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Welcome back again our numbers do live at smoke on the water here in jail until we're able mark Sturgis price tag can send diesel back kid ESPN upstate. Studios they'll take your phone call 844 GS BE SPN don't forget coming up at 535 our friend from the sporting news. It's bill Bender you can follow him on Twitter bill Bender 92 clay Travis just waited a few minutes ago. That he was told by multiple Tennessee players via direct message that Quinton dorm the is that practice in Knoxville today. Says he has equipped are transferred yet. Ari there's somewhat of a problem. In my opinion their players are just immediately picking up their phones in direct messaging members of the media which means that. They haven't circle the wagon in their own program that's good cop and I get a hold on but here's the deal this is why that helped Tennessee people like bear solely. Every vice all there this bears solely quote set tweets is no word. If there already was taking actual reps mental reps or leadership reps that. I mean that's the point that it's become comical when it comes to this stuff. In like us that we're rivals with them but I guess the worst that guy can ever say school it was a feel sorry for duke a certain extent. But not as much as I feel sorry for diesel coming up here diesel unit army buddy you've heard my wife study. In that because we are not up to date I am pushing fifty years old here on this next birthday we're just not cool anymore I think that's clear that it could synopsis of the way you look at things yeah and I assume. Mr. stickler how much like for. That's right I would like for you. Yeah prodded the thin. That garbage that I saw a Twitter last night when it comes to the University of Florida and what they will be wearing on the football field this weekend because you love this stuff you go out an old school guy. But I think actually salt if I was correct there was no way you're defending him but at this garbage. How does our tone did not in my head sweet last night this Stevie Wonder I didn't defend those uniforms I mean. Our I I give them I'd give them an a plus for creativity. You know I mean it's sort of it makes sense of people haven't seen kids. The jerseys have a have a gray color weather blues shoulders and they have. What appears to be an alligator scale old print. All over the Jersey. They've got an all their shoes. I don't think I saw on the pants I mean it's is pretty ugly and not do a lot. But. It's creative it's inventive I'd give them credit for that it's actually wearing army field did dawn. But it did I. I listen I don't have any is cheese with that helmet to be honest gonna help a great Gator. The helmet script where I lose it is if I'm sort. If it comes with the NFL cholera stuff when their pants are great. The Sox are great they have no stripes and they go straight the other great she says there's no separation. What you get from the waist lines dimmed the tips of the she's in. I mean. It looks like something they couldn't come at the Star Wars trailer last night on Monday Night Football at halftime was violent anyway program. Yet we're it will get there that quick second as well but. I'm sorry I saw all those. It's not even the Florida variants in people that I follow on Twitter hits eighty they are down about what they're going to be wary but. That's a great way to change the mindset of a fan base get a worried about something else whereas actual product on the field. I'll give you this I mean again you want you understand and I hope I hope you understand the fact that changing the uniforms is not for you. It's just it just like playing the newest head pop song in the stadium tough for you. Because you're a figure of fifty year old guy of 49 excuse me. And you're gonna show up if you're a die hard fan who's got season tickets has had season tickets for the last thirty years. You're gonna show up no matter what I don't care what music they play in the stadium you're gonna show up. But the bill uniforms are designed to make the kid who's kind of on the fence about recruiting set big you know. Make his ears perk up is that however that was kind of cool I mean that's what the kids are into that's of the recruits are into it and I guess we're saying I understand the argument. You know when you are when you're in Alabama who who just goes out there wins national Jamie just. You don't have to change of the uniform. The national championship rings and trophies speak for themselves. When you're a team that sits on the rise maybe trying to snag a guy away from Alabama. That might be the one thing that gives him a page. That little bit more attention. That's a valid argument. I don't have any issues with this I just don't want my guys Wear anything like that price and I'll stick to it and that's the story of their I think no I saw the look stupid have been. I don't have a problem with changing things not just overlooked all right now. I called Lowell I know it's your show and they know off Tony these elements track. I know he's on the fact that I give him credit for lighten China pulls up now that it's completely different in. At least try to stay with the Gator you know. I I didn't touch a plus on your career is given credit they're ugly it's a great sense analyst feels a little different TCU Jersey it's got that frog skin on it. I think it looked ugly in the neighborhood a barrel slack you know I think it got so many colors that are working there I today. Just call me crazy I don't think Florida has to go get a call that stuff that's one thing to change things up a little bit easier having on the helmet the giants could do all yeah. Stuff all right but it which made you more uncomfortable last night. See in the new Florida football uniforms there wearing this week. On. On television on Twitter perceived Sean McDonough stayed next though a storm troopers that does the portrayal that paid out at its hand guiding a bit I think looked completely at. At a place like. I can't believe I got roped into this what I'm not knock it Star Wars I've just stay at the diesel days Shaun McDonald Lola liked. There's a lot of things I've done that this one does. Regularly let me tell you about this all right so this is how this went down last night at my house I did my kids to bed you know I don't watch NFL football anymore. Outside of maybe a pain for me. I don't ever watch Monday Night Football more simple because he play is always too awful teams and it's just say it's. There's I've read there's other things the night football's better yes that's so I didn't turn it on civil. Everybody I get kids to bed. Wife is dead asleep I just finished recording an interview for podcast sixty sec come down. I'm hungry for didn't go to bed side you'll pop on the TV. What comes right out of the night football I could have had the TV on for maybe thirty seconds. It's they did went back to the Booth and it was Sean McDonough. It Star Wars per cassette to totally they've forgotten. That they wouldn't that be want to show he's the premier. I just have. Happened to do what it was locked in a port city. Pulling me to tell the tell anybody that I did it that's why I saw that Seattle I have been watching the trailer for the two and a minute trailer I think price. At least the Baker's dozen entirely. So I access this how many. How many birds was shot McDonough flip it off people is he was stated it is not thought the Star Wars trailer was interstate is well there was some things that went. You got to go when they look at but to get a bit that was what do that to Swinton. Well I wanna know he knows you're with this storm trooper. It didn't appeared. From from the crowd cheering in the stadium with a lack thereof it didn't appear that they showed it on the Jumbotron inside the stadium which. Didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense because they did march out you know 25 feet do whatever was storm troopers out on the field and they presumably did some kind of show. They're at halftime why would they not show the trailer inside the stadium. T that would be the one thing that when it got me to go to an NFL game again I knew I was gonna be seeing the trailer at Cherie swirled about big screen. Coming Star Wars I mean that is just did that that would have beaches go sit through four quarters a garbage. Right there seem to have tests show big well two and a half minute promo. I thought it was awfully sweet in the NFL last night to channel their inner Major League Baseball spear by having a game that was three that you asked I've been honored that and a baseball is going lame as first half a day Obama ever. Seles that you have got to be a heck of a lot better it's like how the hell that this game break out you know and it was all boring solid know what do you attendance you know forget the two bad teams have played I wanna know these what you thought of the trailer. Other trailer was phenomenal I mean. It had a whole lot of juxtaposition as far as. Which direction is is this character going are they going good are they going bad. You know daisy really scares your pop pardon me is that I am Bob always a highly sought. The last Star Wars movie once in theaters so names are a little bit Fuzzy would mean but days he really cared what does it Seattle force awakens. I saw road once twice if it's on Netflix now by the way. But it's yes it is. Did you get all your Star Wars watched whose dogged rival we welcome MarketWatch force awakens once we get our house. It's it's it's my kids watch it my kids love it they watch it on well generally it's on this network will it saw out now he's an excellent okay my my point is their government. Yeah had you had daisy red Leah and it looks like she and clearly she was spending some time with -- can she was also spending time with. Oh god what was the carriages name it was Hans solo son the one that hurt or it yet Tyler and thank you. She was spent time with him as well see I don't know if she was going good or are going bad or edit or if she was pulling Kyle ran says the light side. Don't know. Oh geez I don't know she's not going bad Scott this is when skywalker will go bad in this is when I got. Theories out there my cousin and I we literally turned over eat this past yeah yeah I do I not nobody. I freeze leaders votes note I wanna go through supreme leaders know he is not big we're gonna find out. You know the my favorite part of that entire trailer was that when they showed supreme leader's note it was a person. It was not some crappy CGI thing like they showed. The first time when they showed him. Well on the the force. It was. They are communicating to him as the force not a lot of forces goes that's not the right away. To say it but when they were communicating with snowball Diego and hologram looked. We like it cheesy CGI version. I'm a person in a hologram this was an actual person inside this bad person wearing a costume and it looked great. I gotta tell you right now my cousin Jason others convinced me I went and looked at videos mr. not Star Wars years ready did not that the Mitchell Drabinsky they wanted to ask us about this and now he's a well that we're talking about it I've just say here is birdie and I'll laugh about it theory. Basically do. Samuel Jones will be held its I mean supreme leader's you know. Well guess what you've just had your Star Wars dreamed it comes out on December 15 doubt out in dealt for you from diesel oil price tag considered every good thing about it again until December they would listen man I am assuming time had by all I need joy go and its CEP and that was the coolest movie theater that we've ever been but I enjoyed zero Gordon with few out NAFTA and he's got a nearly a minute now. After the first well that I'll probably it was a little so nobody will Wear award tired back there what good on that front a Star Wars in eight aviator they're. These military theater the day after. The absolute bloodletting between clubs and an Ohio State fiesta I go to this mediator in a ball where you you know what you reserved seat tied into a theater like this before where you basically have to. Eight the sea air and hit it that these were deceit she picked a city of diesel these were. Full blown rock slider I guess lazy boys bitten. Lee literally almost all the way we count sales system surrounding your head it was all of this but I thought it was there or 1750. Per ticket we paid to get in there. It fits well with the prices at the concession weren't that bad as they are you held you up with you Bonser picked it up on the high powered they it's a lot of ball. Are you because it is very often you don't take your seat it was dude it was too tough it was next level. Absolutely no doubt about it when we come back speaking of next level. That best team performances of the weekend by individuals we'll see if I can get priced. Agree or disagree and then don't forget. We will have bill Bender. Lied from the sporting news give him a follow on Twitter built bitter 92 at 530 thought. All right welcome back here where I live in smoke on the water mark Sturgis right Zach can sit in the price is that reporting on the macaroni and cheese here it's vocal unaudited read about Florida State well we were doing that that you said earlier. I might be the best McEntee you've ever head in death I don't know what they did that they've managed to say it's even edit and upper level today. Our knows it because all for great bullets around the corner they're tell you it displays say it takes a week for this restaurant we get ready for that call for agreeable Booth because they're not only helping out the food there that. Being right here at the corner of Augusta Maine this place is you don't stay in bio weekend as well says. I. You be more than happy to come down in Linda moral support this weekend I'm gonna be two states away okay. What a team player you are hey. I'm going over to help tonight with that hit with a big set yet detaining and all that because she no might show our sponsor really likes to win that. You know best bits contest and also. I'll be I'll be hub and some paint at the Schuller. Current odds tonight tried to get all this stuff Freddie Ford set. Take that back about not being a team player and a hard worker you you ours we get a hard workers best performance of the weekend. Not talking an entire team. Was probably one that nobody here listening Darche who may be realizes what took place did you see whit Ayers and a quarterback who will they did this past weekend as I did. Easily back up quarterback colleague did was come in complete eleven or twelve passes for a 142 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions. Well first of all that's great that's what you wanna back up it didn't know who QB Greg give these scores and don't turn the ball over. But he also rushed the ball fourteen times. For a quarterback record it. Heavily then all of its CAA football 300 in 27 yards rushing with another fort stay owns. It 84542. Win over Colorado. I mean that's just out great that's 400. In 69 yards of personal offense. And one football game. It's ridiculous totally ridiculous all right you look at those numbers and you saved me and that's mad numbers you know what I mean. Which is say this is my other choice for you guys you get to make the decision on who gets our smoke on the water player of the week award. Because. What I saw from Iowa State. Has Joseph waning was just totally next level. This is a guy that played quarterback back in the day turned linebackers so he played linebacker as well as quarterback on Saturday in that upset win over Oklahoma. It linebacker he recorded eight tackles and a sack. He also carried the ball nine times for 35 yards completed two out of three passes for 25 yards. If he also played on special teams is well. You know what makes that more impressive about what he did fry with state. Still playing special teams what needed a quarterback in linebacker now the fat bitch. He was at Utah oh you thought Jolene have so I was taken I was talking about how camp who was the starting quarterback because. You know he was they converted the donate to move him back if this wasn't a situation for I was stadium where they would indeed just beat Oklahoma 38 a 31 enormous. It had all week to get him ready quarterback of course that's Friday night before when they realized that if media went to the team hotel to see if they're Biden made the trip that. What's a part was taking a leave from the change part that he did not make the that he did not make the trip. And that Kyle campus now the starting quarterback and he basically had eightieth to eighty get ready for it to. That not all week not even a five week with it. This guy had been playing you know another position in Dixie you know he's thrust did any leads your team. 343 yards passing and three touchdowns. You know after basically one practice on the job beating the number three team in the nation in Norman he eliminating what today is that point was pried the most impressive winning college football. That beat Oklahoma went into Ohio State. Absolutely next level no doubt about it all right diesel who is our unofficially. Our. Favorite team here on straight up with stirred some one that when we have bleeding hearts that we believe hard for. When it comes to this radio program do you know which direction I'm going ga team. All right I like that. They'll be making up because did well no but I patriots we all know where he unofficial flagship station in the New England no you're wrong. We love our patriots which Iran UA beat. The blazers do you not saved it they would they are unofficially our favorite team because I've never say about them so well. Sure you have now are we caring dance theater for them now when that they shut down that program and one of the most Dick. Just ridiculous things that we've ever seen. Do you realize you made peace the re into after earning eight conference USA win this weekend they knocked off. The defending western division champion Louisiana Tech 23 to 22 on Saturday. Give it up the Bill Clark in the blazers were not only playing football but playing good football in this price they not been out of the park. They wore at the names of Children's Hospital patients on the back of their jerseys this past Saturday but again. I mean literally the Phoenix of college football and I'm not talking he's gonna talk in the Phoenix that mythical bird rising from the ashes. In their three into back in year number one. Bill Clark is quietly putting together a hell of a resonate for a future job why. Because I'm not sure anybody is exhibited the leadership qualities that he did while just keeping that program together why it was put on the scrap. Is scrappy. I doubt about it shouts the Bill Clark shouts of the blazers shouts to the you know the players are aware there's jerseys this week and I still think it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen you know a gobbled different ideas that. I hate to say who ever came up with that should be lauded the all season long is it safe period that statement. I looked there were a couple of new traditions that I wanna see come to college football I did it that's what the biggest hot tea morons that you'll ever hear. But. How about this what they you know we've seen how cool it the way into the first quarter what they do it Iowa waving to the kids that they're in the Children's Hospital. Well O Iowa's marching bay and figured out eight in waving. Routine down on the filled. So they were waving as they were marching and it looked like you know and waving his statement right back and forth that was really cool and then an honor Tom Petty. I thought the Tom Petty sing along at the end of the third quarter in Gainesville last weekend. Was really really cool as well and that's one that I think you may see continued moving forward has always held out to the Florida fans who took issue with that with the LSU fans started playing well that and I guess I just saying I did you know do you see that video that was awesome that so elicit a lot of people complaining about a lot of things right now but one team that's not complaining. Of course. Is it short Naval Academy team I don't know. It we saw you as the awesome game against the air force academy I know you're going to be clued in on it is it's Saturday to Saturday or 45 the one of the best games in college football this weekend is the Naval Academy undefeated back on the road this week at Mitt does speak his. Absolutely playing good football. Right Elway and I they got a big win this has weakened as well so you're at navy midshipman likely to be it one of the best games in college football again this weekend. Yes I mean if the American athletic conference greatly from from where I'm think I'm dead right on this that the only coverage in the country to have three undefeated teams left in that would be in the American athletic where you have Memphis and made them. I know you've got. Houston has lost right okay. Then you've got you got. That this is you've got a Central Florida yes South Florida that there's a big game I wanna see later on day on the line you wanna go on a road trip because it's likely to be played on a Thursday or Friday night. But that's Central Florida South Florida I four rivalry game. That's going to be awfully spicy this year that is it that game ended Saturday's game between may yet that is at those sure that's it it didn't and analysts are saying was American American athletic was a matter lol Eddie you're talking. Cradle of coaches league but you're talking about possibly teams it could raid on the you know they've dug New Year's Day sick since. No right now South Florida Central Florida both undefeated better positioned to do just that. You know that this might or Bell's not gonna be there much longer can he give up the low low at navy is. You know is popping up fur for jobs across the country done got to take a Madden. You just look at the contrast in styles and Riley Ferguson who threw seven touchdown passes four bit this last weekend. You know at a team they roll 711. Yards off that's 341 downs and you get navy coveted who obviously triple option team. Very disciplined. It was sixty last week to watch navy completely changed their office to basically run he's still an option out of the shotgun basically do what New Mexico did. It get the win over air force that. It is it's one of the games of the weekend at that have the sexiness that say yeah LU on Albert Barcella she does but. 345 navy gets that this audience he's he's gonna be updated Ian did not Thursday night coming up South Florida Central Florida boy you will not find me. The other day it's better that week either all right we'll quickly before we get the gas lines when we come back with bill Bender from sporting news. Given up the Bronco Mendenhall in the Virginia Cavaliers a 28 to 21 whenever do you find Virginia four and one for the first time than a decade now I'm telling you I didn't see that one comment you know Bronco Mendenhall. That we we thought that was a dude that was an absolute coup in Virginia pulled him really quietly away from BYU. Well now you're seeing it pay off already born one year. In 2017. Will talk with our good friend bill Bender from the sporting new age you can give him a follow on Twitter. At bill Bender 92 when we return. Straight up was starts we're live at smoke on the water. Hi welcome back yet it's 539. We're gonna guess they guess why it's our buddy bill Bender of the sporting news you can give him a follow on Twitter at bill Bender and I need to do it let me take you guys. Well fortunately I was with my wife bill was with you that's my story announced they can do it I'm not sure there's a better guy to break in the college football playoff team B chip gain that night before bill how we do about Brent. Don't agree and it's you know they hit it. If they go and Powell who looks like it's gonna go we may be doing that again soon you know come January. Well first of all. I with fewer you have here if people can go to bill Bender 92 you wake up all your work but you have your bowl predictions out at this point. End is as far as my wife is concerned you're getting a Christmas present from our big kids. She is says male made the the challenge to me that it clips and ends up in the Rose Bowl that's it game we've never been to and that's going to be our Christmas present each other. It right now all the courses we get the halfway point of the season. You have clubs that in Penn State in the Rose Bowl so you would make her happy camper. You know on a poem about who can and see if football game perverse. The point much riverbend youth in every retreat for constantly and two because it's so steeped in. Big Ten and pac twelve tradition that if you got the chance to go out there are you gotta put that they're different in both be actually good bet that it but who was bigness. He had no doubt about it bill in this price here make great to have you back on and you know. You've got your bowl projections out your new woods in his we've just mentioned you've got a Penn State Clemson matchup they're the Rose Bowl but but what I really like is you've got. In the Sugar Bowl rematch and a team I've I bow out if pre season before with this season take up that wash and Alabama about playoffs they give now move to Washington. Indeed your playoff hopefully for the first time this season Lotta people back here on the east don't get to watch a whole lot of pac twelve or to watch the Huskies. What do Washington team is every bit as good. As they were last year really a year where they were a year ahead of schedule. No pressures mean poor or purposes seen woods I'm kinda seeing right now or use older a little bit early because by the victim to make oil well. Now watching them it's the same old Chris Petersen Boise State style seem good news just translated well to Washington they're very good and I've watched them beat. Up on Colorado what's been beat up on how very soon to play calculated not rule my world becomes all star power outside amid habits but. Wouldn't surprise me a bit I guess put it what I'd be anxious to see if that doesn't happen then. What change if they can go after Alabama that crime did anything change. Now it's as we continue with bill Bender from sporting news you can follow him on Twitter build better 93 and just real clip to quickly cars South Carolina fans that would be easy low road trip but the Charlotte you predicting them vs a Bay Area. Much improved quite far steam caught them this past weekend those guys can go physical noted though. It then of course effort diesel our world's most decent sports hall producers and app state grad you've got them going somewhere other than Montgomery that's the New Orleans BT they can't win all said and done. If the halfway point the college football season we might see part three with Alabama and Clemson in Atlanta this time. I don't know what what there is to disrupt that right now I suppose and they beat Clinton I suppose. You know I thought what happened Oklahoma they'd they'd they'd lose so Iowa State and guys here a number on the arguably could look at that guy contemplating that sense. What say it comes down to Ohio State now Oklahoma for that last thought they both have you on wall. And Oklahoma could never pick it ahead Ohio State the bill off the Iowa State what he's great committee would do well. Boom. Head I mean wouldn't comments that spring head to head into it but it. You do it and also at least he got a look at how Iowa State finishes that they managed to get eight or to a good bowl game. Did that loss is not your typical Iowa State loss from years past. Coming there laughter yeah I mean I bet if I'm oracle only you won Iowa State to really win you know maybe not you or even. I mean you made you want a rematch in the big twelve championship nit pick Dudamel walked would look so bad but you want to I would speak just. Seven Mary Nguyen fled his doesn't look like one of those scarlet letter law but people can't take their I thought well that's oval blue one and ranked belt kinda. It'll buy sell hold with a one mall contenders. And that wore off pat me on hold with consumers. Yeah it got that sick waste bill into what I want to ask you about Oklahoma really the big twelve because. Oklahoma that the fact so what the let's his column the best team in that leaks you know had maybe it's not the best way to college football you know to that date last weekend. That you lose is what a four touchdown favorite at home to Iowa State. Doubt that you got one loss on your record we don't what TCU has coming up at NASA theory very tough final seven games. Guess the question is we don't know what's gonna happen around the country but. Mean is the big twelve on the outside looking live at this point because boy doubtless like have an app for that bet that fort data point the big twelve championship game may not look so good after all. You know again I think I think this and drama to an end up being and if Washington continues to win which I think they might. And I think the end game drama is going to be the big 121. Probably Big Ten champs that might even have an extra guard because don't complete still got to go person people in Ohio State's early got a law and I'm not. Declaring Michigan dead on arrival yet although there are often pretty poor but I think they can beat anyone of those teams so. It's interesting man that'd be somewhat ironic that yet not that the though I did Oklahoma on one way. Waterford Ohio State beat you again that we could do it for years ago. Yeah no doubt about it now as we continue with. Bill Bender the national college football writer for sporting news you can find them online sporting needs dot com you compile a bill on Twitter at bill Bender 92. Give me your first impressions at the midway point of Georgia because they are playing very good football I'm afraid at some point. Kirby Smart may screw with things because this is Jake if this is Jake prompts. Starting job from this point maybe poured I'm sorry JQBs and maybe fight somewhere else to go. But. You know. Georgia fans are getting awfully perky we're about ninety and I are not even ninety miles from Athens but there already start the rights and check six games into the season. That I don't know they're awfully good but I'm not willing to go catch those yet. I ended up will they be Korda and you know. Think about if he cured now think we can all agree help them do essential pushed favorites but come. Good books but couldn't put the play if Pakistan can beat Florida this week it doesn't surprise me at college you beat Auburn we get over that fairly surprised yes thank. Back to recruit seven. In the interest an endorsement Gordon good that I think they're a class above the FCC's competitors. But they feel that a playoff would make the going to be quarter once they beat Korda this check should talk about I think wouldn't catch more of those bad. Yes and in that begs the question bill I. I'm with you on that and I think you did right because you know we're again we're only at the halfway point we know how things get bloody here in the latter part of October has brought especially. In the month of November when it comes to college football let's say we're looking at. Let's say we're looking at a team at Georgia that passes all the testing get to the SEC championship game but loses to Alabama. It only has one loss and well let's take Clarkson let's say they run the table they get to the ACC championship game. Lose the may be a one loss or water to lost Virginia Tech team. What do we do it here as we look at that ABA a cloud city Georgia team that lost on the very last weekend of the season but going into the bowl games. I don't reevaluate those losses for a lot of the other one lost what happens in the championship game. Well the big question. I have to really good one put upon you and Georgia because price I've been waiting for. I I'm not opposed to putting your teams from one conference then if we truly believe they're among the poor low esteem so if Georgia were to get there. Run the table go twelve and no. And maybe you hang around Alabama or lose by billboard open. I'm not too bad but bullet biker you print who won do you guys you guys actually think it can happen I got to be my question. No I don't I think he could to. I think depending on it there's just so many things they can happen a map though at a scenario teeth that's one of may be a hundred in right deep we could play out there she is. It's almost impossible to know who's gonna be who and what the landscape is gonna look like come. You know the second week in December and bill are also the. That would be much like when we finally saw LSU and Alabama play in a BCS championship game I think that would begin the wheels turning per grow in this thing out the six or eight teams. Before all is said and done because. You're going to sit there look at it go well I can live with one conference be left out but I do know. Are. You know kind of how we are or vice got to have a invite to the table now. Our right to have real quickly before we let you go which is all your work you put up on Twitter at bill Bender 92 with one of the greatest. Slate is that a volleyball slam photo right there. Are on your cover page but do angry bill as an angry bill forget bill Bender 92 that angry bill. Who what is surprised you most about the college football season in this I'll give you an example. I'm enjoying some of the non power fight leaks and we were talking airports being an undefeated that's a great game would admit this is weekend. Don't look around but we got some pretty good non power fight league teams that are still undefeated. Yeah I mean the navy game Camilla looked on with some mental play you I think. The bigots I wasn't surprised might be in Washington State right now because we to broaden obviously when you get them spotlighting the printer really and you know that apple cup game out there on the left coast to be buried in the memo rogue. You know I I think there a story worth watching book who moved to Washington schools are good and Beth. You know through this narrative of clumps and Alabama three I'm in favor of a bit further to Gretzky. Well listen I'm in favor of it because that means will be hanging out the night before the game and trust me. It lay in as our home turf this time will be treat you for a heck of a night out that's for sure. I'll let some great guys and I'm doing come on and shoot so much and this time a year but up on time here and of course appeared in these parts we got a big game by the Morgan will this New York Yankees right. Please go windy early Ricky I bill let me ask you it's great is that winning streak was what 21 gains. Itself or not if they don't. If they don't at least make the World Series is that a fair assumption. Otherwise there is like nobody was day four. My wife more of a diehard deny him I think chin from up there you know repayment golden week when. We've own people and great people of but I mean she told me to shut up what night as a that's ugly out and saying I'm not there and judge don't need to tell me I mean do you Corey Cooper out there tomorrow night Dick Durbin. Well welcome to buy household on a daily basis that's how about life runs thus less than bill always a pleasure to get together with you will talk with you here base enough current. A lot of guys mark I know there's build International College football writer for the sporting news and let me tell you. And nuclear. There's a group of about twelve of us including you beat Teresa bill Bender and a few others that were. Basically shut down that media party last year we're there in that covered area with the heat let's go. Is it was Jillian do you put that night if you're hole I certainly braves only thing you know I haven't enough such an experience throwing him that he won't want to talk about build it like to I don't. Sorry it will obviously have a real quick segment and then here in the 6 o'clock hour we're gonna talk NFL which includes the Carolina if there's a big Thursday night quick wait for the pay if there's stuff Ford one Philadelphia Eagles headed in detail. Last night on Monday Night Football. Saw the Minnesota Vikings the case he'll come back and grab 820 to seventeen win all alas that gets filled go. But this much I took away from the game yes they're great let's talk about mr. Visteon he had a good first quarter he had some good moments price. But Shane on the Minnesota Vikings last night as well Dana on the Minnesota Vikings he gonna hit the to put. They're quarterback. Out there on the field that banged up with a shoulder injury talking about Sam Bradford absolutely banged up I had no velocity on the arm. He is now out with an injury again after I mean not that they gained. Yesterday and so. Just can't throw somebody out there that sent her he had no velocity on his throws whatsoever and yeah you hate to see that because. Sam Bradford. Very high draft pick very highly thought of this this entire process but it's obvious that his shoulder. It's in really really bad shape at this point. What else is news Sam Bradford hurt yet yet end. And at forever. Yeah I mean it's and it puts you compare to. In the NFL or I'm sorry the the NBA here her Major League Baseball but just simply. That scarecrow it's yeah that's right. Right outside to find somebody did just jump off the page diesel helps with that went in Dierker study smartest thing the most decent sports talk producer in the world's ever so sad this just happened they'd come to me it just didn't but Derrick Rose is exactly who I would think I literally would you roll the ball out or hurt while the other way to them. You know the court or did Joseph field. Units since we got like twenty seconds I did all of his plate with that one JV basketball player. Never miss the shot on the zone and everytime he missed the shot he come up Holden is saying Kohler the back in this dire something like batter cramps just took over whatever that would never enough to yes so what is good it was there was always another reason. For why he couldn't get done what we needed to get done but speaking out keep building is Thursday night it's the first ever peek a key filming game. When it comes to the Carolina Panthers will tell you about that it what the look for as well as some more NFL. Ahead of the sixth when he interviewed.