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Welcome back we're like it's book all the lottery and I guess what. I am surrounded by greatness that mile left did. Absurd in my right as well Tommy beer shake his with thus more repeat GA golfer to me it eaters. As well we're legacy pines golf club I guess what. I played that course we're here to talk about legacy pines in the great job yelled done over there which by the way he's it was still bragging about our trip out there. With the golf boards in the burgers and all that just here recently but. You've got he's got so that the Otellini covered up here. In the next few weeks and it's called the rocket took it took as the former. It formally the rocket took as you'll come back it's the rock golf club and resort. Up here in the mountains and Levy today Tommy from the pictures that I've seen. It's going to be absolute next level on man we've been working extremely our past Bob months. We took it over we all months ago when this were in tirelessly to law. If that place back to its full potential we're excited about November 18 that are opening day it where to get that eight the working tirelessly as the golfer you know and that white became a professional golfer that the give way estimated at work hard you know what I mean but. Adding to every night at first about this is a classic course that. Kind of which sake mail in the Al slaps a little bit maybe it you know what it in the work done on in salt the property the beauty. Everything that goes along with it sit yet. We can make this back that would should've been in the first choice. Anthony exactly it exactly s.'s. As is actually the agent and we had our team become in. I mean if you've never been a pyramid it says it's unbelievable right in the thing is that the mountains up there in. And that unification this place is just. Really really so nice the infrastructure of it's really did it. In you know we just went in there we've put our hearts and souls and and we just really went after five months we see a lot of potential here. And we river river really excited about the eighteenth of November come and where the U members in these mistresses preakness there is really really really well well it. While which you say new greens new ownership knew that it viewed in of course having been out there on the golf course with Tommy no attitude whatsoever because these look do you remember. Out there legacy pines he just kind of he's got entities that it let me hit one in the achievement instructed 330 right on the break in middle. Without a practice swing but it you know count out that he yet it's challenging enough being a professional golfer but. You know Tommy a lot of what your thought process probably uses. Now in this state how do I take this piece of property and make it enjoyable. If it's a different attitude you know that eating at level were trying to find out how to turn a couple golf course to make the scores come dale. You gotta look at this from a completely different thought process from what you were actually player on the tour. Sure absolutely like Anthony said is that it's solid foundation up there at the rock down you know good lay out. You know travel around the world and saint different golf courses and you know I got not a good idea what that now fortunately like that though. You know discourses. It's got a lot of character. The holes are fairly sure it's a short golf course as a whole. But it's a what is beautiful ballroom from start on number one on way through eighteen is beautiful view in each hole is something different and they all have character. So we're talking and Saturday November 18. Again you know it's the first state that you can be able to get out here play that we're gonna have a little less sneak peek if you will. I guess the week before he can go and start booking tee times the yet meet and greet will be pile up to 7 PM. They are on Saturday November 11 so and as. And November 18. Is warmer grand opening in Saturday November 11 is that they can start making tee time OK and referendum on jeered Neiman he's from Nash Nash feel want it would no love him mom he's well known. And he was able to come in and help us out and other great things or play music that night so look. You'll that are able to make tee time that day receive two tickets to come and Eddie in the listening complaints are right so you know for people and let's be honest for some people that maybe don't recognize the name legacy pines for the longest time it was the old he jazz golf course you all taken it over. It it's absolutely. Next level the greens were great yet you've. It AG told me that the aids it's got to start with the good surface to putt on the work backwards from Bayern yelled that that. But what I who lit and it personally licking my chops over. Sit back it with the hood at the rock in nail legacy pines you can join yells golf courses spurs literal little as a hundred bucks on the yes sir our are. Membership fees range between 79 dollars a month. Some believe it is unbelievable it's pretty cheap so lower distraught our main objective is to grow the membership. I ate it up to point to the court to sustain itself but done. And as Vietnam owners to golf courses it here member of the war of the rock for example if your member of the rock for when he topics for dollars you're a member. Lexicon as well there so seeing your feet for example said he top dollar rock for point more dollars your member legacy so hundred dollars totals well. Two million members to golf courses that still lower than. In a member of a golf course there's one golf course she got that right lot of places I hit the neo it's not just about the eighteen holes on the golf course which does. The rockets could have future plans where you can post wedding receptions there that we horseback riding towards. If her people that don't know I'm Mike Shuler now are excited we're trying to figure you know I'm trying to get him back but all right now. Yeah yet knee surgery and got your names and are there right god diesel diesel ticket beta Demi last night doing something like that but I. What a way to get back to it there's waterfalls all over the property it's up there about your Pastor Wright it took as C you know the mountains. It's more than just a golf course that you have out there the rock. Now we we complete it will be at the comic day you know overnight stay I mean now. You know like he says the horse Barack and put that RT to bad to get it back in the you know back some time ago they did have that same. As saying at the end there as far as you could do was little separate but nailed a bit the control. The the wind vineyard and horseback ride and like you say there's meatballs on the property even back that you can't you see our signature pose can be number eight which is the biggest fall on the property that there's. There's seven more balls throughout the throughout the amount of size there that you can joke even you can. You can actually welcome ms. Willis you can you know horseback ride them Mississippi gorgeous piece of property is just unbelievable. When you get inside the middle and upper what it what it offers to death it took two years in new if you love to get into that a hike in our dilemma horseback ride. You would not be disappointed was. As we continue with that Tommy pierce shake anything meanders not it was even worse to the I mean. First Bob always heard. I know but who Welling and you know he's kind of become tiger's golf course architect in he's in the curling my daughters and member of the now better curling club. He said it's a golf course architect you gotta take what mother nature gave you and trying to trick it up a little bit you know it's a lot was the hardest thing did about. Fixing something like this because the opportunity became available with his this needed to be fixed and yell or the right people to do. Right well as the lay out the golf courses they're. The foundation is an air of the holes don't need to you be changed at all but the greens when we vault at the greens were destroyed they were open greens and just let ago. So we came in and put in brand new tiff eagle greens identical to what's it legacy pines. That. For this calm that's the best grass we go with silica brand spanking new greens. From the bunker and now there is everything his position oil they did a great job. A design the golf course initially says hello you know no changes need to be made I had to change couple holes lexicon that. I'll always good to go down there and now on this golf courses Brady played very playable in the we're excited about having people out. But you've got a legacy right it's not just all about. It's hitting golf ball like he did there thirty write him a medal but the number fifteen team but she gave up you are the only stimulant but. Golf facility in the upstate which. The New York palace that's telling a little bit of its playing golf kicking a ball you know you know the whole setup and the whole nine yards. And that can be fun for companies to come out appeared happy a bonding day things of that nature because he you're talking about your on the that was in a car. I'd love to get out there at the foot golf course with that states that are cropping up boss. Just his one day and have some fun so. That's a really cool way to look at things maybe for corporate outing as well in the and I will say this and Mike Shuler is the sponsor might show in the notre. No my I've. Smoke on the water got the best burger in the upstate right we're going to do this thing correctness is related at all right at this second that's where are now out of our I do I doubt that that's called ZY a brother that. We've actually been out there and had lots diesel. Before just got to grab a burger legacy tight set. Even that's how far I was impressed that she thought deal with the little things the kids that. Is absolutely not slow. Well it's a that burger. It's a little work. We order food from US the sand it took us nonviolence to figure out on that I wanted to go with. And we camp at your burgers every morning to just job half down seven else. And the girls have particular way to decode it and they stay consistent with a and the cool thing has room to the same as that burger run well this idea that there were covered up the play here's the deal. These girls out there legacy and I'm sure the media you yet just as good of the Iraq. If you go and order one this is what I heard earlier today happened at McDonald's there I went in order a burger with just catch up to buns ketchup on. You're not gonna get that in they're gonna cook it the way you want it in it's absolutely next level so I mean the you know under bucks two courses one of the mountains one right here here local. He it again you you do perked opera like me. Knowing that you bit out there on gore to play the best courses. You know what works doesn't work in what's been passed on teacher bring in this right here via status. Carolina yeah I appreciate that tell you what man has been fun you know on this play competitive golf a little bit but this last two and a half years tennis anti and I had. Legacy Pons has been a fun ride you know me you people and then Watson membership grew. Work in the golf course and making it better more playable and let's say you know proud of my Gaza where for our staff and the got a good group of people to work with this and now we got a good group that put the rock. Do you look great I haven't seen you at a few months Nicole's mom of course you know working out on the golf course you're going to be in from time to time. It I'm telling you look like Kiki go walk four days or was he speaks six days that are right mail on the PGA tour but. You know here's dill come baggy clothes yet to be yet the way she can get out there this time of the year what they call silly season a little bit. You have but I mean hey you know witness to this job I got with us having to golf courses this full time more. Never ending. Don't work seven days a week. It's all fun it is fun I've surrounded by greatness here I got still at it from game on sports I've got my. Brady cable I had a cells liver intercom here is lovely wife lark who by the way. Help take here a little bit about like when she went through her second bout with breast cancer who will be eight year go on in November 9 I remember seeing her up players we were walking through its flight. What are I'll do it here you have clay deal art set. Talking about being surrounded by greatness overdo it right here can you hang out for a few more minutes absolutely all right here's what we need it did let's go off to break diesel when we come back will up right now some more. About what's going on at the rock as well as the legacy pines and maybe a little bit of what needs to be fixed in golf. As well straight up was starts were lied smoke on the water we're always lied on he has in upstate. Kitty quick update for New York City the Yankees have broken out to eight to do nothing to lead on the Houston Astros they're in the top of the fourth inning with. Well so. Again that's acting number 58. It of course the Yankees came back last night to get a 64 win tighten that up at two games apiece at 9 o'clock that night. Though LA Dodgers are its product but the Chicago Cubs out of their misery and move on to the fall classic beginning next week but we're sit here. Whitney the Anders. In Tommy piercings they have legacy Heinz they have now the rock is the course it that he with a little bit of racing as well will hit it that the moment but. Yes sit here watching you guys go back and forth thing you said your career. You that you're racer back in the day 20141. What was that title he won because though that I was so impressed I want to bring it back up the well as all American series which is across the nation I want it that national title. So that's pretty cool hobby beer shake professional golfer you savient Agassi a mini states one literally. So these guys they're not really the best support group for each other individually Mattel work like crazy is a partnership when it comes to business and golf courses and things of that nature. Let you know Tommy's got a passion for golf and you what Ireland like about Tommy whenever smitten is you know it. How I expressed this at the me and he takes that not just to me he takes that everybody walking through the door. He's they'll make sure today you know the east don't he'd use his. How about him in New Year's and you wish you appreciate it it makes you appreciate. You're there. Income and haven't come with us went around are right let's go the first light steel boss talk some golf and trust me we got to get Jim and I and if you look at the rock together to and that would be that's definitely on my plate at some point. Yes sir I'm more pummeled truck when I get firm. I'm vote on the beard shirts and do the little boy who exploit golf wouldn't say it quite a bit when he is kind of commitment played. That Spartanburg country glued to undo all through their bullets can do little boy is. Remember he had time frame. The appreciated gymnasts appreciate does that count words buddy our member that was good Tom's back at meadowbrook. Tornadoes touching a Columbia Spartanburg current equipment most notebook that employed him some media partners victim of their employees from the they have been very old Rick Fox played my uncle used to play reviewed. Though some of them pit where a tendency to let you know it is still it is still. Yes sir loud loud loud there weren't that yes sir he is. As long as my mom that nobody. Actually went and here's what overseas outlets in the week. Lycra rigor is set to work sick gym where did you play today what was your score. You're employed favorable play and Borger play their Turkey nice. That that link to volatile but insult comic them Arafat. Back some really rough become very important issue ever beat. We did Robby played luck all that played very well that's what precipitated these kids these usually brought it couldn't complete a holy people. That's him you got does that Gordon out they're out teach him and both the house Seth Taylor two good players. If radars and export equipment and our local work surfaces gene up. It. Yes and we're looking around right now comes talked with him and his parents about. Source for college and down he's got some letters in the mail and now. They're kind of going back and forth to and make sure that make the right decisions so it was fun work some of these kids. Oh yeah open but they're both very cute side and cute regret that I hope are extremely addictive. This part but she's cute in a replica of stem Afro while the younger brother. My youngest brother was that lump lamb's home collar vote differently it was Collins can can win here bwic. It would very very bearish they have to tell anybody in North Carolina State's Yasser. Talented family to have no doubt about it. Alarm no remote gum them both to play golf spurt that meet Paige. From the it would build up this swing a golf Clinton tumor or impose complacent cockpit they're this good they would. Well let's by the sit tight let's get up to the rock Jim Vick is I've never played it but I've now seen the photos that they have sent me here the last couple weeks and let me pay you. It looks next level. What is it churches springs. No sir it was called bear valley at one point Tom oh. Ended long time ago it wouldn't let him. But I guarantee one thing but we're gonna bring it yeah its full potential. Tell us that another six. Apparently continued doing a wonderful job mark. Thank you so much. We're working hard on appreciate it got a heavy out sometime against sin I think you have many negative with this the bar and speaking of greatness there's Mike Shuler is well the or smoke on the water says. Is that he's NASA never here with Tommy said the yet not only the got off like bitch in. If you do some work with. With some of the local kid it's much like Randy Jackson the former former golfer do and some with the with the women as well she kind of help. Oldest Brent DT unit David Townsend his daughters a freshman copper Washington & Lee University this year says. You know those are some really cool things well ate Guinea when it comes to you it's not just about golf by undersea you got a pretty strong game yourself. But got a lot of things going on all the time liver Greenville Pickens speedway is well. I Alec at a we got a lot of activity we dumped the year but you know I IIAM I took place over three years ago not really that lot together put it back to where it needs to be. That are upcoming events can be the upstate holiday. Christmas in much that. That you're probably gonna get double the traffic this year that you got it previous years due to what's going on are not going on apparently a bit Rupert mail in desperate reprimands announces their last year it I thought it last year it's Elijah this is there last year but I. Chad Rex not coming back to me they were down into. Insensitive chart they're not coming back which they can the same year opening week is in. In depth but our our Christmas is much lighting is little different than normal line. I mean it takes you pitch when he fab thirty minutes to get through this witness sixteen mean different colors and for one. But yet it to me in boats out there and it's choreographed to music in his dissent on the backstretch and just watch this thing. You know you core core grant to zones and it's parsing it on the racetrack this year we actually completely you know out into the racetrack you will be able to walk. And walk through the lies that your Sydney's all that does not mean you get it dried dirt cheap around the yen a racetrack during Christmas Arian a US. I'm around on a drive over OK. Yeah hypothetical out of the way. He's got the beard so we just got it I get it why it's got a couple of played reindeer aren't strapped to the front of that thing I'd be blown off. At immaculate like that. Authority to steal all the presents daily talking about that. I get back to it the rock golf club legacy pies again you're going to be able to join both these courses for as little as 800 bucks a mutt I go and talent. Take a deep look into that that your your talk about the general public here it is gorgeous golf course don't run you less than forty bucks to go play a memorable rail on the topic Pittsburgh at the golf course just it's it's in everything going on around you as well up. But at 39 dollars is our beat great last week in holidays and through a week Monday through Friday is 32 dollars. And the rates are at pinnacle lakes ponds and it got the golf course we're on the same rates unbelievable so you know. Other thoughts what's next the PG a tour in good shape tiger. Is he ever got to play in unity is that it is tiger no started as some did it's like one. One major title something like that but I see the video of it. I just don't buy it let me ask you so you're the only way out opera and I'm a pro golfer when I'm playing in the week in my office. He you have X amount of swings in your pact is a competitive golfer before mildly just got to maybe hang it up because of recent days you. He hit so many golf balls growing up. Growing up you know it may. I just wonder suit early eaters back is he now there's only X amount of in it he can still go play golf is not going to be that Tiger Woods pebble. My back is her. Last twenty years. Because of the yeah yes if you play golf now been placed on six years oh. A appeared to all that torque and yes it's bad that it let me ask you this is this will crack you up but or let him that she knew it I mean with that we're in the actress though baseball right handed of football left in what drives me nuts make eco bull. I'll like it I'll switch in every other role. Why they're let unique offers because my dad's like needs in the techsters he had back if she was left in the golfer for whatever reason they said if you wanna continue to play the game copycats with two radically right if it. Which means that the shoot the mid eighties we still but it left in the I've heard that story multiple times that it for whatever reason the left side of the body it's just it's worse on the court if you will. It yet you'll see a lot of lefties out there on the golf course. No you don't but when you do see lefties. That they are packed with talent I think lefties have more talent then varieties. When it comes to baseball operating others were. That makes sense on your back goes out you pulling up all your life left handed switcher Monica rise in the that you get in a certain position at impact. But he did one thing I mean exactly position. Yeah advocates with his job always knew when dad was going out of business trip musically it is off sees it the acute city where people enough to bars that are right real quickly and that. Yet the rot it's going to be next level the first data get on it is November 18 you guys will start accepting tee times on Saturday November 11. Yes sir and you can you can contact our general manager are a director of golf operations. Aides say Eric at 8648782030. That's approach outnumber their is reported to him. So he's received and all the phone calls in reference at the times in membership. Willis in the greens new ownership new attitude he beat that plus. Tommy know that you're at these two right there where it should be in the first place you've been made very good she had a bit of Mike Shuler back here. As well and you know what Yuri ignites the diesel the the world's most decent sports talk like diesel these days. Are able let's that we obviously now see what I did was Gulfport. Over the eight probably only what it felt all right her where he wants well one of them out of me. I from the way it looked out there was a tree right away like well and I. Obviously the left or right here I was also there's a tree where there's three and a few other T that's it. This means committee it badly right here. Yes I Obama back and I got lapped that we'll Tommy can attest to their off road capabilities. I think my pro asked that Obama had guys out anymore. Okay is that the reason that car had to be refueling. They live off our a game to a Omar saying yes root it out here now you've missed out that David Green. These are superintendent. On the today why. He's been there. He adds they can see he's up there with this now. He is for sure one this green keepers around the apps that. I'll warn you that means Tommy's bond together this year related jobs out yet in there with them in the day. And today EE EEE. He really does is grant and he settler meal lives with Anthony's nominees. Our diesel I definitely didn't I didn't think I had a credit colleagues view is grass but for completely over trees and that's how I can't at all I think our stars Huntsman you know and I think I don't think I don't know more on grass. That it ended it the man dates on them. Yet he is we're lucky to have me certainly an asset to us and he was at he's dated he jazz and at that location were. I think 22 years now. Point two and one for some like that but tape without him maker to opt out for each day to get a I don't have a he's got a smile and piercing every day I think the people. This much we know you can call 8648782030. John Thomas is the director of operations he loved to speak with you. About the rocket legacy pines and everything else Tommy it's always Alia to unite us out yesterday thank you for all that you do with does with that are common as well it. Look forward to get out there getting you know. Out dollar show and all the pre clear shots from the middle of the fairway I'll show some people what it looks like from the rough as well how about that. A yard and come up up in night prepping them let's. May be able to works out with that they all right let's and always a pleasure. They get together with you when we come back we're gonna close up with some Major League Baseball with our print they'll Levitt from Dayton on sports. Excuse me eight it we're gonna give me an update. Of that cake tester is game as well because it's gonna hurt this Boston Red Sox paean to act that some New York Yankees. Welcome back and we liked it smoke on the water where common on the stretches at the top of the fifth inning. The New York Yankees are holding a do nothing lead on the Houston Astros but there's one now in men on first second or Houston so will he you know they they're. But. We're joined now they'll edit my buddy from game on sports. But he sits high school as well also a sigma in that. They broke quickly before we start talking some baseball yet gets where I was Saturday. Al cyclical now I'm here. David do you see the photo party aisles that vehicle. Have a party in the acting so I might some might might spills on the that's when that all of us old guys like UV you done so by ability to have a party now these houses and nice that you don't want to mess them up all of us were like. It is it's just wrong spending masses until all except. Again. Boston Red Sox means you are that we're used somewhat surprised last night he's on our out having a conversation with somebody. In public he's since daddy board to lead on the keys. I wake up this morning the Yankees came back with four runs to win six deported that series a due to the boy that was a game changer last. For apparently. No doubt absolutely look great and we don't know today mean even tackle. He's making great pitches. Great pitches then their hit the ball hard. So. They may be in stride right now that's Jeff Ralph and all the rest of the game be really excited to hear that that. Asked there's still they were still much to it whenever they picked up for a Lander that was my pick if you remember you once again you that was my pit when the World Series and I hated it it's not that faith in the first round than. But I mean when the Dodgers back now to take care business. Now let me ask you for Major League Baseball. It's the right deal they not deceive the Yankees that's it Easton. Because I look cute he's at the potential but until he's in LA Dodgers match up it's nothing more. That an old National League west contest from backup a matter so I think you'd be great for baseball they saw the Yankees win in the Dodgers when it had a good East Coast West Coast rivalry because I'm sorry. LH six and oh in this post season. Darvish was just lights out last night that six to one win. Chicago may get a win tonight at 9 o'clock LA is it may seem to the fall classic I've. I know it's not over till it's over but I'm willing to go ahead it gets a flat squad in the world C news I agree. I want that degree here and I mean. The Yankees Dodgers and yet but it's not like seven outs you know what was that they play. Who years and wrote a will have a policy garbage every month and play India and this catcher. In he's Thurman months since that that was one if that is absolutely here so Abby says. How was the post season gone along I mean the NBA get started last night a pay no attention to do it but it. I watched more baseball in the last week than I watched all year long I told you would wow here's my issue. The other night that nationals game. A nine inning game with four hours and 37 minutes it finished at 1:30 in the morning. To eat. First call. This is where. You have children. For our 37 minute baseball team needs whereas start seeking it we're my daughters that it's in Spain is in this pretty neat if it's the period snapped chat it up so. Have four hours and 37 minutes barely go play golf on Tommy pierce takes golf course but alas I don't watch eight cheap generic divisional series game. Your hundred right. And baseball knows it has a problem right now I can tell you out and I've been in meetings in New York City. Four times in the last two years. About an about this very same thing and MLB does that they've gotten them beat this game. The other thing is when we come back they're starting to become some rumors yesterday especially article on baseball America that we could see. Number one explains in Major League Baseball number to do an entire re structuring of the game in mid teen. Bill me secondly no nationally so guess what. I want as the which rated baseball wits or by eight in this restructure of the game at Major League Baseball. David march to access it via message it said. Just called build this the and in and it looked at Everton lesson tees that you may want to call David march that's. Adds a column it. I went up by unite the best didn't earn that I've ever had not sorry Kevin Thomas who is now working for intercom and I bet you know Kevin. Sorry David march rates flat out the best most fun and learn that I ever had because. I would not step in the batter's box with but oh well any great guy great game god no hit great game cock all right when we come back we'll talk about Major League Baseball if you got a quick question of when it comes to the baseball playoffs will open up the by the lights as well. Mean that you can get him with bill evidently month's sports take for fourteen ESP he has yet. We've had some fun today and we're finished it up with target Fred they'll edit from game on sports and bill. I saw a report on baseball America yesterday. By the way the Astros did the Yankees got the Astros added in New York continues to lead of the the good enough the man on second base. All right but I saw a report on baseball America yesterday which that our brand mutual friend David mark debates with the baseball America baseball America all mayor in. It is pitching career when he was SEC pitcher of the year at South Carolina but it mid June. Possible realignment beats me tuned in two inches coming to Major League Baseball. Of course the yet to be cities that they mentioned berg smear it's you were Montreal. Which apparently Major League Baseball it's willing to go make an investment with Montreal as sports. Stadium. They year I don't get why Major League Baseball need to do that but I guess they want a second team back in Canada the other was Portland the city of Portland. Is it me too but what caught my attention. Was the reason for adding a baseball they had you know he became geographical alignment but there was no mayor acutely known nationally just four divisions they're gonna cut the schedule deal to a hundred it before gains from a 162. That way everybody believes the scene equal deal. In I went well how. The one thing I noticed is that you get rid of the division TO mayor acutely nationally that means your drop in the designated hitter in the game appease public is the old nationally teams. Will never give with the DH rule. Haven't. It. The baseball management proposed not lately baseball eyes when they sit they listen sultanate caught on to it it may be coming down at Ellen you like you were saying it. I think baseball realizes they have a little bit of an issue right now in some bias some more eyeballs would be happy with the Yankees in the Mets in the city and division it. Well you know that the average gain this year even they tried to short. With three hours. Moreover. The TV audiences still strong it is to get their numbers that apartment now. This date. What date this would also Lou eat you actually oh my god everybody in the same area of the country that's about travel expenses. I'd help out with more regional TP you do it in that kind of stuff but at the start looking something. Because it is while the traditional numbers are up again going back to eight currencies gained nine innings last week for hours and 37 minutes long. One that are there in minutes. Do you realize that could almost play eighteen holes I'll probably in thirteen minutes. Outlook public via outlook game a lot of sport a level. A lot of water went about it. What's worse in my opinion is that not only take so long to raise rates that is. Think that the gains but. Yet that the that part of it are currently in. Safety net it's do in the batting glove every taxi I ever wants says once you step in that box you're not stepping back out you're not adjusting your clubs out here. Out of baseball is the most tradition filled game out there. But haven't messed with everything between pitches needs to be outdated let me give one get one hole with a cup shifted around in the go back. That's a whale look at doubt you know that they experiment I'm here with. Extra inning and Texas tiebreaker at one run in but that allotment now. So. I don't the only thing about make it you know it kind of changes short in the game. All those lines that's sort gains in terms of time but let fewer games. You know law ballparks that history and appearing as the one thing. Is true based on it its lot there with all love art and irrational or yes yes and you know it is right now every everyone's got to after about bonds McGwire and even bribery if you think they they did in. I don't know it's just. What eighteen in the steer or yours. It's still it was all drug that makes it. Baseball to hit yourself they were complicit. Because they needed to gain back because so many people were saying that you're the Nazis in the strike he gets what. The NFL's finding out that they are victimizing themselves from with this right now I don't know if you heard that. 200 million dollars the fourth of death at a loss the net gonna go up. That's what there have been these emergency meeting in New York go at it but you're killing your own an employer and in the eighth. It's all that's happening couple weeks. Eight start this stunt artist if they start it yet it if they start the protested kneeling and all I can promise she skirt will not watching it be this year. Absolutely. Knew where have you paid to it and by the way at the last time the doctors were World Series with the current problem. I just realized. One of the best moments in baseball at creek follow well I call that at all but rather well today about one. Melissa Mahan thanks for coming dale here on sports go to you got the FaceBook page anything else that you need there it's all there you've got part of it you can help with uniforms also eager to at some OT. You're working with Alex Edmondson to there's multiple reasons to go check out they'll let it in eight months sports it. As always of pleasure to have my former sick but I'd buddy differ scope we're still sigma ice does it matter but guess what will be back here or smoke on the water port plot. Have a blessed evening will do it yet.