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Wednesday, August 15th

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Welcome that out say it it does. Eight lied addition straight up with sturtze this wind stays weird life here at bottom BP to 1860. Woodruff road weary of he had yet to 6 PM. ESPN Major League Baseball. So can it change. A couple of days ago that we were notified do we got to go into their baseball coverage at 6 PM tonight so were light here. A Woodruff road at target Brent spot being New York style pizza brought style pizza. And you'll hear a little bit about them in the specials and you diesel. Hopefully right before we get off the year we're gonna hear from it's not a coat. It's not a pizza maker. They're new let's call like culinary specialist if you will put it was some of the meeting today umi Kevin here. The bottom being where they got what specials all day long kind of their purchase of a happy hour with the twelve it teach pizza right now tilt by PM you come and get for five bucks so stop by NC is to put it we got the price will. The New England Patriots in the Washington Redskins. Replay on the NFL network in. A lot of different things to get into today which includes 437. This David hood at tiger net. It's gonna join us a bunch of big knees if you will coming out of clumps and today including an upcoming home and home. I'm sure everybody's heard about it with Ella she will get into that but also some big needs for the yet tiger. Basketball team as well. And it finally constant fights himself in one of the more interesting scenarios and I've ever heard of in college football and that's just simply. When they play Berman here and less than three weeks two and a half weeks away they may be actually play against the quarterback. For the permit paladins. Who is actually distributed at Clemson University. Who wanna get apartment he won a major in engineering. But. Apartment that's opera engineering so he goes stale and any exits into the classes clubs and yet continues to play quarterback for permit that is Bertie wild outside of that. Top of the fight PM hours Jim Hart our buddy that covers the Atlanta Braves for ATP is the Braves Ronald Acuna. Oh my god I don't there's hot there's two white hot I don't know what you wanna get into. When you're describing Ronald Acuna of the Atlanta Braves right now hammering again from the leadoff spot. That person had to take last night. Making history there it's yet another run in the breaks in the sixth when they open up some distance. On the Elise it will get in the of that as well and our number two in the and finally maybe thinking Lavar ball. Yeah I hate given him any attention but finally he maybe said something earlier today maybe last night known to. This is so ridiculous. The powers that be media will quit paying attention to him but you know that's the thing everything so outrageous maybe east Roland assault. When it's said and done this when I. To troll you have a he got to have a little bit credibility. And this this guy has none this news comment it's even worse. In between we'll take your phone calls. Guinness were out here. At 6 PM in two Major League Baseball there is no pre season action tonight he gets started back tomorrow night. And of course the Carolina thirst that Libya and Friday night at 730 against the Miami Dolphins. This year at Bank of America Stadium tomorrow night you got Philadelphia New England. In New York Jets in Washington. Pittsburgh eight days that Green Bay in the Washington maybe interest being watched because. We've seen the bites and everything else to come out of the out of those three teams to win it comes to work it out together. Here the past week so what don't forget your 4 PM keyword is Matt. In a heat map you can text that is 72881. And are pretty cats that contest. Power and brought you back Carolina coaches twelve times today we UBQ so when 1000 dollars. Pre clear on intercom and are now agreeable and yes you know state. And Ali aptitude here in the 4 PM hour. It's the next man is 72881. Will you be another word of the IPM hour in it will go in to be the key word for the 6 PM hour. Before we get that year in that. Again and. Diesels back there he's gonna hop on a Mike at some point out though a split. Or are you guide Matt Hogan the board up back here at CD's lead right got to work in fast and furious. But if you could I want to open up they might anybody that earned learned a little bit about. Our guy back there hokey haute got the may be we've decided to column. Yates from Jacksonville Florida he went LSU. Our skis he went to South Carolina he grew up in Ellis keeping it what do you think of this announcement today hoagie. But LSU in clumps in getting together in a home and home. Greatest 2020. By 2026. But I love this stuff you know and I mean what are your thoughts on the tigers in the tigers get together into one album have to give up the rights to the name death. Well it's scary because. I'm gonna have to. Have to you know if if we lose I have to do a lot of people are live on and I'm the only realistic and they typically now so I'm in trouble if they lose. I love it I mean again the neutral site eerie if you will. Has done is jobs will see that but the one thing is we find out what all everything is cyclical. And I love seeing in the settlement homes that we have by now LSU clumps in the aggregate the tigers and credit. First ball I realize that they play in the ACC and sometimes. That depth at the bottom of the league it's not it's good it's what you see ever in the Southeastern Conference at the big tent or some others here are the big east schools. No disrespect Detroit diesel don't jump down my pace. On this one here are the main schools clubs and as games coming out way. A home and home with Ecstasy in him that begins this year. They've got. Three games that will be coming out with Georgia they have overcome it back on to the schedule they have Notre Dame on the schedule in the have LSU was well. That's not bad when it comes to. The next decade yet though in the rivalry with South Carolina that's not bad right there when it comes to the next decade at a proper for the pirates and tigers agree or disagree. No I agree on a percent I think they've scheduled. Really tough competition which is kind of how they got their national prowess they beat Ohio State in the Orange Bowl they beat LSU in the what was said the chick filet bowl back then. On so that's how they rose to Gloria toll rose to fame and I don't think I data likes to back away from a challenge. Well you know. Good yeah maybe who knows. We combined our waist down I can hand in 2216. I believe that match up. Aunt Ella she's like September 6 and 22 T by but it will be. The season opener in Death Valley. They're on August 30 occupancy clumps and LSU in Death Valley club since South Carolina on August 30. Just bring me another roll of the uterus it will be hot that date. That is Berkshire so will get will talk about some of that later on some other things to get into the real quickly is some numbers that that did you know you look at clumps of vs power by the the last three seasons. It's. Across the nation both wins vs power by opponents the last three seasons the tigers number one with 34 Alabama's second. With that 32 Oklahoma when he ninth Ohio State with 28 tied with deeper in debt southern cal also were. You know that's pretty big time right here. In accorsi they pack it up right now with usually two games to get Southeastern Conference opponents and that's good for the tigers. No doubt about it also Lou. You know you mentioned it. Matt it's a play against Seles you. Quite frankly with my different odds Boyd I think it's what actually clumps. Clumps and ended this stratosphere. They are they were trailing LSU in the fourth quarter you mentioned it. There in the tick the label. In here they come on the field they get attached ailment and all the sudden he you with that number make it that quarterback relish you know. It is over or as a guy wide open out in the flats Ella she's got to plot the ball. You got the rub a little salt male sheep and wins or in sixteen. If you missed that play that single play. In my opinion. We don't know where clips of boat while would it ended up with that distorted upwards and a corset that magnified with the local hero. Daimler zero Christ hurt it in the game winning field goal that next year it's a win against Ohio State in the armed ball. In the rest this histories why ethnic clubs and Ella she. We'll have some fond memories for the tigers move forward our right to. Hit it it it it quits and and stuff over in all caps it's not gonna work now again we're allied hear about it being. Here illicit you're looking. For something to eat you looking for a job Libby today about the heartbeat lack name per minute they're looking for some help they've lost some guys. The group going back to school yet people come in here during the summer turns the yeah. And this is it mainly spot being Bernanke's on the parkway it's breaks by port so that might fill out an application meet the family. It is nets level boot which includes law vessels to check out some of the ones specials. Beat you can have. Right here about it BP to get a slice and during. For 31990 slices and during for just six blocks. Some of the others slice and salad with the during her seven. Some pizza specials include 820 units do you topping ten wings in the two leaders at a produced 2799. A Sissy pizza with one hopping in the two liter soda or 1899. He's day to Thursday specials lesson. It's next level with the pizza also to. You have there Amoroso rolls shipped in from Philadelphia every week for the scene which is whether to Philly cheese steak and herb meet caller anything alarmed that. Everything made right here in house 1860. Woodruff road again come and say hey step out in the price will some cool stuff out there. As well but. Of course the real winner here. If you because it's a great mood now that you offer court's nine and they have obviously taken out they even have delivery. And added these are a pursing act Neiman. And I think George. For what he did last week during rate yet on this well but does he kept a lot of people. Happy packet theater count stations about sending ever pizzas and things that need to do is good he grew good great in year. At about it BP to eat eat sixty. Woodruff broad river there open please state through Saturday from 11 AM to 9 PM Sunday. Noon to 9 PM and they closed and they take Mondays off than the but number 234. It gene Pitney but by numbers well. It's our call in lines that take pork board GSP. ESPN. Let's take a low hit a little bit more fees from clubs that we. Went through and did a a right out of some of the biggest home and home series coming up in college football over the next eight years and we also the big and can finally get off their high horse and that. It quit thumbing their nose at southern football schools. You know we've matter if she's with the NCAA the big and said hey man. Hole by beer watch this when it comes. This scandals right now also. Getting some feedback from a friend of mine up with the in the beltway. With what is likely to happen with the gate there in the at root of the mail went to hurt again on leave with pay. And but. I don't think that's the way. It's getting and also and I maintain Urban Meyer you might see it looking suspension. But he will be coaching that I've state Buckeyes this year will open but flights at 844 GSP. ESPN it's straight that what's third were lied bottom being peaked at 1860. Would your Peru's. Pizza on Woodruff for them. It's cut out of here in the upstate today obviously is that clubs and his schedule LSU for an upcoming at a conference gain her. Back if you will movement hone in 2020. By 2026. Now. Yeah mark Childress liked to have this little like get off my lawn moment about at stake in the neutral site at jobs by. You know why I don't keep you might see all these great up coming home and home at the neutral site. Match up kind of happened in the in you take this into it but. I want diesel for a minute why he's back here to think about it it's an at stake in who would be his right deal that would be his dream at a koppers Manto. For the mountaineers Matt Hogan ego. He's an LA she grew up in South Carolina grad will get his opinion on those two schools and I BB minus Alabama but. Let's take a look. Right now some of the I'm sorry I act that have been right dale which I years they're playing. For another power today a look at some of these matchups. Coming to the game a college football. Oklahoma and Nebraska people may not remember back in the day but that was the game of the year went into the old big eight conference. Basically for about the better part of a quarter century to Colorado made a run under Bill McCartney. Oklahoma or Nebraska represented the big eight in the Orange Bowl every year also Oklahoma has a home and home coming up with Tennessee so does Nebraska. We met in the other day. Michigan State in Oregon have one coming up. Ohio State in Washington have a moment NC east as well as Michigan and Washington. It's state has a home and coming up with awe over. Georgia who had only. Been my knowledge before the Rose Bowl. Winning not about the senators back on what New Year's Day. Georgia had only gone out west one time. Ever in that was to go play in boulder. A while back. So Georgia's got a home and home with UCLA. As does LSU. UCLA step that up they've got a home and home with the Wisconsin is well it's Michigan. And then of course. I know this is on the schedule. You know this is part of my answer when it comes to having gone to Alabama. But diesel we have coming home and homes with both Notre Dame in the University of Texas. There's some good match ups coming up here in college football. There's no doubt about it. It's an Alabama guy and these all you next. Is apps Dayton they won't go to you that. The one that I would I'm excited about Notre Dame and Texas by. I would still like to schedule a home and home with other now in being able to go out do you Los angels to one of the moments. That habit experiencing. College football. Is you know the lane neutral yet you will in the you know marching out on the horse and in everything comes with the pageantry. A southern cal football now Alabama and southern cal matched up before but it was the beginning of the seventies. He Biden as the story about Bear Bryant John McKay what they did he can opener great southern football through that game that. That would be at the top of my list is an Alabama guy I would love a trip the West Coast beat. Eight trip today OL via the LA coliseum one of the most historic bid Easton sports. In C they've got some pretty cool pageantry. It's well as other things to look at when it comes this other cap. Yes urged the imminent thunder stealer you stole both of mine I was gonna say both Notre Dame and southern count high. Well yes. I can see that. Notre Dame weep at home and homes before as a matter of fact we went to Alabama. We played back to back years the Korea by years if I'm right. Without the school at Albion in Europe I part of it right you know you you can do it demise will do it taken all the ways you can in. In the course I was on that by your program LSU and as he Sergi talk and home and homes in Utah and one half games. Home and home one off whatever yeah you know at least you dollars a little bit different position app state you know it yet and that's. I would kill for if we're taught at home and homes I'm looking for something winnable and for something writes it's interesting. At the same time I mean I don't wanna fly all the way to southern cal watches it stopped. But even though that would be a lot of fun. I'm a fly out to LA to sealed so and I was North Carolina. We actually already have that occur on the schedule but I think in. West Virginia. Washington State's I'd love to go out there to Pullman I'd love to go for Washington. I mean I don't see why at this point have you Washington's enough they'd probably you know would have zero interest in it whatsoever. But if you're a team like Washington states. That will schedule home and homes against smaller opponents. I think it's I think to be great. That you mentioned once cooled air that out there who in the mix and that the University of Washington number one they're good number two I lived in Knoxville for a decade you know about the volunteered navy and everybody got it in the boats up the Cumberland river. Two. To Tennessee gains blah. Washington China has that same thing it's it's right there on the Lake Kivu and a lot of people bring their boats and and they tell gate that wasted there's something else. I'd like to see now on the LSU or South Carolina and things give people quick reminder we're. Breaking in new board up back there and I grew up in Jacksonville as an elegy in all things. They went to South Carolina but it is speak for both those steep teller he's done a good job here you know we mentioned. They got warm clumps and not coming up in. You know I know they got Florida State back on the Q&A common not sue. Where would tell us she wanted to. Well we actually have. We have a home and home with Texas starting in between nineteen which. I think we if we're going on what diesel a sand where it's a winnable game yet exciting I think going to Texas are having a powerhouse like Texas. Come to you that's gonna generate attention so I think and I think it's a winnable game even though I think LSU this company when team for the next five years but I think that's a really interesting one and I'm excited about. And then I grew up. Kind of wind Reggie Bush and Matt liner where the kings in that team was so powerful and I've always fantasized of Pelosi going there. And play in the and so I'd love to see I'll piggyback on you guys and I'll say southern cal as well. So again yet. If I have bio diesels aspect but also for yeah app state where there are right now you know in the group of by eight. It be that much sweeter not only did do a woman whom or what but do it with some bite you can be get that exposure. As well so it's gonna be interstate. No doubt about it ally yeah you know like assets and good tripped coming up for the clubs and tiger fans here over the better part of the next decade eleven years no doubt about it. So as far South Carolina goes I think. I think Florida State's an interesting one and I also think Texas is interest in I think two prominent programs who are coming down on their luck in USC is an a lesser known program on the up and up. If they can take out you know like Texas or Florida State. Or somebody like that I think that'd be huge for them. All right C. You're a lot younger me and by the way speaking. I'm still younger and happy birthday to my wife will get that just second but. Having grown up here in the state of South Carolina man I remember the gain cots under Kim Carlin. Going up and knocking off Michigan. Upn die in arbor one year I also remember they play southern cal out there they played southern cal they arming Columbia. That was before they kind of reinforced the upper decks on we have its stadium back in the day which brought up. What is the best bumper stickers I've ever seen and I'm gonna go with the clean women not the dirty one but southern cal team and in. South Carolina beat. The people on the upper decks that night it literally films to weigh in and brought out a bumper stickers say it the eighties weigh in Wheatley. And that was pretty cold there's another bumper sticker that can come out of it if you imagine South Carolina beating southern cal and it know that I would like to have a job. Come back to Mars Iowa but for me. From the outside looking in for South Carolina they've done some of that. The one thing I don't ever remember thinking cops doing is going up no war. You know they were crickets and guys from the north I think like his state might be an ideal situation because. I'd seen yet South Carolina go to Michigan and outweigh you and that was back in the days to be in an independent but. I'm telling you I think it be cool to see maybe potentially. Some. Yeah go up north that hit not necessarily the greatest. But that would be bad but at the state South Carolina. Again that this summer yeah beaver stadium because some of the acting diesel can get off track with a on his show on 933 the planet. With that says all right again when we come back. Some other needs coming out of Clemson as well when it comes to the basketball program it's our buddy David hood from tiger net. Analysts I'm gonna give a quick. Shout out for way he went through. This past weekend its wells that will taught him after that it's open phones. Jim Hart that eight radio in Atlantic covers the break so be at the top of the 5 PM hour it's we're lied here bottom meat pizza ate sixty Woodruff for a great to go to the bottom line it's our different David hood he's senior writer for tiger net dot com. Course you can follow him on Twitter in met David hood or follow at tiger met. David real quickly before we get going I wanna give you the one of the most ultimate compliments ever people don't know. If they don't know your mom passed away last week after a battle it. I went to the it's about white said this is about the ultimate compliment I've never met mama hood that felt like I knew you were when Allah. Appreciate that you know it at had a lot of talks that are. You know over the last couple months such that I want you to speak I don't should've read a letter that I rotor. You know that put them prefer from a mom and actually that she's she just a mile Litton. I appreciate you Daschle wanna open and you know it you do help me get through it that's for sure. Well again it was like I said that one the few times I ever felt like I need somebody that quite frankly I'd never met so also. Again. Our our thoughts and prayers maybe board but you know what we're talking last night set this up about like our upon some funny to talk about. Yeah we both could use it a little bit going on in our lives right now but unfortunately Clemson has delivered us some information today. I tell you what. Clips of bands have to be excited about who all they're gonna be facing at a conference in the next decade which includes LSC's announcement today. Georgia coming up I guess Auburn coming back up Notre Dame as well. And of course Texas a and M week number two this year. Yeah yeah I like it when these these big time programs came sit. Think they should be unique you know no one in the big ball games and making that cause global well. Decide that they're and they'll play other big time programs and that's what you've got the content and LSU and you know relishing in the also I think recently announced that they're gonna play. Ford state at not at no gamble and end in Death Valley down in Baton Rouge that. You know they're they're playing and in New Orleans in plain and Orlando so. Eighty LSU step it up I'm not sure endorser Alameda coach when all that happened. Let you know elegy decide they're of the place and people and get constantly and we were talking about it earlier though is that Nikki acid you know art. And she's expecting any wives and as you know allegedly be born in the ended September early October 10. I think he's gonna be eight before we got to Baton Rouge so long time that down. You know we still get to go to Tibetan route before we ever go to picked. Which is in the same conference calls him which is kind of weird. No doubt about it we continue with David hood senior writer for tiger net. Let's sit you know the first three I'm not there at that you know establish meets with the media coming off the practice builder evening but. How many more creative ways Abbott Sweeney held the media to help the pains and everybody else that. Both that these quarterbacks or father are going to be seen on the bill come September. Yeah yeah all irritated yesterday when one of our guys asked again you know. Don't keep saying that the broadcaster gonna play maybe three underground like early. You know one of our guys the more hey what about the grades whose. Leading in math and have a panel a guy named said do you wanna you sources and our our coaches meeting do you want me that we did outs. You slowly disintegrates. I'm not gonna do that and so you know I think he's finally got ahead this point yesterday we're like. Let's just table this stuff right now bit you know both of those guys are are gonna play it. Yes I can go to him to one of the staff members so a week or so ago when he said. I know everybody's ready for for Trevor wars to come in and take over and beat the guy that you know the best thing for carcinogens. For Kelly Bryant could be the steady hand the early part of this season colonel Lawrence is gonna get some snaps. You're gonna play in the Indy get to a point where using a you know it's gonna take a special skill to beat this team here Trevor award will be ready. Yeah I kind of agree with the I think it's it's good of both guys are around their plight and. I agree. Because that means you're still living Borden there's not the big debate on Twitter heard the message board. At tiger that dot com so. David you know every year we have the unknown name come out of its bringing him he's going to be that next guy you have heard about we never hear problem again. But there's probably some meaning starting to merge. Very talented means they're not fall practice at running back wide receiver what are some of the things you're picking up chatter wise. I had a former close and brought him back image and message after Saturday's scrimmage which you watched any says. When Jay Nixon is the real deal that the the freshmen are the Georgia he says might be the most natural running back on the lobsters and a in actuality he had very talented sometimes picks the wrong call button. Run into the right spot all the time he's so talented he gets a way whether he said Monday it's kind of the total package. Maybe the best overall. Running back on the roster. You know just and Ross the wide receiver. He is ultra talented he is. You know six hi event with a common Ali 67 and and can jump out of the gym literally jumped out of the Jimmy the great basketball player. He they start to hear about these guys it's like oh here somebody would tell me that one point. Saturday they may be headline that T Kagan Yonder Overton. And Justin Ross on the field at the same time wide receiver. Which is. About 21 feet of wide receiver out until one and that's scary. You know and then you hear about this freshman. Does dissenters Mike Jones the linebacker Xavier Thomas. He's a freak. Cagey and very. Internet just got them horse kind of Saturday afternoon and I think and all of those freshman. We get at all and that's what he said he said we have on all government. Kind of Clinton's gonna say some losses after this year they're gonna lose a lot of employers that triggered a lot of good players coming back to. Are right Ted on the other side the ball is there's there's always looked at about a coach's son players on DNA wise. I came here and do you guys not maybe not one this year by a couple of guys in the future. But Jake venables at linebacker and then Nolan earner in the defense to back field of course. Kevin Turner's son who played Alabama and died avail us. Demos television should say that Nolan has really made strides out of that safety spot and you don't eat each going to be needed this year they they mood I think attendance. From safety to that you know nickel Sam's spotter linebacker they feel like he's maybe. Little better suited to that spot so we know turner didn't know Johnson. Took a couple of of what I called Abbott projects you know Dan Dolan and anybody recruiting radar. And Dallas saw him win his son Daniel team played in the play. And he said I think that the guy wanna bring on and then Nolan turner again I don't really a lot of people recruiting radar now Abbott says hey this is sort of a teammate of seeming like. I'm an offering that you guys have got to provide some depth behind. And I gave a walled container news this year and from everything we're hearing you know they're great and and didn't build wound up poster as I guess a little bit on that Justin rock sketch that went viral but. You know the deal as he he actually a good covering yeah. Let's now look at getting a lot of it. At no doubt about it RE three we get close enough with David hood let's split the basket public has cut it to Bradford L in the Clemson basketball tigers what an honor only the fourth NCAA men's basketball team. It will rappers that the United States in the world university games and we'll do it next summer's that. A mare putting in my internship request for tiger Nat. I will love to go to Naples Italy and cover the Clemson Tigers basketball trip in the world university games next summer. This one has a little bit under the radar if you will with dale as you announcement. This this heat for Brad Brunell in the Clemson Tigers. Yeah I think that tripped up abroad last year really helped kind of bring this team together. For what he's solved this year with the NCAA turner run out to get to do it. Again in your right that is if you garner and and I have already told my boss hey it's early July there's no football interfering in round. More than willing to go to Naples Italy for a little bit to Le. To cover that but you know on the interns out of also got via the pregnant one who says she will go as. I'm lie in my audit. I've lied from bottoming pizza units and good old good old Italian it may be weaker price bite spot for and I might move a little bit closer into they. I. Yeah yeah you know the it is huge and I would love I'd love to be able to go probably won't be me and the ball won't pay for that that. You know maybe I can schedule vacation around a little basket all that he's fun. They what do sponsorship it's great way to get the date for when it comes to those repeated trips that lesson that tell our listeners at what's coming up with tiger net I mean. You guys got it nailed Dale Junior the senior writer course Nicky back enough with the birth the L style coming up not to were as well. As everything else do I give us an idea what's going on tiger net. Well is they've they've got a day off today and then they've got another scrimmage in the morning in Death Valley so. About lunchtime tomorrow so we're going to be back with the coaches and the players and kind of era. You know how things are going I think that this they had had a situation scrimmage. Yesterday eight tomorrow's going to be another one of those full scrimmage they're trying to get to before. Giving them the weekend off. I think we're gonna start seat in the lead position battles may be begin to shape up a little bit kicker. May be will know a little bit more about quarterback we're gonna have to ask about that solo. You know tomorrow ballast I'm gonna be the big news for the rest of the weekend. All right listen buddy again condolences to the entire hood greatly you can not have handled it any better in weigh in with any more class and yeah you want about longest brands in this business and I lesson you you say things for comment it was three tonight to honor to be there. Well not birthday dear beautiful brown absolutely absolutely all right takes that we'll talk to you here Singh David hood. From tiger that follow him on Twitter. In David hood again grow quickly yet it is my better half birthday I wanna give a shout out hopefully she's on her way home from work. We're gonna meet upper big dinner later on in that. Happy birthday Teresa of course that would be enabled to view all these teams and everything else. And go cover and do my job at that worked for yeast and thank you very much opened by the throat quit when we come back remember the top of the bite PM our it's going to be our good friend Jim Hart with AP radio covers the Braves do our white hot. All right welcome back can't we are lied here body heat to start about that guys throw quick a split and a little special order for the birthday gal to take out of here will Wear off the years it caught come out now spend the price will we have some by. End here just got to me ESPN upstate teacher remember would do well unfortunately we get this stuff like these days at a time and it's our apologies to everybody. But being an ESPN affiliate every once and while there's certain rules and regulations or piece that we're told the duke. It won those woods to give into baseball comforts tonight at 6 PM and guess what you've got to do it diesel you know as well as I do with debt. I really enjoyed catching up with David hood they're from tiger met again that kind of number one for all the information guano consummate number two. Hood Nikki and all of them and it's so good does over the years and that was our real really our first chance. To get him on an album what we normal what we Paco number two. We're sorry about what happens. We're talking about what an honor for clumps of basketball there with the world university games. Only 84 NCAA men's basketball team to rappers that their country in these gains it first happened in 2007. With. With northern Iowa in the back in 2000 and it team with Kansas in the end of last year. With hurt you so Brad Bernal said yeah we're beyond excited to represent our country at the world university games. This is a once in A lifetime opportunity. For our program emperor clumps and you know perhaps. Are we talking about all the time on this on the show how hard it is to be really good in multiple sports at the same time especially when we're talking about major sports. And he would Florida had that run in the mid two thousands. From the very few schools ever are very good at those major sports at the same time can we. We be seeing Clemson. Arriving academy football is there. Right and when you're a basketball program that is is getting on that edge of being you know pre season ranked every single year or being pre season ranked every year and being invited. Two it's an honorable position to get invited to go do this thing. That's an honor for Clemson basketball on that somebody recognizing that a school is on the is on the rise or do you think that we're seeing that happen. To a certain extent are right. Clumps and really pushed Kansas there in that sweet sixteen matchup but it. The thing is figuring out who you wore invite data mean diesel. Now that Davos Sweeney has his identity he figured it out he had to give it took about two years to get there. Now they're recruiting with the elite and the way a constant. Fourteen commitments that the commitments right now only one from South Carolina and they represent like eleven different states. Typical when they get in on the topic clumps of basketball won't do that but Bradford now said what do I have to do differently. It you know what sometimes it's not always the worst team that finished runner opera into second place you know and I mean. Look at what he has done he has mailed some guys that went to. Vanderbilt or some other schools like that are even Robert Morse you know I would marquee three he was the rookie of the year. In the indie scene that year and felt like he can go on to bigger and better things in trains bird Clarkson war. He yelled at to what happy they undergo so guess what he snap so. He's tired dotted eyes with some graduate transfer or some transfers in their own right. In the thing is is a lot of Pittsburgh now all right it's not about clots or anything else he eats it's a good man it's also sigma guy from that ha. Not the hall in Chicago hip hop in Indiana. And that's usually what we talk about what we talked but. You know again it just goes to show you there's more than one way to get it done now. Here's the deal the two you've got to be able to keep identifying that talent they can come in and help whoever 23 year year. My question is if you miss on a couple of those guys who it might sit back two years but right now. They've got it Roland you know Iowa trip to the sweet sixteen they'll be raked in the top 25 again this year. It's a singer -- make that run but it. Can be. I've questioned over that final hurdle that you will. All one would stand to reason serves and if you can get these guys also mother rosters who are good who wanna transfer and Clemson. And you can consistently. A year in and year out raise your stature to finish just a little bit batters he could. If you can set an end instead of finishing you know in the in the ranked twenty to thirty if all of a sudden you're ranked somewhere between ten. And it's 18. That's when you read any you can do it consistently over a couple years he can't just be one ration the tenth but it would stand to reason then you get the start getting some kids. You might be able pull some interest away instead of having to go after them as transfers for a can go after them as as incoming freshmen. And you can have an in your system from longer. Well ideally that's what you wanna happened atlas and I have always been the bully historically. Suggest in clumps and you get a team together for about a two year run and then he backed off and you look at what happened at South Carolina. Hoagie gotta like your opinion yet at lest I get PGA those are made a bad decision in leaving early. But same thing with frank Martin in the getting cut you get your roster together as you make your run and guess what history suggest you go back up per couple years. While you do it that's kind of and the outside of North Carolina and duke which you know those are schools in North Carolina they came from or the to a certain extent. That's kind of the history of Southern College basketball. So but actually you know the end the more you win the more track yeah I mean did you really think. Mean I mean that they are something special about that and Sweeney in the united and and since 1992 when we were in college together in Tuscaloosa I'm not talking about paying about his apartment they. Yeah I had some friends that play in the Bane in the play three or four times a year for the football party in. Evening at a rail back into the year he won a primary thing we just kind of you know he was that a return to distort his Alabama career wet but. Go sit here and tell you the first time I saw him run downhill spreading in there on the bottom of the hill and slap an iPod. Now it went and how Long Will this last and guess what. It is his program here clumps and looks like it is built the last I mean it is Alabama it's clumps and in the in Peru in Ohio State Georgian Oklahoman right now that that that's the big dogs I think there's another one this year. When it comes. Comes to the University of Washington would kick brimming it's looking. To get back into that college football playoff it's well so. Again we're live here body being Pete so Woodruff road 1860 Woodruff president. Having either so cool here they're gonna help me out with a little special dessert and take out for my wife when it comes. Our birth date nights that police I don't know if you know what those are but. I mean they're go put like this cream and all it's going to be absolutely next level my wife if you heard guess what you're not at all. But that's the kind of people that the heart he liked me and we are I mean last week diesel they kept the production staff that he will back intercom that. During. Yet during radio on because people didn't yet they see is that the hospital they don't know how much work's going back at the building. And that's just kind of the way this mainly answer absolutely next level also diesel how could set pizza. To pretty say that sometimes to a new government. Lock eyes and know exactly what's going on all right what we come back we'll also give me. The keyword for the 5 PM hour but it's time to sweat to the white hot Atlanta operates it's our buddy Jim Hart. AP radio he covers the Braves in Atlanta illicit Ronald McKinnon yeah. Is he in the rookie of the year race good lord keeps this up he may be in the in BP rates before all said and done what those first place Italy and operates.