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Thursday, August 9th

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It all right welcome back is we're lied final hour of the day east version radio dial in that diesels gonna let me do when he gets in touch with that Shelby mass bracket wag. Dot com and will talk about some of these new rules because again my eight it's not that you can go into the draft and not get picked and then go back to college basketball that's common cents. To me what it is is it yeah Howard you get a differentiate between these elite prospects in the east other guys that mean you're making them feel bad. Right in there but will talk with Shelby when we get with them but grow quickly. Listen we got another special guest but there's a lot of people that are made it that it made their way through it. When it comes to radio on one of our big sponsors and a lot of heart our friends ever Carolina press farms. And we got glory vets with this and Lorie he talked into the biker friendly. You're then you're not the horticulture Huard the most of purse important person over there you're the marketing manager if you will particular pressure arms and to great spots or bars but. Why is that so important to be involved with radio on for Children's Hospital. We now being Carolina fresh farms where we're like a family. And we believing give him back to our community. We like being involved with. Several local organizations Carrey and this is dissent and we done for several years. I personally never had to have it out in the Children's Hospital but have had for that. This is of theory theory import it applies and we just feels. That is so important for people to support. This this type of cheered in right you. Update Lloyd tells a little bit about Carolina fresh archer mainly aside farming next retail hours tells about a week we have six stores across the state of South Carolina. Six retail stores were mine is sod farm are sod farm we have one in Orangeburg. Area and one in western North Carolina until camp. Where cold season grasses are crying and so we have the gracious and finance side anywhere right now. We. Also in our. Our retail stores we had eating everything you need to help your lawn fertilizer on take your view grass. Garden that kind of thing as well as the Kingston tonight it to look for him boulders and and in. Mulch in a different things for your clients. You guys not just about the grassy anymore but yet one of the prices my wife and I hate for a half hundred dollar power bill during the summer. It's living under canopy trees whenever Yelp figure out. How we can grow good grass under a canopy to agree with all that water going into the tree roots. All in the end that's the point sketchy guy at different locations for what different type of grasses that she grows well. Basically matches master. And these the same way with what your problem is Steve. You need to concede. As neat to have I had 30000 dollars with the breeze cut. Cars. I just went through that in glamour and not have a beautiful backyard now full. I isolation grass and it's just it's a nice thing. And I love watching my little grains and ran around it he thinks it's just it's Friday and. I don't do anything the right way we should have done great work in did done our renovation and addition and guess what. But Shelby does it ya bit. Now we did that home renovation and addition now we need to do free work sooner or later by Alabama education is gonna pay off. Trees cut back our allow. And lord what what is so when I hear sod farm had no idea what that says so tell me a little bit about what he sod farm went down and Orangeburg looks like how much acreage do you have things like that. I'm not sure of the exact amount of average but it is. So much that I can't even that yeah and what they did it's why add in space too weird like at and and cultivated in marina in brawls yup and they cut it and a couple of days. That easy to get the grant started back in the isles goalie now that. Not art that it is and delivered a distorted your next. I get afraid she's odd front airline conference board's. Because it doesn't see it I'm Alan some lawyer. We deliver it directly to you or directly to the store you know whichever yeah however matching aid. And they're cutting it into the grass immediately search growing underneath and again without it takes a couple of ways yeah I mean you can't block I can't Pentagon's much like here it art. And this odd play. Eking out and walk on Iran. Let the dog battery thing yup you just you have to let it sit in your lottery. Mania lottery and we have been glance this summer your half we did. A lot of nice ranks. With that being dead now we're getting in to where we nine handsome. Fungus problems. If you're starting C specs on your Grassley. Give the store closest to you cop the case. That got herbicides in the nineties side of things down would need to take care added we have a store like cashing in Greenville and one in the Duncan Spartanburg here. That Lott's past and there's trucks with all that solid it is a lot happier occasion that passing the trucks on the 91 with all the chickens all the way up to you. They are and it. You can't getting back to be in a sponsor that's one of the things I love you all this money stage right here in the upstate South Carolina. In our sponsors are all locally owned and operated business and that's why. I really really loved radio on it the site yet it's we're saying earlier miners coming into the hospital to have your child born. Hear really anything that you want to go to the hospital for. Right and and like you say. Care on a fresh arms is I family anger brightness and mr. fogel from day one and when he started out years ago you as a little hay farm. He firmly believes. In in in giving back to his communities said that's why we feel. It is such such an honor. She'd be associated with the. Well listen you said that this music I think she did fantastic so our first time. Higher per well. That's your ability to keep people at each Childers a problem it's a tackle Matt and keep all that Maryland yeah Danica. We'll listen Gloria again thank you all for everything you do especially for children's hospital and loved the relationship that we have. With Carolina fresh arms and again I intercom we do a lot of things well. Do we do a lot of things great I don't think there's anything that we do any better than the gates radial artery. And I think that's all right listen RE SPN upstate dot com you can go out there you know after 7 o'clock diesel get the podcast loaded. You could tell your quietly yes your sons and daughters. I rocked it you can go listen to it on the podcast on the yes we got it going at Indy in an airman. Well actually what he's doing it did if they're listening to Bob right now yeah I put out a personal challenge and 500 dollars to guess what they can met that challenge if they can hear you but Lori again thank you for everything and look fourteen year over the next couple days are right thanks Larry writes here's a still lot diesel for whatever reason we had one of those phone numbers that it did not like the Reno and other ended at what voicemails that. Shelby is going to be Colin and it about the war by minutes that. We don't normally go out to break this early into the hour by if you have now figured out. All rules don't apply here I love it like honest so you go away. The finish at like that's at the earlier their one of the break that said this is why I laughed so hard but he dale Padilla. Track she heard a cat. Are right will we come back with about college basketball's new rules which Shelby that's not to see official bracket apologies for USA today. But the official bracket colleges for ESP and upstate. All right diesels back there working as. Fast and furiously. LaSalle to pay this much. Is we get down to the app final minutes of The Today Show. We're gonna have a guest. One of my co workers who make this show look a whole lot better. That much I know now. Diesel time because you know Shelby Shelby student to prod to call us. We know that we had a bad storm out there it garlic that it Woodruff writes to. With this kind of keep on prior to connecting keep on moving board that is the beauty of live radio and the beauty now giving. Mark Childress back with they yet with the container bullet chicken yeah I'm good thanks for the hook up there man but you know taking care army L shell I really appreciate the right thing in UH earlier of course yeah. She didn't give it to work covering for me while it's now more than happy to give you five minutes to put the down in your face but. Shelby stride because diesel stride because Shelby says. Will. Will just keep we'll see see what happens but. Mr. got a couple things separate state played this afternoon lost to the national six to three. And another bad break for the Braves Anibal Sanchez on the mound. Took a line drive off with his leg. Just like Max free did in the first game of the series Max treated at having to leave early. Which are placed by Abel and the did not do a great job exact same scenario today to the rays got two terrible breaks. Sanchez as far as I know right now is okay you know Max re had to go on the ten day DL. So the Braves lose today Phillies off the Braves are now one game behind Phillies but still right in the middle. The pennant race and now but again if you ever heard of that two pitchers going out in four days. I really feel like the Braves up played the the nationals would come away with a two and two split. Up there and I. Asked you this. I was watching the Braves last night they were up what 71. In the end now Washington. Washington got a couple runs in accorsi knew with our power out we were actually somebody somewhere else that day on local establishment. The next the end of the nationals manager earned them another Pitt coach. They're just all the up in arms with one of the umpires or doubt what took place right now and there there was a lot of personal views Nazi Rama continues hit a 452. Foot home run. And then go up over the wall to rob one of the national players told Matt out and you split the race. Hi you miss some of the best highlights of the year for the Braves it was concerns over the strike zones surgical team was getting. This is he's a rate financing this faulty was getting some calls last night. He he was getting some he was filling heat and smoke it looked a little bit out of the zone. And a bunch of next guys forget rung up and they were not too happy about it so. Plus a the next man always in a bad news we're pulling it gets them all time so why it's hard one that thinks happened Bryce Harper rubbed off on so many ways now. Tonight. It's starting in about 41 minutes we have our Carolina panthers' first pre season action. In it that the Buffalo Bills that you don't think these guys are ready to play it's somebody else. I just watched a video on Twitter. They make sure I get it right from who it was wrong. From Matt Walsh and Walsh media. AMD and Kelvin Benjamin. Former players teammates. They had some words all the field. If they weren't even dress out in uniform yes as I was and Hud we love each other that I was not each other's space now I wouldn't it's like Kelvin it's. Here's the big hearty you hear the audio of it went out you watched it. It kind of looks like it and again I might be wrong but how psyche and whenever you say eleven. Calendars turn it back to him kept covenant Calvin. You know listen to Kelvin the only reason the other team want AG because if you would stay in shape is at wide receiver for the Carolina theaters. The backbeat and that is football. It make you an alternative for another NFL team to go out right for it. That you maybe bad the Carolina Panthers but don't beat this it to your old quarterback. Yeah I still don't like the optics of how it is here and look to god knows that he was gonna be receipt or leader should have been done back in the locker room someplace. Where there weren't any cameras but does it feel like cam. You're gonna say it's you know he's getting a raw deal but if you don't like cam there's a lot of guys out there that don't. Here we go again Cam Newton started out it caught in a conversation he shouldn't yet and so. I don't like the optics of it I wanna dig a little bit deeper to see how that was even allowed to happen. By the Panthers staff. All right guys so yeah will. These it would just keep but I go with that he can. There's something out there in the universe in the atmosphere that's allowing our state number yes not to commit which obese. If for whatever reason now. One of the biggest things that take away from college football today. Bill Snyder signs a five year extension with Kansas State. So because Italy's like eighty to 83 years old. Or the apocalypse comes works with two on I don't that the rain coming today that its sales and this may be. He retires in a couple of years yeah they give them those last three years as a ya gotta give a right or year deal right because you don't want guys come in and think and can't wait their whole career for him. For sure. So the hype years that it would be to get that first paycheck from Kansas State western union delivered via horse and buggy. You we were talking yesterday. You know at one a move that went tale that nobody really remembers. Was in 1979. Team legally top. Leafs eclipsing university staff. Takeovers had to go to William and Mary. If you adults it's is that his retirement yesterday expected the into the 2018. Season. After thirty. Nine years I didn't realize he was a former Clinton guy he left it's a position coach to take that job well by you know like I gave that second thought 1979. Out right before the run. Their first national title. In the TV lake cock retires from way in the mayor. 39 her nails it his retirement thirty only two other coaches. At didn't at one school for a longer tenure he knows they might be but it's one album. Pretty obvious that other one else does. As Joseph Paterno let them eat number 146 years in state. And Bobby Bowden when they're 3040 years. I don't out of Seattle. Amos Alonzo. Optionally here for awhile at 41 years Ayers and me in to even broke out correct you pop rock in the teeth during Q2 games so called Davis salon does that I think so yeah that was as of a year chewed up. Sisters do you think it tallied a little lower number on it. Do you think in today's times will we see a coach that even stay somewhere 25 yeah it's the optics are different the ER is different there will not BP anymore. Bill Snyder's now. Yo a lot of football played a lot of football people looking go up tablets we were hoping that go to college life yeah he'll be an article that follows. It. Nick Saban Alabama no we won't. I would agree with that a smarter and be the next guy you know what you want to beat that guy that replaces the guide but my point being. I don't swing probably is going into his rear its head go to the clubs and tigers. Why he pulled me once it yet no plans to go to in his sixties. It's got other things he wants to do it. Interest in Easton. Ellis 4748. He's pushing it because we're out of the same time. And I turned fifty this year so. Yeah old yet you watch like this because I like them are opposed to your Smart that you want the permanent you don't call the old right here. On the year about that far behind Davos when he is errors Sweeney's forty years old earned 49 on November yet he was born 1960. I made the case because Nick Saban it's apparently told people in the Tuscaloosa area. He's got six years like. I don't think that the most important signal coach nick is 66 or socially 72. So you're saying that those got a decade ten or eleven years little leagues a lot of time that's never an hour and a and I don't fill light that I'm here Eaton said. I don't want we want these guys sixty years old that my entire life it's been defined by B and head football coach I think he kept Wayne. Have a little bit bigger vision for some things later on in their life they've just been a football coach coaches walk. Yep which you know when they back the bank truck again and your driveway and to start spilling the whole thing points out on your eye out in your yard that might change things to do is built taboo world they've earlier club Philadelphia in the hell's gonna buy that they sweeter to college players apocalyptic. The rest a year light. Somebody's gonna be foolish enough to take that I'm in Alabama after Nick Saban retires and gets what care can repeat it for eight miserable. Miserable existence I I got a question for you see Europe mammoth fan ninth. Next let's say Nick's gonna be their six warriors. What is success. For you. For Nick Saban for the next six years is that a minimum of two national titles maybe three. Just look at this last six years not as body of work up till now. In the next six years what are your expectations. You know where you setting noses at them you can't get so upset with me you're gonna say you're fine with the no I'm worried about one thing and one thing only. Local yup I'd say yeah here's the deal. The pay off we of helping conditions this Alabama fans regrets do you think this way this is the weight Nick Saban is conditioned us. In the that the formula has worked pretty eerie very well yeah I I kind of laugh at some things. This city don't wanna national championship last year with one of his worst teams Alabama since its first year. They were being around what six linebackers at one point in the season yes claim it literally was spoken meters to a certain extent. You know I've heard other radio host of god if there ever had a quarterback in Alabama thing with they committed that they can do. Cornerbacks don't wanna really go to Alabama consistent system you're gonna run the ball. You're gonna DT in the dot they had it because if they don't want to eat at the last. Nine vs just by about the last nine now. How can he knocked his success rate so again. Yeah I get it from a bloody across the street that get a check on against say hello to. In yet he's already talking about you know what's the over under twelve went for what's above about. I just don't think that way why it's worked out for us here in the last 89 years to you kind of get a gimmick guy like but to be honest with the I think there's probably a couple more national titles in his final say here's I didn't like it which say ending you know dabble it has a lot of the same right were focused on the next game I I think that. You know this isn't something news that have been invented by these coaches that they argue and a good job of landing the plane on it but. Interstate. So you'll say to then. I'm trying to get today into the question and you don't want to do that he wants to out of the next six or what are the expectations for battle over the next six years if you're gonna if you get a measure him in the same. Data need to get if data gets one more. He is cemented it PRD is alleged Clinton I'll be forever. But he goes to a status excellent candidates in May never be eclipse you how to weepy Urban Meyer from this point Newport. With this debacle that he's gotten himself right up I would say. The only person that has more titles not neat Nick Saban and data swing is Urban Meyer right that's what you get right having the hardest image when it cut. That I would want more national championship leaves himself into. Yet that this ticket mets' coaching college football with the rigor pork guess why. Yeah eastern real rare fighter before all is said and done that it would we look back at this time a few years from now. We old. How will not talk at 1015 years down the road will statements titles before a playoff be looked at differently than after the playoffs started so. Well we're fifteen years and this play off will it be measured like. Old Davos Sweeney's 12. Played off titles and Nick Saban is one to play off titles and four other national title to see them saying. Do you think he's become even more important and bigger. As the playoff continues over the years and that the once it happened creek playing off our looked at as a lesser you can it that's the theory it's shifting question now I'll take a national title anyway you can of course as a whole year whatever it you know whatever happens yep it that it. Exceed ended. He got that one team beats game against LSU and they changed college football because we went down the BCS to college football player often. Got to look at that when news that was thinking when it came to the landscape of college Republicans they were trying to make sure that point. We will never see US EC teams and another TUP two date. Moving forward now what happens last year to get Georgia and Alabama but people can complain about it as much wide. Georgia had to be Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl Alabama had to be clubs and in the Sugar Bowl. So they've both got there about winning pick out this what are how many years it'll Coke has just been four playoffs we've got. I it or we've got five playoffs he's been. And diet. Knicks got two but it traveler urban were to win another one this year they would also have to play off national championships. So I just wonder. When we when we go to ten years down the road if the stuff that happened replay office looked out his lesser listen I'm not trying to take anything away from them are men. Or any of that and just kind of curious overtime at these become even more value yet a couple of but not mean nick are are very very good Ohio State lists are up and borrowings brings in that area you have gone back and forth on two what are couple times got out of slap across that Jacko if you will from a couple of Ohio State fans about. Yet who are you mute the Greenville, South Carolina to be talking about. The Ohio state university in this matter. Check check because when I'll tell you this much when it comes Ohio State. Beat a school from South Carolina and he can talk smack on the South Carolina airwaves why you're 05 against the palmetto state. In my lifetime while. Yeah that glitzy Gator Bowl Clinton angling back to back losses to us South Carolina in the Outback Bowl. The only team I've been out yet we know what happened Orange Bowl in the college football semifinals yes. Beat a team from South Carolina in the can now law school. Until that point your role you're not it's good it's about matters date when it comes to football we got five consecutive games to which we have. That outcome that you think about some might hit me with this loss. Think about the high stakes situation. If they have to get rid Urban Meyer look at who they they have gotten rid up in the last thirty years is sick. And it starts with. Source who Woody Hayes after that clips and loss in this of course that Jim Tressel and now the possibility Urban Meyer. Wow that's a policy that is a list of that you had to get rid the go off the bill situations. That's pretty pretty amazing all right when we come back. DeVon baited Mir will get a update from our. Hey she's a proud Carolina correct guess what they're two and a against Ohio State bowl games as well so we'll let our brag a little bit about that about it. It's we have wrapped things up here because it's weird Al dale pitches thirty year called makers. What were raising money for this hour workshops in 42 bits to keep hurt this summer nights since 95 bucks a day. We could really do with thirty more pledges to 877. 7195437. Its radio Don T test. All right welcome back the analysts at that we are trying to close out this hour will be back here radio -- to mark. We wanna finish strong or raise some money this hour sent forty tickets to keep urges weeks let me. Hey you get right first of all we get radius bowels of virtues of getting caught the ball with the our South Carolina grad Devin big premiere she is. She's one of our vice president in charge of something over there that are on digital cell I think he's out of line I did it from an actress listen I get your proposed an all day long got like giving your race speech you can have a title let's see it at that time with her accent. Vice president of everything to start calling yourself that and the people can only say they would act. I hate you for people that don't know in our building yet on top of everything you're in the day on the sales department Devin you work an entire year. You will start working on next year's intercom probably Monday or the state next week or radiates on excuse me. There's nobody that deserves more credit in a bigger smile than you do when we walk out at this hospital. Tomorrow night. Make him heading. It's very large lobby have to get out of the killing them average increase he's saying that it's it's the best thing we did is it odd about that. It's. A lot dealing with sponsors that meeting the people and helping their business get from point a to point B. That's that's what our business this this is what we get to teach life. A 100% and I agree in. Not only do our sponsors currently and to this because they see that Cheney mentioning the steam cleans the children that. Really are our listeners and he passed you it is the first. Meaning your peers. Understand. That. That name of the lacking your child unconditionally. And to see any topic that. These hearings that he's her own children. That. I think we EXP that its path here intercom. That tells us that we need to do something to step. Children that they can't tell. And so now way in the east team is strips. Him siblings to have others possibilities. And said. The little things we. Avery on TV is directly to children as keenly stage right here lately off represent the entire day topic a lot it was. Real quickly and talking with haircut turner earlier it's hard to can't purge. Yeah wave and we got off they're went to break she actually hit something that mark or ice even thought about windows Spitzer can't hurt. That's when they're siblings get some one on one timer to do 11 tie with the parents who always worried about. The child that's the patient it Children's Hospital so. You have no idea that far ranging effects that the tentacles of radio I'm actually help some reaches. A year rat that kind of perceive it if the kids don't get support and if if they don't the last program their entire Amy. And often times it comes down to their siblings. It can really cause harm and really hindered him getting better saying we we really try to do a lot with the hospital to help. The siblings appearance the bottom support for about on the back at the eighteenth at Atlantic entitlement is it possible. All right. So besides a great job that you do it via C Ayers thing god will hear go gamecocks yelled a couple of times and you're office. Office this year no doubt about it DeVon it this is some Miami wanna reach out to you whether. It's inner its advertising at the Italy Euro one of our stations are just be any sponsor. Up next year's radio Thon alchemy if you. Says I have the world's longest statements complicated last name off them who you living they can't just speak it yet. Add it south African dance that an out and more than any anything good mate and he's a great Meehan says I would not gesture recognition. And it in England is interest. And detonating because we're Ollie is continually taking donations even after we finish on Amare. Com or even advertising. On number one job. Intercom and it will even if he days off next week and you pick he currently thank you say that industry directly and Q4 1864241. Fourteen and one. In embroidery. On direct ones they mean com. Well listen. I'm gonna take I'm here for the kids. No doubt about it today until more than a policy here for you. After that means that under percent app reaching out to use just sent out to green hill farms yes please give an I heard on answer in. Yet. Not me wanna math favors sponsors is great arms out of all of our sponsors all of our clients that Tommy and faintly are fantastic. This isn't there town they sponsored. Small compounding pharmacies and its retail pharmacy team but they're small pharmacy and for instance. And yet they are biggest sponsor right on mainly because a lot of there you know customers are actually right patient here yeah that'll. And they deliver TD Amy he get around you easily compound in pharmacies and able to deliver at davis' two children. They're just a wonderful wonderful mainly an awesome sponsor and I just chat happening now that you're a great job. I do appreciate everything EDU Andy Bean airliners and a pitcher here and Mikey hit early and get better you know what you're getting mad and you wanna make sure they get better that. It is true. All right thanks for everything when we come back you'll be our final segment we'll have one more miracle moment for you. And that will close up shop will give me a little idea what our show who's going to be about the kids at a bad I don't do a whole lot of realistic at this show. When it comes to things mark Childress march Sturgis will close up radio on the Thursday additional radio Thon. Light from the ths the lobby. Are these one bad we need to get our final miracle moment out this about Hallie key. He was born with eight rare genetic disorder called Baidu hunter you'll disease today. He's the only person in the world with this rare genetic mutation. How is heading medically complex needs sheets nonverbal. Limited mobility. They weakened immune system on going Caesars. She's not supposed to live past the age of five years old she's now nine years old and she sees multiple doctors here at Children's Hospital. I met her brother and Anders chain on Monday when we were out at all culture in the soft kick off here for radio Thon and her family just an amazing. Brothers that she has her little brother is well on their family incredible people is very close to me. The music in the background me actually do this justice is sweet child of mine I Justin Rose as. Here's a miracle moment with elegy. All right diesel that was our final one of the day and again think about that we have those type but doctors right here in great what our. Your first day your first radio Thon. Pretty amazing. Time. Just here to target top sports it is I wanna get involved with camp that we talked about camp courage earlier. That definitely moved me today. The biggest thing to me was just how much energy here and everybody's violent and yet. I know we're raising money in their own joy and that but even some of the families that I know were going through so much that are coming through talk and honest. Everybody's got X-Files if he can come up with an idea this in the you know wheelchair so it could be around this and if you need a little attitude adjustment and I'm not talking you know I talked to any of our listeners yes. Beat by here about 6 o'clock when that group or goes off tomorrow night to help me. It's not something pretty special now. Can you give us an update here we've been on the air for three hours we have the final major of the golf to have the final tie the PT TV chip is being played in August. And we haven't even discussed it just a little busy I did say yesterday Ricky Bell. Was about two weeks while you're looking pretty good right now Gary Woodland I think has three straight. Birdies he is out on the course right now on eighteen he is at six under Rickie Fowler at five under brand in stone at four under. That's an Angel recognized coming up here Austin cook Ian Poulter pat parade as Jason Day a handful of others all in at three under. Dustin Johnson also finished for the day at three under he added up to five that dropped back a little bit. On and then we had Kyle Stanley two under. Of course separate clips and had a pretty good round playing well John Robb's two under Molinari is two under Justin Rose all of them still out on the course right now Tiger Woods. Really rough start I think he went bogey par double to start this morning I see a little bit of that on TV. He actually worked his way back to even parts of right now he's tied for right about fiftieth so. He's doing this I feel like a lot of tournaments he's having one of his first two rounds not very good. And then he has great third round starts out hot in the fourth round in states he's gonna have to go really low tomorrow. And position himself a little bit better because this field is loaded yeah church well. Once they will keep you up to date on that tomorrow will retry it will try to reschedule. Shelby mass with bracket wag part of our panel also for 37 mark. Have Helmut granting him from the big dot com. Talking South Carolina football camp but the one thing that they want we're we're gonna have a police blotter date if you will was on the that's been put stuff going on. In I may end up on that blotter because I'm sure Brandel Chamblee debt to hear what I have to say about anything but that it's their bigger moron. A bigger talking piece of moron in the media. The Brandel Chamblee calling out tiger is having yet the the most hunters are career. Not taking advantage of this talent. We want fourteen acres yet now he sat there instead tiger will go to jail and it's one of the most though golf careers ever. Boy you know why they win a major before story gets you you know that guy still understand. I used to be a player they don't know odd jobs but jobs not to be their best for now at least be able to show up for dinner one night. Yeah no doubt Brandel is quite a lightning rod Beck wide gap he's. But he got back down from a that's what they don't know but it about it he will say here is my opinion but the view may hate it on me get a ton of blowback but I'm not to be eating one inch off of it I respect that ran that play golf here at the S state of South Carolina went on to play Georgia Tech with professional does some of the same work. Cannot stain brain cases such as he walks in the room he sucks all the energy. Nobody wants to be. They're in that room all right guys thanks for listening today to mark. We are making huge difference to our final day a radio Thon and again now one thing we've had a lot of great guests alike great sponsors and within the police blotter reports that Maury. It's an PT ATP chipped great job to date diesel keeping everything together back here. And looking via weather report here diesel we just had to pouring Gael rate. Have a blessed seeding will be back for date number two radio Thon or for Pia.