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Tuesday, August 14th

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Oh. All right welcome back in our number two lied here from smoke on the water and diesel quite frankly today I don't he's got the Toppert jobs. Medium back here smoke on the water after some time away for vacation and of course recovering from surgery in seeing all the beef brisket in the pulled pork and everything else come and advocates and going back. He's taking these customers to me upset that. Couple different prize media piece of their brisket all of this appears on the way out to the table is just up and get it because the talent yet. It's getting harder and harder to do with it it's a little bit busier here don't forget 47 PM green bulls' best happy hour here. At the corner of Augusta Maine in corset and seven days a week that includes at 1130. With that easily lunch special less smoke on the water said. Yeah we're gonna talk South Carolina game cup football with a buddy David climb enter here in the next segment we'd love to hear your opinion at 844. GS PE SPN. Deeply mailing got it right earlier today. Now one thing that I don't like give it is a key scene in this pop up on my Twitter timeline. Rick court releases of resignation. Letter is Maryland head to. OK again he was the guys during thing conditioning program. The yelled quote drag his ass across the build its Jordan make Mir was struggling. Remember his temperature was over a 406. Degrees an hour after the incident took place. I mean that will kill you in the hospital. But how high was it when it when he originally originally was going out of it beats per minute in its art under an 84. That was after he got that hospital so what could have been done. Will this one really weak mailed out could not agree with Kevin McGuire anymore from NBC sports icon just a little bit. Shame of dollars. This apology between the University of Maryland it took place today now a couple of months ago now through the price at some do lawyers and though yet things of that nature. But you've seen it all these tweets how much time. Brit court releases of resignation letter is Maryland street. All right get the street hoops releases his resignation letter that reads. Let's just take his second year and he hit it in now listen to connect dark athletic director Evans. In the Maryland namely is it that it is critical for me to list. To live what I strive to instill in my players which is to be committed committed to the welfare of the team. It could be a good Meehan on and off the bill after all pulled reflection prayer and support I've offered my resignation to the University of Maryland. The book while student athletes mental and physical health remain my number one prime forty sidestepping alto while the team. Kind hill in the port I will continue to cooperate with the university's investigation tonight will be trains here. With inquiries while reflecting. Respecting the legal process now also ensure a smooth transition says the team is well prepared for the upcoming season. It gets in two. Yeah this is Soria mechanism crisis. Dortmund players like and that the world we must all remember that burst its weak pace the future what if we learn. How will we incorporated. What what can we need to pay tribute to Jordan liked the gravity of the situation it's deeply impact in my perspective on the why. I am a I think that Dirk Kemper's leadership and friendship and my colleagues in the staff for their cots that support and commitment. I am also incredibly grateful for the relationships I've built built in the outpouring of love I received from my current and former players near and far. Lastly I'd like they president load in our new athletic director Damon Evans for their due diligence and seeking to applying deterred. I intend to take its time to reflect bring all of that I've learned. Into new opportunities please continue to keep me there mainly in your prayers goes deeper. Respectfully. Agree court. Here's what I got some issues with when it comes this. Each week it means that appear around the micro prime years some point but. I don't buy summit this person I don't wanna cassis guys eat you know what that somebody in the crowd and it got indexes and pulled the trigger. However. How ever. Sit there you know talking about do and everything you've done that we'd never in this position in the first place but here's my issue. You resigning get a 350000. Dollar pay out earlier today. He gets eight ball song after a settlement with the University of Maryland a 300. In 151000. That is two thirds what he was the on the remainder of this contract. Yes sir it's just it's a fine line go it but 'cause. He'd it's it it's a coach's job to condition as players. So he yes this it was absolutely. Pushed to the limit but at the same time. I don't know if you ever been on an athletic field their players who don't wanna hustle their players who don't wanna push themselves their place you don't want a condition themselves. And so coach doesn't really know. Because you know I don't know we don't know in relation that it was he ten yards away from the guy was he fifty yards away from the guy we just don't know. Cody and should he have known that the kid was in reason was it real dire straits. I don't know if you're fifty yards away it's hard to tell the the look on a guy's face if he's wearing a helmet. And I talk to teammates need that he was in problems right and our lives at risk. Right my issue is 3151000. Dollars is a nice topic changed to walk away with the win you resign your position yesterday. Number one. I don't wanna see Rick court resign from his job. He beat the firing deadline veto it I mean with 350000. Dollars to me that's a pretty nice chunk of change. The walk away from now again the Jordan McNair family they're gonna get a lot more out of it in the at Peterman leaving fort. That's not exactly back payers he district court got today you know have to deal with this for the rest his life and that will probably be. More troubling than anything else and I wish him nothing but the best. In dealing with the situation but that is kind of look wrong to me that mailing gave him a lump sum. Settlement a 300 in 151000 dollars and thirty watts top male and birdie my apologies if I'm wrong on this what are. Is that it's a little too soon. I pay going to take my problems. I mean you know it's it's it's really hard situation on the onion and how are you going to tell. There's so many guys out there playing performing practice saying. They all got their helmets on. Everybody can I don't blame coaches are looking at you know it's split second in Al edits are generally well. But then I don't know it yet I get cute but this much we know it is we've looked at that time line yesterday. Again a little bit he said he said but the players are saying it was completely and totally obvious to them. Day Jordan what's it trouble. You go to. Okay Donna yeah okay not let himself out there. Yeah yeah I'm I'm trying to outlaw about time that we can edit my coaches and point. I'm I duke coach pop Warner you can't keep especially our. I was on every one that's gonna sound but yes your point is okay I'm pretty glad to approaches. Attention yet he's got a at least somewhat open you know tell the kid had a sit down to he's been to China overt political for a lot of punch you know stand out. And Bernie being the coach what would win you more respect in the locker room and meet her and shut things down right they're making sure one player. Got the attention he needed. In boy you know what that would add a nice way to show your team I've got your best interests at heart. Vs them showing up a month later per purview. So. Exactly I'm trying to institute would my ball players is a Mac announced. It starts. XP CAA RZ. Com salute to open and Iran are exempt loans 798. Doesn't get. Okay last time. I don't know what to say yeah I I don't know what's the result I don't know assay data storage unit. They cool though that point he was trying to make is was seriously say it's essentially correct T even though you know he's troll on the show whatever men and it's funny. But he's right it's UK as a coach you can't watch all 85 scholarship athletes and you know it's a player. Is is that out of it if he is worn himself out of that much hopefully the player will know. To sit down. You know and say you know 'cause I you know I'm not feel I'm not a failure of man you know I'm this is bad I'm not feeling good. You know these play these athletes it's always the first time they've ever run wind sprints summarize this first time they've ever had. They never had. Athletic trainers around them. You know they know to throw up their hand or signal. You know the training staff in some way. That hey I'm injured I'm hurt I'm not feeling right come on out here and take care me they should know that. Number two here's the deal. There's just not once strengthening conditioning coach on the bill. There's 45 levels not to mention Spina managers and everybody else so you cannot convince me. All that filled. Somebody else outside of the football players didn't realize what was going on. I've watched the Geico in the heat. Over he it's scary is felt this on the golf course. So fortunately we were able video real quickly respond get a cold down get some water environment get about the clubhouse but he let himself. It didn't require 210. Yard wind sprints that figured out. It was a matter it was right there now can't we were on the tee box when that's what's happening. But you can't help meet somebody what within five. Square feet of him. Is that given point in time so let's try it one more time date from Nate wants talk about male and I hope you have a good afternoon. I am come. Think about it I think some of the need to be taken out of the car ads it's possible I mean I think these are some kind of biometrics you know obviously. You got guys trying to compete for you know very limited basis but. Everybody is gonna put in a diplomatic effort but keep it monitored court temperature whatever it is. That would then help the training staff. There'd be some absolute dead after why does that stick it out so I think everybody's competing need to take a minute about if you look at data banks. Thank you very much appreciate that phone call great there I'm with you and number to do it this is the final here somehow we've got to get it out of listen listen guy. I love old school football. But with the elite guy he cannot get out of the take it saw bill mentality out of it you gotta realize that you're dealing with that. With athletes here let's get one more in and that with mail when Ed welcome meant. Based air Daria. Do great at York. Yeah I am thank you I could talk about body angering a lot of awaiting him in high school a lot of years and I Campbell later as. Yeah I was I was there for maybe six I mean 8996. And now. But not a gambler either one Cotto look fill those jobs because there's been that they got it because too so I'm sure. Somebody wasn't doing the job and you know it as a coach you gotta keep John Q it yet familiar yeah. Out here is a freshman or senior you got to know you're kid you know what they feel we're in him what they can take it in and they should realize that it was struggling. And I mean it'd be trying to push him there compression still got a million implement the smoke when they're in trouble. Well one guy you do what every guy does now maybe you can make that claim at the end of October when everybody this is that burst all season and work out not everybody showing up. In the same shape bad you know it means that you're right he got that but what I. Listen you go through warm ups it clumps of before football game or Virginia Tech where I've been. Maybe not all the position coaches are out there but to exceed it they have about a hundred feet made editors and everybody outside. Yet bite for a minute. Nobody's all outside of his teammates and unfortunately. That's why we're dealing with this situation but let's. Let's head out a break when we come back we'll get a check in with our buddy David monitor from the post and courier dale in Charleston. Course EC game cot beat writer at practice for the gamecocks today but a lot of action here. In the last. All right welcome back. Is we lied here's Oklahoma water won Augusta street in downtown great we'll check them out it's Osce pattern dot com because there's an open ended. Gift card here for our next guest is our buddy David comment here from the Charleston post and courier to simply give them a follow on Twitter. At the CE ENC I do and David. Look what this 1617. Days before kickoff. Not a bad sir you don't. And that I'm glad to be back here my home base of operations. After being gone between vacation and surgery is a great they'd be back it. Lesson no Pratt. Is coming out of Columbia today but they had a second scrimmage yesterday. Everybody tells me it was a sort of opposite of the purse when number two. MI correct with somebody that rustic yet here in their cats and to me the name Rico now role Rico. Well I think we all know Alan the Rico has market and the main thing about you shall not every time you got don't feel the problem is. Staying home field on. Hopefully he's doing a little help prevent it could maintenance this year to try to avoid some of those lower body injury that he adds I past couple feet and go to USC you can look its best studies carried out with the ball in saint anybody you don't feel trapped on creditor can't win. You know South Carolina when that they're pretty hard David a couple of secretly December's three day here he would. You know looking at what's going on with Maryland and everything else how was the how was the attrition rate is at the first time they kind of gotten that much work that much physical work in the shortest time. Hi everybody knew him well you know being the offseason strength program early helps out everybody seems to be very conditioned of course they go to the standard bulbs and bruises. But they only had a couple like real long term significant injuries so that's always a good thing I'm just the other day though they did lose that jab at dot insure probably couple weeks with a high ankle sprain so. You know the best effort I mean I was an ankle sprain can linger. But chabot to look directly going to be a great special teams contributor this year if nothing else. What about depth on the defense of lying you were hit it on your two winner came out yesterday again that's the CPA. In DC DC PNC. Yep yep it's been an issue we know about the NCAA is now looking at the village Josh cook. But how are things progressing because that was one area that this South Carolina a little bit the first three years now a little bit. Quite frankly a lot of times in the first two years of the bus she appeared. Yeah it started playing totally the past few years market they're really competent and who they have to start but the rest of it it's not the that there had to should sit there inexperience you know so that you don't have a lot of guys who have played odd that starting form deep into its front and now there were a couple of guys that you might could've gotten in their. They're going to be Al you know Tyreke jobs young man from altar he towards the UCL a he's not gonna play this year. And then you look at I hate cute kids reported significant switched it to get a Carol and ligament that scored duke but he's going to be out a couple of weeks and then at. Have to get that back to us have formed so you know they're they're out there they're trying to find the best guy to do it Rick and obituary like that the cherry on top of their current collapse it's playing very well and Kiki did in the air but this huge trying to get those catapults or they're confident when I have to put him in gains. You know it's it's kind of the vicious circles sturgeon you can't get expert that you play. But you don't want to play can they don't have experience so what do you that. Well and then again the other side having college football you know should meet blacks here he's been around he's gone through various issues health wise and everything else but. You and correct me if I'm wrong it kind of felt like when he showed up that expectations in the future were BA rusty and kind of linebacker but. He's kitten but inside. To get some more speed on the field they're. In the middle. That's I'm a big thing about scheme mark just because they did so much with that buck position it's kind of stand up a structure. And you can have a guy like a Bryce and now William. Play that immoral linebacker role Greek in anti gay wan and more of a traditional consistent kind of role. To play that Ford himself blacks here is more of that in that buck. That can't rush the passer but he can't possibly inside just to get some more speed on the field I'll hopefully they can I get a lot of production out of him this year because you don't like a lot of his work coming out of high school you're supposed to be the next big thing but. Allotted tickets can dissolve partial treatment because look or attitude because the book club in her picture but something that could have been aborted he really hasn't done anything that he's been here so he's definitely going to get that yet this year. All right one more question football related. Who's the backup quarterback Jake Bentley has been named the watch list for that Johnny Unitas golden arm award but you know in this day in eighth whether professional college or even high school. You know you'd better have to ready to play at some point in time of the year. The coaches have no doubt that Michael Scarnecchia indeed we got going there and make all the pros that Ian says it's the same situation last year. Everybody's hoping and praying that they'd have to see any significant time I Scarnecchia mill beat question and it's just the heat had not played that much and you know they need a little bit more than just strong armed so it ever came down to Wear a QB without. Have to play significant. Time Scarnecchia would give it shot that I put my money OJ Urich moderate and high school player in the lion's share of those snaps again if there was a need to and then of course she you have to look at the carrying judge ordered true freshman he might get your current charisma but right now. The backup quarterback in the plane and you arc and kept her main backup they need to take Bentley upright they're gonna come under a great year. No data batteries we got begin finishing up with target for an date click on enter. The CP and see that that DC birthday initials DNC proposed in courier also. Here we go dot stately gain cuts in the road that the TP tip there's a book that David wrote as well about that memorable season always be willing to check that out but David. Who was more intimidated there in there arena last night is I saw picture of double play aren't Anderson and frank got. You know that could Barton I'm telling you to do with the puppets guys won an entertainment sport the other gets sport. Yeah tell Yale degree you know one of the toughest most ferocious legendary enforcers. In the entire sport pictured with Arn Anderson you know that that that really made my day so look paralytic could Kabul fell by all R&R ad by all and there's going to be year reunion not forced them. I think frank take on that totally Blanchard or all think he'd be natural and. You know I actually played golf with Foley pointers at the two were throw hunter golf started at about five years ago six years ago it was just an absolutely. Fantastic eighteen holes talking about that. Back in the day all right the other thing is don't want to get out bright Barton in the jagged cuts basketball team released its nonconference basketball schedule today. The lesson there is a part of it I guess it will. In November weather updates Providence in the first game and then the you know either Michigan or George Washington in the second gained you've got whopper coming in detail after the gamecocks opened air Reno last year. That is an interesting road trip at quietly at Michigan. In and they get eleven days off like bring Martin light they're right around exams for Virginia comes in on December 19. In the eclipsing covenant on December 22. But that those ACC school the 818 will be right. There early in the season. Well they should be searching you know this is probably the toughest nonconference schedule that frank is never lined not public that's what you got to do these days try to future RPI unclear and you know a lot of people say boy why he's like that but a team with eight new commerce you could call good or call it bad but I look at it that this the kind of seen that with that kind of schedule you can probably win eighteen or nineteen you don't have to go too far but one week and you're happy I will get probably ditching in the NCAA turn that being said with eight newcomers. It's going to be awful. Could win 1890 what they're schedules so we'll see how it goes with it certainly a lot of blue blood programs lot of tough opponents Allman nonconference schedule. All right let's and we got a lot of talented people here in the state of South Carolina but I'm not sure anything more talent and in the posting couriers that you covered in the game cut it's great to rate her on the tigers. That image it's a cop and everybody else working down there. I gave you put all your work up on Twitter DC PNC but what yeah I'll have coming you just give us a little bit more than two beginners. That openers there on September 1. Well a little bit everything as we get down to the final two weeks preceding can't agree upon Clemson quarterback situation in pretty much everything else going on around tiger and the gamecocks to check out book. During your direct health. Hey David let's advance sometimes it yeah we don't go to salt without the hockey man dissect everything he did it I mean you and your lovely wife got the open ended gift card here smoke on the water just let me know who. When you're able to come up here and take it created jobs in again thanks for everything operative by. Well no problem man in time I turn out all right again that David monitor from the Charleston post and courier all right we have opened but it is still the top of the hour. Will we will get the kept him from clients and gave me an Oprah clubs and sports needs as the tigers held the situation or scrimmage earlier today. In a course damaged when he met with the media afterwards. We'll take your phone calls that he got feelings on the ballot situation and it's up ate four pork GS PE SP. It's also tend to keep its birthday. The buttons brother Ressa our butts. You know it diesels by Ayers servant and a couple of that capacity he training. So what I don't lie hole. Matt Hogan back there are bored now man because these rules are boffo across that actually notes that says. It first we're gonna call Matt Hulk Hogan bit like it Hokies know something like that why Ian we should have not had a a bone to pick with you real quickly he can hop up on the microphone. We should have a name it yeah I know he's not an intern. We should have an amien turn contests and put it out there on Twitter and find out that. Yet diesel is causing some issues with in my household here I don't know I'm doing it right when it comes to raising my child are doing it wrong but I got the feeling. The easel somewhere responsible sports it will hit about yes will we hear not announced urged. Yeah I got him yelling need to have a name me and turn challenge I mean he again and no he's not an intern he is a producer in training. But still we column and in turn. So we should have to Matt Hogan. Right if it's our right and they you know I we he's hours yeah Hillary Rodham yet. He easy jaguars mean and I figured that much out yesterday interestingly enough please don't go out and jaguar. No no we're not on the music getting to try to make a name that cool. Jack with Google. Are right so we can column bipolar and trying to making a problem why because what he grew up an analyst keep in South Carolina. He's got the entire SEC east SEC west thing going on. But Collins president dogma that. Do I get to speak for myself well for figured out even to you know my best remain college who's not a member about returning. He was it dealt with odd though that he was that from Metairie Louisiana to make it out the pretty good that Spain's. Ever figured out how LT truck dispel a simple letter word. A U I mean talking about making things difficult. Pint right they're the bone of contention is with you all right malice and if you can have that self storage. Yeah I was curious about Obama thought I was honored I was not a defend myself and wellness. You have 38 or two or you keep your. They'll let the truth get in the way of comes with. You'll figure that out about radius titans definitely don't give listeners a little I did your back real because. You know just keep the one thing tweaking it you hear ESP in upstate is a wide variety of back. Well I got hooked LSU football when I was about five years old and ever since then it's been it's been game over in terms college football. And now in the US because IOC's fifteen hours away. Here's an idea to happen to drive right and all the way Mir. That can be a law good like you were glad to have you been. Yeah it is will will have some fun new appointment important no doubt about it the board now here's what some of the stuff you make it up wit. So I'm dale the rent. These elect got to be honest with the diesels not a board we when we say sport's ultimate pizza parties are we mean that with all the love in the world because he won't accept higher accolades now that's as far as I was literally. Right diesels literally become part of our main. You date been on vacation with this before each stake in time with less he brought. But this one's on you okay if you can decide if you're making a positive or negative impact on my daughter's life McKay are you ready. Crimson down the hallway in my house last night. ET TM and now he's crazy train by Ozzy Osborne as sat tour. Yes. You know where that comes from don't you please please don't advertise or using down hallways search. All right I'm walking down the hallway in my house and eight season the hall back there and you know we were built about white. A new master bathroom and closet at least can be partners here in about the next weaker says. Bush again season there realize it again crazy train by Ozzy Osborne is what she was in the mail and on suspected tastes. Yet they how he got to get on over the mountain flying high again there's some great Ozzie tunes that she needs now. Well maybe competes about it literally stop that it went up on Twitter I don't have fun doing this writer not that there could be a whole lot bigger battles. Victor picking with the seventeen year old daughter. Who's it who you and means that. All right Tim Tebow saw his name pop up. Honey do list today you know were almost out of what we'd like to call list over here. We've had. Every list that does for two months trying to get a third kick off here next Saturday are right. Does the him he biodiesel com mail to Matt I'll take your opinion as well keep your obviously hardcore apple ball in plus she grew up there in Florida. But in your opinion it's Tim Tebow come off. It's one that the ten biggest bust. In NFL history in Easton are light line you know and I mean now I like I'm a little bit longer in the Alston. What I do remember Tim Tebow in his rookie year with yet timber broncos'. Leading them to a play off win. I think Tim. Though is a prime example of expecting too much. Out of the players that we all knew probably wasn't going to be that good anyway and he was a side he was eight. He was one of the most electrifying players to watch as I love a guy who plays but that haunt them much heart. And emotion and you love that because. All we see of these guys who have the of the canned answers you know how to answer the questions perfectly and it's boring. And Tim went out there he wars faith honestly viewers' emotions honestly to that is emotions were positive you know he's not a baker may feel about David Graham and his crotch or. Planned flags at the right DR he's not disrespecting the other team his whole goal. Was to uplift his own players in his own team and as proposal was so refreshing about it we love and I think we all wanted him to be a good pro quarterback. I think we all kind of knew that he probably wasn't gonna. Right there's still expected too much out of them. Right but still should he be at the top of the list of him because I didn't hear in a minute because document home making the case I don't hear you should be. Yet they are much bigger bus agreed. Matt your analogy may even as you grow up there and Florida but for that time here is Tim Tebow. Actually I've made Florida football works stomach you know and I mean again. Yeah do we. Lifting its team verses of this stuff that we saw them make a great deal mayor. Absolutely and I think if you look at a lot of these defensive linemen and often especially you know like Erik Fisher. Lou to local companies are highly drafted offensive linemen they're out of million in two years Tim Tebow. Was a first from Pixar we've come a first round pick. Is out of the lead within five years that's a big deal but I don't think he's one of the biggest of all time especially considering all these line and I was just mention what. Well it's it's pick out of state tying the year that fear it could weaken economic your little bit. The biggest pluses NFL history in my lifetime it's our key grip. The only to die and Heisman Trophy winner in. Went on to do nothing in the NFL now that would be my number one it will get that when we come back. Quick rundown of some empty both accomplishments. Tebow earned 31. Years old today we key stuff kinda old I bogey. Like me. That's nothing left yet he's on the disabled list right now in Minor League Baseball but some of Tim Tebow it's accomplishments. Buys 31 birthday included being a part. Of the 2006. National title team in which Florida. Routes Ohio State 41 to fourteen in the BCS team to gain of 2007. He's also the 2007. Heisman Trophy winner finishing with 32. Pat. But that have been up 32 passing touchdowns in 23 rocking cuts to. Also you remember. He's probably more memorable for the promise beats that year that he delivered to the Florida team it's well is there and after that loss to Ole miss they're. In in Gainesville. In which he whole team rally derailed it they went on to win ten more games in another national title in 2008. He also breaks SEC record for rushing the cut scales think about that. Herschel Walker Georgia Roger. Even at George what partly. Tim Tebow the quarterback has the record. With it the seven rushing but failed to its more than anybody in SEC history. He was 181010. NFL draft first round pick. A bit Denver Broncos he also had a kombat vs the New York Jets on Thursday night football he hasn't started into the starting line up. After a one in the restart he led the Broncos to five come behind and come from behind wins in route to an AFC west title. And of course that one gain. Which we're talking about with the jet with six minutes left. Not by yard drive for the winning score out yet which he scored on a twenty yard run. The 2011. AFC wild card game over the Pittsburgh Steelers he remembered that overtime on eight yard game winning that's dale like. He's also a bit of minor league all star. In the Binghamton. Rubble ponies and he's made it double in a completely different professional sport. In oh yeah he happens to be the 88 former miss universe by the name at the illegally now eaters now parts about the meaning in the African needs. But she's still a former miss universe. It's actually dissect it kind east ultimately do a former miss universe it's the up for all of that Bob my 31 birthday you can put these number one. As the biggest plus the all time when it comes to this now that mayor. I'd say at this point. You can almost call Tim Tebow the greatest failure of all time because he is great. But he is a failure at his sport is chosen sport of football. But everything in his life has gone incredible. How about this is he the equivalent of what I watched about a biography shows last night when I got whom in the background. The history The Rolling Stones that history about. Metallica but this was said about Guns 'N Roses wooded applied it to him to Eva. Actually will get that when we come back for four GSP the as yet. All right remember you've got seven minutes detects the by Ian keyword and 72881. It is bail me AIL. Now let's stop and think about that that you can only text in the key word for that hour which is now but now look at the 4 PM keyword with the race. The IP of keyword is bell. Is there a little secret message in there help be cover he smelled it we added the album will give you the six via keyword maybe it's what they did wrong who knows maybe there is that the year. To this stuff but again you can tax bill BA IL. This 72881. In our Carolina coaches free cash dance contests remember twelve times today. We gave you an opportunity. To win a thousand dollars three clear on Entercom Entercom green bill as well last ESPN upstate. So diesel you're talking about be one of the greatest failures in. Yeah we're talking during the break yet either one of us would settle for one of those accomplishments. That we just talked about with Tim Tebow absolutely. Are right. It honored you as you know phenomenal music guide people need to realize that last night biography without a unique. That runs that tiger beaches it was all music related. And I watched one on. On. Oh god. Guns 'N Roses The Rolling Stones that too and Metallica. And aren't they were talking about the band Guns 'N Roses and it's. Nobody has ever sucked handling greatness so well. It's a really fair statement because they screwed themselves Axl Rose as the media. Because that's why that's was the only one and a brain there furlong tying. It people made bottom that you could see the ice there's a lot of truth in that. True but they're new tour did net over 500 million dollars so they're doing something right. What appetite for whatever what it was so. How that was their first album. That was appetite for destruction now they had yet we waited thirteen years according to this buyout in my last night. Art Tai yet happened there now I'm I'm talking about their their most recent world tour that took place over last fall and the spring. Netted over 500 million dollars. All right so will see it taking pity he picked a winner they continue does suck it greatness right. Here's a list he could sign me up boards well and we will continue this one on the other side. It's we endless overhears we get into real football. That the ten biggest bust of our generation now it also. I throw in one I the only one older ain't. Because I'm older you know I've prompted the in people's not match younger than that are set. What I eat but all of the high draft bust I don't think about some bite it went on to Whitney. Playoff game and Matt I thought you had a legitimate point during the break. In which had Peyton Manning not let the Indianapolis signed with Denver and so what Tim Tebow is football career can come to. He was coming up a playoff win. In that rookie season but of course you know Peyton Manning comes in. The rest is history the Broncos go on to win a got a Super Bowl title in his final game what I think Cuba. The bus like one of the top ten bus and our time period. Can write your leak. All right. Number two overall we ever had the expectations are right you leak urge these meet him Tebow win. He was drafted. What about Josh McCadam at number 22 in the first round likely the only team that would take it up but all it takes is one he. Rightly you know we saw it became a battle. DNA if that faintly in the U cool calm collected nets. Of hits to a career that I see are we take it junior has all the physical attributes. In is passionate eagle at Washington State that the greatest era is a part like nine Kia. No right to Writely to me about it hates it because you know that would that career NFL passer rating of fifty. Fourteenth cut stadiums that 36 that are sick inner interceptions. That's so much worse than what team Tebow did. He was at least 75 point 3% passer rating. Logged nearly a thousand yards rushing now only completed about 4849%. Of his passes. Still better than what rightly did now to give rightly some credit he battled the next season everything else that. His ball his way through it do. Yeah yeah yeah I'm one the biggest failures when it comes to. And rightly. That advises won the two biggest box. And I don't think there's any conversation when it comes to. The chooses to empty those games just didn't translate to the NFL you know he he he's. He's dubbed a bigger stronger Johnny men's L he had the ability to run around and create plays. And uses creativity and had just doesn't fly in the NFL. With a name you mentioned we're gonna will get. To an art can't. Station after we I get our clubs and update here at the top of the hour from here deals with Clemson sports needs it. Anywhere would you agree when it comes to Tim Tebow and Johnny man's now because that's still come back to the fact it. That's got to play off wins and Al couldn't get anything done now. He gets it second bite off that apple if the skin. It's bad that be peaking it quit throwing interceptions. For the Montreal outlets right now but the reality it ain't that pretty bad Zia felt that he says there might be a little bit. A little bit of room to improve the legacy of Johnny Mann itself but after a week through out pockets of club simple all what are some of the things that. But on this list what are some of the names you put on this list we'd love to hear your opinion but that kept him from Columbia. A little while ago with a buddy David Potter after the Charleston post and courier now it's time to get rid of the clips and here. At the top of the hour with our buddy to make the annual clip it's sports needs that tiger's daddy situation all scrimmage today. We'll find out if anything happened when it came to the quarterback. The position or anything else is tablets when he met with the media. Our number three light from smoke on the water when we come back.