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Thursday, August 16th

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All right welcome back in we relied final hour here at smoke at home the water. To quit golf. Things now what. A Payer. Are the twin Brothers from bubbling springs they were in the US amateur and the other two year's mark Sinatra for. Trevor Phillips Tripp Phillips. They're they're both Boiling Springs alarms on Trevor actually played he's the he's twenty. He has soft war thriller was notably program at Georgia he played every turn for the bulldogs last year for a second stroke average. It is younger brother trip will be joining him a couple of weeks. On the Georgia golf team but. Both of them were able to advance to match play the US amateur Pebble Beach. In guarding me through the round 64 but both were limited a decade and around 32 so so they're both done but a great experience and ironically stern got a share that story about. 63 of the 64 slots that's when ironically just wrote with the Philips Brothers that forever rushed to obviously retained its spot starting lineup no. Trent already nearing break into the starting lineup. Who knows but they are there out there Pebble Beach actually at the moment. A girlfriend with the river and younger Brothers and it was a fairly fair. The bill come home August 31 Georgia pulled out some of the golf season not. The horrible cup at Pebble Beach golf links don't. There live the life start to get right back here and play another golf tournament at pebble in a few weeks a year mentioning six top 64 made it so what do you guys bogey the final hole rights argue that they played that the US sailor that the two rounds of strictly two rounds 36 holes stroke play top 64 minutes for the brackets for match play portion. And so they come out the last two golfers on the golf course the last two out there there's 65 guys. At plus three. Or or better or lower. So if both guys you know par that hole that you could have like you know it's just a small playoff for the final spot. Instead both guys boat so all of us at plus three or 63 now. At three or better all the so they can all breathe easy they're in the the other two guys drop back into form B 24. Being played off for the 64 and final spot. Which south that you couldn't get crazier. Well they they played the par 317. Out there for the first playoff hole two guys candidates do you feel liberated twenties in the 24. On the very first playoff hole. And it wasn't already strange enough. They collect the eighteen the par five that that no mono a mono and one guy wins it to experience with the bogeys the other guy doubles the yachts second playoff also separate. Well yeah let me finish that. So think of and I'm doing the man I bet they probably didn't threesome all right so there's eight groups of when he you know that basically what let me make strides in my element eight. They but take time series 24 I think they did like every five minutes so I don't know the draw a perfect route out of and I couldn't reach that far into it. But when you looked at that I was trying to follow it to an electronic business. They could take it day in Athens plus yeah I think they used to mr. to click through a lot of wondering what explorer. Eighteen and they said OK number one tees off the air at 7 o'clock in. You don't know if the circuits like your tee off at 706 and they just didn't as far as I can ask it to what what would have been fifteen that you were at four they would have gone on and on it right in comebacks are my point six foursome and that's pretty pretty all right Roca could be. When last I. It's but it's we said tiger had a good tournament last Sunday at wrapping up the PGA championship and finishing second. Golf's a funny game it's Evan blow yet sometimes you play well other times you don't you know. When you get hot you go on like Iverson three week and where you played really really well that tiger obviously did not play well brits now. What turned out on the final day. Talking about that guy you know we're talk about why I don't like the Little League World Series army yet maybe it's it's up haven't dealt with that guy. Even tiger has to deal with that guy from time to time. Turned out he had a heckler in the in that rail. In apparently started get a little bit Earth's. So what. His caddie. Said he walked over. And yes that guy tiger's caddie Joseph look ABBA. It's I want aggressive hey listen but what do I got it DD QQ adding here. Every once having a good time every once you pull up for tiger if you don't like the guy that's one thing. We don't need to be yelling at my guy to screen in the common negative stuff. The he keeps on going on so he probably lots that so many is that you ask him what his name is he gets a look there's about it gets. What I gotta do to get to that Lee. It's giving the two when he Bob bucks. That a paper this bad for the day in the it's a bite out of the picture of tiger's caddie. Actually ended Everett twenty and up by. What course that guy that's not good enough he watts like twenty yards away. And he starts yelling more stop it at that point tiger's caddie Joseph Cobb a he quit they can confront the guy motto we mono means that me and it fortunately the police got involved in comic book giveaway he could hit all the sudden Alec ever. My shoulder there's tigers well he won it in the fairway that David. He Tuesday was somewhere off he hit the show up with it's the party this week to figure out what. So that's probably 25 bucks wealth I mean what would you do with that 25 bucks that you got from tiger cats right now for. You know please don't let this guy probably gonna go order a couple of yep I dollar pizzas or something like that it's not yet had it back to the beleaguered Eagles let it cleaners. That you beat the knicks vodka blogs moderately hurt right seasonal right diesel. Three pay you back there. It's but I thought you hit the nail all the way to what would happen with tigers caddie about a decade fourteen EST yeah that's. Account and a brawl right there of the courts went into what we're tickets believe it would have been like how you want to. You wanna leave. One black guys. Do black guys standing up. Early dale either way it's not unilaterally and this. Speaking live with an enforcer of you know or. I wonder if ties smoke on the water what. Gray has got a pretty get happy hour that would be pretty good they've become an advocate that heckled me get 25 bucks out of habit that. Along along the way no doubt about it all right so. Anyway that was upon it yes it was three years ago today you see the Little League World Series appear on the television. At Williamsport of course the Wyndham championship. On the other TVs where we saw history made today with the 59 but. Speak and history. Unwritten baseball rules do you like this stuff for not there historical but the one thing. I don't know where to go download the actual real will rule book of unwritten baseball rules. In number to do they evolve over the course a time like society needs to. I don't disagree or not you know there was this many of getting reaching I didn't know there was a like I thought there's a day like winning right. Apparently there's hundreds and now there's an unwritten rule book but I thought they would I don't disagree with although I think some of them. You're probably don't wanna do wanted to be feed the hungry you know two additional U it's. Every sport has received the baseball has been up on sports. Like no other sport every sport has their things you don't do in and into the little notes on the rule book but the baseball to see that and so. All right so yeah look I want to get through a couple of this first of all the one I agree wet. Don't talk about a no hitter improper and I'm all for that all right because it's and as I say something. I'll pay him outlook stood today they fumbled three drives in Iraq. All right it hurt things of that nature either way we can't confirm Ronald Acuna is going to be in the lineup Friday night for the Atlanta great to get the Colorado Rockies. By a final four game set up this Wednesday the health of announcing game crises are Sturges steps to the free throw line he's gonna streak of 88 they wrote on the next point. Excellence coming off the written yet so I can buy that we're now. So what I have a job. In it pits a blow out in a baseball game that's when you start getting some of the bench players didn't correct. You know baseball's a little different you know the U mass substitutions or this it's at a player here player a plate there. Yet situationally if you will. What if I get my. Opportunity. Mean you're not doing your job watching and I still a base. I'm torn in this sort of a dual with just two points here don't still basement greatly heads don't still may secretly behind. You tend to eat. And I hit a single I'm totally innocent which is kinda it's the program by a mop. But it's like going. You know it's a little kick in are may have to look at it but if I'm down eleven nothing and it's that it's the seventh that I get a new efforts for awhile which is do you because. Need all the base runner to get to for the strategic standpoint. It's dumb but that is the UST of the first base what's gonna play off you take its. Also what's one thing times that we needed your professional player you decent stats. So that's why I always say yeah they're maybe a little wiggle room when it comes to that when I don't still flirt with two outs. That that's more practicality and not a unwritten rule correct. I would think so I didn't know that was an unwritten rule drivers that that that that the law of averages at the numbers but no it appeared here. Way up way behind tight game. You're shortly to ask us is that the fact the most times it appears that not second somebody has a single you're gonna so scored like to get like guys I guess that's what they base it on what is it. Here's a little confused at is an unwritten rules it's been it's an unwritten rule as far as what the manager would do or to an unwritten rule the way air. You know your your insulting the other team if you try to steal third a throw a little confused on. On what exactly these unwritten rules what that you'd kind of what they're looking where we're going after. All right what do you won't we'll open up the phone line to date for court to ESP edu your unwritten rules because a couple the next one actually. Not affect what took place last night. At suntrust parked it he will again Ronald vignette he it's an LT will be in the lineup tonight police police don't go on about it over 103 year. Because if that happens it necks out at the great have a four game set in buying mile. If Acuna like cool flopping goes real via cold eight games and now hammering whatever. Next year whether or Rainier it's with the Marlins are not there will be picked works. In buyers and everything else waiting outside the Marlins team hotel although. Right they'll find out what triple or double ATVs we've sturgeon itself up it's they were gonna travel there is ordering a road trip we're going to find this. Yep I asked nick looked just a bit about singer violent it's just a bit of a comfortable. A lesson that CP can't get him charge up into the stains in these out and stated we don't have it I think we got you so worried. Here could end up looking like the fool. Would know this is said and done our right to. Again we're light years smoke on the water here and dale tampering bowl great happy hour going on. Course that's Monday through Saturday from four to 7 PM. Two again but minds are open 844 GS PE SPN you can give us the call will continue going through these unwritten rules also. Could you be my outlook going go on the record DB by three Heisman. Votes that you uploading more as we head into the season remember. It's not where you begin it's where you end. But Twitter timeline is correct. And I'm not a hotter presented this is actually the Major League Baseball would be dispute with this quick six game suspension. Are you rein in it now that was on 12 week. That would be no Jose resign in May will receive a six game suspension. That is complete and total garbage about Major League Baseball why he would juggle your rotation correctly he got really miss a start there. That you know what he do you dig. What what is a penalty they are to stop somebody from doing this next nine point. There is not that's very active I keep saying I have to shock that they'll legislate. Collisions at all play second base out of the game but they're not legislate the bean ball out of the game and at night and again I don't goes Dylan probably had sturgeon mentioned earlier. I don't know as far as the guidelines go because there is that there's no appropriate that's residents and you can't just label loans that are the blue with a forty game suspension and let's say. Start setting up some new way to say we're to have a handle of two and three the turban with a they vote. And they we vote that we think the sky being given potentially it's a forty game. Right now I will say this much now yeah last night when I did not feel satisfied with the great response. What's I've woken up this morning and emotions were god knows yet more tempered by the fact that. Bobcat eyes are suspended by gains after this evolved into about three brawls. After seeing a six game suspension. Now wish we'd had some guys. One right ear hole. Rightly or you Beisel got it back last night elf or maybe not even that though when it somebody. What about there's a double play ball and of course I was at dinner for my wife's birthday adding to see every play. Of the ballgame like we go to the second baseman or the shortstop trying to turn a double play. And make their life a living hell. You know enemy you always have to hit somebody retaliation. When it comes to get even with them. That's reportedly could be a hard slide in the first place you're trying to make their point total garbage because now. He's got the right up until that delta three. I don't think he'll be noted that they can take the but it's it's essentially a one games this that's garbage that's Major League Baseball garbage in my opinion because we're talking about the unwritten rules of baseball. If not pitcher that teammate he wanted Ayers. Brace for it last night maybe that's not the case how will also pay. First the ball had snicker at not gotten if Bobby Cox it in the can go to the Braves we missing world war three points last night Walt Weiss. It's a nice guy. Out bikini but yet played shortstop for the aids and now he's a nice guy maybe that's not his nature but. Now I say after a six game suspension absolutely he should drove one of their teammates last night well it. And that they're there they were asking for they're asking for the skirts of what's gonna happens or just some guy. Let's let's say that picture comes up the next time it's that you that faced the Braves again he comes up. And he takes he takes the it's and and 95 mile an hour fastball off on the first pitch off the eye socket. Shatters eye socket and ends his career. Then maybe it's from its critics like that we you you're you're 99% sure it's a retaliation. The pitch gets away that they're trying to draw the gun in the back somewhat spoiled in the get hurt don't think that's that's what they're a lot you know not lives at risk careers at risk. It's certainly what the face of a hundred mile an hour fastball going to that their helmets are better now to ear flaps and more protected because it beamed all the time and they're covered in the comeback from a bit. I don't understand that it's gonna take an injury for baseball to to try to put an end this you know agents all long tradition don't it. Meyer who run I think that depends under the circumstance. Hit that last week have won the rarest feats in baseball history it walk off Grand Slam. That was pure excitement. That was not showing up the other team that what's an admiring his own right it was a guided mails back and forth between AAA Majorly in the major leagues. Having a moment right it what about showing up the other team that's guard I'd I'd buy that at high yet don't sit there. But you can show emotion when you've done something really really well in the NFL what they now what they allow you did it daylight to spike the ball. Would you have a touch dale. He can admire them right don't just sit there and beat Jack ass about it. The other thing I think suit if you get a W hit all the disparate corners offense in the fourth inning of a 11 game and you know what the bat flip and all that. If you if you will I hate to use judges say an example or stare into Yankee news. To me too if you hit 1540. Feet just the ball on the EU have every right to sit here. Kind of slowly walk you watch every lesson that while while the parks this thing to do idol your picture and get Natalie wants. That was just a normal already gave up there you gave are on the that needs to be admired by the guys. Who's in work I did not know this was an unwritten rule of baseball don't step on the pitchers man I didn't know that. I. That gently guys for a second running back toward the dugout that the Iran. I don't know which Yankee ritzy curriculum and teachers aides and it was AC yankees Dallas Braden who by the way Natalie in the Howell the head baseball coach at north greatly university former game cut. Taught Dallas Braden snorted yeah. A perfect game at that note that was an ogre yeah he was name that was in the major league baseball hall thing for a little while woods captors are answerable to god and I knew that that's a no no part of that is. I think it's mostly respect that it's also the those pictures that particularly liked to have kind of everything that we they want written and it and that's that's terror in his territory. There's audio room vehicle around them. I'm sorry I'm not paying attention geeky it now that I walk the the what. Now. All right. Played for the win on the road in the yet I hung out like that you play to win the games Lou but I get it you get more friendly males is at home. Number to do with the main thing be it it did he get it back last. Rice to riches to Pennsylvania and matchups you. Are you the better team you know I think is that so many factors in the lead is that like your own record and get an unwritten rules is more of the of the players policing themselves and I always think of the unwritten rules. Here's one that was I agree wit. Most of the time don't want to break up but no better. All right however it's one nothing in there not paying attention. I'm but not try to get on base in any way possible outs that help my team win that ball game now it's not not that this is seventh inning. Don't be a go up there and trying to swing but I agree I agree with a 100% across the border are right take a strike when behind. Time I don't know I think to be too out there and if you. If this guys grew if if the scouting report and hammer what you've seen it's he's all days we get heavy hitters. In the eighties group there's try to get Eddie eagle fastballs coming and I never agree with that I think if you see your picture you take a while. The pitchers that are pulled from the game must stay in the dugout. That might not always be a good thing because of pitcher might not agree opinion poll or he was so bad he he beat this beat again it's our. They get it that's it that's it who even knows he's in the dugout tonight it's like you except for his teammates got a I don't put credence that let the center fielder hit the ball if you keep. Talking about yeah it's always this that are builders at all. So because if he's come a lot further than the I mean I. But the guy and still what they're saying Mickey's. Usually you're center fielder your best fielders part of that second Li usually that the key is that the best angle that they're obviously they're talking about a ball in the gap here right. Now I don't know it mean to see you never know he would have an all star right fielder rookie playing center field. Relievers go easy on other relievers. When their baton blow. It now. Don't have a power hitter on whether this situation Brooke called war. It that one time that you got to get a guy over you know what I mean don't have the power hitter bond. Generally it's in no known I think it probably. Wouldn't off the picture here your best guys out and the list worth it. You got runners at first sector yet another couple meters behind him and a lot of our guys or are borders with youngsters are right final two on this let's don't go against the percentages there's a lot of truth in that sometimes by. It fits right. You know like he said third steps up the line makes 88 in Iran. Probably got to get money right then that's what he's gonna miss yes it that far in the history sooner or later it's gonna come to an end. Right in and we see it kind of wacky some time threat it was a total Russo notorious. A great tenor for USC a little bit Vista where. It was all about you might have a guy that came in. He's five batters in five batters out in Olympic break we get the lefty final yet as you take about so it's it's just I I like managers at the trying to you don't hear the looking more by the guts. You take what's given to you as far as numbers and things you don't want to do anything stupid but. So these things were that that the every every other pitcher and batter if that guy isn't it group they let him throw in the Major League victories in major college B. You pay you get the guy out let him do his break in exactly all right let's get thrown Atlantans that if we but if we have hit on any in years ago and they start to what about this 1844. GE SP ESPN remember. Tomorrow is the last day of our pre cast stats contest brought you by Carolina coaches. Twelve times today week about a keyword you can text in the 72881. This six. LA in the millennium. Probably the greatest things ever that the pilgrims all in their lifetime with Julian when they got up this for the address after about. Our butts out there you get to excited the 7288 want to borrow the final time remember they'll started sixth in the 6 AM hour. It will end in the 6 PM hour and of course we'll do it again. But for the year is out don't forget you can follow your point on Twitter. Eric K point me at certain sports diesel diesel on radio. And of course at ESPN up state our FaceBook paid to make sure. If you wanna take his witness on the road this football season it's come about to open the radio dot com apt to your development. Just search ESPN up state can save this paper just like you do on your laptop per. You know BS the area on your card but you can hear is anywhere. It is actually pretty cool so again at 6 PM keyword its way and we will come back we will give our three. Front runners it he will if if I had been a lot of those right now for the Heisman Trophy how would it that go. We'll talk about that we come back in again we'll take you been called world. You edit things are cynical call it light and just like sports things gimme cyclical you know I go back to sage. Yeah and mid ninety's. You've had eight favor Heisman Trophy up front runner every year and he had a really screw up not the winner you know and I mean here recently. We've seen guys you know blow out like that Johnny mintel you know and I mean it's not the case is it always is but. I didn't think there are a couple of guys there might be favored to right now but. The question is is a it's going to be the year the running back or the year the quarterback I'm sorry that that defense of linemen linebacker. Defense that back any value on those lines I think it's gonna give them on the race. So most years is the best quarterback that Johnny Unitas award. However the app running game has reemerged here in the last spiked to seven years when it comes to the Heisman Trophy. And president every its remembers that we've we've seen that he would kind of translate over to the NFL as well Sterger. You're running back was becoming a forgotten positioning doughnut or your ticker running back the first round and Agassi and Zeke Elliott's smothered guys that are particular I got sick on Barkley obviously now it seems to come back at the forefront. I'm. Look at the list here. I know the remote corner high powered offenses and all that it's different bachelors I like the running back class issue more than quarterbacks is gonna let me that it. But the bright television clear and began if you wanna get a on this are on each relentless our borders I guess in your favor of the bright slowed as the clear cut favorite I don't think it's close having. He kind of had its hands on the award last year. Are we right plays and a great system out there. Part of what Hertzberg tickets to the West Coast bias you know he played so late night that maybe a lot of the voters or even just general public just garner. Some of the bus but speech he comes in at the front runners the buzz is there. And uncle's surprise seeking back to school it's in the guy that won at his degree he's got higher academic. You know aspirations so lac. In fact under these are called to stay when he did show where is media day instead was in class are yet to test you for owners and he tennis taught was a guy that. Fired away at him from CBS to be part of sites and chances but we brightly let geysers reject it I. I would normally agree with you because he always had 2000 yards rushing again he came back papers the new year but. I'm not sure the guys around him. Art is good it's what Jonathan Taylor as at Wisconsin. All five offensive linemen coming back he had a big year last year's well. Says he used by sector due respect guy after blunt guy says. Again I got Jonathan Taylor's favor because a person Bob like Paul Chris in her being a couple times that when he was it the whole one year but it. We can't. By veteran offensive linemen they're gonna be able to cut some holes for Jonathan Taylor he should be able to take the main job. All right number two on my list I'll go first all right. I've got will career the quarterback from West Virginia why what's the one thing that we know about the big twelve. Other gonna throw for turning artist or an opponent's points and he's probably. In which he said it's not a great quarterback class that we know up right now. He may be the best plus he has held a weapon out there with pay its bills at wide receiver. I kind of wait for Oklahoma about talking to go 84 bit maybe back off the ten and two were nine in thirty this year because. Tyler Murray. Yeah he says he wants to play baseball air play football but you only use the number seven draft pick in the Major League Baseball draft or that that he's don't wanna play baseball the first time delegates at least reeled in the earth and then. You know we've seen it before you might start protecting yourself leaving port. Right exactly an outdoor events that are act like you picked the air. I actually had to get at the it's going to be the year the running back actually initially had JK dobbins I just figure if you can never hurt. Putting in a Ohio State running back. He had over 14100 yards last year at the key I think it was the Buckeyes freshman record so it never hurts to pick up the red nevertheless does scratched him. And I. Albert don't tryst McSorley a reprint stated he's got that out put up some big numbers come it took a backseat to sick on Barkley all the Barkley to catch some balls maybe help help out as number two little bit but. I think now this is McSorley steam it's not bar is no longer partly steam and it you know he's a veteran guy Smart coach in James Franklin. I I think this could be the year if there's a quarterback that it's gonna win it I like traced McSorley is my favorite but the what do disagreed all of which sort of a career in the well of the silly numbers might be able to put up. What here's the thing act at a cop out with Butler. All right Erica I wanna see as we get about what is it going to be the year the quarterback of the year the running back such as wanna be remembered the Horry. In bad price club in at rates so that's all right because again prices would not be the best quarterback coming back. I eagle Allstate you'd weapon and take one bite. That now allows you to make up in the passing game here in it taking me if they can make a run to a big into the tip. This is probably the it's I've never seen the big when you talk about state you talk about the instinct you talk about Wisconsin. Tina Turner and on this year Michigan State oh yes Sunday evening Jim Harbaugh Michigan. Whoever wins the big this year will have earned. Let me. They are exactly yes it's it's going to be your more hard fought it's much better conference like you said the ticket because. Just the style of play. Lends itself to be true lockers and other god Missouri's could've put up. Some numbers but they're gonna play tough defense is they're also they're probably going to be 500 and I was going to make seven by that it William guys that turn out to be a tiebreaker let me ask you this they're torn off the map here just a little bit. If you could pick one of three. To possibly blitzing midway through the season sneaks into the I don't know what the front running conversation but when he starts in the top ten list come out. You'd pick one guy that all of a sudden maybe sneaks into the ethernet spot haven't off to a good start. Who would it be Kelly Bryant. Trevor who are Trevor Lawrence project that we. One of those three guys. An olive oil which yard I've got an answer they actually. I still think it would be Kelly Brian and I'll tell you why number one club to win football right. Number two party at the best day today that he had in number three. He can do if people forget he actually had some pretty. These games though and the ball last year we kind of look at him as that running quarterback with yet but that's my point he can put up numbers on both sides of the statistics dale. If South Carolina upsets Georgia and Williams Brice that we number two completely goes off of course he's gonna go an epic has. Appellate meet the king cuts to get by Georgia there ways price watch out for what they ought to all bets are that's the wrong. Right let's or project disagree with you I guess that Trevor lord's gonna play it sharp this year. I think Kelly Bryant the defense is gonna be so dominant that he's he's going to be out a game so and in which we all know this trophy is still only eight statistics dominated number. I think that you know South Carolina and the defense they've got some good talent last year with the defense and got it wouldn't shock me if you crops were very good defensively. There aren't sure stirs their credit they are gonna be good. Offensively I think all the pieces are in place elected to a temple under Bryan McClendon so I think they might even if they lose to Georgia. I think he could be you know a factor where. At least just put the position to really be put some stats up so much is put on his shoulders to where he's the guy that could sneak into that conversation go over the first half of the season. More so than either the two clubs. All right again you got three pre season games tonight that Philadelphia Eagles are ready in mid season form when it comes to patrolling the opponent this is flying above. The Philadelphia Eagles stadium didn't the score of last few percent per call or. If he is you've got batteries don't watch that game tonight if you credit. I refuse to. The post that I didn't see the product of August with the score is wells third says that's. Or purse that also might meets to. I would say we get New England Patriots Spain's credit that they can at least work better. Villa 4133. Philly Philadelphia Super Bowl 52. Let's get to put Philly twice in a room. Anyway but yet it's nice to see there's a reason to turn in that one tonight. I've I'm trying to KJ hits and here it is that the a filly fillets of somebody from Philadelphia and I can't believe this company. Would allow this to happen in Boston usually better than this summer erected the billboard. Right outside of right outside of Foxboro at the lean billboard outside of a Gillette Stadium the patriots on field. It's got like try to look at here since that pulled up very big but it's got world chips go birds and it has. Various Eagles on this giant billboard which is I guess the most prominent billboard for fans to see is a thriving on that's not usually one way and one way out the Foxboro Stewart's work. Worst places to get to get out of him continue to see this big Philly they'll work how the Boston people let this go down as far as we're not currently well. They routed it through somebody else but number two in this day and age you also can be hard pressed not that you turn away money number three apparently Chavez ravine on the LA Dodgers. Pretty difficult to get to you to see that story that. Some billionaires about the building four mile tunnel from like West Hollywood to the state you know rights yet. A person that's what it's nice to be be an area his dream big like that are right here's the deal will come back we'll close up shot. Hear from smoke on the water will get an update. On how how air boy whose mission kits are going to hear from smoke on the water and of course he gets a quick 844 TSB yes Ian. All right welcome Becky and is that we're finishing up that day smoke on the water will be back here tomorrow and then will be paying now for our Brenda mark Childress in the yet debut of uncovered. On bots Carolina OB featuring smoke on the water into Abby are in bananas and how how was the how is the blackened red snapper here at smoke on the water. Two thumbs up and Erica it is a little bit embarrassing to be out and kind of a smoke house with all this wonderful rescue these steaks and barbecue and everything else on the are going. The study at the blackened snapper no really good Rick it's good seasoning could Fries. What kind of easy yell play here we like times country and western. Yeah. That really threw a survey by year's bug that's Smart guys in the boy and so okay. The kitchen the seafood weirder singer Aaron. Get reports that the brits here we're talking about not written that billboard out painless it Yuri your pitch Jeter we got money gets out here on the admin U four U. This ticket when it's a great catfish acts are tried to shrimp nets are crowding up the idea it's it's a spicy crab of the blue Gallup senior rates fights and may have been an Indian sold me on the disaster that a few times that the chicken wing eating nobody in order chicken wings are not far off. They're you know they might be able to place the hell of a lot of work for our whole little bit of me right in this these are big plot wings and an additional wing and part of that is that they don't they don't give you that that the eighteen flavors that mostly to do this is kind of incidents chipotle flavor for different whatever it is it's a because are the ones by its flagrant got a unique to this place so. I would recommend. Yeah a lot of fun here smoke on the water course of the open for you all weekend it will be back here tomorrow night I cannot make fun assault. All the way out. Do you see what West Virginia basketball gave their players from last year's basketball team that notes. It's the epitome Evan everybody. The all participation trophy everybody gets a trophy here. They gave them really nice week sixteen greens. Sweet sixteen sweet sweet success or week I'm sorry that this. It's my boys get tired there at the end of the day that they say they put it up on the Internet. Hillary has sweet sixteen. Can bite final four rings are right depths of normally at this state keeping chip you know. I can bite final four rubio really cool thing in basketball. It's. I don't know if I wanna sweet sixteen ring I did something different yet he could do so that they can put out on the day after stuff but. I met Sarah about they're sport and it's week six. If we get it do what you do on the download. Got an answer that is a big ticket winners got. Butchered for Hillary if you're South Carolina or Clemson and South Carolina made it to the the the final four years ago the first time ever. You don't purity is our whole heartedly you know what if any any one to go ahead and answer that's the players do. You know you've got a lot of returning players you might say not you know we want to wait try to go for the whole that elections be a pride thing. Have a problem with that and so these have been no no no he's not alleviate that you got to get to the let to the final forgets that that's that's kinda get the promise Cellini and you know we should bank. Congratulations you now officially taking all the Rolla study here on the show I've always been a buddy. But your daddy are right good news where I will must camp in the gamecocks a little while ago. They got a commitment from a defense that backed. DJ in Atlanta Georgia military academy tendency gamecocks over the bulldogs in the Kentucky Wildcats. He is a four star recruit. About ten years eligibility left with here's the deal that's a nice pickup for Bosnia the gamecocks. Stop this stuff. Side do it now why you're building your program that you are not gonna build long term success talked junior college period spurt. Could it this guy's sports party is good this by eight. You you build the point where he needed at this point when your three years in building the program after another year so unless it's death. A really really really. Importing U youths so I could start what not beaten. But it's really long term successful programs in college football right now are not dealing with junior college. I'd agree you don't seem to you goes to influence right now at all. A rewrite the football and that's where rebels have over the basketball team no no you're right Iranian transfers and stuff you have to. But doesn't I don't disagree with you at all I think almost it's obviously doing a terrific job both as a coach and as a recruiter over there so yeah. I'm with you at its next year or two. You're still my guys talent needs a portal are still trying to build and I don't have any problem like basic what's right now is just at a different level somebody that's in viewers asked to compared to the South Carolina the next few years if you wanna take it. A guy you're too that's out here look at leaning duly given for years. I'm still OK with that forget what it's not want to solution with stars Dirk enough for your guys in their right now doing a heck of a job here three this talk. Good news guys say here in the next couple years ago from point a to point B. Gartner and do it on junior college transfer talent number one I'm not knocking it but I've been around don't go watch. You know I'd last year she. But says guys aren't junior college kids they felt the complete thing you know what I mean whether or hype to and that same key change but I'm just saying there's a race. In the long run just don't build it that's my point because they won't do it clumps of won't do it toward they were in on this guy sent county supports our guide but. Again acting grabs that's a nice nice pick up when it comes to DT the annual from beyond to the medalist Erika picked USC over finalist Kentucky beat you with the difference here at shootaround over it's at 8247. Had this pointed toward Georgia now here's one of the things. I will take a longer look at that guy from Georgia military academy. That I will from somewhere else because you can't put up with all the military stuff when you're at that junior college in that would help offset that. You like I said. Debilitating aspect when it comes to Jeter college and the net debt to really get those guys that they'll get they don't get eligible for all the way prepare. Absolutely and luxury I know. The kind of guy that would not be acting out of but it sure for some of these guys. It may be just need to. A little bit of a kick in the butt from lack of better term that that's all they easily get motivation that they're Smart enough or talented enough on the field that in my god people like me. Yes yeah it might grow quickly got thirty seconds what you got coming up at the Spartanburg herald during. Well the one mentions donors will we're we're hot and heavy backing down it's South Carolina let's hear after my. Trying to buy my home away from home Carolina Panthers but. If one line what state senate waits to by The Herald journal building and got a terrific. A high school review tab. What the it was a picked a feature player from school and Hannity artists through the dark apartment from the school. Then independently actually had an art show in downtown spark report last night all tied in soon to a melding of the all of local artists from the school and local players this. All right without the next week but that was there Europe.