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Welcome in upstate. It's a Friday addition of straight up was stirred just a Friday edition diesel I don't know what to do it myself this weekend. And I do pregame show. You have to go to a wedding to more cross sister in law wanna give heard Jerry a lot of credit is we will be watching them and their nuptials tomorrow and then the reception and hopefully diesel the diesel I'll be honest with you hopefully surgeon must see Brooke can get on out there and get home for the second half of the Alabama Tennessee game tomorrow afternoon gotta have goals gotta have goals so. We're gonna take you up till 7 o'clock prices gonna be what the still 6 PM a lot of different things were going to be get into today. Which includes we'll give you the key word away for 59 you can tag said in the seven to 81. In our free cash stash contest you can also at 440. We will have our constant chick filet trivia contest in which you can win a 64 piece nuggets trade. A small cookie tray and a gallon at T think star friend herb Tyler and all the employees at chick filet of Clemson in Seneca so again that will be about 445. And then outside of that what have interview with college football writer for they. At 420 a bunch of different things to get into you today. Which includes college football will take a look at the weekend ahead will take a look at some surprises and disappointments. Here in the app first half of the season also the pain of theirs are the Bayer's this weekend we'll talk to they won't go play in Chicago without. And then now of course a Major League Baseball. Is we now have one member of the World Series in the Los Angeles Dodgers boy were they impressive last night. They win and eliminate the Chicago Cubs eleven to warn. In doubt Clayton Kershaw was nothing short awesome also. Some other news at a Major League Baseball as well also a lot of different things to get into that last night was one of its purest sport for Ian. You're a fan of just sports. Last night yesterday. Probably was the best sports day of the year 81 of my co host or producer or anybody else. Diesel cheered guestimate. Why yesterday he. If you will was the best sports days a year. I'll tell you why. Because all four major sports were in action for the putt for maybe the only time this year. We had NFL we had the raiders winning last night in the NFL we had Major League Baseball with the Dodgers it they seem to the World Series of course day number three. Of the NBA regular season. In the in hockey is well. Hockey is well. There is a possibility there could be a second day of this here coming up. This weekend. But guess what one day they we know love this year they all four major sports were playing at once that's pretty cool on top of the fact that you add some college football any really good game last night. With Mitt does make in the come back in improve and a six and one the number 25 ranked Memphis Tigers. Six and one on the year they get a 4238. Comeback win at Houston. The ad cougars fall to four and three and listen might nor bell that Memphis coach just continues. To move himself up. In the I thought process of the upcoming coaching carousel that I had to think about diesel on this one fund about football last night. May know who sits demean whatsoever. Arkansas stayed home gets a 47. To three win over Louisiana Lafayette he's just three of four on the year. But think about that that's a Louisiana Lafayette team or is they are trying do you they see themselves as the university of Louisiana. That won what three or four consecutive Sunbelt team for Egypt in a row in that all the sudden Arkansas State Rowan over them 47 at three go explain that when it's. Inexplicable. Too good to see Louisiana Lafayette fall off. That far that fast 33 and four on the years not that bad but they weren't competitive last night ideas what 3043 halftime before heard look forward. Georgia southern an app state came in the league which is now what three years ago. Prior to that. Los he had an arkansas' state ran neck conference there was really Lafayette conference and an Arkansas State just kind of came on about five years ago to the last two years at Louisiana was really good. Arkansas State kind of just rose out of nowhere became really really good. They had some good coaches now leave it or not it started with Hugh freeze and in a Gus smells on and I mean there's one more maybe the the guy they ended up the Boise State from that program and now you've got Anderson they came in for North Carolina back in the day is there coordinator. And he looks like he's got that ship righted as well also that was your Thursday night football action. Don't forget tonight coming up on ESPN upstate you can hear burns Gaffney that is a huge high school match up here in the upstate this weekend. And corset 810 denied you have the New York Yankees at the Houston Astros that slew we Severino vs just Denver Lander in a series that the Yankees a lead. Three games to two. But to. Ia college football tonight he's in four games tonight starting at 6 PM new got western Kentucky born two on the year Old Dominion at 6 PM on CBS sports network 7 PM yep Marshall is five to one on the year middle Tennessee three and four that's ESPN to broadcast. At 930 you have air force two and four on the year. At Nevada one in six CBS sports network and finally at 1015 Colorado State five into. At New Mexico three in three that price I bet I know that 930. You'll we watch an air force at Nevada because on your yards and stripes podcasts this week you had Chad Guinea the former air force falcon. Who I believe went on to spend nine years with the Dallas Cowboys and defense event. Yet Chad Henning who played for us cowboys he won the 1987. Outlet trophy but. Yet that that's the game on the be watching tonight's is simply because of that venture but al-Qaeda best game of the night. The best game tonight's the last game of the night. Colorado State might mobile going to take on the low blows in the fight Bob Davies that should be a really good game at 7 PM game Marshall middle Tennessee you -- middle Tennessee win a beat Syracuse earlier this year he just turned around and beat Clemson Doc Holliday he's got Marshall back at five and one. Again this year and of course Rick stocks still the former Clemson quarterback coach. Remains they're middle Tennessee says. Those are my two games but unfortunately this weekend. You know I am giving up football I'm giving up baseball. Anything else until about 4 o'clock 430 tomorrow afternoon because we have one of those family way earnings. In die again I want what's ross' sister on her fiance Jerry. Well cared NG and you know what I'm gonna devote my entire tying to the in laws until. We leave that church tomorrow and then I'm gonna go get into some Alabama Tennessee. With less you've broken down. So you know vote which will see how it goes I'm gonna correct myself on some message yesterday and I felt bad last night. Could you we were talking about the game Alabama Tennessee. In if your Smart take the points. It is Tennessee's gonna cover and I agree with you kind of haphazardly but kind of in just kind of glossing over. Audi is Camille bloodletting. I think Alabama is actually on a mission to actually train wreck people I think this thing is gonna be so bad outing is gonna make the Georgia lost. That Tennessee had a home in Neil being compared this Alabama does. In I was talking to one of my friends in Knoxville last night because. He sent me the link from the Knoxville news sentinel last night has dollars a sophomore goalie at full my high school she's already sixty she's got all the sons DNA Sean actually played two years under ray Mears at the University of Tennessee. In basketball back in the day. Did this the league guys. Ashton Scott and yet the college scholarships and tenth grader just start rolling and she's six foot two she's a sophomore. She putts the ball is a goal keeper somewhere in the neighborhood like 55 yard range. Intercourse the lead on that knocks knees dot com story last night you know was. Was asked him player leads central to an upset and yeah we were talking last night Sean and I were formed you know one of my best friends for a while lived up Knoxville he hit me up 59 to thirteen is his guess in the game. I TC IC may be like neo at worst 38 to ten. Something along those lines and that means you don't cover 36 but trust me. If this is a way it's gonna go in Europe a 100% convince some that Sean feels that way as well up and not so don't see you think I'm not gonna take it come to mark. I just know from experience that for whatever reason. It's a third Saturday in October it's one of those long term rivalries. Between two football programs actually has a name for you know even though they tried to move it to the four Saturday for awhile. If for whatever reason Tennessee plays well in Tuscaloosa. And Alabama Dutton says that's like. I simply think they don't cover the 36 they're gonna win but you know what that's why they college gain in bowling. I just if you're that the infant tent at home again. You haven't scored a touchdown since the first half the UMass. You're going to Tuscaloosa to take on the best defense in the land in the best team in the country beyond question. Number one team in the country now. I just don't see how this thing. I'll be shot that we don't seem to go Barlow up. Come and play the entire second half I'm serious I tell you what if if it happens I'll be texting you tomorrow when I get home with a Moody's of smiley face programs how about that is how many texted you ever gotten for me the league has one of the as a man Jesus I'd say he's never ideas in I'm not saying this for your very benefit I just think this is going to be an absolute blood letting and I think that. I think exit strategies pry Ari plotted for Butch Jones I think he knows he's gone I think they've got a you know basically he's gonna go say it's a resignation I think this thing because you know it's not gonna go on much longer and he wants to coach football again which is why I think he doesn't wanna go down the firing route he simply gonna say you know what it's time I think he's done some good things in Knoxville bit at some point you reach your limit CE reach your limitations of what you can do and I think that's exactly what is happened to Butch Jones but. From what some was telling me last night and again you know former Tennessee happily the decision has been made. It's this new athletic director kind of dot nice crossing the t.s which is you know he admin on the job that long. In this is going to listen. Athletic directors in power five conferences unless you're the key University of Kentucky or Kansas university. Are judged on their football hires is that fair. Oh yeah that's your money maker yeah exactly I mean his debt. KG Kansas Kentucky maybe one or two others don't fall in that realm. But the rest of them especially the University of Tennessee. Your athletic directors history is gonna be judged on your hiring of the football coach in wrote regardless what ever happens whether Butch Jones is still the coach you know come Sunday morning whether it goes another week. I think we deprive all agreed that after southern miss what the because it's southern miss after Alabama right for Tennessee. The ballot box of which AMs vote is attendance at football games and when you see a lot of empty bleachers in. You don't see orange and white Palestinians I think that ballot in that ballot box is gonna be cast so much for after the southern miss game win or lose that will be the old if it does happen on Sunday this weekend. It's going to be interest he no doubt will listen here's the deal where again to come back or gonna talk college football with the lead writer for EP this initiated press when it comes to college football or Ralph for a so. And it will get in this some other thoughts listen I'm gonna get I'm gonna do it I'm sorry Michael Bennet in the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. You proved to me your comments up on the diets proved to me. Why I have no issue watch in the NFL any more than I need to do my job why. Because the people that are leading this protests do not have a clue of what they are doing will get into that as well but coming up next Ralph Russo. On college football lied with the AP. All right welcome back again. College football taking center stage CN FL we're trying to connect or Ralph Russo from a peak but last night me and both. In the biggest blow out that I've seen in Nyack clinching gain that I camera called the Los Angeles Dodgers get an eleven to one win over the Chicago Cubs. Take a mainstay this year is fall caught a classic price Clayton Kershaw was to simply awesome again last night but it was Enrique Hernandez. Three home runs last night. And he did that you're talking about a guy that just recently was the human data the platoon situation if you will. But three home runs Citi if any TV chip series gain much less ATP Gypsies clinching win. Mean that puts you look there in the neighborhood of making manhole. Yo Reggie Jackson mr. October. Some of the people that divide done that highlight in it and listen that list is few and far between it does include labor youth. Yeah it does and it was you know just like you said a dominant performance by the Dodgers in what was you know basically what was expected when they got a big and so. You know. I don't one of the coolest moments of the night last night in addition days in what he did on the field was afterwards in the way Tommy LaSorda was embraced and Italy they just brought him in in include him on a pedestal. You know going back to the World Series are that was really cool I'm surprised it. Tommy LaSorda what to sleep in his seat every time you seem in the stands or somewhere he's yeah he's fallen asleep does get little bit older but he was wide awake last night enjoying every minute of. Was interest steam because that's a dominant performance so far when it comes to Los Angeles Dodgers I mean they are what let me do the man three absent seven and one in the post season. As of right now and EU Kershaw and they pulled him out after what seven innings so he Cheney have to go that far. A in the fact he'll be rating goes this upcoming week when they figure out if they're taking on the Houston masters in the New York Yankees so. Also. I gotta give the rickets family in the cubs at tonic crowd. Is the first about Dayton made the cubs back into one of the premier. Be a premier franchises in all of Major League Baseball. They've upset out of court a little bit with the of the rooftop seats across the street non. Input not be an actual score board and things of that nature but you know what sometimes you gotta get that return on investment but it. Instead of shut the lights in the scoreboard they don't last night. Is the Dodgers were out there celebrate in the Wrigley filled in filled. They put up a big message that says congratulations. Los Angeles Dodgers on advancing to the World Series live Errol how classy was that by age and these then rake it extremely the Chicago Cubs and everything else and a day and age. In which obviously we want to see some more class because nobody wants to see nobody ever wants to see the opponent celebrate on the home filled. The man that I just thought that was a very classy gesture on the on behalf of the Chicago Cubs last night. Yeah it was it you know that you can of you gotta taking your bawling gone home all pissed off and I'm sure a lot of cub fans did but viewed the way it was handled in a classy manner you wish him well and yellow let him have their time to celebrate on the feel I'm curious what the rotation now how that sets out for the Dodgers moving forward because. Whip of the team won the World Series being on Tuesday now. Kids seeded. That they Kershaw is gonna come back to pitch amend. In the Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday forties Rashtchy theoretically can Friday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday. You could do it why not give them that extra dating game number two yeah I would think that he would probably go game to him Darvish goes war and pollen bout would gain three huh. Well what Danny did you got to pitch Yu Darvish and staff it's okay and it appears their riches of those top three arms. He couldn't. But the price this thing you think about though is what if this thing go seven and so you'd like to build a push him see you go 1514. Became too at this but. Our guy gets up. So as you may soon readjusting but tonight at 8:10 PM ist a New York Yankees at Houston is an elimination game the Yankees win all three there. A Yankee Stadium. Luis there is Severino vs Justin Verlander I mean you wouldn't like defeat this at home for the Houston Astros. Verlander is three you know for the masters here in the post season. Would get that winning get the MTA gained seven winner take all but. I don't think there's any guarantees at this point because the Yankees got really hot this past week in their pitch in his come on as well and I I will maintain high and I realize we made. What was the nay what was the change. That we had to stop about six A. Among the way back from Tampa. Worrell are coming home from Alabama clinching game well we're just gonna drive back to South Carolina and we get about an hour and a half up by 75530. In the morning with we can't do that moves at a days in you know what we we paid by the hour I was initiated out of my head in general slap on top of the beds were only in the you know it bit. All right so I stayed at a Holiday Inn express what the motel six and it was his idea easy it is like a really lower level it was about the bottom of the barrel days yet. But. You know giving back to it. I don't know. Aid. Yankees Dodgers is way I think everybody wants a real ice he's since had a heck of a year in you burly and earn some people are on that staffed it. East Coast West Coast old school rivalry from back in the day you know late 1970s. When they got together a couple times in the road. I could actually maybe get into an LA New York Yankee C World Series. If hits LA in Houston it's window dressing for me crisis just that that feels like. All the sudden get Joseph gears dole out and a few others in just have an old National League west broadcasts from back in the day. Yeah as much as I would like to see the Astros because I don't want the Yankees. I would still the same time be brought back to the table to actually watch the World Series if it is the Yankees and the Dodgers that would bring me to the table. Much is a wanna see the Yankees out at a I I would be just more interested to see a Yankee dodger matchup simply because of the sexiness and history the broker in the organization are diesel. You are the world's most decent sports talk producer what should we do here you may. The call going to Ralph on Ellis get Ralph on right now Ralph Russo a as well and Ralph another big weekend in college football. You know let last week Q and turned in to be a lot of fun it what the sexy is a match ups I can't wait to see what we're talking about come this Sunday hope you're doing well. Doing great they're great and off you are and they actually to be one of those big match ups up and beta Michigan. Or Michigan I'd bet that you. All right that is the league deemed the weak yen of course 730 tomorrow night than 93 wolverines at number two Penn State. Listen I. Point if and yet they continue Lou's independent state they continued losing go off highs state I think he's what one and I'd. Is Jim Harbaugh did the miss contains. Our progress is not being made. How well a long way but. I'd buy that question I pick Clinton big coming up a lot and it's a little bunkers were a directory. Of did not bit by bit yup I'd get it I totally get that question because. There's so much hype around our law. Around Michigan and you create a lot of back and also understand the idea look at it but are there like Internet like. What did great our world and you're finishing third fight but we are not even close that they error. One big C yet there. There in Europe read it exceeded expectations to a certain degree the first year. Pretty darn good year last year and within an inch or beating Ohio State. So I think that business about a little bit of that back you no doubt no doubt it big only for this year you don't need to get blue Penn State. They won't be a little bit of a disappointing year. I mean to work buy tickets stepped back here. What was the big scheme that you will see you tomorrow is. She they're gonna be loaded for bear next year. And bugged by doing good today they're recruiting at a really high level we are long long long way away from Michigan. Being running out of patience with Harbaugh I think a college football then what on opiate Michigan and didn't pay your coach is always one division. Hot hot hot but Michigan bad you know that they're in fine shape with our. Ralph this price tag it's Amanda so it's worse so good to get you back on here I know it's you're you're busy man hard to get a hold of listen. AP. Top 25 college football podcast and something you guys talked about you and George Schroeder this just listened to today. You know we obviously have Notre Dame southern cal tomorrow night in south being I hereby agrees it's an elimination game so you brought up an instinct topic. The US George about you you talked about his weld it. Notre Dame's season you think they can go from playing their way into the playoff. To Brian Kelly even talking about keeping his job and you know what they have Notre Dame has left. Talk about that because this thing could go possibly one of two very different directions for the Irish. And that the matter is we probably won't somewhere in the middle but but the actual moving and what part of the schedule. A lot of volatility. You thought about Dermot thanks in sport against teams that are currently ranked that you other teams are ranked Wake Forest in their immediate vote goes into pretty did you. So it did not beyond the realm of possibility to say Butler thing could go like one off. I did played pretty well. And he could just go completely off the rail in the second. Toward the left side of that is. You know they've played pretty well so far. If you go. If you run the table year note indicative of what I mean we can begin. You know come up with all kind of different scenarios with other conferences but I'm telling you right now mirrored in 111 with the schedule that they have left. Sort of get in the play. So the fact that there is such a wide range of possibilities here with Notre Dame makes it really fascinating. Again my guess it probably doesn't land somewhere in the middle. But that there really good cop and really good offensive line. Plane USC team that is really banged up upfront. I think they'll be stressed he effectively I think it's sort of a coin flip game I think the point where it is somewhere around like the reed you know they're they buy real war. But at Notre Dame carved out of this game with a win and all of a sudden now I think there's a lot of like well maybe we really do you need to seek a noted seriously. But if you literally every week sort of a referendum on Brian Kelly so. You immediately turn to next week in cowboy you know. Israeli law is what you'll upright Elliot he's going to be on them and it's going to when they brought Caroline become the outback. I would talk when Ralph Russo the lead Associated Press college football writer follow him on Twitter Ralph. Host of the weekly podcast EP top 25 college football podcast that is. Ralph it. I think we all agreed Notre Dame somehow does not lose again I I think it's impossible to keep them out of the playoff and me with what they have. In the resonated they would have with only one loss even without that thirteenth data point to convert championship game. The other one other when you look can we forecast ahead certainly there's plenty more chaos when it comes to the college football playoff in the landscape. But one thing that I'm looking that it's hard not to start paying attention to what could be the SEC championship game in Atlanta up between an undefeated Alabama team. In an undefeated Georgia we obviously don't think maybe know how good Georgia is quite yet because they play in the division that states. But I have a hard time believe in Ralph that if you have a twelve to know in Alabama and at 120 no George in the SEC championship. The loser as long as they don't get run out of the state of Georgia 483. The looser is gonna have a darn good angle to the college football playoff. Yeah the funny thing about this I've I've been at a little spot on Twitter where it is that. If you play bad scenario. Became east toward getting back to Georgia and balloons are backing but it at twelve and now. Alabama would be game Georgia later good game you know should make a good shell eggs. That the king scored Georgia involves a man Notre Dame at all. Right which is kind of we are asking you ban the BBC beat out out like how good notre day. We've had never been really the case before but I didn't think. That scenario you paint. It's very likely that I don't see where Georgia is gonna get beat I don't you Wear out and get it. Eat right now I did he climbed in losing to Syracuse so those things happen. At all or is still sit there are both a lot out of Georgia addicted tickets don't get it either man change that area they're too. But I'll wake you I think if you look at twelve though verse twelve and well. In yet EC championship game I think the looters got a damn good chance to get in Dallas it always contingent on. Alabama eleven more are there on 11112. No twelve and one. Conference champion and a thirteen no conference champion that we think. We're beyond that I think. I think yet he has a pretty nice chance to get into teams and. As we continue with Ralph Russo follow him on Twitter Ralph. Ralph they eat you mentioned Alabama and I wanna ask you about Tennessee go and into Tuscaloosa this weekend because I lived in Knoxville. All of my buddies out there kind of scratching their head what's going on right now with the in regards to Butch Jones but. If he gets ugly on the third Saturday in October is is but students still coaching again next week because we keep waiting for that boot to drop. Yeah you're a good thing like I don't think. Hard. That being that you would fire him after a game you know you're gonna. I need maybe it just get so ugly. At that point and a big inept inept that it can. I think that's a little game. Your next home game I think gay debt Robert part of me that oh yeah I think it. Is southern miss which is you know how how can you were about eighty MB at this point either gonna stop what game you catch. It's gonna be a little bit of a ghost out. And I think that we're in that boat right I think it. Every every Saturday when you look at it he does and every Sunday where we're looking at the old goat the coach. But my feeling is if you're gonna bake it in the UK change I'm not sure why would they get after Alabama. What could Alabama and that Joseph to Tennessee that was actually work so more embarrassing that what Georgia. All right Ralph but I continued Ralph Russo leed AP college football writer. You know wrap you talked about on the podcast this week I totally agree with you when you look deep disappointment surprises. It's not Florida State the ACC outlook right there up in mobile and it's not because though the obvious why they're not in the playoff discussion are buried in containing for the Atlantic. I'm just curious how does a guy like Bobby Petrino let this whole thing just fall apart so badly where. They're gonna have a hard time being bowl eligible I think they're gonna get there but. Six and six I can't see anything better than seven in five or what they've got left the dissing his fall apart the defense is worse under. Peter Sirmon. You got a generational. Type quarterback and Lamar Jackson. How does this thing really gotten to this point and in with the change in athletic director with Lar Lamar Jackson just being pry when a handful six games away from the NFL. Is this an exit strategy that Bobby Petrino might be starting a plot. I think in the image is being questioned the as far as you know Petrino sponsor it now. Support retreat note do you feel like you're in an uncertain situation you've been in something pretty accurate with Google a different perspective. And we get got a little too excited about it. Don't have a baby that would give little or what sort of OK I'm last year what what. About loophole that we that we are now thinking what they issued wind and I think global we're necessarily gonna beat that great. Company I don't like that on the back to what they've got a lot of things wrong but at the beginning if you didn't. I didn't look out to be seen that start in right and I don't think we'll be right at the end of the and I always wondered what team like I fit in he liked to have Jack and he's great but also in that ought to let them get in the last year. So. But they're adopting local gonna be elected in that dumped there by. Could he did being a bit of a problem for little or that they bought the deep bench of players are going to be really Arctic. The play and that could give the a lot of like OK mark go win the game for a and there are going to be and we did not gonna do it. Shocked that it got away from mobile but I think your second part of let it Bobby Petrino gotten a market. You know I had one thing I've learned about cover college football like EOJ went there it he goes well. Eight. On certain around them that when they start nit but around if there are better at force people opportunity. So I concede the trio possibly into that mix of like hey I wonder what I bought it is what I'm market at work. I looked around because such situation right here and get another night it was you know six months ago. We'll listen Ralph always a pleasure to catch up with idea you're gonna see one of the best scenes in college football this weekend the wide out a Pitt Penn State with Michigan tell our lists usual quickly would to be working on outside Digisette ball game as well. Well yeah we're we're gonna try to get through this weekend in the world into next we get it. Or next week in and look at the mid you at all market he is so now we start bogeys and on word playoff races dollar worth playoff rankings talks. And being blog know by how well maybe a little bit bucket inside baseball if spot. If Penn State does win on Saturday. We're gonna start and begin our really big feature on dodging Franklin and where you can't promise an aquarius now. And I guess the other big decision you got Ralph man is where you gonna spend that first Saturday in November November 4 with so many big games. About him this. Alabama and LSU couldn't play in the alternate plan that we get and the biggest gains could be well. And I was absolutely unbelievable bullets and enjoy the white out dates for cats enough with this here on this Friday afternoon it's always a pleasure Ralph. Bank doesn't bank from the patients are judgment I got the mark on it but thanks a lot. Near the best rap album thank you very much are right when we come back at tell you what. Alex is sometimes on Friday. He got his Omaha rowboat Omaha romo's a diesel. Will we come back we just got a few minutes in we got to catch up on our break schedule why don't we do this. Why don't we give our clumps and chick filet trivia question now when we come back in the old go to break in some might want Stew colander in the break. In Acer. They can be the winners this is straight up with Starr urged. All right guys real quickly because we're a little bit off schedule here on this Friday will come back with open phones for the rest of this show but here is your chick filet. Of Clemson Seneca football trivia question remember if you know the answer call an 844 GS PE SPN. You'll have a 64 piece nuggets trade small cookie tray in a gallon at T wait non Ewing chick filet clumps and herb Tyler will be in touch with you. Just let him know when you wanna come pick it up and guess what he will be waiting on you so next Saturday remember that's an 8 PM kickoff put Georgia Tech. Think about already having a good portion your tailgate taking care of if you can get this question right. When memorial stadium was being built back in the day who was it did once said it wouldn't Heisman price for one of the coaches we being grimmer Sutton said never build more than 101000 behind the YMCA. Did you never draw anymore and that constant. Boy that went on to be not the truce comment ever so they built memorial stadium. When that was being built Frank Howard would head coach what. Item did Clemson football head coach Frank Howard threw into each of the four corners a memorial stadium. As it was being built. Again what item. In question. Did Frank Howard thrown into the concrete buttresses if you will you know and I promise you what a human being we weren't doing many have worked for the mob back man. But what I don't. Did Frank Howard threw into the four corners of memorial stadium. As it was being built if you know that 844 GS PE SPN. When we come back will give you our winner. In also will continue with some football listen Alonso ball last night. That's what I wanna get into when we come back straight up with start to Wear light in studio on this Friday afternoon. I welcome back get on this Friday afternoon diesel we got right in stacked in art cheek Foley trivia contests so here's the deal. This is order we're going and William Dustin Brian in Joey to William if you get the question right you're the winner. In Iowa personally thank Dustin Brian in Joey for listening in because. Here is the here's the question was it William on the. William I hope you have a good day number one thank you for listening in today's show what do you know the items in Clemson football head coach Frank Howard who gave each of the four corners of memorial stadium. As it was being built. What could or deaths are thinking though William I appreciate you get him with this. Was. De force. All right let's go to dusted. Number two in the light dusted. Q can you tell us for this typically at tailgate pack what I ending Clemson football coach Frank Howard threw ending each of the four corners. A memorial stadium as it was being built. What that back you. Yes it wise it was chewing tobacco he while the real news they were pouring those in buckets in through a guy plugin chewing tobacco day on in the air for books that they keep Dustin. I appreciate you listening I appreciate you giving him with this we're gonna put you on hold diesels gonna get your information. You're gonna get a phone call from her of Tyler checked fully Clemson in Seneca about wind you can pick this up. All right appreciate it made. I'm sorry about that Brian and Joey would guess what we'll do this again next week as well in of course we just appreciate you lagged it did in listening. In everything out so well. The other question prices it was kind of coming down to today. Was you know the football players had to get out there and laid aside after everything was done. Me and they suspected it was gonna take maybe the better part of five days something like that. So Frank Howard bribe them with I believe thirty gallons of ice cream and once all that side got laid down and about a day and a half. The players and the coaches sat down with all that ice cream in the middle of the field in the new stadium. In aid ill while now the other story when it comes to a memorial stadium which is now known as Death Valley. When they played their first gain there that day. They were still hang in the gates. Up around the stadiums that theory morning. You'll talk about pushing it right up against the deadline that he did was good to know that has been like that forever but you know he built the stadium usually a member CN. Got sweep it off like the end zone you know trying to get the last remain remaining nails and screws you know the morning all the game it just never fails you go right down to the wire. So again thanks to our listeners forget name with that that typically contest brought to you again by herb Tyler Tripoli Seneca and Clemson and we appreciate them and also remember that 8 PM kickoff against Georgia Tech next week you're thinking about what you're gonna do for your tailgate event. Guess what consider chick filet of Clemson in Seneca and guess what make they'll order they'll have to wait on you that's a pretty simple process. When it's all said and done so again thanks for to herb Tyler chick filet and of course will do it again next week sorry team a little bit later this week than it play end. However you just realize it is since it's an off week for Clemson football as wells the gamecocks as well as Georgia. Getting gas swiped. Sturgis a little slow on it as well but that price rule quickly. A couple of big football games here in the state of South Carolina when it comes to our big two RT so so con upstate. Team's first of all watch out clay injuries in the Furman Paladins red hot born three after that when three. Beginning they have an interesting match up the year at Furman tomorrow. At 1:30 PM. Mercer is playing pretty good football but it's not just as Mercer. It's not just it's so con game is your former quarterback in your former head coach Bobby lamb coming back deferment in. Always interesting when that happens in and of course Wofford just continues to do their thing win games. Rate in the top five that C yes. In of course though those same for I believe tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM there won't it while for the and that's not easy game either for Wofford and in Stanford likes to throw the football around Chris Hatcher. Two really good game tying the best ones in the entire Southern Conference this weekend right here in the upstate yen Monday correct myself very quickly that Wofford same for game up there in Spartanburg interiors are six and a but it is a 130 kick off. It is not a 2 PM kick offs of both Furman and Wofford at home to mark at 130 in the afternoon money tape price. Clay injures were firming continue this roll and they'll find themselves in the playoffs in year number one widely did you throw out the NC state loss CNET to. You had a overtime loss to Wofford in just oh goody line team I think he lost by Phil gold so. They once you if they continue to win their resonates going to be impressive because remember they have now. Breeze that out from sixteen teams to 24 when it comes to that CS plea yeah I mean Furman. I think that dream obviously a little ambitious penalties gonna happen but certainly it's on the table in your won a clay Hendrix but. The problem is the schedule with what Furman had to me you've got to go to western Carolina whose one of the best teams in the league. You've got doubly he stopped same Fergie got to play them. You obviously have a a solid Mercer team had come and in. And then you got the citadel now under the settles struggled early 331 and three in the league but still you know they've got a tough schedule tight.