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Us. All right welcome back and our number two who hear it straight start always loved catching up with our friend Ayers a late. Appeared SEC football Meehan. There's not much better out there than that price because it's CC smothered and covered podcast. Absolutely next level speak at the next level let's give credit where credit Steve today of course we know South Carolina and clips that are off this weekend. Let's also give some credit are so con teams here in the state upstate of South Carolina price because. Whopper still undefeated in the top five and don't look now but clay Hendrix in the apartment paladins who started when three. There weren't very it'd they continue this roll could you imagine going from when three. To that CS playoffs because with 24 teams at the they would find themselves and why one of those losses on the road to a week at NC state team. Nike gets thrown out by the selection committee. Yet does and you know but you know like clumps and houses situation where basically margin for error is these dates call so. You know yeah you gotta run the table would you gotta keep winning moving forward in. You know if they won't they won't look at the losses and I say they have talking about the selection committee for the one double play officer look at it and say. You look they played each line. You know to the bitter end in overtime yeah they played del Wofford they basically what they cope for two to try to go for the win don't get it in the season opener but that bit right there. Right here right there doesn't. No equate to wins but they are streaking football team right now impeach a blaze out ski and for my office is playing outstanding. They're start they have got 38 when I was it became the other weekend it was on the field Saturday. You count 38 true freshman or redshirt freshman on the roster and I'm not talking guys on the roster on defense Furman has a lot of freshmen that are playing. Are they by it's the fervent fan base by the end of this now after what had been. Listen we had a great relationship with them but let's be honest fervent football got stagnant here. In the last few years so. It you know it used to be a lot of fun to go out they upended two games here in the last few weeks that it's the fan base start to buy back into it re re appeared well on him there's no question it speaking of appearance on Dick Sheridan he was sitting in the stands about. Borrows from my that. Two weeks ago when Nellie is Maxine one of his old players and clay hindered says you know coach in it. Nice talking to the air force coaching staff a lot of guys in Annapolis the other weekend they were like. All yet and we we really miss clay and they're often supplied them not say and they took a hit an air force. Let they were lamenting that loss and they all beat at the same time taste and do a great job permanently Horry as. For what looks like haven't been to games and watching him from the field and having gone to seize Bruce Fowler's team placed several times you know over the years. They looked just like it that they are so much better of a they're war will coach football team on the field now than they were it any time mother Fowler Rashean. In scheme wise what they're doing right now putting guys in position to succeed. This is a different level from a team that it was ever during the Bruce Fowler years play Hendricks is got something special that he's working on. Absolutely endless and yeah oh clips that is South Carolina are off this weekend but apartment and Wofford at home apartment. Interest being wrote a home game with. Former quarterback Bobby DeLeon lead on the Mercer mayors who are playing some good football as well in the Paladin stadium on Saturday and of course. You Wofford at home at 2 PM on Saturday as well so that may be away for you to fill in. Filling your Saturday since the game cots in the tigers'. Are off this weekend. On civil come back with an 8 PM contest next Saturday night at home against Georgia Tech South Carolina with 8:4 PM kick off. In Colombia gets meter bill. But you know it doesn't mean the work stops the clips and I appreciate what they did today price you do the Monday or do you stay at the off week they will go to a service project. They went to the harvest the debate today. It put. Together. For more than 300 mean at least bags at the and things of that nature and I listen. Yeah I could eclipse of fame goalie they need to get out on the field after losing this year he's 27 to 24 on on Friday night but you know what. This is still behind I get those hits to reinvest by going out. In doing these community service projects. Because that's when a lot of them have come up to that environment to begin with let's be honest about it but number two that's when it reminds you pay. Get to play scheme here we are bagging groceries for me at least it don't know where possibly some of their next bills or comment from. And I wanna give that football program credit for taking on that day. Every single football season right you've doubtless weak credit because that's. Where comes from last were originates is taking a step away going out doing some of those scenes that you know. It's it's. The middle break his import it you gotta step away from it a little bit because the grind especially when you're chasing a championship when you are the champion in everybody's chasing you. The middle grind is even more taxing it tougher been. You know it just a regular run of the million a much diminishing you know any normal season but what you are the hunted. You still about and you're trying to get back there can be a matter pressures of just keeping the weight from all that. Getting away from the practice you're doing something especially that he's fostered in instill these guys. You know helping others and that's what it's all about I'm sure those guys will be a lot better for going do what they did they'd set of being out there two hours of practice. I want TI asked gallant something here dissect it but guess what clumps of fame in get a burst well I've failed a different angle call a few people out I found it differs between clubs and pulled off in eclipsing graduate here so it's Friday night clubs of football mean it. All but I heard about lose in the seer T she knew what I mean clubs in grad like hey man you meet state speech he knew it was coming and things like this are gonna go one. Constant grads in May be Iranians that are regrets the killer. You just reached the level Kentucky basketball did you just reached the level that Alabama football did. Do you did it take a night off all of the road did not go in with a 100% focused why. You're that. That big game on the schedule mail Kentucky gets it. Every single time they hit the road in basketball Alabama it's every time they hit the resident football. It makes certain that matters is certain Mota come up belief. That's actually a compliment that clumps and mailed out on Friday night in you were talking about. Pollen out some science I mean. It has been it's crazy I mean I've I knew things would be ups and it. That they lost to Syracuse but what I've seen on social media. And in on the airwaves nationally and locally this week from Clinton's finances been. I mean it's been unbelievable. I think is a huge difference between the audience in the grass well regrets that you know the fans have no money invested they may buy a ticket the grads are donating money to the school. In their mobile little bit more level headed that there's a lot of people they checked on the clips and band wagon here in the last three or four years. The big clumps and embedded football during that time he gets what they got a little bit humble pride you know in U. Hate to throw that term around and you know it's not first I'm only I don't think anyone out here you're talking about that the difference between graduate. In a fan and in one of the first things when outs and a podcast backhand and heated debate. Between graduate. And in that permits some like. Derogatory but I grew up with Texas for its proudly admit to make sidewalk. Expansive. Right here her sidewalk and I think. Did the distinction that you made his then you some of the fans in just their sense of entitlement in I mean. People were upset and he should have been sent really you don't think that guy I was upset and helping them I was upset. Our loss just because he showed some class and graduate. I can't compete with the other coaches on the basketball court and let me show you somebody that likes to lose it gained. He quit handled things in a way that it's that. You know I. Our first caller yesterday price who happens it happens to be a West Point grad. Thirty Abbott under the bus for being condescending. In all for going over and took us here he's locked we're trying to congratulate you said that was just. I'm sitting might have been additive used diesel you've got a better memory than me because you're younger but went after an asset what was that. What did that say for the moment that we which we witnessed last December in Baltimore. Between coach marketing and it's doing much to Lola after the air force after the army navy game. And he said that I think that if you went back that you know that meeting of those two coaches. That was not legit as well I went wide instant guys love each other because they're the ones that understated. What they had to go to the European service academy coaches. God forbid which shows of sportsmanship in today's day and age could sweep lost it. Every other when it comes to politics real life and personal. Oh yeah most of the time you know your demo swing a year Bure the team of that nature and I just ate your trusted basically it's a Friday night it's you know late night you're tried to get back from the U South Carolina a year. And it gives your team do your media obligations. In the literally get on the bus back to that airports you can get on the team flight home made you know taking the time go to to step over there. When I read outs like that that's just keep it in the class probably as patronizing at all I think that's his. Walking over there. David deal labor wasn't even airport and he just simply stop by congratulating the guys that this wasn't like orchestrate an attic sure you get ready by Peter tablets Sweeney's comet. It wasn't like that it was something that was on plane he decides to. So in Wheaton weird ACC football kickoff it does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that Tito went dab were for hints it are friends of each other you know total respect. It is reveal as much like you know with everybody running out on the field and everything goes much like what makes even had to go through. For roughly ten to twelve minutes last year after the national TV chip gain. If what. Yeah with two police officers on the site just trying to get it where he can with staff a congratulations. And of course. They also met up after the game as well underneath this audience of patronize you know everybody's entitled to their own opinion but patronizing it's not what I felt like it was. And I promise you that moment that we witness underneath the state isn't. It now Baltimore last year was everything but patronizing between market in the U mottled. In assists yet it is an illicit even a made for TV like this they answer keys Friday night wasn't made for TV if but you know it's. Just going back it's this total so hard to be perfect out of here how could you are it is so hard. To get to a season without a blemish and there's no doubt about what we're seen transpire right now NASA for the season off but we could have our first two loss team in the playoffs this year and part of it is. You know aghast but a lot of his prediction too but just the way the carnage we've sought it out last week in and you know while it's so hard to get through a season without a blemish. I was reading a thing today that what does it up won only four champions heavily like the last 75 years at loss to team or I can't repeat sex that. I've got a raw would appoint nobody is a college you lose wants your not how about that Clemson is not out now other teams that lost this weekend. That are out of Washington State is out of a dime is not yet Washington State. Stick up for Washington is on life support but because clubs and they would play its. For the the what the one thing I hate is people that get into this could lost that lost. That's nothing to do would get lost that lost it as what she did the boot he play in who he beat. It clubs and has played. Far tougher competition than most anybody out there which affords him that mode. Well it's gonna be interesting also what the officer Alan doctor here a little bit or just summarize throw quickly as we got to get it he been hoarding all get hungry here what we've got appetizers from smoke on the waters it right in front of us. You see this clips of football service project it date for you it hunger with. Let's see picture golden harvest food bank. It's a police officer and easily how important is it to get the for these organizations to get these this outside help from organizations like clips of footballer easily high school or any of this stuff that I stay in eight. You have to be creative in how you make up that. That spot that Bundy. I think it is. Huge. Com and priceless or easily as well and in Pickens County there's a place called picturing senator Tom what she is an incredible. Incredible places doing so much good in the community in trying to help people that they want their help that are trying to get back on their the in organizations. Like this need help. From the canyon Amy it's huge and of course. In today's society you'll see anything about these organizations on the news one all the all the good they're trying to do. On in the community but it is so important in any time that. The less fortunate in team gets some help from price talked about Dayne you guys are talking. These big time student athletes are professionals or the impact they have on other people's lives is just astronomical and so it is. Huge. To it to have that support community and that's why. I'm definitely no Clemson opinion whatsoever but the respect that for Rambus meanwhile Iran's program. I can't say enough. All right well we come back. The respect we have for Cary Grant war because guess what we're gonna have you running for a drive through worse now than before all said and done. Apparently the LA Dodgers hit up the eighty when it comes the food and a baseball stadium for the playoffs price. So where it's our duty it gave an award. From out in that Arizona joins us live on straight up with start remember do yet in LP as in the AL DS church skis and CE ST EP Gypsy Scott divisional series. The ALCS in the NLCS both Anthony denied as a matter fact. First pitch just happened. In the mayor Italy will you be update straight up with star toward light smoke on the water. All right welcome back it is an old man it. Alan darker from the easily police department here with this. Get some good smoke on the water appetizers here but you're ready to get really hungry is we're gonna go out there Ayers they be doing back there in court you can follow her on Twitter Saturday and it's 88. 88 RI BM ward new. She works for ABC fifteen out there and sees. It sports period. With the executes the best ballpark the ever so. They're very jealous we're jealous that B area but let's start with the little baseball first I mean the Arizona Diamondbacks did make it into the playoffs. How exciting was that for the area it is their bidding to an area over that now that we're into the AL the ALCS and NLCS with both of those going off the nine. I think I don't know only a lot and articulate yet but I'm not even the Italian. Out pattern that are not at the eight the man. And made urgent need not necessarily the regular either but there's treating then in the after the post these you have all the complex but it. I that are working out like my brother Al. Area acted as though it's a minute that people actually at their home will. You cut it aptly write that Howard bashed into the post you are doing that and that. At that that before I love that back early but. They happen. Then you. Across all form 88 at the critical. They had this incredible. And it. Thought OK Matt what is it about like the green to pour different hand it will earn it. It that it does absolutely not and expecting big carry over but that that got through there. Doing so well against the cap right now they're ethnic your UN and you have to be. Even though. Opera bigger cities that actually predict that they. As we continue Carrey band or give error follow on Twitter and let's sit back here the Dodgers got some good stuff going on when it comes to post season baseball and their food it. Is that becoming a tradition that maybe try to get some more people and it's. Yeah keeping jobs over the tree since some of the food in the ballpark for the post season. I think that accurately first got started skating at the number one. On it. No I think it Democrats are so I think that they've done that it up at the beginning you know we talked about. They had a hot dot amber quick but that hamburger like like hot dot. On the amber. Rape a couple of eyebrow I'm eager to art is not panic that are like. Spending your kindergartners. That ended up part is going to be I have. The brief April they don't eat chicken lawful Fannie and if you got a lot to involve ordinary I mean. And that I'm I'm not that they add up at the open lawful at the binding for the I eat eat chicken. We can't be cut that eight game trip in maple syrup and lightly dust. How are checked on but look you loaded deal. And I think he got the floor any pictures Lederer. That thing is now. Yes we're solitary bit or are excluding extraordinarily. Arizona. It and carry one of the things that look at at the U sent over about the Dodgers their post game and you. It you know it's football time college football tailgate mixed you know. Full swing here in the south what I'm looking at these buffalo Waugh. Brides I chickened Austin house beat buffalo sauce or with crispy waffle Fries blue cheese crumbles into a deep blue cheese sauce. From blood burgers on the field level section 47. Everything that outlaw all my favor the anchor right there sign me up. Oh absolutely. I but that's become I think it ought to cut it. A former IB print it maybe they're doing what they call Acker. Where they have different kind of lawful Pratt the thought about what they can. The latter I think we're kind of ceded bit locker room and onions on topic grade. Met here you know you're fortunate you get the Phoenix. Suns kicked it up tonight with the NBA you had a long run with the Diamondbacks the cardinals are in season as well. Let's get to do a little traveling so. You know what's the the what's the one thing if I say you the first thing you'd think up from ballpark food that you had this year that you just went wow. That's the best thing I've had this year what would you describe that it be. Gone mad. I and it went right back and went early eighteenth. But it adds little check out a couple of big game ended at the Yankee hat economic. We can't beat. The biggest cut it became a pretty much besides the actual egg. On an actual day that we get the carpet about either or or really. Army hospital bare they that he ever think. I carry it let's pivot to look at a college football here because. He got there a year out there and LA is proud SC trojans but you know speaking SE. I CEO of Twitter on one end of the best college football tailgate you've been to this year because you're sweeten. In the gore at the court make jets downing Columbia those guys do a split almost like anybody else outside Williams writes or elsewhere. You mean the best college football tailgate he'd been tees that far this season and what did that mean you pizzas now. Oh man I have to and that it way back home that lost their husband outside calls being. Learn that a yellow hat and I it. So there. Machine like he'd be a picture I a deep deep diner restaurant. Get rid of the all input they are not able and it it grill. Wait a well above the grill he viewed as another platform to grill or be probably a little extreme and it. Rather dangerous but it kind of intriguing that they aren't you but they've they're these. Dinosaurs and what they call them and they were the biggest credit I am currently I end that would. Are you a price that I base our trips off yeah we pretty fortunate we've been at army navy game a couple of national title games and football as well as semifinals. I still say price that's press spots they got there had to wait more so there are worst mass. That's breasts but Booth that you've ever eaten in your career. I'd have to say that the others think about that or maybe lakers. Actually had kind of been there yet I think that is that I don't think I can say it's been a while. That they are making it rather impressed the rat prevailing out and aided by star whatever word. Whenever you they keep it open and and it's it's pretty much like if you're going to a wedding and made that sound out and it. The one major thing that pilot when I experts are in my career that I learned from my BitTorrent client it is reaping immediate jump on it makes him the first deadline. Think it would ever want to get hit by a pretty bad and being able to check out the lakers spread that was something else but that we'll keep the can be linked. I key areas we continue to carry in order booty extra or near ABC news fifteenth sports reporter Boller on Twitter at Geary in or Cary. Avaya here at fox former Kentucky point guard he makes a little news today in the base like to root out. This is in N out burger now is the located there in Arizona what do these three states where you can get it double double you know an animal style Fries I'll public good you know. What is it today here I'm drawn up like a pot guys aren't we got it spot guy. I'd act I'd say. I've seen it here at fox dissing it and now please stand up for all my outlook double double right now leaks. We read and exchange support right now we're yeah that mapping it out and back compared. Simple classic cheese burger not overly greedy would ratchet. They might have made no food and butter but that's great hitting water and that it like to Brighton brand new belt on a good over the side. It. On eight and eight is now on the ballot that the knowledge to the ball down and went down what you're about a mile out from it now because. We are. No I don't think it are you. I would have now what are you better interpret and now there's nothing that compares it not I don't know he's gone back. We knew we don't look at their thing in and out and. He's at Texas guys they probably easily able to order a water bird I what are. Her record. And. I like a real quickly won the biggest gains ecology all this week get your southern cal trojans make it their way over this a bit there's been a few classics that they are your thoughts do winners. Do when your eyes and their impact I think about it I don't think like a rat pack clean. And they don't even need a bush put on the anything I've hit a miracle that we can't we keep with that. I went up but two point conversion last week in. You know something about going without and end at eight edgy. Yeah. I'm not. Middle really healthy rivalry with the QQ how are but it'll be hacked out to be really cool to be different for I think. It'll be a lot of fun. Well listen it's always a pleasure to catch up with you again that we just tell our listeners to apply it to quitter to hear me and warned today. A it that you were taken some time with this here today have a little fun with this on this Tuesday. At. All right. Our right to before we go out to break right at the right one apart local media members under the bus right now is that just text and better Colin and defend himself okay. Guess who agrees. With that crazy professional. Basketball players that made the comment about it and I art group Brett. Who week dearly love it I think I really officially won again it is at one year point at the Spartanburg herald her. How in the world. He feat in and now is overrated your point I sure that we can still be that's got to appreciates good meal. Yeah it often it is now under the bus. You would even sot win these entries and now yet now that it'll tell you what eight years box this. Today said that week that he was number I mean active scene where he's gone from what we've. Burton and these are the only conversation that you could theoretically at somebody got in on it not lap is due. Debate if it's in now or podcasts that's the only one anything else besides. Don't get re water burger don't give me a McDonald's big Mac don't know where you're now seeing believe it or not that you're missing one of my favorites in this mix the ears that that Amato well. Well I'm just trying to get satellite stake in shaking get in the Briscoe beltway. It's good but it. And it has I don't know not in the ankle included in the conversation. Air point insult that week. Yeah he's created for that we've never had any fun with boys and art like I'd have wheat rice. I felt like if that's what it's like if they'll disappointment in your child. When you read that on Twitter. It islamists and wreak stories that social media light that is slap him for making that comment if he's out there in the world list here the better. Yeah it did give us that all these better defeated yourself on that went all right we have opened and for the rest Howell Brian McKee. For as the yen. In let's sit. I can even talk a little NASCAR racing with them at 6 o'clock has just started his wife in south. Rode by on Friday night to see miles and miles that people at the now in the grass hills and all was Talladega. Is we drove by on Sunday we find our trip back to make sure the race was going on so leading get stuck on night waiting. And that's about all you can talk about the Talladega race. Anyway tell us who won. A NASCAR driver I advise that aren't frightening is. Isn't as you probably have a better team than anybody out who wanted a board a little like that they actually like the area that is drivers' needs help it's all the ones that I used to that. I'm not sure they're still driving my honest I didn't even deal with still NASCAR's season I. You know I still keep they keep maker made bill tonight the actual quarterback proclivities that at NASCAR driving me. If there ever was what are right 844 TSB yes yes. So this is what the response siders got for what air appointment the Spartanburg herald or older paternal. I about it details tonight about torched or something yeah I suspect says. Net you'll like in and out you better get the heck got its own room tonight you know every some distance between what price Atkinson. Is I'm not sure that we get a lady portraits by edit now how Phoenix the last two years we've been out there she it would last time we ate outside or would it be privacy. Didn't I've. I I'd roll. I will ever forget that fixes that would separate law on Saturday he'll radio room basically shut radio wrote down in them so this is suitable. If that's at that price it's your night. People were committed it would sort of walk we walk over and lots more like deletes cookies and everything the market aero and the only dot it's that you know what. One business. Does like you like or would it be whatsoever salute when I got equipment hop back on video mark was right back out to. The Bart station and we're at an Al player it was let's start dehydrated he asks you just add water had eaten Pittsburgh. NFL you know making replied oh yeah and it's an edit. You know asked to use their tap water political breakup with guy whose sports were. Not Westwood went on one they gave us tour that's it's a gift protests. Sounds like the NFL's got bigger cities but the conversation that was had out there's he's won the conversation. The law that you. Usually -- increased at an exact may have said like the re work it off for twenty minutes about what a corporate greed rip ball you know. That was on while we were headed out burgers how site next very packets it was that is. In the end ice to his it was you know what early Cutler it is that we head back of this inquiries. You know what it that nights apart like that night where ever credited Angel on oil. On aliens. I'll never forget on our audience up at a sectional in the back of our weekly column I. Well all of will be gone forever on the upon it earlier in the night before on Saturday you've better clean this there mark rod matter tell the expert on this when we were at a place up out of the date but you'll also this is where did declare by this it's -- the -- poised -- place where they're February's not everything so it's that we had to look for a little bit it is right and it's early February the mayor that rise you know that's basically that's going on it I like it would be at 8 o'clock pocket knives and axes about it on the week through room one wildly treatments it but it. Now like you're now we went into the saint place we would the night before. Next on totally yeah it would take completely different scenes we did note the scene to see that we sit up at the bar. You know a couple belts you know next you know it'll search wanders off the market leader does against the nuggets take a look at what's -- about it back you can't not go when someone else I was happy were out was that I was like you know by the time I realize that he would be on a thirty minute evil bigger sum that was a hooker who come over its hit on me he said yeah. There I'd. Like to. He. Came over. Next you know you know by the time I realized 35 minutes later he's in the back out walk back to beat back what they want the night before. Marks of section. All these people dressed up like you why eight it's like a ray are even know that. He's over there with his kids like that stopped ate it with all the women have rice there or why did I ever ever got elected price to it. We're all waits for its optimal yes no it was a note I did not say that whatever I tell all these people not ESP in upstate. Well I'll help or added these people that senator it don't feel any marriage rights that we get one guy what Auburn right. I don't vote you Beverly. On Twitter. I've seen guys have not. These pictures in an estimate I ever got the vote goes thrush song I have broke that I think we actually called our. Lives all the way to the carcasses. That you know it's there three hours by the next they collect. Any big you may see on Twitter FaceBook we were just going with the role. It's. It was yeah I do remember look at priced at one point concrete or a low weight from solid. Are right listen we cup back we're getting at it. That's they key for allowing us to go to a memory like I. I done that twice this week. Yeah I got to got to Tuscaloosa this weekend. See where I wasted so much about dad's money back in college I at the opportunity to give them a public apology right now. I will do so because you have voters. Probably took action taken years off a year all that to my brother and everything but it. Just go back there and walked on the there in built thirty again not. You're never gonna built 21 year but it still younger than you get right to earn it the year and the memories and to be able to build it stuff the lately you know that your 60000 dollars this took place there. And man that's what it's all about now what I'd rather remember all right 844 GS PE SPN. We you'll like it back yet when we come back. I welcome back here where live at smoke on the water we're gonna help some college football here. Is we come down the stretch. Is if I. I have to do. You guys wanna talk about what that 38 players who line up from the university Kentucky in the NBA. He figured it was that he's not there we bring it up well I'm Nokia PO urine segment now don't go McNamee and girl tees back in the kitchen so yes the NBA begins tonight but I'm sorry I. I'm not a three sport guy. I'm one sport guy in its football to begin with. I will now watch Major League Baseball playoffs because we are in my dad TV series at a the World Series. I act on it and give up lit that the NBA spaghetti tonight I thought they did it the right way. 34 years ago in the strike season when they kick in and around Christmas snail. You know wave causes scheduled to get him to 66 games to cause that few issues. I have no it's it's it's Meehan on October 17 for the national basketball and listen I'm a football first. God love it looks to pay people bought like to see how he does have a little idiot Kentucky ID B eight football first guy because I end that thing is if you'll lit it you go it's been in a. Kentucky you'll see that the flames there. Eighty. Want that so called ground. I mean they're right well it's one my favorite road trips I've been here three times now including last year. Yes with my introduction to this year teased at all my name. Be a mock beyoncé. Our apartment was. A block from shamrock and we would then we are we're just in the line but. I'm hopeful offers that grew up here the upstate. Mom is that I went to Kentucky. And Rachel Cobb got there so people ball's always been. Com. You know upbeat than they are my life so I'm with you mean it's the NBA does start tonight there are a lot of Kentucky guys not all but I'm. On the New York Knicks fans so. The let me we got rid of Carmelo is meant so much drama it's just like the NFL with a New York Knicks there's as many issues all the while borders there are life. Price we've got three minutes to Wear out here and I was not in our game right here right heed my point is what do you watch imported night because I know he. You're gonna be looking at it looking cousins and some of these guys all odd though is is there is a game between Boston and in that Cleveland with the trait that's gone on to that you know what it's game one of 82 games he's not not get it to stop and that the watch hockey number one at that NBA tonight I'd rather be watching on belts for all entities that. Well it's scare raises. That tonight. Of the that they would be it yea all you are you're gonna have the Celtics at Cleveland. And the rockets it warriors your pride talking about the copies or Western Conference finals right there at the only two games tonight. I mean personally that one thing I care about honestly Hubble. Like he he is a man or man. And they're close by policy globally while does that she's very interested to see that it bully in the heat out and really become this. Fifteen I immediately become a fifteen point games or as a rookie. The addition at the white hours it'll be the way our escorts went out tonight at Sam. You know fourteen rebounds thirteen rebounds a game watched report shots game. Whatever he does offensively is great up more concerned what the hornets do tomorrow night Detroit hopefully in the playoffs what is it what will this do. If we don't know what's gonna happen if we see kneeling there in the nationally it them starting tonight in the level what does that do for you with the NBA in the forty's scheme one. And an 82 game regular there's a rule in place in the NBA where happily they key to. It's its patent high school sports I saw I got it well Ottawa high school football team last wooded. It that the oh god. May. Dot Irvin who would double Olympic swimmer won a ultimately it. In the the other day and everybody's doing it now so it's almost like so diluted now but. You know it BA owl ended the year the way it the super teams are now. In a lot of ways that people pay attention to April uniqueness and things mean because Golden State is ridiculous 58 paper that we watch how you beat idol. They let that sink in verse five to eight odds of Golden State. I don't know a single person that is. If you're taking its Golden State you'd probably need your anything. Well it all begins tonight will get into it later like asset I have kind of a rule though you know I I have a wife and child. He would take on the NBA the week about something they'll sit at least asked to be college football come January night you know what I mean I'm with you it's like he's fifty years old do you learn a new name out of this is a no win now that you do us a lot at the press box clumps and on Saturday or comfort game and I got a basketball you know what's basketball star op got back. That is that your tired it is a Kentucky wildcat and I felt like here it is a back and had a really cool Alabama football teach or brag about it there it's tired to give up. On Friday at in our am all right welcome back or Ryan McGee from ESPN's.