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Wednesday, July 11th

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So what did I learn on social media in the last twenty Puerto 36 hours Childress. Probably a lot dude always something gonna do not now about the Pacman Jones who walk into an airport olives taxiway after an enemy that thinks caught on video this guy. I guess he worked at the airport started Malin off the pac man is walking through this last night. It end up at an altercation in the Pacman Jones credit. Eagle at the data out he actually ended up with some facial lacerations but. He likes the guy out in that it's taken jealous well. That's crazy. Pacman Jones he's all wrong place wrong time how many times in his career and again this might not have been completely his ball yesterday puts up. For us trouble like a magnet. Some people have all the law do they and I guess that's our claim that so anyway. Damn ball. We hit the fact he believes that did the SEC west he leads Mississippi State which he got to make good job you know that's. That that's university has Carolina shot every coach at Mississippi State. Football at Clemson basketball. Somewhere represented at each other got to line up and take your shot you're not you're not typically take your shot every year. That's very fair and Jessica comparison for now includes and its basketball on the rise Heidi yes. All right but historically Brighton and yes good two year run in the back off its recruits and so. What in the world aids day in Moline time to sell us he's been in the SEC east for what about five seconds right now Sicily to Mississippi sniper Gainesville. Pump the brake stating boy did you realize that he gets out there and on radio no less which remember. Yet they're making comments on radio somebody's recording it it's never going away for posterity. Saying that he thinks he balance of power in the Southeastern Conference when it comes to the football is now flipping from the west and east. Why is he smoking in Gainesville Florida right mail because let me say one thing that the SEC west does have its Vanderbilt. Kentucky. Tennessee went oh NA there rebuilding right now how in the world you know granted it's been Alabama to. Our Auburn represented the SEC west last year. LSU not a huge torture on me and but they're not bad. What in the world is he the guy realize you gotta pump your fan base out but it I just can you buy into view Al east now. Is it's the class that the SEC because the best coaching hire this offseason was Jim the district of Texas Dana. So when you think two seasons down the road we're going into the 20/20 season. You think Florida's back you'd think Tennessee's back under the two coaches that they just got. He is the balance of power shifting over to the east where those teams are going to be back on the rise. Where you've got some coaches on the west that don't appear like they're going to be long term success is like or Jerod. And a lot of new hires over in the west as well so I don't want to play doubles that night but two years from now is the east's top to bottom stronger than last he's got Kentucky Vanderbilt Missouri and there. One two of those teams are not going to be bowl eligible every year I don't listen Mississippi State two years or not he'd get bowl eligible guests wife you know at least they cheat every once in awhile to make a good ride you know we take heart cheek and on the western side a little bit and here are forgot about that when it kinda the way that a think about this that often when a regular I'm not talking about right now sir I'm saying. I think Pruitt and I think that Mullen are gonna bring those two programs back to relevance again where there winning 91011 games a year are fighting two seasons for. If the balance of power is shifting through good coaching and I think they've got two good coaches there. Those teams are gonna be rising up who's rising up in the west maybe Texas NM. Does Auburn continue to stay where they're they're happy bipolar it's a roller there I mean yeah. You know it's evident or eleven and seems like her eight for our listeners are so I was really double sad note that was over the course of the next two seasons I could see the east. Becoming much more relevant in the west kind of staying flat. All right here's the deal if Tennessee all the sudden goes under run under unproven head coach to improve ads. It's 5050. I know this much from talking about bodies up in Knoxville. They're already stronger mentally than they ever were in the fight years of the bush sincere yeah our right so. Now whether that translates to a win or two in the Southeastern Conference this year. No but for those teams to go up that you mentioned somebody's gonna have to go to jail is it South Carolina. Because I don't know south Carolina's Prine. With everything going ain't the listen everything's gonna go football team's way in one year. I see here make the case for ten wins for South Carolina right now they'll team that I look at. Putts and in Death Valley in the second week it's Georgia guess what I like them in the second week he. Georgia in the second week it what Georgia may be a weak number and they're probably not going to be and we number. I think that South Carolina he continued I mean they're bringing in fantastic recruiting classes. If the new quarterback coming in turns out to be for real doctor Bentley leaves I think South Carolina could be a lasting team in the SEC. At the expense of the SEC west to me I take Kentucky Vanderbilt in Missouri. And I paddle over on the other side and take Ole miss Mississippi State Arkansas that's kind of bush I'll take you to one of those are correct. So that you're looking at the top four are talking two seasons for a if you look at the top four is the west more powerful. And the east every year either Ole miss or Mississippi State's good players such as small statement magnolia state that it. The peak in both speak at it used to be argument that we made about the palmetto state here. Constant in that not enough high school recruits here in this state really supplement. Clips and in South Carolina right now. What's that what one recruit last year by the power matters states and yet there is there a little different spot. I mean we'd see Mississippi State did an Orange Bowl we seen that press god yes about point B and one of those two teams is good every single year. LSU I think yeah they had Nick Saban right articulate she's kind of playing in the weight gain if we get Geithner thing it wins I don't know her torture on. Great but guess what. Who's got a match up x.s and as was Satan they don't statement from the inside so that's why I think that was it well tweeting it to him a war though we only got pay this guy to the next few years and we're gonna waded out because they didn't they see. Arkansas' the I don't know if there ever really get to do anything atlas Bobby Katrina is that it is cheek like outlook is. The reason they got personal it Brett bill about a hell of a buyout last year yes number two they got. They got Chet Morse on the cheek. People sign me up two point in the inner what are they listened with SEC coaching salaries that's on the cheek which add more split. They came down though they know their identity if we can get recruits at a Texas Arkansas football will never be that much. I think the chat. That is not what side Chad Morris wants to do he wants to swing it and now run a fast tempos it would be interesting to watch I mean I get it and I by the way. Not a big fan of the Mullen comments I'd I don't think you're a player that is being here is is the sports fans love it and other SEC to add even Georgia fans like yeah UT alum Dan Mullen but one year last year were Georgia doesn't offset the eight previous seasons at this EC II was won by an SEC west the edges. It's talking sees same thing for us is radiation used it. Players who want every once awhile you get crap I wish that we're just not among the top of mind now. I agree with you end up one of the topics at you you've mentioned at beginning of the show. Odd questions you'd like asking SEC media days I'm fascinated to hear some your thoughts time. Are you gonna be that guy Eddie CEC media days it's got the curve ball questions I don't Asik gotcha questions or. If you got some creative stuff that you got an oil earlier that you're gonna take some of these I don't. In lesser new coaches. Most of them I hate to say it that way deed of neighbors is. Blue literally become a friend and got pat RTZ I think it's one of the most impressive guys out there. In the you'll see will get more vote of the postal that we probably will the weight division. Note because I watched it happen one time in a radio news in this uncomfortable situation that I have ever been through. We knew it was common the question was common for you dates. Who's up the Pinehurst. And what particular coach about 56 years ago got fired the day after eight CC football alone. That is what state is all right. By Friday it state pride if what exemplary players north Carolina's take notes and realized after two days meet with the media. There's no way in hell we can pull this and they just went and pulled the trigger on him if he remembered the day after ACC football kickoff. Well this might have helped trigger we knew one of the guys in our room was set non it for you gates' speech at it's like. Some of the best conversations we have are actually during the break right in the white we like you said that we ought to be FaceBook this more it's not like more so we've got. Ten minutes in between coaches missing with this in the room with these guys were a couple of dates. Top ranked. It was so by going all right it tells question now will put stick it Butch Davis North Carolina advocate is I've got the final one. It was coach. How can deny ability Ian skis for what's going on in the North Carolina program is it that time she did not eat knowing anything. Yeah he was trying to lay everything on John Blake the offensive coordinator that tried in the past and away and I swear to god if you can watch thirteen adults crawl under a table at the same time. We knew it was common for these days it's a legitimate question it's hit and then he was denied knowing anything. But the point being if you that is seen the eagle laser eyes a about a Butch Davis it is heads that are about his head like the exorcism. It's let's uncomfortable out there were bids I would not do that if somebody I didn't think he would engineer not a gotcha question guy and I'm I'm deftly not either. I was just curious he said he had some of the holster on what about show on whatever well battles it because that's way out it's actually got to be a topic here ACC football kick off that again. We may see a little different maneuvering due to the transfer rules you can actually get a kid and for four innings. You know if it's that week before the South Carolina game and your little banged up annual seasoned player. Right place you couldn't pull the redshirt the pass a complete some fascinating. Bills with clumps and Alabama Georgia. Three teens. Three of the five favorites. How long music and again yes. I hit it though there may be some packages for Jalen Hertz into the saint. You've been around sports on enough teams wanna be glad. They were put their faith in one per. He gets paid bipolar form. Yeah the year what was it Spurrier out thought himself when he kept switching quarterbacks in and out every plate and went that was Doug Johnson and somebody else I believe and got. Can it be written. And Auburn did it against Clemson a couple of years ago meant literally every series was different at quarterback and has anybody been successful with that. And I guess I Urban Meyer with dyed T Bo was a team violently the year he won the national title he he did and switching her. Yet not yet a package for Tivo or we let it end. Yeah but besides that I haven't really seen a whole lot of success with that over the years where you had two guys. Legitimately getting playing time what what am I gonna do Rome where I'm gonna pull guess what. But at some confidence when you're playing quarterback. Right it's based on decisions it's based on. Like we're talking last night about Gina Harada taught to have at the George Rogers turn about that Alabama mind game in 92 guys. Did they had eleven guys lined up across the line of scrimmage I need to were blitzed and we know which felt they were common enemy gets you play right it's an ever seen. Let you know back in the day he was absolutely right eleven. The offensive players with an. That's why CEO at that point you can't be looking over your shoulder if you make a mistake I think it's a really interest being. Those are legit questions that these coaches are gonna have to deal wit. I think we already saw departed Kevin Sweeney to answer. Coming out this spring game back in April that plea so and I know we got to get the break here I've got to a kind of twist I guess on the richer it could impact the quarterback competition at Alabama and Clemson. Talked about this this on a show when you were not on on Monday that look to future take on we get back that could also. Another. Staff turnover turnover in the SEC like you have never seen before what's the one thing that we thought about the ACC you've done well the last eight years. Going out and hiring head coaches listen it's a huge year for the Southeastern Conference 844 GS PE SP and Wear light here. At bottom being pizza on Woodruff wrote about spin the price will. Those guys are hot out there. No they're not pursue every here and it's not some pizza and some yeast rolls. Welcome back Dan is. He aids college football media days a week early. This is your last day before you go on vacation I'm that you are coming up to Charlotte for one night and Indy it's the the whole. Being if you will the ACC football kick off next week we will be up there light on the air Wednesday. Do some recording Thursday morning you'll get back on vacation I will be back hearing green bullet 4 PM. Is we are broadcasting from Carolina golf and tennis but he woods for their British Open party nice because the U at these of the open championship. It begins next Thursday. Somewhere. On dollar and the ones that aren't competent. Well gosh it's getting worse. You just for airports are so it's going downhill side filling up till I thought to be getting better jealous that would have to I'm not even trying it has a new diesels recording everything. Solid you are I'll achieved so questions that I would yeah I mean when I say AM good a good stick this in front of the active coaches in Macomb these are questions that I asked yes. Because you have most of the recording that will be due on Thursday morning. All of the other guys in the media like Tomlin can build. I've got right waters are ready vote for next. Thursday. Morning. So it's going to be a lot of media guide split atlas this is this huge year for the sassy is Southeastern Conference when it comes to football and here is why. Kimbo Fisher. Dan Mullen cheer me Pruitt. Joseph morehead. Chat boards iniki water through a six in the mix Matt was. What are all six that is what they having common and other they're brand new coaches in the SEC now Matt let it get one job is at Durham I addicted a year in prison term and that's why they hired them and then yet to be honest with you thought that was the minute they had to make after that win. Turned out to keeping you might get real serious about taking that job because nobody can get an answer from the NCAA. What's gonna be coming down the pike with them but the 61. Year head coaches if you will beat that Matt Luke in the air it's a first year head coach and not ever. That's half the league adjusting to it needs to happen in new head coach this year that's why I say. This is a big you're due any of their six outside Jim both Fisher overwhelm you is wow what a great news. And I I I like I like Mullen and screw it I mean I I'd like you win at Mississippi State got to be able to win a floor you can and I think both. I mean both of those schools are loaded with money. They have fantastic facilities. They had a history of success. Rabid fan bases. So there's nowhere to build it up especially for Tennessee right I mean and you got. You donate the conference last year to become an ON three conference games two conference games this year and and your heroes so I like both of those hire to run east side. And to be determined on the west I mean I like Chad Morris Arkansas and makes a lot of sense make sent out a big fan of his he was doing great work SMU. I'd like the offense that he runs on. And Eddie got it is also different you gonna get had to give him some time you get a cup. Oh this play makers out of the once our state the one that goes. Well that was outside the box. And it's what Mississippi State did it replacing Dan Moline with joke morehead the defense of coordinator from Penn State because. By all accounts of people I don't. Big love this guy he's tough he's discipline so. I think we have to take a little wait and see when it comes to that but I think there's a lot of upside when that higher came down I won't. I would expect in that one is that any really here's name boy they move quickly it's like they had an idea that this is in moments last year. That athletic director obviously had some veins in his front pocket in an Ari made a couple of phone calls that you get caught with its paints him right there so will be closer than. On a pre season poll here in about a month high going into the season. Which usually has like nine sometimes ten SEC teams will be ranked and that that pre season. You got Alabama this year. I'll take Georgia Alabama or Georgia and Auburn at the knicks as what I would consider. A great team and two teams could beat her way to say this get back into that schedule set now. Better yet I don't schedule direction yet great to a blue pack. Who passed that in the in the SEC. Should be ranked in the pre season top 25 year. I don't outside those three teams is there will be eight of those static noise is our every year I LSU it's got some players gene they may have finally look into the situation at quarterback despite. Being in the right place at the right time or it's actually works out listen they've got some players on defense it. Bake. In FL trackers to is absolutely curls. Saturday night baton route I think I can make the case this year if they get quarterback play because my god they got what. Alex apple clear whether a thirteen cast off you know what I mean is are quarterbacks are a bigger better about it Paul okay. Are who else. It's hard to figure ranked South Carolina precincts that I ranked Lexus and a champion there. South Carolina. You know week he saved South Carolina watch out Georgia that might be it and you know especially that we to match up. There's one team I think in the east I don't really thinking about stink it about right now if that's true lock in the Missouri Tigers because. They were getting ready to run that Bay Area Odom out of Columbia Missouri after what one in fiber one of forced horse they error that seven and five in the regular season. It is drew Lott's team on it quarterback boy they started scored some points that he was. There's going to be some teams that beat Missouri you're gonna have outscored them this year and guess what you guys love those SEC office at matchups 66 had ever time. That I mean Missouri's yell liar right you're gonna of them that probably score forty ticket to get those guys yet they were putting up ridiculous numbers second half of the season last year so do. I it's are not practicing here and tell you that's why update the case. It yet he's looking Americans have been snobbery back out and it's nothing about shelf figured out we had some fun back in college days at the yes. I think a lot of schools to sit screw it we're gonna do as little as possible here while we're way in this run out for Nick Saban Obama outside of I'd say you know have really gone out there and identified a big city had then it's gone after. I mean Ella she tried to do it Jim official the year before they can get up his he would rate elite Florida State it is some. Things in his personal life that were going all right he will AA in the it was Texas dated late date in years that he'd buy me that pokes at this level as well. It does on this got a couple times I disagree with you a little bit on that. I mean I I think that the SEC. Especially in the pre season polls gates gets a pass based on three. And a lot of these teams get some over in place means more debt exactly and a lot of these teams get over inflated rankings. Hands. That helps him over the course of the season I'd launch on on on Monday when you are out. A properly appointees like one of the best things going for Clemson and Alabama this year is that gonna be right at the top of the rankings at the beginning of the season so you can afford a misstep. Maybe even to this steps in still be right there in the mix at the end. A lot of those mid level SEC teams I don't thinker great that the once you and I've been talking about passes top three teams are great teams. They're gonna be ranked its hand and what. Tennessee was pre season number ten last year they were terrible football team. That's where not a healthy and about his government that's gonna help them Tennessee football. But when he in the Southeastern Conference last year I mean. I totally forgotten that adults only and called it hadn't lived in Knoxville for over a decade I thought I'd see hell freezes over. Before I saw Tennessee football go oh and a in the Southeastern Conference because. The day on I don't pull for anybody else but they're might be a little bit of a soft spot. In my heart for Tennessee to simply the fact. Thank you damage a bunch of money off football weekends haven't six or seven bands play in the not so over the course of the weekend. Eight if they weren't good it would have been that big of a party I would say that much it that's lack literally can. Wasn't. You're either why is it's a failure. Either be greater bad. He's you can try to fix bad if you mediocre boy you're talking about nobody cares that. Yep I agree and I think it's gonna be a lot of mediocre in the SEC this year. And that's going to be the interesting thing for me for me to watch you mean you're gonna have Alabama the top I think Georgia and Auburn are both really good teams. That have the ability to win 1011 maybe even twelve games and be right in the mix at the end. The pass that I think you've got a lot of average above average football team art. And it'll be interesting to sell. He had more stud it was he's got he's got to rebuild at Arkansas fare that's very fair our idea quarterback. Yet tear through it like we said Tennessee oh and last year you you've got to fix everything they're tougher by the fall right now this at any point they've been. In the last five years ago whether Albany street back sorry not big expectations for Tennessee get 66 in its picture that the practices right now. Eight that Albanian twice on Sunday in my personal opinion. So Matt Luke guinier badly in what's going on with the NCAA with that Ole miss job so when we come back. Which of these three coaches is under the most pressure to put nine wins out next year in the first year in this seat. Joseph Moore had at Mississippi State we can you get one at the best quarterbacks coming back any decently stop football team there as well. Jim a pitcher that save in ten years 75 million dollars. Or Dan Mullen at Florida think about that when during the break we'll take your phone calls and 84 port ESP. ESPN. Are right winner winner what you did go either despite the price will. No well my daughter McCain is shared by the way your wife and child are so much better looking than you it's not even funny I there's no argument which are getting for me here. There's not a prize we will eat it either play against your age or rock paper scissors and McCain played rock paper scissors and cut smokes. But they gave or something anyway because they're nice. What will rock. I was always the stick of dynamite is it not been out socialist and I'm trying to analyze papers that he needs this scissors to cut off the the it's rock paper instead that's that's the point. Our I was disappointed that she did not perform well but they gave percent it was well Siewert this is the problem with the America today yeah knowing ordering these that. Our problem how much you guys you guys he's it was a are so again we're talking a lot SEC football hero of the city they took us a year game get your fill of ACC football kick off next week up in Charlotte at the west that will be of their efforts he dates. Yeah I had some fun with small for Terry Brad don't miss the stomach somewhere deep down in the back here by you like. Wouldn't mind a weekend trip to Tuscaloosa was third toward which sounded entertaining if if nothing else it sounds like noted in where early entertained I'd miss last year do the job. We had a the year before us class in the by year's class all had a reunion weekend and of course he would do much darker football season could make it right. The recent pictures. The video of the incident never made an up or FaceBook hopefully you know some people are. Our study we had too much to drink camp out for you all he had that's a bad choice that our exit getting back to I really think it like to sit Mississippi State. You've got a huge question with nick FitzGerald because the last we remember he's being carted off there at the end of the Ole miss Mississippi State game sue. Oh yes. Need to get so. Which one real quickly morehead Fischer Dan Mullen has to get to nine wins this year in the we will catch up. With our phone calls for me it's easy to monies to date Jim both this year has the most pressure on him at any coach in the SEC the next couple seasons so I think it's all right let's give it TV let's talk. Game cup football Dublin will be up after that Jimmy has PM good afternoon. Don't worry I'll be at table let's start with bill in here for better about it being. On the gamecocks football you know I've been talking about field position that they were precluded bear that they out of all the freshmen. Company and that's parishioners don't make it big at impact of the game Cox is gonna be Dylan won them. Because all our offensive line needs your belt. On his brother very doubt that he needs or story it's highly recruited by Georgia mother. Major colleges. And you know. The security Kitt song artist you know to get ready get him big impression about that they keep doesn't make a major impact. On the gamecocks look all that and this year at all oppression. Let's sit and a great phone call their duty because here's the deal you better protect Bentley. The best you can't that's what I can say I've seen some think she of South Carolina is actually got a couple of choices they're running back. But where I think that they are. You agree that hate her she knocked and replace them issued just like clips and found out. This past year you don't replace Jordan legged it's much as they try to do some stuff with the tide in position. But. So I Smith Brian Edwards Diebler scene I mean there's some playmakers on the edges well why is he would she say in the years you've got sacked Bailey from Somerville. And a couple other op it's got to hear of him we kinda get rid of the ball. You do in we had Jaycee sure that makes her on yesterday he's very high and take them in. I was very protective of and the Sunnis how to make it in a bad rap that he's got a speaking problem. And it's really good points yesterday never to get a chance as JC you know what's your expectation this year. On ten wins is very realistic herself Carol I think you and I are both very high on South Carolina 119 victory. When we over the phone lines couple times this week it's been a much more measured from the South Carolina expansive cold and not looking at nine or ten wins is any requirements although if you go on line and look at some of these message board it's ten or eleven when you were wise message boards is gonna go both ways you've got you got to talk that is what you while wild west of EDC. This message I can honestly say having. Dealt with message were way back in the day. I have not looked at a message sport Bob yours. Here I see why should to me it gives you do well first of ball. In the summer when it coming it was showed topics and torrential waters a message board to find some interesting stuff. On butts. I think there's a easel with the other mr. yeah exactly there's a subset of the sand base and I think they need to be paid attention to. He paid attention to you because they're very vocal their online and they're sharing their. There were but they're the ones like art ADM and Alabama gates you know work. They put an Auburn Jersey on the bigger prize that he said I'm gonna get poisoned some treats it's gamers corner all right ansari I said it and I did all right delta. Get dealt and it when it comes to college football DeVon have yet to get day about it. Hey you know the you were very. You know you can vote 28 at these kids don't know. Don't disagree don't miss our take on the end disgruntled little group that doesn't sound equipment and don't compliment opens in the quarter have been trying to zone in usually. Dayton's agreement whose real name. Yet the problem with Ole miss they've got depth issues that you get rid. It had a bunch of guys transfer out now they are allowed to do that with these NCAA sanctions coming down said. They're razor thin this year when it comes to debt then yeah due to their style play on the that probably catches up with them that the that being said. Devil I don't I go at six and six last year Ole miss won best coaching jobs I've seen in awhile. Piano. And of course recorded. Hutus. And complicated so I don't mean not on the brink continues and I mean. I didn't I didn't do not to win and where it. This is. Our yeah I agree a 100% great and call their dealt advocates here's the deal. Haven't someone didn't exactly leave that program and complete and total disarray whether Jim efficient like the black paint the Disco lights in the football office I don't know but remember. Haven't someone with an extra green Li. A story recently hot property. When he was hired by Texas in a matter pieced him back in the day well I he did a good job is not a great job and Texas a and M wants to take that next step they want to beat the top. Two or three teams in the SEC and some could never get them well why. Wisely because they make over 214 mean a year what is the history of Texas saying ample they have then that guys it's what nineteenth at the seventh. When Jack David Crowe or whatever won the Heisman Trophy there. Texas Stadium had a couple of decent years. Where they had a good run under Jacky Sheryl gas was where the best football teams money can buy it right there. So why here all the sudden make in the new to the southeastern I go back and look to yourself west conference history dates. You pour that back then why Al suddenly you're supposed to be I think it's apple and gas money this is this money yet and I think you could make. I. It's dangerous to Paris and make but I think you can compare them to clients and the content fan base always wanted that return to glory. They had in the eighties the return. You gotta get there once I returned there in Texas it and quite frankly since about 57 they had seen that there was one year. They went on a role in the southwest conference down the beach it's not matter Notre Dame in the in the turnaround in the next year the Auburn probably would vote Jackson that was it that important national title winners. Know what date have literally banked trucks pull money backing up to the stadium just pouring dollar bills in gold bricks on the pavement every week. Just like Texas just like Ohio State appeal like Tex an opera Oklahoma State and as it got big money down their two I think Texas a and M and Oklahoma State they wanna take that next step they want it that eleventh win. That twelfth when let's find a way to get in the playoffs and be honest urged they've got enough money. And up great facilities. That are going to be pumping and that that should be the expectation at those schools the next few years whether they've had a great. Pastor so why is it that the the schools to. Absolutely got more money than anybody coming in by twenty by Meehan I think it is are both mediocre football right now that's Texas and Texas Dana. They're not bad. The nugget. I mean you've did at Texas at one point competing for a national title they lose throughout the Rose Bowl weasel. Our rights to every. Duplicate you re right it's over. So here you're hit the day yes above us about the point be needed. I don't know what they will hunting for a long they're paying their coach has a lot of money there they're upgrading the facilities are doing the things that they need to deal. Is that we did in the SEC a minute ago you watch 423 years what's your expectation Jim both this year. Top ten team can win the season maybe it's no playoff. I think the same thing goes over with Tom Herman at Texas I think that you've got to think that those two teams. Just because of the money. Are gonna find a way to get yet see I'm sorry I'm in the few here I know he's one of the few coaches in college football that can look you and I got a man I got a national title. Yeah our right. But also whites at that she's a team that should never have to schedule a game with Louisiana Munro and make it got beat it six and six last year. You as you mentioned. Yet he recruited Jane is Winston but did Jim Bob Fisher ride a special college football quarterback. To the finish line in that's what he's worked because you know what. It was all downhill in Tallahassee and apps are either they'll if they'll have facilities dropped just a little bit compared to some other schools. There is no reason in you name the place. That they should be went six and six in the in the Independence Bowl that's that's in part that's on Jim Fisher. I think that's fair but he has a range he's got a ring EA's daily complement to the guy nobody else has got it. He's got to rank that there's four guys that have ranks and he's one of them. And I think that carries a lot of work and now he's gonna he gets all the facilities he wants now. He's gonna get assistant coaches he wants he's gonna get to every single thing he wants it he was constantly battling Florida State on that. Yet that we went. We will now that money will know the next three to five years it in the Fisher is that guys are not well I think he has yet people would say what you can make the same comment about that would sweetie riding to Shawn Watson. You get that national title and everything else I say that question was are race from the dry erase board in the blackboard. In getting that team back in the college football playoff last year you could argue he did a better coaching job last year yeah and the opt into the deep into coordinators. They did in the three previous years before so I agree all right rob BG dates forget and adolescent on Twitter you can get me started sports at till Childress mark Geist has really theories to see that you look profits for USC. It see if there's a measurable improvement on both lines yet or personally the defensive line at South Carolina it's gotten a lot better here. So listen like a sit take advantage of it right elbow kids. You know you will Florida's here it's rice back up into the top when it comes to recruiting we don't know embassy here and say apologize Robbie. Will Will Muschamp was hired at South Carolina snicker a witness that and well. To see if you can't win at Florida Alvin L you've got to where I want to give that main credit. In fact it's something else that help my daughter don't be afraid to make a mistake just don't make the same mistake twice that beach it learn from. Guess what I think what must learn from some of the issues he had in his first coaching tenure Florida. That's why schools like Florida shouldn't go higher unproven head coaches that's a story and stick it to will come back. We'll give you shot on that whenever here is that. Your wife and daughter of their. Policy in five minutes I guarantee it ridiculous I like it there. It's straight starts relied upon having pizza are Woodruff wrote that take the sixty Woodruff wrote remember they will be here all night. And unfortunately it is Croatia. Vs France in the World Cup final on Sunday final segment when we come back. So Childress you know we've learned a few things about me today yes all right. I wanna find out something from you and it diesels even willing to get in on this one are you Obama's voice. Idol I think I'm kind of right down the middle I don't consider myself a lot my mom and she may be listening to Amman if you are. On let us by the way on the medal. After what I found out she did I responded to one hurt they saw FaceBook like your bite you he records what you hear about being universal that says. Diesel. Because some of the things you're not on your dad when it comes to his choice of Christmas present are you Obama's voice. A. I definitely lean a little closer to my mom I see what you're making fun of is the fact that my dad as the king of Iowa didn't want it. Both guys try it at some it's something that I need it's a great gift to don't get me wrong but he's always always there I would get one for his. It's a great story were very into Canada Christmas yet happened at least three or four times. Says shame and. Let's get dad I and the ultimate models are right person well understand the dynamic I have two older Brothers it error that lived that are eight years older. So they went off to college without that great. Great wide gap there that of course you know the story with my other brother that was six years older and how he passed so. You're back in the day when my dad would have to travel to Europe or Japan in India eighties you know who he was gone three weeks. So we would literally you know Friday night my friends and highway here that mama go OK I'll take yelled at the red lobster up while waiting in tournament. What are elder and tonight we're gonna cost purchase mom. There's a whole lot of ways to get kicked out back and ice the so do but. You'll talk about the ultimate mama's boy did you hear about Harold former this past weekend finished third degree mark I saw this this is a great Jerry. Finished third at the Greenbrier classic this weekend easily you know you were trying to get out there on the golf course to bar. He was third heading into Sunday you know that tied for fifth. After shooting a disappointing two over 72 in the final round. Always did was earn this guy. And I still check of whom hundred in 47000. Dollars 470. All right I'm 4747. Guess what he was due in twelve hours later the next morning. The source yep he was back home it mama's house cut the grass and everything and there's a picture of a result the glitter way but it. Bit I guess he goes he's got to get out there and there's guys travel so much for that reason you keep him you know at that date Snooki they'll keep an apartment just. A Obama crash out and I about a lot. Well part of his source as a professional golfer. Was to keep the grass. It would ask what he was good there with the muddy stickler I'm gonna men are gonna buy about pairs pass on Mondays that that's what I've got to do it he did he shared the butter. Our social media. After cutting his pay with a quarter of a million in the bank. It that hard your daughter were here to act but thicker and out of me because somebody at Betty will be soon for sure. Or how about this that John Deere the now part of it this week before we go over to the British Open it. Did they miss it's it's the plug this she's that they need John Deere riding lawnmower that he can object you have a spouse's. That's why I love that absolutely love it so. Mama's boy he's you know way you can you can pay the mom the board which he picked her and others that I was. Yeah I was a bad mama's boy grown up a instrument that. The Pentagon says dance right now analysts on don't. So its docket yet. Its socket so. Our eight the other thing is it is you know here's bill. Last week we saw that brawl between Australia in the Philippines at sums to the qualifying. Did you see the fight. Wayne what was it Monday in some paddy you gain these these these these are small cute they were obviously high school kids but it mixing you know eighteen from Chicago it's physically beating the crap out of them officials yes eight department. What do we do at this point mark your partner you got gorgeous daughter were here you've got assigned. GC I don't know if you caught. Dick by tells comments on this but he went off the rails going if we don't start prosecute this stop. Like this that's it actually is we got prodigy or frank mart same thing on social media. At what point in these guys make a difference when it comes to this kind of stuff which it's. Yeah we're laughing about the pledge football at all so you heard the story in the ninety game with those guys so my ended up Moscow. But you needed one person with edit it down yes part of the mystique of it all cars. That's not eight lighted you know what I mean this is that we got to get this back in control and especially that it involves an official. You know conflict in stories like this coming up about it stirs the official kind. Turned on one of the players and started the whole thing first of all these guys that they are not official now here take a black and white Jersey being Grabow you know I boxing game go out name rep as long as you want better the church league game appeared via Baptist Church is some of them officiating when it comes to that yeah absolutely. On I don't think my house not far off the mark and I went to win our ego and across the liner when his are going to be a brawl like this where someone gets really really hurt used to heat saying it's sports write some point you gotta hold the exact it's any of these adults accountable. So it is again we're make it wider pat maintenance guys squared off on him in the airport pat may have won he would get arrested. That they get it correctly I don't any trip there on pale. To the jail all right this your last day where we playing golf next week would be that we where you play I don't I don't know where a plane yet my dad and I were going to be playing he's a little bit under the weather right now no I'm gonna hang out about the beautiful wife and child to hang out all involved will Apple's been plenty of heat in all time next week out of poly I got to listen we will I'll catch you up in Charlotte on Wednesday pinky Purdue and that of course you have fun out there and Kate Betts yell have a great vacation its next week it's our turn you know what I mean. It's a sum up it's got to be Jeep back on this straight it was starch everybody Max and use it as they catch guys there I guess when you're the boss you get an extra weight can I got a clue about how many weeks of vacation and I have but that now. We're looking forward to go and on bankers. Here in a couple of weeks but listen. Come by see our friends about it being the piece is legit it's not their best given us the thumbs up. It of course will be walking out the door diesel there's one thing after what state secrets that you could dispels the virtues about it being real quick. Oh yeah I came in and got the to slice and drink for six bucks deal and AdSense and pepperoni to have my got it. All right will listen that he's a great job tomorrow will be back it smoke on the water will be here point to the Spartanburg herald journal myself that sports when he. Ryan Mickey another our guys as an industry and former travelers rest. Devil dog in Tennessee. Volunteer. So we got Ryan McKee. At 420 also will get a catch him on Friday with Don months in the voice of the Clemson Tigers. Ahead of immediate dates next week in wins David great job Childress I think Trent vacation thanks for everything. The TD diesel we say your sports stocks was visa producer but they do the best thank you very much. I'll let you have a blessed needing will do it at 4 PM to mark report straight up with stars.