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Well back get our efforts at price seconds in March Sturgis were lied here's local water give him that follow on Twitter price tag can sit me at Sturgis sports in that course. The world's most decent sport's top producer diesel on the radio and it's we'd like this eight. That you do you follow accurate risk. As I am upset with diesel because that state may be played on the road for my daughter's education and I'm sorry. We have to look at the evidence of what's coming out of that program price because you know what. The North Carolina has devalued that app state degree know who doubt about it with what all's been going on there the last two decades. What she does a school there you gotta make sure to put her in the history of rock and roll class not gonna say. A it's a sham class but it's definitely a fun class. All right so you know what great segue right there it's the do you see what happened on tees the night on jeopardy because. I'm bitten the EU took the winners shirt off he had a big eight at two right here on his right arm. I'm not certain that this is what they said it's happened one other guy play the winner on jeopardy on Tuesday while the way. With one dollar. They technically the the other two guys everybody missed the final jeopardy question do the guys went all. And had no money the one these have like a 1010 dollars less than a thousand in nine dollars stated that will one dollar witty that he that he. It's become backing can be the next day it. Price are you in the bar that night bracket is at stake grad what what jeopardy tonight what tablets to walk away with one dollar. IV aids that that provides via trading places when the Brothers. Do the bat for one dollar be honest with you it but when chipper do you go right everybody it's CPU one round on Jared okay associated Downey man edit out their teacher award to prove that point but I feel pretty good about myself and props here now. All right so here was the jeopardy vital west in the holes there everybody their money ready. It's the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea in the Persian gulf. That again it's the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea in the Persian gulf. So it means it's over you may need. Oh no you know I don't know I remember ever built with a net state grad that 11 dollar on jeopardy. He's like how do you win a dollar you to wager fifty cents to win it to have the dollars are is because daddy or radio the correct answer is. Get OK go no go for itself. The correct Acer is Iran. All right I was not aware of but guess I would guess Iraq that's what the returning TM guest what it is a rocked. The other did that loss. Answered. The guy that won the answer what is. Iraq in yet that thousand dollars left. That 999. The other two Alex and brand that every penny they had one when it's or what his answer bite on the other answer what is the bat. Now what does this much price the baton marks it you know the stored there bet it's like at La. So how the hell that you come up with that bad for that answer again that football he's not tomorrow night it lake. These items and argued would never come right before the ball got there and dropped. Absolutely all right Tennessee planes. Had even the date field first of all I gotta lock of the week for it if I'm wrong. I'm wrong but I'm saying take Tennessee in the 36 points on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. 330 in the afternoon Alia. That's easy money. You go back and look at over the last decade Alabama please they're worse gains in New Hampshire or Tennessee. Causing issues as well Alabama plays or worse gains against Tennessee at Tuscaloosa they back a couple of years ago. When it took eight years committee blocks. In that national team beach season to beat eight Jonathan crop that led Tennessee Volunteers beat with Lane Kiffin is it that are right so. 36 points is absolutely ridiculous on Saturday but what do you think that it's the greens are more concerned about today. The fact it there are 36 point dog Alabama in year number of fighters that back Albert Haynesworth as them all worked up on Twitter right now. It's he put out a tweet earlier today. Or less saying be patient big things commons of Knoxville. Mails coming soon they cute governor as well for. For breathing life back in the big orange country so to Whitner is a the net with speculation and what Albert Haynesworth the former Tennessee volunteer from Clarksville South Carolina what he. He made. With that Jim has under the Cleveland Browns at all. Let me ask a question we all know it's pretty much a lock that that. A bush Jones is not going to be in Knoxville next year let's just say hypothetically it's not gonna happen and this is not gonna happen but let's say hypothetically. Tennessee goes down Alabama and knocks them off do you think Butch Jones is still gone. At the end of the year if they're able to knock off number one Crimson Tide. Pricing first exact zig you know organizations join. Is it there 36 point dog. That is the fourth largest if Alabama were to lose to Tennessee on Saturday that would be the fourth biggest losses an underdog in power by football history. I would compound that it would never show open the stat sheet biscuits is you'll not be some it's remembered by anybody but. Then you've though in the little caveat that it Tennessee s.'s cork off it's a touchdown at ten quarters going back to the first half of the UMass game that they struggled. To survive and I would say it would be the biggest upset in college football history here tells me number four numerically. I would say it would be if Vegas now we all know that Tennessee typically played tell him close I would take. I would take Alabama. In the points in this game. But that's not to say I'd be a little bit nervous in doing so just because simply there impotence on offense and base they it not move the football so. I eat. I don't think they went over Alabama still gonna do it but I don't think there's any chance bloom. Haiti's that Tennessee be how can you looked so what now. But he you've ever beaten Will Muschamp. You hit the 41 did nothing it will absolutely. Or rip it doing it on your home field. It didn't obviously is lost to South Carolina coming out of a five week which you'll just as bad he did the week before in which chronicled by UMass. I don't think there's any way that Tennessee wins this game now I know what you're saying these LA there's a chance that your there is not saying there's no point 00 war. Finally there is either but I mean look. If he did that that we pry up the reset this conversation. It's just we're back when I don't think we need even need to waste the brain cells because at eight and a it's barely there that there's no way of blue Yonder. The Tennessee is going to go to Tuscaloosa. In win I think if they keep this thing at three touchdowns like what your puts Jones you trot out some light championship victory after the game. The price declared as stupid as Rick pitino's sound at last night. Insane at vindicated because I've heard from former players and coaches call me that's about as Dover is put Jones get beat up three touchdowns. Saint after the game on Saturday yet you know that's what felt like when we played close to pick it might not. Well they'll do it. Well here's wanna ask you on the flip side at the x.s. Yeah. That is the huge underdog Alabama in year number five but what are your thoughts about global had a day of the Florida State this weekend. With the seminoles. A freshman quarterback. They're season in disarray with everything they dealt with but Florida State actually of one and half point favorite or removal with the defending Heisman Trophy winner. I think that speaks volumes about the cards losing to Boston College last week. Would say right now that with the situation it will all winter it is in. Mark Jackson. 5 sixteen easily from beginning his NFL career. Say that you know Bobby Petrino isn't tough situation right now I think it will Apple's gonna go down the floors they get beat on Saturday asked I think it's I think this Florida State team. No wallet shall literally. Obviously frees walk on for the year. Italy's out of question it seems like in places team knocked them saint nick played he played some in contention. I think James Blackmon in this town to ports they ought to what I mean table for state may dictate what I'm struck about or state politics right now. It's not so much been struggling on offense in the rate swap. Future all the statements of players they got as much talent on the defensive side of the football is unique team in America. In the back that they hitch rubble. When a six. Stroke not the workforce they have a dominate. The way they they sure haven't they gone out here they played well but they haven't gone out there whom people in the on on the defense side of football when he got Josh sweatsuit on the got. While much water when. How are you not Howard's order state in this bad defensively I say is that relatively but because they just have not been dominate like they should. Along with. Every day. They had basically. Every starter returning net James was coming off an injury. But. I think nick Sabin absolutely. Did Florida State some deem it to a couple of years ago when Kirby Smart took off the steep it's a coordinator at the Georgia job. In that mix a DeWitt art here recruit away from Florida State Florida State is not in the saint defensively since June re pru left. I'm at Florida State you know me sacked Florida State has this year with what everything that would ten starters coming back into sacks they had. Tied for this last with nine on our Emmy interceptions they've got 33. Dead last in the week wears a play making defense at Florida State had come back. To me that's the story or state season is is their defense in not showing up. Well it's going to be interesting no doubt about it that. I think Florida State beats global and now you're gonna have to start Julia there's a lot of things craziness is we're gonna get into it in eight bit. With what's gonna happen with global Rick Pitino out jury she athletic director Al adds up yesterday. It what does that do with Bobby Petrino advocates that he was having a better year watch out it might be a good time to put a lot of local but you know what. The losses are mailed me with the returning. Heisman Trophy winner and Lamar Jackson talking about this season it's gotten away from a complete university. There's one right. There yes that's it got it I'm Bobby Petrino on and I looked at hard but the problem is. How many schools would really hire Bobby the tree I agree now I don't think that there's many I think they're solved that would I think your back in to a quarter. Today is great diseases you know while Tennessee think they think they're going to hit either one of the three Bob Stoops younger Chip Kelly. I'm not saying ended Bobby Petrino is the answer. But their whole life guys you could do worse well not morally but others in terms of football coaches. If you want actually do something a little bit different like you know what Nebraska. You might try to use a little bit different Nebraska might take a look at Carl Johnson or. Kenny knew Lima the low low or something along those lines I don't know we guess what that coaching carousel. Didn't ray. To get fired in Tennessee is Smart in the end when you talk about inaudible coat to me there's only two coaches I would be looked at the though Clark you lead the beat Mike or well as those the won't move the needle on a lot. I think that has had to take a look at the you know papers I'm sorry I got to sit back and not eclipse in this past week did not too early for me is it it's out as lightly as I look I am I'm a massive deal labor's main. But I think it's still too early I think what I've seen a might nor bell when I've seen out of the market today you may be. I've seen it those guys can flat coach about saint papers team but still only in your suit. Going to be interest in speaking of Alabama and that 36 point lion over the Tennessee vols this weekend will we come back Mark Burnett. You can follow him at mark that is an eight RQ underscored Burnett he's the Baylor beat writer for SEC country and we'll talk. Alabama Tennessee in the SEC with mark. When we come back it straight up with starts we're live at smoke global water. Welcome back into the gas light week though it's more bird that you can follow him on Twitter at mark that it may RT you underscore bird at ease with the back Alabama beat writer for the SEC country. Web site Bart welcome men is that. I am so glad they're back at playing the third Saturday in October on the actual third Saturday in October. Yeah you and pretty much every album and it can see an inviting Martin Straka who. Well let's talk about a little bit about this game on Saturday before we move forward and you don't know bit. Unfortunately I ran the capstone wasted a lot of not muddies my payers money back in the day we were back in Tuscaloosa this past weekend it it's Watson played on Friday night. For the Arkansas game. And I thought they ever came out really really focus the course 75 yards on the first play seventy did not than seven minutes into the game. But the one they got notices may be staying focused it nights and it seems to be so that statements really trying to hammer home with this football team. Are you got figures situation where you know it's human nature to you get a big lead it it. In particular well up to get to a degree and that sort of happened without him from the game or not. Thank you see so quickly in coming days or site are almost over even though it had they not only but it basically over. You're in the first quarter for a pat mostly games they've played this year. And I that the player and I'll let let their split up the gap and and they don't want to do everything he came to. Combat that sort of complacency can you understand that you can't do that when you actually get to you at the championship game or the playoffs or. The later in the Olympic a little bit tougher be better opponents. I markets price act to make great to have you back on the show it. You know real quickly before you wanna talk a little bit more but save it in in his weekly rain at this week that he had let. I and you wrote about it and he hit the wire this afternoon a walk on wide receiver arrested dismissed from the Alabama football team what can you tell us about that. We it was a situation where got him in junior they'll walk on received proud I am the acting whether participating in any team activities. Obviously he was he was still attain. Currently yes but that is situationally with the got a walk on. We're gonna come magnate Sheen because he's already sort of you know play out as academics they're here and just an unfortunate situation. Where he could himself and Matt spy. I don't know how to pack Allen meraz you work no getting around it but from the magnet for violence is never good. Now all right you know it's his coach Saban met with the media this week it's Ian obviously it recouped through every single week. You know he's always got to he's always got that message it. You know sometimes he set off by the simplest of questions I think you even said it off oral I think it was a a lot of congratulations. Year but yet this week's weekly rate was you know about human condition in Indian state of survival it. It was really Tenet double dipping back on the rat poison distracts you talk about that statement you know basically his message this week. Mark. Yeah I mean you can't go back we're talking about how bad getting up early in the game. He understands that Alabama could not cheap to be you know most privileged elites in the country. You can't wrestle that you can't rest on just being out and you can't rest on just being counted you have to continue to work harder in week. Because the differences you know welcoming and it seems. I wonder about the owners into Syracuse in the news the other team they put it it is. Looking we're going to be go forward. Bad game going to be certainly you owner cal elect their Super Bowl or national championship and it passed by one of the biggest things that sort of sit Alabama apart from. A lot of the other programs in the country that just don't lose the that would change they've won 72 straight against common opponents and know how to achieve this week. Not because I see you sort of let. Go ahead of us are out. Apparently felt he'd let you know what to be media whether it be people thought that the program. Or I think Alabama and basically call and of course no conclusions and make it play out via. I think he's trying to market and that balance sort of creep up on quarter. Absolutely it's we continue with Mark Burnett follow him on Twitter marked underscore Barnett that to Q instead of the case the beat writer for SEC country for the Alabama Crimson Tide it. Mark you know this but tectonic get the feeling on I you know with price and nice job covering clubs and of course. We've seen Alabama purse in the last two years and TV chip gains but one of the things I took away from this past Saturday was the fact that. College football the SEC and some other people about it by now about some talented freshman wide receivers that class Alabama has on campus that are now beginning. That make plays on the full. All bills. Yet I mean entering low as or kept it off formal protest down. Jerry you need to bear out the player. And also to block a little and that I got the big difference where their ballot that would mean compared being. But the other that I covered that you know they're not afraid to put young guys in the day neat ideas situation where they understand they have a card Allah and he's got the permanent. Partly further along the got act and they're they're cut out there rotate receivers irritate got on defense Mortimer usually do I'm looking whose receivers which typically. I think Al that recognize that hey you definitely lose camp then there are often because both early got the seniors. I'll release a lock to go to NFL I think did you hear such a company got the guy hasn't gotten what experience knowledge it this year. But next period and for the future because those guys are gonna basically start connections. I think it's kind of a two fold situation where you get an expenditure. This year but also from for the future in Indy together produced and that's that's the best thing about it. Yes we continue to Mark Burnett you can follow him on Twitter at mark underscore Burnett that's marked with a cute. Checked him out at SEC country mammal on Twitter at. Mark you've got a story up Tennessee Waltz do you think Alabama will win Saturday. Tell me crazy that the question I'm asked in his Tennessee school war on Saturday. Given that they have not scored an offensive touchdown in ten quarters your phone. Yeah Mansour a situation where we're kind of trying to interact and it takes banquet to lock based look I thought it was kind of funny question and then I proceeded. I saw him as more lighthearted sitting on in the piece that you you records but. Yeah I will be got it back if Tennessee scored a touchdown against Alabama this week and haven't scored one. In the last two pulls you change your name came corder so you competed not a very good football team around the bush Jones the cricket coach. And now in I expect I'll let me get a fairly easy outside. Bookmark nick statement that want you around those players say in that because his message he's been this week every team we've played in the Southeastern Conference has good players that are capable make him plays and you know it game like this it's not about your record in this and that the other I will say this much. Having gone to Alabama having watched this team closely. While Alabama wins its game if I. Actually at the money to go bet on it I've taken Tennessee in the 36 because history suggests for whatever reason Alabama in Iran will pull out a clunker against Tennessee. It Tuscaloosa just look at a few years back with Ayers Toby had a blot you bill gold slightly different. One year Knoxville. Yeah I mean it mr. guys showed it these games. Throughout the entire electorate robbery it but. If you look at the playing games again of Alabama or Tennessee yeah underneath on the knicks then you you can name two games it's finished close close to their fourteen point Celeste. Out to god not. Which has been almost a decade ago. And two daughters thirteen where Al that was coming out a bit like seven or eight straight games a week or they're about week. And yea like next championship and the king was clearly tired will be about it. And can he made a late rally to you know make that thing that will be close they actually work on the field but. That's two out of ten tries I mean they'd be directed to his advantage in blowout bash. It at a bigger situation where he had expanded to talk about. You know everybody and yet he's he has a player and everybody can make plays but I mean yes it's easy to let given lip service but. We are beating SEC opponents 41 about a 150 won the Italian below. 66 is buried. It's kind of followed that this will admit. Yeah hopefully that with the players in with the greens are right real quickly. Europe you. I guess we more or less at your prediction but what's left the head because. You know Alabama's schedule taste a little bit last week it with the outcome of that LSU art LSU Auburn game. Now we're back in the Gus valves on watch and things of that nature but. Yes it's still a lot of work that you put between now and hopefully and appears in Atlanta for the Crimson Tide. Yeah and they looked at director scheduler this week you know it's about leak LSU will be cut on the narrow it ballot but Alabama. Two but those games in Tuscaloosa the lives be at and very close. We'll probably know accuse I bishops he would what type of game plan and or Iraq but together. I'm gonna beat Alabama if it was oil Leone are coming back this is all be you know this is not respect the gut not opt out and got a picture editor and allowed in the comeback from twenty down. And you know basically state. All the road that it is stated that expose it will they leave they are in a Mississippi State Auburn still could be a cut and that they. If they'd all lose to Georgia I'm not sure which Knology we're gonna get in the arm ball because. It's reflecting on our team at the plate or. I don't if but it would be of one lot the achievement and it to teach him at gate but they lose to Georgia. They get the two conference losses and I think they'll be able to comfort they like getting out that they. All right mark broke quickly before we get out of here we have a large Alabama alumni association contingent here in the upstate of South Carolina. You do a podcast. 102 point nine F them Matta Tuscaloosa. With marquee spots in the give our listeners are Alabama listeners a little idea why they should check that out. Alia I mean are they may have marquis to a great job about he talked export Aldo or ball. And not all out I'm athletic but we also you know keep it light look it and then you're you're typical sports stocks or if you wanna comment you'll escape from the regular. Sports Radio you know check this actually the only got every week all new to order yeah you don't object I don't. I want to achieve nod at them on their act in also internet's. We'll listen may appreciate you checking in with this today in joy that weekend here in the upstate there's no clips and there's no South Carolina. In there's no Georgia football. That a lot of guys are gonna be clued in on Tuscaloosa on Saturday. And there. Are Smart they ego appreciated players Mark Burnett again follow him on Twitter marked in the Arctic do you underscore. Burnett he and he is yet in a beat writer for SEC country all right when we come back the lines are open don't forget. In the 6 PM hour we're gonna each you it tell you how you can get on board with us. To raise money for the American cancer society for breast cancer with our friend doctor Gregory Ayers in program did so again. Get up put added challenge in the final hour. As well this is straight up with 34 port GS PE as yet. All right welcome back in don't forget the final hour we're gonna switch things up a little bit we're going to be bringing in doctor Gregory Ayers from fragrant and on and one of our. You know it's been a good week here on the show price either. Either we. Are in trouble. But we've hints around about police officers not once but twice this week it will do that again in the final hours well it. Fortunately. It's for good beings and rates and money it's not like it's right it's been out there. Beat that guy. Again it's a big league at that guy diesel eagle like that it threat. I mean springer firm our sister station and I promise you when we talk Alabama football we're gonna hear from Bobby springer I veto but. Third great thank you thank Macau. Court was going home. We. Were all. Yes. Hold. Our age is I sit here with H shares options are looked all right. And explain this way right. It was my freshman year per semester Alabama in houses sick like I played in the spring play its class was hit initiated says they tell all of us. Yet out details that we take our place strip the gulf supports. Where evident upside dale Margarita party is eighteen year olds die out by the pool. In Gulf Shores, Alabama and all that was one bad apple Apple's wolf applied to one of my fraternity Brothers that drug this respected the local police officer. The award us. It makes that play easily healed if we see yelled attic are sleeping we're gonna arrest you for do you buy so. I'm not exactly sure who is in the writer at the wrong. With that though that it elder the fact that the act all sorts lightest. Allowed us to get dark arts Italy eat ale. That begin way. What we're at. Year when. Or you'll pardon IE 869. One odds that are. It was here we opened up. My first game as he stated Allah we have was the ticket to all kickoff classic would we played in beat Ohio State. While. Read and I aspect you know springer was born ready damn near run go or garlic on pit stop it you're now mayor. And that's bad springer start that we lead our publicly speak to came down there you get the mind going with sanity this. No this was inclusive of all its glory union no bad. I don't buy you got to have side and not a bus about Latvian. Not to be able to fight to. No viruses yesterday's. During the rebound as you know we're used to being detonated it in an instant the wildcats college combat field appeared start trouble that we'll you know. Who would buy it no problem cock. But I you guys and you. You gotta be able to be willing to take the beating in no fit I don't like panes two well I that's about it now that comes with. But anyway let's get cleared play I like appreciate we have a Marko here the other mark you nearly didn't and that the beauty you wanna have your step we cannot reject. You're welcome they did you make sure you get that thank you to price Atkinson. He. I believe that it may and you know he's one of that rat poison the media saying. I really hit it to kids eat you know what I got back Kentucky basketball T shirt there I guess what. And he got him Al Baylor Baylor football T shirt from Baylor fever in Hoover on Friday nights that we are now even with each other. Cool plea yazoo dragged out spring enjoy this until you know let's go drink cold beer maker Goodyear walker appeared it appears that about what we spent thirty you know what I meant. Now all right buddy we get out there that's Tommy's right. Up at him at built entry on the outdoor show on our sister station. Debby yeah Lou art the price real quickly before we go the break. Thursday night football action in college. A little bit that I had gained in the 8 PM game and use that's there already it is Thursday tonight yet lewd out of La Louisiana Lafayette awards they want to be known the university of Louisiana playing at Arkansas State. That's a 730 kickoff on ESP NU. It 8 PM game not a bad contest but it's a little it's a short week. After playing eight maybe the number twenty by admit that you mentioned might nor bell in the Tennessee conversation. They're probably one. They're at Houston major airports first season it's at go to the cougars. They are or into it in your NFL game is an old AFC west battle. It is the Kansas City Chiefs in the Oakland Raiders. It helped me what the hell was wrong with the Oakland Raiders too much talent on that team. The slot into it to the orient the particulates from your car hurt yet. But still at some point other guys got to roll up now there's some speculation why he got hurt. I don't wanna give it to you because the you'd that would be something I'd wanna confirmed in times ever that ousted the there's a certain amount a divisive this in that locker room. As well. I will come back another segment opened take for fourteen ESP ESPN in the 6 PM hour. We're going to be doing that talent and a few other things is. Where breast cancer month and dot burger Gregory Ayers for program devil's gonna join us here. As we are teaming up together to raise money for that mayor can Keats or society remember my wife that's knotty one but now the time breast cancer survivor. Is it listed its top price wants to get out and not be part of this but price. You're gonna share story on my behalf because unfortunately. Sometimes is a husband in this situation you don't know what he went quite frankly. I think you may be witness witness media my worst one day. And I just want you to show that even I can have a human side to me when it comes to this because guess what it's been. He can't happen to you but it's women it's it direct reality. The it can happen to you and that's why we're gonna team but we're gonna have some fun we're gonna make an offer that somebody can bid on. It just does it come around Mary Mary often. It is what is the hot things going on here in the upstate as well. In a course. A whole lot more so they can offer being a part of that is who was switched gears up a little bit. In the 6 PM hour 8414 ESP yes yet. All right welcome back end is we are light here smoke on the water things are getting it right the year in the next hour diesel which is you know what these are here out of our resident. I don't you know your part about me at least those who would still saying if you can't make fun to somebody else's yourself you make. And we are resident in the odds that what are you looking more right now for your night type show on 933 the planet. Something more than it in G-Unit the you can go out there and insert yourself wet. That's borderline idiotic act like a lot of lists and diesel from seven at midnight. On 93 point three the planet crickets you never know when somebody. Might begin please don't match. I don't know what I want and all five days and explain what what could be happening. I should Delores approve it I'm gonna bring in our local stand up comics are on the way out they're funny people are gonna bring in men and they're gonna try to make you laugh or they can make me laugh I get shocked because the little pads on the Tim you're going to be stuck to my butt cheeks. Home made and that Allen added am I haven't had neck surgery. An haven't have you state in unit in the past. Seattle continue to be strong enough to know effect. Note to cost me eight 01 that I had that got lost the dumbest thing I've ever done a couple of years ago we went to Europe. I pack my hinge unit in the in the in my suitcase because a figure that was an automatic stop going through. You know checkpoint you know what's this electrical unit that your bringing and our country. And of course Aer Lingus loses all of our luggage which include Matt and gene. So I promise you that particular one that I got after neck surgery it would it be it was powerful enough to make you stop but I think you're looking for. More of a minor heart attack in about war. A windowless that in dud set. My belt football this weekend diesel. You guys have won at the worst teams in. It is coastal Carolina there won and by. In that thing is is they have now added the beach it's that you will are entering the most rigorous portion of the schedule which include Saturday. At apple lacks in state so you know what are some of the other worst teams in college football right now let me throw 34 Danes now for. Diesel with a terrible records. And I want you to decide. Which is the sport are the worst teams in college football right. Baylor they're fluid six. They do get to game tickets to chances on November 4. So that means eight at eight possible. Win Pomona Charlotte. There when seven. All right Georgia southern. There oh and by eight. They have some bad games coming up or you who's a win seven are ready fired. There head football coach. It it hired Mike Price back is eight interim head coach the one they did not ever coached a single game it Alabama wiley. I can tell you who's not on that list now be Georgia State because they're they're coming on and a big way. But you know of course I'm gonna put stink as my number one worst team because of me that's a program that. That that one account won the conference's two years ago. And they are in the dregs of college football right now Charlotte is the same way Charlotte has no tradition they have no fan support they had nothing. There between city and some of Charlotte in there as well Baylor I think Baylor has some athletes are just. At that as a program this is hurting right now that you army that they are. They are dejected. And got a new coach was thrust into an impossible situation. They got a brand new facility that they can't even pay for because they don't have any attendance. So I can't quite put the men met in that mix because I think. There's some mental factors in there not just physical factors. Lab with you there's one other winless team in college football it's you Manson now they've got a couple weeks off to prepare for their next game. Also in this bottom and if you will. There's one team that just does it belong San Jose State's one and seven Texas State's one in six audiences is wanted by. East Carolina is one in six. In I can you tell you how much I'm looking forward to a one and six east Carolina team taken on like a one in six BYU team. This week it. But my point being you're for the stated north Carolina at east Carolina back in the day. With jet on eight living off the cast offs if you will or the recruits the clips in South Carolina it's state. The eaten yet. If they were good Abby picked about the years like the other court that you're that you're they played against state and in the peach bowl when they were at him one. With the was it Jeff Blake quarterback. How in the world. Did you hit so greedy beat you got rid of a pretty decent coach who had the Lincoln Riley who's now the quarterback. Errors he's now the head coach at Oklahoma just a couple years ago. Get greedy get rid of it in bite yourself one in six that is exactly. What is happening east Carolina football in that is she ain't. Yeah that is the absolute change. That's a program got a little big for the britches aid yeah I fancied themselves better than I than they really are mean it. They just moved into the American athletic conference. They have been consistently beating teams. Like NC state like Virginia Tech North Carolina over the last ten years or so and I think that's where they really focused they focused on. On how they did. Vs the big time programs and they didn't really think about the day to day year in year out. In the American athletic conference and they went out they got greedy and they thought our right we have Ruffin McNeill who's gonna win us. Eight to nine ball games a year we need that guide it's gonna push us up into 1011 ball games a year that he was sort of the Georgia situation. But it just didn't work out for you know I'm for Georgia it seems to have worked out Kirby Smart doing some things down there. But for east Carolina it did not work out at all. I broke quickly your run the other ACC teams is weakening due to its low bullet Florida State 1230 this is it the 1230 Boston college's at Virginia. 330 North Carolina Virginia Tech also at 330 see your keys at the final remaining undefeated team. In the ACC Miami. In innate right kind game at 730 between Wake Forest in Georgia Tech would be Everett of the Southeastern Conference it's a new pick up. You have Idaho at Missouri boy. OK yet you guys struggled a little bit with the items that we won't make too much bottom 330 east Tennessee. At Alabama at 4 PM Bay Area under rated match up Kentucky. At Mississippi State at 750. Yet LSU and Ole miss and at 730. It's all burn at Arkansas remember puts it in South Carolina are both off this week as well as the University of Georgia says that that means you can head out. Affirm it or whopper this weekend apartment will be taking on Mercer at 130 here Paladin stadium in green will remember. Bobby lamb former murmuring quarterback in head coach coming back its head coach of the Mercer mayors also Wofford a sea of bird. Over in Spartanburg at 1:30 PM that they're your six and oh on the year rate in the by. At sea as football's. Go check them out at South Carolina clips and and that doubts in a few others are off all right so here's the deal when we come back. We're gonna be joined by doctor Gregory Ayers were broad grin dental as well as his son. Mastered deputy to add years in the sheriff's office. He's been assigned to the special operations division. This is part of our bill which doctor Ayers and are teaming up with program dental to raise money for a mayor can answer society. I'm gonna make it challenge we're gonna give you an offer. But you also make sure he got the FaceBook page we got a guy with that it is shares office outfit at eight dinners with that beat date to laud. Made you talk about Bob Pollard is here odds straight that was start to come back have some fun with this year from small Oklahoma water.