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Welcome back kid it's a Crown Royal Friday on straight up let's start to Bart Starr to sprite second set where lied from major this scale party shop here Anderson we're gonna go back in the guess lights were two outs and Southeastern Conference football. With target for an injured Aso word of SEC country just go to give him a follow on Twitter eighty Aso board that. Eighty SE LE. FO lord the aid drew I hope your ready. He's got the yeah exactly chaos this week you. It's possible and yeah I'm ready of the units being weak yen or show are looked on. Well the first about your what do bark collars that it's couple segments ago asking what price it nice thoughts work. About south Carolina's eight as Louisiana Tech coming off that loss to Kentucky. 82 and though. What are your thoughts on South Carolina because there's a lot of injuries to the team this weekend it may in that making an impact and of course you now got to find somebody some Al. To replace the bossi meals. But yet. Huge block of South Carolina. We could figure out how to a billion and there. She actually. Like it or copper hole because I think yes he he would have benefited from. In South Carolina teen nick you legitimate regret yet he. And log progress to beat in caught there and respect your Columbia and now you there are a lot of what some of the in car. In article do not the beat Louisiana attack when I think he Bentley a court. He'll grade out that perhaps but. You're down you both Daniel had that the big war that you have to pick up you're doing a much of that group special people are viewed as a kick returner so you have that try to figure out. What do not there as well Belk I think a lot of questions about South Carolina right now that aren't there at this time last badly for being caught and then politically the Alley of ball that he then goes on but yeah a couple of upper South Carolina last week. All right as we continue injuries for breast EC puncher the couple big. Like teams in the SEC this weekend meters that. Outing gonna have me a big effect expertly on the SEC east and let's start Athens where the number seven team. This to be state bulldogs come off that thrashing of LSU where they were a step ahead in just simply out coaching out playing out may ideology last weekend. They can on number eleven Georgia. I've vacillate gone missing back in for trying to handicap and figure out a winner in the way you see this thing happens tomorrow night. Attitude from the most intriguing intermediate of the week and yet he he'll be a lot of fun because I. I thought the spirit BLU leak out and expect them to blow Koppel admitted that dominated on both sides of the ball and I think them pulling out all the credit bureau. Yeah yeah I think I'm most proud of music that Mitt could be a defense the led me and handled well you look broadened shut down there's guys that. But dangerous running gave the tigers article of those situations where they elected him we even another game on the road for the state. I think they can beat Georgia he could take from young quarterback I don't think you'll. Take the defense that good of Mississippi State. If they play like it did last week the below our defense because you know he went to Notre Dame take prop bed let them. Pretty impressive victory in South Bend and by. Not think it will be another level that we're currently and that he. Oh glad that you're here quarterback for the Bulldog mr. Lee is really impressive and of course yet. He's the guy candidate well. Even so you know I think. This shouldn't work that particular corrected it flatly I think we're going to have to beat Georgia. As we continue with injury super from SEC country get a follow on Twitter ace over that pricing gonna ask you which is he is a Kentucky alumni. But let's say eight big game out there in Lexington Saturday night Kentucky to try new really really scratched their way. In this SEC east battle but also the big story line thirty years thirty types. Kentucky has beaten Florida. I think cats get it done this week in danger I think it. How bad it could go away from me I'm still winning Florida to get there we go again. Winning streak there until then because. I think some life you know war is kind of book. And team at the moment you know I think they'll find a way to beat Kentucky by. Yeah I think Kentucky's been pretty impressed that they'll or that they end up without Lillian South Carolina but other mark you capped. After that he's been gone man yeah it'll be an intriguing game there in Lexington because the Gator there anything birds you're not of their very vulnerable even though they beat amnesty. On that hail Mary the gators don't look back good early in the even though. Don't want those things work and I just I can't go against victory thirty years in a long time Victor and you have you met legal and on there and there until Kentucky breaks there at the top to pick against Florida woman who's been knocked up but I think it's a bit close you know low scoring game throughout for the most part. That would be it is not Lexington Kentucky by the way aperture. All right ticket major race offered SEC country the buyout bowl. A series world in Arlington Texas saint am and Arkansas over the razorbacks are an unmitigated disaster. Texas a and M I think we all can see the writing on the wall that this is gonna come to it in for Kevin someone's inner. That later I didn't break this thing down because. Two fan base is clearly that are unhappy with what's going all their head coach. K do you guys it's simply need a win and I still fighting cried analysts that is bad it's this in his text sane and has been. Arkansas still does not have a win over tech Satan appeal here. Happy edited some really pretty wild what. Arkansas situation is that the Moline Brad deal by the Puget an average grade back really and he arrived there as big as the of course call height. With incoming and the most competent vulnerable can't be expected and the kind of be warm yet he bought coaches that I really haven't happened during the Fayetteville and eat. Having turned up on him a little bit like you mentioned recovering somewhat like the writing on the wall for them. I use public really battered the 10 o'clock. PLA in the he's an opener and I even though they have wins the past two weeks. In nickel and Louisiana I mean they looked really bad at certain are the mood gained there have been booed off the deal but we are at home. Yeah it's definitely going to be an interesting game to be like train wreck that they hit it at the granite marker but again that these coaches. They have a lot. In front about the moment both need to win that early and I want them could definitely you look. They're comparable weight and blood I think it's one of those things to make a loser gets shipped Charlie Krugman and on the field I recruit. They're just a look at our area early front runner and yet you go to Chile sweepstake but. He. I don't really know how to pick a winner and that the have been so impressed the boat he's got going Grady Arkansas that because the third down contract for paying them and how they'd book you really felt park it's not he'll play game I'd think they're kind of looking without. Identity right now at the moment but yeah I don't think other people look impressive and he can be a bit of a cruel fight there are correct that. Also at 730 as Saturday night in drew is Auburn at Missouri I. I'm not sure anything can be done to really say beer you know Adam's job because things are pretty bad at Missouri right now however. I the mumbling betray a marine guys starting Q get aches level in Auburn. When it comes to Gus valves on the following fourteen to six loss in which the office was brilliant at biggest clubs in. Up with 24 points against Mercer got smiles on supposed to be the offensive genius junior stated it was supposed to be the X-Factor in college football. Your thoughts on Auburn Erica is a rough week in kicking off your backup quarterback in watching eight defensive linemen and fired power trains were out. Yeah a lot has something going on at Auburn at the moment and New Mexico hyper under there and a lot off the ground and Robert. Answering the either not been really unimpressed with the tigers so far about he's one of the biggest stories that you at the order in the early in the years without. An impressive Auburn has looked and now I think Auburn. Really need to put up bumping billions Missouri does he missed Terry Odom troubled in Colombia there and I think there and beyond today and that it looked like a lot of balls in the fact that. The tigers fired their defensive coordinator after that South Carolina you know it just shows that barrier and I grabbed a straw that the moment and they Abbott awful game you're Purdue last week who lost 35 degree in our toll run out their own stadium that the kind of embarrassing situation from the very thought your Auburn. I need to find yourself in the game if you have any hope of competing yet you let the being Latino vote people thought he'd be. By challenging Alabama and being one of the top England division because the beginning he probably should win by at least report touchdown pitcher. Auburn in the lawyers would be used either in the book being on the that you gain orchard that a million find themselves for the op and kind of its identity a little bit and you know really start to move forward and it could be a game could be just what the doctor ordered for all the and that small lobby right I mean there's. In Europe that I got Milan. This via an economic and no matter who often struggled at the very good there's no excuse for all of the struggle that entered the look what they're deeper into the so and so far that even though. A big interest in game bra burning in the tigers should parent I believe should put equally glad. Will the apartment block with struggled with the year and if they handle. All right any Trace offered SEC country that we are games that talked about coaches underperforming coaches on the hot seat. This all leads this new piece you wrote this week it really. Out now basically calling begging for Chip Kelly the company has. As. There's no question that the SEC its loss to stand up. Out of it at the hands of statements in the bars higher I mean you can't simply get fired but because what he's done to. But in at least where they're been some underperforming hires in the SEC typically we don't go anywhere in the world it. Idol but tech scene in the tech scene in isn't Waltz with the boosters run in the showed Tennessee. Certainly would be a neat it's neat him and they're heartbeat but regardless your p.'s we post on ESP studies Twitter FaceBook page. Get it to make the case right now watch the SEC. Needs to Delhi sooner rather than later. Dad yet he's he needed them yesterday until hyped it up it looks into the cause. There's two bit but a you know it's so awful right now and it makes they've been an issue number two maybe being -- and I get at this point the way that could be status played and he can pretty good about it to be right now but our approach single Payer in this conference particularly -- Yahoo! you know it that they would talk about last year out there that gap between Alabama and everyone else and to me at our golf coaching the whole conversation about the -- weakness at this point I'm on the decline from its peak from appeared via email me at Alabama now you know the national championship game that includes a coaching situation decline quite a bit Greek figures tell. I think Chip Kelly introduction of the copper and obviously in and we hope that situation and whether it and it either expand or somewhere you know I don't think would be great into the conference period helplessly about this you know at the more like tech spin and it's been yet he was matching up against much babe and each year and and that's where there are now being allowed play out what you might be right what that culture situation I'm not quite sure. If you would be that there are not good thing I'd love to eat it. But yeah it will definitely yet and yet he Elop competition per chip Ali obviously later in the year it'll be other conferences go he had just been and other clean them. We'll be empowered and an unlikely hit a new car and it is perhaps not the lead our glue so sure if he gets out and be a little more to Vienna picket situation or you know a brand name program situated circuit went past one bid because. You're going to be happy that he can be careful where he goes to enact because repeat failed political stare at it might be done another head coach and market the top of the coordinator from their analogy of a bad thing but I think definitely guys want the head coach there at the careers so you know I think you very important court blocked the make whatever he does the side though I'd love to be an ftp I think you'd bring her a lot of entertainment factor is equality factor out. Quality of coaches instantly and he had a decent app development I would shoot yeah to you right now. Willis today drew we appreciate you could join us here on this Crown Royal Friday. Enjoy the weekend like I said it might sit Ellis the weakest of the four a week so far I'm telling you that's why expect the little chaos that. What happened to look I don't work under it. And I figured it is seen there's injury support give him a follow want to whether you links all of his work up right here. At eight easel board all right well we come back price tag could not disagree more with something that you just said. I will tell you what it is when we come back 844 GS PE SPN or college football talk in open bones for the rest of the hour. And cities so I argue at play in this back on the way back in because he went and saw is what net feeds me another night wailing and geez they're wrong on purpose or do you does not know that it's Wayland there. Wayland wailing and made them available. You land Whalen I eat anyway that's just gained CEO all that stuff and of course he did in the that they are all friends that price. You could set something in our interview with interracial for that I have to take major exceptions I. Whatever yet do. Chip Kelly can win anywhere on your shows bemoaning yeah yeah yeah Chip Kelly can wearing. When anywhere except the Philadelphia Eagles and of course the same Francisco 49ers that. Much like most good college coaches that try to make that transition into the NFL a lot nick Sabin outlaws the Spurrier. A lot Chip Kelly. They found out that they were great college coaches for a reason. And time. Do you know are right you just don't want it that it. I know you were media outlets it referring strictly because Chip Kelly is coming back to the college ranks it will be next season win here destination unknown. Is NFL career is done tried it. To at war he will be back in college next year the question is way Aries. And can pricey though and Mullen is is the least right now the two hottest names but it won't be either available in door not. Because those two guys I don't know if there you know we're gamble and coach next year I just think it's time to partly what you've done in this state get the heck out of there. We're Chip Kelly Kelly Lance that's the wrong. Question of the day. It is I don't that spill weird about his two sizzling in the in the Southeastern Conference life. It's not the Keisel left those guys here's the deal I think he would be good but it's what we're talking about with entering sobered. In the last segment that's based on his article. I think he would be good for the Southeastern Conference the Southeastern Conference needs a shot in the are at some point each you mention. Yet the expectations. That BA being able to me 37 titles in a row that's that's that's not gonna happen at this argue that's right noble. I think Chip Kelly can do a little bit. It's not a lot of what Steve Spurrier did when he came to Florida. From my did which was openly about make he would start the funny guy and everything. It was just that good old boy network three yards and a cloud it to us back in its burger comes in with the funny guy. If everybody has to keep up empty suit a little bit. It. What is it about Satan and I don't know other than the fact he's got all the money all the facilities all the bells and whistles alum BO but he's just appear that football coach but it literally what is it about lately he's the best coach and joining me today that's it he just for prayer he can recruit you area and look what he isn't. You know x.s and those the preparation the bill coat that game you fill it in there with the rain and in what it is Alabama where eking you know in your team. That's exactly what it is it's all black. But my point get back to it is an old school coach at exodus wise but he Tate pulled all of us of the years. When he brought in late tip and it's an offensive coordinator in the Alabama's office at some point get back it's now become an in this city. I could recharge. Some energy that's been lost here in the last two and. Yours hate him but especially if he if Chip Kelly lanes in the SEC west and you know my comment about I don't see him at Texas scene at. Anywhere he goes in college he will wait I'm a believer. I don't see him fitting. What the expectations. In what comes with a chow nobody knew where it's a loose dirt ribbon. The state at Texas border regions signal and helped Kelly were able thus. Yes but they're still got a metal and you know that the hat where you have to get out part of all the alumni groups you know how big eight and while bases. It's master all the different speaking engagements that Chip Kelly you know didn't have to do while he was it or did it like to do. I just don't know why CNET that. Quite a M last Lockett seeded Tennessee. Or maybe another job and no get out your minds rebel planes not go DelHomme is right though like that. Stupid no little touch in that Ole miss job right now we're gonna speak about Ole miss and miss it stay here a moment. I have another landing spot for now this coached him play himself off the heat bubble. Maybe maybe not because he's left Tuesday wake of destruction. Chip Kelly as you mentioned doesn't wanna go out there. It meet with every booster club in this in the ice not a rock rock guy you know and I mean he's at bay matter back kind of person. What about notre date because you don't have to do that you have in BC. Good he. If Brian Kelly fails to meet expectations this year. With so that light notre they Indian plate for Chip Kelly because I doubt you don't have no doubt that there. They have they're still on Friday night in their athletic complications that are. And that's pretty much yet you know when it comes to be a coach Saturday amid obviously you make a run about Stu writes the bees. As yes I don't think he does in you know the next caller call 1181. They would be to Chip Kelly and those would be the first nuclear starting spots and Donnie Kurai dying Chip Kelly you know there at Notre Dame that happened to use quite some of the things I have to do it. It's eight and the still we you're talking about a national Brandon in Notre Dame. And I think that the fact that he would you know be it a fact of C oh write you know Notre Dame has not been a metal they're with a hand. And it's. I think the way he could set it up with the games he wants the plate to a Victorino at the obviously did that finality CC that the played games with. The Atlantic Coast Conference but still I think it gives them a lot of autonomy. They he'd like it's happening especially coming from a job in the pros were he was ones that coach in the GM. Obviously failed that I think Notre Dame would be I think it would be ideal spot. So while we'll see how it goes again the first the stat males that if you will was simply Nebraska. If he were there athletic director yesterday shot a course out in Sean I Corson. Mike Riley were in their tax that it's so it's simply a precursor to. You know what we expect to happen with Mike Riley now again like talked about yesterday he could play himself off the hot seat. About winning but it's just very tough to survive if your Mike Riley considering. And it was a Lone Ranger hire eight came out of nowhere. I'm home when they hired in at 62 years old and fourteen seasons at Oregon State they finished ranked inside the top twenty by only three times. No other program was how seeking to hire Mike Riley Ann I course pulled the Lone Ranger. It brings in awakened shocked everybody. So obviously clearly they are attached to hit Mike Riley's time is taking atlas he somehow consisting of seventy down the stretch which I just simply. Adults. I am with you on that one all right that when we come back. Here Wednesday remember it's Grail royal Friday you know it's great seeing a similar to him and his re easy that we are sitting here what's the date September 22. September the 22 that were talking about. And AT already being fired three weeks into the season in likely talking about in Nebraska head coaching openings made it were only three weeks in right now is start with bill some. Like that I FL that that an abuse not prolong that's kind of what it's they support. Not for long alright it's Crown Royal Friday were lied here and Anderson major this scale party shot we've got Papa John's pizza we've got the price will. And we got a bit the Crown Royal four yet. For just nineteen dollars and 99 cents trust me. That is an extremely good deal you comment here they've got beer they got wind. All kind of cool stuff. Here major scale party shop. You know and out there. Again we're gonna giveaway hair clips of Boston College tickets here at 650. Remember Corel draw those ready for kick off. It's always always the best call on game day. You know you like that price allotted USA curling right there on your hat says. Our right to. There you go today I mean and so. Anyway come see it here at major this scale party. Shot is we're gonna get this constant Boston College tickets away at 650 also to bar at 330 on our sister station. To greet the reap the plant rocks you can hear clubs in football. All day long he'll start. With Greg McKinney and I from him thirty to 1230 outside Littlejohn Coliseum eclipse and in this we will go into the tiger pregame show it and up into the broadcast Booth. An hour before kick off with Don months and it's at 330 kick off. They're in tiger tail remember you can just ailment that 93 point three the planet rock. It you can now listen hang right you can Ellis at Clemson football right there off your development you don't have to worry about this that the other. It even more importantly price if you're on the road. From seven to midnight. Who's been in this in the diesel. On that 933 the planet rock dang right it's our right when we come back pulp by Bob did you catch what he had to say on outside the lines yesterday. When it comes to. That nails bit of old this is the penalties but is. At this point. It's not done yet priced at no absolutely it is not done will get into that you can give us your thoughts on college football 844 GSP. ESPN is straight up with starts were lied here and Anderson. Welcome back camp where live from major this scale party shot civic center boulevard in Anderson it's a Crown Royal prop eight don't forget where give away their clubs of Boston College tickets. And a little over an hour come by get registered he could stop the bag for our troops spent a little note there it says they use you know in. We'll have that delivered overseas where you were real royal price. Yesterday he Paul buying bomb ended up on outside the lines on yes. In vague talking about the the Mississippi State and Ole miss situation well Paul drop some knowledge on media outlet even where. He said that this ruling when it comes though this will not come bail. After Thanksgiving. And here's why. They skip a weekend Mississippi State know in this together in the egg bowl and they don't why eniac. Inflamed emotions ahead of that football game but this is what part at this is what pulp by Bob Agassi yesterday quote. I love this conference in this swear at me most about living that I really fear what is about to happen. These two schools meet on dates given and that's not what I'm talking about somewhere probably after that because I've hurt that the committees not gonna release the findings before the game for the safety of every. When this decision comes out Ole miss and I believe are going to scorched earth. I've seen this before between Alabama and Auburn. It's already bad situation. It's going to continue to grow. Much uglier. Absolutely because when the two key witnesses in this case. Is they Mississippi why Mississippi State linebacker by the name only a Lewis had to go meet with the aids aids committee of infractions about. The rival team Ole miss there's a no win situation the key to write this these guys. If this state Ole miss can take a look back at Alabama Auburn rivalry it years ago all of its two schools that is the each other in trouble with the unions you know it came while. In here's the thing that timing on this thing. From the committee on infractions the timing says that we should theoretically an excuse me get a ruling. Before the egg bowl. Because that you know everything lines up with what the ninety day suddenly it is in ninety days. That we technically should hear something before that game as plate. But like Paul said it in everything out her red that writers in fur. Is it it would be late November early December and I think one of the reasons is it the NCAA has any smarts about it. Not that they care what a couple fan base duty each other on line a message boards or even at the local at the end of a bar. I think they'd be Smart it served to not issue but they're findings and their you know penalties before that game let's play. Yet animated there's nothing good to your member. Good 1012 years ago these two teams get a fight on the field before the officials were even out there. Wait before kickoff music for started struggling out. In that things got pretty ugly kitty it's a fight I'll fight bombs feelings on it said that he thinks Ole miss is probably gonna get salient to get slammed hard. So I can eat you know it's. It's so hard to even predict and I don't think there's any question it all this at the 'cause. The NCAA went back even after the console stuff and they went back and double dip on the scene to actually three times and they are going in for the kill now what they have to building go for the kill we'll find out we don't know what evidence they got. All this does because they hurled rocks and that they aren't they if this hearing and held it RE mile to a lot of it's in hostile. That we could see here and speculate till this the sun starts coming out before tomorrow morning to call on game day. But there's no way to predict what's gonna happen because no two cases are alike. All every different committee on infractions that make up but each committee is different you know that Pete there's different people sitting in sharing. Each of these different infraction hearing so it's absolutely impossible. For us to speculate. What ideas at the NC double its candidate except probably hammer yep Jim wants to get in on the Ole miss Mississippi State situation while commend him that you have a good afternoon. Oh wonderful news Tribune trust can explain since the mid October yet so far at least a little Yiddish. But. Display unit produced and got Terrell I know generalize that you. European leaders are low over what it ever been any Signet about it pedestal and stand at. Amazing like it I just don't believe what he's. Yet they NCAA and I think north Carolina's argument and talents to you the NCAA was this that your territory to act on now we're gonna have to figure out how the NCAA. And the powers that be at their legal staff bills about it let. You know what. If you're one of the big you know base that drove pretty hearty. A decade twelve years ago I had no issue with that we were guilty. But for whatever reason it feels like North Carolina. You know John swapper former quarterback now ACC commissioner east they're liaison to the NCAA intends to play buffers and. I decide this story extended course oldest. But I don't get rid of the torch to Tibet they may have been. So well horse nor Carol laden you know what I don't rust orange stepmother and actual size don't Slobodan. Part of being you don't parish cute the big screw. That brings the total money. Well. I think the NCAA. You guys sometimes you have to do is appear disciplined for a fact to others as much as for the individual that committed. The problems same thing with coaching staffs and and in all of sport. At the go misses the bit rate to be made in sample to a lot of other people this is what will happen if you continue to do this. Understand that part two OK you all have a good Betty chemistry and nobody have a big weekend. All right will do speaking of that young lady. Eight hour driving class to mark writes oh. In the classroom. Not even write you know I mean eight hours as we did everything. In itself for her. I hope he's not listen I just left here to see that nice big Cadillac. You. Be it. Like horrors. The ads play your team that thing was a lot of money priced from. Like QB in the UR. My new expenses 70000 dollars using your remind people that it looks like numbers. So anyway Ole miss Mississippi State it will find that out the Mississippi State. That he thumbing their nose at the rebels if they go in Athens on or. And knock off the other bulldogs that is the big gain for the weekend in the SEC in let me just ask you before we go out temporary. What pops in yells mind everytime you hear Jake prompts mean that in an interview or something else. Little League World Series are seen clips and meets that's not it with me diesel when you hear the name Jake from disease Pete is kind of pop in your head. Pain. OK now I just everytime I hear statements and for whatever reason it just sounds like Jake from state form. You know what I mean that whole project for sick or take one now we know what it's Halloween costumes going to be he's gonna be dragged from state farm. Jay Dante can't tell you what. They got I don't mind I'll cut him you know what we missed the question of the day with our first guest. While Andrea Adelson. And that is you know cheese or working on Halloween costume she used had some of these are esque Huskies in the hat on year's riots aid you know at least half a dozen times reports that Alan I'll. But waited as she goes what was it couple years ago from. Young Frankenstein. It's that was absolutely. Next level no doubt about it no doubt are right here's the deal will come back because. You keep talking about this Mississippi State but how about the three most expensive football programs in the country year at least back you'd. Over a billion dollars and one of the players will one of those schools. Maybe a comment on Twitter about it in its people on the ears will tell you about that when we come back they'll forget 630 I. Eddie Allen the color analyst for the Louisiana Tech Bulldog radio network will join us lie ahead they're meeting with the South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia took mark 330. Welcome back in where life for major scale party shop here Anderson it's grill oil front Hayward power away. For giving away those two tickets to the clubs of Boston College team tomorrow we have the knees stacked. Papa John's pizza here. Guy from west marine is just animate tiger Nicklaus and tiger tee shirt. Where that went to the Boston College game to mark its tickets here and hours that you never it. You can come in Nazi it's paying now don't forget you can catch that accident on 933 the planet mark. You can listen to clips of the ball right there off that have also. Sunday 1 PM on our sister station classic rock 101. You can hear the Carolina Panthers network as they call big game I us from New Orleans oh and two we're gonna parts of NFL in the final hour price I want it. Wall Street Journal put out an article. They have a report the three Q you've been the three highest. Value college football programs in the country. A whole how Alabama. Ohio State. And I would probably are Notre Dame in that mix as well but I guess it's their private school will never know what their graduate spike you're right onto the theory it's not Alabama. It's Texas Oklahoma and Ohio State. In the Wall Street Journal. Values those programs at one point five billion dollars I'm good at one point five B. That why do you think those three schools. Are always that one point five billion dollar rates because. I'm with you look at some of the others like in Alabama or southern cal are in the state whenever. But there's three midwestern schools right there and I think there's a reason for. And that is. There in the midwest you can siphoned billions to the EC can siphon billions to the west but I think it's really Hartford East Coast or West Coast school. To get that national that you simply the fact is three hours difference in the on the clock if I've got. One's surprise of the threes Oklahoma. The Texas for its money. There alumni base Max is. Ohio State a lot similar ways money's not an issue they've got alumni base like a lot of the Big Ten schools just off the charts. But what I would it gets on there have they not gone through what they did the scene that's scandal and everything would have been Penn State suit could use it watch it statement that once squat. They got more living alumni and anywhere until history. Well I think you just nailed the other reason. When it comes to the attendance at a Ohio's state in Texas not necessarily the case with the Oklahoma. Those are two big big big schools when it comes to. Them out students that attend here however. What is set this on five year this information on fire if you will as a state as a backup quarterback by the name of two or. In. He was critical of the fact that. The football players in the program. All pay especially. This is what he had to say on Twitter. Quote our team it's worth one point five billion dollars or billions capitalize. But it wouldn't be feared other students at week 83 amber he tweeted that out last night in oh my goodness he gets. Blown out of proportion left and right. There's a lot of truth in that as well it is dappled yours wrong. Guys meet her yet. Often occur without its run off the road area office draw coming around the course of course we'll electors are let's debate. Gave back to what we're talking desired it it's got to be that surprised at or have a complaint there. Its football program was valued through the Wall Street Journal one point five billion dollars but keep getting amber. What Kenny and well he and personally know what you're good at that point it sees as saying under NCAA rules to be hit a way yeah exit number one they should be getting paid member team maybe there should be a side benefit to it now. You know as well as I do you can go find a free hamburgers the backup quarterback at Ohio State in Columbus you're not doing things right yes in does he not know where the training tables located yet it is the meals that it out there been anything and everything make it does as its double to gain weight get it straight. They're gonna do it if that was his but obviously that that taken literally at this point is it. He's a lot of money gap exactly in east he does have a point because college athletics at the war. That they business and it's all being made on the heels of 1819 Euro. Yeah but. Again that's why if we all last time I checked Ohio State was giving cost of attendance as well so. So that's another extra 6000%. About that money he can get his or her way at that he's completely change then. Well you know here's the deal. Who we tell us easy math oriented. It that's much tire rack it it took me I'd get up calculator to be sequestered for Don months another day with 72 minus 41. Anyone yet it that would adequate that would mean cells looking for but yeah we talk about Ole miss Mississippi State. And at that ruling coming dale after dates given beak is sales like they don't want it she's with the eight ball. Rutgers learned its NCA hate it is on Friday they were nailed with belliard to monitor the football programs drug testing. Over a five year here you'd which included Kyle flood their former coach. He was also given belliard moderate monitors operations staff that will have a yeah one year show cause that on him what that means is he wants to hire. They got a good show calls to the NCAA why they should be allowed to hire plot thing on this Rutgers thing now. Heard about earlier today. The world and I don't think I've ever heard this before their charged with black institutional control their only get probation the F. Yet asked for some of her Batman again lights I mentioned earlier. No two cases are alike in trying to predict what the NCAA will do when it comes to hand out penalties in your shotgun from the hip every time. What is. That's why it'll never figure this thing out that's what we all think north Carolina's guilty assent. But we don't know if it falls in the perimeters of the NCAA and that's why North Carolina it's kind of plain and gain a chicken. With them right now but. You guys at the self imposed that penalties accepted by the NCA on the Rutgers case. Great work reduction in the number of off campus recruiting base by total ten. During the 201718. School year he limit of 36 official visits during that year 26 European permitted 85000. Dollar fine. Any one week they had on social media telephone and written correspondence with prop prospects. Boy Disco hit him hard into Heidi a slap Paul Lawrence. Again you know you were talking a coach that is now. The offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons in that it column flood. Actually beat give be given a show cause penalty. Yet rockers get slammed on I guess the biggest penalty that you can give Rutgers football suspect he got to play in the big in the air meters. It looks like he should be out of the IR I guess. What's the purpose that given them but to your bowl period if they don't have a tea it's you know aware of making a bowl game is that really a penalty. And eight deep that it did it mean to you doubly took into account that level it's not quit. Now all that you are saying you know he's got we don't answer that yet been awful. But as you know what they're active and make a ball game exaggeration of the theories aren't bought one are going global for six years old ladies. Again what's the penalties and slap themselves now call Rucker state like that. To stop them cold metallic. It beat our helmets the way they kind of started that deal in Iraq like it yet watch out Rutgers somebody else. When it was what was it diesels that a couple of years ago watch out that means Louisiana Lafayette. NCAA you know he said Crowe not a mullet d.'s that was moment zone but a quick note about these chrome ago that the cancer hour. Or two they wore a light once or twice about it beat Spain you know which he'll break these out special gains. August ugly black uniforms but. When I warm up. Was South Carolina game what did yours. Last few laughs no. Blue on blue crime yet. Yet let's see I thought your uniforms last week that white light with that Roy who will outlook that outlook that out like the classic titles like the black car oak. Chrysler you who're you are you buddy or dud. And I'll say col. For this about the stick in the mud buddy buddy yeah deal rot out. Not liking the color black uniforms want to eat that apple act eat Wear their colors I'd do it it's about its blackest yet in hot. When your team had black evening Wear their colors team that bill business where sorry it's cardinals. That. Well price let me ask you how do you feel being a Johnny come lately with the chrome helmets after western Kentucky's been doing it for years. Oh cool a lot of schools for a year and a western Kentucky was the first ones to do and they're right there in your state you gotta admit they were the first ones to do it. Rutgers was. Now western Kentucky hatton is their regular helmet that was their that was there go to hell my firm has has been telling ten years. Yet the outlook. Wanna go because to me that's yet I don't want to speak to make every single week like that go with the crow interest average bass died the former burns quarterbacks. Letting up now Rutgers now. Are right debt will come back we'll continue it one more hour light from major to scale party shot here and Anderson.