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I welcome back in our number two here on this Friday eagle listened does stay in the winner of our. It's cheap fully tell gay packed. For whatever reason the system dropped due if you can give back inning pitcher information to diesel we'd be greatly appreciative so we can give that to herb Tyler is the only way greatly appreciative to what his don't have that sick for a party pack. How long was it diesel beat 64 nuggets by himself. This sixty. Or seconds in does that doesn't call back into our party packed delivered earlier on Friday net like next Friday in and that's what it's more I think where we're following a little Friday he's he is phonies you lighten up those keys right now either knows. Boosters are knocking me I should play you'll make out a path. He's got to admit that doesn't have as these it's forced out producer in the world I was running in minutes to call enterprise and diet that equally tailgate right you brought it up. Why do you guys get on the pour one he had history. I. Over under. Listen I would again and congratulating my sister in law out here and Tucker she's meaning Nigeria to mark. It's a small little wedding family wedding and of course everybody's kind of bring in something for the reception so. Price you've always heard us talk about the one of our Christmas traditions in the art media Sturges family is you know we make the sausage jeeps and cheese balls she. You've had amendment you know we'd like to label our family. Sausage balls with the GQ what car balls you know and done. So of course guess what Teresa less Seabrook and are responsible for Tom Moore the sausage yes. I come your house tonight my point being faced out how many sausage balls do you think actually make it to the church to more because I have this half check. Yeah how many times while you're making a sausage balls you watched the incredible. Saturday Night Live sweaty balls you chief. Paris is do you Los. Sweaty balls is ready winners did 212 of the best all time skids on SNL. It is Friday it is Friday because we're gonna talk about Mike Lee to what he wants to have happen outside of AT&T stadium this week we guys are quickly. What's your opinion on this speeches. It's a touchy subject idea but I do you wanna discuss it because unfortunately I don't think a lot of people wanted to touch since yesterday with a ten foot pole that's why it kind of snuck through. But Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks exit who is on record this week for simply saying it doesn't matter what Roger Goodell or anybody else tells him today he's not staining for the National Anthem. And again that's his right it is an American I get it I'll support does it mean that I have to like it and quite frankly I don't all right. It is but you know what I got to go out there fight for that right for him to do so I would do you know what is at the great part about living in this country. But he he you remember when he made the ad claims he gets a Las Vegas police about. They were targeting him. Less than a year ago in that a 198. Different cell phone videos come out and prove that that what's not the case he was actually lying about the situation. We yesterday he gets on the die is it these Seattle Seahawks. Practice facility. In their media session. Gain. In all honesty I think it's why I'm now done with the NFL for this season in this seasonal ones I will do well Arnold. Well I will do my job to bring the best NFL coverage that I Keyon. While looking at it on my laptop on Sunday nights and Mondays in this in that the other. But yesterday. The comments that he made dismay meego are. This once over for me. In let's just start with what he said quote I just thought gee agent's comments reminded me of the Dred Scott case. You were property Sig you don't have the ability to be a person first. And I think in this generation I think that sends the wrong message to the young kids and young people. All across the world that your employer employer doesn't CU is a human being. They CU is a piece of property in if that's the case and I don't get it I just don't get why. You don't see him as a human being they don't. CIS is human beings first so he goes on to compare himself to Dred Scott. For people that do not know who Dred Scott is this is. This is the dumbest thing that I've ever heard. Man problem. Michael Bennett's making fifteen point four million dollars this year with the Seattle Seahawks. To compare him. Himself yesterday to the slave in 1857. That suited defend federal government. Are right. I'm sorry when you. When you're a multi million dollar athlete making fifteen point four million dollars a year. In you compare yourself to a slave and 1857. That happened to change. A lot of things in this country with that case the message is now loss for me personally. Why because there was never a slave they got paid one bit. On the job if you're paid you're not a slate if you're paid fifteen point four million dollars. You're taking advantage of what is the greatest country on the face of this earth. And in doing so because you're a talented individual obviously is Michael Bennet is on the football field however. I don't care anymore why because once you go. Is he fifteen multi million dollar anything much less actually in you compare yourself to a slate that I get the right to say you don't have a clue what your talking about. Well he thinks he does but he you know but yeah yeah I'd just gym with you on that and also I'm I'm totally against worries. You know his comments yesterday he's gonna continue sit for the National Anthem he says Colin happening needs a job for the NFL to move forward with players and that's not for him to have just a farm in trying to say that. You know the that some team has to pick him up before so and so can happen. Look it's no NFL team wants him in the kind of baggage that college Capra it brings with him now. I mean I've said the other day I still think Green Bay would be crazy at least not to working now. Obviously there is still I don't care where he goes there would be baggage but I don't think they can right now on the. Only a lawsuit collusion like lawsuit against the NFL I don't think you can be employee at the time that you're actually suing somebody but price. Let's be honest. Most professional athletes until their careers are over have no idea what of normal job it's like I mean because they never had a real job before now. Let me also not insult them that being an NFL football player in BA basketball player Major League Baseball player hockey player you name it. That's a job that we don't understand how many hours. Did they put into their crap that being a pro at the leak puts you on a scale. In which none of the rest of us understand it and also when it comes to traveling in the other danger coddled your privileged your baby. It just sued the Euro in the right frame of mind so you can go out there and perform on the court were on the field or on the ice. So again I apologize I've tried to give it enough room but yesterday. A fifteen point four million dollar actually. Compared himself to the guy that broke more or less broke slavery and 1857. In IP that is a complete in total. In Seoul to analogy I as yourself would Dred Scott and what he did in 1857. Actually I'd rather you go look it up and see what he did. For this country. In for his race in I just don't think Michael Bennet has a clue what he's talking about it this point. Well especially when he stranded analogy guys that his situation in the situation of other players in NFL right now was of that of slavery did you look at them look at the dollar signs behind your paycheck every week. Is so far from slavery it's ridiculous. Said nothing in modern day American life. The if you're getting paid for the U should put an analogy was slavery it was the wrong message. In you know what they've got an issue in here's the deal you know one of the sturgeon isms on this show from time to time is. You can't squeeze you can't put the toothpaste back in the two. You know what I think the NFL is get ready to find that out here over the next couple years it's going to take a long term. A long term image make over because a lot of people have now had it now again. So are is everything right in this country know. Is our president sticking his nose in the things and not helping absolutely. But sign me up to consider myself a slave. If I can be paid fifteen point four million dollars this year signed me up for that if I can be paid fifteen point four million dollars. Across the life tying. Of my career. These are probably she. I'm gonna working forty year career mile life and I'll never accumulate fifteen point four million dollars tea now I get the fact be you get radio the replacements commented. Would you just don't know how far five million dollars a season goes when you gotta pay your age of 4% and you know the insurance on all the cars and everything else yeah what was it Rudy Martell. Back in the replacements in that day and age bit I mean I'm sorry sign me up I'd like to find out how to live in this unjust system. A fifteen point four million dollars a year let's go to the fences get Tony's opinion. About Michael Bennett Tony I hope I'm not out alive but it's just the way I felt today. And investor that's true but you have spent a lot of people that I'm not really understand that he would need to have a trans browsing through the ride that. They are trying to let people know. That leading scorer I'm African Americans there to win and we didn't shut in the bag. And no one is really bringing it took a full trucks you doubt about where these men do they expect them all of the American owned them that those contracts are not guaranteed in the ball. Yeah. There's a lot of truth in that however the ownership is put their money up to put themselves in that position debate port now here's a deal you are dead on Tony. About what started this thing. It was because of brutality this in that the other the one thing that is gone too far the protests without getting any action in place I get a widely he has some on one to do it. In yeah you're right and I want personally if I could I personally go out there and fix that because I don't understand what it's like. In all honesty to be a black man in this world why is I'm not okay so it's hard for me to judge but when you should there wanna be a victim in front of the media on fifteen point four million dollars a year. You can also stymied for that as well. Yeah that looked great that you're that you're and that's how much it regularly you know the American on them. But hey the American about its program to you all understand where their dad I know what it might be cool though where file. No reason that I. Did you Gottlieb who may soon they'd gather in the bag. And did you come back in Canada and oh no it's not it's a problem like that it's also an as yet. Chad is in the years to come back if they don't know Pete there is nobody is pretty dead but those words. Patented that you mentioned him in the back channel five to dance. And you go to image rates are good quality. Yeah I assume that Andre and let's give that community leaders involved in in not Michael of the Seattle Seahawks because. To me it was it bears seemed to go oh yeah I've got. Them and they're not really care about that no I didn't say that in don't put words so help with his way I don't. You know I'm not Ritter and I am saying the fifteen point four million dollars a year does not making anybody a modern day slight I'm not I've talked in his message yesterday was wrong I'm not taught in. The protest. I'm talking the individual comparing himself to Dred Scott. He's the you know what I've said some dumb things in my life that I had to own up to it Michael Bennet did the exact same thing yesterday. It. There's a certain everybody. Yeah oaks. How are you gonna come out of the house and eat bill and I and how many you know and that's why are Karl and suddenly you I enjoy it you know Tunisia. But I understand that you noted that you noted there. If Democrats don't burn it to the tribe then nobody else we can do and the paper due gratitude plug in Atlanta today. You can make an excuse or no it yeah no rescue great little memory in it and I don't go away. And all right so appreciate the phone call they're tiny but right Israel and in a normal way your people to people in Texas to sexism is real I didn't think anybody that I'm just saying it is always play you know what racism a load. The sixties in the BP's not that long ago just fifty years or people think that was like some. Arsenic that was just yesterday when you look at historical contest submit that was not the Orioles going. Through the the the in this in these scenes are great going to the hourglass asset that many greens ago and again I give what Tony saying nothing is say he's Denon. But it's. Yesterday's comments just somebody should stop demanding honestly I'm going to be there where I think it should have been stopped or at least he should have been challenged. Was by somebody in the media that was staining bears they got this. Well the biggest takeaways and a lot of people are missing on this is. The original purpose of the protest was to protest police brutality which is exactly what Tony was talking about in this is a long way away surely you can there are there are steps in the middle where you can sort of equate that to. Or you can you can make a six degrees argument between the two but that's not what the original purpose of these protests were four. And it was to protest police brutality so we've gone from police brutality to and our slave labor that's making fifteen million dollars a year. India and his followers a big jump you Jerry Jones and those guys via how much are they make an off on me you know that's one great thing about this business society that we're in. If you pony up and you're the owner guess what you should make more then anybody out there why because you're accepting the risk of paying all these guys multi million dollars a year in right that's how business structure as. If you wanna move to socialism where everybody gets the same amount of money Ottawa hey guess what this country will go to hell on a hand basket in a moment. I don't wanna live in a country where where the them the best and the brightest minds don't get compensated for now I'm not saying that. That owners of football teams and CEOs of companies in and out power for people. Sometimes don't step on a few heads to get there they most certainly do and you know it's almost impossible to get in these high ranking positions. Without stepping on you heads without. Screwing some people over without cutting cutting some corners. However. You know it's a doggy Dogg ruthless kind of world in business since it requires those kind of people to get to the top to do these thing. It's called capitalism and different people have different motivations I've got some friends who just want to inherit their family's money and spend it not do anything and I've got other friends that work eighty hours a week they're workaholics in the truth probably lies in between. Jones talent is is putting the other football team in managing the money and managing. The marketing and anything everywhere there are there's so much to that position of owning a team especially hands own owner hands on owner. Like Jerry Jones is. A guy like that is not gonna go out there and do it for peanuts you know he is going to. Take his talents elsewhere to quote LeBron James he's gonna go to South Beach and do something else with his money he's not gonna go manager Dallas Cowboys in the franchise is gonna fall apart that's why you need those kind of people and that's why they deserve to be compensated for what to do absolutely all right 844 GS PE SP and what we come back three points four rebounds. Okay okay okay. 003. Points four rebounds we'll tell you about that line when we come back. So we know the NBA season is just gotten started here in the last few days it's been a rough beginning and the price shoot the basketball girl boxed us if you. Ever ever called. This much drama in the first three days of an NBA season which I'm talking Gordon he would probably gone for the year. I even though he's already started rehab and after surgery the other day he goes down in the first five minutes of the season. We've seen other guys a loss for the year we saw when the starters for the Milwaukee Bucks studio for a few months. Yeah sure we're call in the first 48 hours a bit of an NBA season seen this type of injury happened at the summit. Puerto players well and Jeremy Lin that scores to Yemen Hayward that woods you know mart one of the marquee free agent signings in. He obviously to a team that they're trying to build their collection of stars to try to win these from LeBron on the cats and so. You know it would and it could go I think. That it was the gravity the gruesome deaths of it that drew seem like it's so much of it there have been some. In the NBA adding it was couple years got him charmer exactly who was he got hurt like he did on day one you know there's. There's other guys city had been hurt early first second game this season and have been now for a long periods of time BC having college divot. Yeah I think it the Heyward thing the what happens in the gruesome this just brought so much to one ones. Yet and I'm right there with you Jeremy Lin. He he apparently was out there on the floor for yeah just apologizing saying it's over it's over when it comes to his career but last night. Three points four rebounds for Alonso ball in his debut for the LA lakers as they fall to the LA clippers by a when he won eighteen a 108 to 92. Score. Three points four rebounds for somebody that went what number two overall in the draft. One game as I know I know but guess what they what they immediately go do after the game they go put a microphone and in his dad's face. Lavar ball who starts taunting Patrick Beverley who just shut his son day on three points and four rebounds. He starts spawning. The opposing player. You know what I feel bad for Alonso volleys and number two pick in the trap and unfortunately he's got to pay the price for some checks in his father's written in those checks continued last night. And that's why Patrick Beverley with physical on monster ball not named dale a couple of times crises you see right here in the lawns and discuss flying. In each is to actually. In sultan. Colin and outside the locker room week as a MF for all of this stuff why. His dad's been out there right and checks and unfortunately the kid's gonna have to pay Alonso actually handled it pretty well afterwards you know worries that we just would basically just got blown out I didn't play well all I care about is winning and so he he was the one actually handled it with a little bit a class better to stand in. This theory Paula when it comes to this so broad out you you know here we are we're guilty of talking about this right mail but you know the unfortunate reality is we kinda giggled. In accorsi has a better chance tonight as she said against Phoenix with some matchups but. This much we saw in the opener last night that lines as nineteen. He's still got some development on the physical side I'm not talking about his game I'm just talking about it and be bigger for night in night and night out 82 games. Guess what in game number one Patrick Beverley showed the blueprint of how you frustrate on that ball he get physical and you knock him dale. Plays a five year veterans and he has been around the league now and you know it in showtime I'm sure the lights and sure there were nerves for Alonso last night. You know button and play in the air in the Staples Center that the building that those two guys share. You'll think Beverly was jacked in jazz. It on me all summer long to get ready to go off against Alonso because of his dad and you know the comments after afterwards at Beverly was. You know be an honest and he said I told the kid looked. You because your dad some things you big guys are gonna come after you and he said. His quote he said. Quote I told after the game did all the riff Raff his dad brings he's going to get a lot of people coming at him he has to be ready for that and I'll let him know that after the game boy what a better way to starting law. I was 94 be guarding him tonight. Welcome his little young ass to the NBA in quote Patrick Beverly and then he also went on to say quote he's a great talent but he's got to go through the tough times but he'll be better for let's do the things he wants to talk about the NBA team command you have to get afternoon. I let them do it shouldn't. I'm taking over a local Q when you know analysts. Thank you very much as a pleasure to meet you. That your months. Tolerated probably ordered if you saw the article in. Coming out and do Sports Illustrated that creep past glories. I can't do listen in the middle football season work in six days a week. I cannot say that I have but I bet I know who Connie Hawkins is and I got the feel in this is get right to be pretty interesting. Story that you get right to. And it was pretty open and it certainly is that it is business without I worded it was certainly an Olympic year old economical basketball. That's pretty phenomenal. In my opinion regardless who you are what you do is. I'll tell you look an eleven year old. Cody was sensation when you're grown blood. What but it seems it's you know. Yeah and you know you're also talking about each year how tall where you're at that time the jumping ability but yet Connie Hawkins went on to have yet just a legendary career basketball in a court are. You led his team is it is it is I think one championship but I have to go Google it doubly there was war. You hate you it warmed. 88 ended championship. And he will debate the other eight period a year area of the problems. But still I thought that was pretty phenomenal. Cast. Did you tell you Jean until you hear what our close up this call with you know I think when I was eleven I pulled a 360. Reverse slam. Are my nerve. Is there in the yeah they are the yeah the idea you know and every. That effort and our adult in normal our bodies being served up. All I know don't gonna let her go look Oreo. What exactly robust digital you know led the hall yep. They thought that was. Forty amendment summer. Absolutely day he was the talented no doubt about it our rights. I tell you what these we need to get out the break we'll come back catalysts and price is in for two more segments we've got to cut him loose because. How low he's got a busy weekend ahead and of course she got air force tonight with your yards and strikes podcasts but I also navy and one of the best games of the weekend we'll talk about that is well coming up. And 844. GSP and dusting Gideon what does skittish your information so we can get it dale and a herb Tyler of chick filet at Clemson. 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Yeah pretty subtle changes things until at site 24 hours ahead I don't but what you were telling us about what we need to go see where I. Some stuff on Saturday night called purgatory. All the sudden crisis marriage have in this memory of walking down through Sander crews on a Saturday or would that Sunday or Saturday night that we ran into. That fetish show and Saturn or else pretty good night after the Lola is the night of the Super Bowl oh yeah we have only got I got back in prices all worried about me because I disappear for thirty minutes and that. Sounds like we can do that would diesel. Have some fun read that some memories of downtown San workers may be. Diesel named the famous movie that took place in saner kernels talented and had he gotten. That would be lost boys. Has that's so cool and I'm glad about it on the show nine times so I would I'd sort of memory loss kicked in about fifteen years ago and it. They have that story the other day or if you saw this week in the news and exactly news not sports news so. It was he what do you like a ten half the city's I don't know how they if I did there is a systematic former ruler will they figured this things out but basically be happy cities in the US the United States. Number one was Boulder, Colorado go figure but number two chain Eckerd. I cannot hide it as they say and ignite his we're walking around and say smokers are smoking weed out in the middle of the street saying thing in Boulder, Colorado is that may have something to do with it who knows all right that. You know I've been a little bit all over the place Alonso ball Lamar balls comet's last night as well Patrick Beverley shut him down but of course is a football weekend price and. Whether he is Nebraska gonna go ahead and make a move here with Mike Riley before all said and done because you know he just doesn't seem to fit Nebraska did site. And they hope that he was gonna be. Oh god. Not frank sole achieved so it's replace that it gives like they are hoping he was can be Tom Osborne 2.0 because. Osborne was real quiet and everything back in the day really Smart man went on to go. Serbian politics. Same thing with Michael late Mike Riley when he came over from Morgan State with this team just doesn't feel like it's working. Indeed yeah we were saying you can't really were Crete Nebraska it's not the day where they can go pick off the IM chipset in New Jersey her go out the Los Angeles the way they did so they may have to look at doing things a little different. And when I think about it I think man would coach can really marked a low I know this would kill you. From the Naval Academy ever look it may be trying to give them run the option it Nebraska who back in the day was kind of famous for running the ball in the power rise in all that kind of stuff good that licked his job a little bit or might you have to get say the route of Mike Leach from Washington State who oh by the way Nebraska it just hired his athletic director from Ozzie. So my point being gay is Mike Riley ease heat at a brat is that'd change that you see coming up. Oh it's inevitable and it's not working is the problem when you see something that doesn't work I'll Butch Jones of Tennessee you've got to make a change in. Bill loose if you if you followed it read about it and talking to people that that. Eighty higher and it Nebraska was one of the most shocking administrative. Hires in terms of athletic directors that. A lot of people that I've heard say that they can remembered last twenty years because nobody saw that would come and build Lucy guy who was pried out of retirement. Once before from his farm that he lived on outside a Pullman. Washington State ride him out of that retirement to take the AD job they hear. Alex quietly Apple's slow experiences. And London Brent grimy even said he said that when he was out they're visiting and doing a story only Chile disaster we're still loose and when the turn catch at him for a few minutes. If I got a lot of different you know where he was he's at he's bright out there in the Lincoln on his interview any style language right and but. Nebraska did not hire an arena display Nebraska did not hire bill moos. To make it because they are going to inevitably bring likely Jalal that's not why it happened but my point. Gaining back in Nebraska is these I think in this day and age key rely on your hired its from the eighty's the ninety's you're gonna have to do things a little bit different great and I think some I like a Mike Leach or some ice that is gonna have to I think there could I think he could to. I think my cleats because people say have heard bill say wall mop my work is likely to fit and likely to zing went to court. Fit anywhere he probably fits better Pullman Washington the spotlight anywhere well what I think Witt but that Lincoln would be a lot like the places he was before in terms of Linkedin compared the love they compared to Pullman and so. I think there would be something to it I think he would attract you know he would get the kind of players that that you need get a quarterback. The question is ending would that be a job he would consider because I think he's gonna have other options. Just want him back closer because did you see what is going on but on behalf of my cleats this weekend outside of that. AT&T Jones AT&T stadium. Or sees me Jones AT&T stadium in Texas Tech or an odd Saturday they are hat holding a rally with a hash tag a coach Leach. Not because they want him to come pay ever play weekly cliff Kingsbury. Mike Leach is maintains that he was fired from Texas Tech muted Craig James is sun and all that that Texas Tech lose him two and a half million dollars. Any says. It's time goes by it just makes him feel worse and worse that ease of that two and a half million dollars said they are literally having a eight Coates is somebody chooses not Mike Leach is gonna be there is holding eight paid coach Leach rally. Outside of Texas Tech stadium this week kidded. Apparently Texas Tech won't budge Michael Lee in my Mike Leach won't budge but that. You know why somehow some way of mark Stoops that work attic Kentucky bring might wanna see Mike Leach back in the day in the Southeastern Conference. This in some people's buttons. I did Kentucky's a place where he could you fit guy in again fit being relative with Ike I'm Mike Leach and he was at Kentucky before but you won't places where you have to kind of be a little bit unorthodox and do things differently outing Kentucky would fully embrace and likely tire. But my point being if you gonna sit out there and you like he says he admits he's I did the longer this goes by the more that just rankles my chain about the two and have me in this video we he's not gonna get and he said yeah he's not go go get a public fight ever. But he said he's willing to get his nose a little bloody when it comes to it don't think it that's not one of his good friends probably from somewhere in Key West is set. Let's go to Lubbock inlets Rasul Cano coach's behalf. So I think that of all the names are being tossed around because it's inevitable the micro is being fired I mean it's just going to happen it's not working. Scott frost the love fest you people think or rural assured that Scott frost release Central Florida to go that Nebraska I don't agree with that I think that. Scott frost is smarter than that because he picks Central Florida because he wanted to go to a place. Of all the opportunities had where there was a chance to recruit any recruit enough fertile recruiting base. You don't have that it Nebraska so I don't think he would go ID he can do better than Nebraska. I do think however. If you wanna look at a guy in some coaches you know they're looking to try to mitigate out of a situation like Alla Bobby Petrino trying to beat him to the punch me. I don't call Kevin someone down at Texas Stadium I'm happy I'm happy at some point me you're gonna go through this again as the last mile situation all over is gonna happen next year regardless of what how Texas sane and finishes this season. I thought Nebraska I call Kevin some because I don't think Kevin someone's an awful coach I would just call and say hey what will take. Absolutely all right let's head out will come back it's price's final segment of the week cut him loose he's got a busy weekend ahead in dad find out what he's looking for in the final hour we'll talk about some of the surprises and disappointments in college football. And a whole lot more. Oh yes a particular manager out in the neck in the Major League Baseball level as well. So price. He looks like you at least it's a better weekend of football some games like number nineteen Michigan at number two Penn State don't forget. For the first time in about a decade we got a pretty good one with that Notre Dame and southern cal I mean literally since the bush bush years. You still have a and I'm telling you. Why seared she's in Miami this weekend just to see if if that was a fluke last Friday night or not so. We got some decent ball games this weekend couple rate match ups and it was something that you see move in Ford ahead this weekend because some she's gonna drop in you know. Just look at the last three years of the college football playoff week about a week as we get closer. A shoe drops every week. Allied I thought one in the prediction G Toby during the break was pretty interest and that was. The you feel like LA she's going go get beat Ole miss this weekend because. I think I can agree with that now know mrs. doesn't have the talent but if they're gonna get out of their minds emotionally this time. It's going to be with with. Oh or strong cumin and haven't made the comments this week about would you. You know how did it feel when you lost your job and Ole miss seeing as well I didn't really bother me that bag is a wished I was somewhere else to begin with so I think that they are going to be ready for Ed were drawn and LSU because he's been somewhat disrespectful. About being a former Ole miss coach in the first place. Yeah I I think Ole miss is going to be fired up for that and you know look I know was Vanderbilt but you've beaten 535735. Last week Coleman sat lost at home this year. In other ON three on the road but they won everything they played itself vaught Hemingway stadium and you know Paterson can sling it around and I somebody does that suggest. How well prepared is endorsed Iran's team going to be a man you'd be you'd been a lot of noise this week a lot of run in the mouth from from the LSU side particularly abortion or on your goal and a you know I hope the guy maybe goes to what's that place he goes to and he's to go to on Friday when he was not forget the chicken on a stick I'm sure hope we got to stick him on state measure ever understood when he pronounce the name of that place I just think notices occasional access has gotten worse and worse on that weak especially is he's now. He's now Ellis he's coach again and they don't wanna run a mouth after that Troy lost two weeks I don't think they run them out of Oxford but I think Ole miss does Pino and turning it turn in a surprising win over LSU because. In LSU is a top 25 team I'm sorry they are not one of the 25 best teams in the country. Going to be interesting. No doubt about anything else she see this weekend because at least here locally South Carolina fans Clemson fans Georgia fans can all take the weekend off. He watched the chaos because CFO like Notre Dame south as southern cal. We are now getting into the phase of the schedule where we have some elimination games coming up in college football and that speaks elimination game the winner advances. Continues to be in that about college football playoff competition are in the putt if you will in the loser is now effectively eliminated and looking forward to a bowl trip and what lies ahead in 2018. Yeah I didn't southern cal the schedule is very favorable taking get past this one now they don't have anymore open dates and you know you've got two games at home laugh including years and in UCLA in the finale. But if they can southern cal can get past this one in the collective pac twelve breaths are being held I think in South Bend. Especially. Southern cal is is definitely still got a shot now Notre Dame wins in the like yeah this is an elimination game. Notre Dame still has a lot left on the table they also have a lot landmines left is they have maybe they have Stanford they have NC state. So they win this game they're certainly not out of the woods but. Nobody I don't think we'll build up put a resonating gather certainly the second half in his of the season there won't be any team in America. They could put it kind of resonate in that kind of profile together that Notre Dame could prompt by did they don't lose again. For the play yet what five of their last sixteen games are against ranked opponents are right approach but the thing is I mean I like southern cal wins are easily close I just think southern cal has a different gear. That they can switch into which is why I think that they win in this hall obviously led about one man. TCU at John CI MB just waited yeah books Giambi one of the announcers from Major League Baseball home. This is Sarah glory I think I wanna stillness and like put it is an about face from PSA. The nail sir is not rooting against your team not bought darling smoltz Anderson Schulman urban dot dot dot. Except me I teacher freaking team. And FS well as they kids got eight IT media if you're loses. God forbid you Riyadh is still losses I've let me G-8 ninety. I'll let fetal played up in this day and age as social media and that is a fantastic suite does guys AT&T. Set me I freaked and featured team unit Colin what it is color what it is a one game on the going to say now McCall much shot now let's tell you that. The ranks of the unbeaten they get smaller South Florida the number sixteen bulls in the fight and Charlie Strong they're gonna go to two lane and lose in New Orleans on Saturday. Tell you what Willie threats is god that Tulane team play and a lot better since moving there from Georgia southern you guys got she liked. Key in the night good check out Willy Francis dollar online as well but. Yeah David Hess a good name Willie for its into lane is a really well coached team he's had success every single place he has been. The ball controlled zone option they Ryan. The way they can hold the ball and keep it away from South Florida to. You know out of purely by says the talk about a well coached team and Willie Fritz and now a two lane. I don't think Charlie Strong in the bulls were very well coached all they're very messy to have a tendency to give the ball the way I just think this has a recipe written for a win four. Four for two length. Another thing is who's kidnap the superdome and get that 30000 seat unseat save my unit does not have so what do it's just indeed had been a two point game in the superdome twelve houses people in their new business plane in that stadium. Are right price have a great week kid of course you've got a lot of yards and strike stuff going on service academy football so check that out as well when we come back diesel and I we're gonna take heed to the football weekend and a whole lot more. In you can get him with a 644 GSP. ESP yen.