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Wednesday, August 8th

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Now diesel you and I both. Got real quiet here for few minute error for ninety section chief studio trying to figure this out on ESPN HBO show. Showing chess boxing from 2003. In Amsterdam I think. So they had eight they have lots board set up varietal the marine I think they've box around. And then name. Played chest for around him and a box around and they played chess around to see who can keep their faculties amount of ISO. He's got tagged. So if you're gonna watch something that was our white Goodman. You imagine Bret three later show and not like other New Delhi by you've brought ports. All right so these are white get what is something that you would watch on the ocean today. I don't know this chess boxing is pretty entertaining. About rock them sock them robots. Mean you're gonna have boxing you guys who have you have from back in the day and a half life size rock them sock them robots over here Dave and buster's hours out of order last wins and it really get to experience of the other. Thing I'm thinking in. You rock them sock them robots. I don't know. But chess boxing out of you know I wanna see. Policy and bring back and American Gladiators. Yeah I guess we have that a little bit when it comes to American ninja warrior yard necessarily battling the gladiators you are the course now. Here's one that we can't do anymore. But if you ever heard of pledged bowling. That would be an awesome game to have on the OSHA. To where you take a full keg of beer. You get it up to the top of the hill. You lied ten pledges up in a diamond formation like ten bowling pins in new release set tag in your letter rolled downhill to the pledges. Every one of the pledges that has to move by the way to get hit from the rolling. Tag that counts is appearance. So you go ten trades of pledge bowling. Or better being empty keg that's a lot of shook up there well. This put put whatever you want but the point being put him plenty is at the bottom of the hill roll it got them. Yeah hours and hours thinking and that what's the worst that can happen. A lesson one to get it we see where you are no hills in Tuscaloosa yes there are a and distillate you know there are actually do DS state Alabama is the beginning of the Blue Ridge Mountains and become stale through there and do Blue Hills when it comes in the Birmingham Tuscaloosa area are right we mentioned this earlier. We are seeing one of the longest tenured head coaches. He's retiring at the 2018. Season stop and think about this in 1979. Probably temporary. Wrote a little red. Press release Jimmy Blake cop would be leaving the Clemson football coaching staff begin 1979. To takeovers head coach at William and Mary. And that's exactly what happened and guess what it age seventy skilling could help. Jimmy like cock and l.s earlier today that he is retiring its head coach of the William and Mary tribe. At the end of the 2018 season his 39 straight season as head coach at William and made way here. Where do you think this puts him it's a division one coach Rick is did you like it tell me SE cats. Is division one diesel where do you think this puts him all tying when it comes to tenure. At one university per second third fourth fifth sixth seventh. Yeah and I'll permanent top five you're correct he ends up at number three the only other two coaches sit in spent more. Time one job at you one university. Our Joseph Paterno and 46 seasons at Penn State in I didn't even know this until earlier today. Do you do you remember what I heard do you call what they call believe the division three national championship game it is a bold but it's named after somebody. Not for liberation purposes opens the Bobby Bowden bowl welcome your Amos Alonzo stacked. You ever heard that so that's what they've always cause he spent. 41 years as head coach Ayers and state university did not have a clue until his release came out earlier today so. Again. You know I don't think he might thought 1979. When Jimmie late cock and LC he was leaving Clemson for amber William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia and let me today you can't find a much better area I love living here enough say I would take a long look. It moving up to the we used for Virginia area that I absolutely love it out there are so. Congratulations. 39. Years as head coach that will come to an end and he is reached Seattle. He's won five conference titles he's earned ten bids to the playoffs including reaching the semifinals twice. That was back in 2004. In 2009. Since they're so good in college football we'd love seeing some might spend that much time at one place somebody else sick kind of lace in my opinion diesel in deer down to people all throughout the college football world would have been Urban Meyer. And here's what I mean about Urban Meyer this much we net he got caught. It now he's making now apologetic well I just didn't know how to ace those questions I wasn't prepared for or shame on your sports information directors say is shame on your athletic director. In of course we haven't heard much from. The AD when it comes so high stake but. Here's what I know and again let's see how this thing breaks out before we had time behind a pickup truck and drag into a you know way out road Fuller razor blades in my enemy and a pull rubbing alcohol because that's what it's been the pitchfork mentality you've got to go you gotta get. I don't know why or where Ifill on this diesel because guess what Herman my miers not gonna be the first nor is he gonna be the glass coach ever lied in the media. What this was to come stay on a re own domestic abuse. In didn't day or did they not tell. When he came to a particular member of their staff exacts met in what was going on between him and his wife. Urban is they really image conscious individual. You know IE EEE. You saw the blowback B he got wind he retired unceremoniously. From Florida didn't know photo I'm gonna come back one more year and we saw how that dissipated. Urban Meyer had a chance to be the hero of college football when it comes to that this had he had he ball least a man. We're gonna figure this out we're gonna let the court system figure this out. How ever you want to go about it. How do you mails back then that he was making changes to his staff did the fact that there was a he said she says it's toward. In there is a lot of that going on between set husband's sudden. Ex husband and said ex wife that's why I've got to see it all kind of play out before I wanna get but it had their day in that. In either he would have been the hero of every woman's group. In rightfully so every battered woman situation. Wide for airing on the side of caution when it came to a situation. Now I personally believe that Urban Meyer knew what was going on why. Because the leading up to the 2015. Season you're talking about a assistant coach and Zack Smith. Dayton got. Multiple got too big time bonuses. In 2013. Zack Smith made a 155000. Dollar received 810% race of following year they got him 270. Gurria. That's over 151000. Box. The next year his salary jumped to 200 in 20000. With bonuses. Prior to the start of the 2015. Season. After the 2015 season Ohio State gave them a 6000 dollar bonus. Something was up right then and there you know what I mean. They were giving him in the same bonuses that they'd given him performance driven. They need something was a wash right then. Now whether they could've gone and done in my under the jail what's he guilty I don't know it's gonna get this AB he said she said. I just maintain when coaches are that image driven. And I do believe Urban Meyer is in that's what he's protecting his image last week or two weeks ago when he lied. In the biggest mistake that he made he ordinary guy who coaches learn from left and right he literally called threatening Murphy. A lie is I don't know what people go making up stuff like that. We brought Ari had all this in his hand about what was going on in the any guys so I didn't know anything about it backed nimble guess what that opened the door for Brett RP. To do some investigative journalism. And they find this situation now. I just maintained it's not a EU but I know what's right what's wrong when it comes in domestic beast I don't have. A tolerance for a man shouldn't hit a woman period I don't care how drug she is coming after you find a way to get that in there. But in this image driving in driven world. The Urban Meyer to BD. The Pope when it comes sent a message to be says she's had the handle this back in 2015. He could've been the bastion of integrity. The beacon of light. It made this change you know what he did it seems like he swept it under the rug going. I don't know how this is gonna make not to put our program look at Ohio State so the longer I avoid it. The longer we can put it off. I'm telling you guys sometimes it's it's better ought to be the champion assault and then to be the shop later on in right now. No matter how this thing plays out. Urban Meyer is gonna look like a chalk you know what I mean because. All he had to do to suspend Zack Smith at the times news and put out a press release saying hey. Here's what happened. Here are the accusations have been. Lodged her filed. Unfortunately no show and are not unfortunately but charges were not able to be filed. So we have no actual recourse. So we had to keep months staff. In the Indy your cupboard but both sides you win the court of public opinion. Yeah right now he's getting killed. How much I don't know a little bit I wish some people would back off with a pitch forks in the fires and everything else and let this thing play out I think Ohio State is are ready made a decision on what they wanna do. They don't need fourteen days to figure this out. You know I beat the fourteen days was about diesel if they can split this saying third twelve more days before they got to come up with their report. In see if indeed it anger has dissipated. Guess what Urban Meyer will keep his job and Ohio State. And again. He's not the first he's not gonna be the last. When it comes to a head coach in particular sport a lying to the media. Bush here's what's not making sense correctly marked the it's absolutely kill and at what this FaceBook page. Investigative reporting he actually came out with earlier today. Und und sacks missed 2017. Performance review. All right you know what that means diesel we always do work for a corporation he worked for a public company you work for a a university you're gonna have a once a year review. In the war on section of this 2017. Review. It listed personal matters. What do you think there's personal matters word he think they may have started here. Some what was going on whether true or not. But I am telling you to meet it is said telltale sign with the Ohio State University. Did they cut his bonus structure. When each year gone up in then again that 2017. Dollar and perform the work on section personal matters. That means something was going on. Outside of his job within his personal life did Ohio State University deemed it was necessary. For him to work on. Now tell us what it is simply what you domestic abuse related and guess what are some and helps but you can strike that from the domestic obese platform. This thing you did I find amazing in all of this is where is Ohio State's athletic director bend. You know what I mean you haven't heard anything. Urban Meyer is gone out there and made no apologies because what's one thing that we do better in this country then maybe anywhere else in the world. Well we both tear people down and forgive them we tear dale and then once she say I'm sorry I was wrong we are very forgiving society. You know and I mean look at Mark McGwire. It took him awhile to admit. He's performance enhancing drugs to hit seventy home runs Sammy Sosa Sosa would still have you believe that he did it naturally. And we all know that's not the case. Mean look at his skin color and he says is the closest thing we have to a real life Michael Jackson right now as I've ever seen. And again kitten from other don't get behind it they're PR disasters and lessons to be learned all over the place now again. I don't like Urban Meyer and I'll tell you why. When I come back. Is we you can get him with us eight port four GS PE SP NDE steak he will survive this job well Urban Meyer have more time to give us some of these generic question nerd generic answers when it comes to the Ohio State University football program. A diesel you know we need to do it by 22. Gotta give away that I PM key word. Our free stash cash contest brought you back Carolina coach is text. Ocean. Now I'm gonna spell it reaches this is one those words I'll get wrong from time to time OCE. Eight in ocean. Except 728881. In our. Carolina coach is free cash fast context the annals fellow Tuscaloosa one Hutus USA viewing an illusion. That's while he's sprint CEO SE eight this and let me see since it was C Pacific seat. Get oceans is someone in their bills like there should be you know who is set at the beginning in the sub of the words two. Again yeah yeah yeah circling back around when it comes to Urban Meyer again. You know. People need to re realize there's a difference between reacting and responding. Reacting it's what people do when they first find some tonight and eat there on so they. Lola. Overreaction is something that is gone on in droves since social media team morale. Even now or might have a Twitter account mr. Graham FaceBook whatever to go put out their thoughts out there so we overreact sometimes we don't let things. Play themselves out. Which again I I'm hoping. That's the case when it comes to the Ohio state athletic director. In this is why am hoping. You know why he hadn't said a word right now diesel. He's a member. Of the college football playoff committee. In right mail. Nobody knows who's gonna end up being in the fall guy when it comes to this it could end up being the athletic director at Ohio State. He didn't do its due diligence when this was coming out yet that means say Urban Meyer will he'll survive right. What do we do it that's the case. Because well we take IB EE he's in the second of a three year term when it comes in his position. On the college football playoff committee. So right now that it's a no win situation we don't know somebody's gonna pay for and that the way things work in our world right now we don't know hoop. But somebody's gonna pay for this. So your thought of the moment is an urban Meyer's gonna survive this because. And athletic director some administrator above him. Didn't do what they were supposed to do with the information that urban passed along right. C.s we've seen this before and I can sue I tend to agree with you I tend to believe the same thing somebody's going to be the fall guy it's not going to be the guy who goes out there went your football games he's gonna have to go out and apologize and say you look. I was wrong the university needs to examine its policies on how we handle these things. I'm sorry it'll never happen again right. But on the opposite side of that. Your esteem is Phil and host mark Childress looks at a from the perspective of think of the media. Groups storm that would cause. When the Ohio State University says that we don't care about women's issues where you were gonna keep this guy around. But that's where they're going to be able to get out Scott free on this in my opinion these islands you fired athletic horrible week fired them the guy's boss. We help somebody accountable and Gene Smith. Who again to discredit or discredit people start to wonder why we haven't heard from athletic director gene Smith and I'm gonna tell you why. Nobody knows what to do and he is in need this year is his second of a three year commitment to the college football playoff committee. If he gets KM by Ohio State. Can he stay on that college football playoff committee for not one but two reasons number one. Maybe he's still trying to protect Ohio State after the fact a war. What a piece of tech dot. He starts doing the opposite when it comes to the Buckeyes. Well you have a coach in the waited they will look at. As you have a coach Urban Meyer who knew that this guy had been Hughes then he knew he was fairly. He he could and should have known. Who's this guy was. But he left him on staff anyway. Which means again you're gonna have dozens of women's groups and thousands of people and millions of people on Twitter. Saying Urban Meyer. Personally. Does not care about these issues because he left somebody on staff who we knew had a problem with us. But the great part about this news cycle in twelve days will be on of Chris supplying somebody else at that point so maybe can slide that I really didn't think. The Ohio State University administration. His told their athletic director keep your mouth shut. They've told Urban Meyer Doby repentant and apologize in we're gonna keep quiet for twelve days here they gave this two week moratorium. We're all see how this. You know flushes itself out in the court of public. Companion to me had two weeks is just two more as fourteen days of discovery. That's fourteen days to go on find any information that also waved them in either direction. Because I think they're fit I think there on the fence at the moment they're looking for any piece of evidence they'll say look all right this means we can keep Berman it's what this means we have to clean house. Some small way do you think that they are dealing with they he had damaged PR. Firm right now absolutely every time they find out something need their baton passes sperm can we are can we not people and that's why I think they very made their decision. But we're gonna see how it plays out Dublin wants to get in on college football Delmon. I hope you're having a good afternoon. The greater political and Kirk well. He'd come to light it's bloody and ugly when they get more registered on a lot and other. It can also tune out. Didn't sit well. Ten and you know his greatest thing about global times shall order form on political torn. Yet I'd say it's a former Virginia Tech beat writer he left the Roanoke times I believe take a job god covering the Chicago Bulls is somewhere out there in the midwest. In the near the credit for yet that these paper is suing him. Board they're at Twitter account back because they want their 27000. Followers back. When viewed at content and we shouldn't panic panic is. Yes again first of all you leave a job with somebody dealt ending guess what you I paid the consequences. Include tab and give the especially that site. Got the out Roanoke tying its name in their diesel you know an amoeba. This is a farce yes we every newspaper said suing a former employee to get their Twitter handle. What was his Twitter does he just had a password won't give it to I'm guessing you can look it up real quick I saw that when flash up. Earlier before he got on the air because I would say in this modern in this modern day if he's the one who created it. What did you is responsible for getting getting all the followers. Then you can't have him back. You don't get it that's it he said she said the right there in the court of law that quite frankly I'd let's get theorem Meyer. Situation correct when all's said and done so again. I'd like to wait. In C a little bit I think Ohio State has an idea of what they wanna do which is let's see if this news cycle can I get by. And if we don't get killed again in the second round will keep Urban Meyer if we find out anything else here as you said diesel over these next twelve days of discovery. Did their passing it by a PR firm going team we are can we not. Because I thought it was a telltale sign win. Dig as to what they're quarterbacks coach who has no experience Kevin Wilson the former Indiana head coach. Not the nicest guy out there there's a lot of people that don't hike Greg Xian you would have thought one of those former head coaches. Would have been named interim head coach are they went with somebody else completely different not the fastest prepare themselves for what may happen but again. I just wanna say this let's make sure we get the story right. But if there was domestic violence in this and shame on everybody. Because that's bigger than all of us there's nothing good Theres nothing acceptable man I don't know how. Get away. I mean just give away nothing good comes out of ever racing European to a woman in Eee PC go report here's the deal. It's always easier to get in front of the story it is impossible once it's out there in this day and age of persecution by public opinion that one cheer once your cut up you were cut off but we are a deer eat dairy forgiving. Situation when it comes to that are right will out continue with open in 944. GS PE SP and would you fire would you not war. T have a junior quote that your coach is key rate to give you will also talk with our buddy air blowing from the Spartanburg herald journal says it's a caught. Is that we're getting ready for the first pre season game with the Carolina Panthers tomorrow night. The Buffalo Bills. Thanks TB I appreciate you getting any Ambac can hurt a little bit I guess what it's gonna get better day by day some other people where it may not get better. Sorry yeah it gave my opinion on the urban Meyer's situation. But that doesn't mean that I'm done with Ohio State pains. Now diesel I think that we can agree that there's a difference between 8 PM any graduate and alone. A Spanish short for fanatic that means that they're fanatic about Ohio State footballer high stakes sports or what ever it is. In which share a stand up. So that means it. Does it all away you know graduate may not they go on the same lines is a million dollars plus. There are a couple things that bothered the hell out of me about this past weekend when it comes Ohio State billions EPU DBM are not DB. Buddy up tumbling springs and not a cheesy you had this but the fact. That people actually organized they rallied this past weekend to support Urban Meyer in this situation. It's a dumb thing to do. Why eagle and it just let it go let it go for a little bit. Right now we don't know how good guilty not guilty we don't know where this is gonna go over the next fourteen days but. Does act that people could actually organize a rally in support of Urban Meyer where they show up with their signs made and everything else. It's too soon. But the fact that these idiots cease fanatic cease trade in show up in they're blaming ESPN. No stop and think about that permanent. They show up and you see when I'm Ty got Astoria right year. Look at all these homemade poster boards we'd love coach urban bring back orbit but these are the ones that crack me up. ESPN. SEC frauds. ESPN equal fake needs. All this stuff about ESPN wouldn't run the story for four hours because this was broken by Brittany Merck beat. To ESPN got rid in the money crisis a year ago Bret is done some than a lot of people haven't done. He took his buyout and you know when you get another job guess what that bio agents say he's basically taken a year off enjoyed that buyout. It broke he broke this story on his FaceBook page. Stop and think about that. The biggest moment of this college football season I'm promising you this may end up being the biggest moment of this year's college football season was broken by age story. From a guy who no longer works for ESPN. In it was done on his FaceBook page and these morons are holding. ESPN until mobile. They didn't even want to run the story why because it may ESP and look bad had to bring back all that. Well Leo this was a guy that was urged you know back in the day. A year actually raising hell ESPN about being great news and SEC rods went. ESPN and what's even responsible for this. Just do your homework it will Sabine tying later on. Again it was four hours before Brittany Murphy put it out on us FaceBook page before. It would even be acknowledged by ESPN and I wanna give Scott ma'am Peltz and credit. When it comes it he broke against ESPN and had Brittany Murphy on. I would invite anybody to please go to the go to the reputable sources. For news and a situation like this. When you go to Twitter. When you go to this balancing around and information. Yes inaccuracies will happen because he gets bounced around between. 300000. Different fans and against change its telephone game OK it's a giant telephone game. When you deal with things over and over sites are over social media please. Go to the main sources because they're knocking them well let me rephrase that. They don't they don't shotgun every little bit of information out as soon as they get it. I know this much in a mare had some I hit me up going and we don't know what Shelley Meyer. What Urban Meyer and Shelley Meyer ever discussed. And that's Payer but I'm gonna tell you this much diesel. After 21 years of mired in 23 years of being with my wife. If somebody told my wife that kind of needs there is no way it makes it. It doesn't make it through our house it doesn't happen in a conversation at dinner. Oh you're not gonna believe that. There is no way that my wife can hide something that big for me. In hopes of protecting my job I don't buy that one bit you haven't been married Amy given your heart and soul. To that other person there's nothing there's no way story that big can have not been navigated. In the Meyer household for three years I'm sorry I don't buy it. That's what your partner in life as you share everything the good the bad in the in between said here's one that I can't that by. We don't know I know I paid fairly comparable in saying did you Shelley Meyer. She she meant consultant urban if she needs now again Zack Smith got his one on one with that ESP Hammel got. But again don't blame the broadcast company that fired the guy that broke the story. That's just double stupidity in Matt's wife Betty and it's short for fanatic in doesn't always mean common sense set Payer. It's absolutely fair people believe what they want to believe. And they don't check it no peace there random. Listener or random reader out there on social media doesn't bother to check sources. I don't bother they just find any pay any bad preparation information that they hear from a rumor from a a possible ten bit and they run with and they create their own theories. In to listen Brett make Murphy was not out to get Ohio State University I know this for that which is Brett not sweet attacks each other back and forth and he's going to be make an appearance here on the show next week. Brett essentially got called a liar in front of a roomful has compiled a Trace of his media buddies in the it was this in people. And again it was our personal shame on the SID department at a high state for not getting a better prepared for that moment if they knew it may have been winning. But when you made the comment from a roomful of people I don't know where people are white people make up this kind of stop. That was saying. Brittany Murphy Euro liar there's no truth dissing guess what the DM blew open. At that point and act I will say this much Brett has never been anything but above board with me. I had heard rumors coming out of the University of Florida from people I trusted including a guy is no longer part of their broadcast. Partnership Brady Ackerman now the inside as of this morning the inside wide receivers coach for Jackson state university in Jackson Mississippi or my buddy. Up in Roanoke and John happen Chela who say Florida grabbed. I if I heard that her religious what may have been a good guy. And I took all that stuff with a grain of salt from Florida Gator fans sinking guys just saved me and Mason had been jilted at the jilted him up there at the altar get Brady get married. You know what. I took all that stuff with a grain of salt and I kind of feel bad about it turns out that the people were telling me a lot more of the true majesty I thought it was a band based I. I he's not ours anymore. So we don't like them so RI when we come back we will move on some more in the eastern air cancers that we're gonna hear this week Ross are gonna talk can't thirst with they're going to Spartanburg herald journal at 603 is a painter's opened their pre season on rock 101 tomorrow night. At 7 PM. The Buffalo Bills also. The PGA championship get started to march and guess what it's seek final PGA eighteenth green chipped in August deal like that. Mood for this particular major a lot of things to get into 844. GS PE SPN. So I got a guy on my dad's Twitter account given me a hard time going you're not and I Sapient you're just a Michigan fan oh yes you analysts in this show a whole lot Abby. It's un bus and on Jim Harbaugh for what. Three years now. This thing as I think even Harbaugh has learned. Keep from outside. Right now because right now by the Ohio State university's kitten all the black guy in India. And again here's a new one from USA today and I agree with this said bottom line. Urban Meyer didn't do what's right. Doesn't mean he absolutely did something wrong but he also didn't necessarily do what's right this is gonna sit. On whatever your agenda it is but Jim Harbaugh keeping his mouth shut on the Michigan grand. It's we made fun Jim Harbaugh offered three years and I just say on the show about checking your sources yes is making up a narrative in your mind based off of the limited facts are you have sake I heard me talking about this and I need this in the biggest story in college athletics and not all football if not. The court of public opinion in the last week and guess what Irvin Meyers now suspended over this two pretty big deal. And again you don't find out EO whether he keeps his stubborn not according to how the powers that be at a high as say bill like they can put this one out there. Because you know right now you're gonna hear some generic answers coming from Ohio State is they're coaching staff comes off the field right now. But diesel you know few of the ones that we've talked about here and now put together a list is you know couple laden. Generic cancer you're gonna hear from your college football coach this week. Number one we're wait further along than we thought we'd be. Or. Second one we talked about there's something special in this locker room. You ready for another one that you gonna hear diesel we hadn't thought about right now. How about something in this kind of line thinks. Leadership amongst players especially our upperclassmen has been incredible. Pretty loud and hopes of the leader on your team was somebody who just got there and yet. Of the killings in Russia helped aid if the coach backs that up with these freshmen don't look like normal freshmen and maybe you got a problem and you're headed to Turkey in nine this year. Again we talked about here everybody's. Number one department on campus right now this is strengthening conditioning nab program because. You know our team has come back the best conditioned team that we've ever seen it or. Here's the one that I don't think guys really are expecting to hold onto their job for much longer is. The guys who worked hard some of our pass weaknesses are gone. No leash you quantify it with song. You know what I mean not all because then if you do that they're getting you be expecting playoffs or a bowl game or whatever so who. And again I love years CIA and the summer is no drop off between our number ones and our number two each that's. Why they're number one send their number twos. If you step and you'll smell like. But Jim Harbaugh also credits since I've. It says open up the can of worms if you will and by the way were quickly. You have five minutes to text in. Solution to 72881. Won't deviate keyword. For the 6 PM hours well. But why is hardball been so quiet anywhere weekend to practice. We haven't heard a thing out album. We're talking about a guy wanna did what. Get Michigan apparel signed by the Pope to bring back her memory bragged about having a sleep over recruits house back in the day here. You'll be in shirtless and take in the satellite camps they'll wander and all this stuff. Why do you think he's been so quiet I think you need the truth Scott placed somewhere in the middle number one. I think that kind of thing start nowhere then. This is a year number four for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. That means you should have pretty much all your players and placed number two you finally got a quarterback pitcher Dylan salty about in Ole miss transfer. Shape Paterson. So deepening hardball do you think it says. He wants to be taken seriously about this upcoming football season the team the players itself or. He think he feels like he's got a really good football team. Because you memories one in five against his main rival Penn State Ohio State. I think is eighty pulled him aside and said look it's going to be a really bad and look for you. Considering how your performance has been over the last four years. If you go out there and say anything's sounds like you're throwing jabs at Ohio State. Just back off. Why not even a high state I'd say the ball in general you know what I mean make his right mail again. After three years Europe conference rival Penn State and Ohio State your whopping one and by if you come out of this year one in seven. I mean listen as a proud fan base image campaign you can only sell that for so long and that includes it being one of your own in Jim Harbaugh. So I tell you what I am really looking forward to some of these games opening weekend of the season and that includes ABC real. I mean which cuts could be coaching for their job the most when it comes of that Michigan Notre Dame game. Brian Kelly needs a good year Notre Dame. The university in DC and he said he and then the University of Michigan. Whoever start so long one that band makes is going to be extremely extremely upset with them so. So again I again I think may be even did it did jab a little bit in your first couple years now. You have to be taken seriously and you know where is Jim Harbaugh yeah I guess he can always sidestep back to the NFL. And then of course do well Bayern tiller rubs off and maybe find another college job it. Tell you what misty and an incident or you've seen the story out there that they were trying to float a lifetime contract in Jim Harbaugh. Is an Alabama guy do it. Yeah Michigan's gotten word on New Year's Day bowl wins more the ball when as Alabama does. I keep Harbaugh there. I don't necessary I think it's an embarrassment to their fan base they deserve better I have met some feel real classy. Individuals when it comes to the University of Michigan fan base just like I have with the Ohio State fan bases well listen just talking about one of the biggest story lines. In again just in a right take a step back let this work its way through somebody's gonna end up being held responsible let's just make sure we get the truth. This is absolutely make sure we get the truth before we start ruining people's lives. Are right in the final hour when we come back guess what. Its people they weren't. Gambling on the how pained gained this past weekend. I guess sells last Thursday night in my life but guess what you have till 7 PM tomorrow ninety get some more lied football. The Carolina Panthers are opening up. The Buffalo Bills and of course she can hear that gained. At 7 PM right on our sister station rock 101 pregame I think starts at 6 o'clock so will get into the painters training camp coming to an end in Spartanburg. With target buddies air Boynton of the Spartanburg herald journal of course she can follow him on Twitter at here can be Boynton and will talk up and re aired checkpoint and I'm sorry will top cantor who also get his opinion. Which is a lesson is a member of the media I know I've been lied to before was cal offended he was. Because that's one of the things always go into these press conferences remembering. You can hear what they want you to hear. In that's always something we should remember also got the PGA championship coming up in Saint Louis beginning tomorrow the final version number in August. Deal like that will open it up for more success in the future.