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Are you out of and it. It is a tease it isn't a straight up was stirred we live in houses smoke on the water price that instance it in my right. We've got a guy said it's here with this today it's gonna sit in a little bit there out aimed at. We always love our police officers here on the show you know we have this year for equal in that studio. What was that off Friday would Josh because of the visit from president it's about last night we have Allan deckers are left now we're. Dockers and so now you know lasted Decker because it just had this long we got its big Decker. He got. What it would policies that brought the office building diesel the dumpster get up. It is Decker and that's why it's it's in I had a long talk about it because of trying to get in touch with Decker to do some work with forty but that. Alan dockers with the easily police department lets it. I get diesel in BA begins tonight. You care about as much as I'd do about the NBA beginning tonight but obviously with these two basketball periods maybe there's some here. I make a fix that grilled cheese back in the smoke on the water kitchen first segment and let yelled out you BA in the come back on. And we can get there what real men wanted to talk about right now and that's football. As well as the baseball playoffs clear. There are fair okay but listen we got a lot of things to get into today we're gonna have some fun. 445 it's our friend Bayer solely. From CBS sports as well as he podcasts SEC smothered and covered at a hole but other things as well if 520. Time to get hungry for the Major League Baseball playoffs with our frank here band born from out west is that listed. Sign me up very LA Dodgers game here in the next week or so and then finally we will get on the businesses 605 with our friend Ryan McGee. From ESP yen in between we'll take your phone calls there's a lot of different things to get into today Geist. College football we can take a look back at the weekend we can take a look at the mid season notes in the NFL. You know ironically enough price all the needs today is off the field stuff. Shocker shocker shocker I'd rather a lot of people are tired on it yet because it's up and but off the field crap it is one thing after the other today in unfortunately. I'd rather talk actually sat down and watch the second half last night. The Tennessee Titans in the Indianapolis Colts and let me tell you subpar play basically on one leg. Marcus Murray and it was it may very impressive for the Tennessee Titans are bringing them back in that second half to a team that's dale win over Indianapolis but again. An army where things are in the standings right now because all the needs it we will get into NFL wise. It's going to be stuffing garbage off the bill which is making war more people get a last Sunday's arts and bad beer with but mainly right. Well I'll take it and talked NFL not the off the fields that up because I think is a legitimate question to be asked in now that is Aaron Rodgers is. How for the foreseeable future. With a broken collarbone is now all the time that Colin -- predict his side because. At this point. With the green Bay's situation. Having to go with Rhett Huntley quarterback that would be the move that would make it by Green Bay at this point to ring Colin Capp predict the end at this point. It see what he can do because I've got a Packers fan. But I know enough from watching Brett Huntley a little bit see in the stats in you know what he did on. On Sunday that I would feel really. Let's just call uncomfortable. You're gonna hitch your wagon Brett Conley for the next six he did weeks. With Aaron Rodgers broke column while I can buy that argument writes let me ask you this I don't think the elders that team out there that can sign Collie can't predict based off the fact that he's filed a lawsuit it's the NFL for collusion with every single day. I they can until he drops at. Or somehow it settled. He is next himself out of the NFL for the foreseeable future we teach you its sights on body the suing your your business yes I agree with that. Wholeheartedly which is why I told him to go and file that lawsuit when he did with it effectively. Pop probably ended his playing career as at least in the near term because if he had any hopeful going somewhere is quarterbacks know we're gonna drop like flies because this is it FL and this is what happens when you gave it bodies. 380 pound trucks. You're gonna be out you're gonna lose guys and so. I think it was a stupid and never got his here and told you need to go off and to litigate this thing. And file a lawsuit because that was not the Smart yet would've had a possible avenue. The plate again I just don't see now that lawsuit but. That was the case this would be Smart time at least not in I'm not supporting. Cap it off fields I'm supporting cap pretty it's got that Mike we used some football team with your current situation. Let me say she's obligated to this rule quickly with Allen again he's a member of the easily police department served our country as well in the armed forces which branch. Army art course delay in the reserves into the reserves out of Fort Jackson. I don't I just some by that works pays about taxes try to take care of my wife who's a two time breast cancer survivor and a sixteen year old child. Ask her up from time to time every what's a lot to all the lines in the C and it's an inappropriate battle against what probably dealing with one right now that I will get myself out of went all said and done but. You're the only one right here price sway of the he works with USA early but you know it's not the military. This. Do the NFL players. Dealing during the nationally that have been do you is a current reserve member. It's somebody that fought for this you fall for this country because that's not what the message was supposed to be originally but it seems like that's what it's turned into it stinks it becomes convoluted. Well I will tell you it doesn't really didn't mean what a what are things you need. Is. What the story has the hall right it is it's the com. Well now. That the act rather than the message it I have seen things go around what are high school main members taking knees it's like. Want it to this point you even know. What you were what your your protest is it doesn't affect me what offends me is the fact that. This off the field stuff has taken something that I used to love. It is is. Mitigated as what you talked not having your Sundays with your family now. My lot beyoncé can test that we first met she is like Saturdays and Sundays. There's twelve the sixteen year sorry honey in the fall we're not do anything well now it is something that on a Sunday you know what. I used to love it that they'll grow on me in my then we would pay game against each other member watch NFL primetime every Sunday night with permanent Tom Jackson. It now. Mean I used my Sundays as do others them because it is only. It's not about what's going on all of the deal about what's going on off but it's as far as actual protest now it it doesn't fit me now. When cap winners socks it. You know demean the bomb you know members of long where's that at some other you know yeah I take offense to that let's. He's entitled to do diets and I can't debt that you know I have a father in law that was career airports are right fought two wars for this country well after he retired from the airports served our government. With air traffic control. I know what the original message was but it's we said that message has been lost because there's been no dialogue there's been no effort this the other try to fix these things. It's just he would go longer it's gone on without making any kind of solution. Now the NFL's and Aikman. They're viewership is dropping Anheuser-Busch is taking a look at one point five billion dollars in sponsorship money to NFL. Ratings are dale drastically at this point. In. I don't know way to fix this I don't know it it almost feels like. The cat so far at the back I'm not sure we keep do I made the case yesterday. If mama San Francisco 49ers season ticket holder right mail you don't price we were out that stadium that is the most. Wired stadium in the NFL obviously out there at central. I don't watch spend that money up ES cells outspent in a ridiculous amount of money out season ticket in icy night that he winless at this point. But the guys seem more willing to meal it but yet for the nationally at them. I'm making a cult ownership that general manager did it's time to start replacing some players pretty it means you're more worried about football in this start. They fixed state it's not everything's perfect willing to admit that you know what I mean. But at this point I don't see your return on investment when it comes to being seen Francisco 49ers season ticket. Holder right not I agree completely. Likes it there it doesn't help that there. Absolutely. Terrible it like decent it's just it's it's hurting entirely open and prices at. It's it's more about the act that about the message in. You've seen that the routes they're so much misinformation as well. It and is at it's just the best reason why we hurting haven't felt stress going on our personal lives and enough old enough to worry about. I'm not saying this is weighing us down. I don't mean to turn on Sundays in law basically EC people arguing over this it's like yet and so stick to Saturdays Sundays amount. That's what we're gonna do it if that's what we're gonna do right here but we are gonna look at some of this off the field stuff when it comes to the NFL today because some other isn't there theory newsworthy no less. As well as college football the Major League Baseball playoffs last night the Yankees skidded eight it went 821 win. Over the Houston Astros here at 50 wait. They'll have first pitch at Yankee Stadium is. New York tries to eat and that Ceres it too also deny it nine no way yet count on it now I know wait. In Chicago ball places for that kind of start. The LA Dodgers who lead the cubs to enough that. They will. Do war the Dodgers a really I think you'd be insurmountable three enough that lead. It take to get the win tonight said. Two two Major League Baseball playoff games the divisional series hurtful effect one another interesting note from. Major League Baseball an article up on baseball America. That will touch on as well. They're the expansion into means coming to Major League Baseball. Because I'm telling you guys. I'll watch but sixteen year old daughter you've got you'll have family on the way he gutsy young ones pricing Clinton did it your they're listening we hope you get the feeling better team this school today. I don't have four and a half hours to watch a nine inning Major League Baseball game as we solve the other night thirteen minutes in one back. I agree I mean he price some on the big nationals fans that they were playing the cubs is deciding game five. Bomb in acting targeted any on the okay it'll be over around eleven I'm good to get. It capped the 1130. It was the fourth or fifth inning at this point. Aimed it it was a rather large score margin that's like eight to four because the company got a. I had to get up for work it's not the next one I just didn't I didn't make a decision I mean I missed a great game but. I mean my personal health is more important to our heads indicate that until like one after one a year I'd bet to around 130. It's a race yet so I listen first I'm getting no number two I've got a sixty year old that. Takes you know I it's not as bad as to scenario wanted diapers but there's a lot of effort because it Friday will be a happy day and our allies when Lester Brooke is now driving full time. At least within our view our he or house the side agreeable specifically east north street between. Between Bayern east side high school just beyond your bad start Friday. Just know the act at your eyes open on both sides the at the product at that side because sixteen year old let's see Brooke started school physically be out there. On the road and listen. She is on the training classes so you know I that 25 program. She adds that three hours in the car on Thursday in this another three hours on Friday the last now or will include driving that's a I they that we had done everything to prepare this now sixteen year old child is the road probably a better driver than. The majority of people that are currently. On the road I'd absolutely and even it would end did the the most important part. While the car yet yet they watch out that's the biggest step. That matter or 90s16. That's our own ball well no bets she's my daughter. If that was the sign he can probably driving are held an open Plymouth horizon from 1988. But my daughter. That you there's so be it accident let's just hope it's not too bad that she Bender in somebody else that. She needs to be safe because she's my one and all all right we'll come back we'll open up the minds like guys said we'll take a look at some of the NFL off the bill leaves. But you can get him with dusted 844 G as the ESPN and also hit us. On the care a lot of coaches tax line that 71307. Just make sure you put ESPN. At the front of the text don't forget will give a fourth if the guy. He word out that you can have a chance to win 8000 dollars. All right welcome back did is we are lied here it spoke of water Bart surges can give the Apollo on Twitter start to sports price it Pryce sacked it's an officer Alan darker with the easily police department with this in diesel back it ESP and a six studios. Follow on Twitter and it would say this especially for out of a police officer. Follow it your own risk all right but it is definitely work that have followed the the world's most decent sports talk radio apartment. Tiger op followed both prices always. Price likes. The product Furl every. Athlete likes a troll me. Note no question. Eyes eyes on analyst role that much of a roll up like a lot of straight after somebody yeah yeah yeah it's. Like I said I would not brighter eyes dealing with they troll right yeah that's what you. You get for tweet about politics yet well you know what I guess what. They were here and they were paid gene that some people look like a fool but that's that's all right with the in FL commissioner Roger Goodell odors it beats team represented about the players union. It players themselves are meeting today. To discuss ways to be quote move from protest the progress. Wonder with jet PR firm in Washington DC read that quote. For Roger Goodell the here's the deal they're saying now that they want to get the attention back on the team football itself. I would ask all three of you guys starting with diesel back in the studio. Mean he did that in this 2017. Season my personal opinion that ship it's already sell bit diesel. If they get this back in the football because. Honestly. The quality of football NFL level has it been that great itself this year as well. Well you know finally takes a short amount of time to lose somebody it takes an awful long time to build that trust back up so. You know if if they think they're gonna go out and do a six week campaign and suddenly get 100% of their viewership back it's not gonna happen and this is gonna take. Two or three years to get them all back. You guys this is not a quick fix you can you can main data everybody's standards always gonna be won that one is always gonna create conversation. You know it'll pop love it you know I'm just gonna tell yeah it takes two to tango it's a while the NFL's trying to get their house in order. It is like Donald Trump who are gonna continue to fan the flames signal lautner you know they should be focusing on our nation and issues acted this what do you know. Quadruple in the dip in you know Baker's dozen times or will they should be fired were just. Let us get our house in order to focus on other thing that does not help the situation. Get nailed noted that the NFL will have a play and ready to that date tempers at the players were guarding the that quote like many of our fans we believe that every once stay in for the National Anthem prevail right. It's an important moment in our game we want to honor our flag and country and our audience expect that of us. Quote we cared deeply about our players have respect their opinions and concerns about critical social issues. The controversy over over the eighth the busy there your tech having honest conversations. In making real progress on the underlying issues. All right. I want to follow up this with what I heard Josh Phillips today when I was driving down here and I agree with a 100%. I'm sorry NFL players are nothing more than Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks and anybody else or nothing but entertainers. When they're loaded with mayor in uniform on the field. They are they're part theater payment purposes why because we are football means we are paid a lot of money. To a go to the gains are being watched he gains seem cared deeply about. I don't wanna see in the middle of a great Tom Hanks movie this. Yeah political statement so get away from it they ate at this is by personal pain so. I think some might means to make the notice that these guys that they are nothing more than eight entertainers they're just doing it on television. In a football game in not in any movie they are not rights act since it. Why am not that percent disagreed because yet they are for entertainment but the role models and you can't disagree the fact that you got to bits that are yay high wearing ULE LeBron Jersey walking on the street and they are role models they are entertainers. All the buildings uniform they're human beings in role models all but they make the message rail beat off the field stuff. The vs the three and a half hours. When it's entertainment but they are also role models on the court to Bible way you can go out the carrier I don't sportsmanship and other things like that it's not just simply exclusive about what the formal plea deepen. They're things go win two. You know whether it be student athlete or wrote there's things that aren't are just simply about the crap that. The bill went in making the hockey and you go out there and you act like a jerk on the court you're gonna get fouled you're gonna get heat up I am with you want that I'm just saying. You're making that money because you're really good your craft. In in all honesty sports is nothing but entertained if we don't have another NFL game we don't have another he would be a game. God forbid at stake that get it deep diesel that get it at state football games you don't get a Kentucky basketball game. Be a bit of a football game you. Yet the NFL with your dad back in the day some talk about the next day and guess what we're still gonna have issues that we have to deal wit. With that our country with an art brilliantly with them our government. Don't tell that those kids went in the army navy game out of its board entertainment and those two yeah. Got your first thing I hear what you're saying I I put those it's on a different platform. I know how hard these kids what's that work wide weeks the right and I see those guys are on a different level with what all they have to go through on it day in day out basis. Just view. Gift from Osama this unveiled at an out this homicide at the target yet innings today played for the cowboys three time Super Bowl champion and air force academy graduate who won the outlook trophy in 1987. I was interviewed him earlier today from my terrorist enemy football podcasts and I mention yet this is a what's going on the NFL now it's these guys are being simply used his political pawns. And that the straight that's gone on these guys that being a lot it. Into the state and yet he didn't like it one bit. Well the other day two other pieces of information that are coming out at parties for Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott. Now it's set up an emergency meeting with the NFL why they're trying to get that that six games Spitzer never at the domestic violence allegations. If not cut they omitted backs that we can keep on playing. Eight. You know that's it you're staying at its own right it's gonna effect the at Dallas Cowboys. I still say in the long run. Yet Ezekiel would have been better off appealing in this state get any drop from six to three games if they would it done it because that's how they typically work in the past. He turned the light at the scene in the NFL's not gonna back gale here and that's why they're gonna have this in the US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. Trying to get Ezekiel Elliott back on the football field for the Dallas cowboy. It's blades wide unites states that from the very beginning he obviously feels that he didn't do it now they should be evidence you know they should show what they've got. Because yeah obviously says. Is under percent that he didn't do the cowboys obviously are backing him. They don't think he did it make the track record shows it's not you know you can't use that evidence of things he's done before. But. My point what I said Friday is. Six game suspension like he set appeal at. But regardless wanted to set the thing now even if it got dropped before the cowboys would still be in the same situation right now probably to a three where they are right now. Except now they got uncertainty moving forward a lot of other things swirling around him. Now particularly he still has yet sit a game where he might end up having to sit six now that you could say they possibly have a situation. Their season is going to be thrown away now. Six are staying. Absolutely it out yet here's where. This is the one gets to me. Allen you're the app police officer here. Age age you know it's a yet outnumbered male in my household with the white in his sixteen Euro to I'll I have no tolerance for domestic violence whatsoever. This has excited the at rather NFL work on getting there house in order with because it's been an issue a lot of off the field stuff. Yeah it was we want these guys to be role models prices really hard it's difficult but look at this that it I'm surprised. Because we interviewed him one of the most of Ayers but as I've ever made price Atkins intake Allen. Was out on radio doesn't mayors out on it was period out on radio row the Super Bowl it's Francisco a couple of years ago is it yeah Ali it's stale that's for fifteen minutes. We had a great interview with them. If he's wearing his BCS title race for the art that skis college football playoff rivalry for the first hear about what its national team has its future rate. At a house indictments recorded in the oil prices have. Brass up. Hope that a price that is Kentucky's lingering on in guess what. Asked not to change all now that means. Socket and to put their greens take up but this was happy to do it prices like I'm getting Italy. So it appears is that that's their pitcher besides your ha ha moment I had the idea that you got to her the fact that you got a pretty good memory about it and at a price that's that's a bigger. Person they populace at the bigger. And I got within each passing some of these rings at these guys now they want speaking of Osama but he on an apartment like regular that. No and they gave up their offer basketball so cheap beat you bring Saturday boy those were that was that Neitzel on iron and now that they might. Maybe maybe covers it up. Things two so again. I guess what I'm saying is for dealing with him one on one graded for fifteen minutes but now it is even more respectful. It's. He used quite this position. There's probably a couple of out policies in the earns him. That's something else because we saw reached over grabbed the woman simpler. Exposes her at Marty on them or this probably match in this adding in the the universality of it having been in the Marty roe V guide's. I'm not gonna claims sobriety. Better I've updated that our war. Earlier years not totally in. Yeah where you can also play you know and I'm shop with it but those things in these are all problems as well because again. The that the owner of the at Jacksonville Jaguars haven't come out and apologized to the military today it's a matter of fact we'll have a real quick segment at a they're easily elements that we come back straight with starts like smoke on one. All right welcome back yeah well head right back out into a couple of minutes why because we're gonna get the gas line for the first time today here in a view with bears to leave but this is though last wanna I wanna get to you in the NFL you remember the Jacksonville Jaguars. They now there in the nationally at them over in London. But what kind of got the ire of everybody is they all stay in for god save the queen which is the British National Anthem. In people were legitimately upset my opinion will guess what the owner of the jaguars. Had to come out and apologize to the military Saint Louis in Jacksonville Florida people don't realize with the naval air station and everything ailment. That is a huge military. Area of the country. He says quote this was an oversight and certainly not intended to send a message that we despaired you are black or our nation. I heard they got an ear full. Through Jacksonville Jaguars did in that he is this is what probably makes me angrier than anything he goes on to say quote the notion never entered our mines. Of our players or anyone affiliated with the Jacksonville Jaguars but today we can understand how that fits in London on September 24. Could it be and you were misinterpreted. We owe you an apology and we hope you will accept it. Yes that's the kind of gains at the NFL has daily web parts is getting ready for Thursday night football. Here in guys you'll be able to hear that game. Thursday night. Right here on ESP in upstate where we come back you can hear mayor solely from CBS sports as well as he SEC smothered and covered podcast. It's straight it was start continued slide. From smoke on the water. All right welcome back into the gas line for the first time today as it is written on Twitter it will be glorious in the Maynor made of right to take its target Bret Baier solely from CBS sports as well as the best SEC podcast smothered and covered. And bear. I'm not sure we have anything to talk about when it comes to Southeastern Conference football this week do. God there's not much going on it like it. Pretty collar on it. Art. In having so listen we're gonna start with that a state first about which got under stay in the sponsor about just spoke on the waters and by Tennessee grad nap. After this past week did you know touchdowns in the past he gains what noted that the last in quarters I believe actually. Where do we go from here because bills like we've been on death watch it's 41 not that loss to Georgia. Well you got to buckle it that detail what didn't. Look Allah. Hot yeah I don't know what panic hop didn't technically. John Kerry doing it you get there to have dealt by letting the whole thing linger under. The ought did. You know preserved to recruit directly damaging to recruiting class by letting this thing linger we thought that meant it noted a commitment on Saturday. You know it. It inevitable and I speak every. Are you that the big schools are reluctant it make it even changed because of the yearly audit period amid the number. And it being. They're all. They're not being polite yet the tunnel you know your agent now and you're did it in three weeks ago. You actually have a luxury BP you can go out there and and put her name on the market. Guy and it and be ready to hit the ground running at spirited rivalry weekend wrap up. Man. We all know that eight you all think they had their diet but within that few good app we thought brain. There's going to be a lot of lied a lot of posturing and audit the and they're going to be a lot of eight. I you have to at intended it plain and that it be can go out there and make contingency plan. Available viewed himself. With a clear cut opening and are not doing it and add that act because byproduct of a lot of abbate is not what he did beat back any they can disperse go realm nearly brought it here. All right pared its price made great to have you back on it. You know when you go from one coats your firmly hot seat that I have still shot that Butch Jones even is still has the title head coach your pursuit Tennessee football but. You go to the College Station and look at what Evans someone's done a god it was basically leopard did. After the first two weeks of the season. Now the Aggies are five and two Phillip bond has really grown into the starting quarterback position if you look at the schedule with what the Yankees have coming up. And it likely gonna be eight and two that they can beat Auburn holds. Before the last two that'll listen in at. At LSU. Where's the situation with Kevin somewhat now it's still a tenuous situation or is this look Kevin's son was firmly placed himself off that hot seat. It was Scott Woodward they're in College Station. Or what not yet currently on coast to sell off because it yet but will work it out there it eight or not good enough. Ally and he immediately regretted it because I think we all have what it deep and point out there haven't public debate or not in three and you know with the with the way even it played out with you on that roster I'd that we all. Are are in agreement the party could eat it aren't great but pretty good he'd been in a certain date that. So I think what. Problems that that kept what add is that you could do enough to keep that job but politely. Op but it. Get it you're not urgent that it. So. You are to Europe you got. You that you were not there yet even a bit where Yuri the obviously it but it restaurant you you have a pretty good team but it. You're you're you're not really able my dad did that the actors know and neck have been formidable well or a the gold or you're not landing spot. Would it job that it apparently adds that Egypt because. Quite frankly it beat you picked a guy I'd beat you picked. Dealing with the stuff that yet to deal with that that there and they're coached. But I'd I don't eat eat eat. What buyer act beat Scott Woodward it is it is a Smart enough guy recognize. You know eight or 93 wood bit being that it's pretty good considering it out think the play out. All right let's say in the SEC west with Beardsley CBS sports college football writers series at some hosts and also. Host creator of the smothered and covered podcast one of my favorites at the top of my playlist on apple podcast every single week. It will follow on Twitter Beardsley at pier one a teams but you're not high on LSU at the beginning of the season. And I'm still trying to make it try to figure out what happened last week because I thought I was with you and age you were talking last week on your smothering cover podcast he thought Auburn was want to roll LSU. I thought they were actually going to roll them out at Death Valley especially considering what we sign in or shrugs team the week before giving the situation right now would LSU and at or Sharaud down there at the by you as well as custom house on an Auburn. Well. Or rotted and opened a little more stability he's done what east that you can do a law you do it and that was sort of speed control duke. Coordinator then and it took a little while the little longer than maybe a lot of it ought political but he did and in court yeah now. Europe but it that'll be immediately and read about a I have all day you know it did too but they all urgent. Put a good one that was taken out and now. Due in large part because now not an ego I EE. It ego it bought them but of their game. They shouldn't be called addition beat LSU. Verbally but it equally important one man at all bought that game. The bite what do you think it makes simple adjustment but now you think you pop beat. Even a little bit created a you know upper Auburn it. Where you go per year because there's only at what rate they want it to you law LSU at its peak will be a killer. But they all that good that it by being on the way to schedule played. Equipment I'm got out on. You know it he did it depends on on on how to eat personally react to it because they're up it's still very. Well it. You know between the pack a lot of time out on what the aggregate the way and certainly don't Saturday Mike Dietrich you know. And through forget that it's got a bear solely make sure you just give a follow on Twitter at its name with CBS in the main street check out that smothered and covered podcast bear let me throw this went out for you. Kentucky they've got Mississippi State this weekend they Gatti wounded Tennessee team in the and they got Vanderbilt. The did you do you envision the even the possibility. That the wildcats in Georgia. Could be playing for an SEC east title game here and a few weeks because it Kentucky handles their business coming up that bye week. They legitimately. Have a shot it go into Georgia at nine and one. It's debut typically have a chat you restored not a wide belt it it will keep the lead the league that. Make it that is not very good and take that eat at the lead it got Matt is accused. In that they gawk at the leader read a limited although it you like incompetent and. Betty now they they're up the blind guy you know the problem that you'd meet you yet theoretically you're at that you had a lot in market. I think. That he had as good or product of. Pretty deep circuit bit the party is scheduled to pop up the line at the right time. And and really. You know. Florida game I know they date date that would they're one bought. Giving up that may point to that -- EU in the Arctic that they could be huge is it actually it back and I know on the promise it'll negate that. I think that I don't think become I think a lot of a lot of teams are gonna put up a lot a point that he couldn't let it start we can't get the state. All right you've it to the gamecocks are about that price here we are fifteen to nine win come and out of Knoxville and don't look now you know coming out that Kentucky loss beep or saved six and six. Now you know eight for better when it comes to the game cuts your thoughts on will mushy at second season. You do a great job a second place in the title fight through it again. You know aside from you know a couple of big game obviously with what one bit and went and with Georgia. Where idea where the law. I don't I don't beat many patty you pointed portray a pretty solid speed that. I in year QB. Without even handle because you do you still have playmaker but he requested it connected it to be run without battle it looked like they could get an eight. I don't at the continued need that in the court today I think. To build it right wreck it it's gonna be up brought it because I think everybody up you know it taught. That. The government party there aren't there when you Spurrier let the that we you are dead and directly due to beat courier and his lack of recruiting poignant there it did it take the third being happy or are getting better they'll continue to go there. And they'll continue to build just typical. All right bear last question for at their unique staples monsters exit on Sunday morning listen you guys. And yell or talking got a lot of buck calls about Nebraska in the dumpster fire going on they're. It's Ayers Rock Natalie can file Ohio State. Is that job is good result Lotta people perceive it to be because people think Nebraska they peak old school technique you know the twelfth. This is clearly a different situation there in the big twelve what Miller vice hiding out here for Scott frosting in the you'll be there next it coach. They hired athletic director that was completely out of the box. Is that Nebraska job that good of a job that a lot of people perceive it to be. Right good because you have the retort is that you don't have the record date it directly at the ticket it's you it is that you find to guide you in view. You know bore with let that beat beat it. Why you have the resource and that you have the fact he did at the tradition and all of that up. But you're not out yet and and that. That the beat the big doubts. It's not accurate job but is it one that. The right coach running the right fit and Ed abbey on it except where it. I don't get barely a dot brought. Should be tech guy back that they got up brought probably out who that rips it connects with the rapid this dumping out a lot like Urban Meyer did. You know when notre at oral about the open. And do you know I. Beat the brat if only need a reality check they need to go all tree unique. And got brought it to you need it not been at the net you run Mike Lee even know I know he denied any connection there. It made eagle there but that. I don't higher would be the right do. You can go the complete other action Tinder about the Lola. And took a lot. Would be the right do. They're did Udall app yet we but YouTube had been that it be predicted the court and I beat that. Attracted to do to a lot of coaches but app indeed the right. The unique enough where everybody yell net net thick and wet and you know look at you would and sort of you with something new what would make air sort period where you wanted. All right there let's is always a pleasure to get together with you live you paying here for just dissect it organic get marked key word away. You can text it is 7288 wanted even you have a T it's to win a thousand dollars he gets like that would be a bad. They offer about eleven minutes on straight up was start as always do it is so much fun to catch up with the I. That's bears are right it is set tie we got some appetizers delivered to the table with the easily you know what let's giveaways and free money.