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Welcome back get our number Richmond wavered in my right to it was and it about lap that broke quickly diesel let's though it. Do you let's hit the name of the winner for a chick filet trivia contest because. There's a little recuperation in this question is like this there and you use he caught inaudible there we had I don't so good going to the question again. Yes to say the question is wearing yet they'll listen to wits non. ACC team not being South Carolina and Georgia has called simply the most in football. And see that's where the Julia racing came from that's where the backwards lateral came from. Marilyn no longer being in the ACC however they have played them the most times overall at how many times. Yeah and Indy V 62. Kinds. Berman would have been next with 56 accords called city it's out airliner toward 120. In the Georgia. Believe it 68 times the tigers in the bulldogs have gotten gathers you had yet figured most people with no Jordan clips and almost played every year you know. It is a great added Jordan never came up to tiger him until what 1974. Under read Parker she government route six years old. That was a year clips with seven and Ford you did not get a bowl bid you know think about that. But Georgia in Georgia Tech but I have seen the clips and a Death Valley for the first time ever. Artery here in years is back in the day Georgia Tech would only play clubs and in Atlanta. That's interests like that. Are all this. Let's make it acknowledged that got about let Joseph wiz and he's got a lot Boise former app state player. Also played with the LA express in the USFL. And of course played with Steve Sumner whose arc. Ernie and a sponsor of this pick them segment that Steve. Did because halt this week's that you were here rappers that they haven't quite frankly. I don't like this humor either a perfect five and over five and one with the extra game third in last week. Judge you made us look all bad so that's not the greatest way to enter in the year your heart Richmond Weaver over here. Which coming do you make us look bad in the epic segment. Yeah you know spot in one and the only game a loss was the Michigan game and as an app state guy should know again this just cannot help. But cannot cover so I should. And so. It here we are the halfway point yet clubs six and at Clemson and Alabama. Though this one out there to look like fiber sixteens and knowledge college football that is already bowl eligible we are already at the halfway point. I mean. What do we make of it because at this point of the year Peabody all they wanna talk about the final four teams in the college football playoff hole. There are in the college football playoff the college football play L poll doesn't come out till the end of the month in I maintain. Do you play football Richmond coach basketball. That's great for me institute. But there's a lot of work. To be done between here in the end of the year mean it's not Pope speak with these coaches tell you. The next most importing gain is the one coming up on the schedule you created at stake former state player the biggest gain for the mountaineers since this week out night. Oh no doubt and if you look at our. Our lives to fix this week they're all. Big nonconference games. All of a murder or gonna decide who's going to be its top and has been a matter in in of course were the middle point. And there's so much parity between the athletes on these big programs. That. It really is difficulty comes down I think coach. You've got so many good players and a lot of these kids get recruited from multiple schools. Annika played Alabama Clemson. Georgia Tech where in now the coach is set to really get tuned in to what they're doing and injury. Injury McCain becomes a big deal this time year your bank. This is when you're training staff in your medical staff really really come into play because you got to get root you got to be great players. And you're an old school football player I mean you you actually played in the USFL. With the LA express and you know back in that Dave Richmond it felt like so many tight and take your salt pill. Grab a little bit of water get back out on the field. Sit your day and age this is just yeah it is just changed and I think the game of college football. In some ways it had to be changed because. Yeah I heard stories. From guys when I was in Alabama. That Bear Bryant would just sign people so other schools that signed him there was no 85 scholarship limitations back in the day. They stay at age of 85 scholarships you gotta be smarter about how you put people back on the field quit when it comes to injuries. And I think so and I and I think a lot of big programs. Somewhat abuse a scholarship program. It has shipped his routine yearly I mean it's not he'll sign up for your program and yourself for four years mean they can take that away from. And it's not account for big schools to oversize. And you know so you see a lot of that. But you know. I just think now the middle of the season. You start to see the cream roster the top. Teams trying to take care of their players are buying they're hidden in the middle of their their conferences. And you know this is the toughest time of the year. All right so here's what organ do over the next twenty minutes we're gonna pick these football games diesel will even let you get in on it this week. However here is the deal I look what sincere keys off of it why is that thought everybody would pick clips and it's out of fear slots and on my part. You can. Yeah and got that's why they are not on your gear down stuff with the tires and always has man. On monopoly built they'll take your business. All right the biggest gain in the state of South Carolina it's actually three hours up in Knoxville South Carolina and Tennessee listen. Yeah it's a huge win over the Arkansas Razorbacks last week not this way of thinking about it delivering its statement. With three defensive. It turnovers and the scores that came with them so South Carolina Tennessee Butch Jones changes quarterbacks this week bills like it's a desperation news at this time of the year. Yeah you know the Tennessee vol coach don't Hosley. And you know ol' smokey just had a row the last couple weeks. The minutemen on the captain is. Oh pictures. Took the brother's phone coming out cold that can emit its hourly dollar deductible was bone and but all USC I mean you know Nadal. Much champs Paul business you watch his interviews. These serious business. I'm taken Cox and the points are right Richmond well this is the lock. Of the week I guarantee this is not going to happen. That's South Carolina is going to score. Three defensive touchdowns in this game and that's just not gonna happen. This game I don't I've seen Tennessee's quarterback play and not it doesn't matter that this is not gonna happen now the balls are also. Their oh and five against a must champ coached team so. I don't see that that's changing. Any situation in this game either. With the quarterback change at Tennessee also. Dared Terrell. Tailor their deep into the and he's out for the entire game now he's been suspended. Through that makes. The Tennessee defensive front very thin. Even with the bye week no way Tennessee wins this game their too much of a hot mess even though it would be so typical. That puts Jones pulls something out of the rabbit had he gets a win but I'm taken South Carolina diesel thoughts on South Carolina Tennessee. Who wins I don't even have to say a word out of play this field. Okay you two decided not to play very go. At about. It's all Cox and no way no way do I think Butch Jones can actually pull one out of his backside where he's playing he's coaching for his jobs. We all know he's doing. Gamecocks all the way. I'd. While I agree with Leo ID they indices gonna pull this thing out this would be I was talking to some friends of mine in Knoxville last night their prey experts now realize coveted ever about four Stults. Because they don't they but it's good to see the Netscape browser. You can not understated Al needle in the back this would be. If this doesn't happen on Saturday you'll have operated slot in the casinos against what it is he's gonna upset you know. It upset the cape they're upset about. But buddy mark up in knots bills to a bonus Jonas gonna newspaper that he's gonna disappoint a fan base and actually win as what you're saying yes yes yes. Its president had this conversation with who believer out of but he market not spell. He's got high it would just get Hebert so more more tonight. It is not a bit about it here. But since Italy beat egg on the that is deeply considered stork net. That's the only reason at the south Carolina's better team I'd just the straits it's gonna upset the apple cart this is become an increasingly. More difficult game. Oklahoma Texas at the state fair in Dallas joke. You know Oklahoma come out first of all. I've buddy your daddy okay. But this is what happens to the Oklahoma Sooners when he gets grew up when college football's best uniforms as they did last week you lose by seven Iowa State. Yes this is a huge big twelve sued him and missing his historical. Game of at least he's been playing each other forever. The sooners did have their mass handed to him last week there's no doubt about that. In near texas' Roland even though Texas only beat Iowa State by ten points. It's not like. You know there's a big disparity there but I tea like Texas. You know their kids seven and have. At home and more take the long wars. Rich. I well Inez suitors are coming off that. Huge loss to Iowa State in and if you also look back at it their game against Baylor they did struggle a little bit and we know Baylor to hot mess right now. But the home team. Has been five note. And Texas is the home designated as a home team in this game. But I think this is the year that mystery gets broken. The past year the past three years game's been decided by seven points or less. And I think Oklahoma is going to pull it out even know he can't say it anymore. It's not. The red river shoot out at the Red River Rivalry I think it is going to be issued out there. And iced it it was try to save Red River Rivalry three times fast he's so real quick a club at Texas there in Dallas. So I can't put any faith and longhorns until they develop some sort of consistency that you they have they'll step up and no play well. And then it all comes crashing back down I think this is the way it comes crashing back down gimme sooners. I woke up Lugar senator but you know Joseph made a very good point there we've all laughed at Oklahoma this week for following whom die it was state. You do that at Texas had issues with that let me tell you Matt Campbell his study good job and put that program back together. It's from coming over from what Toledo. Eight years ago let's get one more in and they won't get out the break you will finish this up on the other side big gain data Miami it was supposed to be Thursday night. They were meant they made it to the weekend after all the storms Georgia Tech at the hurricanes. Eight each coastal division matchup. Yet is use coastal matchup and now I know you guys are role like my pick on this with. You nerve Miami to pyramid last week and a pitching a lot of people are drink in a minute cooling. And with their bank I mean if you look at on the bank. The red alternates out there you know I mean the ramblin' wreck is running the triple option better than nothing I've ever seen Johnson haven't Indo. He's got that triple option run in big time. I'll like today are really like George tech in this it. Joseph I can't disagree with you there and knows a big emotional win for Miami over Florida State and breaking that losing streak against them but losing mark Walton. Is it devastating loss for them an offensive standpoint and it's put in a lot of pressure on the leak Roche year to come up big. And I just don't think Miami's defense going to be able to stop the number two. Nation's leading rushing team which Georgia Tech on taken yellow jackets. These I have the same thoughts about Miami that I have about Texas you gotta show me week after week after week at their back I can't say that they are back until they go out there. And win these kind of games. And I don't think they're gonna get it done I say Georgia Tech. If you had bet me a dollar it taken a million to one odds it. There's no way in hell all four of us would take Georgia Tech on the road Miami because let me tell you. It is tough to get up to two weeks in a row especially after it's been your biggest rival the week before. It's my immediate with Florida State they scratch that seven year that they had been able to. It now they gotta get up for one of the teams that you have to be disciplined against. It's funny Italian this is going to set up a hey I showed that nobody is talking about October 28 in Death Valley with Georgia Tech comes in the face club since. Guess what they will be after Georgia Tech eight scare at Miami in a server that coastal division. Lee so all four of us with Georgia Tech over Miami I would abetted diagnosed urged a triple options artist officers Ron. If you look at and you need to all the coaches to run it. This Roland appropriately. You can't depend it is the biggest and youngest Kate if there's not enough defenders. To defend all the outlets and a run and it really good now I don't want to give the NFL team credit right now but the two point emerge in the Chicago rain and the other night we're. Two bits he handed it off in the in the guide pitched it back it Robiskie. Guess what I watched an hour long show one. On ESP NDs about this Texas State the state of Texas six man high school football. So did whoever won student played put that play it for the Chicago mayors did they. And I saw that would on the he has he has special not too longer ago some with you see you've got to keep your eyes and your feet in the right spot. When playing Georgia Tech welcome back pick our final two games Auburn LSU. Navy at that this in the allied Jeddah habit it's this year. His message that he has spreads with the students here in the school system straight up with Starr urged Podemus Elliot from Knoxville thirty. I were taken some gains here rod straight up with start urged on him for Steve Somers this week to Wednesday. Played it was the apps they actually older than Steve and that he did a little elbow grease on. Mr. Sumner back in the day to show it to court and diesel back there just just happy to hear them talk about Idaho's quarterback here during the break because at states playing out I'd rather this week. If they love their app state football Richmond there's no doubt about it idea. The other we got two more games wrote quickly Auburn at LSU atlas and Ayers breaking news out of Auburn. That there may be cheating scheme build it the tigers may have to deal with. Maybe now. To set she said the but it's not the kind of thing you want to deal with in football season especially heading down to one of the toughest places the play in the country. It yet LSU righted their ship him in the Gainesville last week joke Auburn and LSU. They you do all over really hasn't beat anybody. Mercer Georgia southern. Mississippi. Missouri. I mean you know their play and LSU at home they'll be a 100000 people at Tiger Stadium. This at 330 kick in the by you is going to be 98 victories. They're gonna have all they can handle I think Mike the tigers got no bonus menu. LSU's kids seven points at home so I'm taken LSU and reports. Part to argue with that rich. Hard to argue but I will I will argue that so that's life. Pills a night game I might be looking at this a little bit different actually you rate to have eighty Fuller earthquake Haiti Fuller on podcast. There's not going to be an earthquake of this game I'm sorry Alford is much better than. We think even though they might enough played some of the talent of the teams that. Like a Clemson they hung around with Clemson if they would have both running backs that Clemson that might have been a different story I'm going with all over here all right. These wise you said Joseph Auburn hasn't played anybody in LSU is losing the teams they shouldn't be in squeak in past others and I'm and I'm calling this the pillow fight of the week in the SEC. Maybe a 63 game. It's easy you know I mean flip a coin on this when I'll give it to the the tigers from the plains. All right. By the way years you're trying to be funny back there the earthquake gained Richmond's referred to do with Tommy odds and ended up being seven that the Koreans are I think. You know what I've got LSU in this one it's your night light. Optics. May as sits this week but I was told last night. How Auburn was gonna run the table in the SEC west which includes knocking off Alabama in the season finale. How Alabama was gonna lock into the college football playoff but not haven't played in this EC team beat game because Auburn was gonna have to. Ever right you don't that you know these that it eagle win in routes that get swept elegy with the win in my opinion best game of the weekend. Nobody's talking about lets your hardcore football may not telling you. This is the best game of the week and he could have some outs in the results and maybe that's 85 and oh man this. There at coach already start to come up in conversations with other jobs after Justin with day he had just left there a couple years ago for Virginia Tech. Nor bell. Maybe that this again and eighties the use the warrior the year with their profits of coordinators and wait on the part trains every day. Which take it. This is the toughest pick of the week it is there is no doubt into the midshipman are undefeated like you sit. The same stats if you look at the statistical matchup between two teams there almost similar. You know myth listed. Torched UConn. You know seventy to thirty but you know navy's no UConn mean. There's no doubt about that. I'd just still claiming that this has just tumors teams the I'm gonna take the Memphis Tigers and they're gonna governments for rich. Well I think at the end of the day what's the easier running the ball or passing the ball. There's more opportunity of failure with passing the ball closure relying on somebody throw and catch it. We know navy can run the ball like nobody else other than maybe Georgia Tech they're averaging over 400 yards per game rushing. At the end of the day though it is a coin toss and I'm actually going to go with navy because they can run the ball better I broke quickly diesel. Illiterates Ambien a fine American Jews in the mid shipman that's the way I'm gonna go disciplined football wins every time gimme navy. There. Actually disagree with that because I fell in love with the Naval Academy out there back in December when we went up for the army navy game also. That one theme that strategist. Tennessee fans the wrong way is what's in that cornerback permit does that up another seven like easy transferred hell out of Tennessee in. It. We got that when done all right Joseph grow quickly that you played in that state he played with the LA express in the USFL. Now we're just you're working on a mentoring program that you're going to be put in effect in effect here with that the Greenville county school system. Just stay real quick idea of you know the play in if you will you know it's not that it says they work in progress and quite frankly that's the way like this you know what I mean but in your thoughts wrote quickly because your story absolutely incredible. Yes I'm. I'm just now again involving his program and up and I'm Merrill with Cahill Kelly Taylor who's a representative refused middle school. And mentor of statesmen in place for many years. And M Arafat it was a great program that was lost and as I said last week you Newt somewhere up to 2% of our young people. In the of Stater poverty so. I just would ask people in the community. To get involved. It's it's not a big time commitment. You know itself and its just look at for role models Charlotte helped. Young people in the community where others promoting sports academics. You know. Work ethic whatever I would just asked people in the community to reach out child involved in the program. Absolutely will listen that they'll be stranger here even with Steve because I've bailed out the last few weeks or help a lot more knowledgeable and sleeps under blah blah however. Back in trouble with the police you know maybe and a little too much promise you upstate DUI dot com Steve Summers the first person I'm giving you call. He just like he likes her right. Be respectful say yes or minutes or so the questions the first opportunity you do. Get them a call. And upstate do you like dot com they'll hear you Uga thirty days to get everything done or use your driving privileges make sure that it. With within 24 hours and that's what's the in his group will do for you everything that you needed on the web site in upstate DUI dot com hope you have a good weekend. Just and that is that you had last week and taken us all out it asked. But always at play interject thank you very much when we come back let's we're gonna have some fun it's only a silly joke. Who happens to be in Philadelphia it doesn't radio show in Knoxville Tennessee ahead at Tennessee South Carolina on Saturday. All right. Rich may get ready for that other other color aren't here in this segment less than this is going to be a thrill I told you guys earlier a little bit of the history on it. We're bringing any facility opened the study was silly show you can I hear that in Knoxville even though he's in Philadelphia. Touring the University of Pennsylvania by. You can hear show weekdays from 11 AM 1 PM on 1188 yen that the LZ a bit Knoxville but what I would challenge you to do eternity. Our listeners to check out the cars a law firm fifth quarter show. Are there any facility and dot com because it is not broadcast over the radio airwaves that may be great it's but it's gates in the history of college football. Welcome them opera and. To simply open the front and and they and their side Carolina gets about a mama might be on eight hours. After an Allen yeah so. Yeah. Again yeah outright I mean on the. There's hot there's no cut off lightly you have it dark in ice sat down and I watched you guys two weeks ago after the Georgia laws in. And I felt for you because I lived in Knoxville as talent people you're shows the first one. That I really ever got him back in the day it was the glory years at Tennessee football with eight main leak out it did that run to the national championship under team Barton. In. A certain amount of respect for this from this being a guy in now against collapsing guy. Court Tennessee in Knoxville that's where my wife and upper slip that's where my daughter was born. It Saint Mary's hospital. I felt sorry for Yelp last week in in my opinion that's probably the biggest in Seoul packing giving Tennessee grad right now. I felt sorry for you know. You know why I'm per couple Alabama people treat the event while now like 35. And I would tell people reach out we need now me and say about and boy I really miss the tennis he'd done a series. Wanted to play Augusta and he. Called. And what not sarge it's hard to do what I do now award nominee almost double play guy a run my own show on my own show. Your top look at just jarred or you know so. When little bumpy not doing well. Aren't yet Lee knew in my industry like we Uga I try not to imagine with the success that. Content. Gerald Barnett had a eureka late probably trying to planning. In your industry and for you guys here in Knoxville. Idiots. Who really. Get a call. To move inventory on my program are now even the leadership was really odd because. It showed AM dip are actually. A he's a big story yesterday your own. Was an eerie county because I'm really insult Philadelphia right now or my family is originally from a much sun yeah. They left flank off the University of Pennsylvania and goblet and while. It's not bad for the grand. Grandson and a guy who made of letting grown mushrooms such. Quite heavy stock than they why. The big story in Knoxville. The last couple of weeks published ticket to a home. He wanted flyer hit another one in the locker room they won't talk about this but I won't give you skip but don't care an attempt to grab but I culture that is where does this guy's I lost control of all these. One guy hits another one the end base with a football helmet actually Obama Debbie charcoal. It took the stage for the full on home. I'll play the Georgia game but. Didn't play much in did exactly what exactly effective felt art and actually had that happen. Be triggered yeah that was kept on the team not expanded the whole deal. Then you add a situation where. A defense of Orange and that's on the face Rafa who won the team voted to throw him off the C. Which Jones now appeared in the ease indefinitely bandits speaking of Terrell Taylor. Thirty he will not be out. For the Chara wanna game and I'm not sure what kind of lost and at the Tennessee I'm not sure Condit on a blind like. The volatile anyway nor my Sherlock options and one play. South Carolina war. And then yesterday I. Yesterday toward children now and I got this from a guy close to the situation Monday night that. Starting quarterback started the season has started the first several gained quite normally. Do Kapanen and not turn it did not get over. Cracked the twenty yard line of Georgia is a league football game or granite doors got to my actual future and a pretty good but Alabama. And assortment of them were fortunately that black. And I don't create chemistry may not look like they were. Literally unbeatable. And let's face it they're not content linebacker Clinton running around out there. These days so start salon and shorter than as what you are wondering if there's quite normally you'll as a starter. We're even still durable football team and I was talking your staff member you trouble Tony we're wondering the same thing. Why do we have to wait and see what I'm the practice and he showed up at practice and Sean was sure how the media after practice that pretty her work as best practice does he believe that I monopoly rents. They're not cost. The Easter Bunny and I don't even that's just at this point to a very. All right we're here with Tony facility over host of the Tony Helio show and fifth quarter paint your action in Knoxville Tennessee and Tony is Richmond Weaver. Sturgis co host here for today and would it not just be so appropriate announced doing this from Saturday to try to do agree we had as. The band faithful of Tennessee balls would it not be so appropriate that Butch Jones wins this game against South Carolina. Yeah I mean. It would be appropriate for those long sub screen game Cox ran as well who I've always considered to be among the best in the yeah world. Simply because they take so much. And tennis he's proven to be resilient and they lose well now which gently tell you that. Tennessee's fan base has a lot of resiliency. And set every Chileans she likes to destroy that word. I'm like if you noticeable hired him right now. Yeah but you're right you're right and here's what you out. I think that's just how like in a country where you have a dictatorship. If you're a private. Vote. Of the people back call themselves Tennessee band right now. And you're traded them. Or you cheered for Bleacher Report happy Saturn are. More than not more than need more. We'll tell you prepare rooting for Carolina and our shelves this guy out a large. That are and that's exactly what what happened that is exactly seem on Carolina beat us they. That's what coaches go to get fired up nine HO. It happened to. Homer. And it happens. It happened to Dooley as well Carolina is a sure sign that your get pops. When you lose to them in the middle of one of these seasons. Our case we we can't close enough with the facility and I get demonic yen into the attic and agreeable wearing your family on the recruiting trip because the sponsored by shouldn't smoke on the water alive despite years it's owned by Tennessee grad who do you still listen to you back in the day when he work that. When he managed the copper cellar they're not thought about that name from the past but now. Yes and what are you and Mike Shuler he worked for that. Whole restruct grew her. Right shoulder. So I don't know. What a small world Mike he's been the sponsor of my ship for five years now we have but it current together smoke on the water was just named the best deal on restaurant here agreeable on the local that's double wart says he is doing very very well does say the least of their reason for you to come dale but. We all had a light before we got Mary correct me if I'm wrong you make your way Gail from Philadelphia in Knoxville Tennessee somehow someway. The work she date a girl clips and backing college in east haven't been. Do you do you know Mina and you'd find that out. He set an all day here one day and bag you know well let me say less I had. Not only a golfer compliment one of the worst breakout story in the history of great knock it. Now less than god is great I'm glad it happened in meat but at the time that was brutal China's on. I'll ask on eight. Not sure I would have been off spurs one of the Wilmington Delaware train station. Wentz thirteen hours down which is what that Amtrak train to become an Olympic now but it stopped in every little town. In every little play in every small crowd us. And. Then I get down there and this girl who I dated in high school and a slight tear later. Girlfriend are like pitching count your bad days and I go yeah OK you. Eight. Ash being king and days when state. Come on her boyfriend I go why. Hyperbole for a and they like they're like you know the kind of strange. And now I'm so I ask her about you like well you're not economy Italian more on. And Amylin senior account but one of those deals a guy's not a constant. Constant war. Eighteen hours back on that damn train. Ellen and I don't play I powerfully in fact that we enter sex tape someday my supper like 1986. I wanna side. Both birdied thirty some years ago. A guy whether they'll actually stall mark travel bag at all or stop the earth the beauty of Amtrak. Dealing Amtrak you falsely put your bag around our the last Americans. Might use the color actually I had to bootleg tapes. The lifestyles and you're you're you're lieutenants well stirred you're not. That was a brutal that you run up yoga or no music no jams no knock them grow my dad all the time guys. Specialize in your shoulder value to our egos I told issued going to be nephew. If your dad art Italian guy. Group back in the day let's integrity this has been a pleasure I'd love to catch up police if you're coming out recruiting trip. Richmond to enrichment and no college basketball coach three years before he got Smart and got a real job back in the day but Tony sons high school golf team. Correct me if Iran he just won the state TP chip like thirty plus shots. Yeah twice. Twice in a row and now under so small little. Toad on GM and they beat on some private goals lead. There's a kid that's there's pictures signed with South Carolina. For much on student named Ryan Hall he shot or she no longer on a really hard golf course are cute age thirteen under is. So ye know you're not. So I'm mode you're not hot but take listen if you're a basketball guy 10 my god you're noted basketball world tells me that tried. This second show. In SF BI probe would get raided you're out so watch out for your com don't try to. I've definitely heard them rumblings that them that it's coming down the pipeline it also look at Auburn mayor back in denial when it comes to it cheating scandal and their football program but that he listened. Oh you're a lot via Levy I'm not sit here sucking up to a year probably. You know I listen to you kind of calmed down and navigate those waters and never take anything too personal in you know what when all's said and done. It's one of the greatest jobs on the face of this earth than to state keeper a lot of things she did that you may not have realized. We are Syrian army is so appreciated it and you know I would say this year and anybody listening no matter what your job as you just never know. You're impacting when you do what you do if you just do it to the past your ability. And you have the level we tried to do with my deal is have a welcoming spirit. And I hit a so my show a lot going to restrain me and the fans did and album Michael starts. To that microphone and beat. But surely that is the only difference is that I have a microphone. Thank god blessed me with a platform like this why you do it every day I just want to get up and just do my best use and every guy and partially intact somebody like you along the way and stir gently into world to me now even if you brought up some all the memory used. It's that if you know scared out there. And you're. But again. But I figured I hear them. All right let's have a I listed in July I will take this much and Europe hardcore Eagles fan out it's like to know where their season ticket holders. So there's the board nights at the elbow while. A great game I think vehicles are pretty normal rate it. And I like it can't Thursday night game followed betting I would think that the commanders will take the Eagles out he. And probably Larry and the leak. I just don't believe eagle Soledad that game on Sunday night. Boy Carolina I mean I'll be sure cardinals are absolutely. Thought sure at all look like Porsche onto a coach and he's. Well let's sit we're gonna sit and some traffic yells direction for the fifth quarter. Post game show ours a law firm any facility at dot com your current literally ready Visalia thank you my friend we'll catch up soon. If you have a great night thanks to both these guys charger and chargers aren't talking you know. I did today but here's Tony Visalia etiquette can you imagine. Right he tells it like he sees it woke up back in will get. Back on track straight up with starts. So to Richmond this will go down is the shortest radio segment eight year. Quit career Greta like sixty's. It's a I that's just fell in value they're there in the break and they start listeners. Every once and a while stopped in reward yourself you know whether it's by yourself something that you want you know if you can afford. Reward yourself that last segment was a rule not personal the key college light. Week that from this it's when you sticky start of what students will leak out. But that was a reward for me it's been due in radio for 24 years of weird to see you're talking about Eaton had and how he got into the business. In Italian Yankee from Philadelphia he went sports talk radio in Knoxville Tennessee then head to the transition. Type of situation that they didn't accept him initially. He stole for awhile he happens. To have a bump up product edit the book ball. All right diesel will we come back. We're gonna open up the phone lines here for the final hour we got football negated the you're talking about Morse sees common day on the might drop in on Friday in college basketball. Auburn may have a little situation Golan as well. So let's whatever you want to give it to you remember you got. Wednesday night football that night. I watched so I don't care what tells say 8 PM on ESPN to its south Alabama at Troy Lieberman for the trojans or one on the year. A bar night eight a real events late ex state. At Louisiana a lot yet final hours straight up with starts when we come back we're live on ESPN upstate.