beer. Understand what players think you've got a little thought. We're not trying to be a clear to them that way but at the same comment you are tremendously what you got to listen to their sides say there's another way to protest Ahmad camping don't lead changed gotta be another way to bring the dollar. You've now got to at least get into the community level some of these guys may have to put a little bit of their money where there Mal says to make it but the protests knees stay in. The action needs to start taking place the dialogue but there's a reason. They here's a reason to diesel leaders by the union in that owners were called into the NFL offices this week. Because they know that they are hurting financially right mail and they want it to stop before it gets worse but unfortunately. Heidi the NFL's into a three year problem before they can climb out of this hole. Certainly not a huge NFL player I'm still walking your but it person to see it getting on the way to an idiot and all of the countries and I'm not saying that the players don't I'd do. I do believe that they do but in a cynical way to start the dialogue that I don't think that the anyway just take bureaucracy. Army and as always Billy thank you for bring in it and diesel you'll get one more for the break all right let's do. Mike wants to get in on the protests might welcome and I hope you're having a great afternoon. I'm happy at all possible that the Internet and you clapping Obama looked at temple their pain yet. Thank you don't you become a window into Congo with you guys. And you just don't know what you get in. There that you put it about the commitment. It could hope someone can come out there on the Internet. And economically and you. Yeah better what do we know the total number. That might have been hit I want to thank you can't sleep at reliant on my thing you know how that could be an important one thing but I don't know that it. From what I don't think that Google car company a chance not a parent. That can't. Create an and they wanted to let the vote went about it all banged up 100 it and that things are. Now I might say that's a great way a look at that it broke quit I'd say he's you know Colin. Maybe. Right yeah I'm what they can. I I thought the ultimate point was not for Colin cabernet to have a job I thought the ultimate point was police brutality. So they say this whole thing could have been avoided by giving him a job that's the that's disingenuous to the ultimate point of the original protest. Can I ask you this much why did Colin cabernet lose his job with the San Francisco 4100 good because he wasn't performing well so my dear god I yeah is even worse how wide this is. Listen this is how wide arguments got to. Nobody really knows what the point of it is right Mort it was supposed to be about probe brutally. But police brutality right but now it's oh they can avoid this what Colin cabernet dissing given him a job. You know what if I business owner and I'm not sure that you can do the job. Why hello my got to hire male. He they can brought him and worked him out see how it went in May be said well I just didn't do it has been probably pushed out they are a little bit yes but now we screwed himself. She's Isa was only he's doing a little bit to himself and you know yet he wasn't that good quarterback he didn't perform you know. If we're saying there's a hundred quarterbacks in the league are we saying he's a 101 best quarterback now he's probably somewhere up a little bit higher he probably is better than some third stringer on some team somewhere but there's a lot of other factors to a yet. All right I tell you what let's get out to break we'll come back we'll continue this conversation which is also that they can somewhat generational just like that. Just like are also in kollar said he's a service me and he did have any issue with that same thing with my nephews same thing with officer Alan darker in the easily police department so I think a lot of this also has to be understood. It's the line drawn in the sands generational as well. Welcome back can hope everybody's having a great. Friday October 20 where the world his steep fall gone but his we're back begin in the late follows the little chilly. Night right now and I'm like it. I am totally totally digging it but I know I've I've seen pictures from your neighborhood you walk around a boost with your Starbucks in your pumpkin spices and there's no land flowing your quiz has conveyed before we go to Chris on the phone and want to talk about it upheld a protest and it. It admitted I'm out there with my flip flops my. Match might tidy why he's in I've met. Yeah I'm sorry hello everyone driving around for that it actually Euro quickly Delta's stand back in the day in the you know the guys. Singer in that rhythm guitar player had a we'll Dotson his name was Elvis's like do you to escape from the front yard. He is he realized heavy tides have been looked at my neighborhood differently when I'm walking on the street to clutch of aborted about bedroom Cohen. Less. Let's do it here now. It's. Anyway Chris let's talk about NFL protest Carson while command. It bears that out there and was put on here about it. Yeah got to wrap up I'm just. So I try to stop it Chris I guess is my best 'cause an anti guy image you know what I mean. Yeah I don't do it right we try to make all manner that would not make all that. As far as the quote compensate that you got the morneau they're gonna hold its. It's understandable that you've got to feel like the bush is supported. Your it would get a that you can't. Debate that the pallid bit Contra indicated that he within that he has that quiet yeah. That you're not better than that old you know met cap or somebody it's only been there done that choose not to bring Luke. Understand we've gotten we've gotten our they'll wait on. As to what the boat it is about which hopefully they have failed will start incorporate it like that it had been years away. Then remove a bit let down their business. All right where Chris let me ask you does that just got a text in from somebody. I'd do I don't mean to be honest with you love to know who it was if you're listening send it back let me know who which her name is 'cause it just comes in as the number. Is this thing generational to a certain extent I mean am trying to figure this thing now I don't want to take sides split. You know I. I I am fortunate I'm my oldest brother side the family all three of his sons have served as I have served or serving the military while in college all right. Eight you know a matter of fact his oldest son actually went to college because he went and served in the military first. They have no issues with the game ended this is what I whatever they fought for no problems whatsoever. However when I see the older generation they have the she's you know what. I'm counted trapped in between those two generations but I also realize. Is item Rolen up on fifty years old but I thought processes become a lot more conservative the conservative in a lot less liberal if you will and I'm not talking politics when it comes to that. I'm just talking. It's just as we get more crotchety older we get. The older we get how are under thirty months of this year. Well I understand from the evolution Mumbai native of the famous words fail to point oh I bet we understand the idea that generation of bank. But I'll have a older brother has served in the military as oil and a lot of it for and then. That Arafat who don't really. Have dead. They don't feel as if it's animosity but ignored the disrespectful and Eddie don't because he would that be home you know. The best way to be respect for a minute you don't wanna damp but the nets have ample body Olmert vote. What may or fish problem way to show respect it and actually. It's out in it that the pulpit you wanna do a bit to the best way to fit your bill. Yet illicit with protests comes change we need change we got keep moving forward with this country nothing's perfect. Nothing's ever gonna be perfect but I still maintain. Chris I I am fortunate so much more. Did some other people I have been able to travel weekend ended up fifteen different countries I've visited in my life I'd still film Arabs still. Yet define when that I'd come home back in the US ago yep I wanna move there. Yeah I bet when you're absolutely agree with you don't ever go occurred when it comes out yet how good we do anti. But speaking as I never like to make and racial or anything like that I'm never that the got a quarter of all the great court. But speaking from a cocaine and American OK right is. Two AF intermittent of my age it's a little bit but a lot different some of the expanded that you. You know you're you're at these you know grown too big because and the outlook to college you know I have been around the outlook believe quite probably I've been around it you know the atmosphere where you know we know 80%. On both own widely know what it's spent the leg and I wanted Joseph Hyatt who you know what's opposite that it. Yeah oh my goodness man. All right real quickly because we're about to go out to break. The private school that I went to back in the day which I could not have gotten out of fast starts and just are you kidding got me and that goes undefeated not Dow Jones holes seven to three in the regular season. They are going under the state championship what happens in the second round Jones will turns around and not soft the cavaliers and I'll never forgive you all for. They we can't do it now. That would let old seven. I see this is like 83 dudes sell I do you have cinema there's no urgency much older than us but now remember whenever I'll sit up at Jones hi Laura. Ought to put all of the point of view recent they're paying bed and not belt by outback the first one in my band lead at least. Loot the Chrysler agenda and it would have been leveled. Well that's what it was the key guys this was. We got about 198. I think I was about fifth grade because Donnie Pearson was the quarterback mayor. His mom was my he had teacher he went on to play EI and start for years for the Ohio bobcats. Pro about 1979. To 1983. Starting quarterback from right here in Christ church in Greenville, South Carolina. There. That you would be great it would be great though resume playing great I hated that echoed that. Let's let us know that you guys know it's great if you got to keep the discussion going now I'm gonna always be with you guys look great. But college started to have Colin nearly won the week that. Well listen I appreciate I don't know for handling this thing right or not but you know what you better have some discussion in at least try to keep it on the positive level because if we don't learn from our mistakes and guess what you're not learning to begin with. Discuss in his own way opened up the door to change. Brother listen have a great weekend pleasure to have that phone call Jones built wildcat now listen here they've done in Union County. They've now made it one big Union County high school or Iowa Tyler Moeller just insanity and it's funny as he and I were having the exact same thought at the exact same time. I'm at the point where I say. Everybody who's in protest mode right now which is a good chunk of NFL players. They need to get together and reorganize and figure out what their message actually is 'cause we got about twenty different messages and it's all over the place and these guys on the patriots are Neal and Vanessa those guys on the falcons are Neal and for that those guys on the Packers are Neal and possess. And it's also a disjointed. That it's getting to the point where the any any movement any. And hey on any forward momentum is gonna fizzle out because you got about you got people going and about ten different directions and it's got a fizzle out if they can't get together. And figure out exactly what it is they wanna set. But you better do that why between June now costing your league money again I'm not being not just trying to be rude about it there right now there are some NFL players. Did it feel like they're trying to take his sledge hammered a boy it's been one of the most successful business models in all love sport. Mean he can survive for awhile but it won't survive forever. Under that I guess that duress guess what you go out there and as any employee of any business if your conduct is detrimental to the business in the conduct. That's going on on the field right now is currently detrimental to. The business they're losing a lot of money and you know eventually it's gonna get to the point where in the higher ups are gonna have to take a look around and say all right we're losing all this money. Where can we cut. To save money at this point and I guarantee you these gigantic. Over the top player salaries are going to be one of first place and I don't mean as a threat. And I don't want that to be a threat to them but I'm telling you but when your business you look at line out line items on a on a sheet and that's going to be one of the biggest. Absolutely listen return on investment no doubt about it that's what makes the moral world run. This this one's in a really really strange delicate place because it's right there. Between. Agency it's affecting business in that lesson sometimes you have to do that do affect changes well Gil lobby your opinion 844 GS PE SPN. I welcome back again listen I. I AM thrilled with the conversation we're having with this about the NFL level diesel because you know why it feels like we are having better conversation here on straight up was start about this. Then what they are having in the NFL but his. There is no conversation going on in his. Some resolution has to take place summit being at Smith asked to take place added this or. The whole point was moved to begin with. Write edit and my point I think I think animated austere. Was it's these players everybody who's kneeling they can all get together and and organize what their thought is. There in a much stronger bargaining position there a much stronger position to affect actual change the changed they're looking to make. They can affect that change is they all organized otherwise nobody said you're going into your own in ten different directions and your beer power in your influence. Is divided by ten. It's like what's the use of a megaphone. Instead I rest I don't era one in one direction right. Right now there's no megaphone for the message were all wondering ya all we're hearing is the distortion wondering what the match. We know what it should be we just aren't a 100%. It but my deal is is there has to be cement paint it's been added this. Two way or we move forward because right mail. It seems like it's getting uglier and uglier Jim wants to get in on the protest Jim welcome and hope your having a good afternoon. Wonderful. There's so won't say about this sort of tumbled period one break. A whole way and 68 year low. I've seen a whole other change mullah. When Saturday night here though we took their total breached or penetration. First time a mile lap I would say that to water threatened their more and more white people or more to go of people. And I at this moment and what that mean. Colder mile lap and it was so important. As but he gave a feature that I've ever saw that the market Mala. Solo mode and bury children best you know. We grew over the black people working in our oust put my grandmother had cancer. Tell it to produce most active program. Unless saner everyday. And her children would term in place wouldn't slot. Rest admin and Camille really dispute. But you know there's. I'm like. You know you don't know what they want focus you. I want the whole group of people world. All the bridge protest and debate merchants would occur Elway milk it's it is going to. Whenever you're going you're open up a can of worms were definitely not going to be able to finish off here in have a great week incas we got him stack gym but. EE you know again good to meet and I'm tired of the word protest now wanna see action I want see these guys. Yes that are leading this stuff maybe in a city go work with the S school district go work with the police department here's what's wrong and here's what I see it. Because now it just seems like passion Serbian inflamed vs people are being an informed that I might be completely wrong but let's get rain these opinion rating welcome an olympiad and good afternoon. Until Hillary listen it's Friday. Right there. Look what bothers me out uncle what you dealing. I. Like I was it is Hillary. Brandon and not jail time but people in. And that the wouldn't want it and I'm I'm on that. You know and it bears normally out by now now. You look at the unit and any English at that. For more. Men and a part of that it. It doesn't get they get the opt out if they had done Baltimore but. It. It rained he'd let me I'll say this is some diesel brought to the table is I forgot the need here is the report out the year they won club got in touch with him and made him an offer and he said no that's not good enough so it that point. Dear may have been the invitation back in the league because like diesels said you win in their performed in a one year contract turns into a two year contract now. I can't sit here and look you and I or any other collar in nine go to. That's what happened but the report is out here day he did turn dale one team earlier in the process. And the other part of hit a killer. And it protest violent and worked out up here I'm hot and should not panic mental. You know I grew up there have been have been in the current thirty year thank you got it and did that a couple of weeks yes. And gradually options dinky graduates. An amateur and I've I've built my mind I don't share that. I don't want the great and that'll be that but it mounts are ignorant. On the Atlantic like a dump on it didn't matter and on the enemy like that in my family back and well. That they've got her out. It we we hear worst oil we don't know what freedom and we don't know we don't know much about how much they granite. And that you know pinnacle player I'll look Derek yeah how it avoid salt remembering the million million dollars layups or are you muck that year. My vacation and it worked forty hours. The group rate the IR AF they would like great Fong called that totally different perspective here's a man from Venezuela. That just became a US citizen a couple of weeks ago talking about how proud he has. Damn diesel you've heard mean maintain. I don't like give any anybody anything when it comes to money you earn it in my opinion especially if you're healthy enough to go war. But I would do something along these lines. You graduate from high school you either go on the collar G go on and serve your military or. I realize that's not in play for everybody. Just keep your nose clean toe XML and age we give you an endowment the U must she's too good travel to a couple more countries. I promise she. When you get back. You'll have a whole different respect for this country I don't mean to sound condescending in any way shape or form because I'd get the fact that things are perfect. But sometimes you gotta go look at it from somewhere else to realize. We still got a better than anybody else but guess what they are still some issues that need to be fixed will come back close up shop you can get weighed in with us 844 GS BE SPN. I welcome back in final segment let's send IE we're gonna close up with our former intern Tyler Butler about one I think our collars here in this hour because I personally believe at this point. Didn't the last 54 minutes and 25 seconds or so. We've had some pretty good dialogue when it comes to this situation in now wanna thank our collars. And I found one I think our listeners for listening in Nabih imparted the program because diesel and I don't have the answers. What I'll always have the answer but you know by wants to give me that kind of credit my point being. It's tying for some action that's all I wanna see the pro testing is now started doing inflamed some passions now it's time for some action but. I would also want my former intern who I do not have the permission to punch in the nose anymore. Did tell me if I'm right or wrong welcome in Tyler have to do well. Until well sure tried bit. Man it's been fantastic. Hoped you and your lovely wife everything's going great with him. Jim garner great year that. And tackle out all and end for our. You can only preached a certain measure. But social loan for people shortly and. Oh what he thought it might talented three year child at three year old child hey man don't touch that it's gonna burn you in until they burn themselves they may not ever figure out the warning. Yet and I understand you know the reason behind me. But just like being tortured and it is if you talk to five different players you've got to get five different there. I'm at the point now where. To me to milling. It's not just a fart of a war. It really should be just dropped four. Now what she will lush the next step yeah Bible what do we gotta do to create. Better dialogue between player and Aldridge and really the main reason why did in the in the first place would salute. Police tell. Not quest is in Tyler on that went. Did the league have to handle that from a league stay it Sammy was there are some kind of dialogue on Tuesday when neo certain representatives got called up to try to fix this because. You OK NFL. Solidity date they are making money they're just not making it the rate that they have done they had an infallible business plan. That unfortunately is mean crumbled to its knees right now. I don't know what the answer is but I know this much I would like this at least see he'll go meet with the police departments locally in these 32% he's in C if you can't have some time to type a trickle down effect from mayor. I felt like the players have more than enough resources to make some type of change yeah just what exactly you share or if they feel like. You know as African Americans will not give equal right. Well all you got to millionaires less structured programs to help cluster African American revolution of. I see I am not qualified to make that comment and you know widely you know what. Clap on that won't because sometimes in life if we wanna complain guess what you gotta put your money where your mouth is there a problem fixed dude says. May end I mean next level absolutely Tyler that we could not Avastin in this our anymore 'cause I was nervous about this that you know what. I would also say the one they kind of triggered me you know want to begin ended this hour. Was the fact that Michael Bennett compelled to group compared himself to drag Scott and 1857. These changed a country. Because he was a slave not a fifteen point four million dollar a year player. Yeah I don't know where you do their church. I'm just color not the player it is competent to make a different action which might leave route they have. You can make you change. You are right and you made it change on us we look forward to seeing you here see my for an. Or are. I and listen whether we're right or wrong I don't know but at least we're attempting are right in right now I feel like that's part of where we need to go diesel because I feel like this has been. Some of the most honest good conversation we've ever had on this ship. I'm waiting I'm waiting you know. Best ways to do this goes to go to some of the worst cities go to Detroit go to Chicago. Go to these cities that have just horrendous. Horrendous gun violence. Now AM police brutality kind of pops its head up all over the place I'm not talking my one particular city has really bad police brutality. But you can go to the sources where you can see bad things happening you can see it right there running your eyes going and do something. All right how about this how about getting him with us next week in China bit on that ride along and open up your eyes with what some of these police officers do do because our right. I understand the other side's some of the actions from them is probably been further the fact today let's I'm not justifying violence or racism or anything else but. Also think at some point when you do that job you may better figure out. He sides cannot improve their situation until they both have an understanding of the other side and I think have to agree with everything from inside just understand that he try to get a picture of -- let's find the middle ground on all this and listen here find them and program on this went. Have a great weekend enjoy it a fall is here. Monday will be right back into game week Clemson Georgia Tech 8 PM in Death Valley diesel have a great weekend dollar listeners thank you very much to the collars as well. Have a blessed weekend will do it at 4 PM for more straight up at starch.