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Welcome an up stated is a win staying in addition straight up would start to Wear light smoke on the water Richmond waiver you can follow him on Twitter rich state sports as well as diesel back he has been in upstate studios. He'll take your phone calls beginning in the next segment. Of course follow him on to literature and risky diesel on radio and we're gonna take you till 7 PM. I don't with. With some pots lines today in Richmond at me as some of the things we're dedicated to. Which includes that the that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker. It's who he's been paying now when not mention nag theory Anderson the former Oregon State coach knew he was that. Baring his soul to it we're not talking in my maybe they'll that's good enough to locate all the strippers body apparently. And also no World Cup for you know. No football no football. Can you imagine the powers the fox right mail they're pointer after just a ridiculous about a money. The broadcast the World Cup that nobody's gonna watch here in the US why because they US is not playing edit. Well you have to admit though it was that the US already it is an eight minute plea to countries Trinidad Ibaka. That's not fair you're right. So go take your pocket and put it on anyway we're gonna have some fun today for thirty by. Year coming up we're gonna talk with the voice of this year teams orange Matt park that he you can give him a follow on Twitter Matt park one. In less than Angel always enjoy you know what man. In. Let you know club's success here keys this week and it is the next biggest gain on the schedule and you're talking about. Eight Syracuse team that's improving at a very very quick pace under ear doesn't matter under. Tito neighbors of course there dungy the starting quarterback reminds me a lot of Kelly Bryant and the right numbers in what he's bringing to the table. But if you ever been around the new papers for more than about five minutes to realize what a special look at this it is absolutely not favor interview. People most people would get. A scene that it US we are right here in year out. Who's your favorite interview ACC football pick up those people witnesses you could have a swing the maturities. He's always he always has a cliche you know he's as saying. He always has a smile for everybody. I'm telling you scenes ailments you know vapors in its interest in it she's the that this movement that Turkey has played better in that. It direct correlation. The players buying into what you're just describing there's something he's it. It factored. In on paper obviously this game looks like it should be a wash for months. This is why they played the game you never know on the road it's freaky Friday type situation. Anything is possible now not sane net. I'm predicting their kids going to win anything if pop this is that the green three Syracuse team you know what I mean they had back to back road losses. About nine points at LSU in him by one score in its statement of course state pool the winner gets. Who's faltering at this point last week it. So you're talking about a Syracuse team that's three and three. They have the ad dual threat quarterback legitimate integrity in here dungy and it waits the minister of Satan doesn't yet before the day's over. But he has started wherever 18100 yards or it's night with ninth stale tickets for interceptions. But he's also rushed for 325. Yards with another eight touchdowns on top of that but to go back and look where that means that have been through this with the art. On the defense side of the ball look at the numbers that they were given out last year. Sit here and tell you who's the store or this or that. But working as a unit they're numbers haven't proved that last season. To where they don't have to put fifty points up on the board winner yet on that defense side they are led by their heart and soul and that's why year Franklin. Rate to graduate this December. They've had cat and a person be named captain for three consecutive years so he has there heart and so he's their Christian Wilkens and he's there alt Bryant type of guy that you think about some of the players that they've come through I was just watch in the spur us on. Showtime here in the past couple days ago about hernia. The running back passed away after Jim burial are yet. Age you think about you know how number 44. Net number it was a huge deal and that program there's been a lot of good players. That it concerts a year keys in the past and recently as well people forget. At a club civilians will never forget. That dreary foggy day in Jacksonville when Donovan made him and a forty on the tires. That would stills or subject was them immediately members of mine is I'm not. Yet diesel that remember the first half but the app state Michigan game of that sir couple they would members abide. Remember the dollar and four quarters that's here a few ups and gave. In Jacksonville's. Diesel you know buddy because I know you're gonna be glued into the television set tonight. Is one of your rivals in the fun bell that's bad Wednesday night football game at south Alabama now listed. Joseph Jones does not have the jaguars player like they played the last couple years heavily they faced off with that state. In a bowl game in Montgomery last year. But it's Troy at Ford one year as the team that trojans with dale in handled LSU in Death Valley a couple of weeks ago. In line people are gonna be muted in Detroit on Wednesday night going. They're possibility it Neal for Albion our next head coaches he had coaching players so starts to speed up here in three or four week. Well no we didn't play those we didn't play south Alabama bowl game last year because that would have been a conference game. And they don't do that but. Yeah I mean what Wednesday night football would you know although I'm sure dozens of people will be watching. It makes you still living in I'm going to be what airlines. Yeah I well it's like Troy like the way they play. Is Wednesday night that's okay college football and don't watch somebody's got to watch it somebody's got to watch and I don't know that we watch in now. At at. Right so again at 435 will talk with that map are the voice of the see your keys aren't 505. We'll do ours ST Sumner pick them segment its needs that detailed. You remember I'd Joseph wizard at the apps former state mountaineers who was with this last week. He's gonna fill in for Steve was some picks in the N at 535. By 37 and that year he now goes. I'm looking forward to this when it is that Tony Brasilia with the Tony's Tony Brasilia show up in Knoxville Tennessee. Listen I know Tony a lot more than. That you know when I started thinking about some things I realize though a lot more than I ever gave him credit for. You know he's been to a radius near Knoxville for about 25 years every right after I got at the University of Tennessee team dale. From the Philly area to a and the University of Tennessee actually dated a girl and clips and in college studies made a couple of trips they are to tiger you own and Tony is the first show back and I ever became involved with called them. In the united and an old entertainment publication called not schools nightlife and he kind of partner with me on they have racing some funds for hurricane after urging gained through. In you know he kind of let that be that dangerous did you did this mean you know a lot of stuff you know in the rest is history. Is that really look forward to talk instant Tennessee South Carolina. Plus given that guy is the U wanna see hard core those gains show. In that meets the go to the Celia dot com after a Tennessee football game it's the fifth quarter brought you by the guards a law firm. It is not be broadcast over the radio airwaves because the FCC may putts a couple of them that. IV it is after the Georgia game it was just classic I had read comical Ali were I have read it and block in it and how he feels about what's Jonas as it way past time. For Tennessee to get rid of him but you know I guess when I was trying to get in this. He would do instant stuff you know living in Knoxville that was the glory were on the glory years at Tennessee football Padilla mating quarterback is their course. Yet he Morton in their magical run to the national title. Out there in Phoenix two. Just. School we fund viewed as the vehicle trip dale memory d'alene if you will low bit idols he shares some thing oh yeah well it's not like he's ever seen me out at 5 o'clock in the morning. Probably but it's not. He had at the attic he was being hacked is you know. What made at this point they got married in threes and I decide to have about 23 years of fun doing different things before. I think we wanted to make sure that we we will go work out is that the mayor's cookie if you will. Before we decide to bring another you know person number that we could afford that it's now won't we first got here we could really major gone out all the time. Now. That's part of the journey actually. The food and beverage was free you know and that's he had to go out accidentally hit IT you do it so. Julie. Like yes that would have fun this is a great year period that you ever heard you safaris next level. Yeah on this it gets back at it one. Whitney at its wits radio stations after contract at some point he couldn't take the chimney with them to the next station. It's somebody suggested. Would you always use of race next level and then there's about a four year run at that next level with that he was silly yet. In that name is us always kind of stuff. Right ears two listen here's some of the stuff we're dedicated to you today. First of law that no World Cup for years. We'll open up the phone lines on that way I'm sorry it is and there I know people here diesel and Udall. But we may see ourselves on being in the greatest country on the face of the sort because we are. If you go visit the only place that I'm not willing to maybe judge just again it's never been this Indian it's in the navy and that's on. Art and a workers so I made very well. Like it's our have been to Denmark parents' parents are parents dad is from Denmark. Fantastic yet so to listen I've been so fortunate travel all this world. He and it just maintain this is the greatest country on the face of this or that some people wanted to airedale from the inside the Mike yes but. Win week he would win it will we can't place in the top three in our region. The United States either way. A look at it we almost hired some guys to play force you know. Some of these campaigns LA yours your cup play for the eight Steele can't get it done now larger comment yet. It went fail last night when you're taking on not one but two countries are placing. That of course in the Panama game is he has the phantom goal. He should never be in this position it is an indictment this is why. It is a gorgeous game my brother plates soccer he's a goalie apartment his freshman year and that is Igor is gained it. It's not enough scoring we weren't millennial with it since Meehan which I personally believe as part of the ticketed she problem. They were seen not only clips and guess what. Tennessee is allowing mayor Steve ticket she give up eight war with your request. I think this is not so. It is that means much to the tiger or its know it ballots waiting years ago there's no value to its not got my own opinion writes about all that they kill bird they screwed up a perfectly good thing but also the you're seeing. Eight byproduct of society date where they just are willing to give eight hours you know football team it's it's only one part of it it's that delegating. The camaraderie seeing that inference and mainly afterwards. The team itself it's just that small component. The end you factory and our society how litigious it is with liability issues so there's a component. Of this pressure. From the university. From risk management. Students getting hurt on the hill so there's a whole another component that they're trying to that's been layered in that this. So when you have that and the other issues that your describing. It's just Asia right now. Now it's CBS and when you get your ticket taking. That you're waiving all liability in a football stadium because you know whether it's your choice to be there that you could what comes with that afterwards just comes with the territory it in the south that's the way it should be yet there it is that's the way it should be but when they're packing in 9000 students and a capacity placed the 3000. Then your. Asking for trouble are right but in light through a two week comeback first interview at 437 Mets met part the voice in this the year tees arts don't forget it for 45. We ever clips and nuts polite trivia contest. As well as the fight here and key word where you can win a thousand dollars free. In clear on intercom intercom upstate in ESP in upstate it is a busy. Edition of straight up was sturtze. Welcome back in on this Wednesday edition I've got rates than diesel both humming the theme of vacation vacation. Is at. That last commercial sales like with the salt the for the baby vacation yeah 08 before what's your favorite part of that movie. After they wrecked the car in the desert after that John and Chevy Chase's. Open beer yellen Russ stage and I didn't write decided yet that I thought but we're part of that babies with. The dot team bloggers errors shorter afterward that parts were. He he looks that of Leo and he has habits but yet how much is gonna cost of fixing does have a but he got your wallet. What's chair for him here to think about you pop that idea is that guy Bullock said he's. Via third generation say badly treated at braces that I am I'll clean it up because I've never met the bites the crap while Steve that is you. Say that the Chevy Chase yet he like it's ugly tree at brits. It a couple of generations that hula. A low and I. I'm trying to remember the rest of the scene reminds affair of my favorite one is where I think rusty puts is that puts his hand on Clark's shoulder and he screams don't touch. So ends up but he does anyone because I'm gonna he's like he's that close to lose and it. This particular candidate that. Low man that is is to be funny are right Dylan's and the line still would welcome it if you have an a good day was going home conference. Well I'm glad we are probably better. It's it's Wednesday we're getting closer toward the weekend the sun's out where spoke home waters and not a bad afternoon. The rest especially when we're critical problems well what did we start talking about a buck that bears its content but we. He wasn't what and we need to become people look at political partner won't work when registered Monday introduced a part. No I think he is hurt himself tremendously tried to build a culture of loyalty and invite dean and love from that perspective that's hard to. Except when your being called out today you heard basically piece of trash is what he was referred to some of these coaches. Giving you know confidence in yourself as a coach so it be very hard to work for somebody like that it's at we'll call you out. And anybody you priority code so you get into middle boat but not now. Yes it is and I wonder there's also justice point of it that. He's saying that it's on him but he skipped in some blame to the assistant coaches Heathrow and Alito voted this yeah OK yeah and trying to figure out where that ball is right now though open and that's what makes it very disheartening if your assistant coach. That would wanna work for him. The eulogy at that position not only do vehicle vehicle all ago. Awkward moment of Siskel who want corporal could have let me a sort of particular button cute but we'll make another trophy. That's right trust is a hard thing to gain back when you lose it. Yet I think there's this I don't know what I know who want to beat the date it was kind of pathetic is it moved in I didn't think I was content and has spoken. Oh absolutely delve a bit less in the Greg phone call there. The reality of the situation it was scouts and it's it's not Parker's job. Now it's not. You know before that waiting area Anderson's job that's the area over its its job and that's why maybe we missed a little bit you know. Chester I restate certain level of respect or disrespect on Twitter went almost at old it's exposed to. Go after me about let it outside the bots are by Arkansas development they've just added out of the ballpark female running yet. That I like eight freaking great hire why because with Scott's it'd been what three consecutive principles. Under yeah and eating it because it's the last one because Barry Alvarez that no was toxic guides Connecticut's state. Came out from the sidelines and from the eighties spots and he. It in bill that was out the door. Yet I just the Bay Area however it's maybe had something so standard in place days to seek comment and maintain it to screw anything up. That's why. It now looks like arkansas' Smits missed on that Obama. That might need to write me. So I think a lot of treatment now I think yeah I think he was running from Wisconsin. And on paper Ian that perception was oh this is going to be a great hire. But when I looked at it. It didn't make any sense to me to be honest with you why he would actually go to Arkansas he'll start. Really died in two you're talking about the point four Meehan for why out right now Yankee Munich contract yet Davos talking about here Anderson. Now former Oregon State coach that while the way this week if for whatever reason Anderson decided to start exchanging text with the one of the local writers out there which includes. Back on September 12. I have them by analysts say you know it it feels that expletive instead of the work. I have them by the rear for every penny no buyout for the next four not only this year but that's not my style. If it is not a group I will do some crazy expletive. With my salaries so I can pave the right coaches the right money. So that leads me to believe he's they're saying. Eileen Getty big pool of money to go out there and hires cystic coaches with Abbott Sweeney will sit there and look Hewitt guy ago. You know one of the reasons puts its successful. Your gut Phillips and nail theocratic know that you've given me the ability to go out there. It's been the money to get this is the coaches because those are the guys Richmond. That are doing all the one on one coaching on the field itself but of course you conceded difference that it's been made with Brent venables on the defense that side. This is arguably got to be the best. Ryan from a defense standpoint than Clinton ever seen in my opinion even back to the early days gaining worse yet I'd this is the best. Me him and yeah. I don't. Back trips that national title game when national GP two for the thirteen 60 yeah there's talk again just on the right have you to confront that right quick or bat real quickly it's will pick this up intermittently through the show is we've got the voice of the Syracuse Orangemen or Lebanon with this next. He attacks on September 20. Twentieth. I hired the wrong XX put that it guys in are still working our way to a bunch of recruiting years the stock. It's year three if these guys to get it right in Iowa not to say fire them and stored over. That's not the way to go about it it prospered. That bad I will take the bullet in ride off into the sunset. I will stay old school I'm not doing this graph I'm not died doing this crap statement. So that's where he first starts to admit I'll walk away from. In so is that all read see. Him come. Questions that it worked quitting but it's almost. You've been up and quitting that he's able to. I missed a slew. I'm not try to fix it as I'm done I'm walking it well that's kind of ironic that you mention that because it's the last one that we war what. Re right now he did to attacks on September 24 in all capital letters. I am fix in this place if it kills sat speak at this point. He picked any kind of bipolar according to Al the day's practice was because for one of the things I've gathered. He felt like he couldn't get the players that buy in out there on the practice field. If they were just get beaten they were beaten up for stale after talking about a guy that did really well at Utah State at maintained it was not since. I don't think he just forgot how to coach he just could not get the message across for whatever reason. You've got one year to weed out who's gonna buy it and who's gonna buy out the year number two the ones that don't buy out by Ian. They become the cancer in they're the ones searcher program we'd end the mentality. You beat you beat yours it's. Your basically most weed out everybody knows college kids would say yep smoke that we needed a quarter. I did yesterday and a pat pat pat pat pat are. I didn't read it they you guys it's a totally different way. Of looking at it will we come back we're gonna talk clubs and see your keys or river that take Friday night match up. You can hear it on our sister station 933 the planet rocks don't forget the US ailment the planet 93. Three the planet rots out will be listening on the app on the car in the car. On the way to bury him on Friday is Myanmar white powder taken in the Alabama Arkansas game. At 615 in Tuscaloosa. On Saturday nights to steal lit the planet that you can hear all your clubs and action. Right there don't forget Greg McKinney now will be in studio for college football today on 933 the planet. From the report you know prices can be villain in. For straight up was third on ESPN upstate from four to seven but will get caught sincere he started. With Matt park the voice of the see your keys awards when we come back. All right welcome back yet where lives here smoke all the water don't forget at 5 o'clock where it picks football games with former at stake mountaineer to Wednesday. He's billet and Versteeg Sumner today so yes for the second week in a row Richmond we will be surrounded by at stake greatness between diesel. And of course Joseph was in it but that these are we ready because the phone lines give me quick heads up it's Matt park the voice of the art at Syracuse University can give them a follow on Twitter. At met park one joins us and Matt. I tell you why I never expected to see this heat day on here for October 11. From what I gather there's about 5000 Clemson fans headed up the upstate New York this weekend. Give us an idea of how pretty the boil it and how great the weather is up there because I could certainly use. Well Leo fall foliage is so beautiful too great time to go pick apples and not a good thing at the football games that don't get no way. And in this case simply have started a football game so to be equality of apples to pick it leads to watch on the weekend but we've got the beautiful weather. For probably about six weeks running and so today where it's kinda drizzly and Greg. Well let's it is a big football game that's next up the clubs and six and though they got the nation's longest winning streak with eleven games but. Let's talk about the job that dean hope neighbors is done with this year geez arts because. That's been one consistent the last couple years it ACC football kicked off week got in coach papers on. In his enthusiasm. Is so infections that you know why he can also flat out coach he's got the art now three and three. This year coming off a win off a hit with a much improved defense is well loved those two papers. Well yeah you're not alone is of these fund guy and it always does a good job work in the room at a lot of the coaches do an immediate day there in July when we see you guys. You know he has. Is a very. He runs his program a certain way all kind of geared toward the same idea of playing faster. Than the female lineup against the way to cover. Maybe for a lack of talent in some cases you look at the places where he's been where this is work Baylor. Foremost among those and then for Emmett spends impact for the eastern Illinois in Bowling Green and he's got a formula that works for him though. The NB CC news in theory able to recruit bigger faster stronger more accomplished players. And he's hoping that that continues to grow and and so work and what we've seen here is really unprecedented offensive production. Now for a year and a half under his watch and you know that that should be released to us Syracuse is worried we're gonna run into a tremendous. Defense team here on Friday night so that'll be a big test for it. But that's what I think makes them capable even against. Really good teams is they ought to be able to score. As we continue with Matt park the voice of the art to Syracuse follow him on Twitter at met park one in that. You know one more question. Looking back a little bit if you will nobody likes to lose gained splits Syracuse goes on the road. I am back to back weeks in a tough single digit loss at LSU followed by single score lawsuit in state. It may be the kings actually gained some confidence and respect added you know being more than competitive. In back to back up typical road trips in that it manifested with that 2724. Whatever it on Saturday. Yeah you know they're not really in the moral victory business but I do think they. Felt like looked. Didn't lose the games because they got outclassed by talent which on paper you think that is gonna happen going against LSU you think that is gonna happen against clubs and to be frank. But the reason they lost those two games Tuesday. Made a few too many losing players and not about winning place is not that they were. Completely overwhelmed by the line play or. Giving apple bought a sixty yard touchdowns which they did last year you know they gave up a lot of big plays so the clips of him on the road. It was one of those the Pittsburgh game on the road. Soul. That is a step in the right direction whether you want to administer about and nobody's daughter doing cartwheels necessarily about that but at least it's pretty good team they beat Syracuse. In large part because they're further down the road on the rebuild that they've got 45 your players. Then they NC state got six or seven players. We as you know twenty careers starts certain part of it as any. You know soul. Circuit is good players today with the best team that is don't have enough fossil. You know and and so I think that's what that's the gap there look at the clothes and and two use the home field to their Bannister beat Pittsburgh the other day I think support. Yet and we're joined by Matt part voice of the oranges Syracuse university in Madison Richmond Weaver and speaking. You teams are led by their coaches obviously coach pavers is doing a great job of bringing culture but you also have to have leaders on the field and one of those for Syracuse is linebackers hire Franklin. And so him be in a three year starter. A three year captain I should say. The first player in Turkey's history what does he mean to the defensive front our defensive. Unit for Syracuse and overall just the team in general. You know it was so never get around it figured out the other three year cap and some guys make eighteen hundreds you're gonna go back in my. Looked it up and try to woody doesn't cover with today's players and to ensure as nothing but. Both players are agree represented the but the program he took a tough. Philadelphia did raised in difficult circumstances. If you were maybe a little bit. Taller maybe he's depends day either the FCC or something like that but he's been very productive minutes time here. Tremendous leader. Makes a lot of plays. Natalie can indeed you know kind of wreak Havoc in the middle the defense. He draws so much attention that I I think he deserves an assistant for pop productive Paris Bennett has been now. But the last two years of those guys are going. They're second consecutive season probably where they'll both have a hundred tackles that and Franklin's just. A really good kid competitors gonna give you everything he did leave we games at NC state for a couple of minutes. With a brief injury came right back and you know want to be out there and I think. The rest of the defense takes its cues from up. As we continue with Matt part the voice of the see your keys origin you won the day. A lot of clubs and means it's a two and in the scheme on Saturday may not realize. It's just how talented quarterback here dungy is because clubs and did not have to face him. In Death Valley last year he was out with an injury but. Heavy yeah is he the the prototypical dual threat quarterback or is he more like the shot Watson who is a throwing quarterback who can happen to run the ball. Dungy for Clemson fans listening a 168. At 261. On the year 18102. Yards passing. Nine touchdowns vs four interceptions but oh yes has another 325. Yards rushing with eight more steals and it's a guy can do it. But throwing it in with this week. Yeah it's funny I don't know that he's necessarily prototypical anything. But he he's. Very very competitive he is an accurate thrower of the football for the most part. He has got a couple of Milwaukee. Little stretches here. But it's his leadership and his knowledge of the offense. What they're trying to do running at that tempo I think that makes them stronger reason to good runner. I think if he just has the will you know these gradual and pretty quick but he thought the lineup and run in the you know draws are a bunch of design runs and that the defendant in a related Lamar Jackson would you know these these nuts that level of explosive athlete but. If you go look at his film over the years he's not afraid to at least attempt to jump a guy or he thinks he can run around a linebacker so much that he's been pretty successful doing it. He used what do pop on here is going to be one of the all time leading ruptures in terms of rushing. Touchdowns in the history of the program means. There's some of the names of these. Mural passing power pretty impressively he just got to the point recruit as many rushing touchdowns moved out of McNabb. And so that's a pretty good feather in his cap and in battle it's stopping because they have a hard time running the football otherwise that that was the deal Lester Clemson. They took out. Any design runs that they had for Eric because they didn't want them. To get injured in the game and as a turn better get injured anyway and it was done for the year or so. They'll play with them. Go and pull out because that's the only way they have a chance to win. All right Matt before we let you go in again so appreciative you catching up with this today because CO may release I can't speak for yell Friday night. Are really shorten things up with us plus we have the Carolina Panthers on one of our station in the air tomorrow night so. It's been a little bit difficult but. Have a little fun with me all the way out the door that meets your keys is obviously north of the Mason Dixon line what is the thought process of that group. When the clips and tigers from clips and South Carolina. Are making their way up there it's at a little bit of like you know. Distant cousin coveted you know what what what this your keys may at state win the other arms from the south make their way up. Well I. It's very obvious this is big time football you know people know that. Clubs to put politics but about the football the built facility of the drive for the championship how important it was. For Clinton to get its first championship since 1981. And we've seen that far everybody knows. To the degree to Clemson has made the commitment. That's not made everywhere. Does the idea that you can't look up to govern accounted evil leaders at 5000 fans make the trip to Syracuse. Well that doesn't happen here that we Boston College doesn't bring 5000 stats. And that perhaps. Seoul. You know that's what Clemson stands for that's what when LSU gave her a couple years ago that's what you get into Seoul around here it's you know some that is treated like a zoo animal but it. It's a it's a big deal you know and I love defect is Friday night for a lot of the reasons that you guys adjustments and then. Opens up the the weekend two well. It'll go apple picking him. And watch other football but go looking to get it off to a good start. And I hope everybody covered up for Munich it would have a good time of the. All right listen nab Matt pleasure do I catch up with the boys integrations in your time with this and let's and have a great call on Saturday our listeners can fight you on Twitter mat or one. So good. We'll we'll go to our psyches. They keep a match as a lot of fun because let's. You know I mean Atlanta it would Georgia Tech know by the minutes. Kind of know who is in Durham and Chapel Hill and even Riley to a certain extent even though it's like apple nor care ought you know in clubs since entail. I can't imagine what it's like for the Yankees gear because boss that. You know I've been there twice it and that people you would put the Red Sox game on a Friday night the night before. There's like 6000 Clemson fans all wearing orange to Red Sox had been eliminated from its like the last weekend of the season. It people what's all this or why they teens in this year decline. Of course is playing Boston College it nut. Yeah about sear he she it's a little bit smaller. Confined atmosphere are right appreciate that part catching up when we come back we're gonna give UT to win a chick filet OK pack. Mean guy you can call ending give the answer to diesel plus will he be the key word for it the night. Next hitter you were Joseph was and its name with this 505 its were Dickinson games here on straighter which stars. So diesel we're gonna go low out double today on articulate trivia contest if you've got the answer the first person that calls diesel. At 844 GS PE SPN with the correct answer they're gonna win it. The key is we've only got four minutes do we get to the key word contest in the and we got pick of which it was and it. After that and then of course Tony Visalia from Knoxville. At 537. But this is for a take that typically okay pack keep you. Just make sure you keep your number to diesel that there we will get it hurt Tyler chick filet of clubs and in Seneca. In he'll be in touch with you in this includes a 64 piece nugget Drake a small cookie tray and a gallon at the that's beat the bucks off of your tell eating expenses for the weekend. Or right mayors who make sure that you listened carefully to the the question. Wits non. ACC. Team it's not name the University of South Carolina or the University of Georgia. Has clips and play the boasting college football. Which non ACC team. It's not your natural state rival the University of South Carolina or you're border rival with Georgia. Had you played more than any other team in college football you know they answer to that. Call at 844 GS PE SPN in diesel will. You'll like accurate pervasive and it will get that on dale to herb Tyler with chick filet. In clips and in Seneca and of course we appreciate him in its sponsorship. In every theme they use on all right don't forget Richmond tomorrow and I don't classic rock what do one point one at them. We will have a very good NFL game it is the Carolina Panthers. With though why why not rather odd. Why hike in the post in the Philadelphia eagles' shoulders looking good with Carson win explain a lot of good football right males well Carson wind seems to be on pace to. Showcase that he's actually going to be a theory legitimate quarterback in NFL for many years to count. And he's got an offensive line that is solved it yet well mean really feisty defense this year. Let's include some greens are gonna find out a little bit that's the case with see your keys on Friday night I feel like man I thought graciously put it. We have some good players we just don't have enough bubble. In that should be it be that different Sammy Chris Wilkens licking its chops going. Give me the ball out what I wrote the book is they like what 67280. Pail full back. Or something like that so the other thing is don't forget Greg McKinney birds football players nation for high school. They'll be on. Friday night. And of course price will be at filling in for me on Friday is once we're done with the pregame show on 933 the planet we're gonna take got a tail. For the rest of the weekend's who we've got covered Thursday night football classic rock want one Friday night football on 933 the planet at well. As he has in upstate any whole plethora. It. People that you dictionary that your. A big word that the era of gains on ESPN. A state this weekend but you know what. People like the tune in to us for one or two reasons. The get a polite note eight pack is they can call in right now. Idiots that question or to get a chance to win a thousand times Breen Claire on a fast regarding got a winner. Our but it did take about a fourth caller. A cat that hit it buddy we got some free money giveaway. All you have to do is tax revenues. Are as C is set reds say why are rather lose like you should. Go watch football weekly get your widely roads are two SE text that is 7288 wind. You're going to get a pull somebody's went and at thousand dollars one you was we like this that you can't win it if you lay in it. X rose to 72881. Remember we give keywords away at 7 AM 11 AM TP Evan Bayh PM. We're back Pickens some gains which to whisper.