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Welcome it out stated is a team stay the addition of straight up with sturtze alive on the ground that smoke on the water here in downtown Greenville. Watch the end that craziness unfold diesel because that's exactly what's going on ahead of fall for during bowl this weekend I mean. Staff and managers. You name it they're cranking it out. Because it is the biggest weekend of the year here in the upstate of South Carolina would fall for great goals and make sure you head over. It check out the smoke on the water bit because they've won that contest for best bit in the past. And I'm sure substance up no doubt about it so. Diesels back it ESPN upstate studios here's smoke on the water prices gonna be here in five minutes. It we're gonna take you up till 7 o'clock. Remember the opening segments all be roundup has brought you by the South Carolina beat scale so and that diesel you know every time I say that for whatever reason just bill. I feel the need to reach out and ask how you do it today. Busy man busy. Busy guys they are right sorry it was also confirmation. That everything worked really really quiet there and I want to make sure that we restore calm here. A river you cannot sue. Get it with this here in this first hour it is wide open we had we just scratched an interview. Why because Tennessee makes an announcement that they're switching quarterbacks in some other needs. Coming at a Knoxville. All craziness is ensuing we were supposed to have Mike Griffith from SEC country. But we're gonna scratch him but that's OK we've got Tony facility at a bar from a Knoxville. Radio show and working at a time for the voice of the Tennessee balls on Thursday. Bob canceling. But coming up today at 535 will talk college football with bill Bender at the sporting needs you can give him a follow on Twitter. At bill Bender 92 in the edit six to Eddie remember it's not just a short week for the clips in tiger's Soviets a year keys on Friday night. It is a short week for the Carolina Panthers as well is they will be hosting. The at Philadelphia Eagles both teams Ford one coming into this match up. And guess what we'll talk with Bryant Strickland a painter's dot com you can follow him on Twitter. At panthers' Bryan that's 620 so weigh in between there's a lot of college football to get into NFL. Major League Baseball playoffs or go one on diesels a matter of fact the cubs in the nationals. Game fours at 538. Who will keep people updated. On that gain as we get off the year 7 o'clock. They moved that went up earlier in the day to hopefully avoid some weather issues I guess later on tonight yesterday. The Houston Astros knock out the Boston Red Sox they putts there way into the American League TP Gypsies. The Los Angeles Dodgers take here than Ayers and it Diamondbacks last night Kosovo had today is now the gas. In in between like guests that will take your phone call it's a Prada phone calls it's a press conference Saturday. With lots information out they'd d.s but don't forget it for 59. Will you be key word that you can text. In 270 made 81 in you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars if not the Carolina coaches text line. Is 71307. In a course which is as cute but ESPN. At the front of that texts and diesel can get to quicker. But you know a lot of different things going on right now course do you stay. Mean Mitt Davos when he was still meeting with the media Earl admitted today I thought they may do that out the Monday. Due to the fact Constance plane you know up it's a year keys on Friday night but it. One of the interesting things that came out of today he is the simple fact it's been nine years at Stadler Sweeney. Took Coopers the interim head coach of the clips and tigers that actual anniversary. Will take place on Friday and ironically enough the Clemson Tigers will be kicking off with Syracuse. On that the anniversary of Davos Winnie taking over that job and on talent he. I guess it's so true the older you get the more times starts flying by because it's hard for me to kind of realized. Well I think covering Clemson football that long. Nine years ago was like my first year on the beat. And that was the year remember sit mayors price tag instances dale with this. With this curling at this Kentucky blue on the price our members that meters at the age give it some photos in the season that year. In the yet Georgia and one Clemson opened up that your verses Alabama and every ugly way imaginable he remembers a year number two at Nick Saban make and it males there. A rival back on the scene. In things just got away there in the first six games in Davos when he takes over in nine years ago comprised college students like just yesterday. I seriously. Nine years does not feel that all you so. That's one thing to pay attention to the other thing called Sonoma road where they've been a whole lot better attention to beat L circle the wagons whatever. But you know the hope neighbor's football team their get a lot better they get it whenever it this way this past weekend. Have moved the three and three and a course called some didn't have the face their starting quarterback last year price but when it comes to starting quarterbacks. You know Kelly Bryant this is what that had to say earlier that day is the fact that he's responding well he does know reps in practice yesterday. They'll I don't think they're a lot about this because the one thing that I took out of Saturday's they were legitimately. Caught by surprise. Win now wait for hours did not put war effort out there on the field quarterback turned out he was injured in hate kept it at the injury report. It demo and Brent venables both alluded to the fact that they are what what the hell's going on with The Beatles anyway sports star quarterback. He bit injured in that play. I don't think they are monkey an area with this thing right knee artistic right the unit. Yeah hope that you can go I think get a lead let the freshmen go the earned some experience on Friday because. You have an off week next week so you could really get ready for the stretch run which includes eight Georgia Tech team. It's really good shot dead males their way into the top of the coastal division Thursday night. They edit Miami and then of course NC state whose nailing contract negotiations would date award to stand in the I'm sorry Florida State. Regardless of their one in three right mail. There's still some talent on this a little football team. Yeah the floor say it's not gonna go way it is only boot going to be because of talent and I just still not sold what. I have my date right I think it do you go from before that's the date current calculus that clubs and play yet it rile agree that. I just you know everybody's would have circling and saying you know get ready for that what I'm just not so sure that it's state does not lose before then but. You know Florida State when you have that kind of talent them with even with an abysmal images actually famously bad offensive line. They've still got a shot simply on talent alone. Oh absolutely they knew it of course that's a rivalry chamber of motions and things of that nature it's well but price beacon of rivalry games. There's a lot like this past week it was a great weekend of college football a lot closer gains some upsets like I was state go in and knock it off Oklahoma. But did you ever take a moment on your flight back Sunday from Baltimore airport. How lucky you were to be in attendance this past week in college football's best game. It it was hands dale on the best game of the weekend. Air force. What falling to navy 48 of 45 out there navy Marine Corps stadium. Aid it was a game in which what navy at like a seventeen point lead there in the second half air force fights back takes away. It it requires a last second drive by the mid shipment. It did what a record crowd there in the stadium in either. Maybe some people don't really understand it but I get it so much more you know about what seemed sect it means when it comes to those gains and all. But on top of the pageantry of it all that was the weakens absolute best football I I I will see eye out to speak for myself. I in that's all can do but that's can be the best football game I see all year and the score the way it. Played out with navy 28 to seven there in the second quarter ended up 3817. There midway through the third quarter. You know these kids if you watched a cat people are at least in part of one of these things before they don't quit in the area workmen from air force the star quarterback who put up with school record total office. Right at 400 yards total offense in the game. I mean he threw for 257 and that we're talking about guys in quarterback since teams don't like and vote he was to be complete I think not a sixteen for 257 yards. When they came back in he let them down the field and maybe eat that it was basically like a piece switched g.'s it been sliced and ice in the second half. He leads in back forty prop 41 with a minute fifty golf what wow unbelievable. This is being good in the navy gets the ball back on the final tribal forfeit three vacant for about. Eighteen yards and get it in the air force territory Palestinian right in the end zone eighty completes that the Carmona for the win basically fifteenth saint slap. To win 4845. Before the largest crowd ever eighty record world stadium history. I hit duplicate that kind of a motion that. Ice literally standing on both sidelines under with under two minutes to go out watch it looked lost some of the video as she put out absolutely the next level. Because again the emotion in this team these that these are gay it. This it you're nasty rivalry game this is a respectful rivalry game that you can imagine the amount it's not good screw you type stuff knowing when and if this is a game where both coached us any game marked the low low and Troy Calhoun and the perspective that coaches. They eat. In the boat that set it afterwards and it kept the same but they recruit. The city a lot of missing kids that are playing opposite sides of the football make it your going after a certain conduct it and yet they both said afterwards we do we know their kids they know lines because eaten by dispersants though. Now cited John feisty my friend as we were going to on the elevator walk into the cars after the game in asset. And I thought to be on the silently game was over but the owner Carson took this job. I don't remember the last time I saw team. Like we just witness Lisa price I don't know but ever seen a game like we just witnessed it. As column back hellacious games you've seen here as we saw history made last December when the core cadets rushed the field after. Thirteen consecutive losses so his column in the Washington Post on Sunday was it was an absolute sham oh in the emotion of cheered Jasper Ivan Jasper design. The office coordinator for maybe just got out of hospital this past week was at the game in a wheelchair greet the team and is that two hours before you know McCain ticked off that he would the emotion of that that may be seen in I didn't. You know coach win. They gave a game ball cheering too is awaiting a heart transplant keep him McCain ball in a wheelchair in the locker room after the game there's just so. So much emotion just even beyond the first slave Maynard chief trophy to treat to be there. All right here's the deal this opening segment of course brought you by the sports beat roundup in that it's brought you by the local South Carolina beat you know so. Think about what tonight's special is here win ninety specials. For smoke on the water it's a B it's a black in beef tenderloin that's right it beat that's what's for dinner smoke on the water night beef it's also. What's per LB. As well all right when we come back will open up the phone lines city for four GSB yes B units are 8444773776. Heavy on college football including the breaking news. At Tennessee. But first. I'd go out buddy. Price will call you daddy diesels got since explain ended knew when we come back. All right welcome back in March surges price sect it's that week or lie David smoke on the lottery can get price of follow on Twitter at price Atkinson me Sturgis sports in of course. The world's most decent sport's top producer at diesel. On radio is and lines are open at 844 GS VE SP a lot of college football lot NFL that means you delving into an all season. I happen. Also Majorly what outlets they dealt with pride and just about the leading candidate for the organ state out watchers will be the first interestingly enough are read up on that last night he and that seemed like it was that is emitted from. Here you Anderson I can change the culture here so I'm gonna walk away from it in not handicap the next coach dale. Is we were also discussing. You don't make that Newt you'll have eight zeros on the back into the bank account ballots which you know what I mean my god walking away from twelve million. You know I guess sometimes when you know you're whatever your head just admit it beat me in about it walk away enough route taken for every dime oh my god what a different route of getting rid of your job and resigning from it. When it comes to leaving organ state the other thing is price would I ask you. Because asked this yesterday as well is this somewhat of a waving the white flag it's hard work every year deal with the university in nineteen. It might be. I mean organs ages it's currently just one of the toughest jobs cultural fault it's like coach and Kentucky conveniences. You know. Duke on Iowa State's you know it's in the category Vanderbilt is in that category of one of the top with power but jobs areas it. Notes that state the debt produce a lot of talent Euro for your always gonna be overshadowed by the doubts it in your pursuit organs though. And it's it's it's a very typical is very typical job so. What I don't know if it be an admission that there's issues they are keepers because Mike Riley certainly made it work. I obviously wasn't nice guys reverend ball but might he go back for a third time that I have a question on but it can be done just there wasn't there with Mikey. With the other curious and the others yet didn't sayers and probably the other coach says had success there and you know he kind of turned that a little bit to the old school view out west with a lot of issues in some questionable characters and things of that nature says. Suspend it was to me it's fascinating in this day and age statement. I am I get it done here in apparently from a few things I read late last night. It was just tired of battling a culture that was already in place that you just finally admit I don't think acting change here so we walked away from. Is that quitting I don't know with you know what when you lead the money on the table and a I didn't earn it. I gotta I've got a modicum of respect for you and how to handle that this. ID sue because a lot of people tried to stick that buck on the way out the door you know. Anderson say you know this artist you walk away as she is not for me. I have a lot of respect for that to a guy that doesn't make a big you know ruckus on the way out doesn't it sort ticket shots. You know things like that so I'm with you I have of about respect for saint you know what I'm out here on the let somebody else out. Yet the other that he is is. You know it will what I don't hey what was that Charlie Weis was on three payrolls at one time while not coaching each single full. Gains I wouldn't wanna go that way all right real quickly Delmon was taught college football Melvin will be upset I. Do you like that over the velvet back to back down and Hedo are. Under very different don't. Man I'm glad to see my boy. Price Atkinson here smoke on the water. The umpire shall what to look on beer as well what more letting me a bit. You eat you know nobody does your party are out there it was golden. And all amounted Autoruns what was my apartment that is the most these days in Britain who won't eating. At I think he's ready to move on I think it's also. Age you realize win. He made some serious coin and probably invested it well from his spaces head coach at Wisconsin as well as Oregon State you're talking about multi million dollar a year jobs. Saying you know why. If you have a nice little match you're instantly and on to soften the blow like I'm sure he does it make the move a lot easier. It. Yet yeah athletes of write get my shot. You know maybe it's best to go as a coordinator. Go back that route maybe he lost the passion for leading I don't know but I hope they keep. That this doesn't preclude this big does it ever preclude them from not being tired because. Again got to give a lot of credit some people go he's a quitter never gonna mess with the mothers who go. Maybe took the high road that I'd like to bring that in to my organization. You're not you sit Tennessee's first quarter. So part of the least on purpose such as unit in this field where right. Well I think yet Galvin you're right on there as we wanna get in Melvin the obviously. The starting quarterback's leadership reps were who work is good in the best off weeks practice of all time. Is we have heard from butch jones' week in of course. We're gonna hear from Tony the silly Itamar. He's been doing sports talk radio up in Knoxville for 22 years that the guys will now. The remainder of this year. As we speak in let's broke quickly go back to the phone lines velvet want to talk about college football rankings Melvin welcome. It now. Oh I'm sorry excuse me I don't abide. It is yesterday delta Thelma. Standing. What outlook dead. You said that that clip you. End up but it definitely wrong I'm Gerald RI and good. Update. Part of history. Half but then again. Basically say you know its victory. Because they're put in the pack will follow this than everybody out there and I Beckett towel. But go to call the football on the West Coast did not. Parable that because football. Well I mean I look at the top four right mailed me and those one clip since two instate three Georgia's forces that's all on this side. The Mississippi. And I will give Washington credit they played outside of clubs and in the national championship game. The Huskies played Alabama as tough as anybody last year but. Yeah right now it looked he has some of the questions that are actually come and available is. It Georgia to complete the season undefeated in the and only have a close loss to Alabama in the SEC championship game with that into words in the college football playoff and I tell you there's a long way to go before we ever start contemplating man. Yeah. West Coast but now would get it the first year they were the vision that we're real big. But it right at Clark. Right you got to. Yet right Manny get to West Coast teams in the top ten. Washington and Washington State they're both undefeated. They've both had nice winds been outside of that. You get TCU Wisconsin from the heartland. With three SEC teams that they are in the top ten with now Auburn at number ten in Miami at 113 Big Ten teams as well yeah. So I have heard yet there's. This well and that working its way out because right now. I still maintain the AP poll and the coaches poll is just window dressing to the birds. College football playoff poll comes out here. It the end of October and quite frankly the other ones become mutant just when president. One quick burning. Starter. Go work out. I have not been to the white about pleasantly you know real quickly Melvin. When we went on our vacation this summer we spent the night in Auburn Alabama just a week ago have lunch momma Goldberg's on Saturday on our way to our next stop before New Orleans. The gut telling you momma Goldberg's is the tree thinking for let me know there's now one in Mount Pleasant. Really did. Yet yeah levees some mama go birds fell into it. David White night the Senior Bowl in mobile about five years ago as some nights ago tried out. In May and it was absolutely. Next level levees price it's. It's different but it would be one of those road trip movements if you will like. Finding out beer cheese dip in pretzels it Sheehan rocks and Lexington. Just when it's like to humans double on a gym like that he'll never forget. So who again. You know. You know. Is sparse the coaches vote you memories Acadia a real quick example before we go to break and we kind of re gather of course but it might still open all here in the first hour but do you remember when everybody freaked out what. Four years ago in the first college football playoff poll comes out. In Mississippi's pecked at Mississippi State Texas native and Alabama were all in the top four you know. It's amazing how it will work itself out most often than not you know my deal is at this point. It bill Hancock says they're committed to four teams. If we sell some and when we see two teams from the for as saying conference for the first time. Will that be the push to change it because that's what. Pushed us out of the old BCS and into the new college football playoff it was that battle that rematch. Between Alabama and LSU in the BCS JP tea. It might the opposite for the season I thought we would likely get to we would have a two loss team make it but I it's the two teams from the same league also making it. This is so what's he goes into it and cannibalize its due in each conference and in his left standing in another. Ninety. He just don't know honey you talk about the how's football play helpful little becoming now you know. It's a window dressing like set because she got Wisconsin's it here who looks you know they look good with a shiny five and a record but I guarantee you they've. May not be in the top fifteen at play helpful simply because of having maybe the worst and shrink the schedule or nonconference schedule eighty power five team at least. Upper Echelon which is actually. And Reggie. You know you look great nail it the it the big twelve. TCU makes it through they're undefeated they'll be part of the playoff why advocates that's a pretty good conference granted. You know Oklahoma falls Iowa State this week Oklahoma State's fallen Texas pulls off a big win over Kansas State but. I think that leaks by deep enough to where you can make a claim that eighteen that comes through through it with a perfect record because remember. The big twelve that's a championship game again this year. That that that's when your four teams in the college football playoff but again it will all work its way out. We'll have in the fort data point which swatting at and it looks unity in theoretically is it but it. What I'm seeing right now is this big twelve championship game he may actually hurt the big twelve this year now. I don't in the units TCU going undefeated I I don't think there's any chance of that happening whatsoever because I don't look to teach you is a is eight real legit power player to make the playoffs are they good no doubt about it that they do post one of the most impressive wins this season beat O state. Yeah but with what they've got coming up they've got to go to keep state Connecticut to Iowa State that it thought Texas they got to go to Oklahoma Texas Tech. They're gonna lose one not to. But your point is well taken that if you have a you have a big twelve team goes undefeated. If they win that big twelve championship game have an app for that point there's no doubt about it urea are you go undefeated. In a power five leaked if you win your conference championship game you're more likely in. All right so sometimes that segment kind of creates itself on the fly from time to time. Bring up the AP top 25 when we come back let's look at that eleven through twenty slot and see who could make a run. For a college football playoff spot because. Icy to really stick out in me maybe only one deserves it but I do think that you can make the case if either one of these teams get hot. That you could see him in consideration. On the line this is straight up was hurt 844. GE SP ESPN. Get him with this it's college football well. All right I can also now confirmed price. The you can schedule and Bob canceling on Thursday around our other interviews he said any time between four and seven as it does give them call me and I love. Bob canceling his Benson nights says over the years and loved when it works out that these wars are right let's that we hear Roland down here spoke on the water cup element CES. Is we get ready for another weekend of college book all the NFL don't forget we start early this week in every way imaginable. The Carolina painters on Thursday night on classic rock 101 is they take on the board one Philadelphia the Eagles Carson when it's. Played some really good football also Friday night. We were released Friday we go and eclipse of pregame coverage with college football today from two before. And 93 point three the planet. In the and that will give way to the pregame show price you're gonna be Phelan in for me Friday on street that was sturtze because when I get off the pregame show. My wife and child matter relocating to Birmingham Alabama and we are actually going to be Alabama Arkansas gained six pitino on Saturday night and that's the lips. But we were talking about let's look at eleventh through twenty in the AP top twenty by number elevenths the Miami Hurricanes twelve as Oklahoma thirteen southern now. Fourteen Oklahoma State it team Virginia Tech sixteenths nudity and seventeenth Michigan eighteen South Florida. Nineteen is seen being state when he NC state when you look at that eleven through twenty range. Price I see two teams did. I feel like can make a run here. The first one obviously the Miami her needs their undefeated they just at the top that it speeds for their program. In getting that win indium in in their cable on Saturday which they go right under the wire. In their quarterback. That's a nice pass out there on the sidelines you lookup in that crap out of mind he just pulled this one out right in front of our rights. So Miami at number eleven they keep winning. Which includes Georgia Tech. Tomorrow or Thursday night. Which includes possible undefeated Clemson team mini in the ACC championship game Miami will be years. I would almost though it masters possibly on the NC state if they continued the roll and they keep on winning but the one that's gonna get the break when it comes to the national media. Because they always do you know it as well as I did sit in years number sixteen is Saturday. So you got by union Notre Dame. I got mine in the NC state I've got Notre Dame is that one it's getting hit the publish because. You liar. Yet they keep the entire Catholic Church put us in this enemy but I've media buys the. I would say there's at least I meant I had just coughed shuts shows shows she said the very. That's say at least five of the teams ranked 11320. Maybe six. If that your basically what we're saying that you have to win out. It was not a game Oklahoma State drops another team it Weathers bedlam or not that's two losses they are out of the mix the Miami is if she win because if they go undefeated eclipse and in the championship game. Theory right guy. Same thing goes for its state I think I I don't think that it NC state one lawsuits state team. With what they have left it'd be one obviously that would include a win over Clemson did beating Miami to. That would do twelve awards earlier meet economics and South Florida they go undefeated they're not getting antsy Diego state they go undefeated. I think we could say police say they're not giving him. I would say right now the if I had to pick one absolute Chou win besides my emea talked in light she went at the end they are in 100%. You can laugh about media bias all you want. What Notre Dame has slept on the schedule there's nobody in America has a back in the race schedule in southern cal and a lot of other marquee games five of their last seven teams are ranked teams that got southern now they've got its state they got Miami. They got AD indeed got steam for five of their last seven right. They run the table knows it's easy no brainer it's Notre Dame is in and they belong well. We actually category outside of what heavily blood is just back there and but. I think that once you in the eleventh to twenty range give me pause obviously the group of five teams like the ones in our. Oklahoma. Oklahoma State because they're variables are all there. You can make the case it at Virginia Tech doesn't lose again and it like clips and in the championship game they beat what's it. They might did it I don't think it's a human for them but. What we're saying you were that you win the rest your date the rest of their gains were included a win at Penn State. A win at Wisconsin and went home gets Ohio State be hard to argue with that Steven wants to talk about Saturday Steven welcome in. You have a great afternoon. Hey America appears. Smoke all the water kind of hard to beat this. So. A we have the right here Torre here when it comes to Notre Dame is being one of those teams that you could see eight push up into if they continue to win now. I think Gary Becker in it you did say it would with this schedule and keep state Miami USB and are they got yet through a lot of people. Could be an eleven I want theme at the end of the heat and I do think that you are right that there take you get media buyers but you have to make you media buyer goes. Well wait everybody overreact to any Notre Dame win or any notoriety and walk there only a lot about one point Georgia. Who gave one number four and build up that the yen now. I think that it probably about fair but now that they've been rude to you it even. Eight in two weeks that is mark that. He could brought the people NBA didn't bet they'll brought the you know that the twenty or 25 compromise there the other thing. And at that everybody can beat talk about Notre Dame got a right now that they don't have a conference championship game. We go to school they only have you know twelve games here but aren't my clients can only get twelve games become the winner gets repeated over. And Alfred Molina artful game could win again to partner up out. Notre Dame Texas and Oklahoma the only cool alt country that it still never played a one double A team. I have not been argue with that when Nadal and lets that bat I'm somewhat jealous of Notre Dame because again you get. Yet at this point I'm Steve and a lot of it's about eyeballs in one thing you know every single home game for notre Dame's can be broadcast on NBC. In that he only football that they here. In college football right now and not knock it. College football wants Notre Dame to be good because it brings him one of the most inclusive national fame bases that exist. It's very security could be an an NBC stands for notre day. So. Although I did find it interesting about two weeks ago and that he could play my air Miami Ohio. That game was only on NBC sports network because the president cup that. Just a front row that we felt Uggla appointed over that but I am I or even when there. It. All right Stephen thanks for the phone call appreciate it check it out make sure you get him with this again 84 Ford GS PE SPN price Atkinson mark Sturgis. We are live at smoke all the waters South Carolina. Headed up the Tennessee on Saturday. It now haven't this study more film that by now. About the starting quarterback for the balls this is straight it was start to a pay about that when we come back. South Carolina makes their way yet to Knoxville for a match up on Saturday and price are gonna have to do it with they differ quarterback under center. Go balls 24/7. Was the first to report. That Tennessee is making a change at quarterback for redshirt freshman Jarrett here and Todd oak is gonna start at quarterback. You know. Quit into orbit he's been the starter there you five games so far this season. But they're gonna make the change here in the off week and you know. It will appoint the U feel bad for. Mike Shuler sponsor here smoke on the water bald nation these new Bennett nights contributor here on the show in the fact that. You know you're Kentucky phenom and Albanian audience that we're kind of rivals with Tennessee from the north and the south does that fare. Yes. Skip to the point where its ninth fund to make fun of me. Because they eat it added their own way you know and I mean here's a move that may have needed to be may I don't know but guess what that. Here's a first thing that comes adequate door release now. It's not I'm gonna work hard. Get my job back in leaders still bowl game it's now he's contemplating his football future at the University of Tennessee which means I get pitched. I'm gonna leak. Who knows how backyard Tonto is in the first quarter that they got to come back it's dormant. But the point being when you can be it home by Georgia 41 and not been. You've got nothing going offensively. What just a couple plays and really in Georgia territory and that came after a turnover. I don't blame Butch Jones for making a quarterback change edited at this week's contest. With South Carolina because you're three into your fighting for your job dale Butch Jones. You gotta quit do it. We've had the best off week preparations in the east. Yoke if the united there's got to be get mental reps unfortunately he's given us more AM vote for the gun when it comes to Butch Jones in like TP two awards. Mean I. Out of once I don't feel bad for Tennessee all come out and I have zero. Low for anything Tennessee volunteer and well why I went to Kentucky and I also a group around here it. It simply does like construction worker warns star so. But. Butch Jones. Shall wait butch Jones and hopi Ali's the coach they are four and he got because. You know the show he's made of that programming despite it really that joke. That he makes of himself is really what it is not that he's made a joke of the program but it did give him some credit yup. Pulling them out of the depths okay. But just the joke he makes of himself with just you know the content fuel costs stupidity. But still. You meet you know cheeky. Like cheap cheap crap that comes up with this company's debt that is just announced that it. I don't want that ever to go away in thus far it's volatile lap that make fun every day especially ulyetza news conference. The exit that Tennessee media everybody covering the team should be helping them recruit. It's I think he has that would occur. I think he's a I think there's a lot of Tommy Bowden and Butch Jones he took the program its followers seek it took it brought it back because that's the same thing. Tommy Bowden did it clips and actors you know Tommy west in Ken Hatfield. I think there's a lot of similarities they are now don't think there's anybody on Tennessee staff that she can go in this baton off to. Intake each hits on it and you know all the sudden alma Knoxville buddies are back in. It's Jon Gruden her bus today you know that even make it that that's probably where I want them. I wanna make the most fun about Tennessee buddies is now they are all set themselves up it's John Gruner bus because of one photos. That was taken with the players all of that. So I you know I concentrate now on how to get the win vs South Carolina on Saturday we could you realize this is got Butch Jones written all over. Air by speculate in his job and somehow they find a way to get a win vs South Carolina. It put off that execution date for the week and I'm not sure that's the case. South Carolina granted they dealt with they no other dysfunction junction with it when it comes to the Arkansas Razorbacks this past week. But you know they found something offensively they're playing very well defensively south Carolina's favorite my opinion come Saturday. Does it feel like is it does to me that this is one of those desperation hey if we don't make it change we're just gonna Ahmet dial but still it was like court Tonto have a shot because Normandy is not getting it done. Like court tonne au have this opportunity because what else do you have to lose at this point to meet this feels like a roll of the dice. The off week he gets quart how to race you know an actual but it's not like. You'd Jake Bentley last year a little bit differently or Thomas got some playing time this year unlike definitely last year as a kind of feel but. It's got that Butch Jones it in its is simply rolled the dice work. They have to win if they don't he is out. Yet I am right there with these who will see with South Carolina. And Tennessee don't forget we got a couple of interviews coming to you. When it comes to the Tennessee balls this week to mark when he facility opened the petty facility is show. As well as on Thursday the voice of the Tennessee Volunteers are friends. Bob canceling outside at that. When we come back after giving you achieve is to win a thousand dollars green clear what are some other notes in college football that is caught my attention. I'll bring those Steve. When we come back however you know it's 459. That means we're getting really really close to diesel. Play this particular song. They will give Hewitt he has to win some free cash hit it not for an. You're my PM keyword is nation in a team. Oh in nation. You can X network is 72881. You're going to pull weights of my he's gonna win at thousand dollars free and clear on intercom that are come upstate in the SB in upstate. By texting the word nation is 72881. Remember week about keywords at 7 AM 11 AM. Yemen fight Yemen are free cash stance contests remembers we like this say. You can't win it it your and guided it remembered nation. Since 76. Is 72881. More college football talk when we come back on straight up with Sterger.