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Wednesday, August 8th

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I welcome in upstate. It's. What day of the week is that these are believers who are you today yes who who's sitting across from me right now for multiple reasons teacher asking that question right now right your face is all black and blue swollen and it's hard to tell you all are via. Attain what I picked up by last week you know lost in I don't know and I picked a fight a Barbara you're right and wrong and why they got stuck in the face violate six hornets that orders is I looked up at Teresa I think it was Sunday is my entire face was swollen my eyes were blackened. I'm still battling a little bit ahead of radio on to Mars so while we'll have a couple of guests today and we got a question of the day and it's your data Colin make bond. Make fun of me make funny diesel if you want to. I don't particularly care because. I I described the pace made for radio today. Black guy swollen. Get my dad did take via. Cholera off here as we got a on the air but that. Again we're gonna have a big show brick reminders gonna join us at 437. Our buddy the ACC insider with a little talk about what North Carolina and NC state. I want to share a moment. That Brett had with his son just a week ago also with the at top of the 6 PM hour we'll talk with air Boynton. Of the Spartanburg herald journal. Panthers' training camp lesson they are on their way to play their first pre season game tomorrow night 7 PM. In Buffalo's so we'll catch up. Quick point about the Panthers and of course we'll ask him a question. That urban Meyer's situation continues to change on a daily basis I haven't thought about it later on all right after we tell what Brett Friedlander. Because again he added tees to be he we'll see how it turns out when Hollis hadn't done it. She did appear happy if it forget have a protest if you will in European show up in support of your head coach. It police blame it on the right people. And he should've seen the signs this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio blaming ESPN for this story. It was it even ESPN that broke it they didn't want to even go with that why. It was Brett Murphy one of their guys they had a fire in the money layoff. So did your anger in the right direction it was it ESPN it was Britney Murphy and he got called a liar. By Urban Meyer at Big Ten media day see by this I mean. He got called a liar. This simple little quote set up everything. I don't know why people would make up those stories. That was a direct insult to Brittany Murphy in his reporting and guess what the rest of it was on says. Urban Meyer had a chance to be a hero in this whether he ends up being a zero I don't know we got a couple weeks before the Ohio State. It certain is out there also some other things it won't get into today on the flip side of being Jim Harbaugh is quiet is you've ever heard him why. Means wanted to he thinks he's either let this shake out and you know we have heard in my sleeping ever recruits house or anything or he's got a pretty good football team. Or he's worried that if you don't win enough games this year maybe he's out college basketball just had a major rules change go on earlier today. While also talk about some Major League Baseball. I actually watched hard knocks last night. Cleveland Browns you're in trouble that's all I got to say and then finally the PGA championship begins tomorrow and let me tell yet. You're gonna hear some complaints you're gonna hear some complaint and it's not to the course is too hard the greens are too slow or they're not good enough shape and I. I don't get it is this what about the members. The members they're Belgrade they been playing they've been playing on temporary greens so. Whenever I agree structure is for the PGA the next couple of days it is on the might be a mother nature herself so a lot of different things will get into throughout the day throughout the day including giving you. The keywords that you can text in 272881. In our app free cash stashed contest power by Carolina coach is your 4 PM word that you haven't heard is Kate. Light don't Tug on Superman's caper in this instance right here today it is diesel that is super. I don't know what I've done two earn that honor I'll take it I am just coming back being nice to everybody right now which is somebody else sucks me and I. I might not be able to look there either one of NASA Mars I'm going to be on my best behavior. No when he needs repair those those old name glasses that are that are huge that block out all. Extraneous light. Here's the deal the last. Say 72 hours since I woke up. Saturday morning it has been put ice on my face and then an hour later put heat on my face. So right now my body doesn't know if ice or heat is coming. But I will say this with a little bit steroid action going on. Look a whole lot better than did just four days ago so who again will awhile we'll continue to get better and listen here's a fill up the thing I wanted to get back because tomorrow and Friday. Are two of the most special days of the year here in our column in his radio Thon we won't be set up. From 6 AM to 7 PM at Greenville hospital. The system. Radio Thon goes to benefit Children's Hospital in listen I'm gonna get better. Yeah I'm gonna get my strength back everything else we're gonna talk as some people unfortunately that their children. Yet they're battling issues that may they may battled for their entire life in years is still pretty close to some other day. You were on me about a man is good do you. I guess I'd tweedy is her account when CI you know like any man I'm glad you're you're on top and remember that I just know. That when I got home Wednesday night all you hear and all the stuff about Urban Meyer break. In a course with a seventeen year old daughter now which is less he wrote that turned seventeen last week diesel. I don't have a whole lot of there's not a big margin for air in my life when it comes to domestic obese by it will give end. To that a little bit later on here is your generic question of the day. Did you know it's common you know it's coming here in the next couple days. Clemson is now into a ball Pratt this same thing at South Carolina fall practice going on all over the country. Is we're now what 23. Days heavily from kick off for the tigers. We're just really. I can do my math correctly I believe like fifteen days 1516 days until the 25. There's actually five games that we can and will all be so can amend just like we will be soaking it all these pre season game since start. Tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. Says the plane hits you you don't get pre season games in college football like you're gonna get some of the most generic it searched. Hear from your coach. What is the one that you were planning DT no you're gonna hear about we catalysts Dublin here we'd love to hear some from you. Even passes around a little bit here or day. I'll give you an example of a generic it certain that your gonna hear from a head coach. Probably offensive coordinator defense of coordinator position coach. But one that I'm talking about it's were wage further along. Than where we thought we'd be right now. What the world does that mean how bad were a year that DB per team that won zero games last year or team that won the national debt championship. But you're gonna hear a coach is probably your coach say. Where wage further along and then what we tears who do what we thought we'd be. Now we have a list of others diesel and you know. When we come back we'll let you get in yours will also get in some other things because. You have some really knees start to break all over the college football world no doubt about it but gimbal DB up by PM keyword today at 6 PM keyword will mix in Brett Friedlander the ACC insider columnist. At 437. At the top of the 6 PM hour it's our buddy. Air morning from the Spartanburg herald journal. In that lesson that thought we we're gonna have one of those moments if you will some really watch here. Is we had some good ones you know the World Cup got a store a month they earned. Leading up to it from the middle gene to the middle July. One of my favorite trips that we've ever done here ESPN out say it was an all night drive to the Little League World Series a couple of years ago. When narrowed from right here in Greenville. Nor would literally goes on and wins their first ever game say the south Carolina's first ever game a Little League World Series unfortunately. To Tom one Brothers are friends say yeah they went down they represented. The state of South Carolina unfortunately. Tonight's final in the southeast regional. Down near and somewhere in Georgia Warner Robins I believe his Virginia in Alabama I believe it is set means that north when Little League came up short. Outlawing a mile to make an all night you know all my drive I'll never forget price out last year to radio. I think we got into William sport right at about 115 in the afternoon and had to get through all this craziness figure out where we were gonna pick up our credit so we can be set up on the year. At 4 o'clock and I'll never forget that here we are just happened to be on the air win that South Carolina wins their first ever game which includes a no hitter. And that was just one of those great days when it comes to you. This showed that she never knew he I mean that was an experience that I had always watched on television. But never got to take of part of personally I still have an audio tend Kirch and jumping out of the seat in when vacated the home run tears guest I'll never forget. Oh my god I think is Weydedat. Jim purchased from based on the night he said is a thirteen and I think it was this. Oh my god that's of thirteen year old is he hit one up on top of the hill they are in that South Carolina win and so. So anyway you can get him what does it's open phones till 437. Is we'll talk to Brett Friedlander about some things with North Carolina and NC state and listen a lot of love heading club since way dot won't it won't come back with that the defense of lying get a lot of love especially. When you realize one of those top players says he was playing him at roughly 50% health level. Next year think about how good the constant defense oblige can be this year with there are Dexter on Mars for in a 100% healthy again opened bones whom we come back in that Brett free miner for 37. And then of course opened phones for over an hour till they're Boynton. At the top of the 6 PM hours straight starts were back to 844 GS PE SP and don't forget radio Thon tomorrow and Friday. All right welcome back to end and it feels so good to be back tier work. If you're pretty fortunate when you get to say that and you look I appear on the TV and here yarn ball practice and I mean shoot we got GM her reaction I believe this weekend when it comes to high school football. In year one name amiss when it comes to this time of the year search puma. Yeah when I was a kid that meant a it was the beginning of football season when he saw that sirte in the class sicker you know. Jean Marie things of that nature so I miss that but here on today. Of course it's August 8 we're getting no chip. And I guess iconic figure that out last night when a slight look Nokia ESPN. It's obviously look for some things you bill tying here during the summer. But dodge ball on ESP into last night I mean dodge ball the movie I'm always up for that. But I was definitely surprised to be seed seed dodge ball the movie. Playing the last night and then of course that was just the lead in today for the coach. All day long on on August 8 why. Because it's what ESPN does and of course what was it pepper Fitzsimmons going. Yeah and the whole thing would the broadcasts on ESPN Ochoa in the movie dodge ball so that's why they checked it out last night. Yeah I love this and I've seen three sports already today and I'd never even heard of I've never seen before I don't know what it is. Yeah yeah our. I used to know a guy with the I agreeable roller Danes I think their maintenance and derby games whatever. He was here at PA announcer all I would check again in the comfort and right now but it's something about the number of people you pass CEO. Again I don't get it either so but let's see what else should be watched here corn hole is something that I'm sorry everybody knows how to play caller hole I don't know that that is an obscure sport anymore what's the point is with corn hole. It's everybody does that the parking lot at football games across the country I get better when I have three or four Beers and yeah as scum like darts all collateral in sober but it. The thing. Yeah I'm sorry. I know it's a way we're going. But this whole. TV I get the fact there's a lot of money in it now when there's now a university east. They're putting. Wat is matter I even caught myself the last two days. Watching some online clips of people play video games to try to get some ideas to get strategies from people who really do that this. But make a lot of money at these particular games and you can pick up things here there I can't sit there watch more than ten minutes of the tops. Then I'm like one now I just wanted to play game. And I just not that kind of guy so the whole. That's something we're gonna have to put up with but I actually mean. I don't know some kind of game being played eight it's like all the high school coaches I talk to write mail in now college coaches. One theme that they have to control inside their locker insists is sagging called fort night. There is just taking over the world. And again think about it one of the things I learned last night. From right and deceive the Cleveland Browns defense of back end I believe first of all. Taylor Swift I think it's after him but number two. If you spend two hours a day checking in it's a grim FaceBook Twitter. What else Serb you checking in now when it comes to social media that I'm FaceBook and Twitter I haven't mr. Graham account I don't check. Yeah I just used a big threat yeah I don't use anything else I used I tried to get a snap Chad the whole point was. Like women vs this and you naughty photos on such act as a go way. I never got any particular and Amy can't make him a phone crash or someone observers of me to have this. Think about I'm not the smartest guy I'm not the smartest individual. You spend two hours a day on social media that's 112 to be your year. One month of year year that is gone. Just by looking at your phone or your laptop or whatnot I gotta get better about that myself I was a literally. Mean the numbers at hair house blown away two hours a day. And that's 112 that's a mutt that a year year gone when it comes to social media things you'll learn here. On this show like clumps of football you know who. You know who is helping out at practice in they're in the indoor practice facility is it looks like whether his driven. The tigers inside we can give you a weather update from Arlington Woodruff road. It's dark outside set fair and we had a little bit arraigned early spring and now okay. But Debra far. Hanging out would defense of coordinator Brent venables Constance indoor practice facility today and one of the stories is bad. Clemson's. First all venables is upset. Imagine that. He's upset in its defense of blind why because all the attention that they've gotten here in the offseason what that's what comes with. The number of all Americans coming back and Christian Wilkens claim unfair all these guys but the big named Dextre Lawrence. Yea he's going to be a junior you this year some people already had him in the top five of the NFL draft this upcoming year. The word yesterday was coming out of clumps and he played last year somewhere between forty and 50% help. He heard a slow Eric earlier in the end of his freshman year. He had a little nerve damage done in a so here's a thing. He worked on his upper body placement in weight in just took up space there he really what enabled a drive that's why you didn't see Emeka but. Think about it now they're saying he has his healthiest he's been since he showed up his freshman year in clumps and if he made it through last year in a year that a lot of people did not expect Clemson to find themselves in the college football playoff. It forty to 50% helped him he's now back LPO yet Christian Wilkens on the side you got this to defense events. Brett venables can be mad at those guys all he wants for the attention that they're bring in a clumps and it is legit because. If you ever stood next decks remarks. To some Mahan is an absolute main in this hidden. We're not talking. Each chisel you know what I mean he's not just a big big Fella he looks muscular. I cannot believe I'd heard grumbling that oh he's mean I'm not gonna get healthy till after the season. Dexter is a man of few words for him just to come out and say yesterday. Yeah house somewhere between forty and 50% last year to me. Who that speaks volumes for how did that defense in line at content can be this year. But speaking up do you they are right there gives you your first opportunity when we get into our list of generic saying sit down what's something that you expect to hear from Scott senator bill. Coming up here in the cook video. In the coming weeks. Probably by the end this weekend. Well how is this area out is expecting their mothers to drill it really no drop off for a ones and twos and we've been out there were some pretty hardened. You know the guys are coming up again matter. If they're getting better is there there's got to be a drop off between the ones twos. In their reason that some number one since so I'm happy I was mean that would be yeah other things. I wanna get into a course. Didn't guess what department of some mice poke ball program has been the best ever for the last six months. The street thing conditioning program. Our guys and never come and in better shape than they are right now all the credit goes our strength and conditioning department. This is seen most in shape football team that we have ever seen I show up. Too bad when you get on tape in your bat oh and five in some I can go back in here why are you in shape now halfway through the year when you wanna abide by. That is usually the star about this time made it. Tell you what. We've never had a team comeback in this good a shape as this are our football program right now is everybody in our strength and conditioning department. That was a case everybody will get six and six. That's true what do you know it's it's the only program Dunst is the program is actually doing something right now. Now not this week may you know where you re here over the next two weeks to get moved into. Everybody's first opponent is one of the likely final four contenders for the college football player. You know I'm into the matter to your opening up I mean Tennessee West Virginia. You know clubs into played some big games back in the past she got Notre Dame Michigan the opening weekend some really good games. But it doesn't matter down to the guillotine that finished two intend sun belt last year Louisiana Monroe to do and you injustice. I'm sure they finished an entire area but my point being there in the some bow right can I get can he's wins this conversation about Sunbelt twosome. Earlier today but even Louisiana Monroe they're likely contender. Eight going twelve Leno and finding themselves like ECF in the conversation last year well or are we looking toward anybody on the schedule this season what is taking all one game at a time. Wouldn't you love to hear coach show up again. You know why it. We've got to have the biggest budget jokes out here you know I think kids showed up fat they showed up at a shape they don't really seem like they got football mind. In just jerk with the ad media that way so when you come out you go seven and five it looks like you've done hero's work for the year. Course that's why eighteen that's why you thought all coaches have the problems that they have they have to present a certain image. And that's one of the things is gonna get Urban Meyer in trouble. To what extent we don't note. Now this much I wanna say before we go out to break because Brett Friedlander we're gonna talk some ACC football in the end. You talk about having a cool father son moment in the last couple weeks will get or Brett about that as well. But again after that I'm gonna get the his opinion on Urban Meyer because here's the deal. Urban Meyer is not beat burst any should not the last head football coach head basketball coach head baseball coach all the way down to the head. Cross country coach did his lied to the media. That's what but the it is what the coaches that's what coaches do you know back to Arab member Tim marais and he's now retired is clumps of sports information director going. Did the industry changed when you couldn't sit on anything and put it out at 530 on Friday afternoon. Or wait till Monday morning and get the weekend ever win. That's when it all change you can do that back in the day well. Urban Meyer. In our meet this guy won't ER after Brett freeway he had achieved CB hero he was worried about his image he could've been the biggest hero out there. But unfortunately. Yeah here's the deal let's Elise who let the chips fall where they may. Last week everybody fire Urban Meyer but that's where we are in this country right now. Buyer will get it will get to the truth later on buyer won't get to the truth later on so again urban it's not what you did. Or how you did it. To me it's where you screwed up and we won't ever quite look achieve the same way. However we got issues that North Carolina thirteen different athletes are going to be suspended for games this year NC state. Yeah I read an article on us CBS sports dot com earlier saying what a program David Doran has built Bayern Riley will what is she built. Guess what these are some of the questions we're gonna ask our buddy Brett Friedlander when we come back is he is CA CC insider journalist for the nor state journal and guess what you can follow him on Twitter at deep fried ACC. All right welcome back TN that we are headed to the gas line it's our Reza. Is it white good momentum by Doug small. Enthusiasm interest CE SP in the ocean today it's our buddy Brett Friedlander how we doing. I'm doing okay are you sitting here watching the godfather on AMC and writing a quote from basketball review the first blue ribbon bat or you write about what the project. Real quickly. Will get into and a little bit later on I guess college book basketball. Got a little bit dropped on it seers earlier today with some of the new rules that came out. You know I think a lot of a lot of it would window dressings drama Libya. I mean the what the one good thing that I thought it came out of it is that guy going to the draft and don't get it. Will be able to come back to school what beat that the great thing but other than that I I don't see a whole lot of like earth shattering changes. That's a lesson let me ask you Parse a volley comes down and like your article for the nor state journal was that it could have been worse for North Carolina when it came in the east thirteen players. That were suspended. Goosen bigger troubled North Carolina football this fall that by that we found out yesterday. Clemson's defense of lineman Dexter Lawrence was playing at forty to 50% help last year and he was still buying a second team all American. Yeah I I I think that bad knee ready but he is on schedule because of that sector Dexter. To comply and we saw that and I can only imagine how much better he can be at a 100% so. And you know that but the but the blind to it as great as they are individually. The fact that that. They're all they're together you can't double team anybody I mean didn't you do. It is an old can pick your poison data bank arm. Number of imported Ian that the guy let me if it incredibly intimate we did anybody gain yardage on that deepened little course. What sorry there are there are eight. All right we continue Brett free Maynard the ACC insider columnist for the nor state journal all you have to do is follow him on Twitter beef fried ACC because he links everything up there and that includes. He like he said it could have been worse for North Carolina but. Can it really be any worse relate that to more right now on the factor coming off a bad year. The U handy Lola. Incident or the saying they got national attention ACC football pick up now I got thirteen players suspended. Over the courses. Games this season. This is gone after one year off the tracks this is he really really big year for North Carolina football in particularly Larry from the war. It didn't and I got there he is it could have been worse. You know thirteen players were suspended but let's look at the group of them the most influential of that group. He can't Iraq. Quarterback you can put the number one in. Right now player in North Carolina and one of the top quarterback in the country a couple of years ago. Eight. They also have Nathan Elliott who's battling for the starting job may have beaten the rat out though. You know the first sport game and I haven't experienced quarterback who played the last regain the seat in the last year. And and you know if everything they you don't. The way you know he start but it is you don't have played well the biggest part of the whole scene and is being dubbed it. You've got the you have the luxury of having a guy like Iraq come back and almost like all the waiver wire in week five. Are against Miami and and the other. You you can make changes you can screw that you need to eyes sparked the disparate events to concern tomorrow on fox. And on the record the other two started that event. Both of them were suspended for war games but some are noble they Rangel about the big staggered the suspensions so they're all going to be without Warren at a time so. But below there won't be quite as bad as it could have been. Unger a couple of got the secondary you're battling breast starting positions. Oh corral at the. But it said that they got off pretty easily now here's the thing they go out to California in week one. The big goal to Carolina in week two. As part Larry burn after playing nine lead and I think you're absolutely imperative that he start you know what against them that that crew. It declare and America wins in the air would make me get sick maybe seven we get to a ball game and all the sudden Larry yup the hot these. But they start out oh and do with a part of tensions. Coming up in here and an important players. Whether they're starters are back up. And I won't be available. Go in the pocono race seat he isn't all the sudden you've got a lot of trouble and he and I don't. Yeah burying. Read the weekly EU stopped that went on at eight VER media today. During the let up but they weren't three and nine last year although but the injury unity and unity day that they had a but it used. I'd I'd Iran and get the biggest thing affected big dork over NC state is having an absolutely. And that blue monster here in recruiting and the coming up at nine wouldn't be where you got more than anything get. In hot water I think Larry I could be in trouble they don't get off to a good start. Brett what have you heard from the NCAA as far as their justification. For allowing. North Carolina to stagger these suspensions in this way because most of the time when you hear suspensions. It's usually the first two to four games or whatever the suspension happens to be and he said he felt like. About North Carolina sort of got off easy in this situation. Does it feel like a little bit that that the NCAA is propping up a blue blood yet again. Now I I don't think so because there's precedent that. And if you remember what stopped Carolina and Clemson had that brawl on the lap in that people may help open to suspension. Are both teams had their suspensions on our staggered like that to consumers so many guys involved. And in that Kate beat these three day that was given is that there were three disparate events that among the thirteen players that were. Not suspended. The two starters and a backup who probably wouldn't have been. You know it in the top to eat our food and third on the depth chart but. They had three different event and is to avoid getting so it then that one position. Attitude ripped guys getting injured today he had been given a dispensation. To allow them to stagger it Tibet. Yet they would have ample guide it to play that position that that the you know the explanation given. Well you know what do you buy it or not that yet but you put but what they're. I Brett before we close up you have covered the masters Super Bowl spinal four's world Ceres. You name you covered it but you did something cool with your sign a week and a half ago winning team too Chipper Jones is induction into Cooperstown. Just talk about that moment real quick I hate that word talk about talk about but it. Seen yelling you're an idiot for people don't know your son works for the Braves organization seen L you know all right. They were hurt Turkey's skis we are right but my point being dollar long long braves fans and to get that moment there in Cooperstown that it had to be bats ago right to the top. You know you talk about pocket let them know I experienced the this is one that I couldn't even imagine on a bucket list and it was very cool. You know baseball they father son game has been forever I mean you watch the movie field of dreams did you get the idea. And most of the time you know Whitney when you ask somebody why their favorite team is. What their favorite team than probably because that was my dad favorite team and indicate that the Braves you know Paul and I you know have that we share that. And I Chipper Jones of the favorite player right from the get go. A chocolate went down I drafted first overall in 1992 the year my son was born and by the time chipper grow our audio retired in in 2012. My thumb Avaya senior high but basically the entire childhood it was a favorite player insults. Which are retired I thought you know Paul that aren't going to be Cooperstown would get inducted. Into what we go. I'm going to be there with you and so we went in it was it was it was a it was a lot lifetime experience work. That was fantastic all right thanks for check in on the in the honor of all of our favorite football coaches. What generic dancer along the lines I think this is our best conditioned team ever had you already heard from a coach in the past week. Let the there is. Scottie Montgomery Carolina of their lives. They've clocked in at wait for a day door to impede it I would say at least three. In the last week. Yeah when that's sort of our topic of the day a year you're gonna get it from your favorite football coach here in the next couple of days to do stat. Get used to it again takes for everything but I appreciate you checking up on me. Everything is zag going okay about next week will be a whole lot better catch. The road don't let it anyway do way it would turn out like I said it was three pieces as she'd be a real quick. My daughters like get some of my text messages that's not. She calls threes against. He's dead tell Brett Friedlander the attacks he ran over him I'm like oh my goodness that's why I'm glad. She's down in Florida right mobilize I will do that picture of the lasagna and person hearsay and not okay. Democrat I told dealers there's Brett Friedlander the ACC and cop columnist. Just gonna follow him at beef fried ACC win we come back again another wanted to eat these generic cancers also will start live and and to the urban Meyer's situation but one of the longest tenured coaches ever has announced his retirement from college football earlier today. So more generic eight assertions you're gonna get premier football coach. Here in the next couple of days I give me one there's something special. In this locker. It could be gas you know. Never that never not having you better lock her before you know that smell yeah exactly. I we just look dale we saw the rock 101 man in getting out of it was Robert Martin you're given him a shout out later on. I'm gonna steal this from you as well as we got radio on tomorrow and Friday. All seven radio stations set up there in the lobby at ths. You're talking about a crew that has worked there butts off this week it's everybody in engineering get the stages bill. And everything else is say one is they will do and then also. Jerry. From engineering and now see made a big announcement earlier today as well. He's retiring after 42. Some odd 42 years and change innocence. Imagine doing anything for 42 years. Now I think radio Baghdad was just two cans and strings can say gay pride hasn't won signal one person or you can stand out near the corner of Woodruff in Arlington road and yell out ever megaphone and had to change CU reach as many people bay. Those guys and engineering they do great work and again. Some of the stories featuring an a year from radio Thon here in the next couple days to listen just like meet ya get back from getting screwed with I did I never ever realized I was gonna end up. With two black Tyson swollen face. Guess what it's gonna go away I'm gonna get back to my same old ugly self. Hopefully with a better attitude diesel. But guess what it's an indicator some of these kids some of these families they're gonna battle these issues for the rest of their life since. Even you know the good lord's got a way of making things work out because I probably need that little wide knowledge. If you will right now so. Always good to catch up with our body free Lander again I forgot he had some was working for the Braves until he got to add to that intern position and got a paid position with the Carolina Hurricanes so. Of course you can always follow our good friend Brett Friedlander. At. Deep fried ACC. Are right. You won the things he talked about there North Carolina gets hating you asked a question about blue bloods yeah I thought he hit the nail on the head the biggest thing. That is going on. For North Carolina right now. It's a fact if you look over in Raleigh. Date don't Lawrence getting some positive plug when it comes to be in the head coach for NC state. Ellison he leads them to what ninety wind switched tie easy record NC state has not won more than nine games in a season in their football history. You know I mean when is back in the late seventies got Bo Ryan in the LSU job and then course we know six weeks today after he's analysis and coach LSU. He dies in a plane crash. You know Dick shared NC only person they got NC state benign winds and never took off so what they Dorn is due weighing in you remember he got snipped out if you will by the University of Tennessee last year. What they dornin is due and in recruiting right now is he's will open North Carolina. They got fourteen did the wolfpack fourteen different commitments between June 1 in June and July 10. In they went soaring up the recruiting rankings now they're in the top twenty in every single recruiting ranking. In that thing that DO Brett didn't really have time to elaborate on when it comes in he shape. They're keeping the in state talent at home. You know that's the biggest thing there's a lot of football talent in what's one school. What's one school the North Carolina is it really had award alt if you will in the past Clemson it's always been really couldn't say no North Carolina but. Now you go look at the tigers. They're recruiting nationally. So is she stake even these kids at home in the doing it quietly now adorn its got about as much personality is not lefty know what. He's not the nicest guy that I've ever been around the US and somebody doesn't like he pops up I mean made the comment last week about clumps of well it's really easy to recruit need to be successful when you have everything that Clemson pass. Guess what Clinton didn't have that back in the day. When they started it when they started putting some money into it I guess what the recruits are showing up. Now that the recruits are showing up you win games she make the college football play up more and more money comes then. That's part that that's part of life it's part of business. To I think Davos when he should've taken exception he hit a handled it the right way but. A date Dorn need to do the same thing convince your. Powers that Reid is she state to figure out if your football or basketball school. I was thinking the exact same thing when. North Karen state of North Carolina does not have a power five. Football power. Virginia Tech is the football power. In the state of Virginia Clemson is a stale the football power now in the state of South Carolina right now. But the state of North Carolina has never had it a generation only dominant. Team. And did you wait if our will never be able now do it due to the type of schools North Carolina is a basketball school and that's all they really ever won a recent North Carolina State. Has to figure out are we a football a week a basketball school you can't be won during one part of the season. In it now sing you can't be great but both your national championships in C state team in basketball. But they may see themselves as a football school during the football season you at least get that identity a little bit right that will serve you in the long run so. I know one thing that we can do that would make some people happy in North Carolina. Jim achieve so when 8000 dollars per year and clear. On intercom energy hungry bowl in ESP in upstate and our presets guys contest. Yeah don't you Micky ward at the top of the hour yes that's right forgot been gone a little bit diesel you know I used to be we did it on the way now it's done by the hour so when we come back. You can talk about gay dornin in C state but. Urban Meyer was so worried about his PR. His image in the public he could have been the hero of coaches simply would just die and what's right I'm not willing to throw him completely under the bus but again. Had just done what's right you would never be dealing with this stuff because you would've been a hero in the ice of so many.