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I welcome back can't find no power in Richmond we had a lot of fun today but we're gonna bring hit the ailment not spurs' second if you will but it is here. We've seen a lot of stuff go on first of all you have to Mel hill from ESPN was put on two weeks' probation. In suspension. For her slew of weeks the other day you go talking about quite honestly affecting. Via the business of the Dallas Cowboys by having people go out there boycott their sponsors because. You know. Jerry Jones is said his players were gonna be standing there in the national hit the nail. Somebody needs to get into the NFL rule book because we've read the rule. Exactly how it is worded added the NFL's own rule book in these guys are breaking the rules by kneeling for the national hit them it says stand up. Your helmet under your left arm your right or it it says so yeah and they care at operations manual or are not a rule book. Operations manual rule book guy right so we're getting into some great here we are all right it's all gravy OK. To Mel hill Lotta people including Al Sharpton went out this is unfair we're gonna go boycott ESPN I'm sorry freedom people need to go read the US constitution we're not get into one side or the other here. Which is what you know freedom to speech isn't free. Freedom of speech is in the court of law things of that nature when you work for a private company that his worn jeans for what are your previous tirades. If you could do it again there is no freedom of speech for Javelle hill and she's quite lucky she let it fired. Mean this is why I say it some are her others it ESP NE gotten in trouble of social media onetime. And they were cut loose now she has been suspended for two weeks in near Madeira. I'm sorry you were warned. You were warned by the copied it right she ate paycheck. This ain't gonna happen again did you go back out there and do. I have no wish she swiped the keys you've worked for that company. They make the rules if you wanna go work for somebody else beat fight about it but now we got a situation here. With the division three football team Albright College in Pennsylvania. Has now cut their backup quarterback. For dealing during last week's gain during the nationally at them it's a sophomore by the name which I read Durante. He took Indy before this past Saturday staying he says quote. I was taught the fight for what you believe inning you don't doubt that any one number one. There's some truth and that the number of guests you will about him to somebody. He's culture boss later on that you hope that you have a fair boss then as your best interest at heart but. Sooner or later you're going to be working at a private company and let me trustee. You're about failed to somebody else's wish it's that's the way the business world works number one is that a fair fair point. Very fair all right and it doesn't matter if it's private or public. Company all right ESPN's a public company look. Their policies are in place and that's why they were able to suspension Bill Hill this goes on professional college football players and athletes in other sports have been dealing are protesting during the at the in the movement was started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Capra nick last season over his view a police mistreatment of black males. Thus goal which is division three Albright College. Says deride day was cut because he violated eighteen decision to show unity by kneeling there any coin toss but Steve being during the national get them. The school says the players understood. There would be consequences. For anyone that didn't support the team's decision. All right. Guess what let me give you a little civics lesson right now. Three yards or did you go to vote. The majority win it's all right minus may be the presidential election which is based off Electoral College. Why because they never want the big city areas controlling. How the election breaks dale just simply due to the number of people living in those areas all right. This team win in in both together as eighteen of what they would do which would be milled during the coin toss it and stay in for the national let them. That was it good enough for this child. He decided guess what I'm gonna show up all other teammates regardless of the decision that we tainted. I have no sympathy for this child being taken off this football team it sucks. Just like. You better find out now as a sophomore backup quarterback they there are re Brooke I should support your actions and other shameful thing and all this. Is that why we're all into this I'm not getting into the political side of it. That's DR Weaver now lost that deal because again yet to go back into the story realize that the college effort it. This about disrespecting your country this all came about. Because he felt like there was that did it. I'm sure there's a lot of truth in that. I'm saying right now. I have had all how can the coach how could this school do it. Did you know why we are back to get into a case where will protect one to screw everybody else because one person got their feelings are. Well unfortunately we're back to that whole stance. Not talking about the issue from the original situation. And so. Why are we now going into other conversations about continued let somebody go for this offense can you suspend somebody for. This offense it's not about that at all. I admire this individual that he had he had enough corruption and yes he edited out. The confidence that he can take a stand. But you can't cry foul when you know that there's consequences and as you mention freedom of speech. Does not equal freedom of consequences. And so with your actions or what you say there's going to be consequences good or bad in you have to understand that. Did your team voted for this as a geek in you know what. The majority ruled in this vote if you didn't like it should quit the team and gun somewhere else spit each notes. This gift goes to show up this team now this quote this. I was taught the fight for what you believe inning you don't doubt anyone I've I'll take that is about 60% truth because she will bow. You'll bow before your god you bow before your wife at some point later on in life. Why because she's much better you've heard it here you are in the first place. He won't Balata balls you all back alto rules within the private workplace. I think part of the problem here is is no longer what they're mature but it's what I want and be damn what the rest of you think. 100% agree and it's not about. Let's. Bush my agenda. Dale in your throat and that's what the problem is right now that we're in that point were in this situation that everybody wants their agenda. This is the only way you can Buick I'm right you're wrong just look at Martin Luther King. When he was. It it hit his movement it was not about. Here I've got this perfect planet's going to work it was I have a dream. In all those people who felt the same that. They believed that dream they came together and did action came about not this rhetoric. This is how it has to be and this is what's going to CIE. I love the bully. I want the if first I want the protest stop because it's lawless of protests are going on we're getting greater disconnect it we're not dealing with the issue at hand there is no divide there is no Lou. There's no sitting down at the table to bridge the gap here it is now getting worse I you know what. I'm not this in the NFL right now you won't be to be honest with you I've got one day off a week right mail. I have a sixteen year old daughter and a wife that's been through breast cancer again in the last year somebody needs to be my family day you know what. A family is those are Florida so. I catching up on the NFL I. I don't miss that I fell right now why sit breaks my heart to see that now it's their right to do it. I kid and I support them and I'll go fight a war for that right. But it's also my reaction. It breaks my heart why is my father in law fought two wars. But the same reason why I'm not a big fan of watching college football on a Wednesday and I think that I did they set it could do it grounded a Troy trojans is. I get a B quizzing you what just took place on that. That fourth place series here but. Listen the kids stood up when talking about this young man it's it Albright College guys Jack Reed Durante he he stood up for so he believed dead but guess what. He also failed out. That they are repercussion for your actions as well and that is a hard lesson in life to learn sometimes it says the main question also is that what was he standing up for does he know was it. Because that he feels the same thing is how I can't predict that there's racial inequalities across America whether you believe that or not. That's what it did he believe it bad. Or is he doing this because. He's against draw or he's against. People when she nobody that deals I don't think they'll go ideology on this nor do I really care that's his individual choice. What I do know this. That eighteen decided on a course that action in he decided to show up every single one of those teammates and guess what. You're dead meat in the locker room once that happens in state it was that I hope this message gets out to others out here that maybe listening and do you show. Your teammates in any way shape perform. You're gonna pay like you go in the locker room it's gonna beat them icu well we knew where you're no longer part of it. Or knocking on every little thing you safe from this point moving forward. Players have a way of policing their locker rooms if you show warmup they go make your life a miserable hell now. Does that mean you he would be individual and how you approach things just don't show up did it jerk call eight scheme for a reason. That's right and were wondering what's gonna happen. Now from eighteen perspective with the NFL and as you've seen. President trump is now. Going a different route. And putting pressure on these owners from a monetary standpoint in if you saw what he's been tweeting out. He's laying the ground work questioning. Oh (%expletive) the NFL is Jiangsu. Then I guess they should I have maintained then I will get some people upset one of my good friends my buddy a bit Furman University UC athletic director. I have maintained all tied together that they need to take these tactics that status all the way to college athletics it. Because it doesn't necessarily serve the same function is what the university did back in the day now. We did erratic over to punch me in the know this really that comment with my buddy touched me the Deseret connect better have great standard edit South Carolina. L yet but there's a lot of money it would it would they gave college athletics that bridge under that umbrella back in the day. They never did this it. Aided them medically that's flow into the games right they did not understand it there's going to be billion dollars paid billions. A dollars paid for TV contract rights and I've always said that. It's especially it if you questioned any presidential. Person in our candidate I should say that. He better be careful that if they become president because watch out. You might get a nod from night to knock on the door for the IRS and let me clarify my stance here are right broke quickly. I will go fight. As you bring me up that 49 years so I won't go fight for the rights of these players to go Neil during a National Anthem of the of a football game. Whether it's right or wrong that's up for debate. I debt but it's there right these are our rights given in our country I just want. Yeah I thought Devin hit the nail on the head T stay when he gets to week just get back to appoint in this country where we can agree to disagree yes that's I've been saying the same thing with American to care night we mentioned the same thing. We're it again in this point where it's. Once cited as major or the other we can't come to the point of tiger hit it in that but here's the deal I don't have to like it. All right. I don't have to like my father in law fought two wars my nephew served overseas. I did it may not be toward anything you know it's about police in this and that no Tibetan kneeling in front of that flag with Chad trust me. It means a whole hell of a lot to a lot of people and I'm sorry that's just one place that I would not have my protest. But that is personal choice nothing more nothing less agreed 100% that I would not Neal either because of the respect I have for the flag and anthem. But with that said. I don't understand the protocol. Of for the National Anthem why is it only a sporting events that is the most sacred Thai air National Anthem why isn't it played a Broadway advance yet I read a story on why is it and it would just you're at home you shouldn't be standing as well of the National Anthem is played on TV is it. It very clear there's there's a lot of gray area in this absolutely. No doubt about it when we come back will give you an update done the National League Championship Series. This Chicago Cubs in the Washington Nationals also. You don't get to the American League Championship Series in Baghdad back ears it cost you your job. John Farrell the white the Red Sox skipper now after 893 and 69 season and also coming up in this hour. Less than. We are not the player for mailing in showing up his teammates I'm gonna knock a pro kicker for who he is hanging out with as well hey. What we're due and on this Wednesday addition of straight up with surged 844 GSP Diaz yeah. You just go diesel brings back you would Winger. I didn't recognize this. This guy if he ever get back and look at Saturday's cheesy music videos from back weighted TV actually babe played music. Gutierrez this is kept Winger is gone on TUS producers of for what diesel Toby back in the day a budget good bands but it could when he couldn't do. But not this is why he was the main thing you go back and look at a Winger video. He can do they spin on the floor it never leaves eye contact with the camera that was recording him. It was just both sides something I'd never seen the talent and continents and a so it's hooked him. But based on Winger and congratulations Norman Barnes he was the winner of articulate trivia contest earlier and again. Will do that again next week now this very sneaky question how Mario I got next week's that they did eight looking up today easy answer. Actually brought next week's question to the table as an as yet to show everybody out now well actually the Islamic and a planet you may like manna from heaven file wolf. Crack is he can't we've got. Carolina Panthers football on Thursday night this week course which again I played out like that either he can hear that on classic rock 101. Mick mix and then I Eugene Robinson in the game tomorrow. Of course Friday night clubs in football on 933 the planet burns football nations support high school in Fort Mill. On ESPN upstate says there's been a lot of craziness. That is gone on this week absolutely new Dell into Friday that their team. 1013 eight and nine years ago this Friday that was when he took over for Clemson football. The amazing nine years yet you're old. Yes. I actually after celebrating twenty years of marriage. Just recently that is mind boggle it's hit number two when he is well I tell you what we've both got kicked our punt coverage and you. Did you see your wife on our FaceBook page like from Monday it local people look at as to get lucky guys don't like she. Does it ever does have a degree. All right listen we've had our say on this NFL they get everybody's got their opinion on it and we're willing to listen to your stress free. Nobody's right nobody's wrong. That's the thing. The truth lies somewhere in the middle age you may believe your 100% correct but I promise you you're not I may believe. I'm a 100% correct will it make you know maybe 2% off here. We want that bad to say 100%. I don't I think what better event are I let this you're correct. We can't we have to get to a point where we can agree to disagree and be mature enough to understand that that's the problem is that we. That's human nature don't ever reload this ego we low pride we love being right she sometimes feels like the wrong people yeah multi millionaires playing football. Are the ones that are protests and you're the benefit of this great country but that doesn't mean everything is correct if they say sometimes the message looks cute but that's just from the I have my little problem with somebody protests don't. None whatsoever right. But speaking of protests he think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who protested their place kicking situation this year just maybe but it may revert so quiet so being let go with that that pay public manner that. They did earlier this year. Enough hard knocks NFL side trading can't bill. And then of course the kid last week mrs. what three through old saw that 1914. The loss. Now I cannot cut him some slack through the misses were 49 and 56 bit you can't miss from 31 yards and unique that kick. At the end of the game that he's an experienced kicker as well it's not like this is his second year in the league. I said Jim we're gonna let you in on this one and a minute bear with this just dissect it says the Tampa Bay Bucs have a new kicker this week his name is Patrick Murray. And of course buccaneer fans especially Dick cutters the head coach they're all helping. That Murray's going to be the serve to what's been a problem. How F herb Murray admitted yesterday. It qwest being booted. I'm sorry you can't pick steepen and Murray admitted RTC had today that he's been consulting inside it. He says quote she's helped me tremendously with a lot of different things if maybe it's just getting beat the top. Has helped me getting stuff off my chest and being able to really kinda fill. That positive energy. This woman happens to be really Irish Catholic. Very very people that they invade deeply into her face. He worked at my gym and they are things she is mentioned that I hope nobody in their things that she said would happen did it happen it's validation Fermi. And maybe it. It may be speaking about my feelings and having her respond getting into the dialogue and then having some then validated that allows me to fill the way bill. And maybe that's all I needed. I'd much would you rather be still live with some Jamaican lady with a racer with blood coming out of the threat I've become ought to keep them realize the doors that you have now opened up. Not only did your own locker room but through the uploaded setter that hey what was the woman did this psychic hotline back in the day there was a lady that got all that trouble ensued. I'll tell LB I've not yellen heard they about it him every single time he steps back to take it can't. The kids he's helped me tremendously with a lot of different things. I just love that to the credentials of being an Irish Catholic kid is what trough is anything else that. That don't worry about going to see a psychologist with a Ph.D. Irish tablet that I did at trump everything if you borrowing go to have a distinct can go letters that you'd over the water boy. I bet have been who broke the color or east or whatever. What I want my son was no voodoo woman named billions they didn't vote for me NIC and you know madam Cleopatra. A combative clay you are correct. The voodoo woven with the with the register at the front yard from Jamaica I don't audit Harry's tap white. When it comes to my psychic medium Jim. You wanna tell us a bit well a pure heaven again today. Obama have a wonderful day. I've used I've just saved your life commitment. And do what many people picture a boat normally given birth to resolve this aluminum build. This is that bill can exert its. You river that letter in the water boy to do that baker the third this will be my lap course spot bits I've been opened to walk at stake pellets the got this written all leveraged Jim all right so what's going on about it. I'm how did you live tomorrow or not but I don't know it and people are gonna repeat pretty limited. I tell you what Carson Wentz is not coming into his zone in year number two in the you know a lot of people were saying well let's see how he handles. The sophomore slump because I do believe there's a little bit and pretend that. If that press Scott we're seeing a little bit with Dallas down they got film on you know pretty much every situation. They can begin to defend you better. Jim what's the difference with the Philadelphia Eagles this year a much improved defense. You've got to that's that's. Outlook crystal football in college football learn about school football to result. There's Newton got bigger if you could do it should be treated as they can hold and not in school boards. It's still golf it's postponed a bold political win. Well I mean I think he looked thirty miles dale the rotary clubs and right now you made you would have a whole lot more confidence at least at this moment. We've been getting any scoring shootout in a national championship game. With your outfits. The last ten years is compared to this year. However he'll have to do it why can you got that defense so it to me it's a race to 21 with clubs and football. Why are you likely what are reporters on the board yet. That degree revealed their Buddhist you know there's been my employer in March old city of New Year's. Congratulations. I blew if you just do whatever. What you are luckier I don't know where. You know listen I think I bet that's my twenty that's Richmond's twenty and you've got another touchdown Obama's and well Jim you win. We tip our wheat belt that you today in your lovely wife as well. Are you where you go mistress who don't look a little bit older have a mean that's not good that. Well we're gonna do it can land at Alabama for the week again and we party eight yeah real quickly before we get out to break. Yet bless you broke it yet been a couple of years and you think about this solely third time I've been back at like twenty years. But yet we're staying at a Birmingham as it did I would have rejected more often. The grammar I was back on the road with the billions in the day you just didn't take a week at all but tonight. And head back to Tuscaloosa and then of course yeah we lived in Knoxville and so you know my doubters like a K. We're going to that they have a fever over in store tomorrow night because I need to be sure sure no problem. My wife's like yet we're going to bomb hours wins and they sure Bob Bob Howard may be back in the day that played on the offensive line he's got a says series or restaurants debut ever heard of the hot MR brown sandwich which is done and I. Cast iron skillet with roast beef and only because Lou my new best friend lives in Birmingham okay well that's what so Torre sorry he has. Three sorry has her food that destination planned out for Friday night her no less he Brooke sorry figured out how she's gonna spend some of my money on Friday night. What about your plans about fraternity brother has invited us to go to the best stadium hills country club on Sunday for bride to guess what he said I've got to pay for it. I've been out getting educated he got a heavy got to be remembered at a fortified could have done many baby wedding. Put it on the underhill staff and it's actually. I let's go up to break it for Ford GSP ESP yet we'll talk some football will give you an update on the did on the Major League Baseball team. As well. Twenty minutes left lesson we hope you all had fun today lists these days weeks or Chris Ellis had fun doing it in this state. This tagged completely off the tracks. Kids that's the greatest book I I have ever heard and I hope god will no doubt watching that is up one inducted of the Chicago Cubs at the bottom of the seventh inning. I've no outs for the cubs they do Abby. No no runner on. The New York Yankees in Cleveland that's an 80 wait first pitch remember. Chicago can eliminate Washington. Yeah I'm glad to see the bold is not hurting the nationals too bad today because Dusty Baker did was he in front of the excuses last night or what. Big time yeah he was in. It's so what do we need here now I've heard Chicago people and even parent. It's been a lot of time in Chicago and we your first married and it's comical this whole bold it issue that is just flying around I only did Chicago mayor twice and never had any issues with it but diesel. Listen guys use you just absolutely stole the freight can shows there during the break because. You know what. Every time should we made the comment the best parts of this show or during the breaks that nobody else they can hear. Maybe we need to start recording some of these and put them out and about her listening pleasure I'll come visit this. So we get this ray and that does look you guys remember do you remember the original drummer for drugs Guns 'N Roses it's okay. Just don't know as much as those guys plus size and not. Is that at CES tribute is yeah how well yeah I found the story yesterday Stephen Adler the original drummer for Guns 'N Roses. I don't know if you heard him talk in awhile but I pay his brand is pretty well pickled I mean there's not a whole lot going on of their. Because he does he did so many drugs back in the day well he is. That making light of the situation and I think it's fantastic he's got a book called. The blanks I can't remember. And even if I'm back here earlier we had a crap I hear about it says the next voted for anyway he he's inviting. Fans friends you know fellow rock stars center at Serra. To go on this website and tells stories about the times that you met and partied with him because he can't remember it. And he's gonna make it into a book. How much untrue so that's good to pass not that I really can't reveal because he doesn't remember any of god. That's right yet that fact checkers and have a tough time these that the you have our our production meetings that night you know it Brooke when you have what. The theme of this show don't let the truth get the way of a good story. I can see that the allure applicable. For that book paley applicable they've brought in the big works today hunt. The dictionary comes out in speaking to dictionaries of my merely I'll let him. It's academic Whitey and and that's but nobody has any added he's not the best in the business for created verdicts that whatsoever but speaking of breaking gave little sweat. Auburn has reportedly hired a law firm to investigate allegations that a part time academics and sports staff member took a final exam for at least one. Football player from last year's team. It has been alleged that he meant to her to an Auburn player took an online final exam for at least one football player. It did it to tutor who work with them that are found out about it in reported it to the supervisor. A source told ESPN's outside the lions that outside the lines that the player told the tutor he had not taken the exam. Here is that a full excerpt from the ESPN report will just read it deep. A source told outside the lines that emitter in the Auburn student athlete support services department took an online final exam for at least one football player. A tutor who work with the matter became aware of the alleged misconduct while reviewing a football players academic records in February the source said no it does seem that the player has received a perfectly. Perfect grade on the final exam. Only a few weeks into the course. The source said the player told the Dieter he had not taken the exam after hearing that the source that the polluter alerted the Mets are supervisor. In August that Peter good reported allegation was told her job would be reviewed according to the source. Fifty theater then reported issues to Auburn's compliance director in the athletic department's human resource offices so. They're gonna try to discredit her in the lower when all is said and done let's go Lou backed the boat might pat. What we get an old media sports pat hope you have a great day. I am in prepaid return your beard very ask fantastic wrote thank you Keith how much. Do you base in being a media berg who don't know what Kirk brown is going to be. Let the media panel influence. On what the older home in school. Ernie could there. I think you can make that case because you know what quite frankly most everybody in the meeting number one to be in the immediate that he stay in eight. You've got to have a little bit of an ego all right otherwise you're gonna get squashed. Number two. We'll human nature says that you're gonna have agendas you know what might it did this may be pat may not be the same jurors but. You sat down and we were honest with each other there's probably agenda to our madness so. I don't like it think the media is given that that I don't think he can not. Keep that from happening you know what I mean. You're gonna write yeah we're supposed to write a story if you will it be dead down the middle but in today's day and age with the loss of journalism. Every single story as they slant do it for a particular reason so. You're a 100% correct they're trying to influence as much as they are just a report the story. I'd say the biggest difference I think the media now sometimes looks to create the story vs just report on. I agree with every cover create ever go good Mormon run them to work. They're electric bunched old Mikey might mean and they've played to insert or got it right here. How well in that decade to get MacArthur. Beat a very low and got a pretty big. And if you're an on my. I'm saying that they're scared of Baghdad good bet we'll all know. Tell me you know that's what will grab it and the bit. So yeah what it's. Not a game but couldn't hear what everybody who creates debate about it. I think there that would help make this big footed bunny. Well they also say Strasburg woke up feeling better today so he alerted dusty that he was ready to go and right now up one and out and India as seventh inning it looks like a pretty good decision now. I would also say in this regard pat. Dusty Baker's got beat the cubs birth that that they hear stuff in the media to let him influence what is decisions are going to be great you're not likely to be leading a club for much longer. Are bringing in Ireland had diluted ballot there's like another big win. Oregon battered they're dumping. That shouldn't have been very NB a late comeback to help our guys did male pilot Butte you do it's not about ambiguity minutes away that he didn't. Erica but on the floor behavior they got big big Macaulay got one of the great. It is saint Patrick. If it's wrong the return actions on page eight indeed just don't pay as much attention to it you know and every and is IB few days later get surgery actually is there they exactly are right let's see great calls there we got one more segment 84 Ford GSP ESPN. It is still wonder about that than nationals. They're looking to get a game fight back over in DC don't forget later on tonight it is the title game number five between the Yankees in that Cleveland Indians. Let's sit platelets to forty point game winning streak all on the line tonight because it or make a hill of beans difference if they don't advance. All right welcome back again final few minutes that this Wednesday showed Thursday. We're gonna do a little bit of inaudible the bar room. Remember Paul Byrd green ball's going to be here in downtown Greenville this restaurant here it's smoke on the water's gonna be a zoo is they get ready. Soria did Marin studio would not take up any more space. Did they will be there will be hot spot is all lined up back here is the bag I'm leader that a matter product that you got to get ready. For that three days let's just not worry. About taking up any space all right speaking of taking up space it will not be to sit in on the bit Serb Friday night it's Syracuse. Davos when he and his little get together with the press right after crash. Practice today says Dick Kelly Bryant is ready to roll at Syracuse on Friday city is responded to the treatment. But of course I think he woke up villain a lot better on Sunday then many people had speculated might. No be interesting to see did they change and I don't know implanted. In terms of what type of offense they run it design runs or not and then. If they do get a big lead Howard is the him out now is quick go to that area is blessed. The phils have a better about making that comment and a road game right now because that's exactly how they've gone about their business clubs have been a lot more attention to detail. In the east road games and they've been. They're in Death Valley are right. In honor real Richmond for people that don't know too much about you. You have a lovely wife upstate aesthetics dot com go check out if you're feeling guilty about going off to another football game this weekend could check out. Her website and get your wife or girlfriend or both of them if you can afford to take this certificate duck status that now it's international girl's day did you know that. Today you're educated me once again yep teaching me. You have a daughter do you have a wife you also have two sons that you're fortunate yell out number the women in your house read it to you I'm out numbered one to two. With a wife and daughter. I have learned more raising a daughter that I think I have learned in life. All right in death she is a special young lady she's sixteen years old she's a black belt in Taekwondo. She came home grinning from ear to ear last night from curling club. She's doing well in school she's not looking to go get in trouble she's up to the total opposite of things that her dad was up two at sixteen years old. Good an international girls today I just wanna say real quickly I could not love less Seabrook anymore she is a fantastic daughter you know it taught me more than I could have ever imagine just by watching you. In the main thing that I have learned thank you it's up my new. For all that time you just confirmed at lest he brought men and women are wired differently you just absolutely confirmed that one for me any thoughts. About your lovely one. On international girls that. It's just amazing that I've seen that confidence that she has. Each and every day as she's becoming a woman so to speak thirteen years old and a lot of that has to do with the relationship that. She has it with her mom Karen and what an amazing job that she does and how blessed I am. And our family has to have Karen as. I know from a biblical standpoint the main as the leader of the house and then stays and Adrian c.'s home with the kids. We did without a doubt Caron is unbelievable from that standpoint sushi just passing on to those unbelievable qualities to Kate and Kate is learning firsthand and very appreciative and I'm just so thankful that I have a loving relationship. Whip my daughter's well look at my boy in a lot of people may have not realized is I certainly didn't its international guard international girl's day if you have a doubt her as somebody you have. Big diesel you kitty I would even allow you to your member of our family to reach out and that. If it's there's a special young lady in your life and I mean daughter cousin nephew whatever. Reach out to him tell him hello it's always yeah I got a nice hand written note the other day and I went well this the first time I've got one of these and like five. Yeah those don't happen often do that no. Our right to have real quickly. It's will be back in studio Amare you know I'll catch up next week do you think we're gonna see more indictments come in their own gut this Friday in. Yet here we are is we get closer to the college basketball season this is this is becoming worse case scenario for college basketball that the main story lines is the season opens going to be. What's taking place in court if we're not talking on the basketball court you're correct unfortunately it's still gonna be a focal point because. From what I'm hearing it bears a possibility that some people believe there could be forty to fifty more coaches get fired now not sane head coach is necessarily. But within the assistant coaching ranks. And just today there. Starting at the process of appeared in court and up to New York several members already started yet today and they're being called back to us. Back into court November 9 and and of course Windiz college basketball start. Right in that same time here tonight it's go to be a focal point the question is going to be. What she will drop if any of these. Defendants. Decide to. Source Dylan to be all right we've got like sixty seconds left was best case scenario for college basketball right now with all this going on. He did it skidded out there deal with this in let's get mid January with conference play and try to get back into a routine leading into March Madness because. This much is where football fans and everything the only few days that I ever call the world coming to a complete stop those first two days of March Madness in that NCAA tournament. I'm just nervous that based on this ongoing. FBI investigation that it's not over and it's not going to be over. No mart good Serena still visually gorgeous got cut to the filled with 38 why because they're the only 38 bit art in trouble with it oh like I said. I'd sonic net agreement right now and not think twice about it all right Richmond to give it a follow our Twitter rinse takes boards as well as its podcast. Diesel Wendy's dog radio listen I'll let you have a blessed evening let's do it again at 4 PM dorm room. For more straight up start.