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Thursday, August 9th

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I welcome in upstate. And audit the sari Brothers back together mark Childress mark Sturgis we're all right well I don't know either man we will be here at the here in the lobby ths for radio Thon and we are countless hours you know and beyond that we got outback steak chicken that they sponsor right now so. We're gonna alternate segments and that. You we weren't one segment Ali the next segment taking a little bit longer to do so but was there anything left after assault the stash you came back with asserted they left for me for hire better who yeah that that's the reason we companies exist not to raise money for rod children hospital it is do you EE well audit diesel is out here earlier today and that. Break east York pizza that was the one sponsor and I. Yeah breakfast looked he. Tomorrow let's see we've got the picky about it being as well as. Iran also some of the plume will be going down here but here's the deal mark got. What's your first impression you've been hit radio on your first radio on for about thirty minute. Right now in incredible how many people are down here how much energy there is how many sponsors are set up and die. Lot of Stanley's walking around that I know get a chance to talk to later on so very very impressive Jennifer Jamison. I got to know a little bit on Monday and that she's for and my wife she helps coordinate this whole thing from the hospital perspective match he does an amazing job. In our family dinner compass an amazing job there's a lot of effort so many people work and late hours into the night overnight to get all the stuff done this. Elisa we will incorporate some sports talk here over the next three hours which include. Routes that you you know again our guest knows that they have to be a little bit flexible right now. That includes Adrian bring it for 37 ESPN. He site. Top basketball it just got home I don't really know what's going on but that's not why I wanted to hear your brain to. He's going three. The patients in the year this year it Children's Hospital that are battling to be inspirational message. You want the coolest race IE is I have seen. In my career was. He can split the cost of football team the day before. State massacre in the semifinals out beaten it yet you have something exit out. His message to them was. Difference between can't and don't that you in Indian meant to hurt GM which seeks to report. Again a lot of that can apply to what these children what these players are pointers to it that's why I taught him that Kerry this like you're talking to a camp audience. Yet to allow a lot of that says eight anyone have a message. At 437 we're gonna get some clumps of football team needs from gave you the top of the by PM hour. That we will talk to Shelby bats to bracket wag. The top of the six via power why some changes in college basketball. Lot of my friends think this is a whole lot to do about nothing right male. What my issue was is what some of these schools seniors can open up the the hawks with agents. The other team they're good enough well guess what we're just making another. Segment this you make your not good enough to an agency you're gonna yeah just and that's the only part that concerns me. There's not a seventeen year old Rory seventeen Euro family. It needs to be talking with a certified eight at that point in time and it looks like only certain kids will be L which of all there's some confusion around who gets to select his eligible. And who isn't so. Again NCAA not known for getting things right the first time I think we're making some moves in the right direction but it seems like there's more unanswered questions and answer. Seems like its class warfare yeah if you will appear good it not to be the one of the top twenty players you can talk to an agent otherwise. No no no no you idiot do yeah lets him once got to talk to there'll go. You know what I mean it's a matter to wage should be but that's not await this 32 right now so I can't wait talked she'll be seeking cleared up right to a game we're here to lobby at Children's Hospital. Eight ths at radio on its work Children's Hospital. Now here. There are things that we're gonna tell you about why we're race in my yet here our entire job years to make this easier on the patients to make it easier on the main. Nobody comes to the hospital had anything done good except delivered trial. It's true I mean maybe some cosmetic surgery I don't know what that's elected but really the only good thing that goes on. It is. Having a child then yeah I remember my daughter she's gonna be junior high school. Two weeks in neonatal icu in Knoxville. It's now never missed it day of school had an incredible years so that's awesome so again will look to pay you our power our sponsors things of that. Nature which includes Greenhill pharmacy. We got nine round out here we got Kevin Dunn state farm I mean. Yeah Lou we're just just. Yeah in the beauty DeVon Vandermeer over here yeah one of ourselves laid to ten years that we meet 37 miracle makers this hour. What's that. Fifteen bucks a month. That comes after about fifty cents today you can make it it's a one time donation or you can do and pay every month. In again this is to let go shopping for hand held him help me by. Now right these are not GP stop and think they're they're only 7000. Dollars apiece all right. But think about you know when you're going to keep low and you got that bad stuff that you buck. They have. Behind the scenes in which two in each will help make it easier these things cost 6007. Under in 26 dollars. So we are looking for a miracle maker she can call 8777195437. Or you can text ths. To buy one bite bite bite on top of go make it mainly talent to receive some I would like to meet the status of the sort of Spain UK a camp. 500 dollar donation one of our listeners out there. Wow I I spent a night I heard you know that's my personal challenge that's my personal. A charge says. 500 dollar donation from the Sturges family we would like we'd like for more than one Bartlett just to match that but. I will that's my challenge out there. Now we've Lewis just suck it up and down I'm just fiercely because. Yeah. I'm on my road to recovery yet DPU we don't want these bills beat passing on to the people we want the concentrate on getting better and listen up in his. In Athens works has seen a child in the hospital now time sent. And so we're gonna have a lot of different things that we will tell you about today as well also diesel give us an update for your visit out here earlier today. Well I was I saw the exact same thing that mark Childress saw just a whole lot of energy a whole lot of positive that he in the room. Yes sponsors out there are great. If you got any questions about any of our sponsors stop by and talked to him because a lot of them are in a lot of heat. I saw that and then I'm around guys rod did there was another gym that was out there. Please stop by and see himself by AA if you're anywhere near. That area of the church street side of Greenville please stop by a hospital. Just kind of poke your head in and see see what it's all about the signs all around the front side of the hospital pointing in the right direction. Lou for the radio station vans are all parked right outside the doorstep Benton and see what it's all about is it's great. In speaking up you had no why did they ever be we had joined by ads here and and Heather Hudson from nine round. Age you were just talking about it right they're diesel as he is our. Our work out actively here on staff. And it no doubt I oh come on aren't you don't really can help but you know. Heather I thank you for joining us here today in yeah I I deal with that tax law and accounting just a couple of doors dale from L a weight infants I have some good. Personally that vote yelled needed on Chris Cox in that clear air thing. Why yeah why why become a sponsor I mean ears. You guys you promote help you go work out whether it's to get help the ticket rationale I would think that maybe you would want to find some. Some members later on in life that maybe have battled their way to Children's Hospital. You know why not help how honestly I mean when we knew our in the help them on the space obviously just one. To be able to give that kid seeing. People they maybe can't do anything about it you know. There at I heard you speaking just a moment ago I have two kids. They're both very healthy would never really had months of anything with the normal sniffles to deal with with Ben and I and only Canty and imagine what it would be like to have a child need help and you can't really do much about it you just have to deal. And I am. We're just over the means health you know my husband and I started its green in 2008. And we're excited that we've grown enough to be able to. Stefan does something like this at this point. Because you know hour with over 700 locations now so it's. It's time it's it's a great time media effect and how something as as important as this. We're tied with Heather Hudson at nine round she's nine round one at the sponsors of radio Thon. Heather tells a little bit about what do work out would be like because a lot of people listen and their biggest sports they got to take care themselves. So what is a typical nine rounds of work out look like. It's always thirty minutes and it's on your own time that's that's to our biggest. Features that that the clients Lovie can come in any time it's a circuit. Seat don't have to make a class and literally you walked in and we start York says that's really cool it's very helpful for most people that just have. Crazy schedule like myself. You are always gonna do full body best other awesome things out. Most of time you go to the gym and you know you work one major body part in maybe an hour hour and a half. In thirty minutes get the full body every single time and we always have a trainer there with the so someone is there. Coaching listing in motivating you make history did newts right in keeping human beings don't quit and I was like to say in just walked in the door and we got you from there because once you're in the early hours like yeah. Just get to that door of the hardest are in the next arguments picture and take care for. Yeah I love the fact yelled got the boxing gloves and things out here when his years we're just talking about yet. Really outside of come into the hospital for your child to be born nobody really European Ryder except for that yet yeah you see some of these other patients that had yet not with Joseph. Stopover there and take out a little under pressure yet what are the right way he to come in the that in. Yeah. What I love about it like he said attention span all of our attention spans are becoming shorter get through these different stations in a thirty minute work out. Boom boom boom guess what you did have time to thinking you realize thirty minutes later an hour late what do could work out you put it. He is and I was like in the anchor it's voters there in minutes. Our mission is actually stronger in thirty minutes mentally and physically. So you'll get physically stronger and I work out even after just one work out. You'll feel mentally stronger because we're not just about fitness it's about stress to you you know you everybody's fighting something which is really just another reason why we're here today. Everybody citing something. These kids are fighting we wanna help you. Part of that I. And that's why we're here. I was actually gonna ask you and you kind of just started answering what drew you to radio Thon GHS specifically. Side to give you know your charitable donations to this year to be epic sponsor its border is a lot of charities out there what drew me towards this is what you're so right and. To say kids and we're there yet the pick nice we have we have two kids again and I just not even in emphasize how my son had one. Overnight stay in the hospital here. Maybe six years. Ford gastric trident and it was the worst kind of lives and he was just fine the next day you know he is he got better and better. To have something more chronic and that can't even matches and kids are always. It's popularity of all the time and their future period they are and they don't deserve anything but the bad if. It is so tough that you had the kids are getting the care that this is also about the Peter yeah what I mean because. Bills rack up ya gotta Tate got time awful work. Yet sometimes she can't do both you know what. Come here impede the caregiver. It will worry about everything else later on if we can help at all it just feels good to be able to do that so now what that's awesome listen how can people get in touch with that you guys at nine round come first welcome here to radioed. Aren't in LA some fun goodies bracelets that say stronger in thirty minutes ago little boxing glove key chains were evidently some great deals on memberships. We have a brain and you store come into the upstate. At the cornerstone in main downtown well as you want and Bo you know like us and we have over 700 locations are probably want in your area around here at. I would just say god in nine rounds at dot com and look on fine China Japan and by an allocation in just the seniors that tendency which ones closest to you. Listen we we thank you for the other sponsorship and again you know I told mark this is his first radio on this is my award. This the best thing we do it and why because this it is not about sports is not about talking football this is about making different were these kids can concentrate on what they eat too yes that's the battle. I just have ever body's listening did something well like us that our family we were technology 500 dollars some might call. Make that donation we will keep you the credit here on Ayers well but I done out there right now I'm OK yeah all right we got our first lives we've done. We've done pretty good let's say they gather at your little one segment into it. They saw stop bidding give them a little grief when I when I had ever wait at boulevard for Monday you gotta stop the mental workouts are and you're looking at covering their next search site what's icon yep and I do I trust me I the way I've felt here a couple I need to get taken out and this year I added this radio Thon I'm on my way to recovery in this great part. Gil Butler right weary are right well thank you very much time that Heather we appreciate everything looked for hanging out with these next couple days all right. So here's the deal when we come back diesel first of all we need to get the key word out you can text it to seventy. 881 and guess what you can make a difference. Are we can make a difference in your life you can win 8000 dollars to 4 PM keyword is shade you can text that. It's seven to 81 when we come back in montage. You wanna talk about why we're here while were raising money. This will give you a little bit of an idea is we are light years the lobby ths for children it's Children's Hospital. Radiates on 2008 team. Are welcome back year TP lobby ths it is radiates on 2018. And let's hear it takes to worry it's not always about the children because you know unfortunately. Not every kid that makes it and Children's Hospital wait an hour but yeah here's a story about two two moms Beverly I. It ran docket. In Beverly lost her daughter Betsy after a long battled to a rare disease back in 2070. Ran hats that scene rear disease in a B that's. Earned their frequent visits to TH yes. She understands the challenges. They loved that dog to dog around here where in the teacher yet they're the and everything else it. You just now that that seized on you know having that connection with ran against. Turn her memory. Listen to this this is why we're here today radio on twenty. All right. We're back here live at Children's Hospital listen what do. There's an inspirational story now yeah we're gonna give you aid and other inspirational story because looks and we're here with. And it briefing and you know you're mainly operating company here and give us an idea of why. Didn't get Children's Hospital means so much radiates on that you guys would commit to be in a sponsor here and be live on location. It was bothering you Don obviously. Raise money for decades to enhance the experience on kids and our patients hospital. And those kids really does need some of them did make themselves happier. That's too weird and you can't really put a monetary value on sports at all. NHL's first time and you're located in Spartanburg it's a beautiful thing Children's Hospital. Yet it serves people from all over the upstate even Ortiz even North Carolina and the thing is. That matter where they're from we want to we want the payers to get the help that they need but more importantly the kids to get the treatments they write yeah exactly that's what we're part of it kind of brings everybody together from all different regions of upstate. Serves everybody and it's really just huge community in law. Well thank you very much for me our sponsor here on ESP in upstate tells a little bit about can and repeating it this is the timing here for you guys somebody else absolutely swamped right now a gutsy sponsored eat anything with in the real look and feel free to give us a call. Or visit our website will be more than happy did you quote on anything but we're Finley and operated since 1951. Status partners as far reaching its. Georgia Tennessee. I'm not yes so anything you need him in the rumors. Nokia especially with all the hail that's been rolling through here in the last couple weeks picture phones entering and yet been pretty trees. It's. Who comes up with your advertising ideas because your current went absolutely cracks that make it up throughout Seattle Tron guy. You bet that your he. No all right again that happened I don't think it's not something to do and the advertising stuff that is Leo it's pretty it's pretty. It elicited you most people think about reaping as she's after storms or when it's going on you know things that people need to be back here before I live under canopy trees that suits get waterlogged SY. Your call eight repay my company and you guys you your family owned and operated since 1951. That's that's that's what you call a track record and I love dealing with mainly owned and operated businesses. Absolutely it's really just a testament to our staff in oil committed just committed to a certain level customer service that we. So how outside dealing with the lovely court you fires that are here. What's one thing you'll take away from today for being here at the hospital are being here at the hospital just realizing on effort energy into it. I'm just really reached its making place. Place out. Well listen we think Kiefer be it with this and of course. Yet if state they're some. Chicken back there make treatment. Some of that on. And again thank you for not only coming here thank you for being in a sponsor and everything you do for us that ESP in upstate as well on it's it's all right dad these ought to pay you what here's what we're gonna do it. Will we come back we're gonna connect with Adrian branch from Phoenix airs Saturday Adrian it's just got in office speaking engagement tour. Yet summer camps things of that nature wider clubs and may as slugger Adrian well number one he still an HTC legend even though Maryland is a member of the Big Ten. Number two he spoke to the clubs and tigers the day before and they're chapel service that he will. Before that 31 and up and beat the out of Ohio State out in the semifinals. The years ago so when I asked him to do it's kinda. Take our patients take our parents. And give them a motivational messages only Adrian branch can deliver will do that when we come back. After that will put out some more. Donations in dabble Tulsa sports as well. All right welcome back into the lobby G. Yes guess why it is to radio on 2008 PM mark Childress you know one of the things that we are trying to do is make life easier. On these patients here Children's Hospital 37 miracle makers we needed this hour that's fifteen dollars a month that decent today. In this hour raising money for him no pain binders. Think about that binding of pain and which don't interject medicine into a two out. These are these units are 6700. In 26 dollars apiece but. Now what do we do different. Let's give an inspirational message to these patients in the parents. Adrian branch is checking in with this all the way out from the desert in Phoenix Adrian I go up by. Heard dirt dirt you doors dirt I don't are. The dead man did you hear your voice. And that number. All right well listen. I've shared one of the best things that I've witnessed with you and I've had a lot of fun we've done some great things you are families and everything else Adrian would. You got the phone call out Phoenix a couple of years ago from my. Reggie pleasant go and how would you like to come speak to the constant football team the day before they play in the semifinals again so I state. If you did it in it was great they went out responded 31 enough the next day. Sent out about that kind of message you know what it yet here we are the hospital we were just saying a little bit ago. Outside of coming here and having your child what good goes on here. Yeah you're battling your going to initiate what kind of positive message that you get to the patients in the in the audience. We believe humbly to the patients and MR I appreciate you guys in the radio. Addressing that and give a bit dark so bad thank you for what you guys adorn. Can you point just trying to encourage you towards the old fashioned as humbly Duckett may never quit never quit just look at moment our moment. Try to focus all on what lovely it pure and positive. They say that people who watch for the initial video. They can final laughter. Have a better day than if you just walking around looking up the walls and saying gloom and doom. Now it's no joke that people have some real big time challenges and some real. Pain in some real. Potholes and obstacles that they go through. But I would say some low lying fruit is get some. Lucille Ball should there be a lose lose recent sponge Bob Gibson Claudia told video and trying to decide to last year because the joint full hearted good medicine but a broken spirit drives up the bones. Well he had great stuff Adrian one of the things I think it's overlooked sometimes obviously decay it's going through so much in the and the Children's Hospital. What what's the message that she would say to the parents because it's a real struggle for them to watch their children have and go through a lot of things and often not be able to help them directly the other message specifically. For the parents when they're going through troubled times like that. Yes that thank you thank you for all being soldiers out of standing beside your loved ones thank you for. Net courting the only time you ever lose or they only time they're workshop that all the time yeah Oprah we meet is if you ever quit if not a crime in your life huge huge ball down every once in a longer life from a fall down and the circumstances that people may be in the financial crunch the Madison crunched the crunch about sickness so busy better hurt their babies. They may be in that right now. But the only time you ever loser is if you ever quit never quit we did that give this a poem about never according. Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit. It's when things go wrong that you Munson. Quit so pleased meant a total got what you are doing document really helped jobs left there it never quit. Yeah there's a reason that they have that saying Adrian branch laughter is the best medicine and they there's so much truth with that you know what I mean and if you and I agree I mean not get personal we talked for about 45 minutes last night not that we laugh during ten minutes that 45 about various things you know what I mean the. Where where what where you can keep your scrambling because one thing about you and marketing and you know the budget or he could speak Swedish treat me just beat me to lead this double third funniest goers are rated. The do but look who broke and I love what you got that going and using this platform. Tried to live a life that matters. Well also yet to drop below knowledge on our listeners not just the patients in the act here givers in the here this is the message. You delivered that constant football team one album. The difference between cave into account is why. You. You did you lower the spelling of champs CH eight empty seats. And it talked about the characteristic of the chants that go recited that remember that third you. Well we're October people who are weeks ago Obama but to ago and it shouldn't spoke for courage got to have encouraged the H stands for heart you've got to have a seal and a passion that things could possibly get better fit any of attitude the frame of mine and disposition may eat him as motivation. Capping a goal and appears real simple perseverance that the oh. Large chart attitude motivations and perseverance but then the difference between eight champ. And they shall. You use. These page love you M. And you make it short so what you'll have all those characteristic of heart passion attitude motivations their perseverance. Well listen thank you so much for taken a few minutes congratulations. On your new contract with the ESPN just yet. Quick pick up on Ohio State University you know whatever it was really angry with ESPN right now are a much. All of our approach. People are connotation that you were brought derby you know what you do aren't about a third and I Michael network. Our best to give me in the girls in that little way and we'll thought he hears him up for an loaded got out of there. There's atrium I toss and yet again that catch you should've seen this kids light up. When most of it is seen Adrian Colley at basketball game but not all of them news yet he made it went by judge. I still I still have that Sports Illustrated with my eyes on it with the title death of victory. Yeah yeah I mean and you know how that yeah he took it personally you know yet they came after lefty they came after all this basketball players and listen a three way he left state he was last evening and the world's a better place port yeah all right so hey let's not quit and call if you wanna get in 84 port ESP ESPN. Eight Wu also what you know Jerry pong. He's got his predictions out we can tell diesel where he can be Macon. His bold reservations here. For the 2008 team policies. Just got a text from my wife. Just heard that interview with major in in that was query. Because it was yet she's Smart lady well just you talk about some mighty can walk into agreement. Yet lighted up with that smile she got the hang out with in my youth enrichment that Dan Ellis glass audiences. He is go to the guys that come. Come prompts diesel. I know you guys noticed actually printed out everything that is easily print out for myself yours non-GAAP I'll sit on it. I even did the same thing for diesel. Because sister urged you know want to know organizers figured yet today we got it gets your achievement also figured diesel was already gonna want to know. Where he can go ahead and make his Priceline hotel reservations in December because now that Jerry palm put out his predictions do we have to play the next. Thousand dollars that of course we do are you sure yes well I'll watch the game to be seated and they go to all come finally hits guess what I feel like I've seen this before. His prediction for the college football playoff the gains on the 29 of December in the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl. We Nazi Alabama vs Oklahoma in the 14 match up. Includes some verses that I'd stick it now outnumber my I think. If you're seen as you said you've seen Wisconsin Kenosha Wisconsin and Washington. Appearing at a couple well polls like the idea of some fresh blood paean and help with and that was Sports Illustrated poll will you talk about that as well why because I think that was success simply done too. Generate some talk others that gap is I mean I really. If we see this for a few more years this thing forward by teams in the fourteen playoff diesel that your group of five guys who are you gonna get bored with the mark. What department of course your wife what the quonset. If clumps that's not involved at which you get bored with the saint fourteen and over saint or by teams year after year after year. For me if the games I mean think about the last two national championship games two of the better ones we've ever seen right to it to decide it all with. The last second went by Alabama last year last second win by Clinton here before I think it negates continue to be really good. Then. It's not as big of a deal but they ended up being blowouts you know if Alabama was blowing somebody out forty to seven every year. I think you'd be getting tired of a man would you trade the last two national champion games for any videos about three earlier to you right. You write that one the gutsy calls in an ounce Soriano out Derek Nick Saban goes. We needed some rest we were and we were worn out and that was in the guts these calls on that on site kicked it. I've ever witnessed it was so if you take all three of those games if the games keep being like that. I think people would take Clemson and Alabama for five more years if they end up going down to the wire. And having to make it unit champion Ian mixed couple but the fact quonset one in the middle I think helps in Alabama what a won three straight I think you be getting a lot more push back that hey it's the same teams Amos went and every year and I think to be more complain. So you know again the answer but here on to predictions that. Who is the loser news the conference out when it comes to the college football playoff. Once again in the past well liked well enough now diesel the U you have your list in front of the you know you can go ahead got last year weren't you Europe state mountaineers playing a little bit closer applicants Christmas. In the at Dollar General Poland. In New Orleans because apparently you can go and get Europe trip eager bull gain in that first weekend. In this thing happen. I am I realized Montgomery Alabama and the committee a ball would go app state you are brought Bob thousand more fans all unit twice. I don't see yet sticky going back to Montgomery Alabama for the third time in four years. But yeah we were in the Dollar General bowl. Last year and yeah I don't see if I don't see a lot of abstain fans want to go back to Montgomery again you know ways that this is dean this is the negative thing about automatic tie ins. An automatic conference affiliations I think cut I think automatic tie ins are okay. If they're shuffled every five years I don't like Kevin these lifetime automatic tie ins where you're going to be gone the same location year in and year out. Probably play in the same two or three teams year in and year out I think is dull for the fans. I think clips and experience that before this uptick in the air now program. It was like you're resigned you're going to linger at Nashville every year yet time to contemplate the peach bowl now. Virtual problems and a quick trip dale I was living on land at the time so I was a complaining yes but at some point means that you went well you know I'd even take another trip to Jacksonville you know it's something like that because. Here period it was Atlanta or Nashville. When it capable in a war. Now let's get to go over now but it makes you who really don't want Tibetan Music City Bowl or well it's. In yet that's the one beauty about the college football playoff. Send urban that the adjustable now they've been what a Fiesta Bowl championship game up out there mayors. Course mine he's being good to one bullet that Sugar Bowl last year as a unique experience for ticket or two as well clips that have been sixty years something like that yet so. That's been good but yet very few programs can count on the L. Looking at some of the other once again the Easter. And this is here we are what twenty days before kickoff 21 date. I must say yes or I was looking and I got me thinking where else could the Mac go in bowls yeah he could go to the Bahamas he shall be all over the Bahamas such an automatic high end. There diesel app state Bahamas. Forties before Christmas. We put in the go program. Yet to hit nine Gramm sponsored that does cap like the DSL staples and all this down their all experts as I hired an ordinance would be my guess it get a and it's happening now speaker in the Bahamas I took that might be a better stuff than a cup or whether that's winning it up for them about Portland I mean why don't you give that state means the cure bowl in Orlando with a different destinations it. Actually spend three consecutive bowl games I think won all three album diesel and strong guess what. You've been Alabama three consecutive years twice do well the biggest problem next year about bill. The biggest problem with some belt tight ends is at all they'll they'll favor the obviously got a bowl games in New Orleans and Alabama there there's not one on the East Coast it it's set for this. Cured bowl in Orlando and the funny thing is we don't have we don't have a team in the state of Florida. You know as a lot of people who really want this tie him for the future bowl site if you don't Myrtle Beach. Or one and possibly in Charleston that they think Debbie Graham gray bowl tie in for the eastern side of the Sunbelt. Well I'll pay this much will go through some of these other matchups. South Carolina fans speaking of the Music City Bowl I wasn't knocking it great threat awarded to opry land hotel at lower IV. That that was a lot but they got South Carolina Virginia Tech is that their religion match December 21:30. PM. They're the Music City Bowl in Nashville says walker who wolf that some of these other teams in N out will take a look at Sports Illustrated. Top twenty bite that's a little bit different than any other. Pre season poll but when we come back. Oh yesterday. And you were listening a little bit as you were out about week aid. A list of the most near key answers you're gonna hear from your college football coach this basket distance squad we've ever had the NDP of our program right Elster think and its apartment or. There's not much difference between a once in Ortiz yet their art is right there one or two but. You know here we are the get to the last day of the week the first week clips and purveyor. Opening camp and speaking of they were ranked number one when it comes to Sports Illustrated. Top 25 game game eclipses sports sneezed he's gonna catch up with this next and I give us Cuba eight. Is that the tigers are wrapping up the outburst week it's neatly into that opener against them Furman Paladins here in Death Valley and again it will take you more about radio on against the wanna be a miracle maker you can text GA tests to buy one bite bite bite. That's the bucks a month that's a large. Now you order on TC night. You have fifteen bucks a month it decent today. Yet this hour we are raising money for hand held green binders what's that. That's when they got to go in and look in the child's or where to find a mean to put the next round of Madison and these are 67. Under lots. Just for those that while we're here at radiant on. It ths hospital and of course raising money for Children's Hospital will be back for our number two.