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Welcome back in final hour where light from smoke all the water Mark Stuart is right seconds that in court she can follow prices price Atkinson on Twitter me at Sturgis sports and you make a bad comment are wrong comment from 45 years ago yes yes what you're gonna be called out port rightfully so I don't have a problem loading up that this went. But wow. Today what tiger on Twitter at Tyler a code. Mean you're good he is he went back and mailed eight to Guido mine from a while ago. That I put out this that well it's true Arkansas swung for the pits in the breath Vilma ire. That's a great pick up. I hits via ups is not so fast mark Sturgis at opaque six days past had sat at Arkansas period with tears cavity yet the price of OT. Yeah it did look like a great hired the tie but is I will admit Al maybe it was just Brett Vilma maintaining what area over as it already built that Wisconsin. There was that much work it all yet to be eating half the field Ali had to do was maintain. What it was not yet Wisconsin. Here don't screw this thing not what we want to that you yet so. Pity you know in Arkansas comes to totally out of left field. And what's SEC money and nick Zito he's archetype to go to what have they done it now I think they're terrible. The hard thing to figure out his. Why guys like Michigan Jim Harbaugh you know department it is eight. Is at quarterback coaches is guided. That does quarterback's right well sleeping just repeal vote with office supply. It's also offensive line is it actually horrendous. It billet. Interesting no doubt the hour and up to it there's no way I can go. It now I was just flat out wrong but guess what that thought may be bill McDonough a lot more pitching wins that ended me actually adds that. Atlas and it is you know it it's NFL month of October price you know what that means in real quickly. What seal saying if you laugh at yourself. He laughed that he by elves are diesel is price are you guys gonna help me and doctor Greg Ayers from pro immigrant did history. Raise some money this month for the American Cancer Society. In honor of one of all of our bombs one Teresa salt Sturgis here for. I know there's been a good. So I telling you guys we're gonna be do it showed showed Pete scrubs at some point this but probably with the peaked in two on as well. But lesson here is willing to get and when it comes of it to do you know provider should I bring my round. Well you're gonna have to come get your sides now from buy extra two to wardrobe closet in my office Everett out Steve I've got all colors but will they pretty. But listen I'm really thrilled with doctor Greg Ayers joining up with this this month from pro immigrant demo. Really it's old bowling springs road guys it's right there off the Pelham road where Wal-Mart knighted by this. In dad just an absolute fantastic guy and you know eyes taking the right approach to this we're gonna have some fun with the you know what because it's. Breast cancer probably it's affected somebody in every single one of our family cities just. You left the way of destruction to a certain extent mine too we're gonna make some good things come about it we're gonna otter somebody. It just one year ago was going under her second. Mastectomy you know and I mean it was the realized price it's been an October. It's been a year at this month's sect called you up that way. You legal believe which has happened us. So we're gonna make that one year anniversary in the something good and we're gonna make fun of ourselves or we're gonna make some money for them mayor in its society. Because again there is a disease that is absolutely affected all of us and this is the kind of things you're gonna see here this month. When it comes to the NFL you're gonna see a lot of he can Thursday night in Charlotte. You're gonna see the first ever key on the game price. Those two words keep pounding at the resonate with those Carolina if there's variances they've got the big drama out there neighbor at. Here is at the leaked her people from Charlotte including stepped Perry back in the day coming you know on the drum. But this Thursday night's matchup between the painters in the Eagles will be the airline appear there's first ever peek in on the game which that will celebrate. The history and traditions while supporting. The NFL's Kreutz crucial cats kits are initiative. So again everybody's working on this we're gonna do our own little part in we're gonna do it a little bit different way. But speak at a key building that's exactly what the Carolina there's aptitude. Listen candy was just nothing sort of magical on Saturday in the air Sunday in the game. In that wind river the Detroit Lions having his passer rating was what won it by point two. So like twenty EU nine at 358 inches at. You know we're just talking about Sam Bradford shoulder look who's getting healthy now. In candy quarterback in don't look now after one of the most dismal performances ever remember hitting their uniform. He area for an entire squad against New Orleans that's two pretty nice back to back wins the papers to pull off. Oh boy you got that right collected New England at Inglewood could exploit that you know I thought if I got the most pleasure out by the team on Sunday. Just simply the fact that Matt Stafford he ever body you know that the contract he signed him. All the shorts fans think he's next coming it got a quarterback. That he basically was there to take notes watch team knew his team did put on a clinic that I am glad Matt Stafford had a front row seat for his team beat Blake could not that. That are so where do we get this team I didn't know too much to what to think about it but it. All of a sudden DeVon but to meet the difference offensively for this Carolina painter's team in 2007. It's been the bore the the continual development but Devin punches at wide receiver because. We do you teamed him on the other side with that Kelvin Benjamin. Those are two big wide receivers that you have to deal with the key on. It don't look now what it would painters do want one they're scoring place just a simple little spread about widened to a shuttle pass up the middle of a Christian McCaffery. In it all the sudden you go. Wow even without Greg Olsen out there that long tight tight end there's still a lot of weapons for in the new utilized right now they're all playing well as a unit. Yeah and it's your art have out at the eagle at Dickson and how it was seat on in the heat low light. The caddie god harness he stepped up big beetle leader tied in with Greg Olsen now but. You know. You go back to what you that you don't that it punches you know the touchdown that she hit Ricky went up and out shot the deep it's backed notes. The theoretically you'll always look to have this big tall wide receivers because. You know you Philip jump ball out flats sometimes it will begin at some times of the not to let. Ellis one of those case in point times were it would simply. I gave upbeat which has figured it stronger. That that deepens it back to school it's simply straight up the back unions get the ball that's why I think that's why Carol what it would in the date and it's that difference in the game. That would touchdown. Right now Carolina and a half game lead on the Atlanta Falcons Carolina foreign warned. Again three and go on the road right now it looks like it's easier for the falcons in the in the painters to play on the road is the falcons or two ago. But course at New Orleans sit back there as well as Tampa Bay. At two and two you'll look at the NFC east in Philadelphia this weekend's opponent cumin and they've won three consecutive gains Carson wins looks like he has failed his rhythm is a second year quarterback in Philadelphia. Now has already broken out to a game and a half lead over to into Washington. Who gains over Dallas at two and three. In the New York Walking Dead football giants still remained winless in a landslide. You talk about you know this and on a prediction call the united giants picked to win that position now in Alan know what the only one. But what in the world the New York Giants a five. Minute that was one to simply did. All. I eat it would feel like a bird. Bill Buckley junior out. Let's see it allotted. Not a injuries weren't they on this week. You know just some really good players lost for the season. This week and that's part of the game and that's why you mentioned the name Ed Dickson you were glad to see him step up in that role. With candy that lets not put Cam Newton. Wanted to go out there and show you have maybe I'd get stick my foot in my mouth a little bit. This week when it came to be in off the field. But now he's got to form one record he's an MVP. At the 2015. Season but he may have had its best gain as a pro. Going 26 for 33. For 335. Yards three touchdowns no interceptions. He can continue to do that the Panthers will be a dangerous team moving forward because price this stretch right here. When we said on the road it knew it in New England. On the road at Detroit you need billet out. You need distance can be a tough stretch for the painters and I didn't see them start it off to and go on the road so who knows what the possibilities are actually get to cited it's it's hard for me to get. That just. Total collapse against newly New Orleans three weeks ago out of my mind as well as. Should have it on your mind it'll that large part it's simply about the two day quotas or is it next two weeks. You know that that loss to the states. Yet still lost yea you got beat up three touchdowns. But it. Tell me that looks like it to total anomaly because you look at the Carolina Panthers team they did basically at the other fourteens which job obviously your all winds. That's it not looked out talk it even H rent a sheet of what this Corey Carolina if there. They look like they were two days late details they they were just told you're about to go play football in Oshawa that's out late that the party. They were it's the saints they have looked anything but like that in every other team they play. To meet that game at least so far it's an outline. And yet to get the win they get a win on Thursday night it's Eagles just got to go back on the road for two more straight at Chicago and a table by after that. So they put authors and not yet right says every week is being built this is a big when he gets a very likely playoff team in the Philadelphia Eagles. Yeah right there with you need if you hadn't yet the schedule out if they can he get the win and listen obviously. Thursday night should favor the home team because there's new travel involved there's a little bits of more of some normalcy. In a completely a normal week in the NFL or abnormal week. In the NFL. Mean guys to simply it should favor the home team so let's get in the air in let's get building on that drum inlets delivered the Carolina Panthers. 28 and other win five and one. Mean that would be absolutely ideal at the third point of the season so. Speaking the Carolina Panthers were gonna talk some more. With about that when we come back tickets are free and Bryant Strickland he's won the senior writers or painters dot com and you can give them a follow on Twitter. At pay there's Brian and then after that. Listen I mean we're only five games into it price but I want a talk before we get out of here. I think there's one clear cut best team in the NFL right elbow we're only after five weeks let's see how things look. At it and twelve and fourteen weeks because. Now we get into this stretch where attrition can start to change. House of football team's makeup is it's just say physical game absolutely no doubt about it this is straight start. We're light years smoke on the water remember they get you ready for dale. And dale tale grateful that I haven't. It set up out there on main street. Plus the restaurant will be open for you to come sit down grab arresting get some good food as well. That smoke all the water mixture for Paul for grateful that you buy them at the quarter of a gust there in Maine. I'd welcome back in March searches Pryce actually sit where light smoke on the water diesel blanket ESPN upstate studios into the guests like for the final time today it's our friend Bryant Strickland won the senior writers with me there's dot com. You can give a follow on Twitter there's Bryant as well as check out. They're podcasts that they do it's a combination that he and Max it's an Brian and I hope you have a rule quickly. Brian has spelled with a wide windy go to look him up on Twitter Bryant how we don't buy it. But tonight public service announcement I appreciate that. That's helped a lot in and you know speak about PSA that did literally just hit. Then don't put because of the web site they kind of breaks down the podcast. That was some highlights so people don't have 35 minutes to lift and they certainly should take 35 minutes that if they don't like that you can it get to the house. Absolutely because let's sit I'm an unabashed painters and you know with our jobs on Saturday I don't get there really pull. Yet that much for my teams if you will so I have to have something to pull for. It have a color me surprised right nailed at the pain at their support one. Especially coming a few weeks ago out of that loss to New Orleans it meets this kind of indescribable. At this point but for whatever reason. In game it's failed an inner Gloria if you will. And let me tell you he could not have had a better game on Saturday. In that when it Detroit following up they went in New England board one color me surprised party. Yeah I could have. Who predicted Ford one potentially in the pre season but certainly not the way this is developed and like you said. Not in a lot happening at the site there in the middle Lotta and obviously that was. Clearly the low point with the one loss to the seed so far but off that. It was kinda went everything came to a head whip whip you know. The camp you're not being able to get away with cam not playing well in the morning because cared for the first few games then. The site just kind of dominated all but the ball really that. But I would to tap in the tight road into and the united since then that there were signs. Small time they came to getting healthier the way they were handling him practice giving him more wraps making sure. He got to throw it every day in practice that he can handle that and then. You know for the second straight week in New England he when he gets the believe. Lowest rated up defense and it finally she that he torched the patriots Columbia called. The lions dared him to beat them a week later and he beat them as less. And is we continue with Brian Strickland from painters dot com. You put out an article an hour ago talking about GM's readying able to go on a short week Thursday night no concern because. This might be the last cycle questioned that he has the answer with that shoulder how quickly is that turnaround week the week in this is the shortest it is it will ever be. Yeah I mean that's tough on everybody says. It is that we get on the podcast the even a couple of writers but it's really not if I will be watching football on our couches come Sunday that it. But yeah obviously cam got healthy enough just in time could you not. You don't wanna go I think about what could have been on the negative give it out if things aren't going. But you know obviously if he was not on top of the game in mile in Detroit at the did not fully recovered. There's an in very difficult games to win and they need turnaround play an eagle to report want. On short respite you know he's ready are all you know he obviously. You know he loves he loves playing the game you exported game day he said. You know just the deputy defense hadn't had to play today it had to be ready. Played a day and you know all you can ask or really is you know every bought both teams are kind of in the same situation that they that the play on. Short wrath but you're just thankful that the Panthers fans. That Camden had the added burden the shoulder to it too affected his reform hope that you shortly. Brightest price jackets and here at you know skirts and now we're talking before he had you on the last segment we're talking about where the painters Stratton. He mentioned he can't forget that loss against saints but. The last two weeks against the patriots in the alliance is easily the two best win of the season for the Panthers in terms of going on the road the quality teams should be. But when you look at these last five games at 41. The saints game losing 34 to thirteen no public that the body of work that saints game and the it's simply look like Carolina was just two days late in the party to sit out liar compared to await the Panthers have played it every other game this year. Yet I mean and I mean that's hard for me to put a good answer I'd love to sit here to explain deal this is exactly. Why that happened I mean. Obviously the saints had you know have maps bounced back the next week as well it shut out the dolphins so it's like their defense is not as bad as we thought that. It's beeping at me think it back to my game again not making excuses but it was crazier around the league that day if you remember there are a lot of into Eugene beating to an attitude when they were given a chance and about working theory on that is just I mean obviously the pre seed in the garage he did in this season they have access the first couple weeks. You know it's easy to. And I were pretty good here you know we we've got a good team here especially when you. But if it's seen its I would see an attitude that I would paint scheme at like the we've been working that softly it's that they you know. We have to win this game to favor the and he thought lap and around the league and get them out immediately write up about how KM. Tell play that as well that's a lot wanna chalk that up as an anomaly that has the means not gonna happen again because we know that the that we do weekly debate and change. And Charlie dime but I yeah I mean hopefully they know that the that we. We won't point that I game as a sign of that trouble that developed. As we can do that Bryant Strickland senior writer for it there's dot com follow him on Twitter. Pat panthers' Bryan that's BRY eighty yen and you know Miller by likes to talk offense and you know they numbers and it Dixon haven't really is best team as a paper but. Yes up that figure out what your columns this week five takeaways from it coach I thought now thinking about all watching the game. You know that was a pretty good effort that the paint their secondary or follow on sat on Sunday against alliance. Yet Kurt Coleman is Demetrius Cox outs that you meet Colin Jones who basically relate more or less say a special team are for the most part that serious burden they had signed what just stuck during the week last week it barely been with the team not even a week yet. Those guys didn't more than it admirable job in the secondary hole Matt Stafford down to just 229 yards passing 2335. Bryant. Yeah particularly in the middle of the game I mean obviously the star. Was rough for everybody you know papers are overly aggressive had seven penalties before he beat Ali batted. Then that attitude on the podcast about leaps equally might get unsportsmanlike conduct the delay related to his teammates on the sidelines and that the penalties. But in that settle everybody down and yeah a makeshift secondary in some way convicted planned. You think Colin Jones called you know coming in the base and they need being Garrett birds. Side that. I did that a neighbor to honor his opinion walking by about turn Christian Catholic religion and having talk about that in a second thought I gather got got distracted there. Do the aim of the game with a good plan in the middle of that game was pretty amazing defensively 23 snaps to 49 yards for the lie and there in the course of seven offensive possessions and obviously. Papers were trailing 107 entering the stretch they were leading 2710. Have to stretch. Am Brian you know one way to make a yet deep but it backed they'll look better especially when their then that's to get pressure on the quarterback in making the Panthers continue to be led by 837. Year old the pit to pit. It Julius Peppers he makes. Eight another big play on a short fourth and one. On Sunday. Teens take another sack which puts him in the top five of this statistical category. In the NFL the do you think that Julius Peppers would continue to play well. This late in the his career. I'm Matt certainly has based on the its fifty CHR I mean and last year you know with the Packers playing. You know kind of I guess somewhat similar remain in left that he isn't the answer this year in Dubai that's seven and perhaps that could be decided. Decide aids defied common sense before wanna do one more year and you know hopefully a year after this even I mean it's been. It is remarkable to watch him I mean just. The toppling it doesn't play the kind of mentioned they're just being like the team most needs it eat there. There to make a play I'm really excited overall about the pass rush Tebow let me think I know last year the Panthers. In that he had sacked him in fact in the league. But they really got off to a slow start we're about three of borrowing thin trade off the lead the team in fact we still finished. Second in the league. They need flash awarded this year you had Julius Peppers you have everybody else back in the near the top of the league already. They just yet if it that pickup that they play they did last year obviously going to be right the top again. I Bryant continue Bryant Strickland senior writer for paint there's dot com and one thing I'm kind of curious about this here Carolina Panthers running game and how they have not been ability to Julia. Jonathan Stewart it Christine McCaffrey. Uncork their nineteenth in the leaked in the NFL in rushing yards per game at 96 and a half. But it just seems like this running debate is something on the offensive line just doesn't seem to click. Why the Panthers cannot seem to get that running game on court what's your best guess what he's seeing with this running game not guilty going. Yeah I live my neighbor just had gone by we should electrician McCaffrey lose so I guess you could have yeah. Yacht. Go to get to that that I am yeah that's definitely I disappoint 28 rushes 28 yards against the line. Lions impressive that the Panthers could win. Despite those numbers with the the with the passing game did I mean that's clearly fascinated watching as the Eagles Thursday night to be honest guys because. The Eagles come in second in the league against the rush the paint you're struggling. To run the ball. That's what I'm curious to see of course is how the Eagles are gonna achieve it it's in the Panthers I feel like. You know especially obviously get innings and then even some against the lions. There's the opponent kind of challenge the pain at Houston to win the game with cam Newton's arm of course they sit going into the patriot games and in the lines that you did at one time with the community. And had. Cam could. But again it's the Eagles. How are they gonna play it how to get a feel like given their run defense. There's this doubt that's not an advantage rather than I could just kind of play the run games straight and still have got to position in the secondary. Did it in the path this is going to be fascinated see how that plays out there was that possibility. The offensive line the began its run block eating here characters are believed. They have the tools to do it then that you have been executing the way he wants to see that pardon me. All right Brian before we let you go rather simplistic question but we'll ask it anyway on Thursday night the 41 Philadelphia Eagles come details with second year quarterback Carson went two for the for the Panthers to pull out of that game five and one what has to be done. I mean. It begins and as we KM in a lot of ways right I mean if he plays like he has the last few games. The patent should be engaged today if he is average KM or below average and the Eagles are very dangerous that team there. Efficient on offense we just mentioned you know getting the running game going to help tamp down a little bit. I think it's gonna you know economic special teams as well I mean I think this is set up to quite possibly be a close game I'd deeds and alike home teams on the Thursday night games this just one last thing yet to be ill lit the spark that travels concern I think that could be a factor. Yet I'm looking and you know looking at a close game both teams probably in the twenties and yet still pretty good about the Panthers haven't really one more point in the eagle that's on the. It. All right we'll listen paint there's dot com has you covered joke got to all this formation it's my burst out without looking up. Carolina Panthers information that emits and like you had accidents and on the on the podcast every that you need it's a painter's Meehan right they are vacant by do you want Twitter at there's Bryant met with the why in the all time greatest sports column ever called strictly sports. How loud thanks it has appreciated you enjoy the holidays that. If you enjoy the 39 game and will. Are right thanks very bright bright proceeded begin that thing is though picture there. It's from high school his high school newspaper. It is column was called strictly sports that's pretty good with the need strictly are right that will come back it's open but it might get him without a seat for four TSB ESPN. We've got college football we got the we got the NFL but we know I had Major League Baseball will give you an update on that as well. Rory there's a lotteries. All right welcome back and we are live at smoke on the water crisis you east teak is that that would you're going home to watch tonight acting air units curling night in America. Because I believe it makes its debut tonight you're gonna be back in Omaha here about six weeks I think for a week when it comes to the USA curling trials. It will the site are Olympic team going over to let me to write at one time. Pointing to me and South Korea I at all so gave it gets shot didn't. Don't believe bears there were. So hard at what appears but the reason I hate to use the fact that my daughter. Is ever curling club with the palmetto curling club on east north street tonight so who is viewed now it's. Dale hers isn't he that at this that. We Coke early tonight a believable Linton I don't even know I think it's a Lynn you know on NBC sports network episode one the first team that Cali. I even nastier McCormick the court dropped him live interview earlier us mostly years. From my curly podcast let's talk with them. That's it guys let's talk about the civil here on Thursday that podcast. In that the first episode comes out tonight let's talk about they were like a TV remember that offer back as it does feel like that. What area last week in August the 28 27 it was. Months ago when will we built that thing but. Yet site to watch it tonight great to see rate to see how it turned out. Why you're watching curling up bet that I'm watching in leaks in the UX making you Koreans. On how cool nights incite navy football is because that's the only the have on you right now. Is that Q what Santo should I start setup it. This is the best whenever you're gonna love it what you see you though I'm not above the league you want something like that Alando at tonight's CC's war a delicate tight seats went on. Showtime with a football chronicling the you know the entire season they have cheered Jasper coming home eating in the car to its I can imagine how emotional that's going to be just the to watch it but to have it in the house on Saturday maybe recourse stadium it. It was a close with those kids were supplies I I. I did I got CI been on the field after the game on ram today prayed for users mainly to hear it he says I eat its NC writes so just I. It should be just an incredible Christmas time that you spend with this coach loses and as site the day become distant mainly if not closer. Then that absolutely no doubt that it was I was talking with somebody opera who was last week and you know I talked about. The Georgia Tech guys you know I sit there wants you know was at times or. What Georgia Tech team to clots and I was out what we're Georgia Tech year but I was where mold making here because. Friends on the sidelines. Ed you know now obviously neutral and do what we do. Is it leases total war with you but there's a heart when he got friends on sidelines depending on what school it is. You don't root against them that you root for not that your your simply just wanting their team wins it would national team he just wanted to do well you know I. He saw what you witnessed me pull against my school last year. In the national championship game item in mayors that are aims to come clean that. Koppel for clubs and in that game because of that with our job in doing that post game show the last three years. The lines got so blurred between. Doing the job in getting to know these kids in. I want it ain't you know and then having family that what the clots in my dad's eighty threes on the back side it is light and I wanted him to. Hat that moment one more time but don't think that when we got that that crappy days and well locked up it was that we spent about five hours. On top of the bats break a date where but it. All three of us were too chicken to get underneath the bed spread. Don't think I didn't feel like I needed to get take a shower. Well for for me so much more personal and or to be in the locker for these guys working with them every single day in the coaches ops that mean. It cranky vetoed Jim speed the moral it's Paul Johnson four guys on the tour detects that that. You know I'm friends with I've worked I I literally went to battle that every single day you know what he'd be helpful to match and you know it. A locker room posting it reporters connected any heat build bonds with those guys Paul Johnson I go to Pimlico on Friday afternoon whispering when they I mean there's. Yes thank you bet you Kobe he's another rescued coaches like Matt Welch head coaching you tossed a work with him you know rival in that coaches get a soft. It and even the ones that have been Kentucky like today or other places now you around he said coach I truly am I. You just adult relationships with these guys were the year with a for a year or you know eight yours so you know it's it just makes things different. Pull for guys that are friends. We'll listen before we got a break will come back we'll close up shop I just read tweet it's something and not. A minute ago from ABC needs it Gallup follow me on Twitter Sturgis sports coat check it out because. Sometimes you need to Iran. To watch something like this this is an eleven year old girl that sculpted in the opposite you can tell she's got a little school uniform on. It's stole that she's gonna be adopted it up promise you. You watch it the two seconds of video you will have a smile on your face he you'll realize guess what. They are other people out there that are dealing with bigger and be as big if not bigger issues than you'd go watch it it's priceless think about that. All she want it was a mom and dad to him that she's going to be adopted that that that video right here. That it warm your heart and quite frankly I'm not sure you have one it will come back will close up shop here from smoke all the water. You can get him with this really quickly 8442 ESP ESPN. Final segment at this please stay addition that Casey should get sit with me on Twitter we were talking about the you know how well the Carolina the incident is playing he says the two incidents in shape can last a long time look at Johnny burg I am absolutely John Abraham with a long career in the NFL laughter at the University of South Carolina price. He is actually going in it's an SEC legend this December. At the SEC TP to gain for the University of South Carolina so congratulations. To John neighbor inning Casey dates forget it with this were words that never been spoken by. I still a little bit surprised at 37 years old were the man. Who were Vietnam but Adam. The former north Carolina tar heel but I think it a couple of different things going on deny courts you mentioned curling nightmare that starts. But also for youth ball means we're not talking football world football means for you football means. Guess what big match tonight for the Americans because they're you know they've had it ain't out there. There international coach they've gone back to Bruce Arena who had a re mania American soccer. It with a win tonight they will find themselves in yet. And other World Cup coming up next year so for the ball mean it's actually it's really really big night tonight. Here in the country. Lot of little tiny island with they win tonight over Trinidad and Tobago. 8 o'clock start time tonight with they win the US soccer team would qualify. A wall of Mexico coast Rica is the three automatic qualifiers from CONCACAF Alex Roth tonight. The US would. It may and it's outlast Panama or Honduras wins by an obscene but I seem ridiculous governments don't lose eight. Go ahead with the thing you put your audience and it just people your business tonight with the defeat. The US they sleep better hope that Panama Honduras both lose to coast Rica next respect. It's Herman billions said he remember the titans. No I guess it was the assistant coach leave no doubt in that switching to the tonight because again there's been a lot of dysfunction in getting rid of Niger Klinsmann. Like eight yet that look like a great hire with it with dale price in my life. So it was good he took the US with what he did yup sorry that it people that don't like the texture but he took the US to some new heights in the World Cup at. Bruce Arena since he's come back on with his second stint. I ought US soccer painting might be at a rethink this whole thing because Bruce Arena it's not exactly set the world on fire since his return they have. They eat it themselves. In a position where they now have to go to eat eat at night we did that make the World Cup and I'm sure you can catch that game it's what an 8 PM kick off which is yes that's what it's called it soccer as well it yet sports at telemundo. Rates. You better look hard on your channel finder yes you'll be weird is expected to be readily available play. Maturities keep up with little line. Our right broke quickly. Eight is you know I'll be back together on Thursday that your posting on Friday I'll be doing the pregame show. With Greg McKinney on 933 the planet and did that. Taking about white can tell that it you know for the weekend what it starts did for his family. On a weekend off since we have a family wedding next weekend we're going to see the Alabama Arkansas game in Tuscaloosa. Go hang out with some of my fraternity Brothers that you met dale. In in. In Tampa Bay last year I think it now so really looking forward to that price that they you for hosting. On Friday but you're the basketball nut. Will get more into it. I thought I'd seen in the last week we were gonna see some more indictments. And arrests come dale. When it comes to. This bill that BI looking into these assistant coaches and taken money in this in that right now though at least on these state. And it seems like all quiet on the western front. Lot. Make some phone calls last week and lots of people over the weekend tried did you know just see would accurately Palau what other people are hearing it fits the theme. I'm different that I am innocent it's basically that is. Most people don't know exactly. What the next shoe to drop is regarding the investigation because. With the feds involved there backcourt if you're not gonna get a hit here it they're they're basically gonna come out like seeing other can be dropped the charges. All we really know at this point is that the FBI. Thanks to some schools basically you know it idiot for statements that the FBI is investigating and I think right now it's really bright able to told us last week and this basically what I've heard. Is it I think it's a lot of lawyering up right now whether to recruit the class of 2008 team. Weather's current assisting coaches whether schools themselves. Or eating their legal teams ready just in case because there is a whole lot of beer and it is it is absolutely. Percolating throughout this current at least 2008 class of recruits that are looking decide whether can be what cal basketball next year. It's going to be a Tuesday of course all eyes up on the Spartanburg date Griffin's is. Side on Williamson. Is. Playing his senior the years there you know I I it's and we were talking a little bit earlier at the keys Kentucky's Dellucci he peered don't keep you don't rule South Carolina. And especially clumps and out of the mix that. You do it's a big day for private school basketball here in the upstate. When they're gonna be give a listen I mean this is. It's not as much as when LeBron was playing his high school basketball up there. But what some are what we're gonna see video wise reminds I you know we have seen this year may be the closest thing. That we've seen since LeBron senior year high school basketball player or not. Fair and just. The highlight real that he is. He's got I saw one yesterday outside that's it's not right that the night humanly possible woods in. Colorado screens this past weekend. Well working out with the team USA went under night teams up with him under seventy it's. And they have the measurements and everything came out I could not believe now he looks at I would it even looks heavier. But he came in at 6527. Op bodies coach about his trainer. I statement outlook it's that wins it. He needs to be its shape around to it yet but she's seventy CU reacts to Henry talked about it you don't make it it Kentucky in basketball they might meet you on the offensive lineman on the sides you know he's got yep let us as a forty to carry some weight but. I guarantee you he's a lot battered nastier meter on the basketball court. If he's 65 about 2452. Feet of seventies it's awfully big. I seek when he gets any program when he's not a kitchen little pond at a rest on its laurels bodies have pushed the. All right will be back here are weakening DB one glass breaking news that it formation clips in just picked up the football commitment. It from a four star safety I believe. In the lower part of the state will have it up on our Twitter pages and everything else here. But that would just went down here. In the last five minutes but will be back here smoke on the water to Martinique the silly go from Knoxville. Of that study but silly show it's well as Matt parks the voice of the Sierra keys arts will join us lied to mark. Odd straight up with start to have a blessed night let's do it again at 4 PM.