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Welcome that upstage is eight Wednesday. On this and diesel likes to call it a straight up was stirred spotlight here I'd like to have that statement I never call that. Adam you do that's I didn't you know way in its gonna remain a well Davis is part of a certain. Is we're going to be a debate easily. Whoa whoa whoa whoa none of those things will be happening at all because I want everyone I know you're not in the same room I am the studios are going to road. Sturges downtown Greenville right now. Yeah that would be physically impossible but what we've made is we're gonna have a busy busy day here on the show. A lot of different things to get into we're gonna talk sect kicked it she you know the show last year you went. East Mississippi. Junior college and all that stuff and go into a new UN rot lower. Head coach of the junior college program here in the state of South Carolina. Is gonna join us at 437. That's southern sports academy and of course rod plated Gardner-Webb he's been a coach in the pro level the collegiate level the junior college level so he got an idea that you like we continue your career don't know how to do it burgers honoree by helped. We're going to be that opportunity. At 437505. We're gonna get some gains. With that Joseph wizard at. It listen I guess you could say diesel it is a glorious day for you when it comes to blacking goal because we're gonna have a bunch app state stuff. In the fact that two wins and a former app state players can be taken some games at 505. Oh about an hour ago Hewitt a record in an interview with that app state and coach Scott Satterfield we're gonna play that back top 35. In that it's 605. But day's going to be better than diesels actually might in my Shuler is going to be better because Tommy beer shake it's coming by here to smoke on the water. The former professional golfer and they are Latino about the rocket joked as he it's going to be opening up here. In a few weeks they have shut that course dale as they took over it renovated it ain't but he he's absolutely. Gorgeous but. Appear shake just a great deed it will have some fun with them in outweighs the back of diesel on the golf course with thus. That day out it legacy pines in which he never swing a golf club Maine did he have fun out there on the as a low or I don't know I did it. Only did they took one shot and he just drilled it right down the middle with zero warm up. You know you guys are out there hit it what many may be 200 yards. And he's just strokes wanna write down the middle at 350. Without even warm up it is in jeans and and new balance and issues. Yet but you had the best day keeps it at that it showed up all you're doing is driving one of those hover boards are around and maybe the bodes well in the round of golf I want I think I was doing some things on those things that you're not supposed to do if I was testing out their limitations are off broad ability and by god. They stand out. Yep they certainly days ago that's what's gonna we haven't yet. All of the show today will also keep you updated on the Major League Baseball playoffs because by the way. I don't know what it is railed about the fight by the way it will be game number five. The American League Championship Series. Guess what the Yankees won came back last night 16 the four river that extras that I that series out. Huge gains to peace. And candidates gains never by. And that's up 50 wait person and it's a Yankee Stadium also. 9 PM that night or night no one is it was actually listed on the schedule. At LA Dodgers in the Chicago Cubs game number four. It's a Los Angeles it's 86 the one win at Wrigley built last night I mean Levy a Darvish was absolutely. Outstanding. Here's the deal. The cubs' season is officially over whether happens tonight or not I don't the LA what that win diesel they go up three games than not than it. As the seven it's here he hears that built the Dodgers are six and oh in the playoffs they're just rolling so my point being. It would be distort for the cubs to come back and win this thing four games the three but it's not happening when it comes to the how well LA Dodgers are playing so well I just don't think there's really good team it's. Chicago and come back whether they can win tonight mark puts LA will find out. But some in the back of my mind just tells Leo wouldn't be surprised if by the LA Dodgers are moving on to the World Series as a this evening because. They're playing lights out baseball right males to that it's caught up on Major League Baseball. Again the keep Egypt's a year he's going on at the beginning of the fall classic sometime. Next week. Also last night diesel it you know we were really. Watching it at the in the eight big started with two big basketball gains but are ready one big story. Actually I take the big stories come matter the first few games of the season. Number one Cleveland beat Boston last night no surprise here but it was just sort of a tragic evening for the Boston Celtics in the fact that Gordon Hayward. Who is that comment. It's maybe done for the year absolutely. Awful leg injury and it's not ligament damage in the air because that's gonna make it even worse. Its followers and returning it it is. I mean why now one game into the season when your key players. I want to gone I want I will I won't watch those horrific injury videos aid is it free anywhere in the count allied. Olga atlas and I I speak. I asked my dad now we're watching the Washington Redskins went to the Heisman at its leg broken they are about Lawrence Taylor you know when anything dirty just happened. I think I saw one replay of an had to watch it between my fingers if you know what I mean because that shielded me from the discuss you'd at but yeah out with you. Do you watch that kind of thing that's like what's the first hit it in honor if they were less than two weeks away. Was the first scary maybe that diesel ebersol. I remember a movie called mr. booty and I don't think I've seen it since I was probably. 1012. Maybe was the last time I watched that movie but I I distinctly remember the movie mister bogey. I I was in fifth grade stay with Rory and mean. We get dropped off at that maybe leader and we decide where and Agassi Halloween. All right Michael Myers there original that grade rated or that supposed to be in the it to your seventeenth. I got so freaky steered in the original Halloween movie in the movie theater that I went out to the baton adult Mike Cook out of the ubiquitous plastic or not the paper wax Coke cups he's back in the day. I can putt the bottom out yet not the bottom out of the cup and now watch the movie knew that it would it would get these scary yet does Hardaway a look at wall. That was my first scary period. I river watch the the bottom of the hole in the Coca-Cola. Set. A course that never got into the gory stuff either we believe that. For years ago again. Also in the NBA last night it was rainy night for Golden State diesel guess what happens in Houston Rockets went in the media. In the opener so that you realize that he's Golden State's rate probably go what thirty game win streak here now. You open up this season after losing on opening night but that is where your two big ball games in the NBA is they get this season under way breast of it get started this evening but I'm telling you. I mean that Gordon Hayward injury with the Boston Celtics will burst of law thought what it did these. These were two teams that were kind of malveaux and offered to other in the media yen as the trade that went down in. And everything. That gain attitude it's to get I don't wanna call it violent anti you know what I mean well once injury happened in all the players kind of surrounding Gordon Hayward. It back off the intensity of it you know that the Mets win those guys realized we may not like each other's being on opposing team's world basketball players and that brings that shot of realism and doing that thought. I hated to see Gordon Hayward it failed to act and I have that happen because I was the Q we might see the fight game. Before all was said and done but of course we were able to avoid it all right some of the things that we're gonna give it to you on the show today include college football. Take a look at the weight notes at this college football season plus some of the remaining schedules Latvia because clumps and the margin for years that your two units and to be college football playoff for the third consecutive year is Neil. You have now fallen this past week it's your keys guess what there's no margin for error how ever. You look at some of the other schools that they may be competing with for the third or fourth playoff bit. Dale on the line they've got more difficult schedules that eclipses the clips and get started next Saturday at this next Saturday. 8 PM against Georgia Tech here in Death Valley don't forget that means GMAC and I will be fielding clubs and on the air with college football today. At three. Yemen were located right here. On the backs out of Littlejohn Coliseum to come see is spent the price will one thing now it will have some fun. There because 81 good thing about 8 PM kick off. It breaks up the traffic heading in the tiger nailed some people go to jail early in the day so molded him during the day and that Sobel got it nailed. Till a few hours before kickoff but at least that will eliminate some of those traffic issues that you deal win. Headed in and out at tiger nailed some other things it will get into today includes college basketball when we come back. The SEC immediate date took place earlier today in Nashville. Oh man attitude anyway SEC can he needs to find a way it is gruesome things out when it comes the basketball media day but will if you Al. That break stay on the South Carolina Gamecocks were they were predicted to finish because quite frankly I don't think that once happening. I think that's an insult to bring Martin in the game toxic to spit last year. In the final four out in Phoenix so while also don't forget it for that the guy you beat ward away. You can text that it is 72881. You can win 8000 dollars by yet to simply entering that cools off by he's gonna win it why not use of that at four if the guy. So a lot of different things to get into today will open up the phone lines when we come back. Beat his were negative for 37. We're gonna talk with rod lower some mass TCU was southern sports academy. As they like say giving young men a second opportunity to hit it in play. College football this is straight starts the is on night here. On this Wednesday edition. It will open up with a might take for fourteen asked me yes the end. So will be at now one more gas light here it's buckle water bill that our baseball expert just got with me he will be here at smoke on the water at 635. It will top Major League Baseball why. We see our first team buying themselves in the fall classic tonight. In the Los Angeles Dodgers tells me that the cubs won't go away quietly at night. However it's the Dodgers are playing at a baseball the other thing it's diesel right in front of us last night as we got together. That American. League TP Gypsies. Look out he's an answers that afforded to lead it look like you're about to win the game I wake up this morning. And the Yankees to come back in 16 the board that I that up two games apiece so a game game number fight. Taking place it 50 wait but that is SEC got together earlier today. In Mitt aid over Nashville where they who's they are SEC basketball tournament. For the men's basketball media days in a course you know. I saw nothing but complaints about it these public has asked what the Nashville has worsened the board in Greenville as that we are having that. Get a little bit worse rush hour traffic right until apparently it was pretty difficult to get there. They get through dale dale Nashville where they were having the SEC media days. If you were staying at the hotel now you know how that stuff goes first of all these are nice hotels that they at the media days or at. So that means the beat writers are probably staying somewhere. And yet to be riders stand the red roof and eat and make save and while not as his basketball media days. A basketball coaches you know there understand at the Radisson. Rick Pitino company years not staying at the rhetoric and in Nashville so they got to get ever there. And I courses too graphic to solve numerous like me and we missed the first hitter you're supposed to do. Bottle bought have added ESPN Buick Charlotte like you did a couple of years ago but this stunned me. Guess it these ivy got that your app state football guy you guys don't think a whole lot when it comes to the rail all aspects of the sport of basketball but that you can actually give me an idea is who the ad media picked it win in the Southeastern Conference in basketball this year. My guess is Kentucky. Really yeah you're absolutely correct here is the predicted order finished. Witty comes the SEC basketball this year. Considers a misnomer on here that cannot believe number one his Kentucky number two as Florida no issues there three Texas Dana. For Alabama. Five his Missouri. Six it's Arkansas seven as Vanderbilt eight Georgia. Not at its Auburn with Bruce Pearl and all the mess going on. With this issue and have enough fire. You know their basket assistant coach a couple of weeks ago. It is Ole miss O Leavitt is South Carolina twelve Mississippi State thirteen it's Tennessee. If fourteen in real clean up the bottom of the SEC it's elegy. I have no issues with Kentucky and Florida be one too wide because their two best teams in my opinion. I have is she's with South Carolina hot off the trip to Phoenix to the final four nag nose in there is storm wells played in the NBA. He gate closure to sign his contract. CDs. On an NBA roster that's huge losses and listened. College basketball one player can make it big dipper she also at the older out for the beginning of the season. Do I don't believe for a movement that south Carolina's gonna finish eleventh in the Southeastern Conference they've got one of the best coaches in Frank Martin. They've got some talent on the staff. On the team including coats are I interviewed him ever after both gains in the NC part of it. Here agreeable lets it. Right Morton what have those guys in the top half of the Southeastern Conference at a I think it's a little disrespect the South Carolina. And I think it was a little bit of an overreach just based off the players that they lost. Well the South Carolina will be better than eleventh was that a coach's poll I was at a median home it was a media poll are I would I would I would be willing to bet that the coaches poll. Would not place South Carolina alone yet. With you on that way and in a course that they're neck and I don't even bothered to do those anymore because it gets to be such. A mess in the in all that stuff but. You'd have to break Barton will have the game cuts readiness night in night out and I promise you if they finished eleventh or lower. I won't be near you Bayerische surprised speak it is I do not believe frank Morton. Will let that happen when it comes to pre season all SEC team just one team picked. Can Yvonne Allen the guard from Florida. I paid my in four from Georgia Michael Porter to a Jeter the Ford from Missouri. Have a do the Alan the guard from Kentucky. And Robert Williams thank you Robert weeds for having he had but he favored players on this pre season all SEC team or Michael Porter Robert Williams quickest at a lot easier. The pronounces names he say Ford from Texas in they selected. Three players it's SEC player of the year. I've met him from Georgia Michael Porter junior from Missouri. Mean. Robert Williams from Texas City and them all tight as pre season as CC player of the year but oh go out on live. Guestimate that the Kentucky Wildcats will be your number one seed. Would it comes to opening up this year's SEC department in Birmingham but I'll also tell you I don't believe for about it. That South Carolina will go in the Ayers that number eleven seed as well but guess what that means basketball's here we saw it at the NBA level last night with two opening games. And prices. Three days and on at whatever price is used as Guinea on this stuff you know what I. Yesterday what because it is that production papers podcast and all that so but no he was it that. You'd the figures are heard Josh today all excited about said he got so wrapped up in the Indianapolis boss that gave. That it made him sit there watch Golden State he state later on. I'm sorry I came in from our production meeting and outwit the head. Hit code means so. Congratulations. UN BA hardcore fans it's here we got 81 more games ago. Starch could pick up on a little bit later on it feel like he does that this city the because I felt like last night might have been doing the who the comforts GP two series with Boston in Cleveland. And of course he stating Golden State that this felt like early season now previews for what you're gonna see. What me that when it would be inherently in did you. Can I share diluted shade throw that it was in that mean that I showed you last night. After the injury. In Boston. There was a mean that went out the set looked Cleveland's. Cleveland's roads and their next finals lost just got that much easier to share her. It was get back to us a ball hit manifesto yes yeah. 88 closer to the aid in two weeks that before Gordon Hayward its legacy and set at the hospital. It's spaz I classless movement it was a it was a control move and I promise you he does it. I think the EU member Greta that one today because it's like I said they even got it would. The hospital before he's actually throwing people out there. You know I expect better at that from national media I have a name before per events like Darren Collison architect. It's where and when this narc just gets too. It's 200 and and it's got to attack it's not to. Well of course she look over there Eunice skip Bayless made the move from ESPN and fox sports. Or whatever and I get attention for talks boards in any way you can yeah. There's one did in the media they're the tweets every day to stay in Bayless yeah a lot of people like Bayless. The bigger things that I have so I gotta respect that a little bit. He actually. He goes and finds the what it's undisputed numbers with skip Bayless and in Sheehan in shark. If they are so low and he'll be like you know eight re run of wings on this T it'll. Beat the undisputed. Do 130000. Watchers to sixty. He loves though but WellPoint beat. They all made this move in the nobody does where they are on the radio now Stew says the statement that. Anyway I yet house though it's shade LeBron James right all of the and also thought. It is pretty ill defined in the fact that one of the reasons that your making. I two week is simply the fact somebody might be lost for the season so that they could given it a little more time but of course they'd NASCAR opinion guess what. We can deals are key times as well at the net payers two. I'd be willing to bet that the the management over at fox sports. Has kind of given their people a green light to you as a hero some shade out there because of its. You know because they're struggling for four viewers are struggling for listeners and a lot of people don't know I mean you know if you're. If you're trying to build your platform around skip Bayless. Is the biggest name you've got. Then you know you gotta do what you gotta do get some attention I guess. Absolutely but you know again have a little bit a modicum of class more than that is the first night of the season and the reason that your making that tweet is somebody's probably loss for the year. But oh well I guess it's the NBA some attention as well but they'll get into full swing year beginning tonight ought. Who aid getting into full swing 50 wait is that American League Championship Series of course the the add New York Yankees hosting the Houston after losing gains never by. And then of course that's followed up with a 9 PM first pitch the Chicago Cubs dale 03 to the LA Dodgers it's winner. Go home for the year you know at eight. Twitter whatever sports fans have become so fickle. You know there out there just castigating knowing Joseph Maddon the the cubs manager under the bus for some moves he's made. One year after leading the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series title whatever hundred years. Well what do we talked about yesterday when we talked about Clemson football Leo once you've once you've reset mountaintop it is so hard. To go out and do it again in the same thing applies firm from Major League Baseball. Or for any sport needs more matter they think about it you know most teams that make it to the Super Bowl. In lose don't even make the playoffs the next year I mean the last time that we've seen the team Adam. You look. Make it back to back Super Bowls and lose worthy portraits of the Buffalo Bills back earlier in that so yes I mean there's a lot of truth when it comes to all that are right when we come back it's coach rod lower from the southern sports academy. In the lower part of the state why because it's junior college football right here in the state of South Carolina as he likes to say were giving young men 82 opportunity. To let that kid in play college football that's what second GQ is it's located the other Myrtle Beach with coach Lori good friend of Mike played out of Gardner-Webb back in the day. It will give you a little idea what they're up two week comeback he straight up with starts were lied it's Oklahoma water. I welcome back and we lied here's buckle Waterbury talking with Joseph wizard he's got to make some gains with this at the top of the hour but now we're headed nailed to the greens straight and it's our Brent. Coach and lower. TC to the southern sports academy. It's junior college of law here in the state of South Carolina rod did you like it say you're giving young many second opportunity to not only its. But I also play college football and that's what you like Rupert to execute it you welcome member. Don't look for the moment that's all we can create a milk. We'll get a good look and play golf ball not want to thank you for any amendment is always a pleasure I don't want to show. Deliberate convinced Google and. Well listen to in same with you the kids unity you think about how big. If you Mitch and second team Q you're talking about the last year you show one showtime for years now they're vivid experiences that what independents. Community college split. Yeah that's one thing that we have black here in the palmetto state where a football hungry state but. We did not having junior college programmer Jeter probably college programs at one point. If you guys have now been able to fill that in with the with southern sports academy which is a college prep due co program. In your in the big coast conference on top of. Actually did absolutely nothing Bloomberg truly doing the best option. And believe you know that you that would give Indonesia only the second. You know some great help that they can't understand the structure all of the simply do not qualify below them usually don't play qualifications. That match that we will go into effect. You know tripled to record and you can go now and honestly gonna wanna guess what I want them yeah and it sort of just not meeting the criteria. I don't cabinet behind the union who just not simply being. According to all of mark's got a boot to introduce into the machine English. Discipline not do we don't forget what you've really got some problems now and social look at the beginning of the the only in the second opportunity should. I'm kind of cute all of college coaches can't hear institutions should should give the usual Munich chicken little come. The show as we continue coach rod Lorca southern sports academy and admiral beats longtime friend of mine. Boykin hail the golf ball these are talking about that earlier. Yeah you thirteen six at one overall on the year your five and oh in conference play. You have three games remaining your conference TP tip will be played down at de Shaw stadium in Myrtle Beach for a Leavitt put it. You know that's another thing one thing to go to the process by it's another thing to win and of course you are the winningest. Vote in the state of South Carolina when it comes to college prep in Chico football. Well sure he'll do very blessed country optional. And little academic curricula and you know we get together which we get to sort of have a trial contractual laughed aloud the pollen through the early. An extension I can't control her aunt can go into any political meeting each balloon took off from Logan actually coach. And not always about the anxious to know Luke Donald of England I don't care about all of these remember the coast country. Look a lot of people around and to want to talk to launch vehicle structure to pick originally booked up. Mr. and we were actually going to blow up some good tunes and yeah. Duke coach Mangini got a lot of you know control the computer in your country that you could trust malignant lesions and told them institution and should be taught us about. It's so how are we looking and you know it's Mars direct hits maybe moving on from southern sports academy to a four year institution you know because. You played Gardner-Webb back in the day and a year you know a lot of that type programs have that dale dale into the junior college level of they've got a spot that bill or god bless ride. Get in touch with Occidental College out in California because they. The rest of their football season as they were 35 players that want offensive linemen by. It's you meant ginger. He he he it's almost like being in a boss you wanna see your the guys that work for you go on to do bigger and better things that maybe you've done. In a course that's what you get in the east it's the opportunity to do. Absolutely I think we've we've got a good group really do I got them off the episode machine. I'd be all you income to look at the outcome. All of the veteran the next option option just simply could not deemed to constitute a lot of that they're going to get him back. Sorry you have to go away from that structure and culture and the people who try to go back to cultivation here. Follow I think Paul Krugman and institutional you're looking at being lynch who couldn't find out where he goes to study or go to that than usual alcohol outside linebacker Shipley can just brought to the ball. All trying to you know what the current episode I've screwed it seemed to show actual election. Notre he's trying to control cultural abuse and you can track is going to be a bit down the list of settlement stage each opportunity and suddenly did just judgment and the assumption. So you know only a mockery out of these union. And end all of the accomplishments. On the front optional. And look I don't hear him. Don't get in the classroom little known as well I think it in the luckiest similar to that don't need you dogleg par out. You can go into the after the institutional and didn't let the incumbent who didn't. What Cuban American playing ball. And you know it's a black cops fault yeah that doesn't look good and we need to tell -- should and you could definitely it's crucial juncture and you get the ball can go into the independent. And actually got an open look comfortable finally get a little bit of a break and guess what you know I'm actually grill. I'll belonged to Little League and technology called Brooklyn I'm Stockholm. Limestone got to know about natural so you don't have to help out. The whole program obviously there's so you look good but it also try to gradually. Please contribute and he interest like our father could not be happy truly feel really good. So ways we forget that Scioscia coach rod Lorca the southern sports academy the other Myrtle Beach and rival Lou before I get out of here will tell we'll let you. He had the opportunity Al bother a player can get in touch with you that this is a route that they need to go but listen we have been fortunate. We have now I can't even tell you that guy's name Mississippi community college head coach but we've had Britney whacked her on the show. I remember her name and a heartbeat if you know what I mean so my point being. Do you have Britney Wagner's the kind of works with these guys that make sure that they're getting their classes schedule that they're ready with he would have moved on to a four year institution and yeah just. It's part of the southern sports academy program as well. Youngsters who didn't actually know that in England yeah I don't. And we're so blessed to have something components aren't doing all the right now that you're on the Norwegian government strongly. Into the fiber crackle and pop technical schools in capital we have all of them. George don't try to quell the yeah on the coast ocean management. A lot of you stay and yeah. Wimbledon and we'll also how good. Also different in this country who don't believe there are. All right community and national championships that moved on public forums were also closed misfortune management. Probably important to looked okay in his bench actually and on and help them millions and stay on track of somebody got a million dollars in the coach. Little under the control of the balloon Colorado we blew a little apartment appeared to unleash. Jewish. Usually you can actually in class as well as control political consultant and eventually get. Part two of the militant group reported net external content easily and it constantly. Monitoring usual. To make sure they don't try at most it's usually doesn't look like could be plunged to a pregnant man whom we have a good opportunity local community come together. And Bloomberg published published again I think. Well I'll also tell you guys embrace rod lower coach and a half Brenda mine for a long time and I promise you I I got here and are listening audience he'll take to hear your child. If they're looking at play instant junior college a book also rod tellem. That this is a route that they need to look at how can they get in touch with number one you but also find out information on southern sports academy. And again absolutely not trying to get out and I saw this particularly got a little bit. At a web site at which you can shouldn't simply getting into Twitter also. So we'll go to community introduction. Of course country ball too long on capitol. Can't dwell thanks so much to get a little things look good mood and coach mark my whole world. Look at the option it bombed at the Alamo an opportunity to travel to hear about yeah and she'll pick a little bit smaller schools left and when the bell head to Atlanta you know that may not look particularly good. Didn't explode called golden opportunity to reach crucial element called computer should discuss some more options tribunal for future. I listened rod when you're up here get some hurting done make sure you give me a call will get together here at smoke on the water because that's one thing that happened here that you don't have the ailment. And then you can personalize our loveable English equivalent production even you can go do your job Schmidt did not include the wall that we can look a little pockets. All of the other thing he's a relentless. Take care they can drive lower against other sports academy daily Myrtle Beach and listened. I would tell you. I would put my. Diesel you know how much I love my sixteen year old daughter Lessig wrote she's the best thing I've ever done in this world outside Amir your mom. I would put less he Brooking coach rod lower scare I trust him that mud so compelling use this is a route that you need to look at for your child I. I give a 100%. Thumbs up when it comes to rod lord so make sure you check them out all right we're gonna got a break we're gonna come back speaking up. I tell you what Occidental College in California. They keep he's in southern sports academy football players this when Mike Beebe while the story. I've heard in awhile straight up with starts don't forget 505 we're making gains with two whiz. Clemson eight it's a lineman Chris Wilkens has been named one of the twenty quarter finalist for the 2007. Team Lott impact trophy that award is presented by the Pacific club impact foundation. Mean you're talking about the best college defensive players in the nation. Who make the biggest impact on their team both on and off the field so congratulations. A Christian world and some of the others include Marcus Allen and stake Quinn blaming of Virginia. In Burke and her friend of Washington. In Mika it's Patrick of Alabama also Clemson fans will recognize the name from this past Friday night. Satire here frankly and the guys here keys linebacker in there when genes of Florida State sue good company there. He and that's for good works as well Chris Wilkens. Heck of a young man a right we're gonna be the key word and five minutes the diesel check this one now. Never heard Occidental College out in an accident. Oxidant. In out California. They hit and they had before that they football game back in September in the inning and other one this past Saturday due to a shortage of players are right they only had 35 according to the three football occidental was derailed with 35 players including only one help the defense of linemen. So. This is what they put out there. Earlier today with regard to the future tiger football this decision allows us to turn our full attention to next season is ecology works toward rebuilding the roster. This decision falls hardest on our players and coaching staff these competitive spear is never way. Wait I want to commit first year oxy head coach. Rob Kurz Denver's mayor regret having been arrested the most challenging circumstances. This season his players to Dempster needed the saint Brazilian never say die attitude. I asked that we all lend our support and appreciation to the members of the artsy community. Well first of all with this drug toxic are now there might change my name from oxy communities at a fierce start. Number two they have now been sued at Occidental College. Eight title nine complaint with the US department of education's office of civil rights. Alleging that director of athletics Jeannie hop than in the department of athletes. Hold an anti male why is that it's compromise the football team and its players' reputations. This is the first time I've ever seen a team oh team sue under title nine completely. Interest. Says that claims sitters on a lack of support for the football program by hopman which was supported by the -- previous higher ups at the university. Any history of unpleasant interactions. With president hopman. Goes on to say a lot of the players on the team bought their Boone helmets because they didn't feel like helmets that they were being provided were adequate. The collegiate level we're not talking junior college we're not talking I spoke this is a great and it's the several at this kind of thing happen. You know it's not good. And a harsh reality of it is not every school needs to have college football. Your. You know I understand that it is a it is an integral part of the college experience and fans love it they guys who go out there and play football. You know you don't wanna take away opportunities for guys to go but get there. Last chance to rob played football. But at the same time not every school needs it because you know what there is a finite amount of money there's a fine out of finite amount of resources. At every school there's a finite amount of donors who are our alumni of Occidental College who were willing to put up that kind of money to buy these things. So. That maybe they shouldn't have it but this is this is different because this is a systematic. Systematic culture of non support for the football team. Well here's the deal how about this when there a wide receiver hands out he says my high school had more players had better equipment. Aid. Things of that nature so guess what. He hit patch Tuesday in higher higher. Big mess two anyway just thought that eight UK like. You gotta portrait as well so again interest being in its own record. When it comes to Occidental College but I promise you diesel that will not be a team that we will be picking here in the next segment with our five games with former state offensive line of former LA express. Linebacker Joseph wasn't it but. Guess what buddy. Set have a good day. Here on straight up was thirds that we need to give away some free money hit my for an.