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Wednesday, August 8th

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All right welcome in final power don't forget tomorrow is radio thought the same as Friday Isa while. What makes him a little bit of sports as well as some great fund raising. In a told they're warning of the smartly herald journal is he's getting down about. Training camp to come see us because. Also you tell me to give the six paean keyword away it's deer like held here. RE in the content today and seven to 81. In of course don't forget held there is also the sponsor of our text alignment you can text Gator. RE. In the seven to 81 for 6 PM hour but still the front lines of somebody they're important for the Spartanburg herald journal how you don't buy. Right right here. We're getting there we're getting there it's a work in Prague or so will be much better next week but I was talent yet. Last night. You said your schedules so you know now the painters or buffalo for a 7 PM kickoff. DGP want to just get one of those moments that make should build good combined seas at the hospital the next couple of days has. You know what here come what Sunday at the kid is don't the painters have a you know a bubble gum rally straight up ID five from Wofford College back to Charlotte. How are. No they're actually here I get into Baghdad are you wanna make sure the state are about 85 door to a big board they'll love. Yet they'll they'll play at burger plate of Buffalo's rich arts or Mary. They'll be off on Friday he'll come back to Spartanburg practiced. On Saturday afternoon three. The mid got a 9:20 Sunday morning in room 9 AM on Monday border and no room. On occasion. To get their pedigree here important especially back then no he's certainly schools five weeks to days are a lot of times they might not that it wants. One last go practice schedule might analyze and think it. Can try to picture ya. You know all the harm done the job machine or stuff like that. Maybe they give all they got a bit more in law so there isn't chair to people who come out here on a Monday to work day for a lot of people are up. When a picture courtesy of I would get their Saturday or Sunday physical slight chance that call Monday off but I think you're a resort shorts are now I suspect they will order. Have a light practice Monday morning welcome America and Europe to. No it's your last chance to sell merchandise at that trailer as well so they'll probably take full advantage of it but some these dropped earlier this afternoon. Right tackle Darrell Williams he's going on injured reserve in hopes of getting himself in shape to play the second half of the year is. He heard isn't the earlier in the off season. So I think one thing we'll look at it only tomorrow night. In this up first pre season game is the offensive line in the defense and backfield. Absolutely go to the two main sponsor in the line Internet message. We're gonna look at the local voters now on the line as well are you order a look at the main thing the main focus that they were all across Florida. It just hit driver replacement are starting guardian and more well. Who I had a fantastic Jiri. EE EK many children remain solid solid blow but it broke that rightly arm last year we came in and it never came out of the lineup at an all pro pro won't hear in big money and Jacksonville so. It looked solid whole loop to go ahead and pretty much we started they felt good about it. He went off. Early on yesterday's practice. Anyway writing in the front of the cart kind of looked up to rather chamber and everything else working down last night torn in Seattle so. You know at least not any you know against you know what does Turkey might yield to make Barack seem injury. The Tera Williams just mentioned. He suffered as well as plays capped. So La you know hole we couldn't get open those guys. Back. You don't buy your buy got maybe sometime in the second part of the year so that would be great but I'm wonder Doug and I urge you. It opens up a spot now at the guard position tonight you'll you'll see our branded on an undrafted. Our rookie out of and stay out who's getting the nod but it was very close between him and dial up pretty don't shrug your Taylor Turnbow yacht. And really had a nice Q so are really impressed. Staff he said it's kind of an either or situation would look it just. Screen on and heard pretty sure that if Russell Crowe who was hurt. They would quit and go with. My on. Or not but you should see a lot of Taylor heard that they want to I get on the moon and source. You know with look at what the starters trying to build chemistry there I suspect you'll hold water Taylor hurt to get shots so. That's kind of the silver lining. As far as what would you didn't watch round here was all the talk will be you know so while it decreased greatly increase her chances and they roster. We continue with their Boynton again follow him aired. Yeah I'm always maintained that you gain number one of pre season in the final game of pre season we're about two of the biggest waste at times I've seen in the NFL by. Number one. You're ready to hit somebody else after this first ten days of training camp and number two. Really believe what that Lhasa Russ Cochran last week he's now gone for the year there are some people that are playing for spots as early as tomorrow night in that game with buffalo at 7 PM. Oh absolutely this is the big to big really big first politician I mean it's kind of one of those things urged where you can go we go point. Coaching staff obviously. Be consistent playing very well practiced at that and play the the the triple on this sort of the does speak out what you could exhibition game. What do you really elevator guy. You know give them confidentially code okay we're. Aura all need to practice a lot of dark really get a shot in the arm there's been so. Yet the Defense Secretary has your opinion mentioned earlier and that's where the the battle is on not change Brad Berry is on. Penciled in as the main star. If you got a great battle between cable and see more former Buffalo Bill to keep over the Internet and trade should fire started first regulars each game last year we had a full year would program. Now you've got W exciting. I've got a territory. The Panama in the sporting. A court order a journal and go state dot com on on Dante Jackson. Circuit around on election to court quarterback is tied to the back stop. Time Columbine coaches are clear with a lot of this team and Josh Morgan. He's fast very brush. He's he's on great got to talk to and it has just very similar personnel to do what chuck Morgan brought. Eight years ago so they're very excited about this guy that's one of the key to our spots right now to keep an eye on this is quarterback more night. It's just real quick you don't Buffalo's Doug obviously shut blossoms in their clubs and earth. Or Barack. Greenwood playing in game clock art circuit you're gonna. Mark who's been around for a million. It's critical possible stepped up action to guys that are fighting for a roster spot in dar re read a cloud over cloak receiver who was drafted. Late draft and it goes well and our. Quarterback who went undrafted in. The guy that you know playing with a picture. And I remember cloud it to the art as well let's kinda kept plug for a night out. RBI the opposition. All right one more question for you on the Carolina Panthers its air and may even they every day you met with the U with the coaching staff as they come off the field. You know who that we have had cut the on the first cut the only yet but it. You know when these coaches see somebody did that maybe is said change their thought process on I'm. Is seared named it you've heard murmured here in the last say for five days it. May be playing themselves into a roster spot or a shot at the roster spot. Did he didn't realize just is you got together there on day number one in training camp. It is finally as far as the other boat the lesser. Know guys we don't go to two quarterbacks with dispatch another guy who is really a rookie out of the senate seat who's fighting for a talk that it be out safety spot. Excuse me. Com Mike Witt Mike Adams back there and not a golden the PR front of accuracy got a term siege at a critical care. He's put himself in the position. Then there are a couple of guys and request what they. We are guys. They did that doesn't necessarily weren't an established cherished right after the got the only real wide receiver never post big numbers. He's very very impressed the Kia I loved what proceed up towards the mean you know he's fifty ski MR. A good speed guy. Her former US. Virtue or is about the birds also had another tricky opening based. Volume mop he's been released restarting three different times are in the last three years to now they're. It last year was actually literally just accused him to step up and got a great return millions of book that can be birds Britain voters that it helped him become a lot of returns you'll. Yet a franchise record under three yard. You can't return for a touchdown last year so that that that's more interesting that guides on you know the kind of try to look at it. Again who really can start these first two pre season games. Are so important for the players where you really start to get separation when the coaches title game. Actually watch some of these new guys in the race. Ari gear before we close you sat may media session before ago. Ambien lied to I know what I'm note we are not idiots you know and I mean we're not that. We're believe it or not we're not just robots to go and spit back everything that you just tell us some of us have a brain and some of us have a BS detector. I'd caution people to day let's see where Ohio State goes with this over the next twelve days but. Does our Urban Meyer survive this because yeah domestic violence is a huge huge problem it's a huge issue split. Doesn't mean his career should come to an end I don't know which side of the fence I sent on because again I know I've been lied to and speaking to a coach before. Right why I changed my initial. What's I think we loss in the air sorry about that all right died just put on hold you get within during the break in. And I will catch up with clear cut hopefully here at radio Thon India next couple of days so will ask that question to him that our rights and here's the deal. It's your show for the rest of the day eight for Ford GS PE SPN we have an injury update at the University of Miami. We have hard knocks actually watch some of it last night I'm sorry Cleveland Browns patent. He's got cancer and for another bad year also the PGA championship begins tomorrow at bill read country club in Saint Louis all that coming up plus. Guess what Ricky Williams is getting high on now. Yelling get rid of the chess boxing ought to do that yeah that was pretty cool it was bicycle kick darts and dollars giant so well this soccer balls that stick to it giant dart board or write you remember the circular velcro ball you get the these guys are doing it but they were doing bicycle kicks to kick the ball up near the static into the dark board. That's where we don't do a trick shot we can probably do pretty well that now I I did see those guys they're right they're they're and doing what no bar manager wants you to do that's distant star hearts does somebody get to get hit in her there. All right. It's your show for the rest today 844 GS PE SPN you can tell me if I'm wrong or right when it comes to my opinions on Urban Meyer and mine aren't what will wait and see where this goes over the next twelve days. I think I say is trying to play and keep Urban Meyer they're but they're gonna find out how the court of public opinion deals with any more information that's why. They're on kind of shut it down and be quiet for the next twelve days. So my aid is not shutting it. They speed and all that for people don't know I had surgery last week and end up getting black guy he's in a swollen face and quite frankly it minimizing the comment. The paste made for radio. Question as if they're working on Internet why that the punch in the face in that's a great investment fund yet yet. Now I keep from keep town like free Lander nearby and it is Teresa and suvs that. Got me. But. One of the things I like to see on ESP and other choke I don't know if you're old enough but I bet you've seen video. I had won this when the greatest police that I ever got growing up it was evil and evil jumped to eight where yet the evil can evil. Count like the and I'll winner than Barbie EC knows this whose evil can he will with his you know straightening up its back and used to put the motorcycle in this thing and crank it up put evil kitty and let's have one of those split like them have some really cool stuff for them to do jokes with. There's one I like to see I can't be great athlete I assume the mob because you know they're really had a whole lot of distance. It's just I think about it now maybe we can get you to be that guy knows how to better day than you though she those sweetie yeah and this team and being. Around toss in the rock with a practiced today I'll be no little Green Bay packer quarterback named Brett Favre. Barbara. Have been around for a could've been falcons quarterback Trey traded him away. Yeah I mean Brett could any man and a Brett has spent a lot of time down his alma mater southern miss. And I know that the fan base in the in the community gathered Hattiesburg certainly appreciates that that. The guys he was up that Clemson practiced toss around a football Dallas we needed it which is pretty awesome pretty awesome for rent. Actually well eight includes iron green ball line our friends ever they are get right to put out an entire slide show. A data Sweeney and Brett Brett Favre throwing the football but apparently that when the story of the day coming at a constant practice and we'll get some South Carolina. News tomorrow on the show remember will be at the hospital for radios aren't from Puerto sevenths it will mix in some stories as well listen sportsman. I Dino the I'd. I guess some people called the U tar ye hear the one on one tackle drilled Oklahoma drill everybody calls some different apparently he's Havier Thomas. Who's what. Number one defense have been in the country a couple of years ago coming out there redshirt. Slammed. A running back they've made everybody's mouth just absolutely hit the ground so including Brett favre's and they did literally. You see all these beat writers almost every single one of them mention. About this tackle Zabian tie and there's a guy we don't even talk about when it comes at Clemson defense. So again not so much different things but last night I had no clue. Get out and eleven and mark tying her Teresa tardy more really in between perk cassettes if you will diesel. So I you know. When he gets through leasing sayers that tie you don't know if it's night you don't know if it's morning. But last night amnesty first running of it but we have like 24 HBO channels as part of our movie package. In the first the second the third all run the same thing like an hour behind. And it was hard knocks. In what's a bad paying about if you're the team being featured on hard knocks this year. You were the worst team last word means you did not make the playoffs. So not necessarily the worst but one of the worse because that always goes to a team that did not make the playoffs the previous year. Said this year it is the Cleveland Browns. This much I figured out first bought like us I don't know where my emotions are right now. All right I had some good hours and some bad hours and of course that's been a little bit medically induced to butt out. I gotta be one date. The Cleveland Browns problem one in 31 the last two years. Is hue Jackson one of the luckier coaches in this day and age to go to third a winless season in the anyone at. In this what have you done for me lately territory that we now live meant. That's doing nothing correct. They've got problems and it starts with Keith Jackson and I really don't wanna pick on the man but you know what he said head coach everything comes through him. In you're gonna see this is going to be a bad old days I beat the Cleveland Browns. Powers that be are gonna want to be careful what they got Todd Haley is part of this coaching staff. Now in Todd Haley is ultra ultra competitive he's ultra ultra intense. And guess who's not. Hue Jackson. You heard Todd Haley start complaining about being slight. Guys were injured were given them too much time off right now and now again some of these are old school battles vs new school battles. I wanna give hue Jackson the benefit of the doubt because I think last night is he closest I've ever come to crying during a hard knocks episode. He Jackson admits to his team at the end of the ES show. He lost his mom last weekend. But 23 weeks earlier he'd lost his brother. I don't wanna pick on a coach did is just lost his mom and his brother and a three week period. One is being sick seem light that the Cleveland Browns players remember they got Jarvis only injury and from Miami caught more passes to anybody in the NFL last year and Tyrod Taylor since starting quarterback. Mayer vice open it's going to be. The Heisman Trophy winner baker mayfield before all said and done. But it's just. This too much staining around it practice you know people watching what other people are doing in you can tell that Todd Haley can't stand it it's not part of its DNA. You can also tell that other coaches don't like it hue Jackson this is really kind of mild mannered guy in you know what I think you are what you are at this point. Especially after what he is gone through and again I am I I I cannot think of anything worse in the lose a mom and lose a brother. Yeah maybe should take a little time off pretty straight BC really nice guy is super nice guy. But guess what nice guys don't always win when it comes Symbian head coach in the NFL. So I think that's problem number one. And ET may be better off running an offense or running a defense because he talked so many times last night. About being in this chair of the assistant coaches. Wouldn't down near the coach of the whole football team and I don't know it just seems like. The guys are staying in and around that there's other coaches aren't happy about it and there's going to be some friction. In that's going to be one of the story lines that goes on in hard knocks here over the next four weeks now. Corset Cleveland Browns are gonna wanna control how much of it making him. Here's some other thing that I learn number one. I am a college football guy. I can deal with the Panthers IE watched. It's a little bit NFL here at the last couple years as possible what his NFL is made me feel bad about things is set to make me Phil batter. Norman Oklahoma is a pretty up pretty swanky place from what I gather. All right that's where the University of Oklahoma is of course you know here in the next month will have argue yearly check in with Pia. With Barry Switzer of the former U coach and that's when you better have the dump button on Hoch has remember he cuss is about every other us senate's. Things we can't say on the air. But they may fill in his selection do they have better restaurants in Norman. Dan what we give them credit for. Mayfield had this to say. What's three would you think it's the best all right these are they three. Franchise names say he talks about when it comes to plead last night number one Taco Bell. Now when you just the number one overall draft pick. Have to meaning I got two books about pocket. What can I get for two bucks. Are you sitting mentions god Taco Bell you start you know one of his head teammates. Do or landing cleanly in immediately started looking for places to eat. In this is what he says this baker mayfield these were his suggestions. I know this will make you happy there's a Taco Bell right around the corner for you. Bob Evans is really good. You know about that's a bright for splice that that first of all he does Bob Evans is really good I didn't realize it was a franchise still I came here to Cleveland. Did you and Bob Evans sausage and stuff in the it is in the grocery stores. He says Bob Evans is really good I didn't know Bob Evans was a chain I highly suggest it. If you're going day on the air to eat or olive garden is probably the best option. Really olive garden enclave date the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland I guess about. Olive garden is your best option free to make involved garden for. Colin guard Davis just. Sit here I guarantee you that they're better restaurants in Cleveland. Then Taco Bell Bob Evans an olive garden is not a fancy kind of guy I guess you don't time hey are you gonna miss them this year. Now because you know what I was waking up from one of those moments ESPN is running their top 25 college football games from last year. Number two was Oklahoma Georgia in the in the Rose Bowl. In a peak it was 21 to seven Oklahoma. And Georgia goes out there and they missile long film all about fifty yards. EC baker mayfield. Nudity and injured Brady is not a visual medium but I'm talking and he slashes through with the stock. Hey what appointment the at the Georgia kicker but the point being he he always played on the ads like that that's what actually got him arrested. He thought he can out run some my police officers and guess what traumatic cut it. Or you know when he what he did at Kansas last year Kansas Dorian 33 the last thirty years and under David Beatty. But had to get the hump motion for maker mayfield out now Lawrence Kansas last year. In one episode hard not to realize why I'm glad baker mayfield is now the NFL's problem. Will see if that does that translate over I just see one thing when it comes to make a mayfield. They are too many drew breezes that have been successful and Utley. By that I mean short not your statue west Tom Brady I'll lob Ben Roethlisberger type. Is there were eight there were a whole lot of successful six foot quarterbacks in the NFL Debbie a longer listen Drew Brees and brilliant Parkinson and few other. There really really been successful in NASA one thing I keep coming back to when it comes to baker mayfield is the fact he is not now he can make it may be he can sell. Tickets and he eighteen. I grabbed that Cleveland Browns franchise imploded on his shoulders and move forward but. Some other things when it comes so hard not once again will get the second week of it coming up here in about five days plus. It's open phones if you wanna give him with the city for Ford GS PE SPN remember the 6 PM key word in our Carolina coaches free cash stash contest is dare you can text set this seventy. 88 wind remember. You get that chance of 1000 bucks every hour here on straight up with starch. Sergio is like is that what sport isn't he gives you a chance to go pro or even your age. Curling curling a you can be a professional rock paper says her. Sunny ESPN HBO show. Right now professional rod paves. Just having decent kick ball in the back parking is finally tuned athletes and songwriter has got in this way he tees series. Then you see the it's bigger deal why not be super intense about it I'm gonna go out there with my whole uniform millionaire tried how do you intimidate sabaya Iraq paper scissor. I didn't get a chance to tell you I went bowling on. Saturday night. And I walked can and there is a pact referees. Bowling. A huge are you aware of what a furry as its human beings who are Dresser Nelson's human beings who dress up. In full size animal costumes. Usually for amorous activities and and they are all out bowling. Some things that did not need to know how are tough luck deceive you go bowling back in the day when you showed up is Freddy Krueger. See how I tell you what it took me to me about three Beers ANC bowling is a lot like portal for me it takes me two or three Beers in the last stars feel a bit. And I was ball in the perfect game through six frames NN hold on that's when I got to Beers numbers five and six and then. It went off let's rephrase this what is bowling the perfect game in diesels mind through. All strikes really yeah housed rolling out of role in the perfect game through six. In times in the and they took the bumper oh yeah exactly at again today but see that's what they had eleven day hit 1130 and they said hey all beer has to be put away. By 12 o'clock and their group of us had three buckets of Beers so we added chug and finish some always Beers because they're. There are taking a more. You know I Boley can by the way in my dollar when she gets back from Florida. She's gonna reworking. There in the party your birthday parties and you know that he plays spare time around congaree Rhodes she's going to be working her there. Boldly to be is she most infuriating. In painful gain because I an amphibious and for people that don't know I realize it's in good actress but. There was an old Philadelphia 76ers. Board back in the day to me is still known for making this comment. I'm Nvidia's second she would not left or my right hand. No he's Ayman decks receive decent note I'm amateur actress I thought well ball left handed out til baseball right handed. I can't do either one well with the other hand just this is the way my dad's amateur actress you wanna watch me get can peace take Ebola. I mean I'll flip back and forth from the last I don't know what I am when it comes the moment I know I'm most stronger roller of the ball with the left hand but more accurate. What I do know that one day I will own. The room. The clear ball at the rose inside a lot bigger and McCracken absolutely Amarillo one of those you know what we're doing for your birthday this year hopefully get new oil oh now we're gonna go we'll see who we can do about that but it will have your bless Seabrook can be your party has stated. Stronger tie their own congaree wrote. All right since I've lost this and we need to get back out here. Do you realize do you remember Ricky Williams seat former Texas longhorn running back in the guy that spent part of a decade in the league. With the Miami Dolphins in course in New Orleans Saints and a few other. Few other programs back in the day. Of course you know what he's doing now. You know he's getting high on besides all of his products and he's so humble so hi how life is an astrology it's okay. Literally he they Ayers an article up right now is pretty it was a lawyers say as he makes a generic things and they've put its newspaper actually had some pretty funny stuff to say about Donald Trump and weathered view your end of politics are not saying listen the reason we're all going through this in our country right now is we all have a little better Donald Trump venison had to come out and that's why we're dealing with it also adults about. Indian born in sixty at cern the tenth house in this and that the other. I'm telling you man. At some point you gotta put it dale and all that gone to all that cash every. Astrology I'm sorry there's just one thing I don't get I don't mean to insult anybody. I make in my life decisions based on a horoscope from the newspaper the next day. Just not do it would gums are not signing up for an astrology cost. From Ricky Williams and going on about it that way as well. Why do you ever read the other horoscopes then those can apply your life just the same they're so generic you know it was absolutely Aetna's OJ got a free guy bought your notes we told you were coming into a fortune by the way I wanna blow your mind for circuit. We go out Wilkens up with some sports when we come back. It is spinning decades since shined down. Hit the top Brooke I think eighty ended up making it up to about number twelve on the charts with if you only need. From the album the same kind of madness has been a decade. I hate getting older. Yeah I was doing infill hole messes songs trying to find solace from the 2000 zeroed. When you realize. You know a song you remember distinctly coming out in 2002001. Is now 1718. Years old C I am so. Olds that I don't get I don't have to go to decent knee music sites are where you go to to find everything now wanna hear on YouTube. Literally whether I can buy everything I wanna hear on YouTube to anyway you know whether C official version or he has some of the best versions are best audio quality are what people and you know recorded dog. On their computer put out but I can literally if I go under that kind of I wanna listen to some music that it gives you two breads and the industry in the whole albums. So. When I did you too that he's a look into I'll listen billions back in the day like fuel you know what I mean. Three or stay on some stuff like that and I can find everything I wanna listen to including some I signed August 23 at three doors down Simpsons well. Look at that she didn't even out yet did not know Ari I tell you why don't forget you only knew if you only need. If he only needed to 6 PM key word in our free cash that's contest Robbie by Carolina coaches is day year. You can tech set this 72881. Somebody's one and a thousand bucks why not you again tax day here yet till 659. I had Texans the seven to 81 remember will give you like keywords in all three hours tomorrow in a lesson tomorrow and Friday special shows I challenge you let's make a difference here not say. Considered Children's Hospital in no way shape or form were asked to beat their their parents don't wanna be there they wanna be home raising healthy child. Unfortunately that is not the case I am so thankful diesel. You you have created such a really good cooled friendship with my email seventeen year old daughter. Right that is a child is never miss a day of school heading into her junior year of high school. Next year never miss a day of school going back to kindergarten. However you may not realize there's a lot of people may not. When she was born she had umbilical cord wrapped around her neck you know it's a really rough still she went straight into you neonatal icu where she stayed for two weeks. The most jealous moment that I ever had in my life was going up to the hospital to visit her neonatal icu thing going home without that child. The next day he'd be up there you see some by Yeltsin to come in and had their child and they were on their way home we get that for two weeks. That child is now never missed a day as school heading into surgery and junior year. They're kids at Children's Hospital that might not see the class current. For some time. The next few days help us make a difference I want 3151000. At the highest maybe. We've ever raise him one year let's blow that away. Let's blow it away I'm gonna make it talents has some listeners tomorrow. I've got a great I'm gonna continue to get better here our parents and kids that are gonna get at a children's hospital and I take one the motion moving things that ever had happened to be on here. Took place last year and Smart Merck. The first three years Alice with inner calm and we did die radio Thon and I had the same girl. All three years slow so not Ian let's ever Spartanburg. Last year she was mayor she made her mom come to you if we you remember we broadcast from wild wing cafe in Spartanburg from printers Japan training camp. She made her mom bring her over there are so I concede that she was no longer in children's hospital and that is one of the most special moments. In my life because I knew how sincere again. It radio Thon and that was the case so help us make a huge difference. Here the next few days is all seven radio stations are gonna reset up and our engineering department they deserve a ton of credit. Build in the stages getting everything set up for seven radio stations to do live radio for two days server agree to a health system in the lobby. It is the it is human to work in a lot of people deserve. A lot of credit will come back we'll close up shop if you wanna get a quick phone call an 844 GS PE SPN. All right welcome back him final segment here at the Philadelphia Phillies fell earlier today they were shut out six to nothing. By the snakes in Arizona Diamondbacks and that's good to brave Suvari made up half a gay men of course they are now one game back now they need to win to move up to half game back and let me tell you. Last night's when by the Braves in the ninth inning on a walk off home run. If they made the playoffs. Point your finger back at last night that was a really really really big wind. In the grand scheme of things so again the Ab we need some help do the Braves. And again you get some mayors and a Diamondbacks giving six nothing went. Over the Philadelphia. Phillies who are now one game headed into tonight's action up on the Braves and nationals five and a half games back. And the Phillies. The guy. Wait a chance here in the next week to go ahead matched their season total in winds and baseball as compared to last year that is a quick turn around now. I wouldn't speak in a quick turnaround the American League as it Ari Ben decided it looks like it. The Boston Red Sox have won nine out of their last ten games Biden and a road they have opened up a nine game lead on second place New York. Third place is the Tampa Bay double race between the Tampa Bay race again it Devil Rays is no longer a good think. Third place raised 22 and a half games back. Of the Boston Red Sox you look at the American League central. Not too much going on they look Cleveland Indians and a nine game lead but over the Minnesota Twins sixteen up on the Detroit Tigers you look at the American League west. I'm telling you why. So here's the former Clemson outfielder a person he's been promoted yet again I think it's a third time since he distracted. In the first round by the Houston Astros. Don't be surprised to be maybe you see a little beer citing the last week of the regular season he is and why hot. Since being taken in the first round by the Houston Astros. Houston has a five and a half game lead. On the Oakland ace who continue to play good baseball Seattle's eight games back we mentioned Philadelphia after that six not the lost. Earlier today to the airs on the Diamondbacks and now one game up on the Atlanta Braves five and happ up. On the nationals the cubs have 82 and a half game lead when it comes to the Milwaukee Brewers in the I National League central Saint Louis. Seven have peace that Pittsburgh came in around. Eight games back in and finally Al west with that went. They Arizona Diamondbacks pull in a statistical dead heat with the LA Dodgers three games back -- Colorado Rockies six and a half. Barb the San Francisco Giants sat may end up being. Along with the National League east one of the best. Racist when it comes to winning a division so that gets you caught up again last night that was a huge huge comeback win. By the Atlanta Braves is a guy get a wall cop I believe in the ninth inning so if they continue history. And they find themselves in the post season that may be one of those nights that you wanna poll. Point your finger back to no doubt about it all right Doug other thing is you think the NBA knows what the heck they're doing diesel. You can go ahead mark dale what we will all be talking about I guess the night before Thanksgiving why kids. We know that there's not going to be a wind sea Knight college football game the night before Thanksgiving and so guess what the LA lakers will be making their burst in their guests only appears at the Cleveland Cavaliers set means LeBron coming back to Cleveland. And of course today made sure that when mania has sneaky night Indian BA they know that they're gonna have all eyes on that there. The night before Halloween with everybody be an island says. Don't know look out this panned out you know you know the NBA made that happened so again. Those are some things. Going on it we mentioned earlier University of Miami they're football program took a hit earlier today you remember Michael Irvin the number 47 the best wide receiver I've ever seen. Wear number 47. When his son Michael urban the second injured his knee yesterday and it looks like he's gonna be out probably the entire year. When it comes of that hurricane squads so you know you're talking about the ACC meeting at team to step up in the Atlantic Division but unfortunately. Some injuries or the guy keywords of the key phrases. Right now. No doubt about it so listen again you got two minutes to get your 6 PM keyword and that's daycare DEA artery. Except in the seven to 81 remember will give me three words tomorrow as well. As Friday in our pre cast stats contests and diesel and you will be out there at the hospital for awhile more. I challenge our listeners are right. I'd challenge our listeners. Cult make a donation. This money's gonna stay all right here in the community we've donated over three million dollars in ten years when it comes Entercom Greenville. Two Children's Hospital will bring more agree more health system. If you can't make a donation you wanna see something that would change your life. Come by in just hang out there in the lobby in watch watch cease appearances there dale and with inner v.s in radio say I'm telling you. Timing in life is everything and one thing I needed was a good kick in the pants after what I've been to last week because diesel Il admit my face is swollen I got black ice things didn't go exactly the way I wanted to and two. But guess what. I know I'm gonna get better. I know this is the you know the beginning of the end if you will when it comes to these issues and I've dealt with above the shoulders. In I'm not talking just head. We're talking about children who are battling for their life every day pair Sydor Hammond to. You try to keep their jobs as well as deal with the child in Children's Hospital it it is absolutely amazing. What we do over the next couple days of course we want donations but if you wanna have your life changed come meet a couple of these players talked to Omar the year. They'll share their story what you will share when he album you know I've been through some album today it's only a couple that Tug your heart strings but just know. Every single die in this donated stationed right here in the upstate of South Carolina with ths to over. It's gospel and every single dime counts absolutely please don't think I can't afford to be. The miracle maker and give the you know twenty bucks a month every month for the next year I don't know I don't know that I can. Can do that take a twenty dollar take its way dollar donation we'll take it ten or take a five dollar donation to swing on by there's a big old cash box that in the in the lobby swing by so it's just a couple dollars in the cash box sought kids last year bring in their. Yeah Ebanks snakes and the other big Arizona. That's incredible to see kids say you know I wanna go by video gamer I don't wanna go buy candy or whatever kids by these days well policy at the hospital which will be back here for the show thanks for everything in covering forming diesel and let's have a great radio Thon tomorrow and Friday from the lobbyist GHS.