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Are all right welcome back and we relied here it's on the lottery it's RS the Sumner pickup segment but it's former app state player opposites of light and do wisdom also went on the plate for the LA expressed. In the US that now it's a linebacker and again we talked about that a few weeks ago what did you information go from offensive lineman in college that linebacker at the pro. Level joke but welcome back yen is you know what happened a little black and gold Wednesday here on straight that was stirred you got your state. Baseball cap on diesel always is wearing his inner. Spent some quality time with your head coach earlier today that will play back your top thirty by. So welcoming and again that you do wiring yeah thanks for. Well the bill as is I don't want and be more you what my butt when it comes to picks week in week out now as Iowa into right now you urges absolutely you know. I'd rather I'd rather hit on the video poker machine about that went so. But yet you're red hot suit people are out they're listening in and yeah you've got. Yeah you get it it's to go plaguing this week in Abu listen to joke go opposite has stirred to guess what it's bizarre. You may have a good week and so. Way to get our buddy ST Sumner with the state do you buy dot com the sponsors the segment will tell you a little more about him at the end of the segment had to get in touch with them. If that need arises but Joseph like he's set to hit it to the last few weeks and some thick so. Have a little noticed it wasn't like all upper crust ACC a SEC games this weekend there was a I would really look at that point spreads this week did what was it close to it even point spread that I felt like that game might be able to go in either direction. You know George to Mecca Ott took. I took those guys and you knew they had to they had the points put him there and but I took him to win that. That was the only that was only short on nine but also stirs this week's car it is. Gruesome. Supportive of the games rather than it was hard. That nine games to go in the thick they yoke is listed. It was like OK which teams do you wanna pick the upset on the seventeen point spreads in all this stuff now. It doesn't look like that beautiful weekend however we saw this past weekend. Earned chaos when all was said and done you know editing and so now. You know clubs is now playing they're trying to play catch up in get there way back and let. What are the surprise teams for me this year pulled out a poll may be the upset of the year if not Syracuse is upset a corpse and on Friday night Metz I was state cyclones and are really like this exit hit Matt Campbell there at coached. They came in from the Mac but they're hit the road this week. Texas Tech. In the you know there's a program that we thought cooking spray might be it's shown the door they. They've gotten much better this year this is actually an unheralded match up if you really look between the lines. It's. You know cellular and watch and our state like everybody else's in Oklahoma victory. In the first question not go without status. Are you cyclones and if you are what's with the do in the chicken suit yet was outlines a mean. Are you birds are you cyclone its axle hop thing. Semi did it. Here bold job in designing a twister with the head on it did they nine so if you're confused now I think you're really going to be confused. When the Aggies get through with. Says nothing Vegas has given the cyclone six and a half points. They're going needed every one of them. Texas Tech will Revere from last year they got July it to six points about these wars. I'm won't take hearings. Our rights to you're going at Texas Tech you know what it's a home game clippings Mary let. 800 yards off that's the case is not this weekend he reviews the oppressors. You please straight. That 56 point loss last year looked bad taste and is now. They're going to be jacked. Is the home the look outside. The worst part about it got to go play that game and love you know what's the best thing about Lubbock Texas. Probably the brits the roads lead now out of it because I have one of my good friends fervently in what the school their two years she's like I couldn't justify their stay in their TU Boortz says. She's going to actually said you know it's the best part of Lubbock Texas the routes that lead that failed so I taught you well as to how big of a brisket. And you know. I the ACC game on our schedule this week is that little hole. Florida State L global. They'd lose 4542. At Boston College this past week in Florida State. You know just two working in the freshman quarterback. Eddie we're now if he were to water. He's with the Minnesota Vikings a Mark Jackson you're the defending Heisman Trophy winner he still put up a lot of profits but this team locals football team looks like this he handled within their athletic program with the basketball deal. It's now at them as well. Now we'll all listen you know I mean. We just losers here in and I got a quote greatly Tom Petty on this one. You know even the losers get lucky sometimes and he's got really got lucky but get not only ESPN. Businesses adult game. Coming forest based on the practice it for next year opting Lamar Jackson. Is just like in about draft day. In. And I think Vegas these that is well given up seven points. I think Lou goes back to them. Enforcement. Here you know attitude. Who says. I report states home if you keep it you know. The pits that allows 45 points the Boston College had trouble scoring for three years and for a program and their quarter Rex better this year. I'm sure you're going on the road win in Allah as sound and a vacuum that. Where I go to Florida State as well now the I'm sorry the best game if you will of the SEC according to CBS's Alabama Tennessee that's their 3030 match up on Saturday ansari were up making gains that at 34 and a half point favorite for the currency in tights who were gonna go back sixty miles to the west of there to start they'll Mississippi is that. The bulldogs Mississippi State they get a win over BYU this past weekend. People forget Kentucky Kentucky's quietly put a good person after the season together they're five and one. It think about this joke they can get a win at Mississippi State did make at Tennessee coming out we don't know who may be taken to Tennessee. In Vanderbilt could you imagine eight Georgia Kentucky match up the new members that they're both the either nine wonder undefeated. I'm thinking about that. And you know this game we start feel Mississippi may come almost a home with the legendary junior rocks the near the dog's gonna which they had. Jerry to suit up this week is they really don't have a passing game. But they can't run and they got a beast Fister then and I mean he'll review like an old pair khakis. But you know look at UK I mean they cases given him eleven points. They beat South Carolina Columbia the loss to Florida about one. Everybody's load notes on Gaza. Question is can you paste the little dolls and they stop mr. Earl. Obviously Vegas doesn't think they can't. You know Mississippi State's bigger more physical look for line. But you know UK status they're not far off and they can't pass the ball. You might think I'm crazy that conflict in the loft cares on this yet. Eleven. It's two. I really do wanna pick Kentucky price. My co host. Unfortunately. Star bill India typical place to play. And all in one of the more underrated coaches and in the Southeastern Conference only advocates a close game there's no way Mississippi State's covering that line. But they may pull it out at home but we'll see I would not be surprised. If Kentucky wins as a matter back and pulling for them. And he says all right the the top twenty by you better. Most under rated game at the top 20 by his Central Florida it may be on Saturday now listen one of the things that love this week. It's tough to get prepared for that midshipman office you know what I mean they'd be just run things differently. With that option and guess who's sitting it's the the scout team quarterback for Central Florida on the back it's built this week there at that Scott frost. Former Nebraska quarterback at the ease and at Elba the whole nine yards. Take analytics public to look witted bit immediately get on your head coach back in the day on the practice built. That would been very fun depending on the day in the time it hit it and but I'll I'll say you know the story that. We did have a little contest winner coaches particularly the most of the time after Kraft. Of the game for Oregon's second after golf. It used to you'll ruffles on us. So Yang and sue it will see -- that deep this may be worn out comes Saturday just get some shots at quarterback overly excuse me there had to go to the practice bill but. Listen baby. I really gate bit busy run port I thought that this is speed it'd be in the departs this past weekend. The thing about it. I'll go I think Central Florida looks like the better team I just I don't think in doing mop the Lola. Is a is gonna lose back to back so what I'm going Nady and they're just in the fact that I've been on the and he it was before. And sometimes you just hear when you show up there in Annapolis is what all's going on so. I just I'll take neediest and. This is stirred you and Arnold really separating their eyes are on today nothing in this game solo electric gods a woman. Model playing Nate he's got enough ammunition. To kill this preacher. This is a big matchup between two winner programs. You see a spot in they think rushing people. They beat Memphis to there's corn 51 points to gain. Their defense is class that includes quick. You know navy's they'll be challenged cranked up their running game they have. Hope they UCF school milk the Jumbotron and Annapolis. And roll over navy will say you see of wins big and covers. I would not be surprised that there's some in my you know I went to actor got Alabama finished with the school and further my education called fools well. Which the opposite joke. Most people got a good ten year program it may sound of four year program. I went to the University of Alabama sake go back to the new year program which is more or less a great school at night what's a full self. I mean now it's hope where your school like nine different degree programs in all this stuff. And there are a couple of my friends down in the Orlando area that are Central Florida may answer Hannity and Scott frost is maybe in that mix for the upcoming Nebraska job it's not even open at this point but that. Yet they'd like to have them around as they forget they were river real quickly what it was like he can win this a couple of years ago so. Scott Ross doing a heck of a job are right the premier gaming college football if you ask me this weekend. It hurts me to say it's southern cal Notre Dame on Saturday night peak about this this is the biggest match up for these two programs distort programs. Since the Reggie Bush bush bush gain. Back in the day with Matt liner in all of these guys. I don't know where together because that don't fully believe in southern at this point I think they're kind of banged up there's still little short on numbers common become an opera probation. But I don't by Brian Kelly either is. So man I've waffled over this election all week I'll let you go first is army primer on offered your picked up. They so no doubt I mean this is a classic. An all time classic. And it's a pivotal game for no Saturday. This has playoff implications. Are really believe the loser of this game will not yet. Picked its elimination is an elimination game so. So they Cal's offensive line is banged. Notre Dame's quarterback when bush has got a bad we'll. I just think both scenes ago load the box. It'll put seven in the box. They don't show it to run down there don't make edge or and they don't turn into a pass and shoot there. And I think notre Dame's lone win that shootout the big winner confident. I'm taken other thing and I'll think they'll cover the four points and got. Yet it. I if I ever question here on the side of the home team you know it's so much more difficult to go on the road with all that however. I've also noticed with some of these programs maybe it's easier to push out the distractions when you're on the road as well yet. Still thinking some does that look entirely right with southern Al right mail. Notre Dame's better not thought they'd be so out go with whom he as well all right Joey anything else that you see in college football this week it. That diesel or being you're Ryan ever hear me editors spoke on the water eating by needs to be paying attention to. Game of the way baby Eric wall for tears in the sand purple zone yet the terriers are only their undefeated. Thing doctors won't win this week it'll lock koppers. Eagles' locker playoffs line. Co chairs way to great job. Don't be a great game between two great football programs they will be going will that the carriers for seven and oh on the season their rate. In the top five but don't look now right up points that highway. Boy clay and dirt as the Furman Paladins completely burned around halfway through the year remember in overtime loss the Wofford in the opener. That they hit the road for what in C state you know which. That's their play off game if you will. In that I think they fell about water due to eagle on who's actually pretty good this year. Now firming gore for their fifth consecutive win this weekend against the Mercer Mayer's. Which it is it the southern comfort level kind of an interesting matchup because that's Bobby Gilliam the former furthering quarterback in fervent head coach coming back. Agreeable is at go to the Mercer Mayer's let's is a lot of fun to see RT southern comfort schools here in the upstate playing such good football right. Male no doubt and Bobby up play against Bobby these great guys great competitor that hole. Team he was on one many said the cops champ cheers in Stanford ginnies given ward. All those guys were great. Bob has done a great job Mercer think firms or take your business. But I really think pictures and an hour give caution to the game cost visitors a role in Columbia thing last game this season or. That was the last next to the last game. They readied because Ayers has got a golf they gestured transfers in there they're running that triple option better in their past and not a better than they ever. Last week they had over 250 yard pass and which is unheard of for wall for so I'm there I'm proud tears I'm for a. All right so maybe you can hang out for another segment because it 35 by 37 we're gonna play back an interview. That diesel and I did with. At stake head that Scott Satterfield earlier today but we need to get out to break ate four pork GS PE SPN you can get him with dust got a question for Joseph over here. Give us a call let us know and against Scott Satterfield at 537. Don't forget hobby piercing the former PGA golfer. Hey here are location at 6 o'clock in the and also fill Levitt from game on sports at 630. Welcome back can't sit here talk and some college football with our friend Joseph wins and he is wit mentor with the ringgold school system meant. Also a former app state mountaineer played out that's a blinding college played linebacker at the professional level I mean. Sometimes when I think about that back to it it's like what are the all time great movies The Blues Brothers when they go in there again. Well what you in the country. Mark what kind of music you alive and here we at God's country western yet how did he go through that that's the end of both the dual sport happily right mayor you will alternate saliva and at the collegiate level linebacker at the professional. Yes some and it's not a common particularly. You know if you look at apple actions today. The office of comments. Us that the Tom lawless place that would would transition easily to the middle linebacker position. And you know I dropped a lot of weight when dollar steps face I was when I was with bill express I was at 250. 250 pounds and yes good playing away for a professional. Middle on back. And of course the defense of skis are so much differently and now it's two totally different you know this is more was spread tight defense. And you know speed and just more big deal back then it was. Big guys in the middle because a lot of damage. You know calls a lot of yeah disruption. Almost like put in an office of car. Or race in her that good news was the off the ball. In just say look this is your territory. With an a plus or minus five yards of where your anything comes through here you destroy it. Well it today you know made me interest in transition but it's best he's speaking of transitions this year. The Heisman Trophy race I mean where would you go with this it we here at the midway point of the year because I I am of the belief. Are right about that opinion may be. I don't want to see a quarterback when it again this year what is a Heisman Trophy turned into. The best player in college football which is supposed to beat her the best quarterback in a power five conference because that's what it seems to do become. Right now I'd be delivered the two running backs Kwan Barkley. From Penn State. Or price love from Stanford because Bryce love interestingly enough played with Dexter lords. Club since the offensive linemen up outside Raleigh Wake Forest North Carolina. It a lot of people over here don't really know that a bit. The cats got him point three yards per rush after seven games check out the stats for price love the running back it's deeper. He's run a 135. Times for 1387. Yards and eleven putts failed and that includes eight. He runs of thirty year more York's. Yes I mean he's definitely got impressive statistics. Problem he has his own team is not really dominating and winning so that's an uphill battle. The young man for Penn State I mean now washed his. Is still on ESPN great story. If he likes Michigan up is if the ice Michigan. Micky Rosa ball for a hundred plus yards is Mitch can I mean that's going to be hard to the as far as the other positions remain. I think there's been I think Jake Long one the house in one year maybe was in the closed running. You know with the office of lawman they have the they have they Allen trophy winner I mean in in and there's other trophies out there. For further positions. The hostages seems to be two. You know the receivers and quarterbacks the running backs the hop profile positions. On the team. And then you know so this just. Dusters were the statistics are and that's where the where the judge's comment but you do see you do see that this players when it you know they're more. Al Wilson. Come back now granted he was playing it both ways but let me know which one would you vote for. Late in the name out these these stats at running back. You know grow our group play are hurt or her. Person say has the stats 110 years for 649. Yards and six touchdowns also has. 29 catches for 39095. Yards into that steel player but he. Has 102 theories for 700 in 75 yards and five touchdowns. Do not really know who what is catching stats are. Receiving stats are but player a year player. Who they played in music right now that commitment is that when those numbers out there they're barely. You know dust dust really tough I mean. You know are you talking about player race opponent or a year or at the end of the season right now you know right now I Kia you know these young man you get thrown out. All if you're thrown down a good hip pointer. You get a high ankle sprain I mean you these are injuries that people don't really they're they're not catastrophic. But yet they're hard to play the game. You try to play football the corner. Or high ankles ranked in these happen all Thompson's act who definitely changed her whole season. And they happen all the Thompson. That if we took this snapshot right now. I mean I still have to. We use with the young man from the days. I just think what is in competition he's played. In again. He lights it we can. Michigan here's its next three ball games but real quickly player he was one Barkley and stick to 100 yards rushing gains on the year. Player bewitched JK dobbins the freshman running back in Ohio State whose actual rushing numbers are better than it's 81 but. One of the things that Tiki it is there you got heat do you defenders on sick once and somebody else's who going to be running open. And that makes a big big difference there but. Here's what Barkley has come and up the next three games because I think that he might conceal the deal with three impressive ball games coming up. Michigan home in the big white out game this weekend. At Ohio State next weekend. If there at Michigan State following that if they get through this stretch the or you know with three games he made just go ahead do a lot on that ice mantra. Yes it is going to be living in the world pulls. You know if you're run him back and you're gonna do fifty carries a game. Your look and admission you know is today. And those guys. I mean you realize the banging your body is gonna say even goes through that golf. So it even goes through that with. With any success and I'm talking about positive series maybe a couple of touchdowns may be his a slant pastor an easy out some. I mean. That is a tremendous. Tremendous. Reflection of his effort his ability his commitment and he's very committed young man from rock itself. He doesn't play around the weight room he doesn't play around about his fitness is director believes in what he as. But I'm Tony you wanna talk about a college. You go through those three teams in the period the raw fifty times a game. The today when you wake up all Sunday morning you'll know about it in the first place you've gone is to try and ruin. Well it's going to be interest the mic is we are rat that halfway pulled to always get to catch up with you again. You'll be starting your mentoring here. With the Greenville county school system always a pleasure to have you especially on this heavy of a black and gold Wednesday here on straight that was starts is. You rocket that hey you right there may have witnessed black and gold had on these odd that you be proud of the millions. All right here's the deal diesel set up an interview with Scott Satterfield we went in the production pod. At 3 PM and not get out we're gonna play that for you when we come back is straight it was sturtze would light from smoke all we're life and smoke on the water. It relied on he has been in upstate. Welcome back in a straight up with surge we get a pleasure here I know diesels gonna be all excited as we're joined by fiat state head coach. Scott Satterfield the former quarterback in his fifth year now as they had made in charge of that state coach thank you for taking some time and join us today. It. I coach now a little birdie. Whose name may or may not rhyme with she made it smacks and told me that back in the day you worked as a snow maker. An apple lessons ski mountain. Or I also worked in college and my only question is. Does being in the head football coach and abstain come with a free lift pass orders Brad wrestler makes you pay like everyone else. No actually get react to get treatment passes. To doing that Rezko also that they herbal all coach's ears open you're. They get now when I was there Brad was a master at tricking people into working holidays I am and I'm asking him asking me. Can you works that third Saturday after the third Saturday in January and before you know you work into doubles back to back. And we got to ticked off girlfriend is now you're working Valentine's Day is at a skill that Brad has just of his own or he get that from Grady. Are. We got from Grady but let the their abilities and I don't know about that Cutler. And that's like got app state football because here in the upstate of South Carolina of course we've had that long tradition of that statement firming coach but you you guys are now in the Sunbelt your horn to on the year. And everything's looking ahead I mean you know the two losses. One at Georgia no shame in that they're undefeated the weight farce gained probably wish you had that one back which we all look ahead what's next perhaps state football this year because now adjourned sun belt play your undefeated. You know. Everything's on the table for for that state mountaineers. Yeah absolutely you know for part art on one goal coming here. See that it received to our corporate. Notebook covers chairmanship last year or this year we're sitting at three mile. Accomplished this week is coached well here you know at the rocks on our part we hear a lot of ultimate goal is to. It's a story let it honestly and what they are one game at a time and hopefully because not to come out of the chicken. Now no question that a lot of mountaineer fans wanna know wide receivers say matters at Byrnes high school local product here. Didn't see the field and all this year was granted medical redshirt and allow actually finish his degree this year and a vessel and a lot of players that his caliber tend to look around and other possibilities. And now that he's out for the year can you tell us what his injury actually was and what are you in the staff doing to try to keep him in Boone. Well I think that. Really got to several injuries throughout his career and appeared. And this year he had a hamstring. That was nagging them all all camp. And in August and it got kind of got healed up and you really don't like art for the week of Georgian. And really hitting got another hamstring so. I'm just just trying to get there and countering back throughout the season this year just could get back and you decided to its to get that redshirt. I'm young then you know I admit he graduates in December than you don't sit wherever Coca-Cola announced the arc team to just try to do best we can't which analytically if we can win the chip chip. In street connect coaches we continue with Scott Satterfield of that state mountaineers last week got out Idaho the vandals of all places and I'm sure is you're coming over from bill and that's a place she got to create some momentum of your own but. Yeah out score by about twenty in the second half and that comeback win. Is that the type of dean that your team can look back gone is a jump start for the rest of the season because. That was a huge huge win out there. See you know. You know on three hour time difference though it called country in eagle out they wouldn't wouldn't play well or apathetic right now they're hearing in later players worried. America school we prayers and really the second half to get that victory. When future and blue will propel ourselves. We played really really good in that second half and then we can start and you're going to last lap have a procedure we. Related blog apple won't that be played and you know we have not played our best low ball was certainly good news business and or forward to agree don't accomplish so. We continue to get better all over the last several years our last pepper signal that we play our best ball and hopefully that'll happen again this year. On a lot of fans can look at the second half of that Idaho game and they can look at the fourth quarter especially of the of the New Mexico State game. You know where you played lights out in those three quarters of play. It what does it take I was gonna take to build a little more consistency with this team and you know if you could take one quarter one half of a one game and use that as the model. For how you wanna play. 44 entire quarters what womb which warms you look at. Well I mean probably you know make up for her state. Believe the fourth quarter of a lot of who would play really well last quarters of those last. And we scored. We play great defense you know we kind of put it all the other. You know and now we have the ability of the plane it was really a direct which we know. Is that we're getting there aren't that shot you know we've been accomplished if it'll last year by those short with a conscience it's got to come through us. So we gotta get that initial blows over it Mary changed particularly the first quote core. They're so far up the players they're coming out there that great play and Greg is that the kids are focused all week and all that yes we got past that intensity. You know what sparked a practical we talked about that this week of this really you know coming out strong every day at practice and hope we can translate on to love your quarter there's going to weeks. As we continue that stay anchored Scott Satterfield 21 of his 23 years encouraging a minute app state the other two at Florida international oil and Toledo but coach and he has do you. You know about your cornerback Clifton dot four interceptions already on the season that's tied for fifth nationally but that's a little bit skewed because there's four guys have five interceptions. So he's really second bit at. How much confidence is that give you in your defense of coordinator that there's a player in Clifton duck they can more or less slot they on his side of the field. And rapidly started last year as a true freshman and had optic last two series. Chemistry is there is a Kampman and just start getting help the about two weeks ago three weeks ago. And so he's really play and how level right now and not think he can have a great second half of the season. It's not reassuring hasn't you know as for these pistons know that you got stuck on one side Tate is on the outside corner. Unless we picked as well and those guys are outstanding or he's up sleepy your linebackers. Really coming or stop the run ins and put pressure on quarterbacks to go yet to Galileo they can think that we're back I'll be ex static. Now coach obviously Dillon 31 and eighteen in four and a half years I know your names being tossed around by a lot of bigger profile jobs and I know you're not gonna tell us who might have contacted you. But talk about some of the things you love about Boone an app state that are keeping you there are a little bit longer than a lot of these big programs like. Well I think this start with and ministry. At the top and they've done a great job of continuing in particular to continue to build our brand. On our school our football program we've added you know more street this year we we certainly. As crowded ever had. And not you know so they're continuing into you know financially help our system Elop Clinton are great year. On the on the school you're home are in court on memo why would get three cute they look. Oh this was our that was well. Let me ask you since you mentioned your wife Beth has she been putting green food coloring in your chicken dinners all week. That note you know vertical carpet than you are going to be starting early speaker lesson at let's let it eat dinner with its. But ultimately. All right final question for you coach. You know in honor of Halloween being two weeks from last night. You know you guys did you mention your role and initiate your best football's gonna become an ahead what's the scariest thing about your team right now. He summit are being good care. What we're doing really well a group of defense were flocked to pull all put pressure on the quarterback and I think our people want complete call at a the next experience. Our great quarterbacks. On the net politically jumped on opposite gab a love watching our speakers split out where that got reform around. Also think that I think they don't have to have an outstanding season this year up and you can really it is next to eat as well and really Corso. He sparked the wonderful ball over the net over Alaska to see them try to figure. Well listen I know diesels a Brad I'm proud app state grad we don't column the sports starts most of the most decent sports star producer in the world for any reason he'll be up Saturday covering that coastal Carolina. At state game that we just one day Kiefer taken a few minutes with this year. Appreciate it yeah me now is rated talk about it all right thanks coach. Ayers that coach Scott Satterfield when we come back lessened some meetings so why they were beaten in New York when it comes to the NFL. This is straight it was 34 Ford GS PE SP Ian. All right diesels that you know. And up now. All. He voters in some players of all this stuff in the New York yesterday I don't really know how it went. I don't know what's coming out of this weekend's going to be fascinating that you wanna know why. The NFL call them into the office day in New York to figure out what's going on. According to this report. CBS. ESPN. Fox and NBC hit all. Sold two and a half million dollars that it would have beat in dollars and NFL advertising this year they are ready taking an eight to 200 million dollar hit. With the audience turning off their television in that getting Kris is the year goes on and that's why they hit all these people in the New York. I had ever seen employees. In that's what they are. I have never seen employees. Almost try to kill off a company right mail in that stumble what's going ironic as. I sat there and heard ten people last night. Say I'll never watched it a delicate they quit they mean is some not watch it again this year I'm not saying how it goes on. But this is why the NFL is scrambling. That they are players. Are causing their media partners to take a bowl tight hundred million dollar it. While not being at being a hardcore NFL fan I love this because what what are we called it the NFL many times the evil empire. And this is a reality check for the evil empire to show exactly how. Unimportant AR. In some people's lives are how easily cast aside they are in some people's eyes I feel like there was a lot of arrogance coming from the league infinitely offices over the last. Five or six years last ten years really. But. You know they're they're being shown that people's priorities can and will change. And they don't have impunity to go out and do anything they wanted to do. This is not a short term fix for the NFL this is gonna take them a couple of years to come back from. Number two let me tell you what's that game changer in its decision or is it in upcoming decision. Anheuser-Busch. Has one point by the end dollars invested in advertising the next coming a couple of years coming with the NFL. They have heard it. It the Anheuser-Busch offices they have opened up 8800. Hotline you can call. Share your feelings about what's going on with the NFL. In that your gonna use those opinions to help determining what their go to the moving forward. In Anheuser-Busch. Say except me and of that billion and a half dollars away in advertising money. Guess what you'll find a couple of these NFL teams may have problems making payrolls somewhere later on the on the light. Because. I know for how many people it reached out and we have not seen any protests from the Panthers on the field but you know Levy today at its affiliate. I'm pretty doll bit on some of the stuff you have no idea. How bad they can airliner Panthers are freaking out with the number of people that have threatened to be sold their season tickets. Speak you know houses start a look at this as a calling fire you know this is the fire has killed off all that underbrush that's been under their league has gotten so bloated. Over the last decade. When these gigantic. Gigantic contract since huge amounts of money floating around. And owners expecting to be able to build these billion dollar palaces whenever they want to with impunity I love and I think this is the thing. That nobody had is completely unintended consequence that this is the thing that's gonna serve as a reality check. Or like what you said during the break this may be the reset button it summit this stuff. Under control put his trust me it's not just picked it sells that they use these football programs east yet team geez that make payroll win. It's advertising partners sponsorships. I think LB you go to a football stadium. It's the all that advertising they needed at eight Bayer bills and they are worried because they are being hurt in the wallet in. Quite honestly it's kind of fun to watch right mail. All right will come back for the final hour we're gonna be joint. But hobby piercing former PGA golfer as well as bill Levitt from game on sports in this final hour.