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Welcome it up state it is a great. Royal Friday here on straight up with start bright second Sid Mark start this week art light. At major this scale party shop on civic center boulevard in Anderson. It listen we got to covered today there's a stack of Papa John's pizza there's the price will. The years crown royalty Steen. You can stop a bag for our troops which would include some goodies like peanuts and slim Jim's and garment. Anything that day you know and it's really cool camouflage Baghdad to some than where you can put a note there saying thank you our servicemen for the year. For their service about that price sack and send. I am extremely upset with page for 93 point three the planet because I. I was enjoying the nice fall weather that we were handing guess what I guess she want to get another suntan or something. Since he's turned the heat back up its summer again here. But they'll be that way in the valley of Mars well Clemson and Boston college and if you're interested in they're ticket she can come by. Get register with me and so in Napa. Guess what will be given those away about 650 Christ I do in welcome back saving Watkins last night no doubt about it. Now how about that many low like banana but he actually played anything like a banana for the first time a few like in his NFL career pole in two touchdown that's. From a really nice night from years gone yes pressed with the former number one traffic that you mentioned that. Diesel has some apologizing to do on the aired today. Because he he personally that's the and Colin last night prices. You know I got called no mean and everything else on the air yesterday about these uniforms in. That's come up finally get in the last night game was coming at halftime she comes walking through and looks on the television screening goes. Oh my goodness what are those those are terrible and then goes on to mention. That's even yellow looks like a bunch of banana slugs rhetoric on the on the field in that well yet so I had to pick up the phone priced diesel and remind him and you called us. I I've got. The problem I had to hang on hang on hang on hang on hang on stars let me ask you price insurgents status. Which one of don't of Teresa and Stearns. Do we call funny and which one do we called Dundee. Because it is a bunch of body does not unlike these uniforms are all like they weren't thirty years ago. Hey I was with you because not like I don't want the polarized now the cholera shuttle's life got the rain and added a whole lot better not Bartley. If they would like on out the gold eagle flight that maybe. But at this late time you know I'm not gonna sugar coat and I will too much yell into it have to why I like about sunglasses I'd rather see that the Miami Dolphins played in their. The old and I would. Yellow bottle I'm all right so I guess we'll autistic let's just go with the outburst that letter out that was coaster Villa study art. Can we really haul like San Francisco was wearing last night a color roster is it really was that they just wore all black. Habits much issue with that it was on the course you read anybody got nods. Sunglasses. For the LE Graham and you know what. This smarter one and our family my wife agreed with these you have some apologize it is that's my story. It and stick it to I would not apologize I do not believe that I do any wrong. Well that's great deities are right where you can you know I like diesel single and outsell it's celebrated twenty years of Bayard you know I mean I apologize for that title they got it wrong. As well but listen now welcome back Sammy Watkins price six catches a 106 yards to touch stadiums. Including game or calculus. Over the shoulder catch where somebody got a still photo of it. His eyes were closed when he made the catch ego and I mean that it might have just been that splits that you worries linked to it that. I had to eat fill out your Buffalo Bills pain of watching your players Lee that organization. It go great place for some high heels once they're on from mayor but I'm telling US Amy Watkins and achievements to your job. The former number one pick big big nights last night that 4139. Win or the only ray answer now to one. Hey it was still on watchable I'm sorry you know let's check ought to back gained. Highlights net and elegant he caught it let you had the app birthday party for your five year old Eddie also was you went up to eleven. I'm not watching that courtesy the blowout in the college game at South Florida temple which I just you know again. I have to note my feelings on the NFL I had just I've done it yet I've done with that Lee intently at garbage football like it was last like two garbage. Out and watch. Well. You know it was not much better with South Florida's big win over temple. In the down in Tampa but it just goes to show how tough it is to draw. On Thursday night Sam a football game in Tampa devices out for the college game ever approach amen in that same player forget the fact they think San Francisco. And nobody really showed up for that it's well price and compelling yet. College football programs across the country need to be paying attention to what's going on the NFL level. Seats were it is dark Jeep on the secondary market for last night's program huge blocks of in the sections. You know what you start looking at it. Prices at the concession stand prices of the tickets. Prices of hundred dollar parking at an LA chargers game. You know what the NFL's close the pricing himself batted every day human. Every day he had me and in just be in the corporation sick can afford it here you know Jordan's college football needs to be careful about that. What they should've watched I mean this is exactly what NASCAR did ten years ago. NASCAR priced there they're traditional fan base out of the sport by making everything so expensive. And I tell you what you know what I what I know about. The southern men and NASCAR fans yup someone's not coming back. Then they will not come back and I'm Sharon we're starting to give the impression that NFL. A college football are doing the exact same thing in making making the exact same mistake. While at the that's why the Atlanta Falcons are a little ahead of the game because they said forget it in that they're not holding their screens hostages the concessions into each year price why it's a good thing how to beat. I think they were somewhere in the fortified dollar range on the secondary market don't quote me on that but they were ridiculously low block can tell you right now look at what garbage football at Indianapolis on Sunday right now and I expect that ticket price to come late down from this I'm talking weight down. See the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts right now ones don't when he dollars did you wins some great exciting. Really NFL action between Cleveland Browns. Indianapolis Colts giving them under you know what the spread is or the over under but that has nine to three written Oliver like yeah I buffalo you know like. Homes can be underwater when it comes to a mortgage that stuff is this is about to be underwater like last night where parking pads more expensive and the deck ticket sales. Are right parking passes spotlight is well yes but aren't. Crown Royal Friday here from major did scale parting shot. 1548. Civic center boulevard just about a half a mile. Dale from the civic center remember where you to be given away appear tickets to the Clemson vs Boston College team and it and we got three interviews coming up a nice lineup today here in the next segment we talked eight CC with our Brent. Andrea Adelson from Also a 505 will talk southeastern. Conference. With the injury a super from SEC country then it's 635. Will close up with our final guest Teddy Allen he is the color analyst for the Louisiana Tech bulldogs who come in to Williams Brice stadium to more. Port 330 kick off again clubs of Boston College. Also at 330 so outside of that will take your phone calls and 844. To ESP ESPN because it's gonna be a big week in and you know even though price it's not the sexiest of lose schedules of the season so far. That's why I expect a little bit of chaos the more you know when you just when he this it meant that's when we're gonna see somebody go to jail it we're not expecting in. You you know we talked about Florida Kentucky Canadian net thirty year streak. I I was. I thought Jeep back segment know what all was going on in the country the last time my Kentucky beat Florida was really interest the earlier but. Like I said the most times when we go well not the greatest weaken a college football does the weekend's end up providing the most excitement. Yeah it now let's say right now that I think we're in for a fantastic week of college football aren't the reason why they didn't act. I don't think there's going to be a little bit chaos I think there's going to be a lot of things go down more could you look at that number. Well ranked teams that are going on the road they're not all gonna win. But I actually going to tell you right now on the you've got to Florida Kentucky got Washington going to Colorado in state Golan to Iowa. You've got Oklahoma going to Baylor is the game going through Purdue team that's playing good exciting football southern now going to now. You've got a lot of teams that are ranked in the top 45 right now that are hit the road. Eagle and somebody else's stadium all right I'm telling you right now we all know it all ranked teams are not going to win Pete we're gonna be upset the mark. The question is do I think we got a big time chaotic. We do other thing that C is you know here's the deal a lot of nonconference matchups here in the last three weeks and there's some teams that are sit near three and knows that people like are they for real now you get in the conference play will start to find out how it plays out. Whether it's at Vanderbilt hosting number one Alabama. Whether it's. Oh I don't know Kalish you mentioned hosting southern cal they are off three you know start so we'll see how that ends up shaken now but but yet what. It would decent hour talking about bay Indian Alabama yesterday we had these thoughts Mike Collins starts rationed meat because that's set up ball is going to be a close game. In the second half because everybody's sleeping on how good Vanderbilt as defensively now. I mean I've heard it's at NASA yesterday will Alabama even scored nineteen points gap think they will. But people think they'd go to Vanderbilt yeah you gotta get up a little bit to go play there I don't care how crowded it is you know the only fear what what it and Lindsey Graham. In this yeah 42 wanna packed stadium wheat in when they're sold out its skill. Pretty stare role compared to most any other way you're gonna go so. If that couple that with what they've done defensively. I tell you right now I think Alabama could be in for a dog fight there late in the third quarter may be in the or early in the fort political life. Will see again lots of interest in gains will talk about a hole but double. You're out. This three hours here on this Crown Royal Friday he would majors this major this scale. Here's Anderson the price will Papa John's pizzas that bags or troops and guess what you can get eighty. This of Crown Royal for just nineteen dollars in 99 suits you trust me. Trust me he beat that deal so 1999. Very fit. Crown Royal but when we come back. Where have some fun and local rail in the ACC we'll talk clips of Boston College also people are skip and not really paying attention. Today NC state Florida game. Airport at stake game this weekend as well market for an injury Adelson from She covers ACC. Of course you can give her a follow on Twitter at a Adelson. In that course you'll be with thus when we come back they'll be open phones for the rest of the 4 o'clock hour. Great up with sturtze would lie. On krill oil Friday and of course were always lied on ESPN upstate. Welcome back and it's a Crown Royal Friday it straight up with starts march Sturgis right sect it's that we're from major where it lied from major discount party shop here on civic center boulevard in Anderson. And of course we will be given up here of Clemson beat seat tickets away here at the into the show but the highlight me is Andrea Adelson are different from You giver a follow on to Twitter any Adelson ESPN and Andrea we'd maybe have a little contest with you guys in Central Florida about. Who's got hotter weather right now. Yeah I hear you guys there. What do the oldies over the air welcomed the buyout world. I practiced yesterday Allen already that you can see that's what white shirt I was kind of prepares so I feel your pain. Well lesson that wanna talk to you about that article that she just wrote it was fantastic about the state of Florida schools and how they get dealt with the effects of hurricane Irma. And at first about a UN air make it through the tickets make it to OK and yeah jobs I said yesterday when I look at this Florida State Miami of Florida season. As well as maybe the rest up until I can almost got to put it. Asterisk next that they're next to their record because it's just being chaotic here in this first month of the season. Yeah I'd really happen thanks for asking everybody Yankee years is fine how. It lead. Pat power lot repudiate and that the worst of it and I'll bet that we last considering action what somebody that people are dealing with especially those in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands right now. But it had been in a nomadic existence for. Miami. A first and foremost in Miami or they haven't played in 21 day but. Ordered state would be able to return to practice relatively quickly. My foot nine days off between practices became and they set their lawyers call they allowed the players to go where they felt they need to go. To write out the storm whether that was in the south where they have twenty or stay with Stanley Cup or not. They had other to let the state other to evacuate to Orlando with a group of a player and Mark Richt who was one of them and then there were so much they actually can't that they couldn't go back to me close to they practice the prior week. In Orlando and they're finally got back without orderly last night. And it's been a long time but wait for the team in their spirits are high catering just to get back there are obviously happy it. Everybody is eight and sounded there was no. Bad news in regard as family your players. I think that the big factor going to be why hasn't he got to look. With two weeks off playing at very high tempo Toledo team. In early afternoon in South Florida and when they're gonna have to rotate a bunch of players in it and keep guys hydrated Intel. Now it'll be interesting to see what might look like. Coming out tomorrow. Are dangerous price here it's great to have you back on it yeah it is a fantastic read in piece you did you know really chronicling. What so many of these programs in Florida went through and been affected by hurricane karma. Now one thing about what's really stink and they were obviously no right or really wrong way actions they'd handle the currency school. It decided to go a different direction are great today your. But it just shut down the road a little ways covered FAU baby to death he decides you know an FA yeah they decide they're going to upping get out of there. And it ain't no play that game at Wisconsin with the assurances from the Wisconsin. Athletic department that you can they needed each training tables. I was one of the things that really stood out in your article in just chronicling. What 88 affected Ole. How difficult this was brought. It was typical for teens it was typical pretty administrators to make these choices. Because you had concern parents calling and saying I want my child come home. And then you had a parents and that they use their athletic director don't worry during get my child out of there. I'll tell you are all of these competing. You pointed opinions about. To do what's the best thing to do for that they used security in the student athlete it administrators the coaches everybody on that. In my went one way. And that was to allow people to do what they've filled with bad sport that they had very emotional players change if you don't really need to go home. I nobody did their border my mom's house or my sister pastor at that point how and that really affected. The decision Mark Richt said. How you guys to listen to it I won't let them be with the belief that this doesn't make it to be at court I'll let it be with family. On the other hand at that you are there a collector curricula you get angry parent that. We did mark parent calling to her think they want it there. Their trial home but for the most part. We've been through that before we decided back to get out of arms way. It different there is they had world class facility at their disposal the content and it felt like it was Dubya okayed you rape her cops with gay candidate. They had hotel. They had a place to train it would all that training people all of that was different than I can't market paper the extra. I'm in Miami Kate going on the road to Arkansas State first of all he would being bad that they warning that saying Arkansas others are up. Space I get out for that happened and so what you're looking at oral get their. If we don't know what we're gonna get back. I don't really think that situations are comparable I don't think that they hatched that necessary assurances to be able to wait it out. Over there in the Arkansas that the area. And that you had a quick look continent or it that's why they went ahead and meet that vision and outlook as vote eight Easter in the and it gut or somebody else did we eat try to make it that you that was bad for. Our program our players and that's why everybody make different occasions. As we continue with the Andrea Adelson Give her a follow on Twitter a Adelson ESPN injury when you look across the leak this weekend probably the biggest gain. In less that your club's opinion it's at noon kickoff it's he stayed at Florida State. I mean it's Obama's been might edit delete the bowl practices Florida State spent on the filled. They're gonna do it with they knew quarterback contains Blackmon. That we know nothing about. Is this not feel like it's the State's got more than a punters chance of going into Tallahassee and winning tomorrow. If you ignore in state history. You know there there ability to read a lot of big games in the last year without or get a bit. Gigantic story line every time they go into looking like this they should be we'll debate last year how well a little clip that you should. So I. Think NC state has played great in the so far quite honestly. It would they were at the warning letter opener against South Carolina should or eaten and then and there are other Q you played at yet seen it like Marshall were really. Dominates on the defense of wine and that big a surprise to the F that he was really going to have an opportunity to. Really set the tone with that line element or into that but you know they had the injury that they are with. The city might you go back to their top quarterbacks should help but. You know I viewed it as well it'll brocade and it has not played well well pat in her years. Now they don't know what they're going to be getting out of James black men and I don't think that that this team and states. A panel the type of rhythm that may be expected they would have a point in the season. The wave that they witnessed game is that it is that the that the line that was saint. Out but the one reports state still at about average. They're that you really impose their will out and bluster but true freshman quarterback making his first start. No I think his game plan that states can't. I continue to think Andrea Adelson college football writer covers the ACC to never follow on Twitter at a Adelson ESP yen. A lot of not out of conference games at this week in the ACC. But Miami like Florida State. They're going to be getting back action after 21 days you spent time around Mark Richt and his program. You know this week it. In the last couple weeks with everything that's gone on. Everybody's talked about what four score that state is maybe an upset special outlook at this Toledo Miami game injury and it taught me out of it. Toledo story you know they beat a decent Tulsa team. You know coming in this thing is Miami now has played three weeks give me the lowdown on the same because I think this is what it's going to be closer than anybody thinks. Well I don't really don't think that that the team that Miami wants to come back again after 21 big layoffs let's just put it that way. They have no idea what their conditioning level is going to be 330 on Saturday temperatures expected to be right around I agree you. And they haven't played in three weeks and let also mention that. Toledo at one of the more high powered offenses in the country Africa company in the ninth that he picked played for something like that. And they've got a very underrated quarterback and look at what side. I think we hit the Indy and be at it there so if any is not able to. Push the pocket with that deep but the line. Then I think there could be some issues. In this game at Utah if you talk to their B at the core intermediate to tell you got basically it's poorly. Again the end caught many easily won that game but it looked like a dominant performance that they or hoping to get in. I think they're ranked like hundred and that it'd be that there are big and see what's. Just let you go back they get the type that. That were really at the scary but the early on making on drives that but you could hatch so shall any. And now. The first game may have back in Antioch and elect a pro ball around a lot and the like high tempo. And not get a lot of breaks in so. I think it's going to be. A challenge I really do I think it can be account at at Miami but apparently at. I want to cry Alito you know put some points on the board made it competitive game. Injury at this ticket North Carolina that's easily a season ending game they've moved for whatever reason up in the September. North Carolina bit a little bit disappointing but I would think people you some of the struggle was comic. It's been one of the surprise teams to meet at three you know. If you can go into North Carolina and win do they become a legitimate contender with Virginia Tech and Miami in the coastal. You know what the big question and I think what you deserve to be ranked this week after Katrina start. So quickly that they played it want its eye on expecting you know Baylor down but they have the to power I eat pork buster out you know is an at bat and Baylor. But I think that BP. North Carolina they will definitely be ranked in the corporate battle be shocked if they're not that they got by Indy next week and and that to me is going to be. The big. Key if they can get past North Carolina I think that they had an opportunity potentially. But I don't think that mine at Virginia Tech. Particularly talented team. On this side of the division and now it's not possible we'd seen duke obviously. Now we have coast television before and I think they've got that quarterback. Right now on that side of it I think he's playing. The best that anybody including Josh Jackson urging attack keep our experienced guy on that side of it I thought that big your you know what happened opportunity. To have a really good year so not surprised that you can start out like that but. Died last year that the in our calendar play ethnic ethnic this game wrong every year because the pin and wind. Last year utopia. And it cleared or are our lab will be set up. I'm not really quite sure. That that that and so on you when you. I would be surprised that more Carolina won it but if they. Stick with quarterback that's are there other game he played much better than bring it here at the way to go earlier work or. All right last one Adrian for let's go I'm kind of curious your impressions so far Virginia Tech and Hokies up to number thirteen in the rankings. Three you know right now they get obviously deny the exciting win over West Virginia in the season opener but if you play couple nobody's in Delaware at east Carolina last couple weeks. What are your thoughts on Virginia Tech better than advertised it what we thought of it it is up what they coached team that we know that guy can flat out coach. He can't and honestly I think it that is obvious the first. You game that he's been under a lot of question mark. And meet you get into you know what you're so much about what I thought out as. What you got I got number like ample and and dot activity and they've gotten. Some production out of their run game more than last year with their actual running backs. A quarter. But I think that's the highlight prevent the fact that they've been able to a lion a couple different guys. Back there Saturday at defense simply. Whether top court that they now and it definitely but. What we've seen. Maybe. The consistency. At a boxer would like to Fiat and defense just yet but certainly they've got all the hallmarks. To be able to make that happen so. It will get ahead to next week I think it's going to be a terrific game. It can beat it wanna support speaking of the going to be that you cap that well on the kettle black Kenyan court bench. And we saw what happened last year EC championship game do you tackle with a couple of critical way. Maybe pulling an upset. They didn't get off to that terrible start think by different. So I really think it. Just simply date at a what the heck he's doing on offense and they've got a talented quarterbacks to note we do at the front bit the way that they need to be run he doesn't make court decision. And what you gotta playmaker like Kampala that you are and it makes things a whole year you'd be able to get things done technique begun sell out there I've been extremely crack a lacking at that point. We'll listen Adrian the only thing better than Crown Royal Friday hear it straight up was Sturgis start you off is our our first guest in that banks enjoy the weekend tell our listeners you'll quickly what you're working on to get in third. You know you guys are so sweet thanks for having me get out yet intelligent property and they seem really excite you look up. Seeking blackness may play perfect get your right that you don't need back into the open I have no idea what the young and a look like six Ers app. Tomorrow the Bible on our time in Alabama. IE I expect to have a full court reports state. Next week. All right well let's and I have a good week it will check in with you see pinky for everything all right let's get out the break we'll have opened phones for the rest of this hour. And then at 505 we'll start talking SEC with the drew racing per. And SEC country and 635. Teddy Allen the color analyst for the Louisiana Tech bulldogs remember. They're playing in Colombia against the gamecocks Tamar. Welcome back and Crown Royal Friday were lied for major to scale party shot 154 A civic center boulevard remember we're gonna get away appeared tickets to the clubs of Boston College game. It Grail royal will have special promotions going on all day for your game day needs. You come by have a special tasting of the Crown Royal regal apple or the Crown Royal Vanilla. Just remember they're ready for kickoff and it's the best call on game days that matter fact prices soared to be at nineteen dollars and 99 cents 45. A program rodeo here but it's another big football weekend out of watts tells in college football that would blow command. Agency does don't. It's Grail boy Friday we win. He I don't want local consortium on what he wants you to lock on. So the nominee Clinton again tomorrow and beat and he got the old. These schools do you got to shut off well says. And I could count the Dayton program. They keep Galvin diesel elect Jason that would Parse that statement wake farce out there and been which has taken. I'm calling wins the good guys oh win for the Hoosier daddies and not the you got a flat tires or call your daddy's. All right I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that a team that features black and gold in the uniformed schemes gonna win that game price that you like that call right there. I'd date losses the deacons because I think this is a team that is. Continually. It now has to hurt the quarter under a loss now does that mean to compete at the AC it clearly does not. But I don't think this is your mama's push weight or team they'd been the last season. I ain't gonna go close. I I. But did not agree with yak highlight this weight or Steve's playing pretty well however I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see. At state pool. The pull the upset if you will but. I. Good football game ours I expect expectations for clubs and and and South Carolina for Clemson they win now whether it's is impressive and everything else is some people are wanting what they're 38 point favorite somewhere. In that realm I don't know because they got to get back up again next week. Four that that trip to Virginia Tech. I just got the feeling that the last two games in Boston. ABC's been outscored about wait force Notre Dame to locate programs but it didn't have like eighty to thirty. Are they really got to come in here give Clemson much problems if they do is that a cause for concern we will find out South Carolina. You just got to win the gate Louisiana tech's coming in here. They want their shot they want yeah they're mobile up a little bit more emotionally based off of some Skip Holtz comments about how the yet transition. From its debt to skip was supposed to take place but perhaps by no fault in the hiring Steve Spurrier peeking get him ever Skip Holtz but you know his players couldn't come in and play tough south Carolina's got to find a way. To get the wing get the 31 get the warm Fuzzy feelings back. I think when it comes to clocks and tomorrow I I do agree that an eclipse is gonna win. A lot to a little question what I do you think it could be a little bit sluggish effort because like you said. You put this game a team that you should boat raced up and on the field. You know every single quarter every possession Boston College is not very conducting their struggling somewhat the tempo. But more importantly defensively they just they are not as good as what they had been and Steven Dotson last couple years it. I think the Clinton will be a little bit sluggish for that set and I think they're gonna win. Handily but I don't think it's gonna be that sharp crisp effort that we've seen the last couple weeks. When you consider getting up for global last week in the you're gonna have to do it again. In a game at lane stadium next Saturday night they got to get through this were first up Michael coach speak here but that's gonna that is a game on the clots and schedule. It is so that was the least talked about pre season it's gonna start being talked about it's here's what. That is off the job tomorrow about 7 o'clock in Death Valley because that is a dangerous game the Clinton better damn well be ready for a they won't get the watch. All right the other thing that I like to see South Carolina and I don't care about ruffles feathers here on loan and ended. Jay Bentley is now flopped three times in about eight teams have starting at South Carolina may be nine games. Quit doing that concentrate on leading your football team concentrate on being the quarterback South Carolina. The key is you know what you can and that at first I thought maybe got posed against Kentucky last week you go back and look at the video you get cuts the just went Dail mail. Cuts must gain does that fit yes JC he's just competitive he's trying to get a fifteen yard penalty. I don't have yet she's with that it that was a dot makers genre although line here is my point being concentrate on being the sophomore quarterback it we all that you are which is one of the best in the Southeastern Conference in quit they went stuff like that. I'd be happy because I technically it's the uber talented. Unfortunately this is a little bit at the Bentley mainly he will rubbing off on them. But it can't concentrate audience opulence quarterback and don't be trying to pick up fifteen yards flopping. I said I believe that he's better than. Price Elliott Zain when you watch it on bit of talent yet and even the Italian national soccer team. I don't think that it given a performance that worthy because the Italians are about as bad a flop pursuits you confide in the world. That said when you're looking for South Carolina what they're gonna do or what they need to do I'll look at it that often supplied to take control. After they were manhandled out from a Kentucky last week. To be able to may end up in Roland the football at Louisiana checked it to keep the chains in the clock moving because. Now that you got to shorten the game but you gotta get some first downs when you're able to line up it run the football that's something they could not do. I don't know that's recount battle that I shall we have is gonna get his shot because he has been effective broader when he played this year. South Carolina has got to mean not that run the football in Skip Holtz full ball. I yes exactly day EE I still have a hard time understanding now. Your leading rusher in the second half basically you're leading rusher for the season. Add it Missouri doesn't get eight year. Last week I think you know when that said. You know some of the injuries in the last 24 hours you hear a south Carolina's act may lead you know it tackle front. He's not playing he's out. And then you look on the defense side the ball word got a Sawyer Bryce now it Woody Allen Williams are both game time decisions. You know upstart go get a little bit nervous about the South Carolina fans and how much on the strike fear where that need to be struck. I'm just saying that I was at people little bit worried after what I saw last week without any kind of fight. And you know to come home it's no it's not going to be that kind of atmosphere that was there kicked off last week. I'm note they got me to do their part but still you look at some injuries now. And haven't began life without the boat got it to me outs said it repeatedly he is the part of soul of that team. I don't care what position he plays going to be interesting no doubt I. All right what have segment opened bones at the top of the hour we're gonna talk SEC football with the enter a super from SEC country. But 844 G as being ESPN. We are lied for major to scale party store. Our civic center boulevard in Anderson come check us out. I'd welcome back cared to major scale party shot it's a Crown Royal Friday why do you need to come by forget CE price and I. Forget CNA until it's that lovely page from 933. The planet. She's gave away eight air of Rob Zombie tickets to a father son combos but I still play and I decide I could see the grand come across diesel space when a father son combos comes by here to win a premiere of Rob Zombie tickets the site. That's what these. That's what I'd do with my son baby I'm pretty sure I've been to see Rob Zombie with my dad before so yeah. How I act. He says he's pretty sure he's done this before so. Again and I were having some fun here price get ready for this at this weekend's action clubs and hosting Boston College in ACC action of course we've developed South Carolina. They're playing. Louisiana Tech here a couple of other gains in the ACC. First about begins tonight Virginia's pat Boyce. Is he likely more than three or four times on Saturday anymore did I don't know it mean that you look at their schedule littered with. Thursday and Friday night gains I'll tell you about away Clive brought that are. It's you watching that game last week that Thursday night game boys. That I've got Mexico voices for ya always two campuses I've got to go to what's the upper Boise is a number one off some. Cooled growing town. I want Agassi are they are your other job listening in to us via the ESPN upstate app but it's I heard you win a conference call on the way down here more or less volunteering to go out died for something out that was something in the other part of the state box yet they still if you don't go on sports you've got to go out there you guys will kill a couple of birds who once that in this my points are always looking out for you price tag in don't think I'm not units into whopper she hated you know use much you make fun color Russian. You know you hate the blue turf you know I don't hate the pollute our at all what you'll you'll feel I hate. When Easter watch is that actual written you talked about that at worst last one get that stuff last night at Richfield Easter Washington. You can cobble some more publicly ED by that while that take place that should be shot and it is here. But apparently that places out EW's up the middle of nowhere buys so that's what I want with out especially kids covered it is no amount of time to also written in the bars Lamar Jackson gets back in the Heisman race I'm sure with about a ten touchdown performance it gives can hit you and why. It's a vice gonna have to pay for that beat dale that mobile but on got put on back lots of last week this week it's yeah it says Bob. Let mr. note all. Intimidate Boise plate next to last Thursday the plane prodding that he deviated 98 odious in two. They play next Friday night at in Provo against BYU that it's an yes Ian kick off. That those are their only three on Saturday night games of the year and a route back to back the bats cut. It trustees see its picture right yeah speaking of Provo. Do real quick notes before we get out to break now want. How that Wisconsin fans tried there's two bars serve alcohol I guess in Provo Wisconsin was out there this past week. It dared to they're fans was during the two hours at a beer. Happy to report they were unsuccessful in doing it immediately it was pretty close to actually at me. The number ten figures. I never realized that these are not that the beat diesel hit me up with this vote yesterday about that BYU is now gonna allow the cell carbonated drinks in the air act concession stands. How the world the Abbott Jack can cut out there at a football game if you get a Coca-Cola. Be a pretty citizens' academy bottle it jacked. But there are her Crown Royal butt beat a lot more difficult to sneak in a two liter 32 oil stroke. Really it's. It taught clearly if we ever had put stern John Monica and he would fail immediately. We'll wait we talk about this after you left yesterday this to anybody any good at half ass out of apple today. It Lavelle Edwards stadium. I looked on a map albums posit that. That question I got a ground against our zone did they not. You're right they must've served non caffeinated if they serve soft drinks and all of those been non caffeinated. Yeah I guess you could have Coca capping for eco after inquiry by. At this. Interstate you know what we need need people in this state into start changing you start to change your policy to. I will take this quickly you know different direction as we only have a a couple quick minutes. Speaking of BYU again we will stay at Provo. That last week in and I was we keep going to coach in buffalo on the phone right now to confirm this bit of information but. Packers game up a little bit taken at the Naval Academy is the only. Head coach division one football has been so on not just one and sons playing division one football. Both his sons one plays at BYU at the other place. At Utah he had never he had not seen a college football game is a spectator slash span since I think it was 1990. Is what I read a lack market for bill Wagner or from an apples capitol this morning. So is everything that stars align for coach in buffalo his wife Barbara and his daughter who's. Flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines animal Wahoo they were all able to get to Pro Bowl last weekend. But it just get the probe though they also got the Salt Lake City because they saw BYU and their. Their first son play at 130. And then they want to make the drive up the Salt Lake for the night team. They got to see their other son play in one of the suns had even played that you're the one place for BYU had not seen action in the game he played special teams they got vote the sun delight. On the same day. Last week and he jokingly said. He said just like what's up with all this traffic and she said honey you're tissues to get the police escort into the stadium every week it's like this every week. Nokia Nokia there are they are still will never be. A much more fun that media bus trip you weren't on news stories tonight at Orange Bowl from. The first when it gets I've stay out of Italy we did one or Oklahoma Russell. Spree cores the best whenever was again so I've state. In the arts ball all right here's the deal when we come back. In Gervais over from SEC country's gonna join us and we're gonna talk SEC football with him. That will have opened phones for the rest of the hour you can get in will top college will top pro we got a little bit golf to talk about. As well. Is they are playing the courts EP chip they on the east lake in Atlanta but that's not the story actually tackles Roy in some comments. He made earlier today this is straight up with start it's a Crown Royal Friday were lied for major this scale party shot. Right here on civic center boulevard in Anderson remember. We're giving away a pair of tickets to the clips of pulsing college game at 650.