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Thursday, August 9th

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All right welcome back in our number two mark Childress reports Sturgis who we are lied here at the lobby it. Greenville hospital system is radio Thon 2018. And listen before we got to the father to bat in the gas line again we have one taker in the first hour my family. But not 500 bots of one of our listeners would like to call in in match that offer will give you all the palms up and everything else and courts we wanted to thank our. Chief operating officer Heather Hudson from nine angry. They're matching it on the spot was also older checkbook out literally sit right there there so that's awesome that was pretty cool so again that will let you know about being a miracle maker and everything else is. This the best thing we do but a lot of people are. They get out and kick off August 25 locally what September 1 it's our pre game game you'll with clubs and sporty scary how you doing today. All right I don't. And here at the hospital enjoying it and yep that's you Keyon when you're dealing when you raising money for children in payers and all but. Had you quit basking in the glory of getting the hang out with Brett Favre yesterday at the indoor practice facility. Quite surprised if you're a political outlook yesterday early and new net it will have a gut it economic campuses are leaking now that we got there. And we knew he would look into the building he was right there that would go out into the indoor facility and you know we kind of flopped down to show and everything in any way out and now the ball rolling and hung out and quick little trip throughout the that is the coaches and players talk with people and and we're appalled that your real. It's funny he's been Iraq next to me out there actually initial early on pretty much cheap shot McCain got. That's the that's really cool yet I certainly got Brett Favre. OK. So united that it'd be in the story line it lets you know where Clinton is in the college football world. Correct me if I'm wrong right now we have no power in America who produce the radio show last night and it didn't come until about eleven. I guess 68 here Thomas delivered a hit in the Paltrow yesterday they kept everybody talking for the rest of the afternoon. All yeah definitely look it was they have sport and our allies. He picked up by our resolve or oh running back eight it's looking got. It does matter that they're the 1000. And it looked pretty much the Nikkei in. There on the spot don't want to go oh crap all but also that we that there. And it was quite quite what it is a elliptical orbit Gilbert I'm kidding it's quick look and Spittler hit and plan to go I don't well yeah. But now. They were talking to Gary McDaniel from Clemson sports news site scary. Lawrence is the last thing that we're following a relish on let several large I want to talk about big decks Dexter Lauren. And the word coming out of Clemson is that he is a 100% for the first time maybe in a couple of years. And he is looking better than ever and that's got to be really scary thing for some opposing offensive lines. Oh great that the public life. We want look at without the Dexter on are not huge pay cut package and you're using Google along article it's important com interview online on the page of all all our usual this week. But Dexter. Mentioned to the equality that there should be been if indeed Beckel. He thought there at the end of the ritual here he got injured. And then last year he actually call people you are exporting it it all last year. And I know we're being told all you heard what Judy was to look at it get better you know about that at all. This will get back in impeccable before we don't believe in our percent. But if you look at next. He looked like we're really happy. He was it was the main attend an interview that it would end he really let up on the Obama how to be a long time now. Pain out Gary McDaniel from Clinton's sports news Gary got some time I think with Brent venables as well. I know that he hates talking about this defensive line and it behind closed doors he super excited right but he doesn't want them buying into the height what what's his kind of take on the factor appearing on Sports Illustrated right now. It didn't all this national press. A lot in helping coach venables thoughtful look at what can be hungry you'll want to let the war going after repeat the statement read every Saturday you know. And I think that. I'm that I thought were appropriate now and equally. Show confirmed it via the concern an area. Capable guy is a concern or talking to right now he's very. It was at the end of the core unit or right now. I don't know is secondary with the issue of Goodrich and I come from multiple critical level really it really make him. Happy man they call and get that. Fortunately contribute now that the but you'll almost immediately. You know I gave one at being called an Alabama now face each other three years and Perot in the college football playoff and they're dealing with a little bit of the same issue when it comes to a quarterback position. Yet the new guy vs the old guy. I thought that statement which actually kind of back correct when he said you know the ones are really worried about this is the audience you know it's not that that you dill to the football team. Can you say that you he'd been here every day content is sort of the same message. That tablets delivering this football team because those guys they're gonna know whenever. That transition takes place. Only only hurt you know when you're from nick we'll hear from apple it's such speak out there gotta say it got told accompany your quote unquote but. No pot. Sure a locker room at the big deal and leader like a bit cooler and with jail of course they connecting to it that well. You know last year. Let them to a national championship bureaucrat out last year. You know. Happening now with that Kelly you know killing at all any charity seemed to be linked or Joseph won't be a little bit more on. What it looking well walking you to connect it I hope that it came to apply and apply at all. Purely we will we get it and it'll it well or like a fortune dot com. Can accomplish the giving yourself. A little flat at Chile beat goes you know and the Clinton people that are now. The true situation they're bottom and literature freshman you know. Your candidate that again they only did already put their package for him to come in during the club's game the shirt while they need. But this they created this there are you know one apple football. We. Joseph looking gold eagle not being injured gay marriage of football game. Can neatly triple bolting in no we don't kill that he's in Albany at all. But it is that there won't let people have been no that people forget that locker room pays big dividends or how all these guys who football they'll. They were talking to Gary McDaniel from Clemson sports news Gary when your when you're out on the field and its practice in in your taking your shots into those things. We're sure I gravitating towards is there a player that might not be getting a lot of press right now. That you find yourself while focusing on with your camera or your eyes it's they're quite happy in the mainstream yet. OK okay Gary on Kendrick got. The main we will look at the moment in other critical here because he cannot look I'll put this song just at all. And and and the actual Coleman and clutch dominant big promises indicating. But there are injury number ten and any program. This guy is electric with the book audit and equally hard he eight wrapping up returns right now playing well. They plan that put him in a special clothing kick off return. Electric. I think we're going to look at tech talk about it group at all the receiver group is scary guys. I thought it was alcohol the pot with over 66. And and then you can only BP well and now pouring into that one of the ball aunts and don't want to limit the what global they've got it'll probably that they got some pretty big bodies out there and amateur Justin off. He can really make it pure play at six foot three into 08 coming into a true freshman. Pretty amazing. I get out to carry McDaniel from Clemson sports news. They carry with a new richer rule right it's any player can play at the four games now and not least a year of eligibility they can still declare for a redshirt. Do you see the firming game potentially as where a lot of these guys that might be borderline. Or you wanna get out and became action do you think you'll see a lot of these guys early herbal affirming game be used more as let's make sure we get the starters it's on Iran. So they'll be ready for that huge week to match up against Texas saying them. I I go hit three wood apple lasting and you know the previous season opener and against. Liked. Competition. I don't see. This same MO. They'll put it we think that they can and it bigger opponent on parliament more than one touchdown after that but the the Betancourt after halftime you might he'd pushed into a series in third quarter and an income get into all the different. Reserved for all the military India bench the first or can't it can't. You know and the the gimmick and it. Right all right so as the Carolina Panthers to look import dipping in on somebody else tonight at 7 PM and pre season match up but you don't get that luxury college football so. What's next cigarette. You know a scrimmage coming up because as you know here at the end of the first week and of those guys he has they rate hit somebody. Doubt it the ballot in which will be there after the scrimmage what a sports news will be right there or coverage finished interviewing players coaches. Post scrimmage. The shopping go. There have been forced marriages of public the next always those who couldn't determine what the biggest star quarterback and starting. Coming up for the seat belt and making patent very important. All right tell our listeners where all they kidnapped by your work Clemson sports needs dot com what you like view what you all do and everything else because you're gonna recover press conferences and a few other things this ball force. Absolutely absolutely worked well we're thrilled that we think that book yet get a spate or export the comic art that a trip on the web about the art the quarter. Called sports and we. Try our best to provide a rebellion in the upstate in the air listening area and all our region the best consulate but we can't. What we re. All of a throughout the faulty wheel. I'm little credit card telling you you can log your FaceBook or Google account you can sign up what you need now and then again. Well what we are well grant it's right or they don't working really hard. And they're looking forward to detonate skiing and working yet you know that. All right pace K at port get beyond next week and that makes for catches up with clubs and can't appreciate Europe. At. Alright listen now we'll catch up with help but grab a hand. From the bigs are dot com to our. South Carolina also to. Closing out their first week of practices wells that Clinton today South Carolina tomorrow but when we come back here. To the lobby G-8 jets were gonna bring you a another miracle moment if you will this was about Jeannie Williams and of course. It's part including Kevin Dunn state farm. In his lovely daughter Emily done it's well. They've been here so give us call when we come back and other mere Coleman. All right the Ford diesel were poor we play this next memory. Yeah miracle moment. Guess who we failed here ths in the lobby it. And how how can we bring you back on its one of our former employees and in co workers if I help but not your Mike but it. I don't these you know you sit right across from me wearing something with the hell they hear on it. I had no idea tell me. Element to tell him that you are a little the two bullet handy Tomlinson rolled tie. Are we wandering around on the road Hyde says can agree with that but he found out there and that you know you know to come in and talk about the help than harm on a joke in the did that obviously big honor to be on here. With he has been in upstate help there you know it is proud beyond belief that would be a partnership with he has been and also for. Are sponsoring Europe the radio reload. It is not just radiates on you guys are now to sponsor our tax line when it comes to yes Vienna statement Matt yep that's giving you a hard time yet you've gone on to great things here in the last couple years since leaving us see you were. A member of our us Health Department did some things on here. But you can actually hear how or radio Thon it's gone you were working for dinner coming year number one this is our eleventh year. We have now raised over three million dollars and all that money state locally right. Today that that have a grass roots effort to make magic like this happen now you just don't see it that much in life in general but especially in the community. You know and yet you're right and and that's kind of confusing thing I worked for intercom for most of my adult career. And then held there you know ask me to come onboard and I've been blessed beyond belief to be apart that helped their but I do remember being in these halls here in ths. Meant 1211 years ago. And you know it looks so amazing I mean that the work that's been put in to make this look and field and via legitimate fund raisers is is is astounding but. You know it it's been a process all the way in hats off to everyone that's been done a lot better added over the course beat him back and eleven years ago we raised 300000 dollars a year. I think three million personally that were were crawled up on so that's that's the help there and we week week in express how proud to be apart so it is all this rated. I'm not old guys like you this is my first radio Thon I Hamels like you but it's not for sure if that -- little bit about the health care and I and what you guys to. Well it's sold the health there it is is nine need a comprehensive health and wellness program not a weight loss program we do or a whole lot more than that and and in the you know give the elevator pitch that it ended the day what were doing or are thousands of clients across our markets and worse and growing as if we are. The solution for anyone out there that's wrestling with type two diabetes we get people ultimate form in the insulin. Or program is gonna help you reverse the symptoms of your blood pressure high cholesterol if you sleep apnea out there and you don't want anymore you need to you owe it to yourself the called help there guide agreeable outcome we're getting rid of that stuff we get people perceive that machines that mean it's incredible what this program will do for you. All you have to do is make that leap to disagreeable outcomes and it would. Yes yes in dealing with some stuff what your heart stops every time you have one of those rhythm yet he will when your sleeping in the bill that not enough of that. You know ended up catching up with. You know Reggie White bay area's other people that yet here at the greatest athletes in the world but it was sleeping overnight ended up costing their life. I mean it's an epidemic out there you know until America. Adults I think it's forty or 45 plus one and two. Either or aren't diagnosed with some form type two diabetes or or undiagnosed or some degree when movement you know it's an epidemic out there. And look you know the the two often and solution out there and not in you know practice but this is just you know give them. Exit you know you have approach you take medication or mitigate the damage but over time if you address the world underneath that reasonably. And help is going on. That eventually that will decide its second one. Known him for you know if you know that that the wound underneath the third and it's almost people make it for the help there we won't go away. You know were making were getting people's bodies healthy on the inside in the natural process is involved but I'll. As we reversed if that's tight these. Are likely to do it all Childers you do again with everything he does. Here's a little side. Personality when announced that sack a office and I hear about it you know when you're dealing with that medically she she's got to have a little outlet for something Ellsbury. Each team be eight in Miami ring announcer now here doing a little bit more. Of that nail seeing I guess when it comes to our broadcasting. Of these events anything cool going on when it comes to enemy here in the upstate I hear there's some low fighter around here it's done really really well. Yeah you know the ups and some bill South Carolina the home Steve in the lives right Thompson one of the top. Ranked 170 pounders in the world the baddest man on the plane and it went seventy with them since bill is denies scheduler me too and look at him today is that. You know growing sport I love it it's that it's the basic content that you take two people in martial art you wanna use box of rocks Russell and judo kick boxing doesn't matter let's see who's the betterment you can use whatever. And and that's the base export its Mary people sometimes look at it is like as barbaric. You know over the top bloody you know. Fight this now it is that relief is not that it it's absolutely a technical sport and if you want to. See live in the may action here in the upstate. There's a promotion called 86 or fighting championship you can learn more about it 864 Etsy dot com. And how much did the broadcasting and housing for him into the fun argument if you ever been alive by it you gotta go. There's nothing like it because one of the things it yeah I'm not sure you're old enough children Sunday you grew up Chattanooga. Back in the day when great bull was not quite the bastion of restaurants and every entertainment that we now are. Every Monday night at the old memorial auditorium we had NWA wrestling yes yeah I'm talking the great it's like yeah bag MTA guys like that. You never enjoyed wrestling do you actually made it dale to grateful memorial auditorium I would say the same thing it's what gave its. If it's not about Ayers standing up on your neck leading in. Do that by not knowing that this set it's going to be the last second and that Matt that the language we all speak whether a moment where part of the world you're from throwing hands and feet in Grassley isn't buying the language you speak sentiments you don't know the rules while sports soccer football baseball basketball. We all understand fighting and it's not like those events like you said mark you know. Being able to be live that one of these offenses is incredible it's that different and very visceral draw. I think we need to get these so yeah I sort the crop we had absolutely why can't we get him in the event a big Hazelwood bulbs and heads of data that are taken out you know on me this week with two black guys are you gotta get on tackling actually. I said the wrong thing about white the other night and got. Yeah I had it happen to catch seat license plate number that Buick there Arabia over at our neighborhood and it turned out it was registered to my wife let's and I only beat up on sturgeon mentally and emotionally yes yes it needs it. All right so again the health day here if people wanna find out more information again. You'll hear from here on ESP in upstate and other intercom stations that how can they reach out to you man. Our message is simple look you know we're we're we're so much more than the weight loss program that that that's the health there's so much more than that if you were wrestling with type two diabetes if you are struggle with high blood pressure high cholesterol via sleep apnea. If you have usable bowel syndrome count the we get rid of these things for our clients all the help there does that. The only thing that you have to do to connect with the help there does go to ID or green apple dot com. You can give us a phone call at 1877. ID air Meade dot com or ID or green about com we'll get in touch right away and put you in with one of our client managers that's it it's complementary policies nothing you have virtually you or your whole life to get back enough to do so I'd highly encourage anyone that's wrestle with that stuff or or weight issues. Come on the health there give us a chance Schneider. Well listen we appreciate everything EP thanks for hanging out with this a little bit so great EC while. It's like facial hair I'll fight if she's going to get I'm not the most cognizant that I've ever been in my life right now Buddy Guy Kevin Dunn. With this beautiful daughter Emily ever hear. He you know ill agree that right now like that is the idea that mark takes a little longer for the elevator to stop the word right mark. I'm not just to sponsor and advertiser Mosul listener in the show sounds awesome and I've been walking alongside you as you get going this healing yourself men on the ran for yes though. So bloody idea here agree upon mile grade right. Real quickly Kevin going get up here we're gonna swapped you out that we'll talk tee up next match here speaking up because you know one of my longtime sponsors Kevin Dunn state farm. Turns out when I see buddy Bayer earlier mark and a go upping get buddy they're they go hug it turns out it was your daughter Emily and stuff. Felt a little weird about that when I failed out after the fat. How you do and I've done it the great talk about why you're here today because you for people that don't know much like me you've had. You've been dealing with supply issues that it's taking EDT university in almost a key to Spain and everything else but again this is a couple of days that we can stop. In a four when it comes to kids. Yeah. He. The Children's Hospital here sultan. You know fortunately. I never had to experience what my family. I've had friends who had their kids here this sort of hospital. The closest thing I have our remember when. And Louis thirteen months old I remember going out to the Hillcrest hospital which is part of a group health system and our attitudes couriers. And you receive thirteen month no way in their unity that solely for just something as simple as as achieves our member of the anxiety that I felt from that. And died to see we'll let you know these families go through and see this little kid earlier earlier this he has taken his first absent Leo looks like he's about eight years old. From a a disease that inflicted very young ages. Just shows you know the power that this hospital has medical care that we're fortunate to have here locally. And like myself who's had to travel to Durham to have some you know to have some some treatment. You know the more things we can do here locally to keep parents you know and their children here in town and and if they're here locally here. I think his this is much better for our community any spammers. Game like he said he different side of it comes with that your state farm. Yet state farm agency opt not just talking about it I'm actually clot you know what I mean and yeah you kind of take Zain attitude to your business we're trying to take her Children's Hospital which is. Yet just make your payment if anything comes up we got you covered we're walking through the process and that's why it's awesome CU and family here and yet she's going back what. Two weeks of the university's South Carolina to start graduate school. Yeah that's that's another 100000 dollar donation to. Here cops. Got through their undergraduate degrees. In four years that was chemical. And as we listen to back get a master's degree in master's can be in health care administration. Honestly when de que La land back here and you know very well system with a full time paying job you are completely off of our payroll. That incident and answers you hear this summer's and you know great health systems this you know they provide it says right here for our family through the years it was just love to get back. All right how can people get in touch with you again that they need to come here tomorrow in. It come check it out seven radio stations everything else going on in here but. He knows the spot and how how can people what they're thinking about live and it starts orca. How can they get in touch with the. Yes so like your eye and LT yet he'll ultimately our website or Kevin Dunn insurance dot com or call our office at 864552151. Day that the state farm Kevin Dunn. We're doing a little promotion for the next few weeks for every quote that we he has you do not have to purchase a policy from us if you would just let us what your insurance for every was. We're gonna donate ten dollars it is the Children's Hospital here in Greeneville it's on average we'd it is somewhere around a hundred feet deep once a month. So you know we can keep that trend operating recent you know look at we it and you know a 1015100 dollars back to the hospital here police. Please help us do that and just you know ths in the two hours just goes something this is rose national well. I am so glad that I did not take a little pinch off the body Bayer's backside Delaware Erika iPod it got punched out about quarterback good friends it would slash not accurate they are. That's why about dollars as black belt in Taekwondo I don't have to worry about idiot I think a lot of you know herself all right buddy thanks for everything you do it again we're lucky Italy on tomorrow advocates that. It you know it's it's a look better earlier set roll tide the boy her eyes got about this big at the she's thinking big things for the cup football. Maybe we'll get her with our buddy Helmut granite hand from the Pittsburgh more about seeking to oust game cut on you know that. All right will they keep a much when we come back will make up that miracle moment diesel and guess what that will continue guiding our weight during listen we started out this hour. 8050. Vehicle makers that only fifty dollars a month we are ready have it he doubled. You can call hold free at 8777195437. You can make it different since some kids in some Ayers slides. Eight diesel give us a weather update from the corner of Arlington would prefer it. Looks like we're ushering in the rain of Vigo the car paint being out there stirred it where given absolutely creamed with rain it was right to left before now it's. Left or right I can't see the trees on the other side of Darlington road. Over in the the stand optical parking lot of the rain is so heavy I can't see the trees. Right this is all I got that sport before you bring on here Qatar orca hundreds of power tonight we had out for like three hours on line. We have to have to go out. At dinner I want statement tonight but listen this is pretty cool. One of the direct means that it's off she. Children's hospital and everything else up mark Childress again it's your first year mop board. It can't hurt that's where these these patients teach children get a chance to go off to Tia. In its overnight and think about you know what appears she is the category. Yeah dollar per couple nights a week Erica turner here she's the director of birds. And of course that's pilot's duties children's cancer sinners well. Erica I'm gonna turn this over because I'm definitely dealing with smarter people that would department universe yes you got that rank so thank you for joining us here and thank you for having me such a tip. Give mark give or blisters and a little like did. What he encourages all about the consistent weeks in the summer. Tickets can be hit. Yes and encourage hasn't been so here in my heart. And camp is an opportunity for the patients at the pilot charities children teachers and ticket ticket for two weeks out of the sun. And we had to keep in tune that's for ages six to twelve and an August for ages thirteen and can't experience and just a normal opportunity for them and to be regular children present to you can mean in swing and hang. And just activities some really fun thing Amy not too otherwise any other type of our staff from the violent charity screening comes to keep all week that the doctors and nurses are there still easily get them. Yeah I was gonna ask you about the specific activities it sounds like you just turn him loose and can do much stuff to tell me alone at more about that yes you know it's really mean we have parking cars ranked team and retreat center. So we do all kinds of norm and it's impact. Activities that an awesome IDs some specific programming. Based on a theme for weeks and this out topped at this past week and we had our team camp and the theme with Harry Potter. I have and we had been different vendors Karen and do something that they can't sleep put on a quid each tournament. I have which has really find out pain and and King of Pop actually teaming up tick and we have a local. List of vendors. And different things for our team so it's kind of in between Norman and keep experiences. And some program mean and opportunity. For our team and it's pretty neat. I hate to say like this it. How many tears are shed on a normal daily basis watching these kids get the opportunity to meet you act like what they are children that I that he act. Right now as the director there are several moments right just stand back. In on them. And in ninety cheerful at times and it's really neat because we do you have several vendors that will come and give them a tour of key and be able to see the magic. And I can talk about it all day when you see it put that in perspective. With me also I'm guessing probably friends for life for a lot of these kids especially if they if they're having to dealing with some of the same issues yes and that's exactly right we have some counselors. That had been keeper since they were five years old and now they're in their twenties and roll out at three years to counselor and it's gearing up to me EP type of I. I brag on them all the time that our our group has really created is it's some of these kids have been different since Faber. Company. And and now there immediately eighteen or like I have come back as counselors. Well it's amazing if it's a mice as while they're listening in this its touch their heart and they want to help now how can they get in touch with you because. Yeah I thought something this act it's been somebody else's money on and I'm gonna actually a follow up on real good idea yeah yeah over the parents but it. Yet you think about it from the the children's perspective but guess what the arts actually get. A moment a normalcy in their life. That's exactly you know one thing I do one on that he would fifteenth just completely free of yes forget every single camper. And so certainly it's something that kids may not be able to do otherwise medic clean house of and it would not be possible without our first whether it works and we're just isn't the only would it be able to do do you for the kids. If events like the radio Thon thing did not take place I just encouraged. Any link to its knees and two Johnny he's I mean and it's and it goes directly to our kids and I see the magic every year. All right so again I can't courage your firming grad yeah -- bill about September personally see that first ballot in tiger match up that we see you know while while I have to same my husband played football for Furman that I am incredibly optimistic. About a particular that's doing there yeah tennis so we are true talent and and so I'm gonna stick with my ends. Very nice well I know this much I hate it might bloody the athletic directors becoming a player he could Brennan he's not going anywhere anyway story been approached sorry thought shared information might they. You know the best scenic QB with Furman athletic it's his son is now a student at army also. I think Gil at least keep my corralled for. For that link that time Erica thank you for what you do for these children were can't urgent. Dates for take a little time in cheered. The information when he you guys sentiment it wasn't on simple team all right diesel gets out to break when we come back we'll catch up with this miracle limitless and we now meet 32 mayor Coleman makers. Here in this final twelve minutes let's see if we can't cut into that. 844 GSP yet via. So. Again we're lied here radio Thon this next piece is about Judy Williams her daughter Margaret was not breathing properly. Game when she was borderless. She was in the eighty twice it was all full life support. Her daughter's lungs were full of infection caused by E. Coli. Think about things you've had healthy kids have had a healthy child but it never thought about E. Coli now affecting the part that much out. They didn't know she was gonna make it to be here Children's Hospital made all the dipper. Now marker as new developmental. Delays and is doing well here's Jimmy. To talk about. Her daughter. All right welcome back in and again critical moment there now diesel you know I can hear anything from children killed here for the rest the segment he managed to get the last pieces date back there. For about backstage else that you litany hurting on it over here. I have about a big today so I can't really complain big shots of them. For feeding all the producers who are in the studio they're spending all day in these studios. I'm running radio sponsor they can't not get lines should or anything like that now so shout out to to bottom baying for the taking care of us. If you you know I forget about that is supposed. You know it's not just about us in the seventh stations set up here they are people back in every single one of the studios take him you know the light feet. People have no idea how much. Extra staff. It takes his inner calm reasonable to put on the three days. So again. Congratulations. To Omagh are right listen you've got two minutes left. The next day. For the six they're pretty by PM keyword. Will give you a another keyword. In the 6 PM hour that you can text. This 72881. In twelve times a day and again another week going on next week. In our twelve Grand Prix stats cats contest twelve times today we give you a chance to win a thousand dollars pre clear. I'll pay one day outlook important tonight when we get whom in this is sports related to Carolina Panthers are opening up their pre season you can hear. It's 7 PM on our sister station rock 101 Mick mix in India. In the broadcasters and here's the thing. There's like three different games on tonight at one time T know what for the first time this year and trust me I'm not going to be the only one that Stew and you'll be flipping channels between pre season NFL games in the they hope that it's actually on because. Really only two weeks back here about Avaya NFL pre season are weak number one. Does that mean games are here. In the in the final week when nobody plays because that means the regular season starts the following week then there's the obvious. Things when it comes to pre season action but again a lot of different games also. The Atlanta Braves got to give him credit they made up another game yesterday just a half game back. Of the Philadelphia Phillies is they got a big win. Up there it Washington Nationals Park last night so the Atlanta Braves continue chugging all along this half game back. And of course looking forward to this and it rates coming down the stretch are eight deck here in the final hour. We're gonna talk with Shelby bass from bracket wag dot com home we come back. Listen there were some by changes to the game a college basketball a lot of people were saying. These are just cosmetic he's got some thoughts on him. It's he's one of our basketball specialist here on straight up with start. Did it to radio on after Shelby mask from bracket why.